Share Content Using Family Library

Family members in your Amazon Household can access more eBooks and other digital content through Family Library.

Eligible content and info on adding someone to your Household can be found here:

Family Library helps you share digital content with the eligible family members added in your Amazon Household. You can link two adult Amazon accounts to share eBooks, audiobooks, apps and games. Digital content like free Prime Video, Amazon Music, Twitch Prime can be shared by Adults with Teens in their Amazon Household.

Adults can share digital content like eBooks, apps, and games with children. They can control and personalize each child's experience by selecting what content they can see, and set educational goals and time limits.

To share your content:

  1. Go to Content and Devices and select Content.
  2. Select the title you wish to share and click Add to Library. A new window opens up to give you the Family Library options.

Note: Teen logins in your Amazon Household cannot share content through Family Library.

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