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Reviewed in the United States on June 12, 2014
This is probably the most interesting of the many such journals I have about war experiences. This includes the unpublished one I had written for my family members only. The author documents his experiences with the vernacular used by soldiers. If you get upset with comments that are not “politically correct,” or are Chauvinistic, or are vulgar, then don’t read this book. For those that want to see how our soldiers conduct combat operations today, this is the book to read. Veterans of other wars should also read this to see how much things have changed. The author did change the names of some of the characters mentioned to avoid embarrassing them. I am sure he also did not mention other things that might have offended even the most callused of readers.

As I was finishing the book, national news was reporting that almost the entire city of Samarra was now in the hands of the Taliban. This city figured prominently in this book. What a shame that this entire battle, if not the war, appears to have been fought for nothing!
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