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4.8 | 15,441 customer ratings
96% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
If I could pick ONE and ONLY ONE toy to entertain a baby for the entire first year and beyond, THIS IS IT. Hands down, no question.

These cups are frickin' amazing and versatile. Light enough for young babies to handle, sturdy enough for older babies and toddlers to beat on, no sharp corners, compact and easy to travel with, and they make a really satisfying clattering noise when you knock them down, unlike those soft blocks.

Yeah, I hear you saying, "Oh, they're just a bunch of stupid plastic cups. How exciting could they possibly be? What do you even DO with them??" Everything. Check it out.
- Nest 'em, of course
- Stack 'em, of course, in all kinds of ways. Either biggest on the bottom or smallest on the bottom, in order or out of order, one tower or multiple towers. At first you stack them and the baby knocks them
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By Jess C.
My bunny loves these. She knocks over the towers I build, pushes them around and tosses them. They are incredibly durable, so other rabbit owners out there, you can rest assured your bun won't bite through them. It's a toy I trust her with unsupervised. I don't have any good pictures of her playing with them, but here's one of them scattered around her after an exhausting play-session.
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By Abthsm
My wife purchase these for my 1 year old, and to me they are just small little cups. Little did I know that these cups are developing my baby's motor control, hand-eye coordinations, and language development. The first couple of times, these cups are just cymbals in my baby's hand. Once the banging durability test is done, she learned the difference between big and small cup and how they fit together. My 3 years old also like these cups. They are a real big hit at her tea parties. When it's all dirty, these cups are dishwasher safe. My family have a lot of spending regrets, but buying these cups almost made up for all of our stupid purchases.
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4.8 | 12,096 customer ratings
95% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
This seat saved my 11 month olds life in a serious collision.

Three days ago, my husband, myself and our two youngest children (3 years & 11 mos) were hit head on by a drunk driver at highway speed in our minivan. We were hit and the spun 180 across two lanes and into a ditch and embankment.

My 11 month old was in this car seat, middle row, drivers side. She is the only one in our vehicle that was totally and completely unscathed!

When I pulled my baby out of her seat and saw that she was completely unharmed...not even a bruise I just kept repeating “the car seat did it’s job! It did it’s job!” Over and over.

I am impressed. I am thankful. I will be buying this seat all over again to replace the one we just lost.
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By Ashley
This is our 5th child and our 8th car seat. We have had Sunshine Baby/Diono (2), Evenflo (2), Britax(2), and Graco (one before this one). I had to review this because it's my favorite of all the car seats we've ever had. Seriously. The Diono is heavy and very difficult to adjust, the Britax was alright but cumbersome, the Evenflos are the *worst* - cheaply made, stiff and cheap and thin and awful. And NONE of them have covers that are *easy* to launder. The Graco covers come off easily and are intuitive to put back together. The parts you want to be sturdy and safe are metal; latches, tether, etc. Yet the adjusting pieces are a sturdy plastic, sizeable, and easy to grasp. OH! That's the other thing. I could not, not, not get my hand into any
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By AAM_Mommy
I bought this in target when it was on sale and I couldn't ask for a better and safer car seat! My daughter is 16 months old and still rear facing, she's so comfortable with the extended leg room! We were in an accident where my now totaled car spinned from the road into a neighborhood sign and she was laughing and playing in the back seat like nothing happened! Just added to cart and will be buying it again for my new car!
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By Kelly
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4.8 | 8,275 customer ratings
95% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
I have tried many different diapers: Honest, Target, every Pampers, every Huggies, Target, Kroger and Albertsons diapers, Seventh Generation, Luvs.
It’s difficult to find Huggies Snugglers Size 4 in the store. I have to use Amazon.
I like Snugglers because it doesn’t soak through quickly like Pampers, is soft yet sturdy like Honest, and isn’t paper thin like Luvs. Also hugs better around thighs.

The best part- the poop trap at the top back of the diaper so that you have some extra insurance on a blow-out!!

My 29 month old and 11 month old wears them during the day.

For night time we don’t use them. We have a 2 diaper system for zero nightime blow outs:
Any size 4 non-chlorine diaper on 1st and a small slit cut in front of diaper where pee accumulates and then a size 5 overnight of any cheap diaper over it. It’s amazing, an engineer told me to
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By AliceB
After using Pampers exclusively for my first two children - I started to notice their brand quality has declined/recently changed for the worse. At the NICU, the hospital used Huggies and we were given a few packs of the Little Snugglers to take home with us. I liked the feeling of the diaper material and given Pampers current quality status, we decided to give Huggies a go exclusively.

I’m glad we did- the diapers are so soft, the Velcro bands are almost too good at sticking to the diaper (seriously, this is something you have to watch out for when changing) and Huggies Little Snugglers have this awesome poop guard in the back that works to prevent blowouts- I don’t know why it took me so long to find these!

We like Huggies and I think we’ll be buying this brand from now on!
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By Elissa D
The diapers themselves, I have no issue with. But after getting through most of the box, I opened a pack and realized that one whole pack was defective. One tab was ripped on all diapers! No refund or replacement was allowed. Customer service said I have to return all the diapers. However the other 130 are filled with poop and pee in the trash. So I’m out of luck.
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By tara
4.8 | 7,288 customer ratings
96% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
This is one of the grossest stories but is a testament to how well this product works. I am one who buys the environmentally friendly product most of the time but when our kid got to the stage of really stinky diapers, we couldn't take it and bought the Diaper Genie. After our kid was done with diapers, someone stashed the Genie in our garage to use for our next kid. Well about 2 years later, the next kid arrives and we pull the Genie out of the garage to dust off and use again. Guess what we found?! We found old diapers in it - not infested with bugs, not stinking outside the bag at all, and the bag was intact. They were in there for years and nobody noticed! Of course when we cut the bag off to throw it out, we were hit with quite the stench
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By CleverPenName
You thought poop bags were only for walking the dog? NOPE!

Some genius over at Playtex thought "Let's put a crap catcher, in a crap bag." BOOM! Diaper Genie was born. Why wouldn't customers want something like that? No one intends to walk the 100 ft. to their garbage to dispose of that small package of human waste. ...Exercise be danged!

It's better if we keep it all in a pail in our children's room, let it ferment a little. We want those babies to stack on top of each other until it hits capacity. It's like a poop filled jack in the box; you're hoping you're not caught with a diaper poking out the top. "Please make it fit!" you tell yourself as you try and shove one more poo present into the pail as hard as you can. You just hope it's your spouse that gets stuck with the one
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By InReview
Many others have hit the highs (they work reasonably well) and lows (they’re expensive) of these bags. I have just one major concern to add. When I tear off a full section of bag, I end up with coin-sized bits of plastic bag on the floor. They’re hard to see because they’re virtually clear, but I pick them up as soon as I see them. The hazard is my infant finding one first and sticking it in her mouth. As you probably know, clingy plastic can easily block off a baby’s windpipe, and it would be hard to figure out (in time) why the baby isn’t breathing. I don’t know if the problem lies in the bags or in the newest incarnation of the Diaper Genie pail, but this didn’t happen with my older Diaper Genie.
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4.8 | 7,036 customer ratings
95% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
My baby hates these and will not accept them, so why am I giving them a 5 star? Because pacifier preference is individual to each baby and I know babies that will only accept this style. This is a straight, cylindrical pacifier made of one solid piece so it is easy to clean and there are not concerns about pieces coming off, as has been a recall issue with some other pacifiers. If your baby likes that style of pacifier then definitely get this one.

If you are an expecting Mom trying to figure out which pacifiers to buy based on reviews, it might not work. My baby will only accept MAM pacifiers and will spit out all others. Your best bet is to buy a few different styles and see if your baby will accept any of them. Try to avoid stocking up on any one kind of pacifier until
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By Miss Jenn
My gf recommended soothies to me after I had mentioned how my LO would often gag on her pacifier. We had tried at least 5 different brands and it was always luck of the draw if she would be able to suck peacefully on them or gag. No such problem with the soothie and she took to it immediately. It’s the only thing that helps get her through her gas pains - I’ve bought 4 to keep on hand as needed.

Only thing I wish these came with was a button end for baby to grasp/hold onto. The little curved shelf doesn’t really seem to serve a function and it’s not as easy to get straps that’ll work with this paci.
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By Christina
This arrived in packaging that looked like the Phillips brand however the pacifiers appear to be fakes. Unfortunately we didn’t notice until after we had used them for a full day. Make sure you get the real deal if you buy this product!
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By Elizabeth W.
4.8 | 6,531 customer ratings
95% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
It's really easy to install and adjust so you can get perfect view of your little one.
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Good quality and size but it annoys me while driving. It will vibrate and shake while driving, so the image isn’t clear. I’m nit sure if all baby mirrors are like that, or if the connection between the mirror and the harness is loose. I feel that if it was a snug connection, there would be less vibration to the mirror.
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By jmn27
I’ve had this mirror for about 3 months now and it’s been great. The mounting was easy and took maybe 5 minutes. I’m at ease knowing I can always keep an eye on my baby (model in the picture) and he’s now at the age where he smiles when he sees me in the mirror. It’s great! I would recommend this to new parents for peace of mind while on the road.
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By Amazon Customer
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4.8 | 5,438 customer ratings
95% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
I purchased these for my daughter to wear as pajamas. She wears cloth diapers so I'm always looking for pants with extra room in the bottom and waist. These offer a lot of extra room in the waist and the legs. I sized up as I normally do but I probably didn't need to. They're very soft too. After using them for pj's for the past 3 months or so they still look brand new so I'm very happy with my purchase. I bought them around Thanksgiving so can't beat the price either!
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By Emily P
**Update: another week has passed and all 4 pants now have holes in the knees.

I ordered these pants about a month ago for my crawling 13 month old for use at home only, where we have wood floors, and where I know he’s the most active. After every day use and rotating all pants, one of the pants have ripped (see pic) which means the other 3 pairs will soon follow. They served their purpose and for a fair price however I was hoping they’d last longer than one month. Ps. When you put on the pants initially they fit snug but after a few hours of wear they give in and loosen quite a bit.
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By Nails_by_Dianna
The materiel feels wayyy different than the one from Carter’s store my son had the exact pants that I bought from the store when he was 6month (12mo) I got him bigger size so it can last him but when he outgrow them I accidentally saw them on amazon I did t know amazon carried (fake) Carter’s they are not as soft as the one form the store and no stretch I know if I wash them they will shrink I’m very disappointed.. I never write reviews but I was very upset about this order I’m going to return it and just got the store instead.
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By Amal
4.9 | 3,484 customer ratings
98% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
I've been wanting to get a second GOOD car seat for my husbands vehicle for a while. When I saw the drop in price, I ran out to the local stores to "test" the SlimFit out. I looked at the SlimFit and the Milestone, both were on sale (Walmart) for the same price and are basically the same seat. My primary car seat is a 2014 Graco 4Ever which I absolutely adore. It has tons of features and both the SlimFit and Milestone are comparable. Ultimately my daughter and I chose the SlimFit because of the two (collapsible) cup holders.
The seat is super cushiony! There is a good amount of cushion in the head and butt area, as well as added lumbar support. Feels more cushy than the 4Ever, but ours has been in use for several years. The frame is reinforced with steel like the 4Ever, but I did
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By T. Saldana
Ok. So please forgive all of the pictures but when I was looking for new car seats seeing actual comparison pictures really helped me make my decision. We are upgrading from the Graco extend2fit car seat. I drive a 2015 Subaru crosstrek, the smallest of the Subaru crossover line. Middle seat room is important as there is a teenager in our house that sometimes needs to sit in the back for ull family outings (if I could do it all again, I would have just bought the minivan that I swore up and down we didn’t need and I didn’t want)

Anyway, comparing the two seats side by side, you can see the the extend2fit sits on a bit of a higher base. The lack of armrest and the flip out cup holders do make the seat a bit slimmer on the slimfit. The back and headrest are similar on both
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By Nalukaikamahine
It's a tight fit! But we were able to fit 3 car seats across in my Ford Escape! We had the graco 4ever and graco nautilus before these and they were too wide to be able to have the infant seat next to them. We switched them out for 2 slimfits and now the infant seat fits perfectly! Def. recommend this seat for small cars!
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By Kindle Customer
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4.8 | 5,007 customer ratings
94% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
If you are drunk you might mistake this for cream cheese. Make sure it is stored elsewhere once the beers are flowing. Works great as a healing cream.
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By Vinniejoe
This is not the product I use every single day. Purple Desitin, as the friend that recommended it calls it, is the "big guns" you pull out when baby gets a diaper rash that you just can't kick. For when rash just begins to show up i use boudreauxs. This is what you use When baby is on anabiotic's and has horrible diarrhea and nothing you do can keep those red patches at bay. It has a very strong smell to it but it works. I always use it when baby sick along with play in the bathtub or the baby pool without a diaper. Air, water, and purple Desitin gets rid of any rash my baby gets.
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By Jesse
This product has "Talc", I do not recommend.
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By Swanlake
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4.7 | 8,949 customer ratings
92% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
If you or someone you know is having a baby. Buy this. It is so much better than the bulbs and it's so much faster. I've included a picture of what I got from my son's nose just this afternoon
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By Katie
Hands down this is one of the best inventions for babies ever. A friend had one on her baby registry years ago and I thought it sounded disgusting. I bought it (a Nosefrida) and she showed me how it worked. In no way does the snot get anywhere near your mouth, ever. It works so much better than those awful bulb things you can buy from the stores or what the hospital sends you home with. It is extremely gentle on the baby's nose, in fact there is no way it even enters the baby's nose,
It just rests at the entrance of the nostril. It actually works because you control the amount of vacuum pressure. Every baby needs to breathe through his/her nose to feed without difficulty and this definitely helps. It is super easy to clean and comes with disposable filters (probably any brand's replacement filter would work).
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By Caley G
I’m a doctor, and I fell for it, I should have known better, when you suck your child’s nose with this device you will definitely inhale microbes down your throat and lungs, where I assume is I weird way of getting a high dose of concentrated viruses, and the filter would definitely not protect you as microbes (especially viruses) are so tiny that some of them can only be seen using an electron microscope (and the holes of the filter are visible with the naked eyes), I really strongly recommend not using this item
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By Hashim Almousawi
4.8 | 4,733 customer ratings
95% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
If you are a wipes snob you will love these! We were using Babies R Us brand before which are like hard wet paper towel... But beware after you try these you will never switch! They are so moist and gentle on your babies skin and you really only need 1 wipe to get the job done. They are like the Viva paper towel of baby wipes!
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By Amazon Customer
I am a die hard fan of water wipes - the wettest wipes ever and makes me feel good that they have the least chemicals if any. However, the packaging is so awful daycare uses one pack a day it seems like. So in comparison these are great. They are wet - not as wet as water wipes but not as awful/dry as Huggies wipes. This also has plenty of chemicals. What makes this great is the packaging - able to pull one out at a time. Again better than water wipes and far better than huggies. They should be significantly cheaper than water wipes but for the packaging they are worth it for daycare.
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I wanted to love these because they rated well on think dirty. We couldn’t use the regular pampers line because they used to give my son bad diaper rash. I thought the pampers pure line would work better for him but they still caused him a bad diaper rash anytime we tried using these wipes or diapers. The wipes also do not have any textured pattern which helps to clean up - because of this they are not ideal for cleaning up the 2s. If your baby does not have sensitive skin, I would say that the pampers pure diapers would probably be great, but personally I would not recommend the wipes even if no issues with sensitive skin.

I would have returned the wipes but I had already opened 2 packs for the nursery and diaper bag so I will probably just give the others away or donate.
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By steve
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4.7 | 7,550 customer ratings
93% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
My son is currently 2months old(weighing 15lbs) and we own just about every type of baby gear you imagine.. a rocker, swing, bumbo, Stand/Air n’ play, etc. Even though my son is on the bigger side, he still needs to learn how to sit up and hold his head up perfectly. I noticed a pattern that he no longer wants to be in a lay down position and would just prefer to sit up on my lap or be held in a sit up position. I GOT TIRED OF HOLDING MY BIG BOY FOR LONG PERIODS OF TIME(don’t judge >.< back pain was kicking my rear). I attempted to put him in the bumbo once and NEVER RECOMMEND it because there was not much support! I found this FP sit me up and ordered IMMEDIATELY!

The millisecond I plopped my son in this bad boy he was lovin’ it! He hasn’t managed to grab at the dangling toys yet but he just loves to sit up on his own and look/talk to everything! I’m able to cook, clean and just relax while he entertains himself in the darn thing! My son loves it and my back definitely loves it! Highly recommend!!
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By ayyychelsaaay
This item is easy to assemble didn’t even take ten minutes. My lil 2 month old can’t sit up by himself just yet but I put him in this he was instantly entertained. He grabbed at the lil toys and smiled quite a few times in approval lol. He actually fell asleep in it at that point he toddled to the side a bit and I took him out to put him down for his nap. It give good support. He laid back in it and looks rather comfortable. It’s easy to transport through the house. I was able to set it on our island as I did the dishes. Which was great because he could see me and was well entertained. I was surprised how he was able to stay upright in this being he is only 2 months and about 9lbs or so. The colors are bright and
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By L.L
Easy to put together. My baby is 2.5 months, she's had good control of her neck for several weeks and loves to sit up so I ordered this so she can sit up without having to be held constantly. She was all smiles the second I put her in it. Highly recommend for curious babies with good neck control.
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By Janelle
4.7 | 7,097 customer ratings
92% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
QUIT buying this bed for your dogs and giving bad reviews, this is a BABY mattress meant for small CHILDREN not animals. So yes the dogs will tear up and pee on them and whatnot but dogs do more damage than a sleeping baby.... if you’re going to write a review on a product use the product correctly the way the product was meant to be used...people who want this mattress for their children what to know the parent outlook on it for kids not their all wasted my time writing about a money waste because your dog ate the bed when I wanted to know an actual review that mattered for my child...
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By Amazon Customer
On reading the other reviews, I was cautiously optimistic about this mattress. Most complaints were about the expansion of the mattress and a chemical smell so, I will consolidate the advice I found in the reviews coupled with my own experience to ensure the reader knows how to get the most out of this excellent product. First, when you unwrap it, be careful not to cut the mattress or mattress cover, but only the box and plastic shipping bag. Next, remove the mattress cover in a well-ventilated room. Open a window if you can. Let the mattress expand for 48+ hours on a hard, flat surface, flipping it over after the first 24 hours. If any corner does not raise or seems crunched up, beat on it, fluff it, massage it, knead it, etc. until the corner is expanded and full. The chemical
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By Matthew
I was doing my fair share of research looking for the perfect mattress for my little. I stumbled across this cheap mattress from Graco & despite the conflicting reviews thought to give it a try. I’m here to spread awareness to potential buyers.

It somehow passed by me that this mattress is 100% polyurethane foam. MIND BLOWN. A simple google search will tell you this is the LEAST recommended material for baby mattresses. Why? Because it never stops “off gassing” & poses serious HEALTH issues to little ones constantly breathing in its chemicals.

Upon opening the package the chemical smell was prominent. 3 days later & it still hasn’t dissipated. I wouldn’t let my dog sleep on it to say the least.

Although everyone complained about it not expanding. Mine did nicely. I wish this product was worth giving a try, but I honestly can’t wait to get it out of my house.
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By Becca
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4.8 | 3,934 customer ratings
96% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
These are great quality, as usual for Carter’s. They look a little big to me for the 0-3 mo. size, but I’m sure they’ll shrink a little after washing. My only issue with them is that the set I ordered, with the watermelon slices, and pink giraffes and elephants, are a lot more fluorescent than pictured. I’m not sure if my picture reflects the neon pink. I was thinking they were more subdued, baby pink. Not that big of a deal.
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By Mag Summers
Can't say enough good things about these onesies. I thought my daughter had outgrown onesies. I purchased these in 24 months and I wasn't sure if they'd fit her. Not only do they fit, but there is room to spare. Beautiful quality. Equal or better than anything purchased from original Carter's. Far superior to Walmart/target Carters lines (and I LOVE Walmart!) A cool water wash and low heat dry = no shrinking. Bought both options and will probably purchase the $14.99 set and the long sleeve 5 pack. Simple Joys is absolutely awesome. Can't wait for more new releases!
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By patrickgavin
These are so darling and every single one looks cute on our baby! We love them. The material is stretchy/comfy and breathable on the baby. We have a very tall baby (in the 100th percentile for height), so she's 6.5 months old and fits these perfectly/comfortably. But, they also fit my sister's baby - who is 13 months old comfortably (she's in the 58th percentile for height)! Lol! They hold up well when you follow the care instructions and don't over-dry them. I always dry baby clothes until nearly dry and then let them air out for the last little bit of drying, after I turn them right side out again. I highly recommend these!
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By Marie33kl
4.7 | 5,998 customer ratings
93% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
I'm a first-time mom so I bought three different brands of this type of silicone pocket bibs when my daughter really started feeding herself - -and making resulting messes! After 6+ months of daily use, this brand is my favorite.
For the sake of comparison I'll name the two other brands I purchased and tried out: OXO Tot and Tommy Tippee.
Right out of the box I noticed that this brand bib felt the nicest to the touch - the silicone is supple and smooth, has a nice weight to it, has "give" when you're fastening it. The Tommee Tippee one feels quite stiff by comparison, has zero stretch or give, and is a lighter weight so it doesn't hang as solidly or have as deep or wide a pocket. The Tommee Tippee ones also don't fasten as easily. That being said, the Tommee Tippee ones were very inexpensive (sold as a
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By madcarlotta
Excellent Bib it does what it is supposed to....I give it 5 stars for that. However since I paid close to 20$ for these and to see it rip made me sad, once they are ripped it's pointless to consider how nice the product is.

Update8/15/2017: I hesitated to post the review on why I give it the 5 stars because once it is ripped it is pretty useless.

Within hours of my first review the seller contacted me and shipped out replacements in a matter of days. And today I received two brand new ones. For the excellent customer service alone I would recommend you give them a try.

Now onto the bib itself.
I bought them when baby was 6 months and I was so excited to use them. However it was too big for him and I didn't use them till my little one was 8-9 months old.
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By smilemerry

I have tried many different bibs for my 1-year-old and have been disappointed for many different reasons, until I found this one. It's perfectly soft and flexible enough, but rigid enough to keep the pocket open to catch everything that he decides to eject from his mouth or misses to begin with. It has lots of sizing options and washes up in the dishwasher like a dream, folds down pretty compact for travel, and maintains it's color and shape. Plus, it's food-grade silicone so when he grabs it to chew on it or eat the food out of the pocket, you know it's safe! What more could you ask for??

- Food grade silicone is safe for eating
- Soft, flexible but maintains shape
- Lots of sizing options so it will grow with your baby for years to come!
- Large pocket stays open and catches (almost) everything that doesn't
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By Model Moms Club
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4.7 | 5,963 customer ratings
93% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Bought these to tie dye clothes so I'll already have some gender neutral baby clothes on hand before when baby gets here. Very cute, washed well in cold and hot water. Excited to see how they look on baby.
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By swillionaire
I purchased this for my two month old daughter hoping she could wear it on days we were home. It looked a little small for 0-3 months but I decided she could wear it till she outgrew them. I washed them on cold and dried them on delicate on the lowest heat level. They came out way too small. Pretty sure there is no way to dry them without it shrinking. I compared the Gerber newborn, 0-3, and 3-6 month onesies. Then I compared it to my carter's 0-3 month onesie and noticed how narrow and long it was. Definitely need to order a size up in Gerber. My 2 month fits their 3-6 month stuff now and she is 10 pounds.
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By ssp
The only star they get is their brand, but everything else fails in the test. After reading all the other reviews, I bought them, buying the size of 3 to 6 months for my newborn; however, even with the larger size, these vests fit very badly, the cuts on the legs go up a LOT and the bottom with the snaps seems very narrow. The diaper makes it slide to one side or the other and the baby ends up with an uncomfortable and unattractive ONESIE THONG. They also lose points because they do not have the same size inside the package, each one has a slightly different size and shape and they became more deformed after washing. "When I bought these, I thought I was getting a basic item for my newborn's wardrobe, not so, it just was not worth the trouble, the constant concern for the comfort of
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By Haztive Dominicana
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4.7 | 5,830 customer ratings
92% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
We are waiting for second child and decided to buy this rinse cup because of good reviews, we were not disappointed. Our 3 years old loves this bath rinser! So easy to use, and so large! It holds a ton of water . It's great for rinsing off baby's head. You can set the plastic rim against baby's forehead and dump it and rinse away. It's so soft it's completely safe and comfortable
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By Anton
Bought this as it is getting harder and harder to bathe a wiggly toddler. Was slightly disappointed that it is not exactly as advertised and water still gets into baby's eyes, mouth and ears when I pour it over her head. Figured out though that if I tilt her head back and lean her body backwards the water will not get in her eyes. I'm sure if I used a regular bucket this would work as well. The grooves are a good feature in that it helps to spread out the water somewhat evenly as I pour it over her head. Wasn't too impressed. But I found a way to make it work so will be keeping it.
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By Applesandpaint
This doesn't really work as well as it should, and I think it's because of how short the yellow part is. In order to keep the water from running into my toddler's eyes, he either has to tilt his head waaaay back (which he won't do), or we have to rest the yellow part in the middle of the top of his head and wipe away the shampoo with our hands on the front of his head. Kind of defeats the purpose. I've also tried to use it to scoop up bath toys, but it will only collect 1-2 at a time.
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By Bigredgirl
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4.6 | 11,937 customer ratings
90% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
This is a good, safe teether when it is placed in the refrigerator and washed with soap and water per the manufacturer. The bad reviews and photos of melted key rings with slime oozing out of them are posted by people who say—right in their reviews—that they have misused the product by either (a) freezing it or (b) heating it through boiling or a bottle sanitizer. The package instructions clearly state that neither of those are acceptable. And for goodness sake don’t use chlorox or any other household cleaner on it as some reviewers suggest.
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By gina
Its a great buy because we cut the key ring open and use the three keys separately so we didn't have to buy additional teethers.
I bought a set from Amazon and another from the baby store. We now have 6 teethers throughout the house and car and stroller.
Our child likes these much better than other teethers we tried and they fit in the mouth better, not as thick or wide as others. Easy to clean.
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By DeNiro
This sounded like a great idea , but it comes with a statement to rinse the baby's mouth well and throw this away if the baby's teeth cut into this teether which would release the fluid inside ! I threw it in the trash because I'm not even going to give to charity something that contains a fluid that might cause harm to a baby!
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By southern lady
4.8 | 3,393 customer ratings
96% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
These burp cloths are Super soft & the perfect size. I love how absorbent they are. I washed them as soon as I received them on cold and dried on delicate. They did not shrink at all! Love this product & would highly recommend!
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By Dale
These muslin burp cloths are my favorite so far. They absorb spit up and liquids wonderfully, they are super soft, and I love that their is no stiffness at all. My only drawback is that they shrink a lot! I really love the size that they come in, but once you wash them, they aren’t large anymore. I feel like spit up gets on me more now. These are still my favorite though because of the absorbency. (With my first child, I used the cloth diaper inserts at burp cloths, and at the time those were my favorite, but I like these better for the softness. Cloth diapers are definitely more stiff.) I have purchased 8 packs of these muslin burp cloths because I use several each day.
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By Christianne Lincoln
These burp cloths are not everything I hoped they would be. The cloth is durable and yet they are soft (not fluffy like cloth diapers but soft). They cover the perfect amount of mommy's shoulder for burping baby and they do absorb well however, they release everything they absorb (they become a damp/wet mess after one small baby burp/spit up) making it useless after one baby burp. This is not conducive to a mother trying to conquer the world, or at least the day without going through 10 different burp clothes. I really wanted to like these but unfortunately they just didn't cut it. Your money is better spent on Gerber pre folded 6 layer disposable diapers for use as burp cloths. They are my faithful and most trusted burp cloths. They go with any outfit, keep both mommy and baby spit up free without halting the day to dig
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By Brianna
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4.8 | 3,169 customer ratings
97% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
The classic! My son wears these pretty much 24/7. Easy to put on (very stretchy! And the head opening grants plenty of space) and no bunching or riding up. The fabric is very soft and my son always seems comfortable in these.
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By Mololock
These shirts are a great deal for a pack of 5. They are of the quality that you would expect from Carter's, and I love that they are larger than the Gerber 0-3m onesies, so my son can wear them longer. Carter's 3-6m is still a bit big on him, but he grew out of the Gerber ones weeks ago so we needed something for in between sizes. The arms are about an inch longer and the body is wider.
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By Rachel
These are great! Adorable pattern, good material so they arent too thin or too thick for the baby. Absolutely love them!
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By Genna Mainardi