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4.8 | 7,751 customer ratings
95% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
I finally went hammock camping and can't believe I've missed out of the practicality and comfort of it! I bought the single owl almost 2 years ago and only had tried it once for a few hours last year. I purchased the rain tarp and bug net as well which I would consider a necessity for any camping trip. I was advised to bring an airpad which I couldn't get in time for my trip, so I substituted using a yoga mat. I definitely recommend using something for a bottom layer. It will flatten out the hammock and even though the night temps did not fall below 74F with 90% humidity, it can still get a bit chilly in the hammock.
The ease of setting up was my favorite part. I got to the campground at 1am with limited lighting and all in all my hammock, bug net and rain tarp
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By Simone Junker
From all reviews i thought i was buying a American made product,, not so,,, it's like every thing else,, made in china,, but all thing's considered it seems to be very well made, will write better review aftr i hv used it for awhile.. Update: after useing it day and night back in de swamp i have NO complaints, i changed out heavy steel caribiners 4 alloy wire gate one's, at first i was a little iffy about the tree straps, but they R workn good too,, put me down as 💯 % satisfied. . Update 5/28/19 got a pa kage in mail from lauren in customer service, she had read my review were i had swapped out steel caribiners for wire gate alloy one's and she sent me 2 wire gate alloy one's, NOW that's a CUSTOMER SERVICE !! Thanks Lauren and Wise Owl...PS: 💕the color
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By thomas forshey
I've never liked sleeping in a tent. I'm always too hot, and it's stuffy in there, and all the nylon, plus the weight and the setup... no thanks. So, for a recent two night hike I thought I'd try a hammock. After doing some research, I settled on the Wise Owl Outfitters Single Hammock. I'm a convert for life! It's lightweight, easy to setup, sturdy and comfortable. I'm a big guy (6' 4", 250lbs) so I was a little concerned with how well it would hold up. I was also a little afraid of whether I'd find myself dragging the ground because the straps had stretched out overnight. My fears were completely unfounded, however. There was absolutely no stretching, and it held me up just great over two nights.
The straps are a fabulous idea. I'd never used them before, but they
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By technopoetic
4.8 | 7,061 customer ratings
95% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
It's hard to review oil without access to the lab test results. I mean you put it in the engine of your car and your car still works, great. Not much to review. You'd have to set up two identical cars with different oils and run them for 100,000 miles to do a proper test at home without specialty test equipment. So for my review I'm going to focus on what those certifications on the bottle actually mean, because not all oils have the same certifications.

Demystifying oil certifications

A long time ago people had low standards for oil. Engines were simple, a coke was ten cents. Now oil is expected to help you get great mileage, work with crazy direct injection turbo engines, run E85 ethanol, not damage your emissions system, and keep your engine from wearing out. To do all this your oil
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By Joel Schopp
Hey, it's synthetic oil with all the proper ratings to use in modern automobiles. But it's also refined by the same company that makes Wally World Syntec full synthetic motor oil and WW sells it for about $16 for 5 quarts so that will continue to be my go-to supply. Amazon is facing the cost of shipment factor in a lot of bulk items now and it's making them less competitive on price than they were previously (but more profitable which makes stockholders happy).

Assuming it is the same as Wal-Mart, I've sent samples of their synthetic off to Blackstone labs for oil analysis on various occasions and it always tests very, very well (as well as the Mobil 1 samples I've sent off) so I'm not embarrassed about buying the house brand for my cars. If Amazon gets competitive on price, I'll gladly purchase it from them.
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By tom4416
The oil itself is good enough. Giving a two star rating because there is no clear visibility strip on the side of the bottle, so that you can tell how much oil you’ve poured into your engine.

The fluid level markings are there, but they don’t do you a whole lot of good without being able to see where current fluid level. C’mon Amazon, you’re better than this! I guess the product managers for this item have never had to change their own oil 😂

My car takes 4.4 quarts - thank god I had a leftover name brand bottle to pour into to get an accurate reading of how much I had put in.
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By Ecurb
4.8 | 6,970 customer ratings
95% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
My car got an upgrade with this wheel cover. It is visible when passing the car especially at night. It sparkles in the day and night.
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By VI Compulsive Consumer
Love it a lot, diamonds don’t hurt on your hands but it does take alittle to get used to
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By Tatiana
Exactly as described.. Looks great in my car
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By Danielle
4.7 | 14,412 customer ratings
94% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Bought a pair of the Tender Jr. in 2012. I'm sure they have paid for themselves by maximizing the life of my expensive lead-acid batteries. There are plenty of reviews here proving that this is a quality product that has been around a long time. I wish to add that the company that makes Battery Tender products, Deltran, stands by their products. One of my "Juniors" recently stopped working after four years of continuous service. I emailed the company and received a prompt reply. I returned the unit and received a brand new replacement covered under their 5-year warranty. You can't go wrong with this product or company.

Edit: For those considering this product... It is not a battery charger. It is for maintaining fully charged batteries. There are some negative reviews from folks that did not realize what they were buying.
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By RedSled
The item description and images fail to indicate that this item DOES include the ring terminal harness for permanent attachment to your battery. No need to purchase the item linked here: Battery Tender 081-0069-6 Ring Terminal Harness with Black Fused 2-Pin Quick Disconnect Plug
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By . .
I ordered 2 of the 021-0123 Battery Tender Juniors. They arrived on time, I unpacked one of the 2, hooked leads up to the car battery, plugged in the charger and watched the light as I made the final connection. Everything went as the manual said it would. I was waxing the car as the charger was doing it's thing and after about 15 minutes the charger started "clicking" and died. I unplugged it and waited a few minutes, plugged it back in, and nothing.
I unpacked the 2nd 021-0123 Battery Tender Junior, intended for my motorcycle, plugged it in and it lasted maybe 15 seconds and did the same "clicking" thing and died. The replacement process went smooth but I have not received the new ones yet.
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By mustryde
4.8 | 6,385 customer ratings
96% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Yeah, works great :) Very easy to do this, the only thing that takes time is... well time :P you just have to wait for the cleaners and oil to do it's magic.
It brought back the filter to it's original days, and works incredibly well :)

Step 1: Apply cleaner
Liberally spray K&N air filter cleaner or K&N power kleen onto both sides of filter and allow to soak for 10 minutes to loosen the dirt. Do not allow cleaner to dry on air filter.

Step 2: Rinse Filter
Rinse off air filter with cool low-pressure water from the clean side out in order to flush the dirt out of the filter. Continue to rinse the filter until all traces of cleaner are gone. It may be necessary to repeat steps 1 and 2.

Step 3: Dry filter
After rinsing, gently shake off excess water and allow filter to dry naturally. Do not oil until
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By Mike
A must-have if you own a K&N air filter. I've had my filter on my s2000 for somewhere around 40,000 miles and should have done this cleaning much earlier had I known it was this easy.

The included instructions are simple and easy to follow. There isn't much that can go wrong here. I sprayed the cleaning solution (pump bottle) very liberally and rinsed it off. I performed that cleaning step twice and would probably have enough left to clean it my filter least 1-2 more times though I'll probably just end up replacing the filter after that many miles. Why? Because I have OCD. That's why.

As for the (aerosolized) oil, it can get messy. I'd recommend wearing exam gloves (that's the OCD again). I did two light coats on the outside and one on the inside of the cone. Like the cleaning solution, I also had of this product remaining
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By Tony
I love the squeeze bottle ... the aerosol bottle just sprays everywhere and is harder to control quantity and where it hits. It also seems harder to judge when you have applied to much, or too little.

With the squeeze bottle, you simply apply an even amount along the ridges on both sides of the filter and allow time for the oil to soak down into the fibers of the filter.

This way, you can start with a smaller amount and if it isn't enough to "soak to the middle" you know you need more, and can judge how much more based on how much you applied the first time and how much white space is left. After time, you start to get a good feel for the amount of oil needed to re-oil the filter.
K&N filters are also specifically distributed with a spec sheet showing the amount of oil needed, and
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By Steve Forgette
4.8 | 5,728 customer ratings
96% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Since purchasing our RV we have noted many people using sewer hose supports while at various parks. When I was in the market for a new hose decided to splurge and purchase a sewer hose support as well and I am very glad I did.

As anyone who RV's knows when you empty the tanks at the end of your vacation it isn't much fun having to lift the hose up to ensure that all the matter inside has drained out or worse yet thinking the hose is empty then moving it only to end up with shoes covered in nasties.
This sewer hose support will see an end to those worries.

The support is made out of plastic and is very easy to set up and take down. After removing the orange holder I set it under the sewer connector on the RV and then gently pulled it out until it reached
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By Maureen Watkins
First let me say I've had several types and brands of sewer hose supports over my many years of RV-ing, and NONE of them are great, but I've had my alum supports for the last 10 years and they are still with us.
PRO: Will last pretty much forever. They are not easily broken or bent (if you don't abuse them) and they are not susceptible to sun damage. They don't get brittle and no hinge point to break apart. They support even the heaviest of sewer hoses well if you extend them enough that their center of gravity is low. Much easier and quick to get sewer hose on and hooked up. The way they are designed you can lay a brick or rock on the crossbars that contact the ground so strong wind will not tip them over (use small bungies to keep
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By RV guy
Used for the first time a couple of weeks ago on a trip to the Fl. Keys. Just a tip, you have to work out the spacing just right otherwise the hose will sag at a joint or two when you flush the tanks. Had to readjust the spacing several times when I dumped the tanks but next time will set up from the trailer first, then end at the drain. Also won't try to set up with the slide out (if your running under a slide). Crawling under to adjust was extremely uncomfortable.
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By Peter Stephens
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4.9 | 3,750 customer ratings
98% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
I Adore Knipex pliers! These feel great in the hand are fast and easy to adjust with the push button design and have the fiercest grip of any plier hands down. I like Channel Locks and support them as they are one of the few tool manufacturers who stayed in the USA but even I will admit that Knipex's cobra pliers have them beat. I especially like the design that prevents them from pinching your fingers while using them.

If you are wondering or hesitating because of the price don't. It is very simple, these pliers are actually hardened! An immensely rare commodity in this throw-away soft steel manufacturing world. You can run a file over the teeth and the file will simply slide over them. If you try that with any import junk you pick up at Walmart you'll see that the file digs right into the soft steel. This
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By j
This review is for the Knipex 6-inch Cobra Pliers. The Knipex offset-jaw design is unique in that it is a balanced symmetrical design. The upper jaw actually is centered in a slot in the lower jaw handle. This insures that no matter how much force is applied, the jaw faces always stay parallel. This is NOT the case in most other offset-jaw pliers such as the popular Ch*****Lo*** design. The "6-inch" Knipex plies actually measure 150 mm (5.9 inches) long. The jaw width is 6.6 mm (0.260 in.). Jaw opening is adjustible in 11 steps between 0 to a maximum (parallel opening) of 30 mm (1.18 in.). The pliers are made of forged steel and the word "VANDIN" is molded into one of the handles. Presumably that means they are made of Chrome-Vanadium steel alloy (CR-V) which is born out by
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By Lotus-Seven
These Cobras have sharper and harder teeth than the (blue) competition shown in the picture, I used them both every day for 2 months and the teeth on the blue ones are already showing wear and tear, with the lower price it's not such a big deal, the Cobras offer superior grip on doing pipe work and on tightening and loosening nuts and bolts, after 2 months the teeth on the Cobras still show no signs of wear and still are sharp as hell, the other pros are that all the teeth are angled to give the user the most gripping power and with the push button adjustment you get the best grip for your hands, the blue ones have adjustments that are ok but they are not as precise and there are only a few to choose from, go ahead and spend the extra money for a better quality
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By Slick703
4.7 | 8,577 customer ratings
94% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
I have been trying for years to figure out extra storage space in my car. There are always more things in my car than places to put them.
One or two cup holders, but 3 cups, ha! I ‘d seen trunk organizers for sale but was always a bit skeptical if they made sense because
1) Either too big from my front and back seats
2) Too small for my trunk
3) Stuff inside will just tip over anyways, right?

I don’t know maybe I was a skeptic but this thing is really really useful. I have never before found one with harnesses like this. The ultimate for me is when driving solo for work it breaks down to the exact size to fill my front passenger seat. And then I harness it around the seat back. I love that part and can vouch for the design that it works.

Here are my comments on the
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By Brooklyn
There are several similar car trunk organizers available online and in a number of stores, and all seem to be generally the same dimensions and configurations. I spent a few dollars more for the DRIVE organizer in order to get the better features offered by the DRIVE Auto Products model:
- Heavy duty fabric, both inside and outside.
- Excellent craftsmanship, with extra edging on all the sides and pocket flaps, and around the bottom edge, where the majority of wear and tear occurs. Seams are straight, strong, professionally sewn, and without loose threads. That tells me the organizer is constructed with care and attention to detail.
- Two pockets with velcro-closed flaps on one end of the organizer. Another eight open-mesh pockets on the two sides, with elastic at the top to hold them flush to the organizer. Again, the pockets
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By DavidG
I’m exceptionally pleased with this purchase. It took me awhile to pick an organizer out because there are so many.

After the purchase, I wrote this email after asking where I could buy a set of straps so I would have replacements. I’m including that email because it covers my reasons and results well;

My Email:

I have only one suggestion, and that is to consider adding a strip of hook and loops down the sides of one or both large compartments instead of using snaps. This would allow people to adjust the divider position.

Overall, I’m very happy, and there were two major factors in choosing this.

1. The size. Its large. It would fit in a normal sized sedan’s trunk too. And on a small car you could still collapse one side if it’s too big for the trunk or you have other items. Myself I used the straps to secure two 1
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By JT Thompson
4.6 | 16,975 customer ratings
91% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
I know nothing about electronics and computers or chargers for electronics and computers. Fortunately I have sons who look out for me. My son said .... mom, get this. I did. Now I am recharging my cell phone lightening quick and there is a 2nd whatchamacallit if someone else is in the car and needs to recharge their phone. Why it works, I don't know. But, it works and I'm very happy with it.
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By Sharon M. Allen
I originally thought this part was dead on arrival and since I tested it outside the return window I couldn't get a new one. Accordingly, I gave the product one star and described how my unit was DoA.

Their customer service emailed me personally to offer me a full refund plus a gift card for my trouble, and to express their regret that their customer service wasn't there to help me (I hadn't contacted their customer service since it was outside Amazon's return window).

Cue the embarrassment. I later discovered that the 15A fuse connecting my car's charge ports was blown. My charger wasn't dead on arrival, and now lights up and works great after replacing the blown fuse.

When I was shopping for car chargers, I paid a lot of attention to power options. This charger is fast enough to charge my phone while using it, which is what I needed. The
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By Beef Rocksteak
My original review is below. I am editing this review since I have been in contact with the company. The first one I bought never worked, it just kept going on and off over and over. I tried it in multiple cars and with multiple phones. It just would not work with my iPhone, but with my blue tooth devices it seemed to work. Apple told me that it likely is not compatible with their devices, as not all things are, that is how they get you to buy their products, or their authorized 3rd party products. The guys at MaxBoost responded to me and offered to kindly send me a new charger. I got it last night and used it today for the first time, and it seems to be working. I can only assume that I had a defective unit
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By Doug
4.7 | 6,893 customer ratings
93% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Not only 5 stars for the product, but 5 stars for the company. I had previously purchased an anker car charger that stopped working within the first year of having it. I was disappointed but it is what it is. Left an honest review on the old product but I still believed Anker to be a quality company so I purchased this charger. It works perfectly, fast charges my galaxy s8. The company noticed my review and contacted me to replace the original charger. I thanked them but said I had bought a new one already. So they went above and beyond to refund me the price of the new charger! Again, 5 stars for the product and 10 stars for the company and customer service. Anker customer for life!
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By cmb8280
Great product does what it needs to do. Fast charged a Samsung S7 and S7 Edge. Charging ports light up blue, does not over heat like most, and only protrudes about an inch. Anker has never let me down.
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By Trevor Williams
Used in our 2013 Mazda 3. Got stuck in the socket in the center console because the silver tabs are too small and get lodged in the small openings in the socket. I had to crush charger with pliers to get it out, and unfortunately it broke my the outlet as well. So now I'm out the money for the charger and have to buy a new outlet for the car too. Lovely experience.
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By Kristine E. Johnston
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4.8 | 4,246 customer ratings
95% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
I've noticed something. Most manly and enjoyable things tend to vibrate and rattle, especially while making noise. My Harley Davidson caused my vision to blur with images of Americana every time I opened the throttle. While lost in one such reverie, I lost a foot peg because the sound of America had loosened screws and bolts all across my bike.

I experienced this problem repeatedly _until_ I was introduced to this fantastic substance. Just a dab of it along the threads provides the necessary grip to discourage screws from loosening. All of your parts will still be there when you arrive at your destination. This works for everything that has screws and experiences vibration. Bicycle fender? Put some of this on the screws and the bike will rust into a hulk or get stolen before you have to worry about those screws coming out. Lawn blowers. Fans. It's quite versatile.

It's important
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By Harlan Kanoa Sheppard
Same old good product. But, it loses a star for the tube color. YES, that means something to me, in use. The tube for blue threadlocker used to be BLUE. Now, it's red -- same color as the tube for red threadlocker. I can no longer reach into my tub of tubes and easily pull out the one I need. I have to have my reading glasses on, and give it a close look.
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By Another Floyd
I feel torn leaving this review, because from all my previous experience with Loctite, it has always been an excellent product, worthy of 5 stars - but the product I received this time had the consistency of water, and was effectively useless; it came out of the tube in a big puddle, dripped everywhere, and refused to stay in the threads. What little did remain in the threads after several attempts did nothing to lock them - I was able to remove the nut with bare hands. And I've seen several other reviews from customers with the same experience, all from this month.

So I'm not sure what rating to give this: the product I received literally deserves a negative star-rating, as it did not work, and I was forced to spend quite some time cleaning up the mess it made. I would have been better off without it. But at
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By SubjectiveObject
4.6 | 14,512 customer ratings
90% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Hi, I'm gonna keep this one short and to the point because people usually don't have the time, or don't want to read long winded reviews, myself included.

I've tried a couple other very popular FM transmitters that are sold here on Amazon such as the Nulaxy Wireless In-Car Bluetooth FM Transmitter and the JETech Wireless FM Transmitter Radio Car Kit.

Both of these FM Transmitters are very well received, with thousands of reviews, but to be honest, they don't perform anywhere near as well as this one. Let me explain why.

+ Clearest sounding audio out of the three, crisp audio across the sound spectrum from the low ends to the highs
+ Great Volume, loud levels of audio without loud static in the background trying to interfere
+ Perfectly sized transmitter, no wires, no giant screen attached and getting in the way of your gear shift, and it fits nice into any hard
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By Yokaiah
I purchased this device for my Kia Rio so I could utilize my cell phone hands-free so I could drive much safer. I also drive a great deal with my job as a real estate photographer and videographer so I utilize my cell phone as my navigation system. In many cases I can't hear the directions coming from the small speaker in my iPhone 7+, so I want to be able to hear the directions as they are spoken. Because the sound is playing through my car stereo speakers, the sound quality is excellent. Another feature that I like is that I'm able to charge my phone very quickly, even while listening to Pandora or other music files on my phone. Great product, highly recommended.
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By Five12 Media
- Once configured and connected, the sound quality and ease of use is excellent. The device name isn't obvious, but once connected the first time, it will continue to connect automatically when the car is on.
- The device is built very well. It doesn't feel cheap, and in fact, it has a decent weight to it. The materials feel premium.
- Playing music from your phone through your car speakers on this thing is where it really shines. The connection is strong and the sound quality leaves very little to be desired.

- Depending on the location of the outlets in your car, the microphone quality can go from good to terrible. We tried this out in my wife's Toyota Yaris where the outlet is located under the stereo controls, about parallel with the drivers thigh. This made the microphone sound a bit muffled when having a conversation.
- The sound quality is
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By Nathan U.
4.7 | 5,943 customer ratings
95% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
So, I, like many buyers on the site, obsess over the reviews posted for items on Amazon. They definitely make or break the deal. I can see a product I feel like I'd absolutely love; but, if there's a particular negative review that points out some random issue, I'll spend a good twenty minutes re-thinking my decision and scrolling through the rest of the reviews feverishly in a need to assure myself that I'm making the right decision.

I noticed that a common complaint with this product was that it wasn't sturdy enough (as in it didn't hold its shape/stand on its own properly), and the material was sub-par. So I was a little wary at first, especially because the product claimed to have been updated but I couldn't tell whether the negative review(s) I read were about the new version or the old one. I went with my gut and
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By Priscilla
I've bought 3 of these now... 1 in the trunk of my car 2012 Acura TL, and just bought 2 more for my wife's 2016 Acura MDX. I could fit a 2nd in my car, just don't need it.

These are sturdy and well made. There are cheaper organizers out there, but these got great reviews and weren't breaking the bank either. 2 of these fit perfectly side by side in my wife's SUV. The 3rd row seats can still be used with these in place. They also have velcro patches on the bottom so they stick to the carpet and don't move around.

I just made a grocery run this morning and was able to fit a nearly all of my bags in the 2 combined units... probably 12-15 bags plus 2 gallons of milk. These are sturdy enough to pick up with all your groceries in
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By Amazon Customer
Works well and is nice quality! Used this to make a roadside emergency kit for our delivery drivers while they travel on remote New England Mountain roads. Plenty of room for a full emergency survival kit.

It was able to fit:
A small survival sleeping bag
a good flashlight
LED road flares
a collapsible survival shovel
a 30ft 4.5 ton towing cable with hooks on both ends
a box of chemical hand/foot warmers
tire chains
dried long shelf life snack foods
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By AmazonPrimeUser1313
4.8 | 3,757 customer ratings
97% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Once upon a time, my car (which I inherited at 120,000 miles) had a significant amount of piston slap during a cold start. After it warmed up, it would go away. I figured it would be an interesting experiment to switch to synthetic oil to see what the hype was about and if it really made a difference in engine longevity, especially now that my engine was "getting on in its days".

I got some of this Castrol 5w30 full synthetic purely because BMW and Triumph motorcycles use it as their factory fill. Maybe Castrol pays them to be the factory fill, but hey, if the engineers are happy with it, I'm sure it'll be okay.

After the first cold start, I immediately noticed that the piston slap would go away by the end of the driveway, rather than most of the way to my destination. I figured
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By Jeffrey Smith
Just switch from Mobile1 to Castrol Edge in my 08 Ranger. Forgot that the manual wanted 5w-20 but I fond this out in a forum.

The main reason 5W-20 was specified for your engine is to increase the CAFE (Corporate Average Fuel Economy) reported to the Federal Government. CAFE is the combined average fuel economy of all of a vehicle manufacturers product line. Minimum CAFE levels are specified by the Federal Government. In order for a vehicle manufacturer to continue selling profitable large trucks and SUV's, which typically have poor fuel mileage ratings, as compared to smaller cars, and still meet mandated CAFE requirements, they must also sell enough of the smaller cars which have much better fuel economy ratings to offset the poor fuel economy ratings of the larger vehicles. For model year 2001, the change to a 5W-20 oil will allow Ford and Honda's overall CAFE to increase by
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By Guru
I'm in the process of testing Mobile 1 vs Castrol in my V6 Malibu. I notice that when I start my vehicle with the Castol I don't hear the lifters as much as I did when I was using Mobile 1 or Royal Purple. I'm not knocking Mobile 1 I feel its done well for me (used it last winter and summer through three changes). I have started using Castrol this fall/winter with 70 degree F mornings and 15 degree F mornings so far the lifter tapping has been reduced significantly.
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By Josh
4.8 | 3,679 customer ratings
95% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
What a great product and a bargain to boot. This nifty torque screwdriver is priced lower than some other similar products, but I don't see how they could be any better. This is easy to set up and takes the guesswork out of getting just the right torque on screws, especially for gunsmithing work. Word of caution though. I've seen several YouTube videos on this product that demonstrates that you tighten a screw until you hear a click, back off in the opposite direction and torque it twice more. The Fat Wrench instructions clearly state that this is not a ratcheting tool and to only use clockwise turns. So you hear the first click, continue to turn clockwise until you hear two more clicks for proper torquing of screws. Also, make sure to untension it before storing it away.
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By Newsman49
I ordered this torque driver to torque down some connectors meant to join copper and aluminum wiring. Depending on the wire gauge I needed a driver that could do 10 or 15 inch pounds, the description of this item suggested it should work just fine. It arrived just a few hours ago and I'm already in the process of packaging it up to return it. At the 10-inch pound setting, it just clicks can't drive a screw at all. At the 15 inch pound setting, I literally am not strong enough to turn it hard enough to make the torque mechanism engage, it just keeps on driving.

The reason I wonder if mine is fake, is even though the packaging was still sealed up, there was NO instruction manual of any kind inside the package; but I see photos in other reviews of an actual manual...
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By Alan D.
I chose the analog version over the digital version because the digital version does not click and turn free when you reach the desired torque. On the digital, you have to read the numbers and stop turning when you get to the desired setting. That seemed overly complicated to me, and I like the satisfying click when you achieve the targeted torque with this one.

The one down side to the analog version is that you have to pull down and turn the bottom ring to set the tension, and it takes many turns to get to the high settings. Not too big of a deal, but it is recommended to dial it back to zero and release the tension before storing it after use. So I am assuming that a big advantage of the digital version is that you do not have to make this adjustment before and after use.
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By Amazon Customer
4.7 | 4,976 customer ratings
93% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
It’s big. Bigger than anticipated. Or maybe my car is just smaller than anticipate. 😁 But it’s super sturdy and holds its shape. I love that it’s easy to line with a grocery bag. I wish it were smaller, but that’s hardly a defect. Totally deserves its 5 stars.
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By Jen Stafford
can't believe I'm writing a review of a trash can, but this works really well! for years I've used the pop up, cylinder shaped trash cans that never stay in place no matter how I try to secure them to the floor board, spilling trash everywhere. This trash can has an adjustable strap that I loop through my center console so it hangs between the two front seats (facing the back). this makes it easily accessible to both the front and back seat and keeps it from tipping over. It's larger than any other car trash can I've seen in stores, so holds plenty (I line it with a grocery store plastic bag, which fits perfectly). the lid easily Velcros shut and the round opening on top also helps keep trash from spilling. I will say it covers up the rear seat air controls that are on back side
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By Lara Kohl
I always have trash in my car and I usually use a plastic bag as a trash can. Since that looked “trashy” I decided to buy this auto trash can.

- it’s made nicely. Materials good and it looks nice
- it’s sturdy
- it holds a decent amount of trash
- it’s waterproof so I feel comfortable throwing away liquids

- it’s so bulky. I drive a Jetta so I don’t have a ton of room. I can’t keep it in the front because my passengers don’t have enough room for their legs to sit comfortably.
- it’s too heavy for my gear shift. If my car is on Drive, you can shift it to the right and it’ll go into Sport mode. It scared the crap out of me when it shifted on its own and my car revved up.
- The only space I have for it is hanging off the back of the
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By L
4.7 | 4,635 customer ratings
93% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
I wanted to love this, but it didn’t fit in my car’s socket. I returned it without knowing how it works.

Update*** received an email from Anker. They have great customer service. A new charger (different model) was sent to me and it works great. Not sure why this one didn’t fit in my car’s socket, I always thought that it was a universal size. Nevertheless, problem aside, Anker has fantastic customer service and I will buy from them again.
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By Yvonne
Bought this for my son and we tried it on his 2006 Honda Element (could be earlier, I forget) and would not work but on my 2014 Cruze it worked no problem. Turns out the aux port on the Honda has a deep center contact and the center pin on this USB charger is not long enough to make contact. Rather than exchange it I took the center pin out (easily unscrews) and added a blob of solder on the top making the contact longer. This worked and makes contact with the Honda aux port now.
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By Bruce
It is not fast charging my iphone 8 with the same Anker powerline 2 cable. I used to own previous model of this Anker charger and I needed another. Amazon page re-directed me to this as a newer model but it is not capable of fast charge. I am using the same phone and the same lightning cable with the previous model and it charges much faster.

Blue led light is also much dimmer than the previous model. May be a bad product? Anyways, either buy the previous model (longer, plastic made) or look for some other brands.
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By ramgen
4.6 | 7,666 customer ratings
91% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
This OBD II reader is unlike the inexpensive ones that you have to use an app on your phone to activate (which I also own). This is a stand alone reader that is very user friendly, and prompts you on every move. It immediately identifies your car, and you don't have to enter the year, make, engine, etc. of your car. This unit is also inexpensive compared to others on the market, and I highly recommend it.
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By P. Michael Moffa
After hitting a few bumps on the road and noticing the "Service Engine Soon" light come on in the middle of my commute, I was afraid that I would have to take a day off of work to get my car inspected and fixed. Thinking I could at least save some time and money by knowing what exactly was wrong with the car, I ordered the ANCEL AD310 Classic Enhanced Universal OBD II Scanner Car Engine Fault Code Reader CAN Diagnostic Scan Tool - Black

My hope was to figure out if the problem was major enough to get it fixed by a professional, or if it was something I could fix on my own. I used the Scan Tool as soon as it arrived, and right off the bat the tool gave me the engine fault code and the description. Turned out, I had an "Evaporative Emissions Leak", which
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By Wayne Torres
Wow, this sucker worked WAY better than I expected. Plugged it in, it told me to turn key to on position. I flipped the key, and within about 20 seconds I had both of my codes on the screen, and was able to clear them (I knew in advance they just needed to be cleared). This was the first time I have used it, but having been to auto zone several times to have them check the codes for me, this device works twice as fast as the ones they use..
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By Dave
4.7 | 3,815 customer ratings
93% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
So far so good. After the last phone holder broke and I had to catch my phone while riding I was a little worried about phone holders. Since this one is metal I am starting to really trust it. I have a Note 8 that I am attaching to this holder. I am able to mount the phone in numerous positions. I mount it horizontally to be able to take video while riding at slow speeds, but feel comfortable in saying that video at higher speeds could be taking also with the right phone case. Atleast good enough to capture a liscence plate of a vehicle if need be. The one issue I have with the holder is that the bottom clamp will hit the Bixby button that the note 8 has. Which messes with my headset that I have inside my helmet. I included a short video of my
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By Brian Frey
Works great, it took me a little while to figure out the best location on my motorcycle handlebars but I think I have settled on a good location. The claw clamp is very strong and extremely easy to tighten. I also like that the hold down straps are mostly contained within the unit and pull out only when needed. It looks a lot better for short trips when I don't put a phone in it.
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By R. Powell
The construction is clearly high quality, it feels rugged and passed my rugged "shake it until you break it" even with the Galaxy S9 attached. I was apprehensive of putting on my motorcycle thinking the rubber bands would break losing a high value piece of electronics though it is super stable and the bar claws is like a vice grip. All of the positive reviews are well deserved..
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4.7 | 3,341 customer ratings
94% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
I have an early 2000s Subaru with about 130k miles on it. I started encountering a rough idle in the spring of 2018. After trying a few usual suspects to no avail (cleaning the throttle body, changing the fuel filter), I shrugged and poured a can of Seafoam into the tank before filling it up. Result 1: the rough idle disappeared (though this could have been a delayed effect of the other treatments finally kicking in). I was more impressed, though, by Result 2: my rate of gas consumption dropped 2.5 MPG, enough that I was using over a gallon less per week for the same commute. The can paid for itself in two weeks. I'm almost inspired enough to try the other advertised applications (putting it in the crankcase, or in the oil before a change).
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By Bree
I have heard about Sea Foam for several years. I finally decided to give this a try because both my weed whip and my leaf blower were running poorly. It's a problem with small engine fuel systems and the ethanol that they put in gasoline. I got a can of Sea Foam off of Amazon to try before I took the weed whip and blower to the shop for repair.
After the first tankful of gasoline with the proper amount of Sea Foam, both engines started to run better and start easier. After the second tank of gas + Sea Foam, I could tell a big difference. Started and ran like they were supposed to. I will keep using this and purchase again.
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By Amazon Customer
This is some pretty good stuff to clean out your motor. I've used it for years. I just bought a Harley that had only 5k miles on it, fuel injected and it ran rough from not being run. Some fuel injector cleaner and 4 onces of SeaFoam and 40 miles later it's running like new. It's only 1 of 2 additives I use that's worth anything and amazon has a good price on it. The "on sale" price at auto discount is $12.50
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By Billieg