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Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on September 10, 2017
- Perforations are easy to tear
- Does the job well
- Does not pop as easily as Scotch brand

- No dispenser
- WAY more expensive than Scotch brand

I purchased both the Duck Brand (online) and the Scotch Brand (offline). Duck Brand was shipped without a dispensing box (a dispensing box is surprisingly useful when you're packing a lot of stuff). Duck Brand was several dollars more expensive (16 for 150') than the Scotch (14 for 250'). The Scotch is more clear. That being said, Duck Brand tears more easily without popping nearby bubbles or making jagged edges, AND MOST IMPORTANTLY, when you grab a handful of it and compress, it doesn't pop easily. The Scotch pops very easily.

However, given the major price difference, i.e., $0.10/ft (Duck) vs $0.06/ft (Scotch), I don't know if I recommend Duck over Scotch. If you have a massive amount of stuff you're packing (e.g., a 2+ bedroom house) I'd probably just buy and use more Scotch. If you live in the sticks and have to get it shipped in regardless, maybe I'd go with Duck.

So, one star off for expense. It's good wrap otherwise.

Note: I shipped a 3 bd+ house including artwork halfway across the nation (1300 miles) and none of my stuff was damaged. Good enough.
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