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Reviewed in the United States on May 5, 2016
I always feel extraordinarily blessed when I read a Gina Lake book.

Though all of them take me to the classroom where a Master is teaching, I feel extra special when I read one where Jesus is the master teacher. I always feel as though I’m being taught on a very personal level – as if the beautiful Being who is Jesus knew me personally- as if this curriculum was designed just for me.

(Of course, right here is where Jesus would say "I do know you personally and this was not only designed for you, but by you" :-)
From Heart to Heart.

I feel as though “The Jesus Trilogy” and “A Heroic Life” led to this book making so much sense.
Here He further defines and break down the program that the ego is, giving us more tools to help us disengage from ego identification (lost in the illusion)
He also further expands our understanding of who and what we truly are: Presence
Helping us to not only experience Presence, but to eventually realize that we are Presence.

Thank you once again Gina for being a pure channel for Loving Light.
Thank you once again Jesus - Heart of God, Love of God, Light of God.
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