Using the Corporate Gift Card E-mail Delivery Service

After agreeing to the terms of use, corporate customers with an Gift Card purchase agreement can use the e-mail delivery service to send multiple gift cards at once.

To use the e-mail delivery service:

  1. Go to the Corporate Gift Card E-mail Delivery Service.
  2. Click Download template to download the file template.
  3. Fill in the downloaded file with your recipient's names, e-mail addresses, the denominations of the gift cards you want to send, and any customized message you have for your intended recipients.

    Note: Be sure to verify the e-mail addresses you provide are accurate, as Amazon isn't able to check this. For our guidelines for creating customized messages, go to About Customized Messages with Corporate Gift Cards.

  4. Upload the completed file by clicking Browse to select the file, then Upload.
  5. Once your order has been processed, we'll notify your Authorized Buyer.

    Note: Your order must total at least $5,000 in Gift Cards, have 1,000 or fewer email recipients per order, and each gift card must be at least $1 in value. For information about when your gift card will be sent, go to About the Corporate Gift Card E-mail Delivery Service.

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