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Reviewed in the United States on May 18, 2019
This movie is 8 years old, and I've never heard a thing about it! How can that be? Luckily, I'd just happened to stumble across the title and description while browsing Showtime on Prime. Sitting down to watch, it pulled me in right from the very start and I was enthralled throughout. The word needs to get out about what a remarkable film this is! I absolutely loved everything about it! Brits have always fascinated me, as does that era (30s). The style of clothing, hair, makeup, social etiquette and norms were spot on. The story, the characters, the phenomenal cast and their acting, the beautiful cinematography - it's all just amazing. I recommended it to my 24 year old daughter and she fell in love with it too. Now I recommend it to everyone, but I suspect that most men won't like such a true chick-flick like this one. It's also one of the rare films you'll want to watch again.
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