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4.8 | 1,253 customer ratings
95% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
I have 3 multimedia devices but only two shelves on my entertainment center. This sturdy monitor stand was the solution for stacking my PS4 Pro and XBox One, while still leaving plenty of ventilation space and not bearing weight on the bottom game console.

I was worried that the weight would droop at the ends of the monitor riser, but it's very sturdy and holds rigidly.
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By Alex
Exactly what I needed, for my laptop docking station/monitor combo at work! Saves losing desk space to my laptop. Just wide enough to accommodate a 15.6" Dell laptop. Feels very sturdy and took me maybe two minutes to assemble, using the enclosed hex wrench.
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By FrankandSense1975
I have a small desk that I use for multiple tasks. I’m a student and I like to play video games as well as the occasional art project. I need my space to be versatile and for me that meant getting a mini-shelf on my desk and a monitor stand that can fit my keyboard under it. Most monitor stands have legs in the front that get in the way of my keyboard from fitting underneath, which means half of my desk has to be devoted to keyboard accommodation. With this monitor stand I can fit a regular monitor (not a small tv, the legs will be too wide for this) and there is still room around it to fit other small things like my tape and pencils. I have a mouse pad that only half of the support sits on and it doesn’t wobble too much because the rubber
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By Indigoapple
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4.7 | 4,859 customer ratings
94% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
This stand is made very well and I like that the height is adjustable. It was packaged very well too. Luna loves sleeping on the cable box. It stopped working the other day, so we took it to the company to get a replacement. When they looked inside there was a big furball. A little embarrassing, but funny. I decided to get a stand to cover it. This one fits perfectly over the cable box and it looks really nice too. It gets a little warm from the heat of the box, so Luna is enjoying laying on it and taking naps. I am happy with this purchase. ☺
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By Shimmer
I have a corner desk with a lot of space but my monitor isn't adjustable, so my eyes were parallel with the top of the monitor. I wanted something to be able to bring the monitor up and look decent on the desk. This stand fits that bill perfectly, it is a simple no frills stand with no parts that can break easily and lots of space to fit your monitor and even put stuff underneath. I use it on the middle setting and find that it is just right. The monitor shown in the picture is a Samsung U28D590D ‑ 28"
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By Mike244
Well I will start out and say Amazon Basic products have always been great quality for how much you pay. At $20 (as of 1/24/17) I would say venturing to something more elegant would be a smarter choice, that is if you can find something else around the $20 range. I bought my stands (I have two) for $15 a piece, they are worth $15 but not $20.

The stand itself is sturdy and not very shabby, there is an Amazon Basics logo on the front of the stand so I just flipped it around and now I dont have two logos facing me all the time. In no way do I ever see these things breaking or bending over time, they are monitor stands, the most you're going to put on it is a monitor, some remotes, phones, pens, etc....

I added a picture if anyone is interested to see how
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By Knight
4.8 | 1,125 customer ratings
97% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
I purchased these and for the most part they are a light weight quality stand that does what they are designed to do which is support smaller monitors such as a 20-27 inch standard design.

However, I did find that after I received them they are a little small to fully support an ultra-wide monitor with "V" shaped legs for a stand by about 5 inches in width. Other than that I can't really complain and I didn't measure before hand, so that was on me. I assumed one size fits most, which was not the case here.

Husky Mounts contacted me and sent me a stand that fits my needs. So if you have a V shaped monitor stand, they have you covered! Great company to order from. Tony worked with my the whole time to ensure the new stand worked and I was happy. I definitely recommend
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By Robert Johnston
First off, I am not using either one as a monitor stand. Not that they wouldn't make great monitor stands but I don't need one of those right now. One is being used as a PC case stand and the other separates two Apple Time Capsules.

The case stand is supporting a Del XPS mid/almost full tower to keep it off the carpet and cut down on the amount of dust being sucked into the case. Its slightly smaller than the footprint of the case but well outside of the "feet" indentations in the bottom. Side to side its slightly larger so no issue with tipping. Im considering buying a second pair to raise another mid tower that is on a desk so I can do some cable management underneath.

The other one is separating two Apple The Capsules that I had stacked on top of each
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By ksuwildkat
These are perfect for what I wanted. I know they are labeled as monitor risers but I'm using the pair that i got to hold my LED lamps and computer speakers . I wanted to raise my LED lamps ( which I really like) off of the desk top to increase my lighted work area. But i also wanted to raise up my speakers and this product does both things.
I like the fact that they are metal and not plastic. They feel very sturdy and the legs are adjustable for height control. An added benefit to raising my lamps and speakers up off the desk top is that it crates a storage space under the stands that is about 12" wide and 6" deep. This is great for smaller notebooks, tape dispensers, staplers , desktop calculators and many other uses.
This was a good price
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By Amazon Customer
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4.8 | 865 customer ratings
97% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
I needed something to set over my laptop keyboard during breaks to keep my cat from typing. My boy thinks he is my assistant and dutifully "protects" the keyboard by sitting on it so no one else can access my top secret work (elementary lesson plans) whenever I leave to go change the laundry or otherwise engage in work-avoidance tasks. This stand works perfectly to set over the keyboard so he can still guard my work but not add his own contributions.

The stand is tall enough that it covers the keyboard on a desk and on a cooling pad on the bed, but not so tall that the cat can still get to the keyboard. I think this is a 17" laptop and the stand is plenty wide enough to cover the entire keyboard. When I'm ready to work again, the stand is light enough to be easily moved out
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By Amanda
Bought this to sit overtop my laptop dock at work - perfect height and depth to allow my laptop to slide in underneath and out of sight, while keeping my desk looking clean!
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By Nate Frueh
I bought 2 of these shelf’s to raise my tv’s, when I got them I liked them, they were easy to assemble, the color pretty much matched my furniture so they kinda look like they are part of the furniture, I’ve had them for almost 2 months now and I noticed 1 of them looks like it’s sagging down in the middle a little bit so I got my 24” straight edge and sure enough it sagged about 1/8” on center, the tv is about 9 lbs, I went to check the second one and that one deflected less than 1/16”, I think the second tv is less than 8 lbs.
They still look good, I like them, if you are going to use it for a tv or computer monitor as long as the are under 8 lbs it should be ok.
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By Arnulfo B.
4.8 | 809 customer ratings
96% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
The glass is as reported. It is smooth and tall right off! Easy to put together. Doesn't slip around on the desk. Just need to put some slip proof on the bottoms of my monitors so they don't slide on the glass so easily. If you have a monitor with a Y base, it will not be wide enough, but it is long enough. One of my monitor's base is a Y shape and it is 9.5 inches for each leg of the Y, and the width of the glass is 9 inches. So just get something to keep a monitor from sliding around and it will be ok. These shipped the same day and I received them the very next morning!
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Considering its about $16 per stand, the quality is what you'd expect. The glass itself is actually nice, but I could do without the branding, mine of which is crooked, making it even more of an eye sore. The legs are where I drop a star even though I expected a cheap product. The bottom caps are cheap plastic coated in shiny paint (mine all arrived partially chipped and rough on the edges), the plastic caps aren't perfectly flush with the legs, and the legs themselves aren't well centered to the mounts. The threading of the legs is poorly machined and I had some issues screwing everything together. I had no choice but to forcefully screw one of them on, which may pose problems if I ever disassemble it. All in all they look okay, but its a shame how cheap the legs are.
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By Amazon Customer
I'll start with the good - these shelves are sturdy and each leg can have its height adjusted individually. Each shelf has a non-removable brand logo printed on it but I was able to arrange it so that that was under the monitor stand sitting on top of it. They also adjust about as high as any of the other brands and models of similar shelves I've bought over the last few years (Monoprice and a couple other small brands I've never heard of selling on Amazon like this one). They also come with rubber pads that stick to the bottoms of the feet and are very effective at keeping them from sliding.

The bad: I ordered this new but got shelves that had already been opened and used heavily then re-sealed and sold as new, and thats also how I can see one of the likely long-term flaws
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By Penny Nymsudo
4.8 | 795 customer ratings
96% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Great product. Very high quality for a good price. It's perfect if you want to use your laptop as your PC while using external monitors, keyboards, etc. You can easily pull out your laptop to turn it on, then tuck away. The little carve-outs are also convenient for those who have pens and post-its scattered all over and want to stay a little bit more organized. Also, I've got a very large monitor that is relatively heavy. This has no problem supporting the weight.
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By Joseph
The packaging was 3 pieces - the platform and the 2 legs. 6 screws hold everything together. The quality is good - solid wood & pre-drilled holes all aligned correctly. The image displays an iPhone being held by the wood left to the left of the monitor - this is not possible. I tested with both an iPhone 6 & 7 - the phone won't stand on it's own. If they made the groove deeper it would work. That's why I gave it 3 stars - misleading photo. Otherwise a durable & functional item.
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By Paul
I'm very surprised to not see any reviews mentioning a bad smell. I've had this for a few weeks now, and it smells awful. I wouldn't be surprised at some off-gassing, I guess, but the smell still has not faded. The smell is sort of smoky, sort of chemical-y. It leaves a bad taste in my mouth just sitting in front of it for a while. The unit I received appeared to be new and unused, because the screw holes in the bottom had not yet had screws in them, so I don't think it could have acquired the smell from a previous buyer.

I didn't want to go to the trouble to return it, because I figured the smell would fade, but now I'm wondering if I should return it. Since no other reviewers have mentioned a bad smell (only 2 who mentioned a
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By nobody
4.8 | 777 customer ratings
94% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
I'm very satisfied with this product so far. I play far too many PC games and this really helps straighten my neck and back, instead of being hunched over all the time. It also gives a good space for extra storage on my desk. I was nervous about it holding up my monitor since I'm not sure how heavy it is, but I have had absolutely no worries about the strength of this riser - it handles it easily. The set-up was incredibly easy and it doesn't wobble at all. Great product!
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By xixi743
My wife recently bought a Samsung All-In-One computer for her mother. The display tilts, but doesn't raise up and down. I gave my wife a similar product for her laptop several years ago, so I got this for my MIL, because it would hold the AIO's weight, and was less than the one my wife is using. The leg segments go on securely, and come off with some effort. Two segments per leg hold the AIO at the perfect height for my MIL. Also, it opens up some space under the computer for other items, such as an external DVD burner, and a Cellular Modem.
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By Crash and Burn
I bought this product because it was height adjustable. I have a stand that is a little too high and has been giving me strain on neck and shoulder and needed to lower the height.

The stand is made of solid material and is stable as they claim.

The leg pieces are stackable. However they are packaged three pieces in each plastic bag. Some people will need only one set (4 pieces) and some may need all twelve pieces for the maximum height. Since I want only one level height, I need four pieces but I have to open two plastic bags (the first bag for 3 pieces, the second bag for the fourth piece). If they had put four pieces in each bag, you would need to open only one bag for each height. I had to staple the opened bag to save for later. If the leg pieces were packaged
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By KayS
4.6 | 10,159 customer ratings
91% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
I have added the monitor stand to my stand up desk. At first, I used the 4” clamp and I liked that I was able to come up with a way to test this out. With the 4” clamp, the Height-Adjustable Standing Desk - VARIDESK Pro Plus 36 - Black could not go down all of the way, but I was ok with that. This weekend I drilled a hole in the top portion of the desk and attached the mount using the 4” grommet. Now the stand up desk is fully adjustable.

When I ordered the mount, I didn’t realize that the 4” grommet would work for passing it through a desk with a hole in it. I think that is helpful feature for those of you that have a desk where you cannot clamp and don’t want to drill a hole.

The monitor mount is
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By Dawson64
Very poor quality control. I bought this item about a week ago and am now going to put it together. I am doing the desk clamp install when I realize the clamp has threads for the screws BUT THE CLAMP BRACE DOES NOT! Bigger screws will not help and shouldn't even be required. I shouldn't have to jury rig this item. Again, my problem is the clamp brace doesn't have threads to mate the clamp brace and the clamp together. An email was sent just before this review. I will update with fix once I hear from VIVO or receive a refund from them...which will be my next course of action.

My original review is above. I figured out the REAL problem wasn't the design or the parts but the instructions. When doing the desk clamp install, the instructions show the 2
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By Candido
We've bought three of these now. Apparently they are sending out "Version 2", which is clearly cheap and inferior.

V1: dual articulate arms
V2: some swivel hinge thing

V1: Thick, robust metal and hinges with plastic covers
V2: Cheap welded steal, painted black, looks like scrap metal

Seriously, version 2 is total garbage, and they're just riding off the reputation from Version 1. I feel like they should have to make a new category to reflect this obviously cheaper, low quality, maximum profit version 2. If you could see it in real life next to their own Version 1, you would not buy this cheap welded scrap.
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4.6 | 5,061 customer ratings
90% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
I recently changed my desk and the new style didn't allow for a lot of space for my office supplies, so I purchased this to take advantage of the air estate on my desk. It looks great and I love it.
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By Priscilla Flores
The SimpleHouseware Metal Desk Monitor Stand Riser with Organizer Drawer (I know, a mouthful!) is extremely well-made and intuitive to put together and use.

The stand itself was plumb out of the box (it sat level on the desktop). The legs are in two separate pieces which slide into the tubular steel frame easily. Provided are the machine screws which lock the legs into place. The drawer is made of a strong mesh steel screen which slides via friction on the mount made into the top of the stand--a little WD 40 will make the drawer slide more easily. There are two, very conveniently placed baskets on both sides of the stand. They hold an iPhone 7 Plus in an Otterbox Defender case easily.

The clearance beneath the drawer when it's open (see picture) is more than enough to pass over a mouse on a mouse pad.
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By Jim Grieme
I really wanted to love this product because I’ve owned something similar. The one I received was damaged where the track for the drawer to slide in. So the drawer won’t line up on track and falls out. Also the legs snap on which was bent. I had to use a a tool to try and bend it straight to force the legs in. If I received the product with the drawer track straight I would have kept it. I am returning.
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By Diana
4.6 | 3,416 customer ratings
91% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
This is an excellent budget monitor mount! I purchased it because the stand on my Predator x34 monitor took up too much desk real estate. This was the perfect solution to the issue.

Low price
Sturdy construction
Minimalistic look


Other thoughts:
I removed one of the arms with the included allen wrench because the arm and mounting pole were sagging a little under the weight of my monitor. This isn't the product's fault. It's not rated for ultrawide monitors, which is what I'm using it for (a 34'' ultrawide). But with that one arm removed, it doesn't sag at all. Very sturdy.
My monitor sits ~4 inches (10 cm) from the wall when the mount is pushed all the way flush with the wall that my desk sits against. I think this is the prefect distance, but that's about as close at it will go, so if you're looking to get your monitor right up against
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By Alias
As easy to setup as it was affordable. I don't know why I just decided to buy an adjustable monitor arm to replace the in-built stand, but I regret not having made the purchase sooner. This mount was super easy to install. The instructions are pretty clear, but they aren't really necessary if you have ever used Legos or any kind of puzzle. This unit holds my wide LCD (LG 29EA73-P) just fine and is just the span I needed. One thing that I did not expect was a minor limitation of the arm articulation.

I was going to place the pole in the center of my desk. I was thinking the arm would nest into itself and allow my monitor to be pushed all of the way back. But, a clear look at the picture had I been paying better attention would have shown that
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This very well may be the greatest thing I've purchased for my home office. It comes with two ways to connect to the desk, and three vertical poles to mount the arm to. When I installed mine, I only used two of the verticals, as I have a sit/stand desk. To do this, I simply left the center pole out. This will greatly reduce the amount of time I will be looking down at my desk instead of across the desk to my screen, and hopefully my need for neck surgery.

I did have a problem installing this mount though.It was less to do with the mount, as it was the design of my desk. The frame of my desk is too thin for the bottom of the mount to hold onto. To solve this, I simply put a 4x4x4 chunk of wood under the desk.

Overall, I'm quite pleased as the
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By Lance
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4.6 | 2,987 customer ratings
91% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
They look great and lift the monitors up to a nice height. I love having storage space under my screens. These are sturdy and a great price!
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By Goose
Indeed this stand was the perfect size for perfect job !
I have a black wooden desk already with limited space, so this stand looks quite well and well done, and it was also a great match for it (see pics). Also, not too big but big and sturdy enough to hold my 27" new monitor: Philips 277E6QDSD 27 Class IPS LED Monitor w/ MHL-HDMI

Some useful dimensions for some people still wondering about this stand and if it will fit on their desk:
length (from side to side of top tray): 14"
Width (of top tray): 9"
Space under between the two met feet: 13"
length of feet resting on the desk: 10"
High under stand from desk (to see if you can fit your stuff under it): 3.25"

Hope that helps you. I am VERY happy with this one myself.
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By Orcatrainer
Perfect for our short counters at work. Sturdy and no risk of computer falling off.
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By cshong
4.7 | 887 customer ratings
93% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Bought in the color grey. Y’all might think it’s crazy, maybe it’s genius, but I actually used this for a dog food station/stand. This is my first time having carpet in a place and it felt weird to put their bowls right on the soft floor. I’ve been looking for something that can hold both dog food bowls and their water dispenser but most dog stands have no place for the water! This is perfect- I still need to get a smaller water bowl but for now it’s amazing. Perfect height- not too y’all for my wiener dogs.
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By Madison
I'm confused about reviews of this product that suggest that the wings do not secure to the center part - they connect using upright pins that are screwed into the center part and the pins fit into one of several holes on the underside of the right and left parts. It does not slide off and is very secure. Possibly those reviews are a different model?

This monitor stand is made of good quality chipboard and has a decent finish that resists chipping. The pre-drilled holes are well done and the pin holes are reinforced with plastic inserts. The cams clamped securely. All parts were included and the assembly was simple and straightforward using only a Phillips screwdriver.

We placed two 24" monitors on the stand and they fit perfectly on the right and left platforms, allowing you to have ample space (3-4 inches) between the monitors or to shift them closer
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By Lucy R. Ford
The laminate was done so well. I've never seen such accurate lines. The color is exactly like the picture and the parts are great quality. You can tell it was built by a qualified person. I've had many compliments from my co-workers.
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By Hope V.
4.8 | 534 customer ratings
95% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
This is an amazing little riser! High quality glass, superb good looks, easy to assemble. It's very classy looking, and strong. One review complained about the fact that the very bottom of the feet are made of plastic. This is the part that screws up or down to adjust height.

People, this is absurdly high quality overall, for such a cheap price. The feet even have little rubber stick-on anti-slip discs that keep the lil sucker in place.

And another reviewer complained about the logo...well...we live in a world where logos are de rigeur. Buy a new TV and the logo is right on the unit. Buy a new ANYTHING and the logo is on it! Besides it's in the back, so shouldn't be an issue.

All in all I love it, and I bought two of them to hold some nice speakers on my desk.

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By Mike Phillips
I have 2 - 26" monitors that sit side-by-side. They are different brands so their bases cause them to sit at different heights. The adjustable legs on these stands allowed me to adjust them to match. Also, these stands don't take up a lot of room on my desk and they are beautiful and sleek. I got the black ones.
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By D. Lewis
This could have been so much better. First of all, it looks really sharp and elegant. I'm using it for a small riser shelf on my nightstand rather than a monitor stand. It's made solid and has a great shape with nicely rounded edges and adjustable height.

but... the first thing I noticed is the brand name Hemudu permanently etched into the glass so you need to stare at Hemudu for the entire time you're using it. You might be able to put a piece of white tape over it, from the bottom or top to hide the name Hemudu so you don't have to stare at Hemudu all the time. The next thing is the feet are silver painted plastic compared to the brushed metal legs. And, there are no pieces of rubber, felt, or cork on the bottom of the legs as I
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By Nameless Faceless One
4.7 | 801 customer ratings
94% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Liked it so much that I bought a second one. Originally, I bought the smallest version of this FITUEYES glass monitor stand to use for a monitor in my studio/workshop because it was a Lightning Deal. Have always loved the look of the glass stand with the aluminum legs. Had never purchased a glass monitor stand prior to this. I also have another glass stand from a different manufacturer that I bought after buying this one, so I am going to compare the finishing. The other stand is much longer but the finishing differences were obvious. These FITUEYES stands were finished better for all components, even in the areas you won't see once assembled.

First, the packaging was excellent. Amazon didn't even box the manufacturer's package. Kind of scary since it is a glass stand. The items in the packaging were separated safely. There were four legs, with two legs in
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By Ejel
I bought this as a stand for my cat’s food bowls. It is the perfect size and height. The glass top makes is simple to keep clean. It looks nice in my kitchen since it is see through and the legs are silver.
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The shelf came packaged really well, and looks and feels substantial. It is as simple as putting in 4 little screws, putting on 4 legs, and sticking on little rubber pads. I also didn't care for the branding on the front but it came right off with one slide of a razor. I have a 21.5 in IMac on it and they look meant to be together (monitor comes about 3 inches past the stand on each side). My IMac wireless keyboard fits nicely underneath and there is enough room on the glass shelf to set my phone. This was exactly what my home office needed and it looks like much nicer than the price tag!
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By SuperduperD
4.6 | 1,538 customer ratings
91% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
I learned a few lessons while putting together my sit & stand desk and installing this dual mount. First and foremost, the mount is fabulous. I have 2 27" HP pavilion monitors set up. There has been no sliding, no sagging, no problems at all. Install was easy with a few lessons learned below. However, the lessons I learned were completely independent of this product. The mount is truly a great purchase. I paid considerably less than many of the comparable models out there and am tremendously happy with the mount. I did have to mount VESA adapters on both of my monitors which increased the overall cost by $55, but this mount saved me enough money to make that affordable.
Lessons learned:
1. Do not install while toddlers are present. Toddlers like to take shiny things. This monitor mount requires shiny things to be present
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By A. Plappert
This mount is well made and comes almost entirely pre-assembled, installation takes about ten minutes. The only tool you need that isn't in the box is a #2 Phillips screwdriver and maybe a drill with a 3/8 or larger bit if you want to use the through-desk mount and don't have a hole in the desk already. Removal of the original stand on my Acer monitor required tools but not all monitors need tools, my Dell lost its stand with just a button press.

I used three layers of tape on the ends of the arms where it receives the VESA mount before I dropped the monitors on to tighten up the clearances, this makes the monitors rock a lot less and increases precision of the mount, especially if you want to use the rotation feature. This is the only critical thing I have to say, the rest is praise so
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By Dan
* Fairly easy to set up
* Supports clamp on edge, or through a desk hole.
* Clips to hold wires and tools to the frame
* Seller has warranty and support through Amazon "Ask Seller" button on the order.
* Responsive customer service
* Nice finish
* Stable when mounted.

* Clamp for arms stripped before it was tight enough to prevent sliding.

I asked the seller if they could just send a new clamp. They were fast to respond with a clarifying question about which clamp.
Ultimately, the design is pretty standard, so I just used a longer bolt from my workshop, along with a washer and locknut.

After deliberation, I found it was best for me to drill a hole in my desk. There is very little lip, and the back of the desk did not have a tall enough hole to fit the screw clamp onto. I used a 1 1/4" spade bit
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By Josh (Xaminmo) Davis
4.6 | 1,338 customer ratings
92% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
My original 3 star review was:
Tolerances in adjustable legs a little wide - causes stand to rock a little both front to back and side to side. Pictures and instructions show silver adjustment tabs perfectly aligned on the left side of the legs - not correct - they go every which way due to poor machining tolerances of nut inside leg. Lastly, one of the legs was very difficult to screw in - glad it didn't strip the threads of the screw welded under the stand. Some might not be so lucky - be very careful screweing them in- will have to start, back out, restart many times to get it to thread.

Updated 5 star review:
Based on my review - Haven offered refund or replacement - and I didn't even ask for one - was going to keep the product since it did function. They commented
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By techteachok
I bought two of these. They arrived quickly, they were easy to assemble, they're somewhat adjustable, they look nice, and they're very sturdy. Best of all, they created handy storage space which I quickly filled with indispensable things such as pens, tweezers, old birthday cards, mostly clean napkins, claw clippers, bottle caps, and probably a couple of unmatched socks.

I was previously using packs of printer paper to elevate my monitors, so these stands had big shoes to fill. Unfortunately, whenever we ran out of printer paper, my monitors would gradually start sinking as I pilfered it to print recipes. That hasn't happened since deploying these bad boys. The only sad thing is, I've lost my emergency paper stash. Boo! =)
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By Mostly anonymous
I’ve got a home office setup that I use extensively. My problem as of late has been transferring my gaze from my two desk monitors to my laptop. It’s a good 8” of vertical distance from the bottom of the monitors to the bottom of the laptop screen and about a foot in distance from the center of the monitors to the center of the laptop screen. This constant readjustment to look at multiple screen heights bothered and then flat out annoyed me. I needed to find a solution. This stand is that solution. Perfectly easy to set up by screwing in the legs and then the knobs are easy to push in and slide to the height that’s needed. Best purchase of my whole home office. There’s different heights but I need the highest and it’s still stable. And there’s venting at the bottom to keep my laptop cool.
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By Mikvikpik
4.9 | 322 customer ratings
96% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
I purchased two of the AboveTEK Premium Acrylic Monitor Stands for use with a pair of 27” Dell Monitors. I could not be happier with my purchase. These stands are just the right height and are very sturdy. Best of all, they are very attractive! I really like the additional storage space below for my keyboards and above for knickknacks. The only cons are very minor. They do show dust, so keep a microfiber cloth handy to wipe them down. With my ultralight Dell monitors, the stands can slide around a bit on my particular desk finish with minimal effort. If you wanted to prevent the stands from sliding around, I suspect a set of adhesive rubber feet would be all that is needed. In my case, I don’t mind the fact they slide a bit as it makes them easy to adjust to my liking.
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By BriSN
First time purchasing a tv stand period. Let alone an acrylic one. Now that I did, I wouldn't buy anything else.
It's almost invisible. and have enough space under to s tore more than a keyboard.
I've purchased 2. One (1) for my 27'' iMac, and a 27'' Lenovo all in one.
Items received today (09/06/2018), but I couldn't wait to write a little review to recommend the product, and to thank those that made it. Great job.
Shipping was as promised.
Great seller.
Great products.
Thank you.

UPDATE Sunday September 8th, 2018
I'm ordering 2 more
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By SirrDiarra
Amazing acrylic product this is! Crystal clear with such smooth build from end to end including the curve corner part! This is not just a stand, this is more like an artwork. About almost 0.5 inch thick, extremely solid build, you can put any very large size all-in-one PC or iMac 27 inch on it without worrying about the distortion.
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By Jonathan Tsa
4.8 | 421 customer ratings
96% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
This monitor stand and storage solution exceeds my expectations. Considering the price point I was extremely wary that the construction would be shoddy, or the appearance unattractive but instead I was very pleasantly surprised by both build quality and aesthetics. The natural bamboo is a wonderful addition to my desk (which has a similar but somewhat divergent natural pine appearance). Meanwhile, I'm banging away on this review on my mechanical keyboard and there's not a hint of wobble being translated up to the 27" monitor standing on the shelf above. I finally have the extra height I've been seeking to make my desk as fully ergonomic as I've always wanted. Meanwhile, the storage solutions are well thought out, and I love that the side compartments are modular. Perhaps the most pressing question I had was about assembly, and I assure you that it's even simpler than most people here have
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By Ross M
I'll preface this by saying that I have honestly never been a very organized person. Things are always misplaced: keys, phone, wallet, pens, that tape I was JUST using - it's a thing. This Laptop stand has not only made my desk so organized and efficient, but it LOOKS fantastic - like nice, high quality materials and sturdy construction. Everything in it's place. Furthermore, this stand makes me WANT to put things back where they go because everything has an exact place!

My only complaint is that I wish the very bottom opening for the keyboard was a tiny bit taller, as my hands wont fit underneath while typing (not a huge issue, but it would be nice to be able to keep my school books in front of me while working, for easy reference), and I wish I could somehow acquire more divider slots - they're fantastic and I wish
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By Rav n Hyo
The stand itself looks beautiful, the assembly wasn't as difficult as some reviewers mentioned - I am a woman and I had put it together within 10-15 minutes. The biggest issue with the stand is that after it was set up, I worked at my desk for a couple of days and I got a major neck pain that I am still suffering from a week later.

I did raise my chair up as much as the space under the desk allowed it, but I work on a 27" iMac, so the upper half of my screen is still higher than my eye level. I tried to be mindful of the position of my neck/head and place apps and browser windows in the bottom half of the monitor, but that's not really rational because now I am forced to use just a half of my large screen. What's the point of
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By SoCal_Julia
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I wanted a dual monitor mounting solution for my ultrawide monitors. I also wanted adjustable arm mounts and not pole mounts. So, I did some research and it turns out you can use the Vivo STAND-V001 monitor arm on this product. The STAND-V001 arm is the lower of the two arms as you can see in the pictures. I get a little bit a bend, but nothing too bad. It's mainly just because my lower monitor (Acer X34) weighs 16.3 pounds. My upper monitor (LG 34UM69G-B) weighs 14.1 pounds. It is the cheapest dual arm solution for these beefy monitors! I have had no issues other than the installation being a little difficult! Definitely would recommend!

Here is a link to the other Vivio monitor arm that I used!
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By Taylor C.
Got it out of the box and installed in 5 minutes with help from the included manual.

I recently purchased Dell 24" monitor (P2416D) and 27" 4K monitor (P2715Q) and needed the 24" monitor to be pivoted for programming. I usually carefully search online to get the best product out of the budget I have. This product looked good for my purpose for the buck. I ordered it and installed it.

- Pictures attached are the following:
* Front view of the installed monitor
* Side view of the installed monitor
* Back of the monitor: How this mount is holding VESA mount.
* Bottom of the mount: How this mount is holding from the desk.
* Bar of the mount: Shows how to manage cables and tools (I loved how they included little holders for the given tools. So smart)
* Monitor can be pivoted easily.
* Monitor can be tilted
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By Sean
I already had the AmazonBasics Single Monitor Display Mounting Arm for my main monitor. I recently purchased Vanatoo Transparent One Powered Speakers (Black, Set of 2) and my second monitor, which was to the left of my main monitor, was blocking the left speaker. I wanted to open up the space so I purchased the extra tall version of the VIVO mount and placed the second monitor on top of the main monitor.

This worked out perfectly (see photo). Installation was easy. I really like the cable management hooks. The joints are plenty stiff and stay in place well once you tighten them. And the height was perfect for what I needed. However, I think the base should be bigger to accommodate the extra height of the mount so that it can be more stable. Maybe I'm being paranoid, but I'm worried that the extra torque will rip the desk off
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By Tsk Tsk Tsk
4.7 | 596 customer ratings
93% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
I'm an online teacher and I wanted something that made life slightly easier while teaching my students, instead of spreading everything around my desk. This little thing works great plus is helping my posture. :-) I'm so happy I spent the money on this. :-)
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By Lovebird07
I have 2 monitors, one smaller than the other and I bought this one to raise up the smaller monitor and provide storage. It is perfect for this and the drawers are more spacious and the unit is much more sturdy than I thought it might be. Can fit file folders or note pads in the top drawer and the lower drawer has dividers for smaller items. Glad I bought it.
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I bought two of these and use them side by side under a widescreen monitor. The are light yet strong, and I love the different size drawers. They fit everything, including my planner, so my desktop is finally organized.
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By CollegeMama