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Data Requests

Under certain circumstances, Amazon may request additional information from you to verify the identity of a contact in your address book.

A recent review of your Amazon account requires us to confirm the identity of a contact in your address book. Amazon periodically reviews its customer accounts as part of its compliance with sanctions screening requirements. Any information provided as part of this request will be securely stored and only used for compliance purposes.

To allow us to verify your account, please visit and follow the instructions. You will be asked to provide the legal name and date of birth of a person in your Amazon address book.

If you do not have the information available, you can indicate that using a checkbox on the data request page.

Until you provide the requested information, a pop-up message will appear when you visit Once you provide the information, the pop-up will stop appearing.


  • Please provide the information at
  • If you do not provide the information, it may be necessary to disable an address in your address book or suspend your Amazon account until you provide the required information.
  • To restore your access to the Amazon site and services, visit Once you provide the information, your account will be reactivated.
  • Check your spam folder if you did not see the email.

If you have questions related to this request, please contact us.

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