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4.4 | 1,713 customer ratings
85% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
If all you need are the basics and something that takes about 10 minutes to install then buy this right now. The setup was easy and the one button feature is a blessing. I've been riding for decades and am so over the mega-multi function monster that takes an I.T. wiz kid to program. This one had me at hello.....
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By John H. Taylor Jr.
This is my first foray into the realm of bicycle computers. I started riding again after my two kids got old enough to be on their own. I ride mostly in town, commuting ten miles or so to and from the usual places, but I also started going on some suitably longer trips out into the countryside. And after a while, after all that time spent pedaling and pedaling, one begins to wonder certain things, like: "How fast am I actually going, how many miles am I traveling on these trips, and how long is all of this taking?"

I know what you're thinking: "So why do I need a bike computer when all this information can be obtained using my smartphone's maps or other such apps along with GPS positioning?" Well, I tried that, and even after just a few trips, this bike computer is MUCH easier to use than
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By drp103
This is primarily for road and cross bikes. Hard to impossible to mount sensor on mountain bike with front suspension to be w/i 5cm of magnet. My mountain bike is unexceptional, a Trek FSR with Fox shocks. I could not configure mount to be within 5 cm of magnet. not even close. I spent an hour building shims from mounts for old computers, bells, and lights. They would fall off before I could get out of the neighborhood, let alone try on dirt. CatEye should include shims made for mounting, or provide sensors with greater range. In general too many bike accessories are made for road bikes, but sellers chose not to warm of problems with mountain bikes. Until one has the sensor in hand, it is impossible to predict or measure if ill be within 5 cm. I checked CatEye website, read reviews and questions, searchers each for "5cm"
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By Armando
4.4 | 696 customer ratings
83% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
the single wrap is supposed to wrap around the handlebar and then around the phone. if you have an iphone 7+ 8+ or Note 8 / note 9 , just use zip ties.

what i mean is the mount already has slots for zip ties since that is how its attached to the packaging. i was able to use the same slots to wrap secure the mount to my handle bars. now the strap just has to wrap around the phone only and not the bar AND phone.

yes, the note 8 will fit with it how its supposed to be mounted, but with my otterbox like case, its really tight. and if you have a note 8 and tempered glass protector you know that the protectors crack all the time because of the curved screen. i want to avoid the extra tight band around my phone so it wont crack the
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By Carlos R.
After the Nuclear Armageddon, the only likely survivors will be a) Twinkies, b) cockroaches, c) zombies, and d) These mounts. On the plus side, the zombies and roaches will be able to cycle through the post-apocalyptic wasteland, eating Twinkies, without worrying about their smartphones.

Seriously. These are solid, straightforward mounts with failure of the only real "moving part"-- the rubber strap-- unlikely unless it's cut. My ONLY criticism, as with other reviews for the product, is the pre-ride upper body workout that's required to get the rubber strap around my medium-wide phone (a Nexus 5) and placement of the strap that obscures part of the screen. The first isn't really a big issue (although my heart was in my teeth the first few times, wondering if the pressure was enough to shatter the glass display) and the second is potentially "workable" if you play with the
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By DennisM
Although a bit pricey, the band works fantastically well that I ended up getting another one so I can have my iPhone 6 (in an otterbox case) and an external battery right behind it as shown in the picture. The ease of use as well as its solid reliability make it a worthwhile product.
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By Glide Floss
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4.5 | 268 customer ratings
87% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
I've just installed this odometer, and I was immediately impressed. I've had multiple CatEye products before, and this stands up to their quality. Right before this odometer, I at first had the Zarco bike computer ( I saw the good reviews and ordered it. It felt, looked, and acted cheap. It took one day before one of the buttons quit working. From the beginning, the sensor would get sucked into the wheel by the force of the magnet. I ended up returning the product.
I searched for a while longer until I came across this CatEye product. I didn't believe that I hadn't found this earlier. I also couldn't believe this price. $11.76. I immediately ordered it, seeing that most other sights were charging $40 or more. At the time of this review, the price has now dropped down to $9.90.
Now to details:
The description for this product is only part of
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By Interesting Inquiries
Pretty basic model (which is exactly what I wanted) but works great and is easy to set up. The one thing to know is the mechanism down on the forks that reads the magnet has to be angled quite a ways toward the wheel to assure it's close enough for it to read the magnet. Best mounting position is on the FRONT of the fork so if it happens to get knocked toward the spokes for some reason it is deflected away. On the rear of the fork (shown in picture) it would get drawn into the spokes if that happened. Overall I'm very pleased with this unit!
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By Andrew Bencomo
I have been using Cateye cycle computers since the days of the Solar II (the one I bought in the 80s still works). When I put a new bike together, I needed a basic computer for it. This looked like a good fit for a bike with hydraulic disc brakes, as there's no good way to route a wire from the fork to the handlebar.

The computer and magnetic pickup work well. The pickup is less persnickety than the ones that came with the wired models I bought in the 90s (those still work and I am still using them). The display is clear and bright, but I think it's too big for what it does, and everything on the screen is controlled from a single button. To change or initialize the settings, you have to use the two small buttons on the bottom of the device, which you
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By Robert L. Fishell
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4.3 | 493 customer ratings
82% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Love it, bigger numbers, easier to read. Same all great Cateye Fixture. Very easy to set up and pair with the sensor. No problems with this unit whatsoever.
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By Fernando
I have two Padrone's, one for each bike. I bought the first one here at Amazon almost a year ago. I've had no issues with it. Easy to set up (especially if you are familar with Cateye computers). Huge screen, I can read all the data without my reading glasses. A couple of things I do not like- No second trip meter. Sometimes I like to know the distance between two points on a ride, without doing the math in my head. If you reset the trip mileage, it resets everything except odometer and clock. If you use the stem mount position and accidentally press down on the computer head it will reset. I've done this a few times when I reach down to pick up something on the ground, or to tighten my front wheel skewer. If you use a Cateye Outfront bracket this will solve this problem.
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By Old rider
Ordered first one and within 2 weeks it started going haywire. Jumping from 50 to 5 to 15 to 65...and so forth. Registering that I was going 50mph when the bike was at a standstill. Returned it thinking I had a lemon. Got a new one. This one lasted a couple of months before doing the same thing. The mileage and distance goes haywire....sort of defeats the purpose.

Love the big screen. But find a different model. Not reliable.

*Update: Tried to return to Amazon but they said no because it was outside the window. They told me to contact CatEye. CatEye told me that the problem was likely an LED headlight (which I don't have) or fancy LED streetlights (I live in Idaho...we don't have those). Later they said it could be my bluetooth on the phone. That at least makes sense...except it still goes bonkers when I don't even have
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4.5 | 106 customer ratings
90% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
I had one of these setup on my bike for around 300 miles. It's easy to program for your specific bike tire size and from there on out it tracks speed and distance very accurately. The basic functionality is easy to access via the single button. It starts when you start pedaling and tracks your speed, average speed, max speed, current distance traveled, while it also includes an odometer of all miles traveled, a clock and an estimate of calories burned. This cycling computer may seem basic, but it really provides most everything that an amateur cyclist would need to reference without turning to spendy GPS cycling computers that would add little to no value to a beginner or amateur cyclist. For the price paid it's an excellent device and a great gadget to have on your bike. It's very reliable and the battery lasts years.
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By Big Lyu
This is my second Cat Eye device, but the first in 25 years. The unit installed easily on my Trek 7.1 FX. On the first real ride, I used the Cat Eye and the GPS on my phone. The phone reported 4.8 miles (the app I used only reports to the tenth) and the Cat Eye 4.84 miles. So the unit is very accurate. I do suggest that you check Cat Eye's web site and enter the circumference value for your specific tire. The difference between a 700c road tire and a 700c hybrid tire is significant over medium distances. Entering the circumference is a little more complicated, but the accuracy is worth it.
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By dj
Christmas present for my wife. I have used a Velo 2 for years. The Velo 8 works as well as the Velo 2, is easy to install and calibrate. Etc.

I calibrated both by measuring the actual distance covered by the wheels measured in the driveway covering five rotations. Out on the road, the two differed only by less than 1/10 mile on a ride that covered 15 miles. My Velo 2 goes several years on one battery, which is easy to replace.

Can's say much about the "calorie" feature on the Velo 8. I consider it mostly a gimmick.
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By Phyllis
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4.1 | 833 customer ratings
77% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
I'm giving this 5 stars because of the price. Let's face it you want to look the part when you get a new bike and the sexy aero frames and carbon stuff is an economic sacrifice if you're not rich. For those on a tight budget If the cost of the bike uses up the entire budget, you have to wait till the next paycheck (or next few depending...) to get all the accessories you want. That's where this thing shines. At the time of this review the price fell even lower than I paid for it ($8) and honestly for 8 bucks even if you can't afford to buy lunch after paying for your bike you can still afford to get this basic bike computer. That is what I love most about it. I don't know how long it will last or how accurate it is as yet (will
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By ttview
I have installed the Dashboard 150, but when I am done riding I cannot reset my trip meter or time easily. Instructions say to press and hold both the left and right buttons for 3 seconds. This does reset my trip meter and time, but it also resets everything else, such as the wheel value, KM/M selection and 24 hour clock option. This is a real pain to then have to reset everything just to reset my mileage. I did a search in the Q and A section for this, and in there it says the manual is wrong and you only have to press the left button for three seconds....this DOES NOT WORK ON THE DASHBOARD 150. Pressing and holding the left button does nothing on the Dashboard 150. Hence the 3 stars. If someone points out an easy solution,
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By Gary
I cannot recommend this device.

This was purchased as a replacement for a Bell F12 cycling computer, which lasted for 7 years and over 5000 miles. That unit finally corroded due to being in a mostly marine environment. This seemed to be the newer version of the device. It is much lighter in weight and the control button is not as robust. The zip ties for attachment to the bike are very thin and do not secure the computer and sensor mounts secure.

After two months (and the return window has closed), the computer would not turn on after trying several troubleshooting measures: new battery, realigning the sensors, checking the wires. While relatively inexpensive, this is very disappointing. I would have been satisfied to get at least a year out of this device, but this severely under-performs.
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By Brooklyn Hawk
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4.4 | 97 customer ratings
86% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
I have had Cateye wired cycle computers on my bikes for years. Though there are plenty of wireless units on the market, I've not had great luck with them. I'm willing to have the wires for greater reliability.

This unit provides all the info I need, with the simple one button interface.Time will tell if the computer has the ruggedness that a mountain bike computer needs to have, but I'm confident it'll be fine for my riding style.

The unit has two measurements my other Cateyes don't have -- calories and carbon offset. Not sure how calories could be accurate unless you entered your body weight. It must assume a default weight, very likely less than my weight, so that number doesn't do much for me. The carbon offset is interesting -- seems it would be useful if you were using your bike for utility, riding instead
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By Dave M
After years of using and generally loving my CatEye Enduro 8 cyclocomputers, I was forced to swap them out because poor designs of the mounting brackets eventually led to corrosion and failure of the wired connection.

The new Enduro, overall, is better. The operation with one button on the front and a set button on the back makes it more intuitive than the older versions. The screen is nicer, and the bracket can mount to either the handlebars or the stem.

The bracket is still the weakest, part however, and I wish CatEye would charge a few dollars more and include a much better bracket. The wired receiver has a sticky on the back that wears out and won't secure well to a narrow front fork. It definitely won't stand up to the elements or be good for reinstalling. Unlike other computer brands, there is no seal between the bracket and computer,
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By Daniel
The physical mounting to the bike was easy, and everything is well built - good & heavier for off-road. It came with all the mounting things needed - ties, tape, etc. The mounting instructions were clear. Programming it is a little more involved, which is why I would knock off a half star. Not so much for the unit, but because of the instructions. There is actually writing on the instructions for 18 languages. Yes, I said 18! But after conveying some basic things in 18 languages, they just then use diagrams to tell you how to program it. Most programmed functions are semi-straightforward, but if you have a nonstandard wheel size (like my 29er with a 3.4 tire profile), it gets a little more involved. And if you don't get the wheel size entry right, you have to reset
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By Tman
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4.3 | 133 customer ratings
84% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Ordered this to replace a cheap Chinese POS. The old one must have got a drop of water on it, so it crapped out. This one is superior in every regard. Easy to set up. Easy to reset for each trip. Easy to read. Not overloaded with useless functions that NASA couldn’t figure out how to make work with the crappy microscopic instructions. This one has great instructions and installation was a snap - no tools required at all. I’m extremely happy with this little computer. I recommend measuring the height of the tire the sensor is mounted on and multiply by 3.14. Set the computer to that number - It will be deadly accurate.
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By Amazon Customer
I was a sigma wireless user last year, but I changed my batteries this spring and the bike computer was erratic and then stopped completely. I got the new wired with all the functions including temp and its performance is amazing. I wanted it to sync with the mile markers on the trail and after tweaking the wheel size 4-5 times, it's right on and consistant.
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By jack
I was able to adapt the Sigma Sport Baseline 1200 Wired Bicycle Computer to work on my Royal Enfield motorcycle that only has an odometer and an inaccurate speedometer. The Sigma was a nice informational upgrade to the RE's speedometer information. While it did take a few adjustments to get the speed indication to match the roadside radar speed displays, once set it is working just fine.
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By Richard 230
product price & FREE Shipping. Details
4.0 | 1,035 customer ratings
74% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
I purchased my first bike computer - a "Cateye Solar" - in the mid-80s, and back when they cost around 80 bucks. (Ouch!) It added a whole new dimension to my cycling... being able to track miles with incredible accuracy turned out to be an incentive to accumulate a few more. And since then, I've ridden 186,000+ miles... most of it tracked by an assortment of Cateye computers. (I've tried other brands a couple times... always came back to the Cateye for its ease of use and readability... and reliability.)

Most recently, on another bike, I've been using the "Velo 7" model... named such because it has 7 functions (speed, trip miles, odometer, clock, trip time, average speed and max speed).

Well, lo and behold, they've enhanced it to a "Velo 9." (The Velo 7 is still available, but it costs 10 bucks more than a Velo
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By Steven H. Hulme
My wife uses her bike on an bike stand for indoor training so this had to be mounted on the rear wheel. The cord is really short so I had to mount the computer on the tube part of the frame instead of the handle bars--see the pictures. Also, the frame for the wheel was too far from the wheel spokes so I had to jury-rig some shims so that the sensor is close enough to the magnet to register--there can only be 5 mm max distance between the two for the magnet to register.

Also, the package and instructions that we received were all in Japanese. I had to download the English instruction manual from the Cateye website.

Overall it is working OK. I gave this 4 stars so far because I wish the cord was longer so I could actually mount this on the handlebar instead of the tube. I
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By someone
Very happy with my Velo 9 purchase. Big easy to read display. Easy setup thanks to the flowchart style directions. I put this on a Trek 29er and used my bike computer app to compare values. Speed and distance were within .01 miles of each other after 1 mile, which is accurate enough for my needs.

Came with plenty of small zip ties, especially if you wrap the cord around a brake cable. Installing the magnet was easy, but took a little tweaking to get in just the right spot. I used the double sided tape to temp the receiver in place on my fork. This allowed me to pull it off a couple times to line it up with the magnet once I found the best position for those two components. The sticky tape will hold it in place until you can zip tie it down.

The unit goes into a
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By Ø™
product price & FREE Shipping
4.1 | 168 customer ratings
75% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
DON'T SKIP THIS REVIEW BECAUSE IT IS LONG!!! I will answer questions that the other reviewers did not answer. Also, at the end of this review, I have written simplified instructions that are much easier to use than the complicated flow chart manual that the computer comes with. Read on!

QUICK REVIEW: The Cateye Micro Wireless is an excellent wireless bike computer because of its high value price, features, and reliability. I bought this computer for a new bike, but I am still using the excellent and reliable Cateye Strada Wireless on my mountain bike. The Strada has survived extremely technical and jarring terrain, heat, cold, and torrential downpours of rain. I haven't been able to extensively test the reliability of the Micro Wireless yet, but I'm sure based on the Strada and it's similar design, that the Micro will give 100% reliability and satisfaction.

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By GearTechnical
The included manual is difficult to decipher, but once you decode it the programming is straight forward. I like that you can change the display to what you really want instead of the default speed and something on the bottom. The night light is a little led on the bottom and haphazardly floods the entire display making it difficult to read at night. It should have led backlight instead, but readability in daylight is excellent.

Some have commented on the computer not registering the motion or interference with the signal. I had no such problems, but I did follow the advice to mount the wheel sensors as close as possible (much closer than the specified 5mm). I basically mounted it so if they hit, it will bump the sensor slightly further without breaking it. I also ride with it in the city using my phone
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By 982500h
BACK DOWN TO 1 STAR! Too many factors interfere with sensor/computer signal including power lines, traffic lights, mobile phones, headlights, automobiles and many other devices/electrical items that send RF wave, which is almost everything electrical! GOING BACK TO WIRED COMPUTER!

changed to 3 stars! keeps dropping mph during ride and I've measured the magnet to sensor distance to be < or equal to 5 mm! Contacted CatEye and I am told that the headlight I am using interferes with the signal. Amazing, yeah!

I have been having a problem with the speed sensor; a couple of times now on a ride the speed goes from 20 or so to 4.+ for no apparent reason; it seems to happen when I go over a crack in the road. I checked the distant from the sensor to the magnet & it is less than 5mm; not happy with that!

I placed the bracket on
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By BobCat
4.4 | 55 customer ratings
84% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Great mount for mtb. I use it with a Garmin 520 plus and it puts the computer in a great location. I ride pretty rough trails and it's very secure - no worry about the GPS flying off. As pictured, it puts the unit just over the stem (my bars are 35mm diameter and stem is 40mm long for reference).
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By Amazon Customer
Love this little guy to mount Garmin computer on mountain bike. Works for both the Garmin 800 and 1030, holding them rock steady
The only issue I have is the price. Paying nearly $40 for a plastic mount is a bit high. I know it comes with 10 different adapters but why not just make a model for each brand instead of giving me 9 pieces I don’t need?
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By VolFan
I really liked the placement of this mount for mountain biking. It worked great with a short stem. The problem was how fragile the hinge is. While handling my bike, I bumped the mount and the plastic on the hinge broke right off rendering the mount useless. I purchased a replacement since I thought it was just my luck and I had bumped it just right to break, but the second mount also broke within a couple of weeks in the same way at the hinge. Both the mounts had broken without even having endured crash or something else that you would expect a mount to break from. I really wanted to like this mount for the price and positioning, but the cheap plastic hinge is just too fragile for mountain biking. I ended up going with a more expensive metal mount that has now endured a few crashes and
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By Bulik Brulik
4.7 | 29 customer ratings
90% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Purchased this mount for my triathlon bike. I mounted it on one side of my aero bars which puts my Karoo centered between the bars where it's easy to see and access. The mount was easy to install and adjust to the perfect angle. The 1/4 turn mount fits perfect and there is no wobble.
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By SAMPorter
As described. I would recommend.
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By Troy H. White
Works great and looks great on my tri bike. Highly recommend!
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By Amazon Customer
4.1 | 104 customer ratings
78% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Purchased two M5s & one M6:

One M5 flawless; HR Monitor, Speed Sensor, & Computer Excellent. Stopped using cadence because using 1 battery per week(about $2.50per). Had same issue with cadence on each unit. However quality build, great functionality, and easy set up forced 3 stars! Calorie function does not compute without use of HR monitor. So I conclude that calorie measurement is accurate based at least on heart rate & distance. Calories are my motivator!
The other two units M5 & M6 had cadence issues burning through batteries also. One HR monitor failed. And the computer had issues reading speed on 2 of the 3 units. So had I stopped with purchase of my first M5, would be 5stars. However, because of other issues had to be honest. Computer battery, Speed sensor battery, and HR monitor battery have all worked more than a month and still counting. UPDATE: June 17, 2018...CHANGED
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By Frogspawncoral
This has everything I really need for tracking my rides. Speed, distance, cadence, heart rate, cumulative distance, etc. What more do you need? I don't need maps and such. I know where I am. The ease of use, accurate information, clear display. All great. Just because it can be added to a cycling computer, doesn't mean it is necessary. The goal is the ride. Not techno do-dads.
The only down side was the batteries that came with the speed transmitter, cadence transmitter and heart rate transmitter were all pretty much DOA. The only other thing that would be nice but not necessary is an altimeter to track climbs. Still not going change the star rating. this is a great unit.
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the pictures do not show the cadence sensor. so it is a little confusing wether it is included or not in the set. I am glad it is is included though.
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By Amazon Customer
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3.9 | 1,294 customer ratings
69% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Ok....this little gizmo took a bit of finagling to get accurate and to program, but once I figured it out, it is VERY accurate. I checked it against my RunKeeper GPS phone app and it is near perfect, right down to the tenth of a mile.

I've only ever used wired bike computers (Vetta), so I found the attachment of the sensor to the fork super easy, and the placement of the magnet equally easy. No wires to run all over! I put mine on left fork (just personal preference), with the writing facing in. You'll see a little indentation in the upper, right-hand corner of the face of the sensor that is the zone you need to line up to the magnet, so get within 5mm of that, the closer the better, and you should be good. The counter with its strap is also very easy to attach. Just make
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By Jaybird
Took a few minutes to install. Spent more than a week trying to figure out whey wireless sensor connection keeps dropping. Sometimes it works. Sometimes it doesn't. Re-read the manual many times to verify proper installation. Self doubt about my ability to follow instructions. Replace button batteries just in case. Sometime it works when testing. Usually it fails to pick up connections when I am ready to ride.

Finally, by accident did I stumble across the reason. When I turn on my Niterider Lumen 1100 LED headlight in flash mode (which I always do), Cat Eye fails to connect to the sensor. As soon as I turn off the headlight, Cat Eye gets the signals.

Google search "interference between LED lights and wireless Cycling Computer" will find several good matches.

Product works as advertised. Took out one star for not mentioning LED
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By Rick Wong
I won't bother going over the features of this unit since they are well listed and documented in other reviews.

I have purchased 5 of these for different bikes over the last 3 years. All of them are still working perfectly. All together, I have around 8500 cumulative miles on them - mostly harder off road and with some on road training miles mixed in. I have crashed numerous times and they have not been damaged. They have been rained on, sprayed with the hose, exposed to mud and sand, got caught on shrubbery, and exposed to countless hours of sunlight. I have zero complaints about their durability. I did lose the circular plastic thumb tightener that secures it to your bars or stem but that only happened once and now i check their tightness frequently and they are always tight.

When I got the first one,
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By atomhart
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4.2 | 55 customer ratings
82% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
I have used the Cateye Strada, on my mountain bike and was completely satisfied by it’s ease of set-up, use and accuracy. Then I purchased my first road bike, and wanted another bike computer. So I purchased the Cateye Padrone plus.? It has a much larger face, so it’s very easy to read. It has a light, so it can be read in low light or no light conditions. Again it was easy to set-up, install and use. I also purchased the out front bracket, and are very happy with it as well. If you carry a cell phone or use a headlamp, keep them at least 2-3” away from the Cateye or you may experience inaccurate readings.
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By R A
I have always thought the Cat-Eye bike computers were among the best, and have used them for around 25 years. This model is no exception. The display is very large and easy to read. The backlight is great--nice and bright. You can choose to have the backlight on continuously, or just for a few seconds at a time, which really extends battery life. This computer is also the easiest one I've every used. It does everything I need, and you simply change functions by pressing down on the lower front of the unit. Not complicated at all. The wireless transmission works for us without fail. It was even very easy to set-up the wheel size, compared to another brand I tried and returned (so I could get this one). I can't think of a way they could improve on this
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By Steven
I was looking for a mid-low range bike computer to gauge basic speed / distance measurements on the road for personal inquirey, but also to be sure I kept up with traffic speeds. I used to have the old Padrone model, which lacked the timer and backlight features. I often ride at night so the backlight is a huge bonus on this newer model. I’ve not tried to use the timer function yet. This device does not pair with phones via bluetooth, as the Smart version does. The speed sensor woks on a simple magnetic sensor which records wheel rotation rate, like most lower cost bike computers. It is alright, but sometimes the magnet screw comes loose and loses connectivity to the sensor, preventing proper reading or reading at all. The sensor attaches to the front fork via zip ties and a rubber adapter. If the zip ties are not
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By Sean
4.1 | 74 customer ratings
80% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
I'm fairly new to road cycling and one thing I realized is that a lot of the products with a bigger name similar to this one are very expensive. I'm young so I don't have $400 to buy a bike computer with. This Product is very good, and it is also cheap. I like that it has speed indication even if you don't buy a separate speed sensor. It does this through GPS. Although, sometimes it acts up and doesn't find me until about 5 minutes into the ride but that's not very often. The biggest negative for me is the computer seems to randomly set itself to a 24-hour time format. I contacted the company about this and they told me there's no way to change that. Although, again, this isn't a huge deal for me because I wear another watch while cycling. The backlight also works very well.
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So far so good! I was looking for something simple to supplement my Garmin Forerunner 920XT watch. I do triathlon and wanted something that I could use in addition to my Garmin watch to monitor my HR, Speed and Cadence without having to constantly look at my watch. I wanted something I could mount on the handlebars so the information I'm looking for is always right in front of me.

I was skeptical of this bike computer because of the low price. I already had a Garmin HR monitor strap, a cadence sensor and a speed sensor so I also wanted something that would work with the sensors I already have and use.

Setup is a little tricky but once you learn your way around it is pretty easy. When setting up the sensors you have to set everything you intend on using up all at the
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By Jbrawl
iGPSSPORT iGS10 Review

This unit can be used in an "ala carte" mode where GPS signals are used for speed and distance data or a wheel speed sensor can be added to collect this information. Other sensors can be added, too, but I have not tested those devices. I will describe my experience with and without the wheel speed sensor.

Ala carte Mode (no wheel speed sensor)

I compared the iGPS10 to my Garmin GPSmap 62st on a trail ride that had major tree cover over most of the distance. Tree cover affects most (probably all) GPS devices and the iGPS10 is seriously compromised in this situation. The Garmin 62st is much less sensitive. The 62st shows about the right distance according to trail signs while the iGPS10 is over a mile short. Trip time (which is moving time for the iGPS10) is also far off
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By Jeff Colehour
3.9 | 152 customer ratings
70% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
This is perfect exactly what I needed for my rc Traxxas rustler and my Traxxas x max 8s. Now I’m able to find out how fast it goes
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By David Paris
Want to know the ff: Speed, Ave. Speed, Fastest Speed, Distance, & Duration ( w/out complicated screen display nor speed sensor attached to the fork)? THIS IS IT! It works, & IT'S WORTH IT!!!
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By tzadd
Just two days of use:
Navigating the menu is a bit confusing at first, but otherwise pretty simple to use once you get the hang of it.
Won't be for everyone, but it does what I need. Just for speed, total distance and trip mileage so to keep track of estimated battery life on my electric trike (Worksman Industrial and Clean Republic). Acquires signal fine and is accurate enough.
I like the mount and wish there was two so I could swap between bikes. I don't want to pay another $10 for another, and I can't find another like the one it comes with.
Although its designed to mount on the vertical stem, I just rotated the rubber base 90 degrees and mounted it on a cross bar. They could have easily designed it to do both, but it works.
Can't comment on battery life, but how I'll be using it, is to remove it
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By Shorpy
3.9 | 145 customer ratings
75% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
I got this to go with my built-in Bontrager Duotrap S cadence and speed sensors. I got tired of mounting my phone on my handlebars just to see my speed, and this fit the bill. I also bought the separate out front mount because it looks a lot better than mounting directly on the bars.

So far, it works great. In addition to displaying my speed, distance, cadence, it also shows temperature, time, and % of grade you're riding on. It will show this info as current, max, and average-- you can choose on the fly. Also, of course, it saves a map of where you've ridden, but you can't see the map on the unit. All of this gets saved in a standard *.fit file (if you initiate recording at the start of the ride) which can be uploaded to sites like Strava where all the data including
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By Eric L.
Out of the box, the screen has a huge bubble right through the middle. Definitely a quality control issue, shipping something that wasn't put together properly is irresponsible. Really unhappy, I probably have to pay to ship the thing back which is going to make me really unhappy.

UPDATE: OK, so the original unit wasn't manufactured properly, it happens. But upon receiving the replacement unit, I am completely happy with the device (and Amazon's customer service!). The GPS is accurate (seems better than my phone which now can be used as a phone again), the Android App is easy and works every time, the iGPSPort website needs some work but the device is awesome. It picked up all my sensors, its easy to read in bright sunlight, battery lasts at least 30hours, data outputs from the device to the website are compatible with just about everybody's
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By ronrrm
Delivery was very fast and, when I had a question, the seller responded immediately. The product is exactly as described--just what I need in a larger screen cycling computer with cadence and heart rate, along with normal features of mileage and time elapsed. Most important to me was the large screen. I've had several other kinds of computers in the past--Sigma, Specialized, etc.--but the screen organization is better on this one.
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By Walter Krell
4.2 | 38 customer ratings
83% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
This is just an initial review. I had no problems with the installation.
Both zip ties and a rubber "o" ring (like a big round rubber band) were provided to mount the display (computer) bracket to the handlebar. I used zip ties. (If you use the o ring, you might need a thinner handlebar. It was too short to fit around my thick ramshorn.) Only zip ties (black) were provided for the sensor mount to the front fork. Both brackets had black rubber pads with adhesive on one side to provide a compression surface between the sensor/fork and the display mount/handlebar. The display/computer is removable. Both sensor and display had a cr-2032 ("watch") battery with a paper insulator (remove before installation) to keep from discharging the batteries before installation. An extra battery and extra zipties came with the kit.
The display is large and easy to read. There is a temporary backlight,
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By Steven P. Spinella
I received this bicycle odometer a few weeks ago and have been able to test it on several rides. The installation was easy thanks to the great youtube video (the written instructions provided weren't helpful but the video was great). I ended up using the zip ties to attach the display to the bike, but they also provide "o" rings for thinner handlebars. You also get an extra battery and zip ties, which is a nice bonus. On all of my rides, I really enjoyed being to see the distance I was covering without having to use my smartphone, which goes dormant within 5 minutes and requires a password or fingerprints to open back up, and I can't really do that safely while riding (unless I keep the screen on all the time which depletes my battery super fast). Having the odometer right in front of me was really motivating,
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By Stephanie P
I've had this bike computer for a week now, mounted on a lite litespeed road bike, and have about 100 miles of data on it. I compared it to my cateye strada, Garmin GPS, and my phone GPS. Depending an what you need, this computer might be it:

Low cost? At $20, it's hard to beat. 5 stars

Accuracy? Was generally within .2 mph compared to cateye for instantaneous speed, but over distances of more than 10 miles it consistently tracked short. 3 stars

Longevity? It is larger than the strada, but weighs less. Can't comment, but not expecting much. Will return to rate this aspect in a few months.

Ease of use? If you like solving puzzles, this is your computer. The instructions are helpful to a point, but they aren't written as clearly as they could be. It also took a
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By AmeliaC
product price & FREE Shipping. Details
4.9 | 14 customer ratings
100% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
I needed a mount that would be adjustable and able to mount to my aero bars on my TT bike. I found this one and was able to get it set up perfectly (see pics)!

This allows me to stay down in aero and clearly see my bike computer. So for me, this was the perfect solution and a solid purchase.
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By Dr Meckfessel
This bracket is well made and works exactly as you expect. Versatile mounting options allow you to mount your computer on the tt bars and still use the bars to hold your water bottle. No reason not to buy this unit if you are looking to mount to your tt bars.
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By Shawn
fits on the wahoo element bolt, but the aero gains of the bolt are not maintained with this unit
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By Kindle Customer