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4.8 | 448 customer ratings
97% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars

My husband and I have been trying to find this game for LITERAL YEARS in targets, part city's, you name it! But we eventually found in on Amazon where it is actually cheapest! (Target was selling theirs for $60 the few times they did have it in stock!) My husband and I absolutely love the game, and it is quite stunning if I do say so. You can tell it is handcrafted and looks great out on the table for kids to play with at the grandparents.

The game is so much fun, the only complaint being that the pieces are VERY SMALL like, choking hazard small, and can be lost very easily. We were quite shocked to find out that the game only came with ONE EXTRA ball and ONE EXTRA biscuit. That's it! If you lose any more than that, you have to order the pieces directly from
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By jon prichard
This game is so fun & addicting!! My husband and I love games- but usually like strategy games or card games or board games- so this took us by surprise. Leave it to some non-Americans to once again kill it with a unique & creative game. It's a 2-person game but we brought it to Christmas and ended up having a Klask tournament with the family. The rules are simple & laid out nicely in the manual. I know it's expensive but we play it often, it's a nice entertaining break from constantly being on our phones or watching tv. Well constructed & worth the money!
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By Amazon Customer
This is all the fun and excitement of air hockey, but a fraction of the size and price. I actually enjoy this more than air hockey. The "biscuits" add an extra element to the gameplay. You also need to be careful you don't Klask!
Would recommend!!!
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By Philip Hake
4.7 | 451 customer ratings
92% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
This is a really great game (only one drawback - see below):

- kids & adults love it (usually more popular than foosball or others)
- fits comfortably under a 7' ceiling
- very durable
- 4 basketballs and pump included
- 6 different audio options (announcer is pretty cool) and the volume can be adjusted
- the whole unit folds up when its not in use & it has wheels for easy portability
- 10 diff games to choose from
- very accurate scoring system

- assembly does take some time (and patience) yet in the end it's definitely worth it!
- comes w/ only 4 balls (however, you can buy additional ones for not very much $)
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By Kirsten Clarke
A friend has the ESPN basketball game that costs about the same. I was going to buy that one until I saw this new Pop A Shot version. I’ve played on both and the Pop A Shot is just better. The frames are pretty similar, but the game play on the Pop A Shot is much better. More games, more audio choices, cool announcer. Plus I like that you can use batteries or plug it in (the ESPN one only has batteries).
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By Chris
Excellent product. Got for our sons. 14-year-old put down his IPhone (plays games all the time) and did not touch it for 7 hours, He just kept shooting baskets. Same for the younger one. He put his iPad mini down and played all day shooting. Neighbor kids joined in for several hours.
Built very sturdy and score board and audio work excellent for now. Assembly by myself took about 2 hours but instruction are very clear and precise in what to do on each step. Both my boys said “best gift ever”
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By Callahans
4.6 | 1,419 customer ratings
89% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Great buy and lots of fun. A few things, 1). When you assemble it, set aside a few hours. 2). In the instructions there is a typo in step 13. It says, use bolt 26 to attach cross bar to bottom of scoreboard when it should be bolt 25. 26 doesn't fit through that piece and all the way through corresponding pole. The sleeves that thread on top for ramp over forward tubes (FIG. 13A) have strap hooks on end which you clamp over bolts on backside of backboard pole. If you don't do this it pulls forward upon final assembly and comes undone at top. Also, in step 12 don't fully tighten screws til end because of weight and leveling required of backboard. 3). Step 16, the controller board doesn't simply snap on the lean bar. If you attempt to snap it on anywhere it'll break the plastic
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By egg
I have this item at my home. My friend has the Lifetime unit at his place. I assembled and played on both.

For the most part, this and the Lifetime unit are very similar; some parts appear to be exactly the same. They're both well built for a home arcade game, and are both reasonably priced.

I prefer the color scheme and classic arcade branding of the Pop-A-Shot. I also think the sensors on this unit are much more accurate than the Lifetime. The Lifetime is pretty accurate, but will occasionally register a make that actually didn't go through and will sometimes even fail to register a made basket. On the Pop-A-Shot, after dozens of games, I haven't noticed a single sensor error.

Where the Pop-A-Shot model really has an advantage is with the game play. The scoreboard is larger and there’s a really convenient good-looking control panel. The Pop-A-Shot has 10 different
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By RWalery
I bought this for my 14 yr old and my 12 yr old boys. It's so sturdy...well built frame...not flimsy or cheap. This will be something that the whole family will enjoy as well as all the boys that come over to the house!!! There are a bunch of games to play and it’s really easy to control with the control panel on the front of the game. It is seriously the best purchase I've made in a long time. If you have a basement and kids that love sports...don't hesitate...this is the best one on the market!!
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By Julian
4.7 | 322 customer ratings
94% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Great Product, I love how convenient it is! This foosball table is so much fun that my family has been playing it non-stop for the past month. My favorite part is that even though it’s close, in length, to a standard size foosball table its really easy to move around. We’ve played this game on the floor, the kitchen table and even took it camping with us to add an extra piece of entertainment when the kids (and adults) got bored.

The table itself is very sturdy and we can tell it’s going to be able to take the beating our boys give it throughout the years. Not only does it feel sturdy but it looks nice too. Too many times I’ve seen games like this look like toys, but this truly has a professional LOOK and feel too it.

Here’s my favorite part though; it came
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By Laura P.
This foosball game is great for parties or a tailgate. I really like that I can just throw it in the car and bring it wherever - it's easy to just toss in there if you know you're going to a friend's house to watch a game or something, and you want something to do at halftime! It feels like a regular foosball table (obviously on a smaller scale) without the hassle of taking up a bunch of space in your house.

EDIT: The below was about a prior item description. Looks like they've updated the details since I wrote it.

The only thing I dislike is the amount of assembly required. The size of the box gave the impression that it was fully assembled, as did the product page. Some assembly is required, including screws.
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By Joseph L. Milacek
Great product but don’t bother putting the legs on. They broke within the first hour. It slid around to much with the legs as well. Best played on the floor in our house.
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By amazon1
4.6 | 1,039 customer ratings
91% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Ordered the 3ft size and got everything exactly as pictured and advertised. No problems with set up and no problems with playing. Got all the pieces and chips. This was cute to watch the kids playing on Christmas Day. Would be fun to take to youth group or office parties too. Kinda wish I’d bought the 4ft size, but the 3 is a good size to put on a table and be able to fit flat in your car. Carry bag is awesome with a slot and place for each piece and you take it with you flat. There are ten grandkids amung us ages ranging from 18mos to fifteen and they all liked it. Adults love this game too.
We plan on being able to use it for a long time.
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By Connie Thomas
My Family Loves it!!
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By Sherice Melton
This was a 'Santa' gift. Must have saved the $20 because that's the cost of the chips? Nice for the kids to want to play with their Santa gift and couldn't since it wasn't a complete setup. Hopefully once we actually receive the entire product purchased it will be worth what was spent on it and no other parts are missing (since there is no manual either)
More than likely won't purchase anything from this company again.
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By AmazonCustomer
4.6 | 803 customer ratings
89% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Wow, all the My Arcade mini classic arcade machines are fantastic!! If you remember going into arcades and putting tons of quarters in these machines then this will bring back some memories. They have the original art and you can start a collection of them. If you are to young to remember the original machines then this is a cheap way to see what is was all about.
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By Dave G
Bought for grandkid for Christmas when he open it his whole face lit up.. he loves it. What I like about you can use battery or charger..this was a great buy..
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By Clamcake
Audio issues plague this cabinet. When I first received it I loved it and it played well. After a few minutes I noticed the audio started to sound extremely scratchy. The sound of firing shots from your ship got worse and worse as I played. I adjusted the volume. I tried new batteries. I tried powering solely from a USB cable. I even tried using earphones plugged into the earphone jack thinking that maybe the speakers were bad. None of this made any difference. I heard others reporting similar problems. It's really a shame. The game looks fantastic and the cabinet art knocks it outta the park.

It’s been a year later and no response from My Arcade about the audio. Despite this I discovered some recent reviews showing the audio was fine. So I picked up another at Target and sure enough
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By Bill
4.6 | 343 customer ratings
93% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
I work with junior high students at my church. The room is also used by another church's youth group two days a week and the mens ministry of our church. Let's just say that the foosball table gets a lot of use throughout the week and sometimes a ball or two goes missing. I picked these up a few months ago and they've been great. There's enough in this pack so if one or two go missing I have plenty of spares. I'll buy again...hopefully not anytime soon, but I will.
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By D. Foster
I just bought a competition tornado foosball table that I've been wanting since I was a teenager. It came with two balls the red ones that are high quality but with three small kids those got lost pretty quickly. I went to buy those here on Amazon but at $6 a piece I was thinking that was not a good idea and I needed an alternative. So I purchase these based on the reviews and they're pretty good nowhere near as good as the red ones but they suffice they're good and solid not as much traction as the red ones so the ball doesn't have as much spin will technically it has more spin not enough grip but for the price these can't be beat and they work pretty well to practice on and play with the kids. I still bought two of the professional ones just to have
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By MegaTron JK
Look good. Kids like them. Way too light for any kind of control. Prefer the tornado ball that came with the table. These bounce around almost like ping pong balls. However I will say that they even the playing field against less skilled players. My son scores a lot of goals based on random ricochets that I could defend with a heavier and more textured ball. These also will roll if table isn’t perfectly level whereas the official ones stay put if table is mostly level.
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By Chronic
4.5 | 586 customer ratings
88% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
I played the table hockey games as a kid and thought it would be fun to relive the past. This set is a piece of art it works flawlessly and is much more durable than the ones I had as a kid. As long as you turn it over and ensure the players are in their slots on the bottom of the set as they will come out during shipping everything works great. When putting the players on I recommend Pushing up on the plastic piece from the bottom as you put the player on the top post as they go on very tight which is a really good thing. I like the fact you can order more teams and it is extremely fun to play. I have now become the household champion of hockey and have yet to be dethroned. I hope to
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By Sinbadd
When I found out that this toy was for sale and it is new and improved I couldn't help but buy it. 100 dollars is a little pricey but this toy is the closest thing you will get to playing the arcade version of this game that range in the 1000s price tag. Easy to set up. Bigger than I expected but happier that it isn't small.
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By Savannah
In a world where toy makers are cutting corners to save money, STIGA has maintained the same quality game as The one I played as a kid in the 1980s.

This is by far the best table hockey game on the market.
-There are no pockets where a player cannot touch the puck.
-The players go behind the opposing team net to maintain game action.
-Action is smooth, and construction is solid.

The only thing that has changed (and that severely depresses me) is the fact that the Harford Whalers logo no longer resides along the boards with the other team logos. But this is Peter Karmanos' fault for lying to the citizens of CT by selling the Whale to Carolina... not STIGA's fault.

Thank you STIGA for not being a $#!@ Karmanos and making this quality game for so long.

Way to go STIGA!!!
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By Ski-ball
4.5 | 535 customer ratings
88% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
My husband and I bought this for our 9 year old son’s birthday. We put this together in about 1.5 hours using the tools provided. (If you use better tools it would go quicker, but it wasn’t difficult).

It’s fairly large, and you really do need a good sized space for it. We have played with it a little, fun that it has 8 games to play and keeps score up to four people, including Horse and Around The World. He doesn’t actually get to see it until his party this weekend, and hiding it has been a feat. It’s large and I think well worth the price. If we have issues with the sound or electronics at a later date we will update our review.
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By Larson D. Gafney
Got this for the grandkids and it was a hit! Everyone played- old and young. Took my husband 3 hours to assemble. Missing key parts. Description said there are locking casters for ease of rolling- no casters. This thing is huge and folds in half.

After one day the scoring paddle in the left hoop quit working. We will need to see if they make this right when I call into customer support.

Needs more than 4 balls if two players over the age of 8 are playing. A little high for 3 yr olds.
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By Amazon Customer
Very fun game for all ages. It took my sister and I about an hour to assemble it but we checked for all parts before starting.

After having the basketball game for about a month the sound stopped working. We tried to change batteries and plugging and unplugging but nothing. Every now and then the sound comes on for a few seconds. The sound is so great when working. A little disappointed but still enjoy the game
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By Miss Yang
4.6 | 214 customer ratings
91% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Excellent lube for your rods. The dispenser end lets you just start at one end and as you push forward and spin, just the right amount of lube coats each player's rods so they can be spun, slammed, and generally used the same way you'd always abuse a foosball table.
Anyone assuming I was writing anything at ALL other than my review of a great foosball arm lube simply has a wandering mind. Yeesh -- you'd probably faint at my reviews of Sex Wax over in the surfing section*

*I have never written a Sex Wax review. But I'd love to get a new bar and rub it up and down the shortie I use, before I climb on and everyone near me gets wet. Why a shortie? Genetics. Actually, that's all I can afford, and besides longboards are crap in the Brevard County chop
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By Dr. B.
A MUST HAVE. Buy it! Huge improvement over usual silicone spray. I have an older foosball table with slightly worn chromed steel rods with ball bearings & plastic bushings and was using silicone spray from the local hardware store - that stuff was drippy, stinky and didn't last long. This FoosJuice silicone is thicker, glides on smoothly no drips onto the floor or table, and there is no smell. Rods are slick.
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By 440 in space
Did not take much of this stuff. FoosJuice was easily applied with the built in dauber and made our game much faster. Had been using furniture polish on the rods which did not last very long. Have applied this once in a week and still don’t feel like it needs more yet. We play about 10 very aggressive games a day and have had the Foosjuice for a week. Huge difference!
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By T. Plunkett
4.5 | 444 customer ratings
86% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
These air hockey handles and pucks are very very well made. So sturdy and no chance of them breaking, they are awesome. Now my problem is I have a small air hockey table and the pucks are too big where I cant pull them out (small pucks), or they wont go in(the bigger pucks). Nonetheless, it was my mistake. But I love the handles, they come with a stick on green felt to put on the bottom of them (it is a thick piece of felt👍🏼) and the quality of these pucks. Just look out for the sizes. I'm still going to keep them.
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By Gisel Ruiz
So happy I purchased these extras for Christmas. The handles were actually bigger and therefore better than the ones that came with my kids air hockey table. Perfect for silly grabs too. However the pucks were a little too big for the slot and therefore not so easily retrieve once you scored. Overall still 5 stars.
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It's so nice to have both the large and small pucks in one set. I bought a used table and wasn't sure which would work best, and both of these do. The smaller ones float better, the larger ones stay on the table more. Definitely will have the kids use the smaller ones.
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By Nicole Bronnee
4.4 | 953 customer ratings
84% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
This game always gets the same two reactions. First, "Are you kidding me? CURLING??" And them after 2 minutes of play ----- "Wow, this game is great, where did you find it?". Highly Recommended. I thought it was kind of funny that the seller actually wrote something along the lines of "way better than you're expecting", but that's about right.
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By Kindle Customer
We bought this for the Olympics and have had so much fun playing it. It stayed on our table for about 3 weeks before we even put it away! Challenging for adults but easy enough for small children and this is a game that the kids can totally have a chance to beat you at which is hard to find. I was worried that the edges would curl up and ruin the game but that hasn't happened at all. The game rolls out and has a magnetic strip on each end that you put the black bars on to hold it in place. Very good quality game glad I purchased it!
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By Wooten
It's a fun game for the kids. It's made of a thin flexible vinyl/plastic material that is easy to roll up and store. it does get a bit curled at the end from being stored rolled up though. It's not super durable but will last with proper care. It was fun to bring camping and play it on our long white plastic table. If you have any issues email the seller and they will take care of you! They provide excellent customer service!
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By Consumer
15 offers from product price
4.4 | 705 customer ratings
86% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
I bought this for my 3 year old grandson and my 7 year old granddaughter. They play it together all the time. I polished the top with wax and the puck slides great now. Love that it is really easy to put away when they are done. Doesn't take up too much space. I recommended buying the offered additional pucks and controller, as they are much higher quality than the pair that comes with this set. Worth getting. The pucks are bigger. I was a the best Nana ever when this gift was open. Not only that, all the kids at the party were anxious to get their turn to play this. BIG HIT
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By C Miller
Purchased this game for the holidays to entertain many kids (and parents) without taking up a huge amount of space. It was a hit! I keep it stored under the bed and then pull it out when we are having parties or when the kids get bored. The product has taken some serious abuse from excited kids and has held up well. I highly recommend this product for anyone that wants the fun of having air hockey table but the convenience of storing it away out of sight.
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By wrkgmama
OK so I read other reviews. Here is my take.

One of the legs came with hardware backwards. Still was able to screw on.

The fan power not quite enough but for the price it was fine.

Fan was installed correctly!

Now for the life experience part!

This little Air Hockey table was a huge hit during the holidays! Everyone played it at least once. Great for kids from 4 to 16!

And honestly my 18month old had a great time with it too.

The curve corners make all the difference!

So great having people not zombied out in front of a video game or TV movie.
Get one, get playing, get laughing, get communicating!
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By Joe joe
4.4 | 410 customer ratings
86% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Got this game for my family and I couldn’t be happier! I’ve been searching for a air hockey table for a while now (yes my kids love the game and so do I) but I keep running into two issues 1) I don’t have enough space for a standard sized table and/or 2) All the table top games I’ve had are either too small or are just made cheaply (yes I’ve ordered a few on Amazon and returned them). Rally and Roar Finally made one that fits what I was looking for.

The Pros
Assembly was very easy…took about 10 minutes out of the box and we were already playing
Product Looks great and is made of quality material. My family is going to abuse this thing and I thinking its going to hold up over time
Portable size to move around yet it’s large enough that you can have a
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By Laura P.
Awesome game! Super easy to put together- only about ten minutes. My kids LOVE it! Good size, big enough to play but portable and can be moved around easily. Plugged in and worked just like the ones at the arcade. Perfect for our game room!
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By Ashley Z.
I purchased this item for my 2 kids (8 and 11) and I am overall really pleased! I could tell this item was actually well thought out and not a piece of junk like a lot of the other toys that are stacked in our basement. I was initially impressed by the packaging and the fact that the item had 2 separate boxes and corner protectors, which I included in the images section. The table was really easy to put together and took my kids and I about 10 or 15 minutes to put together. The playability was what I expected and the puck kept moving even after we stopped touching it, although it's not comparable to one of the huge tables that you find in an arcade. It included 2 pucks and 2 pushers, as well as a second scorer (not sure why we
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By SarahC
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4.5 | 163 customer ratings
87% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
I thought about ordering the 2 hoop one but extremely happy I qent with the sungle hoop. I believe it was about $80 cheaper also. Save space and $ as well. The suspense is still there watching your opponent and then attempting to beat their score. Build quality is top notch. I did use my own tools with their supplied washers and bolts etc.

As a middle aged childess married man this is a blast and highly recommend. Its in my living room so if your within 3' its impossible to not throw up a dozen shots. I find myself just shooting far more than using the scoring games. However sometimes its nice playing with the game that is just a scoreboard and seeing how many shots i can make throughout the day.

Love the classic look, the rim is solid.

Took about 2.5 3hrs for
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By Glenn Quagmire
Wow! This is a lot of fun. I played until my arms almost fell off.

This is a quality unit, made for a lot of use.

Assembly was not difficult but took me longer than I expected. I'm very good with assembling things & this took me almost 2 hours, including getting organized & inventorying the parts. If I was to do a 2nd one I know it would go a bit faster because I would spend less time looking for the part numbers. I assembled the whole thing by myself - but I totally get why they strongly recommend 2 people. Especially when putting up the backboard. Yeah, even though I did it by myself I'd recommend 2 people, so you don't drop the backboard & break the electronics.

There are several games programmed in. Read the short game directions & you'll get it. Each game keeps a high score. Every body
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By David Nathanson
I bought this as a replacement to an old one (different brand) that was quite old and was no longer functioning properly. It is for my family of 6 and is located in our finished basement. So far, the kids thoroughly enjoy well as myself.

- Fairly simple and straightforward to assemble. No real issues putting it together.
- Nice option of games and variable sound levels/volumes
- Fits nicely into a corner of finished basement (~8 foot ceilings). It's a little bigger than our old one, but not too much.
- So far, seems pretty durable but time will tell with 4 kids and their friends playing with it.

-Does not stay collapsed very well when not playing. It doesn't latch well and tends to fall back to its extended position. I'm a little disappointed with this because we don't want it fully extended all the time.
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By alicia
27 offers from product price
4.3 | 1,135 customer ratings
82% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
I recently decided to give this mini Pac-Man game a try. I am an old-school child of the 80s, and I have a full-sized arcade machine of Pac Man, so I am well aware of how the real game plays. This little game is darned close to the original, and overall is an amazing and fun little device for the money. And when I say little, I mean it is less than 4 inches tall and literally has a key-ring on the back (but I removed that as it really is too big to serve as a keyring, but just realize that the buttons and joystick on this thing are tiny, but they do work). Note that there are several 1 star reviews; most of these are unhappy about the small size, but the dimensions are in the description of the product (and again, part of
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By One for All
I got this for my dad to cheer him up and I'm sure he will love it.
It has an on/off switch on the back, it takes AAA batteries. I put it next to my xbone controller for reference.
It is tiny but still very playable and fun!
It is the authentic game, meaning that it is NOT just the first map - I got about halfway through the 2nd Act. You just have to flip it off and on again to get out of the demo mode.

My dad was the pac man king at his arcade in college, and I have great memories of hanging out at the arcade as a kid. So this product hits hard in the nostalgia/feels.

At less than $20, this is an awesome gift for any OG (original gamer haha) in your life!
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By Newsy107
Coming from someone who loved going to arcades back in the 1980's with only $5, this really brought back some great memories that can never be made again. All I know, I wasn't too happy about the size when I saw these on the store (I almost didn't buy them), but once I saw it in my room, OMG, I was super extremely happy to have a Pac-Man cabinet (albeit small) in my house!

This is the closest I'll be, to be able to get to owning my own arcade in my home. I honestly wish they would have went just a couple inches larger, but no other company has been able to replicate Pac-Man or any arcade game port proper.

The other thing I wish this had, was the glass cover with the artwork that went over the screen, the artwork that was on the joystick table, & the coin slot.

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By ¿is legit, si?
4.3 | 693 customer ratings
81% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
I had no idea what to get my seven-year-old twin grandsons for their birthday and I ran across this and decided to get it for them. It was a tremendous hit! They played on it for hours and I think it's going to continue to be many more hours of fun for them. The adults have had a lot of fun with it too. I like the fact that it doesn't have legs because it makes it portable. You can easily slide it under a bed or under a table. When you're ready to play it, you can put it on the dining room table or any platform or the kids will even play it on the floor. I even bought a second one just to have it at the house for when the kids visit.
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By 21st Century Computers
My boys love playing this and what’s great is that you can transport it as it’s not heavy but it is sturdy. We’ve taken it to their friends and grandparents houses to play and it’s fun for everyone. Not loud at all and easy to play. No problems at all and we’ve had this for over a year! Highly recommend and it’s great that you can buy replacement paddles and disks just in case. Highly recommended!!!!
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By Shopaholic
Bought this to add an option for teen fun in our basement. We already have a pool table, and I got frustrated trying to find a decent quality 2-in-1 foosball/air hockey table without spending a fortune. Ended up with a separate foosball table, and settled on the Sport Squad for air hockey for the affordable price and it being a table-top model (so not needing additional floor space).

The good:
-Fits our 48" round table perfectly, so a good height for teens to either stand around or sit around and play.
-Only 2 parts had to be installed and screwed in.
-Air pressure is just enough to keep the puck moving.

The bad:
-There's no on/off switch, as soon as you plug it in it starts up.
-So short that there's nothing stopping one from reaching across to the opponent's side, making it less challenging but still a bit hard for experienced players to score.
-It did
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By Laila
4.3 | 681 customer ratings
83% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
I received this foosball table from the manufacturer at no cost for evaluation, and here are my thoughts.

This foosball table is made of fiberboard with an attractive wood veneer, and it's very sturdy once assembled. The directions are pretty clear, but instructions for some parts are sketchy. Be sure to refer to the picture on the product page and play close attention to the direction the players are facing so you don't install them facing the wrong way as I did. If you do that you'll have to unscrew the players and switch them around the right way and reinsert the rods again, (which is what I had to do since I messed up).

Everything fit together well in the kit I got except for the holes for the counter screws which weren't fully drilled, so I drilled them the rest of the way and was then able to install the
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By Sara Ellis
Yep, just like many others we too assembled it in backwards order, not realizing we were building it upside down, taking it apart and assembling was very quick the second time around, but for dummies like us, maybe they can change the instructions to assemble the rods while upright and then turn it over, it would save so many people from the hassle. Btw materials are good, but the baseboard with the green color, cracks really easy on the surface so be careful handling it. I will just paint over it with a pen.

I was worried it might be too small, but turned out fine, bigger would have taken unfair share of the game room.
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By Rick_S
Purchased this for our 12 year old for Christmas 2017. This was used over the holidays with teenagers and adults in full on Foosball competitions...and they had a blast! We were unsure if the height of the table would be good for the ages but after assembly and use...have found that it works perfect. It is attractive and well made. Easy to assemble and all the parts and directions were intact.
Well worth the purchase and am considering a hockey table from the same company.
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By Simply M
4.4 | 201 customer ratings
86% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
I purchased this on November 20, 2017. My teenagers love it!! Air hockey and skee/ski ball are two of my favorite games! However, we have a small home, with no extra space for a dedicated game room. So, I decided to go with smaller versions of my favorite games. I even took it to my mother's house for Thanksgiving. Easy to load up in my vehicle and take to another house!

This is really a good product, so far. The air pushes the puck along well, and the fan is very quiet. Although the paddles are small, they are fine for adult hands. Because this has feet, it could be played on the floor, instead of a table, for smaller children. Obviously, this should not be placed on any surface without the legs because of the fan underneath. Great product! I will definitely buy from this manufacturer again!!
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The pucks stick because of the texture on the edges, so I sanded down the pucks so they were very smooth and they glide much easier now. The table looks nice, except for the blue painted lines. It arrived a little chipped up in some spots, and they cause friction when the puck goes over them, but it's not too bad, and I can see the paint wearing off over time anyway, so I'd either leave it or eventually repaint it. The fan is quiet. I haven't run it much yet, but I'll update if something goes south. Overall, I'm happy with it.
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By mattC
Haven't used it yet (waiting for Christmas) however sizes are not accurate. Dimensions of the box are 38" L x 22 3/4" W. The box itself says item is 33" x 20" which is significantly smaller than the 40" they state. My kids are very young so this size should work fine however discouraged regarding the incorrect sizing and would not be enjoyable for older kids. Still considering sending back.
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By Amazon Customer
4.4 | 165 customer ratings
83% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
I got this for my ten year old son for Christmas and he absolutely loves it!! Easy to assemble and it has many different playing modes!
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By Sharon
When I ordered this I really did not know what to expect and when I took it out of the box to put it together I really did not think that it would be as big as it is! The instructions were pretty straight forward but I advise you to use your own tools. It comes with a very small spanner and an allen key and believe me, it is tedious trying to work with those tools! It does take a while to put together, but I was very pleased when I had completed it. I bought it for my 17 year old daughter as she is crazy about basketball and she absolutely loves it and so does my 10 year old daughter. It comes with 4 balls and some people like myself might think that this is not enough. I will buy a few extra balls but it is
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By Tony Willies
Great product! Sturdy enough considering the price. My boys love it. It keeps them off electronics! Adults love it too. Excellent buy!
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By Dave