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Reviewed in the United States on October 7, 2017
This story was a fun addition to NFU. I love the unique lore we get to see with Kianso, a shaman from Hawaii. He has tried hard to leave that part of him behind, after the death of his family members, but dreams and visions keep urging him to accept his past and who he is. He has made a life as a small town lawyer and is content for the most part. That is, until his friend encourages him to visit Nocturne Falls. His visions get stronger upon arriving in town. He sees a woman at Howler's that he is immediately drawn to. Sasha is a leopard shifter who has been cursed into the form of a parrot 21 hours of each day. She is only human for three hours each evening, and that's when her eyes first fell on Kianso. She is attracted to him, and feels a pull toward him. As soon as Kianso learns of her curse, he knows that he's the one to help break the curse, and that she is his destiny. They receive help from the local witches and work towards freeing her.
I loved the concept of the vision animals/ spirit guides that Kianso called upon. I actually wish we got to see more of his experience in his dream state.
I loved the destiny of the two finding each other and the characters that were used from Nocturne Falls. I enjoyed the story of the leopard shifter trapped in the body of the bird and the frustrations and limitations that come along with that, but I wish they would have shown more of her shifter side. All in all it was a fun read.
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