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4.7 | 1,710 customer ratings
91% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Socket was a lifesaver after struggling with a locally-purchased "OEM oil pressure switch socket" from Autozone. I have a 2006 Chrysler Town & Country with a 3.8L engine. The Autozone socket was very long, with a 1/2" ratchet fitting and left zero clearance to get the the socket or a ratchet on the oil pressure switch (there are AC compressor lines in the way). The chrome plated socket in my pictures is the socket from Autozone (note the extra length and obvious lack of hex sides to get a wrench on it--and no, vice grips were no help).

The Lisle socket, on the other hand, is significantly shorter in length (while still allowing plenty of room for the switch), has a hex end for use with a wrench (fortunately I didn't even need to go this far) and a 3/8" ratchet connection, which for me allowed more flexibility
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By reVamp
This tool made changing my oil pressure sensor possible. I'd recommend anyone who has to change their oil pressure sensor get this. The job is fun enough without having to worry about having the right tool to get it off. This made a tedious job easier. I still scraped my hands up reaching in to pull the sensor out.
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By Jake Jacobs
This socket is specifically designed to fit 1 1/16" oil sending units that GM and some other manufactures have used for years. It is designed to fully support the outer body of the the sending unit that has rounded corners instead of sharp corners like a typical nut or bolt. I have seen sending units damaged using a regular socket, although it is possible to do it successfully most of the time. It is also thinner walled than most regular sockets which is necessary when changing the sending unit on GM 5.3L engines. My sending unit was in a difficult place to reach so I didn't want to take a chance. It worked like a charm and arrived in 2 days free freight as promised.
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By W. Franklin
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4.7 | 317 customer ratings
93% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Purchased this to test oil pressure on a 3000gt motor. It did exactly what it was supposed to do. The kit seems really nice. The gauges themselves feel solid and have some weight to them. The carry case is also nice to keep everything dust free and in one spot. I'm glad that the locking hinges on the case aren't cheap folded plastic either that will tear off after repeated use. I also bought the OTC fuel pressure kit. Mechanic work is kind of a hobby of mine. I don't need the best of the best tools, but I also don't like cheap/poorly designed tools. These OTC gauges are perfect for me.
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By Charlie
I can easily see why Amazon endorses this product, Simply it is the best.

The quality is there, and not one corner was cut. This tool is made so well, that it should be a standard on which other tools are rated. Yes, it is that good.

Unfortunately When I give such a positive review, the price jumps up, I have seen this happen again and again, and I hope it doesn’t happen here, because the value
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By B
I gave 1 because I had an issue. I had to fix and buy material to fix it. Other wise I would have given a 5 star.

First, when I wanted to use it, the quick 1/4 female hose coupling to the dial did not match the 1/4 fittings on the dial.
The dial had 1/4 in standard industrial, the hose had I had 1/4 but slithtly different (AERO maybe)
I had to buy and replace the female socket to match the dials.
Unfortunaly when I replaced the female I cracket the hose thin brass. Still working but has a small leak. Eventually I will replace the hose.
the adaptors are of good variety but need to be installed with teflon tape every time to prevent leaks. May not be practical for a mechanic that tests many type of vehicule.
Otherwise the dials are large, clear and with a good rubber protection
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By Stephane
4.7 | 69 customer ratings
88% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Bought this to replace the Oil Pressure Sending Unit for my 2003 GMC Yukon.

At first I was disappointed, because this product cost me a few more bucks than some of its competitors. I spent the extra money because this is the first time I had attempted this job, and wanted the best quality tool. The outside of the socket has a nice coating, but the inside looked really cheap like it was spray painted with silver paint. Not what I was expecting for the price.

Another issue I had was that the Oil Pressure Sending Unit did not fit the socket when I tested it out! This would have irritated me even more, except for the fact that I saw another reviewer post a similar issue and said the fault was with the Oil Pressure Sending Unit design.

Turns out that it wasn't the tool. The Oil Pressure Sending Unit
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By Lamothe Family
Wow! I didn't even know such a thing existed! And I didn't know I needed one until I had to remove the oil pressure sending unit from a John Deere 4020. All other applications where I have had to replace the switch were easy to get to with an open end or an adjustable wrench. Not so on this tractor! Nothing will fit on it except a deep well 1 1/16" socket. The parts store wanted $10+ for a plain socket but the way this is made it fits several different sizes! How great is that! And it cost less and was delivered to my door in two days!
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By Ballsar Frozenoff
This is the socket to own. I am an ASE mechanic and I have an 03 GMC Sierra with a 5.3L. I had to replace the oil sending unit once before when I bought the truck, and I had to pull the upper intake manifold to change it, all the other oil pressure sensor sockets (8+) I own wouldn't slip over the old sensor this due to the closeness of lifter valley cover. When this sensor failed I decided to wait and try this socket, I'm really glad that I did, this one slipped right on and turned a 2 hr job into a 15 minute job. A worth while investment, saved me time and the price of intake manifold gaskets.
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By Amazon Customer
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4.7 | 62 customer ratings
87% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Threaded tapered pins. Worked great for centering an OE Twin Cam oil pump on the cam plate but do not work for centering an aftermarket oil pump on an aftermarket cam plate. I would buy again but i will most likely never need to.
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By Trigger8318
Nice tool, it did it's job well. Why can't Harley dowel parts together? Sloppy, cheesy, lazy engineering. You won't find a need for something like this on any other manufacture after 1940 world wide.
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By Wingingit2
Installed Andrews tw21 cams in my Road King and these were handy little suckers to align the oil pump during reassembly.
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By Joliet Jake
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4.7 | 37 customer ratings
95% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
My 2001 Impala was leaking oil and was giving me a false low oil pressure warning. After changing this out the leak has subsided and the warning messages have quit. Now when I reach a top speed of 88 mph my flux capacitor fully engages and I find myself cruising into the future. This thing works! Just be sure not to over tighten it.
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It was easy enough to install on my 2005 Impala. I watched a youtube video on it before I bought the part. I am a certified youtube mechanic so it was really no problem. In my case the pressure line coming from my power steering pump was in the way a little so the special socket which I also bought didn't go on very easily. On my 3800 V6 Impala I don't think I would have needed the special socket, I could have gotten by with a channel lock pliers or possible a pipe wrench.
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By PrimeExample
Fixed my oil leak fast! Silliest thing ever to cause an oil leak. It was for sure the problem though. Easy enough for me to do. I do have a strong history of tool usage, not a professional mechanic though. Check out utube for location and install process. I just used a pair of channel locks. It does take some time with all the micro turns of the Pliers.
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By Rick Barchers
4.3 | 106 customer ratings
83% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Nice kit with all the adapters that I could need. Worked well and helped me diagnose a problem I was having. The kit comes in a heavy plastic bag for storage, but it would be perfect if it came in a hard plastic case. Digging out the fittings you need from the bottom of a narrow bag is a pain, and the unit is harder to store. Unless you are a transmission tech this will be stored way more than it is used.
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By Mike B
This works okay but is not all that convenient. The main issues with the item is that the gauge reads from 0-300psi and isn't accurate below 20psi. Most cars run in the 40/50 psi range so it's not in the middle of the range. I think 300psi is designed to accommodate transmissions. In addition, it would be much easier to screw the hose into the block if there was a swivel or disconnect at the end. It's a bear to rotate the whole assembly to screw into the block (particularly if the port is hard to access). It comes with a mixture of brass and aluminum fittings. For one off type use, it's fine but the HF model is a bit cheaper. For regular use, I would definitely get the OTC.
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By debushau
The gauge was stuck at 50 PSI when I received it. The product is now completely useless to me as I would never trust it's accuracy.
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By Amazon Customer
4.9 | 16 customer ratings
100% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Allowed me to detect leaks in high pressure oil system.
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By A. Partridge
Fast shipping, worked good on a 2005 f450 with a6.0 to pressurize the oil rail
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By terry sullivan
If you are a diesel tech these are a must have for your tool box. There is no need to buy the expensive tester with the valve and gauge. Just put an air hose fitting into these and attach it directly to the air compressor line. I have been using homemade versions of this for years and have never damage a properly sealed oil system with 125psi. This is definitely a great buy you will spend the same amount of money making your own.
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By Cole Clarabut
4.2 | 109 customer ratings
80% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Complement and compliant at the same time, ha ha ha .
First one came in perfect and worked perfect and as it should. For the price buy it your wont regret it.

Well this is a replacement tool as I ordered one a couple weeks ago and came perfect and works perfect but I lost it somewhere in my garage and I needed another in a hurry. Now normally I would not complain because I understand things happen when your making in mass quantities. But QC missed the obvious. When a person put the O-ring on the lower portion of the IPR air fitting they must have felt the metal tag that was left when machined it was not a smooth bore. So they put the Oring on and it was a huge hump. Like how could you not miss it ? The Oring did not even
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By yolanda
The o-ring groves, the o-rings and the HPOP they thread into have perfect fit. NO skiving of inner o-ring when installed. Had to re-cut inner o-ring grove on an older type which added to the orig cost.
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I was able to diagnose a bad oil pump in about 10 seconds after installation. If you plan to pull your tubro buy a 90% air elbow or a short air fitting so this will fit 03-04.5 old style pump without clearance issues. If you don't have a large leak that shows up right away make sure to leave the system pressurized for awhile so all the oil works out of the system so you can hear the small leaks.
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By Jesse
4.1 | 58 customer ratings
77% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
I faced the same issue as many of the reviewers ahead of me with the small end having unidentified thread size. However, after spending time at my local hardware store trying both SAE and Metric I was still puzzled as nothing seems to fit correctly. A 12mm bolt with coarse thread would go in but wiggled just a bit and a 1/2" was too tight. So I went down to the brass fitting section and found a 1/4" pipe thread goes in a few threads pretty easily, then becomes really snug. I just want to screw in an air hose fitting so I can screw this in tight then using a quick connect with a 3ft hose attached and a 1/4" ball valve attached with yet another hose fitting so it can be plugged into my air hose to apply about 100 psi into the crankcase and listen for leaks.
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By Big-D
I'd give this tool 5 stars if the O ring is crappy. I use this IPR air test fitting often here in our shop. The first use even though I put oil on the O ring, the O ring split as I was sliding the fitting in. I suggest using viton O rings. You can use the green AC O rings. They work best. I used a
3/8"x12" air hose whip and a 3/8" ball valve from Harbor Frieght tools. They can also be found here on Amazon. Definitely this fitting is well worth the money. Definitely well worth 5 stars as a tool, but the O ring sucks.
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By Alexander Racing Development LLC
Was really hoping the negative reviews were wrong. I am a mobile mechanic, and i work on the 6.0 liters all the tine. Decided i need this tool, hard to find one with decent reviews. Was hoping the negative reviews weren’t accurate.

But sure enough:
No standard air fitting will fit the threads & the thing is not the same size as the IPR socket used to remove the IPR when turbo is still on.

What good is the thing? Why are they using wrong threads?
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By Jay
4.3 | 23 customer ratings
87% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Just what I needed and really fast shipping. Thanks Prime!!!
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By Fernando Perez
Fits great
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By Alexander T. Niven
Couldn't ask for more
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4.0 | 72 customer ratings
74% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
I purchased this to test the oil in my many diesel engines.
This has been a learning curve dealing with this lab.
First, save the cardboard box for the kit, you will need this to ship the sample to the lab. Do NOT try to ship the plastic bottle. The USPS is very bureaucratic about these bottles and your sample may take as long as 3 weeks to navigate the system. If it's in a little box or a padded mailer. They arrive in a few days. Like regular mail.

When the lab receives the sample they will email you the results. Look in your spam folder.

If you are doing a bunch of engines then you can get an account on the third party website to view all your data. Fill out the little registration deal, make a note that it's a new account and wait. Someone has to manually add you and
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By Colin Walsh
The kit came fast. It was easy to use, and self-explanatory. WIX uses a company called ALS Tribology in Georgia to do their analysis, and that's who gets your sample. My sample arrived at ALS Tribology in two days. It took a month to get my results, and I had to call them to finally get it. So, if you're not in a hurry and don't mind calling ALS Tribology to follow up, they did fine. Be sure to save your reference number when you send in your sample. You'll need it when calling them to follow up on your results.

The report, overall, was helpful and well done. Who knew you could run regular cheap Pennzoil 5W-30 with the cheapest low-budget Fram filter on the market, for 15,000 miles and 3 years, and still have oil in decent shape? Well, you can. I did it, and proved it was just
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By J. L. Hook
Received order with no problem. My issue is that after mailing the sample for analysis (appx 3 weeks after receiving the container), I never received my results. Also could not find any information on-line to contact Wix. Thereafter, I switched over to another oil analysis company with good results.
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By R. Ross
5.0 | 6 customer ratings
100% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Used this for my 6.0 ICP sensor. This fit so perfectly and easily, I wish I had purchased it FIRST instead of being cheap and trying to use a deep socket, as some forums recommended. The socket I tried using was just a basic Dewalt impact rated deep socket.
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By TheLua's
Very pleased to have this in my toolbox! I've replaced my icp sensor without any special tools and I regret not just buying this to begin with. Took about 4 hours my first time and only an hour the second time using this.
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By Andrew B
Worked great on my early build 2004 6.0 powerstroke.
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By Pauly
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4.1 | 23 customer ratings
81% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
My factory sending unit was not working properly. This saved me a lot of money and time.
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By David Parker
M10x1.0 fitting included fits VW/Audi. Perfect for the job, only 2 additional adapters for other applications.
For $15 it is a great deal. Most importantly, the fitting it comes with is size M10x1.0 pitch.
I tested this gauge directly against a very high quality liquid filled gauge with good hydraulic hose and fittings and the readings were equally consistent and accurate with no flutter. The gauge is good for reading pressures of 1-2 bar, as compared to others where it is a bit hard to read pressures that low due to the broad range.
The attached fitting is correct for VAG oil filter housing test port, or oil switch port. It only comes with 2 other fittings though, not sure of their size, but they are not NPT. The fitting end is fixed so you will have to spin the entire hose to screw it in. The fitting is not sized for a
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By Blair German
I spent $6 more for this gauge because the picture showed a larger yellow case. That is the reason I bought this one. I wanted the room to store more adapters and elbows in the larger box. I received a smaller red box unlike what is shown in the picture. Change your ad and send me a refund.
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By Thomas lund
3.8 | 252 customer ratings
65% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Won't be buying much from harbor freight again. They sell this came kit for $95, while I bought it here for $55. Ridiculous.

As for the pressure kit, some adapters have to be screwed on pretty tight for them to seal. It's no high end kit, but the price is definitely right. I usually just use it to pressurize systems because I already know there's a leak and I want to pinpoint it quickly, but when you get a cap tight enough, I was able to leave it connected for 5 minutes with absolutely no pressure loss. If you don't hook up a cap you can pressure test the tool itself to make sure it isn't introducing a leak on its own. Good feature.
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By A. Mawdsley
The tester allowed me to find a very elusive leak on a vehicle that I had been chasing for weeks and which was going to cost me a good bit to get diagnosed. It was just a slightly loose hose clamp which was corrected in about 30 seconds so as far as I'm concerned, it's already paid for itself. This replaces an older tester I had which stopped working awhile back. I am sure I will be able to make future use of it. I do wish it had come with a cap test adapter but I guess you can't have everything...I will have to fabricate one of those but that shouldn't be too difficult.
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By Dennis
Had to buy this tool to find the persistent small leak on my 2004 X5 (turns out it was the lower radiator hose with a pinhole facing back at the block under the VANOS actuator very difficult find) any ways this made the job much easier.
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By John Fastenow
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4.2 | 12 customer ratings
82% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Perfect fit for my vehicle. No problem.
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By rita
Great item
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By Kathy
Arrived on time and fit my 02 Nissan altima.
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4.0 | 20 customer ratings
71% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Just as described. Have a feeling I could have gotten the same gauge at harbor freight cheaper though.
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By Amazon Customer
This pressure gauge is perfect for the "DIY" mechanic. If you want to be able to quickly and easily troubleshoot basic transmission or engine issues this will fit your needs. The gauge earns 4 stars for being accurate, easy to install, easy to read, and its convenient packaging. I checked the accuracy of this gauge against a fellow mechanic's much more expensive and professionally calibrated gauge and the readings were within 5 psi of each other. This is a very close margin for diagnostic work. The assortment of fittings in both standard and metric thread make it easy to fit to most all foreign and domestic vehicles. You will have no trouble reading the very large dial gauge with clearly printed numbers.

The only downside to reading the gauge, and also the main reason it didn't earn a full 5 stars, is that the hose
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By Steve Farrer
Surprisingly good quality for such a cheap item. I would not build rockets or do professional work with this thing but good for quick checks or "is there pressure or not" kinds of tests.
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By J. S. Battista
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4.1 | 14 customer ratings
66% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Had to to tighten up the bronze fitting in the top then it worked the way it should. I preform engine inspections on 28 foot boats to mega yachts as well and it works fine after the slight correction listed above. The tubing that came with it could have been longer some of the dipstick tubes are longer and abit thinner so i had to use a different size tube and different o-ring in the tubing connection and it still worked fine. If your a educated tech. You shouldn't have any problems with this tool. I use another oil sample bottle to help keeping it contamination free as well. I work for Cummins and This is part of the clean care program we use on a daily basis. I would purchase this one again it was like the one i got from Drydene Oil company Many
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By Lyle (Scott) Stoughtenger
This is a nicely constructed pump . Something I would use at work. Issue is that I purchased this to sample oil on a 2004 dodge cummins it do not work for that appkication, The sample tube would not go all the way down the dip-stick tube. At the the bottowm of the dip-stick tube the sample tube hits something and will go no further. It is like the tube narrows at the pan to block gasket area.
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By M. Gowan
Didn't work for me. I called the manufacture. I talked with 4 different people and realized what jerks they are. I happily sent this crap back. Worst customer support I've ever in countered. One lady even said; you got it from amazon, not us. It's probably fake... Idiots I tell you.
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By Jeff
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3.9 | 31 customer ratings
76% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Works well.
However there is a learning curve so to speak. Found out the hard way. There is a check valve in fitting on adaptor that traps oil pressure in guage. this resulted in only reading peak pressure that in turn resulted in a missed diagnoses of active live pressure.
Removed valve and all is well.
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By Chris Donovan
If it has a spin on filter, this works well. Sometimes I feel like I have to add too many adapters making it feel kind of Mickey Mouse, but it does work. I do wish the hose was longer, or maybe easier to adapt to a longer hose.
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By sandt38
Threaded on the oil filter adapter and it is machined crooked. About 1/16" gap on one side won't seal.
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By Mike
4.0 | 19 customer ratings
78% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Works great. Would definitely buy again if needed. I love that it isn't super expensive. Now the instructions that come with it are a little dated...only up to 1999 model cars...but luckily there is google and such. Or if you are an experienced mechanic it wouldn't matter. Ours came in a blue case...but I don't care. A case in general is just nice to have. This helped us know my car has no problems with oil pressure....unfortunately my ac compressor has gone out and is messing with my car, so on to replace the next thing. We bought an aftermarket oil pressure switch which ended up not working, had to buy OEM...and that worked just fine!
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By Jamie N
Some people choose to make oil pressure testers themselves, for me and the price they put on the kit, it's worth it to buy. Having all the adapters for different applications is nice. Hopefully the guage holds up, if not one can always buy another guage and keep the remaining hardware. The box is a different color than pictured, I think they mentioned that.

I'd say it's worth the purchase for the price. I haven't gotten the chance to really use it yet, as the project I intended it for is a vehicle that's not mine so, I'm waiting for the chance to get my hands on the truck to give this a crack and figure out what's wrong with the thing.

I tried to add a photo but the Amazon app isn't letting me. Mine came in a grey box with everything pictured.
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By DGrant
This product worked very well. I was actually amazed at how large the dial was and how long the hose was. It seemed to be of good quality for the price. I would definitely recommend, and I'm not saying that just because Lisa P. loves me.
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By Kevin Carr
4.0 | 16 customer ratings
77% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Did what it said it would do. Remove the IPR and insert tool, shop air, this truck no leaks. Other trucks, found the leaks fast.
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By Geoff
Muy buena herramienta
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By Humberto P.
Before I used it I looked inside and saw some stuff in there, grabbed a pick to and broke off some large metal burs left over from machining. These burs could have cost me thousands if unnoticed. They could have damaged the hpop and tore through the IPR screen lodged in the IPR pintle among other things. These need to be deburred.
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By J. Stewart