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Reviewed in the United States on September 20, 2016
I bought "Uncharted" because
"The Map," which I only found relatively recently by the same author, changed my life.
I'm only a few chapters into "Uncharted," but here's what I think so far.
Well, "The Map" would be hard to beat, but Uncharted is brilliant. It has a different focus. You also don't need to have read "The Map" first to enjoy "Uncharted." Even the preface is filled with warmth and humour when Colette tells how she met "Fred!"

Colette Baron-Reid has a knack of making life really feel like a journey and a great adventure - and that it's actually fun to be here. Quite a feat - but that's what you get!
It's written with humour, genuineness and warmth and really shows you how to *live* life and not just drag ourselves along in fear of all the "unknowns" that we all face.

I'm loving it. It's entertaining and speaks to your soul at the same time. I love how it uses the language of story, but that the exercises are based on scientific fact (eg. quantum field theory).

There's only one problem I have with "Uncharted"... it's so good I want to devour it one go, but I'd really rather savour it slowly, let it all sink in and enjoy it to the full! This is one I'll read and re-read.

I pre-ordered the pb version from Book Depository, but have just purchased another on Kindle so I can take it on long physical journeys too! '
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