About Phishing Report Subject Lines

Picking the subject line that best fits your situation helps us route the message to the correct department as quickly as possible.

The options are:
"I am reporting a spoofed e-mail"
Choose this subject if your received an e-mail that you know is a fraud and you just want to report it to us.
"I received a suspicious e-mail, is it from Amazon.com?"
Choose this subject if you received an e-mail that looks like it is from Amazon.com, but you're still wondering if it is really from us.
"I am concerned about my Seller Account"
Choose this subject if your Amazon.com account is set up to sell items on Amazon Marketplace and you have noticed any type of suspicious activity on Your Account, or you clicked through on a suspicious e-mail and entered personal information.
"I am concerned about my Customer Account"
Choose this subject if you responded to a phishing e-mail, entered your personal information on a fraudulent website, and you have noticed suspicious activity on Your Account such as password changes or purchases that you didn't make. Only use this option if you have never sold anything on Amazon Marketplace, otherwise choose "I am concerned about my Seller Account."

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