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Reviewed in the United States on March 16, 2020
I thought I would try some books by authors in the thriller genre that I hadn't read yet. This book seemed to have good reviews so I bought it. I'm on page 97 and I just don't know if I can even make myself go any further. This book is amateurish at best. I'm sure Sean Parnell was an excellent officer and I salute him for his service and sacrifice but an author of thriller fiction he is not. In this book he has the director of the CIA, name of Robin Styles, who in the real world would never ever be in the vaulted position. This woman is a harpy. On pages 96 and 97 she is talking to the Vice President of the United States like she is his head mistress and is unbelievably condescending and to top it off she is yelling at him and saying she doesn't care if Cole is the president, this will not stand! The Director of the CIA's boss IS the president for crying out loud. Parnell should check out Irene Kennedy in Vince Flynn's books to see how a real CIA Director would act. This book just is too hard to read after reading everything that Lee Child has written as well as Brad Taylor, Brad Thor, Mark Greany, Vince Flynn, Clive Cussler, Nelson DeMille, Brian Haige, David Baldacci, Ted Bell, and others. These authors are the greats in thriller fiction and Parnell isn't even in the neighborhood they're in. I'm sorry but I will not be reading anymore of this author's books. Mabe some day in the future he will get the hang of it but I don't see that anytime soon. I do wish him good luck though. One other thing that disturbs me greatly is the obsessive use of foul language in thrillers especially the horrible F word. They all need to knock that off. It is so revolting and disgusting and give me a break, are you telling me that you are unable to find vocabulary to use instead of this? Every new book I buy I have to go through it and in out all the F words and derivatives of it. I am not the only one that does this I have discovered. Clive Cussler, a wonderful author, does not use foul language nor does my favorite author Lee Child. Stop this nonsense please. I do really like all the weapons they use in the book. I do like Eric Steele and Demo. Even the woman is okay. Action is quite good. Bad guy is really bad. Maybe this author needs more experience or a better editor or better writing advice. Stop with the sex stuff and stupid characters like the Director Claire.
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