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4.6 | 254 customer ratings
88% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Worked exactly as expected. Love the machine.

Only nit, and it's not worth dinging a star, is that cleaning the angel hair disc is annoying. Best advice: Let it sit and harden for a bit before you clean it. I just do it right after dinner and the left over dough pops right out, though you do need to press the included tool into each set of holes.
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By J. M. Grant
The angel hair attachment is awesome, I love using it for homemade ramen noodles! I wish the papperdelle die made thinner noodles, they are a little too thick for my liking. This set is worth it just for the angel hair attachment though!
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By carole
The Angel Hair extruder disk is the perfect size to make Japanese Ramen or Chinese Noodles. The sizes of the Philips extruder disks from smallest to largest are: 1. Angel Hair, 2. Spaghetti (included with unit), 3. Japanese Ramen, 4. Japanese Udon. I don't know where the "Thick Spaghetti" disk would go.
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4.5 | 423 customer ratings
88% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
As you can see in the video, this amazing pasta machine turns the dough very smoothly into thin and soft pasta. You need to fold the pasta and put it on a roller, repeat it several times, and you will get the perfect pasta.
This works perfect, now I can make homemade pasta with sheet of dough easily. If you’re considering a fresh pasta maker or replacing a hand crank machine, buy this! You won’t be disappointed.
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By JianGuo Huang
Love this attachment,as you can see in my pics,I want to try 2 forms of pasta, they are very successful and easy to operate.So much better than dried pasta. It's just great, and these things are built like a battleship. I think they'll last forever.The must have attachment if you own a Kitchenaid mixer.
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By Richards
Bought this because of the price point of the kitchenaid pasta pack that is the same but all stainless on the outside and each type of roller item can be stored separately. The first weekend with this item we only used the flat pasta sheet roller to make ravioli, my daughter and I were complete pasta making rookies! At first, it was a pretty good laughable scene and the spaghetti cutter sucked overflowing dough into it! We had a bit of a mess... We kept at it and within a half hour of that mess we were rolling along fairly well. I will say that we removed the plastic white cover and it revealed all the stainless parts beneath and in my opinion makes it easier to see if your dough is about to go wonky. There are many good tips for making dough out there on the internet and
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By C. Hendricks
4.4 | 573 customer ratings
85% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
We purchased this because there are times when taking out the stand mixer and all the attachments can be overwhelming. This is a one and done machine that is built well. The motor is strong and it does what it is supposed to do. I didn't want to spend the money at first and purchased a lower end model. After one use, it was back in the box. This was a great purchased and we totally enjoy making pasta on the fly now without all the mess.
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By Angie
This may seem expensive but it is incredible. Other machines which were manual have strap on motors and all require to be anchored down to a work surface. This machine is a standalone pasta maker like all the appliances we are used to (coffee, blenders,s toasters). It is super easy to use and extremely easy to clean as it is 100% stainless steel. We have used the manual one and this is a must have for anyone who loves homemade pasta. One of the review I read said it was from a "chef" to buy a cheap one as this one is too slow. That is not true.
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By bob g.
I have had several electric pasta machines and the main problem is plastic gears. They strip! This machine is tough, and I am no longer worried that I will hear the sound of gears stripping. My daughter received this machine for her wedding, I was very envious, so I ordered one for me.
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By L. Fishburne
4.4 | 195 customer ratings
84% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
I’m so glad I finally bought this attachment for my mixer made it so easy and fast to make gumpaste sheets for flower making and ruffles! This brand for his price is well worth it.
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By Hector & Yajaira
I bought a hand crank but this pasta roller is so much easier. It fit on my KitchenAid mixer with no issues. I have the bigger mixer and no problems. We've made raviolis, lasagna and even flour tortillas with this roller. You can easily turn the dial to the thickness you need or want. Once set, it doesn't move till you pull and turn the dial. When putting the dough in, you don't have to have it above setting 1. It doesn't cut the dough into spaghetti or fettuccine but I have a handheld pasta cutter so that works too. This roller is really easy to use and is really easy.
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By Ronny Acosta
The roller is the most used attachment for my mixer since I like to make pasta almost every day. This stainless steel roller makes the job so easy. It has 8-thick adjustments and you can make pretty much anything you want. Best of all, it is cheaper than the original KitchenAid roller.
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By James
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4.3 | 185 customer ratings
81% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
After seeing numerous, questionable reviews on consumer level pasta machines, I was surprised to see some rather positive reviews for this unit. Being a fan of hand made pasta, I have looked for a manual pasta extruder I could use at home. They are usually multiple hundreds of dollars, but that still leaves you making the dough by hand. Given the great price on the refurb. unit, and the positive reviews I figured I would take a risk on this machine. Wow has it delivered on the promise of easy pasta!. Normally I need at least 45 minutes to hand knead, hydrate, roll flat and cut fresh pasta. With this little guy, it is literally a 15 minute process from opening the flour bin to having pasta ready to boil. The one thing you must do is get the proportions right on the
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By Customer in Napa
This is a great noodle maker. I love it very much. What I like the most is 1. After using it , no need to clean it right away, just leave it as it is until next time you use it , then open the parts to get rid of dry dough pieces sticked on it, very easy to clean it; 2. The noodle won’t break to small pieces after in a freezer for weeks, still the same shape as fresh one; 3. Totally looks new , well packed. 4. Less 10 minutes fresh noodle are ready to cook
Tip:1. follow the instruction to pour the water in. I mistakenly poured a cup of water quickly into the container without throughing the small hole on the cover, the leaking happened from the bottom of the machine .
2. I use all purpose flour to make noodle , following the ratio,
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By A buyer
The flour to water ratios in the user manual and the recipe book are totally wrong. It's no wonder there is some bad reviews that the pasta comes out like mush. What the recipe writers have done wrong is to confuse volume measurements of the flour as opposed to weight of the flour. The 250gram flour recipe says it equal one cup of flour. If you use the volume measurment and the recommend water amount you will surely make pasta mush. Based on weight 250 grams equals about 8.8oz of flour, depending on the kind of flour you use that could be a bit over two cups of flour. (King Arthur flour website has weight charts for a myriad of ingredients. ) Their All purpose flour weighs 4.25oz/113grams. So basically the recipe is wrong. There is nothing wrong with the water measurement,
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By Dean Ellis
4.5 | 89 customer ratings
87% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
It fits my kitchen aid perfectly. I can make pasta and spaghetti at home with my family. I can teach my daughter how to make pasta. That’s really fun. I have no problem for using it.
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By A cup of tea
It’s been crazy quarantine time for everyone! Everyone is becoming a professional baker! Recently I just brought a new toy which is the brand name stand mixer! I have also been baking many different dessert and bread with this but one day I decided I want to make my own pasta so I found this and it can be use on my mixer and its a better price than the original brand plus it’s easy to use. I can adjust the thickness of the pasta I want and very easy to wash which is what I want! I’m so I got this! It provides with few recipes to learn! Love it!
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By Sunshinee
Well, it wasn't the great time equalizer I thought it would be. I do think it made the dough more uniform. I actually made died apple dumplings for the neighbor kids tonight. There was a learning curve to it. It did the job. Small batches. Is the take away.
I'm a southern lady. I've never been good with rolling things out. I think this did the trick. I think it would work for sugar cookies if you have small kids to include in the holiday baking. I really got this to roll out the won ton wrapper for the soup I love. This does expand my "hey, I bet I can make that gusto.
The thickness show is a 5 setting. Trim the edges. It will save time as you get closer to the actual thickness of a strip you want.
I think I can whip up some tasty low
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By Karen A. Wells
4.6 | 47 customer ratings
89% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
I love my pasta Maker for making long noodles ( spaghetti, angel hair, fettuccine).

I got my machine at Willuam Sonoma ( comes with 8 discs) . It was a good deal with coupon.

I also bought the phillips Japan disc (0.8 mm flat noodle disc) ftom ebay ( for dumplings) and macaroni discs from Amazon US.

I love this machine but wish Phillips will sell more asian style noodle discs ( rice noodles). I hate to have to go to Etsy to buy 3rd party discs from overseas ( questionable quality).

I also have kitchen Aid stand mix. Kitchen Aid is much better for lasagna or dumplings ( you only need one roller). In general Kitchen Aid can do all pasta shapes better. But Phillips is easier (more automated) .

The only discs I don’t like are the tube ones. Once I cut them, the tube
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By Ruby C.
When I bought the Phillips Pasta Maker, I wasn't sure if it was worth it. It's not cheap, will I make my money back on it? Thanks to these, I can definitely say I have. The macaroni disc is so cool! I love not having to have a whole drawer full of pasta. Yes, you can buy fresh pasta, but it's expensive and then you have to eat it quickly so it doesn't go bad. I also love not having to feel gross because while flour pasta always made me feel gross (and no, I don't want to eat whole wheat pasta, it's not for me). Now I just make sure I have semolina flour on hand, and voila! Fresh pasta! Now, in addition to the standard long noodles, I can make macaroni for mac and cheese (vegan, of course, because
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By Naomi
The rigatoni and macaroni dies are extremely hard to clean, doesn't matter if you let the dough dry or not. Expect to spend 30 + minutes of tedious picking away at all of the many orifices with a toothpick. 3 Stars because it makes nice pasta shapes!
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By Frank Zappy
4.2 | 115 customer ratings
80% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
I know it's for pasta...but I use it for conditioning my polymer clay. If you have worked with polymer clay, you know it can start out pretty hard and that conditioning it by hand can quickly cramp up your hands. It's hard work. This makes quick work of it. I do have to still cut the blocks of clay into skinny enough pieces so that they will process through the machine biggest opening, but that's nothing if you have a sharp cutter.
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By Tracey E. Mills
Works well for me, I was impatient with the hand crank version I have had for years. The hand crank versions never clamp down right and walk all over when you crank. I used my Atlas for years that way and decided to get the motorized one to appease my six year old who doesn't have the patience to wait for hand cranking. With the motor its like a playdoh machine and I even got him running it. Could be easier to switch between rollers but hey, it saves time anyway. It did work on my Atlas machine as well, I got both the motor and the roller together to avoid incompatibilities but now I can use the Atlas which has interchangeable heads yay.
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By Christopher Rodesch
The one page instructions show a different motor that has a pause button, instead of a pulse button which this one has. I would suggest supplying a real instruction booklet, I already make pasta so not a problem for me, but... .The table clamp is blocked by the plastic motor support, so it has to be run loose on the table. This turns out OK since the motor does not make it walk. The out feed is directly under the rollers, with the motor a bit in the way, so you have to be quick to slide your hand under before the dough bunches up. Nice to have 2 cutters mounted, since they are the most common sizes, but that limits any optional tools like a ravioli attachment, or taggolini. It does fit my Imperia pasta roller, so I can use it as well, but not my tomato strainer as
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By Hans Vandenbosch
4.7 | 34 customer ratings
96% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
I love this product! I haven’t used the fettuccine attachment yet, but I’ve used the roller and the other attachment. I’ve used it twice now and made regular pasta and kale pasta. Highly recommend! 🙂
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By Britt.
Haven't used it yet but this should beat our hand crank dollar by miles!
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By michael3225
The good: appears to be all stainless will well machined parts. There is no plastic shear pin to worry about. While I cannot say for sure, I also believe the roller combs are metal.
The bad: the roller attachment I received does not spin easily which causes immediate strain to the motor. The adjustment knob operates very roughly.

I quickly made up a batch of egg pasta to test things out (3 eggs, 2C flour). The rollers "worked" in that they rolled out the dough nicely. Unfortunately, given the spinning difficulty mentioned above, the motor heated up considerably. The ramen cutter spun nicely and cut everything just fine. In the end, given the problems with the all-important roller, I'm sending this back.
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By Heidi Botts
4.5 | 36 customer ratings
88% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
I was looking to purchase these rollers and cutter to make pasta and dumpling wrappers at home. I couldn't justify the price of the KA branded accessories, so I kept shopping around until I found these. They are well made and heavy duty. They are strong enough to roll out my hard ramen doughs and the cutter makes neat cuts. Only downside is the cutter can be a pain to clean up, but that's the case for any mechanical cutter Well worth the price!
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By Raymond C
Good buy, great value! I can't wait to use them ASAP I got the package, I barely have any experience making noodles, but those attachments are very easy to use, I was able to make noodle and dumpling skin from the first try, the best part is you don't need to clean them after use, just let them dry and use the brush came with it to brush them the next day, you're done! I'm glad I bought those attachments for lower price, but great quality! Would recommended them to anyone loves fresh noodle (it's so much better than the noodle we bought from supermarket)!
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By Kkkkitty
I love my KitchenAid so finding any reason to use it more makes me so happy. I have a traditional pasta machine and I’m definitely getting rid of it. This makes fettuccine and thin spaghetti noodles with ease. Works great on setting 2 for easy flattening & cutting. My little toddler even helped without fear her hands would get into anything they shouldn’t. Love the easy clean up with just a light wipe and ready to use them again. The kit also comes with a small spatula/ brush which is nice as well.
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By Laura
4.3 | 49 customer ratings
84% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
I read reviews and did my research before purchasing this cookie press. All I wanted was a good press to make cheese straws. I knew that a metal press was the key. (The first press I ever purchased, with S&H green stamps, was a metal press and lasted for 25 years) After the Mirro press broke mid way during Christmas baking, I purchased a plastic press. Well, needless to say, it broke and so did the next four plastic presses. This year I was bound and determined to buy a quality press, knowing that it would cost a bit more. I found what I needed in the Marcato press.
1. Very easy and painless to use. This press does not aggravate the carpal tunnel in my wrists.
2. Efficient. The cheese straw dough came out of the press like water through a
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By Bertine
My Mom's 60 year old cookies press is giving up the ghost and it's not something you want facing a big bowl of cookie dough. This press came quickly was easy to use and worked very well. Happy I bought it.
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By Joyrags
One of those tools for the kitchen when you have everything else.
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By Halbert
4.0 | 125 customer ratings
74% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
I have a manual pasta maker. I finally decided to get the attachment for my kitchen aid. I tried it for the first time this weekend. It works really well and frees your hand! Automation is the way to go! Highly recommend
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By mike mccarthy
Good product and worked great with my kitchen aid. Only thing that would have been nice was having better directions on pasta making with the product. As someone who never made pasta before, directions on how many times to pass through and what to do would have been great but the product is good.
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By Jessica Tolbert
This does not fit well onto my kitchen aid machine. The misalignment of the pin on the stand mixer with the notch on the roller prevented it from firing properly and it was very unstable. This was the first use and it seemed like it was going to break.
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By Matthew Salter
4.3 | 43 customer ratings
77% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
So happy with this attachment! The angel hair is a weekly favorite and the lasagna is amazing as well (just a little more time consuming to assemble). It is easy to clean, and produces a consistently good pasta. Very happy with this purchase and would recommend
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By Sonni K
The compact pasta maker is great. These attachments are great. But you have to be very careful with the lasagna attachment because if the dough isn't the exact right consistently it does not extrude well! I'm going to try again soon hoping I do better next time.
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By Conversio
So the lasagna attachment works great. However the angel hair is simply too fine and gets stuck together. This machine can't handle that type of nuance. If you want it, you have to buy them as a duo and you will never use the one. If you make lasagna, it may be worth it. I wish they would allow you to buy them separately.
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By Rob and Mark
3.9 | 128 customer ratings
72% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
This pasta maker is the real deal, once you understand how the machine works its a breeze. This machine allows you to make 8 different pasta shapes, and comes with an easy to understand instruction manual and recipe book. All my friends who tried the pasta and saw the whole process was very impressed. This is a great way to spend time with friends and family, while making delicious food.
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By Chavs
There is nothing like freshly made pasta and this machine makes it so easy and simple! I feel like a serious chef even though I barely have to do anything. I would advise everybody to get this... Makes a wonderful gift!
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By Lesley Lewkowicz
This product is amazing!! super easy and comfortable to use! definitely recommend it. the freshly made pasta tastes so much better then the boxed stuff you buy at Walmart! plus its a great activity!!
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By yaki brook
3.9 | 84 customer ratings
72% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
My kitchen is really small, and this Philips Pasta maker has a small foot print! Though people raved about eating fresh pasta, I'm use to the package, I will spend some time getting use to the soft texture compared to the store bought ones. It does allow me to experiment with different flour mixtures yielding stringy noodles..but so pastas are a too moist and sticky! They are kind of hard to swallow as I'm not used to eating gelatinous stringy hairs! But, I'm dreaming that once I get things right, this will make pasta in a jiffy! I rated it 5 stars, because it is simple and works, I just wished I had more counter space to get something with more controls! But, this will do!
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By D. Pon
I've owned a Marcato Atlas 150 pasta maker for quite some time, and so I'm familiar with making my own delicious noodles and pasta. I decided to give the Philips Compact Pasta Maker a try (versus it's big brother) because we're empty nesters and 2-4 servings would usually suffice for us.

My first batch didn't turn out well at all. Instead of interpreting the instructions for liquid correctly, I added 80 mL of water plus an egg. What I got was a mixture that was far too moist and couldn't even extrude! It took quite a while to clean up the the pasta maker and remove the dough from the paddle and extruder. Not to be daunted, and recognizing my mistake, I tried again.

My second batch was perfect. I used the basic recipe of 200 grams of flour to 80 mL (total) of liquid and the pasta started to extrude after
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By Bocaboy
Fun and easy to use. Clean up and reassembly are a bit of a nuisance but the pasta we've made so far has been excellent. Disappointed that more shape discs aren't available. The web site showed other shapes but they don't fit this machine. Other than that we love it.
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By Tim_M
4.3 | 24 customer ratings
84% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
This was my first time using any attachment for the KitchenAid and it was quite easy. Just keep feeding it in per your pasta recipe. It worked great for making Raviolis.
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By Deborah A DeSalvo
I broke my mom's old pasta roller, and was quite glad I could get this one so soon!
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By Leyla
I love it. I have just use ones but works really well.
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By Helker
4.6 | 13 customer ratings
86% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Exactly what we hoped for, more types of noodles for our pasta maker!!
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By Kevin B.
Works great in my pasta maker.
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By embrace-each-day!
These are great! I love the variety it gives. Had my pasta maker for a year and now looking for variety. Would definitely recommend.
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By Christina S.
4.1 | 23 customer ratings
71% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
I've use the shell disk and it works perfectly. I haven't used the other disc, but I bought this because of the shell disc. It's easy to use and easy to clean. Makes perfect little shells.
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By amanda
surprisingly it works... very fun. have to cut them off when they are the appropriate length or they don't curl right.
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By Yoda Farrin
I was very disappointed as the first time I used the shell making disk , it broke! I have been making pasta for years now and I know it wasn’t the consistency of the dough. It looked like a weak design .
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By A. T. Papantoniou
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3.7 | 13 customer ratings
61% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
The delivery service was amazing. Ordered on 27 April and received on 8 May in Cape Town.
I forgot about the difference in voltage 110V and 220V but managed to buy a 300W converter for R375 at Hamrad.
The pasta machine works very well for domestic use.
I had a commercial machine, Imperia R220, before but I am still impressed. I think the R220 cost about 6 times the price.
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By Love Cape Town Citizen
The Atlas 180 works fine but I've found it impossible to find any cutting attachments that make any other kinds of pasta. You can find a ton of them for the 150 but I have yet to find any for this model. If I knew I wasn't going to be able to buy any other attachments I would have purchased the Atlas 150 instead so I'm kind of bummed out about it.
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By Amazon Customer
Disliked fact that transformer needed. Implied a power adapter was enough. It’s not.
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By Chez
3.5 | 9 customer ratings
60% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
This pasta machine is so much better than the traditional Italian pasta sheeters. The crank is gigantic and easy to turn. The base is heavy and stable so you don’t have to mount it to a tabletop or counter. It’s made out of sturdy plastic and iron. This will last a lifetime. Cheaper than electric ones but just as easy to use.
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By Nick Orbison
Love this dough roller! Would have given it 5 stars but 1) the 8 page manual only had 2 words in English: operation manual and 2) it was a little dinged up out of the box. That said, it was pretty easy to put together and figure out how to operate. Made a batch of dough to test it and clean out the mechanisms and it worked perfectly! If you wash any of the parts be sure to dry them immediately: the noodle cutter part began to pick up surface rust after about 10 minutes. Also it is heavy but you want to put a rubber pad or drawer liner underneath it. The wood base is wrapped in stainless steel but not completely, leaving metal edges and screw heads that can scratch a countertop
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By Kindle Customer
The maker was packed in very dirty packing. It's not food grade material which will rust. I should not be made of material that will rust and the plywood base will not hold up to cleaning.
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By Lisa Wang