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4.9 | 10,604 customer ratings
98% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
I love this carousel. It's attractive, sturdy, and turns easily. It also fits under my cupboard with heaps of room to spare. It holds 35 reusable K-Cups that I fill myself, little gems that I also love. I couldn't be happier with this purchase.

5 of 6-Pack Reusable Gold Plated Mesh Coffee Filters For Keurig 2.0 and 1.0 Brewers Fits K200/K250, K300/K350, K400/K450/K460, K500/K550/K560
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By Catherine Anderson Author
I read the reviews (I always read the one star reviews first) on this and I have to say I was not going to buy it until I couldn't find one I wanted. I ordered and hoped for the best. I got a great Carousel! The cups fit and do not push others out when full. It turns well. I haven't had a problem at all with mine. I'm not sure what the issue was with some of the other reviewer's.. maybe a defective product? But I do know I'm glad I purchased this and it has and continues to serve me and my family well
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By robin
Its pretty cool but for some reason the pods don't all fit at once. if you fill it up they crash together in the center and push each other out. You can balance them in there but you have to be sort of careful and at least one in each row will be poking out a quarter of an inch or so. That said, its cool to have next to the keurig and it spins nicely, seem well made excluding the design flaw.
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By Deana Dee
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4.7 | 33,370 customer ratings
92% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
I had no idea what a small waffle maker could do for my life. LOL.

This has only one big flaw. The handle that sticks out in the front is either not big enough or just not designed well, so you can burn yourself trying to lift it. I either use a fork to knock it upwards after cooking (because it tends to stick a bit) or I use a mitten.

This silly little thing is perfect. It is so simple that it works almost solely because of that. The non-stick surface really is nonstick. Kind of critical with a waffle maker, so the waffles come off clean without scraping and scrubbing. It makes a waffle in about two minutes. About the time it takes to make my coffee.

The waffles look like an eggo, but they are oh so much better. Definitely, depending
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By Amazon Customer
Definitely one of the best purchases I have made on amazon so far. Just as described, it is a mini waffle-maker. The “mini” part is no joke, the whole thing is small enough to lift in one hand. If you are feeding breakfast to a whole family of five or more then this may not be for you. However, because of its size, it works quicker than a normal sized one so even though you can only make one small waffle at a time, each waffle should be done in about a minute or two. The interior is also non-stick so it is really easy to clean which was a huge bonus for me. On top of that, it comes with a little instruction panphlet that tells you how to use and and also include recipes and recipe ideas! Personally, I love it, it’s what I wanted and more.
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By Cristal
First off, loved this product. I’m allergic to eggs so I decided to make my on waffles instead of buying them. So much cheaper. Can make a huge batch and freeze them. Each waffle cooked for 8 minutes and came out a beautiful golden brown.

Well fast forward a month and a half. I put waffle batter in, wait 8 minutes and go to take it out, the top is raw! The return window is closed and I’m pissed. I want to order another but don’t know if I really want to take the chance that it’ll happen again.
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By Jean S.
4.8 | 7,697 customer ratings
97% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
So originally I received a faulty French Press plunger. But without prompting, the owner messaged me promising a new replacement and refund. This alone deserves 5 stars.

The French Press works great except for the faulty plunger. It has kept my tea/coffee warm and I got a lot of compliments at work. I will update this review when I get the replacement. I'm sure the new one will have no problem.

Also, the price is very competitive compared to other French Press of the same caliber. Highly recommend just because the owners actually care about their customers. We need more caring businesses like this one, so I say let's support them!!

Update: the owners kept their words and delivered a new French press. It works great with no problem. I'm still it daily after all this time. It keeps my coffee hot. I take my time when drinking coffee and when I come
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By Wilson Y.
This product is an example of how to sell something common and making it premium. I am using the Mueller double walled French press to serve coffee for at least 3 people in the morning. The large 1 L size makes at least 300mL for everyone to take to go.

My method takes at least 4 to 8 min usually. The first 4 is minimum steep time and another 4 to have the grounds settle.

In my previous glass version, 8 min would cool the coffee far too quickly. With the double wall, the coffee is still piping hot after the 8 min. As a backup, the steel double mesh filter screens out finer grit from getting into my drinking vessel.

The coffee is not only hot but full bodied and flavorful.

Since it's a 1 L French press, cleaning is easy. I just put my hands in and dig out the coffee compost.
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By A. Cheung
This coffee press is made with solid stainless steel, and includes a nice jar for measurements. There are no fluid measurements inside of the press or outside. I wasn’t sure how much coffee that I needed until I measured how much hot water that the press would hold. The press has 2 metal screens which have a very fine mesh. Due to the fine mesh of the screens, it makes pressing the screen though the coffee grains a bit laborious. The added force needed to press the screen might have been due to the finer coffee grind that I used. A courser grind coffee may have less resistance when using this press.

The pros of this press:
1) the thicker stainless-steel helps keep the coffee warm for longer times, when compared to glass ones.
2) the finer mesh screen really makes the coffee taste better without any grains that normally would make it
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By mommieto4
4.7 | 13,764 customer ratings
93% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Kitchenaid has definitely cut corners recently. They are sadly not what they were for many years. I had to scrub the Stainless Steel bowl literally ten times with baking soda and lemon, then finally Barkeeper's Friend three times before all the silver residue came out of the new bowl, and i still wonder what i will be consuming. The bowls are now made in India and I assume a final acid wash is now not being used. Also, the mixer had lubricant/oil all over the mixer and safety stickers placed crooked. It was a PROJECT just to be ready to use it. Why they would put their customers through this is beyond me. Seems like a great way to kill a successful company. Also, the spring that used to be on the spindle thingy is now gone. The paddle moves around more than it used to. I bought one in
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By John Whirling
Bought this as a gift. I'm certain after seeing it unwrapped that these have been reconditioned. The stainless bowl had a small dent in it and there were fingerprints on the mixer straight out of the sealed box. I think it is terrible that they don't advertise that they are reconditioned. There's nothing wrong with getting a reconditioned mixer, but advertise the truth and let people make the decision for themselves.
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By Amazon Customer
I bought this over a month ago and it was quick to overheat and make incredibly loud squeaking noises as it mixed, I didn't want to replace it because it was a hassle I didn't want to deal with but then I decided to go ahead and replace, turns out my defective original machine got replaced by another defective machine. What are the odds of that happening. The head that spins, cracked, on the very first use, as soon as I unboxed it, and I had no idea until I saw little tiny specks of metal in my dough, it deposited metal shavings in the dough and I had to throw it out. The one machine I'm excited to add to my kitchen, the brand that has a solid reputation, turns out to be defective, twice! It blows, I don't want to try a third time, I don't even want
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By Miriam
4.7 | 9,003 customer ratings
94% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
There are 2 downsides that I've identified so I will list those first-
1. The machine can be side heavy. The air fryer lid stays on no matter what - and it causes the machine to be a bit side heavy when it is open and not in use. It won't be a problem if you keep it turned around backwards, but I had an issue when I was cleaning it. I turned it towards me and it fell off the counter and I got a nice big bruise on my calf. I thought it would be very dangerous if full of a hot liquid, but I don't think I'd ever put it in that position with it full. Still, I thought it worth mentioning. In use, I've always wanted it going the other way but to be doubly safe, I don't get it anywhere
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By Bugs
We have evolved from a slow cooker to pressure cooker to air fryer to the Foodi. Our InstatPot was the closest thing to the Foodi. We loved it. And still do but... it doesn't do all that the Foodi will do. Yes it is larger, heavier and has a separate piece (the crisping lid) but we find it still more convenient than all separate appliances. I guess the drawback is if it breaks you likely loose all of those cooking options. We'll cross that bridge if that happens. For now, we will continue to enjoy the all-in-one Foodi.

The first thing I made was simple air fried sweet potatoes. Slice them up, shake up in a baggie with some olive oil, salt, pepper then drop them in the basket. Drop the crisping lid, follow the suggested cooking instructions and wait. You
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By Heather LaRee
WARNING- This is an IN DEPTH review of this machine to help you make an informed buying decision. If you prefer to have a summery see section marked THE BOTTOM LINE
When I first got the Ninja Foodi in as an order, I was all excited. I was dancing around the house and ran smack into a wall of ," Well, what is so great about this stupid Ninja Foodie?" I stopped dead in my tracks. I didn't really even know. I mean, when I got to thinking about it, I was not even sure why I wanted one.

When it arrived in the delivery, I took it out and almost fainted at the size. It sat like a behemoth on my stove top (on a board) and I said to myself in regret, "What have I DONE?" I stared at this machine for a
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By Colorgirl
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4.8 | 5,241 customer ratings
95% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Used the liner to prep my crockpot meal the night before, twisted the top of the liner and secured with a chip clip, and in the morning, I was able to just place it into the crockpot! My mornings are hectic trying to get a 4 month old and 4 year old out the door, so doing all the prep work at night in the liner was a lifesaver. I've tried doing this before using the whole ceramic bowl of the crockpot but (a) it took up a lot of room, and (b) my ceramic bowl cracked from going from a cold fridge to the heating element of the crockpot. The package says it can be used with slowcookers ranging from 3 - 6.5 quarts, oval and round. I use the liners with: Crock-Pot SCCPVL610-S 6-Quart Programmable Cook and Carry Oval Slow Cooker, Digital Timer, Stainless
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By Becky
I just purchased a slow cooker so I ordered these liners. Man, am I glad I did!!. I used one to cook a whole chicken and then filled it with water to make stock once we finished eating the chicken. The liner held up to making the stock, water to the near top of the cooker, for 15 hours. Once I dipped the stock and bones out of it, all I had to do was gather the liner together at the top and throw it away. The cooker was spotless!! I had also cooked the chicken for 8 hours. So, the liner held up for 23 hours of cooking without ripping at all. I am very pleased and will use them every time I use my slow cooker.
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By Linda Williams
I LOVE LOVE LOVE my slow cooker liners. Never again will I cook without one in my slow cooker! I've been using these for 2+ years and it still boggles my mind how much easier cleanup is nowadays. I'm not worried anymore about crusty sauce I have to clean off or things sticking to the bottom of the slow cooker itself. Now I just plop one of these easy to use bags inside and voila! Doesn't affect cook time and cleanup is a breeze -- just pull bag out and toss and you're easily 95% of the way to a cleaned up slow cooker.

Every once in a while, especially after a longer cook time with liquids still present, some leaking will happen from bag into the slow cooker. But at least it is minimal and cleanup is still super easy!
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By Minnemama2017
4.7 | 8,500 customer ratings
93% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
This is the most efficient electric kettle I've ever used. The only fault I can find with the design is that the lid needs to be more flexible so it can open wider. And in terms of opening it for cleaning, as long as you use just water, and not "hard water," then cleaning should not be an issue, right.
The blue light mode is as lovely as it is practical.
SUGGESTION: It would be great if there were other 'accessories' -- pots, pans, etc -- that we could use on that same heating element/base of the kettle.
The 1.8 liter kettle is so efficient at boiling water that I use it to jump start boiling water for paste, etc.
Wish we had one of these at university, it would have cooked everything for us.
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By Ella
Some things to note make sure you don't fill it over that line because the water will flow out and onto the plate. After you're done pouring it make sure you get a dry cloth and wipe off the excess you don't want to get water on your coil obviously. I use mine to purify water make tea and make hot chocolate because I'm cold-natured and I need hot stuff. Been debating on using it to see if I can make ramen noodles. Please read the instructions don't just take it out and assume you know what you're doing. Makes a little bit of noise while it's heating but that's okay also glows blue when it's heating that way if it's dark and whatever room you have it in you can still see it and right after it's finished heating it automatically turns off to avoid fires and such anyway
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By kevin clyde
False advertising--Buyer BEWARE! This product is NOT made in Austria or Germany. Misleading product photo shows German flag, wording states "Mueller of Austria" ... "American Standard"... but it is MADE in CHINA!!!
I bought this kettle thinking it was made in Austria or Germany. Expecting a quality product. Only when I read the manual did I see that this product is not made in Europe--deceived by advertising. The metal plate inside bottom of kettle shows spots--only used three times. Also condensation that builds up inside after boiling stays for hours. I have owned a few different electric tea kettles and that never happened.
I am sending back ASAP--I'm worried about the quality and very upset over the deceitful advertising.
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By lisa
4.7 | 7,759 customer ratings
93% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
I first bought this 3 years ago and decided it was the way to go for me because I could make a single cup at a time. After much experimentation, I've settled on my personal method.

1. I use Starbucks espresso beans available at most any supermarket. I've tried other brands such as Peet's but my personal preference is the SB espresso.
2. I grind the beans fresh every day to very fine consistency.
3. I use a 16 oz mug.
4. I dump a slightly rounded scoop of the grind into the receiver.
5. I pour water that is between 185-195F over the grounds all the way near the top. I used to use water that had reached boiling -- big mistake. The best flavor comes from water at a lower heat. You can buy a heater, such as Cuisinart, with a builtin thermometer.
6. Stir the water gently for a minimum of 10 seconds.
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By KSB-2
The only improvement would be to make it out of Pyrex glass. Even $60 for a glass one would be a good deal, something to pass onto your children to remember the revolution in coffee making.

Glass would be preferred partly because of plastic leaching, and partly because of cracking that has occurred inside the tube due to hot/cold cycles. The cracks have not caused any issues so far, but they may eventually cause suction issues or wear down the rubber as it moves past (in my pictures you can see some wear on the surface of the rubber). This is after 3-4 years and 1000 cups of coffee.

Also a comment regarding the plunger. I actually store the plunger inside the tube, pushed all the way through until it pops out the end, just to save some space. This seems to keep it in better shape,
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By May or may not be an engineer
Stop what you're doing and make note of the date and time.

Then, buy this.

Your life will never be the same.

I can't really think of anything to say that hasn't been said before, but this is basically the iPhone of the coffee world. It changes the game:

1) Easy to use, easy to clean, doesn't require elaborate rituals
2) Makes REALLY GOOD coffee, that can be easily adjusted to suit your taste
3) It's FREAKING CHEAP compared to owning a whole counter full of coffee appliances (trust me, I've been there)
4) It's portable. You can take it on trips, use it in hotels. You can take it camping, hunting, or fishing. You can take it to your office. In fact, I bought a second one for my office. This thing can make the best coffee anywhere you have boiling water.

I'm going to keep this brief, because. Really. Just buy it already. The more time
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By dwizum
4.6 | 12,030 customer ratings
91% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Caution--if you purchase the Ultra Instant Pot, please be aware that you must learn how to use the buttons because all the recipes for Instant Pots are geared toward the standard-not the Ultra-and the buttons on the Ultra are all different from the standard. It took me awhile to figure this out and I am still learning. I love my Ultra IP but the company did not do a good job of explaining the differences in the buttons--I had to search by googling and reading lots of blogs.
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By Jean Turicik
Not being new to pressure cooking first thing I can say is WOW. I have to confess that I had a stove top pressure cooker a long time ago and have not used one in a while. I have been out of the loop on the Instant Pot electric pressure cookers too which is a blessing in that I followed my instincts and bought the Ultra without making the mistake of trying to save a few bucks for the Duo series.

Like going to the car dealer for a new car, think of the Instant Pot line of cookers the same way., The Lux is the base model, the Duo is the model up from the base and the Duo Plus two models up from the base and the Ultra is the fully loaded model. Just like the car dealer, - more features means more money. With a
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By T. Mackel
We bough an Ultra Mini around two months ago. It was instant love with the device. As a matter of fact, one week later we ordered a larger unit.

Just recently we found that the front dialing button was stuck. I carefully removed it and found that it was bent out of shape in the portion that seats inside of the panel. It is easy to figure out that this could have happened because of the heat that the unit generates (button is made of plastic).

I contacted Instant Pot customer service asking if this was covered by warranty, or if not, how could I purchase a replacement. This is their reply:

"Hello Edmundo,

Thank you for getting that information to us, it is appreciated.

This piece is not sold separately as the base comes as one full unit. This is not something that is covered under warranty. With that said we can offer you
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By Edmundo Ramirez Semprit
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4.7 | 6,054 customer ratings
93% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
I bought this originally so I could tear it apart and review that it was nothing but a fanboy product. I got so tired of hearing how great it was from all the tacti-morons. Well, I'm eating those words, because it actually IS great. Learning curve is very small, and when you use the right belts for the right blade, and realize to let it do the work without forcing it to, it works very, very well. It puts an edge on a dull knife from 420C to D2, S30V and CPM154. It polishes that edge. It hones it. I strop it anyway, and it makes short work of sharpening. I love using stones, but I do that for a hobby mostly. If I want a fast and sharp edge, I have this thing ready to go now. You don't need the more expensive Ken Onion edition unless you have
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By Sardonick
I am the guy that cannot sharpen a knife, no patience. This is the best sharpener I have ever used. Watch a few videos online, try it with a 'junk' knife to practice, that 'junk' knife will be better than brand new very quickly. Once you get how to use it,, its fastest, easiest sharpener you will ever own. 10 times better than those boxed electric grinders they call sharpeners. I live in Michigan and hunt and fish.
Starter pack of belts has done over 80 knifes of all types, fish knife is a bone slicer now, 4 axes, 3 hatchets, 9 lawnmower blades, and a few scissors. Hooked my brothers up and sharpened their stuff, they are buying me new belts. and the old ones are still doing the job.

Amazon has replacement belts that can fine fine hone blade to razor. Even
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By Outdoorsman1
Good idea and potential, but I had to return mine. You should known what it is good for and what it is not.

--- The Good ---
1. Probably the fastest sharpener out there!
2. Quality edge, smooth and holds long!
3. Belt sharpening in "a pocket"!

--- The Bad ---
I have a knife collection from 2" to 15" knives, so I needed a good sharpener, but here is why it did not work for me:
1. There is fine metal dust in the air, which goes in the face. Use a mask and do it outside. I was breathing the metal dust initially (because I was not aware of it), which is as fine as flour. It was hurting my nostrils a few days later. I wish there was warning about that.
2. The fine metal dust gets on the angle guides and does scratch the blades, especially if they are black coated. To avoid that
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By aalxndrv
4.7 | 6,002 customer ratings
94% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
I love these storage drawers. We receive compliments on them all the time. At first I was disappointed because I thought that they could've been designed to hold more of the large capsules, but after using it for awhile now I think that they're designed perfectly so that they do not look cluttered -- we really do not need to place all of the capsules at once.

PROS - beautiful, sturdy and stackable (placed rubber feet to prevent sliding/scratching)
CON - takes up a lot of counter space
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By CocoChicago
I just got a Nespresso unit for Christmas and ordered this to go with it. I looked at all the different options for capsule holders I could find- and I really searched around to see what was available. What better than one the machine sits on so you don't take up more counter space? This is really fantastic. It is solidly built. The drawer is lightweight and moves freely in and out and a pre-shaped insert that will hold one or two capsules.
The glass is a thick piece and the frame is metal I believe - and the drawer is plastic I think - and the drawer is light weight but should hold up fine for what it is used for. I have no worries that it will last as long as I need it.
I am really impressed - it looks fantastic (see my photo), holds a good amount of
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By Sequoia
2.5 stars, rounded up to 3.

The glass top is great. Everything else is mediocre, unfortunately, with poor quality control (see photos and video).

Perhaps most disappointing and odd is the fact that there is just one tray guide per side, so that there's really no stability whatsoever when pulling out the tray. Adding just two more tiny plastic guide pieces would have completely or at least mostly eliminated this problem.

Also a bummer (though in fairness, disclosed in the description): Unless you use single espresso capsules (which make up a small fraction of the capsule choices for Vertuoline), you can only fit *20*, not 40 capsules in this tray, with a lot of slack space leftover. Just a slight increase in tray size would have solved this issue, too, ideally supporting every capsule (or at least every capsule except the couple of Alto XL ones).
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By Adam in the SF Bay Area
4.7 | 5,958 customer ratings
93% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Delivery is super fast! I use 2% milk to make a silky & long lasting froth, perfect Latte! Also it comes with double parts and a cute brush, besides, an outstanding 3 year warranty! Totally recommend!
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By LI H.
All I can say is WOW! I have never wrote a review on Amazon before, but this product exceeded my expectations. It is beautiful, very well constructed, looks expensive. I know it is recommended to use it with whole milk, but I don't consume dairy, so first I tried it with Coconut Milk. It did not froth, but I already knew coconut milk doesn't foam. I know that you can froth certain brand Almond milks, but not all of them. I have the Friendly Farms (Aldi brand) almond milk, and I was sure it will be just like the coconut milk, zero foam, but I was so surprised, it created a super solid froth in about a minute. I am still drinking my coffee, and after 15 minutes, the foam is still the same, hard, didn't dissolve. I have an expensive Delonghi espresso machine with the built-in frother, which works
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By Amazon Customer
I felt in love with it as soon as I first saw it.
The milk frother looks so cute!
Not only that, it works very well and quiet.
With this, I can make better coffee, hot chocolate and even.... Nesquik!
I highly recommend!
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By Han K
4.6 | 11,416 customer ratings
91% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Update: The seller of this product was very quick to send us a replacement when the clips broke. Products will all eventually break but how often do the sellers actually honor the warranty? This company does! Order with confidence, don't expect a problem but if one occurs, know that the company will make it right! This is a GREAT stick blender and far more powerful than most on the market

This mixer worked great for the first 7 months with zero issues. Unfortunately, if you use it regularly as we do, the plastic clips that hold the stick to the motor portion break no longer holding the unit together. In reading other reviews, the bottom line is this unit is just not well built.
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My wife has been looking for a replacement for her old immersion blender. This is our first time buying a mueller product and I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised. I was originally lookimg at All-Clad and Braun blenders. I thought that the quality was a direct representation of the price. Well my wife was not having it and would not let me spend that much money. So I settled on this and boy did it impress us both. It handled everything that we threw at it like a champ. It didn't overheat, over vibrate/shake, struggle, smell like a cheap electric motor or anything like that. I can't speak of the durability as we've only had it for a few months but we absolutely love this blender. We highly reccomend it.
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By John Ra
7/24/19 - Update: I've been following this listing every few months after my poor experience with the product. I noticed that month after month, the top reviews with the most upvotes were consistently 1- or 2-stars. Yet suddenly in the past couple months, a flood of overwhelmingly positive reviews, each with about 500 up votes, have magically appeared and drowned out the negatives. I'm changing this to 1-star because of the seller's shady business practices and I urge everyone to buy a reputable name brand rather than supporting these antics.

Original review:

At first glance, this hand blender is a great value offering a 500-watt motor and a whisk attachment for under $30.

Pros: very strong motor - it felt much more powerful in my hand than my old Cuisinart 200-watt hand blender.

Cons: the bearing for the blade attachment is poorly lubricated. As another reviewer noticed, there is a high pitched whine when
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By windyburg
4.8 | 3,973 customer ratings
95% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
This is not the first frother I have ever purchased.
I quietly acknowledge that I am a bit of a coffee snob, I am a French Press gal from way back when.... I absolutely love an electric frother for two reasons, the first because I want cream in my coffee and when you add cream/milk it makes the coffee temp cool too much for me. The second reason is I love the thickness steamed&frothed milk adds to a bold cup of coffee. It feels decedent, a fancy cup of Joe but a fraction of the price compared to all the outrageous coffee places out there.( it has been said to me many times I make the world's best coffee in the comfort of my own home)
So, by now you know I am a true blue coffee gal...

This frother I purchased because I had The Secura stainless frother which does
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By A simple bird
This was the best impulse purchase ever in my life; I’ve always wanted a milk steamer but I never imagined it would be able to produce such a hot and thick and creamy and delicious foam! It’s so simple you just add the cold milk and in a couple minutes you have a lucious foam that is the perfect compliment to my k cup coffee. I add a little splenda and vanilla and it’s almost like a desert on its own. Because its completely nonstick is so easy to clean, just a quick rinse then wipe it out. It comes with attachments to just heat without frothing or you can also froth without heating. From my daily experience the end result holds up well without breaking down. As you can tell I’m absolutely delighted and I’m sure you will be too.
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By Luke Thompson
I bought this milk frother because my old one wasn’t work any more. I planed to buy same one as I used before. But My friend recommended this one to me, and it is much cheaper. This frother is work perfect. The foam is fine, smooth and rich. I can make my latte or cappuccino every day!!! It is easy to use and wash!!!
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By Yanfang Lin
4.8 | 3,747 customer ratings
96% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
I didn't realize when we had a new furnace installed that the replacement filters were so expensive. I also didn't realize that they can not be purchased at big box hardware stores. Luckily, they only need replaced every six months. The filter obviously works, due to the fact that it is very dirty when I change it and we seem to have to dust the furniture less often since getting the new furnace/AC. I'm giving a 5 star review because Amazon offers the best prices on these filters.

Note: There are 2 models of replacement filters that fit. The 410 and 413. The 413 filters smaller dust particles than the 410 and is recommended for people who suffer from allergies/asthma. The 410 is typically a few bucks cheaper.
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By BigTom214
This Aprilaire 410 Air Filter looked and fit exactly like the filter that was installed with our furnace and it shipped quickly. Perfect replacement and it was very easy to install. I bought two filters and they arrived in a much bigger box than I was expecting. Inside the outer box were two single filters, each in their own box with the two boxes taped together. The directions are on the box if it is your first time installing a new filter. Basically, 1. Turn off your furnace or air conditioner. 2. Open the door where the filter is kept. 3. Remove old filter (just slide it out). 4. I found it easiest to fit the filter to the grooves on the bottom first, then opened up the filter vertically to fit the grooves on the top. 5. Slide the filter all the way in, making sure both the
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By Less is More
It's the only option, so stock up when it's cheap
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By Brad
4 offers from product price
4.7 | 5,261 customer ratings
92% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
I always looked at these and thought, "I would never buy that." I thought it was a stupid idea actually, and how on Earth could this machine really cook a pizza? Well, I was so wrong!!! My family absolutely hates it when I buy another appliance. They say I don't need whatever it is I want to buy, or that there is no room in the "Inn" to place another unit of any kind, no matter what it is. Just so you know, I like rings, earrings, and appliances -- not shoes, like most women. Well, I ordered this on a whim and boy did my family give me what for! Now, they all say they absolutely love this Presto Pizza Rotating Oven. We use it all the time and not just for pizza. If you like crisp crust, here is
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By Texassews
Ok this is what we chose to replace our toaster with instead of a new toaster or a toaster oven. And I just gotta say this is the best! I have used it for a week, multiple times a day, testing different stuff that can and cant cook in it. It can cook a lot pie in 20 minutes, a pizza in 15, and even does toast but if you like your toast brown on both sides just keep an eye out and flip it after a minute or so. I dont mind mine like this though. My son HATES so much food but I am telling you this IMPROVES the taste of some. He actually ate fish sticks made on it and I have to say they were better than I have ever tasted! He hates fish sticks. Now he asks for them. We love out little Pizzazz!

Things that
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By KC Hunter
I guess I was being a little nostalgic today. Looking through my Amazon order history I had to both chuckle and cry at some of the completely useless items I've purchased over the years. Then I ran across the Pizzazz I bought way back on June 28, 2008 (Today is Feb 14, 2016.) I rarely write reviews but I like and use this oven so much that I'll make an exception.

I've probably used the oven an average of 1 to 1 1/2 times a week. Sometimes 2 - 3 times a week and then I might go 2 - 3 weeks before using it again. It's been used almost exclusively for pizza. I used it maybe 5 times for other things and it worked well but it just doesn't come to mind when I can finally drag myself into the kitchen and cook something.

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By Greg
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4.8 | 3,576 customer ratings
95% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Pot needs very little cleaning, if any.
If water is added to the pot, the sides of the food in the bag do not get crusty.
Multiple items can be cooked separately in the same pot.
Rubberband can be used to hold bag shut, trapping in extra moisture.
Bag stays well, and can be use to store leftovers.

Cons (all are only slight):
Shaking or otherwise stressing the full bag can cause rips.
Bag is mildly porous, allowing traces of food out.
Bag is wide on bottom, making it slightly inconvenient for the average crock pot.

No tie or band provided to close bag. Though, from the picture, it does not seem to be the intended use.

I use this every week to keep my cholent from burning and saving my pot from requiring heavy cleaning. It also allows me to store and even give away leftovers
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By Brian Tkatch
I decided to start making real food for myself on a more regular basis which is difficult when I work 12 hours a day plus a 2 hour commute. Crockpottery (?) combined with a timer on the outlet seemed to be the answer. I hate cleaning out the crockpot and it discourages frequent use when you have to scrub caked on gunk out of it every time. The slow cooker bags seemed to be the answer and for the most part, they are.

I have a medium sized round crockpot. I have no idea how big it is because Crockpot brand doesn't label their crockpots (only the boxes which I threw away years ago). Let's just say it is big enough to make a decent dinner plus leftover lunch for three people. I am only one person (but my roommate does eat some of the meals too) so I can make
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By Elizabeth
1st time using a liner in my crockpot. Went to grab the bag after to dispose, and the bag was melted to the crockpot. Not happy, wish I could give 0 stars.
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By Breanna
4.6 | 8,590 customer ratings
91% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
I've always preferred cold drinks to hot ones so imagine my joy when companies started selling pre-made cold-brew coffee in the grocery store. At about $7 per bottle though, it was costing me more to buy it that way rather than brewing my own hot coffee and adding ice. It wasn't until I was perusing YouTube and saw one of my favorite YT'ers pouring her own cold-brew out of a refrigerated container. I immediately toggled to Amazon in a search for one similar and I found this product. After comparing prices and reviews, I decided to give this one a try. 3 weeks and several brews later here are my takeaways:

Pros: Easy to clean and use, coffee tastes great, not going back to buying pre-made!

Cons: Durability seems fragile as the soft foamy plastic on the handle is coming up already, it will leak if you don't screw the lid on
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By Nicole
Great cold brew system! We had been putting off getting one for so long. We have a keurig and simply put brewed coffee in the fridge overnight. But as our keurig seems to be dying, it was time to explore other options. I wish we had done it sooner! This system is so easy to use - add your coffee of choice and water, place it in the fridge and wait for the next day. That's it!! So easy, great tasting coffee that goes far enough for both of us. It easily fits on a shelf or the door. We're considering buying a second because of how much coffee my husband drinks or if we have company.

After a couple weeks of use I've noticed a flaw to call out. When inserting the filter into the water the grounds sometimes pop up to the top of the filter. This causes
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By Jessica M.
I'm really liking this cold brew maker. At first I was saddened that it is 100% plastic and not glass but I realized that you could take something like this hiking/camping with you if you're the type of camper that needs their coffee right away when they first get up. I used to use a plain press-pot as my cold brewer but it'd leave sludge in the last cup; this has an extremely nice filter that is very fine and the whole thing is very easy to clean.

Recommended tips: If you just fill the filter and then dip it into a full carafe of water the grounds will all be pressed up against the top of the lid. I personally fill the filter and place it in the empty carafe, then pour water through the filter and grounds until the carafe is full. Then I
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By C. C. Ingersoll
4.7 | 4,857 customer ratings
92% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Needed a new one as ours shattered. This one is Exactly as described and fits in our cuisinart coffee maker.
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By Ponyupgolf
I rated this five stars because this is the ONLY replacement carafe for my Cuisinart coffee maker. This is probably my third replacement. I've broken all the others while washing them in my sink without using the rubbery pad that would prevent this from happening. But I digress.....this time I bought two so I'd have one when I break the next one. FYI - while you're waiting for your new carafe to arrive, you can use a quart mason jar with the carafe's lid on it. The mason jar is just the perfect height. It will get somewhat hot but it will do for a few days. Seller's packaging was impeccable and delivery was a day early - mercifully.
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By J G
We bought this as a replacement for our cracked carafe. It is exactly the same as the original- including the way it dribbles all over the counter when you pour coffee!

I do 2 things to fix the dribbles. 1. Gently sand the underside of the carafe with VERY fine sandpaper (I used 220 grit) to remove the seam left over from manufacturing. 2. Apply a smear of clear silicone sealant to the underside of the lip. This breaks the surface tension that causes the coffee to dribble.
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4.7 | 4,779 customer ratings
94% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
I bought a handheld wand style frother but ended up almost never using it. Why? It requires skim milk and we don’t drink it. Since you don’t need much milk for frothing, we would never use up a quart before spoiling. Enter the newer style frothing pitchers. The advantage: any type of milk whips up beautifully frothy, just like the coffeehouse. We had very good luck with Miroco’s kettle so we thought we’d give their frother a “whirl.”

Mostly terrific. You fill the frother to either of two fill levels, depending on how much of the bubbly, foamy stuff you need. The lower fill level is just right for two cups of coffee. I added whole milk to the lower fill line, turned on the machine and the milk swirled until bubbles form, and then . . . VOILA! Rich, light froth. Total time to completion is
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By Johnny
What a great device, easy to use and looks very attractive in my kitchen. All parts are made out of stainless steel. I am so pleased with it. Now I have a thick, rich milk froth to add to my coffee everyday, which only takes seconds. The frother produced a lot of milk foam in all types of milk, including the 2%. There are two max lines inside the container. One is max level for heating, and the bottom line is for frothing hot or cold milk. So you never mess up.
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By Amy
I am adding my video on here so u can really se it’s frothing power I love hat the frother does actually have a spout and handle. It’s really quiet just wish it made a small beep sound when it was done
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By SuzanneBradbury