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Modify or Turn off an Amazon Allowance

View the details, modify, or turn off an existing Amazon Allowance you are sending to a recipient.

Note: Amazon Allowance will be discontinued on July 30, 2020. You can no longer modify an Amazon Allowance as of July 30, 2020. For information on previously scheduled Allowances please refer to the FAQ page. Please visit our Buying & Sending Gift Cards Help page for alternate Gift Card options.

To view, modify, or turn off an existing Amazon Allowance:

  1. Go to Your Allowances where you can see your current outgoing allowances.
  2. To make updates to an existing allowance, click View or modify details.
  3. Update the allowance title so you can easily find and manage it later.
  4. Update the amount, frequency, and/or next delivery date of the allowance.
  5. Click Save Changes.
  6. To turn off an existing Amazon Allowance, click Turn off this Allowance.


  • Pending Allowances: When an allowance is created we'll attempt to automatically link the allowance to the recipient's account based on the e-mail address provided during allowance creation. If we're unable to identify an Amazon account associated with the e-mail address provided, we'll send a notification to the recipient's e-mail address you provided to manually 'Accept Allowance' by visiting The Allowance will remain in a 'Pending' state until the recipient accepts the allowance.
  • Allowance Charges: If the recipient accepts a pending allowance before the scheduled start date, you'll be charged according to your original allowance schedule. If the recipient accepts the allowance after the scheduled start date, you will be charged when the recipient accepts the allowance and the recipient will immediately receive their first Allowance. All future Allowances will be delivered according to your original schedule.
  • Payment Issues: The payment instrument selected will only be charged on each successful delivery of an Allowance. You and the recipient will receive e-mail notifications each time an Allowance is successfully delivered. If we have difficulty processing a payment for an Allowance, we'll turn off the Allowance and notify you by e-mail. You can create a new Allowance by returning to the Give an Amazon Allowance page.

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