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Reviewed in the United States on June 25, 2010
Marine Corpral Flynn Taggart along with the rest of Fox company are sent to Mars's moon Phobos to see why the colonists stationed there have gone silent. Once on Phobos, Taggart is detained for assulting his superior officer, and the rest of Fox company preceeds into the base. Taggart hears the screams of his allies over the intercome and sets off in hot pursuite. But what Taggart sees in the confiends of the Phobos base are horrors that defy all explanation. Taggart must now comabat these living terrors in order to find the surviving members of his company... if any.

I have never played any of the"Doom" games but i imagine that they are alot like this book: one guy fighting waves upon waves of horible monsters in gory combat, without any real substance. Sure in the beginning when Taggart kills his first demon, one gets excited and believes that there is hope for this book, but after about 200 pages of this mindnumbing fighting with nothing in-beetween one gets bored quick. Graned there is some good character development and exciting moments in here, but they are simply smothered to death with redundant battle scenes. I would hope that the sequels are an inprovement.


Recommendation: people who played and liked the "Doom" videogame franchise

Cost: Get a 3.00 used copy this book is not worth 7.99.
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