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Reviewed in the United States on February 11, 2016
My background...I have been heavily trading the stock markets for the last two years. I'm also an AI expert.

This book is a 'must read'. Not only does it give a great summary on how the stock market became computerized (as other reviewers mention), but it really helped me understand how the modern market came to be.

My goal in reading the book was to up my trading game, and while the book gives few trading ideas, it does a great job explaining how 'big money' and the HFTs game (cheat? trade?) the market. Understanding this alone really helps me understand price action at a whole new level.

I did have to remove one star though for the authors lack of understanding of computer algorithms and how they work. He uses "AI" as a catch-all phrase for any computer algorithm, even if it was a crude program that simply trades a stock spread.
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