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Reviewed in the United States on August 26, 2012
Great book. Not as good as the last one, Sacred Evil. But still intriguing. Loved the history and background in The Evil Inside. This one was set in Salem, Massachusettes. As usual, Heather incorporates a ton of history with in her mysteries. There was a lot of fascinating information about the history of the Salem Witch trials. As in the previous books there a budding romance that builds throughout the story.

I've loved Jenna's character, and her ability to see spirits in the past is such a great asset to the team. Sam is successful and handsome, as with most people is a non-believer of what lies out there that can't normally be seen. He's a lawyer that searches for the truth, but always with facts.

But Jenna and Sam being together were definitely a couple that took longer to grow on you. They didn't seem to mesh together in the beginning and it took longer for them to create a bond between them.

The mystery itself was great. I had no clue until the end who the murderer was. She can definitely write her mysteries.

I totally loved the setting, Salem has been one of those places that I've always wanted to go but just haven't had the opportunity. Heather wrote the history and scenery so well that I felt like I took a trip there myself.

The one thing that was missing was of course, some of the "Krewe" characters. Although some where physically there, we didn't get to see the entire "Krewe" together using their talents that made them so successful in the past. I felt like I was missing part of the family.

Another great mystery, for you mystery lovers out there. Definitely recommend this series...
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