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4.8 | 23,004 customer ratings
94% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Why do people love their Apple Watches? It's just a watch, for pete's sake! But if you have one you know right away. There's a small miracle that happens in a busy life when you can answer your phone (er, watch?) with your hands full. Or just glancing down to see the text message you just got. Or even completing those freaking rings (don't know? of you will). There's very little bad I can say after having my Series 2 for the last couple of years. I'm happy to get the 3 to have the always-on feature of cellular. I can leave the house and it's not even a problem if I left my phone. Or go for a walk without having a heavy phone in my pocket. It's not even about style, there's just a huge practicality of having a small device attached to your wrist that makes so
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By J. Crawford
I am a Fitbit person. But I decided to slurge a little bit...... The only think that kept me from switching was that I had to charge the watch so much more. I originally had the Fitbit charge 2...... then I purchased the series 3 (42mm) and I love this watch but it was just far too big. So I am returning the 42mm and just received the 38mm and am much happier with the size. I wanted to really share the size difference. I love this watch so far... will review in the future.
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By abillings
I don’t need to say anything more about how fantastic this watch is. I was a garmin forerunner holdout for years and finally switched as I wanted a watch to listen to music with while running. The only negative thing I can say about this watch is battery life but I knew that before purchasing it. My solution was using the watch in nightstand mode at night and it’s always charged for a full day of activity. Please note by doing this u can’t use the watch to track sleep but that’s not an issue as i have never had a need to track sleep. I get about 3.5 miles of running in a day and with GPS, heart rate and music playback on and I still have not dipped below 30 percent battery life by the time i take it off to charge at night. The only thing
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By Bill
4.9 | 7,489 customer ratings
98% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
• Perfect for video chatting, eliminating the stress placed on your hands and arms from constantly switching back and forth during long chat sessions, and providing a hands-free environment
• Perfect for using it as a charging stand next to the bed side
• No more struggling to lean the phone on the side of a wall during video chat, only to have it fall down moments later
• Big bottom padding stabilizes the stand, preventing it from sliding and providing a sturdy foundation when adjusting the angle viewing point or during phone usage
• Big bottom silicone soft pad prevents not only scratching the base of the stand, but also the base of where the stand is placed
• Two leg silicone soft pads as well as the U-shaped pad prevents the bottom and back of the phone, or any device, from scratching and scuffs, while also providing a sturdy foundation to keep the
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By Slim
This was a gift for my wife and she LOVED IT! It's sturdy and she can avoid sunlight glare because of the angle adjustment. She uses it EVERYDAY. I ordered another one for me, OBVIOUSLY, NOT PINK. Thanks for this great gadget.
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By Israel Urban
I am so happy I bought this.. It wasn't life changing.. but it sure is nice :) I purchased another brand (deal of the day type thing) as a gift (in black) for my husband. I started looking at other options and saw OMOTON in the rose gold for me. It was a whopping $1 more than the deal of the day. This stand (at least for my purposes) is so much better than the other. The non slip base covered the whole base / the other had 4 round dots. The size/weight of this one is a little bigger/slightly heavier. The arms holding phone are a little deeper (if you have a larger type case.. I have a spigen and there is room for even thicker one.) They both do the same thing as for holding phone and being adjustable makes it nice. I was even
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By Leslie
4.8 | 11,128 customer ratings
96% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
I already own one of these Lamicall phone stands, and always take it with me when I fly so that I can easily watch movies on my iPhone or iPad. Recently, my husband and I have been spending our weekends at a tiny cottage we purchased and I’m always taking my Lamicall stand with us and then bringing it back home again. I purchased this one to leave at our cottage.

By the way. The artwork you see on my customizable iPhone case was created by me using a real octopus. I am a Gyotaku artist living in Seward, Alaska. To see more of my artwork and customizable artwork merchandise please visit my artist website Ink Goes Wild Alaska. I have vinyl stickers, greeting cards, art prints, and originals available through my website and over 3,600 other customizable items available in my online Zazzle store
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By Cdanz
I am extremely happy with this product! It fits my iPhone 8 Plus with Otterbox Defender case on it perfectly and it charges my phone at the same time. It’s worth every penny!
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By Bond
This stand is really quite good. Ir is well, made and sturdy, attractive, and not too cumbersome-looking. There are two reasons I deducted a star. First, I am using the stand with my IPhone in a thick Otterbox case, and, while it just barely manages to fit into the feet, it would be nice to have just a bit more width for a firmer fit. Second, ther is a feeder hole in the back of the stand for a charger cord, but it would be nice if it had a key-slot at the bottom if that hole to help secure the cord when the phone is disconnexted so the cord doesn’t fall out. Other than those two minor-ish issues, I really like this item!
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By jkath
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4.7 | 31,470 customer ratings
93% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
I went and compared 3 similar portable speakers with each other (same price of around $100 each):

JBL Flip 4
- Best quality sound of the 3 (amazing quality - very similar to Bose Soundlink Mini)
- No noticeable crackle at max volume with high treble in music
- Strongest/deepest bass (my table was shaking on max volume)
- Very loud max volume

Ultimate Ears WONDERBOOM
- Smaller than JBL 4 but larger than Bose Micro
- Crackling at max volume for some songs with high treble (Was not expecting this)
- Bass is not as strong (very slight bass)
- Very loud max volume (similar to JBL 4)

Bose SoundLink Micro Bluetooth
- Smallest of the 3
- Max sound was at 75% that of JBL 4/Ultimate Ears
- Sounds "muffled" and not clear (quality is not even close to that of Bose Soundlink Mini)
- Exposed charging slot (is this really waterproof?)

Overall - I would pick JBL (amazing quality & very similar to
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By Steven Waka
I was in need of a new portable speaker, and like many of you, I was a little overwhelmed after doing an Amazon search and finding literally tens of thousands of options to choose from. It's especially frustrating because probably the most important part of the product -- how good it sounds -- is not something you can really evaluate until after you physically have it. So I picked four speakers to compare: Cambridge Soundworks OontZ Angle 3 Plus, Anker SoundCore Sport XL, Geek Beats Jolt5, and the JBL Flip 4.

First, the Cambridge SoundWorks OontZ Angle 3 PLUS Bluetooth Speaker with 30-Hour Playtime - Richer Bass Greater Sound Quality & 10W+ Loud Volume, Water Resistant Splashproof, Portable Wireless Speaker, is a slightly larger version of the best-selling speaker on Amazon with over 17,000 reviews and a $30 price tag, and this only costs $5 more, so why not
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By D L
Let me first say, this is my second JBL flip 4, the one I had prior to this was an absolute BRUTE. I’m talking tough! It had been submerged under water, dropped countless times, taken to the beach, withstanded super hot summer days for hours, getting caked with mud but alas, it got ran over by a car while off-roading one day... but guess what? It STILL WORKS. Even in its smashed up state nothing broke but the speaker cover protector. So bravo JBL, this is a great product. However I bought this one for my father for his birthday, he only used it a few times in his bedroom and now it won’t turn on at all, so I tinkered with it come to find out it was a remanufactured speaker put back together incorrect without water proof rubber gaskets for the speakers, keep in mind I payed full
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By Amazon Customer
4.7 | 24,959 customer ratings
95% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
I purchased one of these in the brushed aluminum finish (as well as a larger one for a tablet) and both have been great. My husband was admiring them, and wanted one for his phone so I got him this cell phone stand in black. He likes how it looks, he likes how it works, and uses it at his office to facilitate calls on speaker phone.

Update: The one thing I would change about these stands is the Logo. It ruins the sleekness of the product to have it visible. Granted, it is fairly subtle on the silver one, but I still see it from the front, on the top of the base. It is much worse on my husband's because instead of looking nice and sleek, whoever sits across his desk has to look at the white on black "Lamicall, blah blah blah" and
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By Livia
We purchased 2 of the black metal phone stands. It works well with our iPhone 8 plus that has an Otterbox Defender case on both. It comes with 4 soft small round pads for the bottom of the stand so it will not scratch what ever surface it is siting on, although I doesn't look like it will scratch any surface even without having the little feet pads. This also comes with extra feet pads along with extra rubber pad that sits behind the phone so it will not slide off the stand. You can use this for your iPhone vertically or horizontally, both directions work well with this stand. I like the fact I can have the phone plugged in while it is on the stand with no issues with the cord. For the price this stand is well worth the money
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By Castles
I love it when a simple product like this one makes my life so much better. This inexpensive stand looks pretty and is perfect for holding my phone so I can see it without having to pick it up. I have one on my desk and one on my nightstand. Some other reviewers have said they wished they could change the angle of the tilt, but I haven't found a need for that - the angle seems just fine for me.

My only real complaint is that plugging in the phone is a little tricky. Since the piece that plugs in isn't very flexible, what happens is that the cord is bent at a pretty severe angle while plugged in and resting in the stand. I try to give the cord enough slack so that it's not pulled too tightly, but it almost works better if you don't thread the cord
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By Cat Lady
4.7 | 24,282 customer ratings
94% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Bought this for the new iPhone 11. The case fits perfectly without any play or sloppiness. The case is a cross between flexible and sturdy yet feels soft and grippy on your fingers. The case also has little bumper guards on the corners to help if you accidentally drop your phone. There is also a raised edge to help protect the screen and camera lens. I would certainly buy this again if necessary. A clear case at the Apple store that is not as high-quality was $40.
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By sodapotts
Bought this case for my iPhone 11 not knowing whether it would fit and it does! Was worried the cameras would stick out significantly with the case on but they don’t, which is great! Case itself feels very sturdy, great for the price!
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By Jenilee Castellanos
I like that it is crystal clear so I can see my new phone, but still have it protected. The buttons are covered with a thinner vinyl to protect against dirt and dust and are easy to use. The camera has a cut out so as to not block any view. For the price, you can’t ask for more!
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By Lois M. Charlebois
4.7 | 20,926 customer ratings
91% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Well I was going to try to contact the seller for a replacement, but Amazon didn’t give me that option... I wouldn’t recommend. This broke/stopped working after only a few uses. Will not charge anything. We’ve tried different cords and plugging it into different outlets, none of that works, it’s broken.
Pretty major disappointment. Nothing makes me more mad when I waste money unknowingly, and this is a case of that. So I would recommend getting a different brand. I actually bought an off brand when I bought this one and it still works fine, yet this one broke. Bad product.

*****update— when i left this review an Anker representative contacted me the next day. They shipped me a new one and stated the other was likely a defect that was missed. I have been using the new one for a few days and it works great, no problems so far. Very
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By Brittany
Charged fine while it worked. One port quit working. Never been dropped or anything. Light is super bright and stays on 24/7. Can’t sleep with that kind of light. I charge our phones close to where we sleep because we use the alarm on our phones to wake in the AM. So I would not buy this again because of the light let alone the fact it didn’t keep working.
UPDATE: Once the company saw my review, they sent an e-mail to accept a free replacement of a slightly different model. This free model was almost 3X the price of the one I origionally bought. This company is serious about customer satisfaction! My origional product was past it's time to be returned, so they did not have to do anything for me. Once I confirmed I wanted the differnt charger, I had it within a couple days! Who knew you could
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By benjamin l williams
For anyone interested in this charger for the iPhone 8, i conducted a charging speed test with this charger and the new iphone 8 (non plus).

With the phone dead, I set a timer, and plugged it into this Anker Elite Dual Port 24W charger using the lightning cable that comes with the iphone.
This charger charges the phone pretty quickly!

I turned the phone on at the 1 minute mark. With all apps closed, only turning on the screen every 5 minutes to check charge percentage, I ran the test for 45 minutes. Results are as follows

Note that these results are for the iPhone 8, not the 8 plus.

5 minutes - 13%
10 minutes - 21%
15 minutes - 32%
20 minutes - 40%
25 minutes - 49%
30 minutes - 56%
35 minutes - 62%
40 minutes - 68%
45 minutes - 73%

Your results may vary, but this should give you an idea of reasonable expectations.

I will
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By jesse
4.7 | 20,801 customer ratings
93% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
The genuine Samsung Evo Select line of Micro SD cards are great. They are reliable and they live up to the speed and capacity classifications they claim to. I've been using Samsung cards for years and they are the only brand that consistently doesn't give me any issues year after year.

This 32GB card is no exception. However, by default the card is formatted as FAT32, but I prefer exFAT as FAT32 won't allow you to transfer a folder containing more than 4GB to the card. That's annoying if you are moving data from an old card to a new one. FAT32 has 4GB file size limitations, but on a transfer it recognizes a directory containing lots of files as 1 thing, and applies the 4GB limit. This will give you an error (in Windows anyway) that there isn't enough space available for the transfer. But if you copy the files
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By Obi Wan
Another user review points out that their 128GB Samsung EVO Select card is only rated for 60MB/s write speeds.

If you look under the "From the manufacturer" part of the product description with the 64GB version of the card selected you will see that it states that it is rated for write speeds up to 20MB/s.

The 128GB shows write speeds of up to 60MB/s.

And both the 256GB and 512GB versions show write speeds of up to 90MB/s. All of the cards have a read speed of up to 100MB/s.

Just wanted to point this out for clarification. I am not a fan of the way Amazon groups the reviews of multiple versions of the same product into one big confusing mess but it's the world we live in I guess.

All in all it's a great card and exactly what I expected!
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By fractalsauce
Died days after installing it in phone. Looking at the reviews, it seems to happen occasionally. Hopefully the replacement will be better
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By d stegman
15 offers from product price
4.6 | 112,133 customer ratings
89% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Everyone is posting that there isn’t a difference between these and the 1st gen. This is misleading and inaccurate. Is the improvement drastic, no, but it is still an improvement. The improvement is that Apple has upgraded the on-board chip to the H1, which leads to faster and more stable pairing. This isn’t anecdotal. It’s been tested and proven to be faster.

Also, if you opt for wireless charging, buy the case with the gen 2 AirPods and you’ll save a few dollars.

If you already have the 1st gen, then it’s probably not worth the upgrade. If you are looking to buy your first pair of AirPods, then go for these.
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By Sutorman
These AirPods are amazing they automatically play audio as soon as you put them in your ears and pause when you take them out. A simple double-tap during music listening will skip forward. To adjust the volume, change the song, make a call, or even get directions, just say "Hey Siri" to activate your favorite personal assistant. Plus, when you're on a call or talking to Siri, an additional accelerometer works with dual beamforming microphones to filter out background noise and ensure that your voice is transmitted with clarity and consistency.
Additionally, they deliver five hours of listening time on a single charge, and they're made to keep up with you thanks to a charging case that holds multiple additional charges for more than 24 hours of listening time. Just 15 minutes in the case gives you three hours of listening to time or up to two hours of talk time.
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By J.G.
I purchased these as a gift for my wife's 40th Birthday. Being a proponent of all things Amazon, I trusted them to not try and pull one over on their customers. No where in the description of this product does it mention that these are REFURBISHED and NOT new as one would expect. When they arrived, the AirPods were packaged as if they came directly off the shelf at the Apple store. However, we were quickly alerted to the fact that these may, in fact, be refurbished when my wife turned them on and they connected to her phone as "Alejandro's AirPods". Still wanting to believe they were new and not refurbished, I did my best to convince my wife, and myself, that the fact they connected as "Alejandro's AirPods" was an anomaly and not an indicator that these had actually been in someone else's ears.
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By Joel Harbin
4.7 | 10,469 customer ratings
92% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
I am embarrassed to say I paid $50 for something I replaced with this product- TWICE. I bought a screen protector for my iPhone at a V—- store. I was charged $50. When it broke, I ordered these to replace it. I figured if the inexpensive replacement broke, I had two more available. This replacement never broke for a year. But shame on me- when I upgraded to the latest iPhone, I paid for the expensive screen protector AGAIN. Within a week, it was cracked. I knew what to order. I went right to this brand. I wish I could give more than five stars. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
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By RobinG
The first thing I noticed was the packaging! It comes in this very sleek and simple cardboard box and you have to peel a black sticker to open the case. Once opened, the easy instructions are listed on the left side and it provides step by step detailed information of how to put the glass on your phone! It provides an alcohol swab, dust-absorber, and a microfiber fabric! Each item is nicely sealed into its own plastic cover. The glass protectors come in a set of three behind this cover that prevents them from cracking! They seem very sturdy, and durable!
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By Christa
I think I’ve found my all time favorite screen protector and I will definitely be buying more of these as backups! I love that you get three separate protectors in case one of them cracks, and they each come with an alcohol wipe, a dust remover pad and the screen protector itself. I cannot believe how well this works! I assembled this in maybe a minute, probably less? Once you stick the actual protector on the phone (it has an adhesive on the back of it) it sticks pretty well but if you need to reposition it for some reason, you can pry it off with some effort and try again! Super dummy proof instructions (trust me, I can attest to this - anything more than a few pictures and I’m lost!) I didn’t really know if it would protect my screen until I went out one night and dropped
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By Gayathri
4.6 | 26,333 customer ratings
90% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Update: I dropped my iPhone Xs when getting out of my truck. It hit the concrete. The Trianium Screen Protector saved the day. As you can see in the photos, the screen protector shattered but not a single scratch on the screen of my phone. It would have been a disaster and I was scared pulling the screen protector off of my device thinking my screen would be cracked, but it was completely fine. Thank you, Trianium!

I just installed the screen protector on my iPhone Xs Max and it was as easy as can be. One try and it was perfect. Really loved the guide which made the installation flawless and fast. The screen protector does not cover the entire screen, just the visible portion, but it is not an issue if you are using a phone case to protect the entire device, which I always do, because at well
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By Big Daddy and Babs
Normally I’m pretty terrible at installing screen protectors. I always end up with bubbles, smudges and/or dust underneath, a crooked screen, and a sour attitude once I’ve had to re-try multiple times. This comes with the handiest installation frame that makes putting on the protector SO EASY! One try only!!! The included wipes actually cleaned my iPhone screen perfectly without leaving any streaks behind. I only had to try one time to get the protector on PERFECTLY without any of the aforementioned typical issues. The screen itself goes almost to the very edge of the iPhone, but I understand why it stops where it does due to the curvature of the phone. It covers what it needs to & I haven’t noticed any issues with texting or pressing spots on the screen since installing. I’ll try to remember to update this review with the actual durability of the protectors once
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By Jessie W.
I had a hard case for Apple iPhone which did not had proper protection on the screen. When browsing through, I saw this screen protector which already had good reviews and ordered it immediately. I received the case in 2 days and after using it for around 7 days, I felt the difference. This is just AWESOME. Provided with 3 protectors makes this product special for many customers. Protector fits the phone perfectly and it protects screen for scratches. The screen protector is very smooth and touch makes so much special. My phone dropped from my hand on to the road couple of times, but there were no issues either around the screen protector. I would recommend this product for everyone.
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By manaac
4.9 | 3,328 customer ratings
98% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
I love this iPhone holder so much I just ordered two more so I can have one in my office while I work on my desk top; one in my bathroom to follow weather & news while I dress, and one in the kitchen so I can talk while preparing meals. Having the phone on this holder allows for instant facial recognition without having to pick up the phone. It takes very little room and securely holds my device at the perfect angle for reference. I just ordered two more as gifts. I also love the variety of colors. Mine is rose gold to match my phone & I ordered black and silver for my gifts.
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By Olivia G.
The phone stands is very sturdy and the color is really pretty. The stand comes with extra rubber stickers in the event that the others come off or if you'd like to add more to the stand.

It has an adjustable pivoting arm so you can put your phone at the angle that best suits your needs, and the wide base and prongs that hold your phone allow you to place the phone either upright or across. The cut out at the back of the stand allow you to thread the charging cord through without hindering the use of the stand.

It's a really good deal for the money.
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By Kelkatan
I like that you can tilt the stand easily to make it easy to see the face of your phone, no matter where you set it. I bought a Mophie pack in rose gold, and the stand and battery pack match perfectly, so looks nice too.
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By Shepherd
4.6 | 17,265 customer ratings
90% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
I just received my new iPhone XR yesterday and I put this screen protector on it. I am very impressed with the quality of the screen protector, especially for the price!

I researched many screen protectors and so many reviews were absolutely terrible on them. But I noticed that Trianium had a lot of great reviews for their screen protectors for the iPhone XS, so I thought I would give this a try for the XR.

I am very pleased to say that this screen protector was a very good purchase for many reasons:

1) it is big enough that it covers the entire viewing area of the screen with no rainbow effect around the viewing edges, but it doesn't interfere with my phone case at all.

2) it is smudge and fingerprint resistant. This is super important to me because I never could keep my last screen protector clean - ever.

3) The alignment/fitment
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By Lisa N
This product is exactly as advertised - high quality materials, fit, function, and look. It comes with 3 glass protectors ... but even better it comes with 3 sets of the cleaning and prep materials for applying the other protectors in the future.

The glass is perfectly transparent ,HD, and does not change the touch sensitivity of the iPhone. It covers the entire iPhone display area and goes just slightly past it - which avoids any touch/sensitivity errors at the very edge of the display (which can happen with some other covers which stops too short of the edge of the display/touch area).
It does not go all the way to the curved edge of the iPhone surface, so there is no bubbling at the edges, and you can still put any case on the back of the phone.

The included applicator/mounting guide is absolutely fabulous, it fits securely over the front of
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By BriShark
A little difficult to install symmetrically and need to be a few millimeters wider and longer.
They give you a frame that snaps onto your phone to line up the screen protector. I recommended starting at the top of your phone and working your way down. The protector only covers the display part of your glass screen and not the edges.
They are kind enough to send 3 alcohol wipes, and 3 dry wipes to clean your screen before you are ready to install.
Overall, I’m mostly happy with this purchase
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By Adam S. (OHIO, USA)
4.6 | 14,499 customer ratings
91% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
I got this tripod on Friday......OMG I love love love it.....only problem is the remote wouldn't stay paired ti my phone.....maybe I'll get another battery for it......but let me share a photo I took with it for be the judge.
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By Amazon Customer
First off, I want to say that this product does exactly what it's supposed to do and as shown in the photos. It DOES tilt and swivel, contrary to some odd reviews. There are adjustments on the head to hold the camera in either portrait or landscape position, AND it also will tilt facing straight to the ground or directly straight up, contrary to some odd reviews. The BT remote immediately paired with my iPhone X and I was taking tripod selfies with my dog in minutes. Unless we bought different products, people claiming that this head does not tilt or swivel have simply not figured it out yet. It does both. The stick appears sturdy, it stands on it's own easily and the base is plenty wide. Comes with a travel bag, and a GoPro adapter. I just hope that I
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By Amazon Customer
Evidently this thing is Big you can set it up as a tripod in front of you and do selfies completely hands-free blogs videos whatever you want to do I have used it to set up some very interesting shots and it's almost like having your own personal assistant holding the phone for you to take your pictures. It can be used as a selfie stick as well although it might be a little cumbersome to be dragging around everywhere to do selfies with. It appears to be very well made and the remote is very simple
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By David D
4.8 | 3,827 customer ratings
97% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
The power bank arrived 25% charged. It takes a few hours to completely charge it to 100%. It has a LED display showing battery percentage by pressing on the button. I use it mainly for the PD Type C output to charge my iPad and iPhone quickly whenever I travel. I also charge my other devices that uses a USB cable. Due to the 20000 mAH capacity and current technology it is a bit bulky and heavy but it can still fit in my front jeans pocket. This powerbank feels solid.
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By Lee Customer
I’ve used battery banks for years. From traveling, to camping at a State Parks, to my kid’s Sport Events. If I know I’m going to be away for a while without the ability to charge my phone and other USB devices, I’m sure to bring a power bank with me. My first two had a rating of about 10,000 mAh. So they were good for one or two devices. I’m excited to finally have the RAVPower 20000mAh Portable Charger. With a 74Wh rating, it can be packed in your carry-on luggage onboard a domestic or international flight.

I noticed the first time I charged it, it took longer to charge than my first two. Well anyone can quickly understand that more power capacity is going to come with longer charge times. However, I learned if I purchase a USB-C to Lightning cable and a RAVPower PD Pioneer Charging plug which delivers
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By Will
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By KDProductionInc
5 offers from product price
4.7 | 5,525 customer ratings
93% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
I am an amateur artist trying to learn how to do digital art. As someone who is used a pencil and paper, I have had a hard time transitioning to the new medium. However, this device has made it very easy for me to make the transition. If you’re a traditional artist trying to get into digital art, I would definitely recommend getting this.
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By Amazon Customer
The Good:
-Pairs instantly with IPad 11 Pro
-Easy charging on side of IPad
-Comfortable to hold
-Writes flawlessly
-Good balance

The Bad:
-A bit expensive

The Bottom Line:
I use my Apple Pencil 2 everyday as I take notes with my IPad Pro 11. The Apple Pencil 2 is a definite upgrade to the Apple Pencil 1 almost just because you can charge the pencil by attaching it to your IPad. This feature alone makes the Apple Pencil worth buying. The Apple Pencil 2 also has no lag and write flawlessly. It is very comfortable to hold. The only downside is the pencil is a bit expensive but that’s common for most Apple products. Overall, I would recommend the Apple Pencil 2 if you have a new version of the IPad Pro.
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By Hoppaguy
The pencil worked for an afternoon. Woke up this morning to use it after it had been at 100% and on the iPad overnight to find the pencil completely dead, and no longer recognized by my new iPad Pro 11. Called Apple support immediately and trouble shot both devices to no avail. Now I have to make an appointment at the Apple store to have my brand new devices inspected and possibly replaced...neither are over a week old! I wish I had followed the reviewers’ advice on and never made this purchase.
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By MFresh
4.5 | 37,107 customer ratings
87% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Got these for my 13 year old who listens to music constantly. They are great sound and they block out the annoying sounds from his younger brother so he can enjoy his music. They fold up nice for going in his book ag while at school.
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By Jennifer Hertzig
UPDATE #2: MPOW contacted me and sent me new pair free-of-charge. Great customer service. The new pair is definitely a welcome improvement over the pair in my initial review. The sound is less muffled, bass is deeper and more solid. I don’t hear as much “boom” as I did with the previous pair, suggesting that MPOW has resolved that issue. The new pair arrived in a lovely white box, a welcomed improvement over the original. I hope this new pair lasts much longer but only time will tell. Until then, thank you MPOW!

UPDATE: After less than a year of ownership, the structural integrity of these headphones has begun to degrade. The leatherette covering, present on the ear cushions has begun to flake. Cracks have also begun to develop in the headband. These headphones have been used lightly and have been well cared for; these are factors to consider when purchasing
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By Alex L.
I think the sound quality on this was okay. I'm definitely a little confused about these being a best seller because I'm assuming that most of the people who bought these couldn't care less about the people around them when they wear these. IE: You will be "that" person on a plane/bus/work who's music can be heard within a 5' radius to those around them. I wanted to keep these, but I'll be returning them because there's no way I can wear these at my office without driving my coworkers nuts. The overall look/design was fine (but I'm a 5'7 female with average sized ears and my ears barely fit). The sound quality was honestly average - even for the $30 price range though it could be better (but I didn't play with changing the equalizer on my phone - so it might have been better if I tried).

Update: Changed
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Okay, so I’m not one that does a whole lot of product reviews; if I like it, I keep it and if I don’t, I just don’t get another one. I prob will never write another review, but this story just needs to be told.
I purchased this case in July for an upcoming canoe trip with a friend, and as luck would have it, we flipped our canoe about an hour from our pick up point. Being the rebel that I am, I chose not to wear my phone around my neck, and so it, my ID and my debit card ended up at the bottom of the river and I just assumed it would be discovered a thousand years from now and placed in a museum as an ancient artifact.
Fast forward to earlier this week. I was contacted via FB by an Alachua County Sherrif’s Office
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By Julie McDonald
This Waterproof case is amazing! I go kayaking several times a week and needed something to protect my LG G5 along the way. I have used this case on several occasions and I couldn't be happier.

A few tips:
- Always test case before trusting it with expensive electronics. Do this by submerging the case in water with paper towel in it.
- Make sure to place phone in case under dry conditions and try not to open the case during your trip. Opening the case under a hot sun after being submerged in cold water can result in condensation buildup inside the case and make the clear plastic foggy. (I discovered this after momentarily taking my phone out for a clearer picture. I don't think the condensation is enough to damage the phone but it makes it harder to see or take pictures.)
- If you will be using your phone for taking
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By Uncle Crackoon
Several trips to the water park with complete submersion for hours and not a drop of water inside. These are not all the same. I just left a 1 star review for a similar product. I will post the same photo here. The two were bought at the same time and used at the same time in the exact same conditions by me and my wife. The other product leaked badly. This one did not. Since this photo was taken, I have used it another 3-4 times at the water park and it has never leaked.
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By The Gongs
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After fully charging the Anker PowerCore 20100, I ended up running my own personal test to see just how many full charges I could get on my Samsung Galaxy S7.

Everyday, for 5 days in a row, I would allow my phone to drain as much as possible as you can see below....then the next morning I would charge my phone using only the Anker Powerbank until it was fully charged.

Here are the results!

*Charge #1 = 15% to 100% power in 1 hour 35 mins. (4 solid lights)
*Charge #2 = 20% to 100% power in 1 hour 30 mins. (3 solid lights)
*Charge #3 = 08% to 100% power in 1 hour 45 mins. (2 solid lights)
*Charge #4 = 03% to 100% power in 1 hour 50 mins. (1 solid light)
*Charge #5 = 20% to 100% power in 1 hour 25 mins. (1 Blinking light)

The next morning (on day 6), I tried
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By Rik Hanssen
Here is a story of the amazing customer service of this Anker bunch!

I bought this unit in March of 2017. I have not used it too may times. But, occasionally I have charged Iphone, Ipad, and some portable speakers. It would basically charge all of them with a single charge to the PowerCore. Very nice!

In May of 2018, I noted that when charging, the unit would get to the point where the last LED was blinking, but the lights would never turn off. Other than this, the ability to charge other devices seemed to be unchanged. However, this charging behavior made me wonder whether this was an indication of a potential failure beginning. Therefore I contacted Anker since I was still in their 18 month warranty period (just).

I have to say that working with them has been nothing but a pleasure! They responded to me the same day via email.
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By Elec geek
Pretty disappointed. It hasn't even been 6 months, and one of the ports don't charge anymore. TBH, after doing some review reading, I was excited about this charger. I bought one for myself and one for my friend. I'm not sure how his is doing or how often he uses it (I don't think that should matter regarding the ports, I can understand if the battery dies over time....hopefully not a short amount of time). I usually use it over the weekends, and took it on another weekend trip to find my self short a charging port. Definitely annoyed!

EDIT 11/08/16: I was contacted by their customer service team the following day after writing this review. Their team was very pleasant to deal with and quick with their responses. Within a day or two, they've already sent out a replacement for the faulty PowerCore 20100 I purchased a couple
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By Brandon
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My husband had a Samsung Note 4 for work at one point, which I would commandeer to draw on the awesome sketch program it had on it. The S pen is a wonderful thing. He left that company and had to return the phone. I recently got a Galaxy Tab A 9.7, but sadly without that lovely little docked pen. I then went on the search for a precision stylus and spent several weeks searching for form and function that was also a reasonable price. I read countless reviews of Bluetooth battery powered styli, and the non-battery counterparts. All claimed to be the best until I got to the reviews and often enough the hype and the price just didn't seem to pan out for them. Then I happened upon this little sparkly gem in the similar products section that Amazon so smartly includes on product pages. I was actually
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By adairal25
I, being an occasional hobbyist digital artist, was wanting to up my game with a new stylus for my ipad. I looked into the Apple one after hearing about how great it was for digital drawing, only to find that it isn't compatible with my ipad, which was a couple years too old to be used with that particular pencil. So I did some googling and searching and found a recommendation for this stylus. Being of decent price for two styluses, I thought 'why not' and purchased. Shipping was fast and came in the two days expected for my prime shipping. Packaging is sleek and professional, so could even be a great gift.
Now, I have never used one of the clear-tipped styluses before, because I always thought it was odd (how in the world would it work? Wouldn't it make noise clacking against my screen? Would it damage the screen?).
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By Micah G.
These are precisely what you expect from an above-average stylus for your tablet. I'm so tired of shoddy options: rubber nibs tear or degrade, the plastic tip brakes, conductivity is minimal, OR it's difficult to vary "touch" from "press". I have purchased (and returned) two different brands of styluses within the last year, that were supposed to be of higher-than-average quality (and in the same price bracket as the Meko).

After this I had resigned to finger my devices from hereon, but something about that ugly-flattish metallic orange Meko stylus caught my attention. They were Prime purchases, came with a total of 2 pens, and included additional tips/caps. I've been using my favorite orange-stylus for almost two months now and I'm happy to report it is still physically fit -- no replacement tips and no repairs needed! Yes, these stylish styluses show-off the recent trend of "trendy" apple-esque packaging. They
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By StandApart