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Reviewed in the United States on February 21, 2020
This book was good in what it presented... that whatever we do, it should be something we want everyone else to do too AND that our actions have consequences even if its just that others might copy us and do the same thus magnifying those consequences. However I do have some issues with the book. 1. Most of the pages focused on the boy being corrected with the phrase "what if everyone did that?" over and over. Saying that question alone is an incomplete thought and not appropriate for correcting children. 2. There was only one thing at the very end of the book that was positive about hugging. I really think the book should have discussed how we should be and do and model for others what we want them to be... so that the world is a better place and full of things that are uplifting etc. Not putting that in the book, unfortunately weighed the book down in the negative side and throwing one positive thing at the end is not going to help. 3. The consequences of the boys actions are only shown in picture format not in text form, so you have to add in all that content yourself. The younger ones I work with won't get it unless you spell it out. Having to add in that much detail into each scenario turns this book into more of a one-on-one activity and not appropriate for groups. 4. The drawings were also negative in how the correcting adults were looking at the boy. Certain kids started cowering in fear and holding hands over their ears just because the emotions on their faces shut them down. I would have to remind the kids I was not going to yell and it would be ok. If images are so negative that kids shut down before a word is even read on the page... then the book really lost its way.

In conclusion, I like the book. The kids learned so much. BUT it ended up being too negative of a message and throwing hugs in at the end just could not overcome that negativeness.
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