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Reviewed in the United States on June 24, 2017
There are a few spoilers here, so read with caution.
Ugh. That is what I feel about this book. I love Tarryn Fisher, and I have read the 'Love Me with Lies' series twice because I thinks he is such a great writer. Naturally, I saw this and thought it would be amazing.
Sadly, it was really a miss for me. The premise in itself was a little weird. Helena has a dream and all of a sudden she changes her whole life because of it. That is really not even believable, but we are in Book World, so I'll take it. Now, the lengths that Helena goes through for Kit, because of this dream - that is what's ridiculous. She is suddenly following him, going to his hometown, changes her relationship with her best friend, and the list goes on. That is just a bit of a stretch.
Then there's Kit, the coward. I never understand his actions. He has a track record of three girlfriends, and they're all so different. Kit is clearly never able to make up his mind. He has a tattoo about one girl, is with another, and is secretly in love with the other. What is going on? I don't think Kit even knew what he wanted. That made they're love even more not-believable. They were all just so confused.
Lastly, the ending is also weird. They introduce another man, apparently a criminal, who Helena has a brief encounter with. I don't get his purpose there. But honestly, I would have actually preferred that she got with the criminal. Kit had just annoyed me enough at that point.
It's all just very weird. I honestly don't think I would recommend. It starts off so promising, lots of angst. Then it just gets more weird and annoying.
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