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4.7 | 11,406 customer ratings
94% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
This bed is a great value for the money.

It was fairly simple to put together.

Assembly time was about 45 minutes.

All pieces fit properly and securely. The needed Allen wrench was included. No other tools needed.

The instructions were sufficient. Not great but good.

The bed is quiet and sturdy.

The mattress (Ghostbed) fits perfectly.

It is not the fanciest bed in the world. Pictures are an accurate depiction of product. Adjust your expectations accordingly.

Almost a year in this with zero issues.

I'm 6' 3 at 240 lbs and it supports me very well. No creaking or any noise. It's also very stable. It stays put on my wood flooring just as it is.

I did not use the adhesive strips on the slats. Mattress stays in place no problem.

I would by it again too. A friend bought the queen size version a couple of months ago and is equally satisfied (I assembled that one too). Same
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By TCTX 1836
I just received my bed this morning and thought I'd leave a review because there aren't many yet.. Looking at a similar bed by Zinus, I know they had a lot of problems with the back of the bed frame being damaged, parts not matching up, and mattresses not fitting. I also took note that their product had been put on hold as they resolved the issue.
So, this bed came perfect, was easy to put together (took about 20 minutes with brother) without extra or unmattching pieces, and my mattress fits perfectly on top without overhanging or the foot of the bed being elevated (as some had problems with the other one before).
Long story short. This bed came perfect and a huge thumbs up to Zinus for listening to their customers and fixing their issues.
Also, I attached a photo because I love seeing photos when I check reviews. For reference,
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By Vero
This is my second Zinus bed frame purchase. I purchased this bed after noticing all of the positive reviews. Shipping was quick (the website stated it may take three-five days to receive it) I received it in two. UPS had a difficult time lugging this huge box into my apartment building and I had a hell of a time getting it up 5 flights of stairs. On the other hand, the bed is nice, sturdy, and the wooden planks are held in place by the Velcro straps. The bed is quiet and it can hold some weight. My partner is 6'7 250 and I'm 5'6 159 and it holds up . Assembly was simple due to the instructions (read the whole page of instructions before you start). Not a lot of under bed space and my headboard arrived with a few stitches missing from the seam. Overall, pleased with the
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By Miss-BookWorm
4.7 | 2,201 customer ratings
92% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
These are surprisingly sturdy, comfortable, and lightweight. My only complaint is that three of the chairs were missing the fasteners on the same one side of the metal panel underneath seat that covers the bar that slides when you open it.
The pictures I’ve uploaded show the three chairs missing the fasteners and one to show what they should look like.
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By mmwin10
It's $10 a chair. So can't expect much. We bought our first 20 in August 2014 for a fellowship group and it is almost 2 years now and they're holding up well. Only problem is if you let coffee sit on it too long it leaves indelible stains. Also, these chairs get dirty easy. We've had some large folks sit on them and they've held up. So besides the dirt issue, they're space-saving and great for groups.
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By Miss Demeanor
These are inexpensive but I've noticed some issues:
1) The plastic/rubber mold around the feet wear down quickly and will scratch your floor. I've had this chair for only 2 weeks and it's begun scratching my floor. I weigh 175 lbs so I'm not exerting abnormal pressure either.

2) They are not too ergonomically supportive. If I sit too long in the chair, I notice some back pain.

3) The plastic gives a lot when I sit in the chair. Again, I am not abnormally heavy - I weigh 175 lbs - but I notice the plastic sag when I sit in the chair.

In hind sight, would've paid a bit more and bought a sturdier chair with friendlier/more durable feet on the legs.
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4.7 | 2,095 customer ratings
93% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
It’s very simple but looks good. Easy to put together (15-20min). Works perfect for a small area for shoes, coats, hats, purses, etc.
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By Lynelle E. Ortiz
Very nice. I’m very pleased with my purchase.
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By Abril N
It fits my space and decor great! Had to assemble with the included Allen key which took longer then if I used my power drill. Super light weight and had to be secured to the wall with the included straps which I wasn't expecting, but over all is what I needed.
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By Jessica B.
4.7 | 1,710 customer ratings
94% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
I bought two of these shelves for the entryway of my home. I was worried they would be cheap looking, but the positive reviews convinced me to buy them. I'm glad I did, they're a great deal for the price. I am transitioning my decorations to a modern farmhouse look, and these fit right in. The assembly was kind of a pain, but I put them together myself. If I had waited for my husband to help me, things would have been easier. But I didn't feel like waiting. :-) Once assembled with all the bolts tightened, the furniture is pretty sturdy. It's not real wood, but the grain pattern on the shelves looks okay. The iron supports are black with a powder finish. The shelves are perfectly sized for the items I wanted to display. I recommend!
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By ChickenLady
I was hesitant to buy because of all of the mixed reviews. It seems like some of these products are better than others. Speaking from my experience, I am very pleased. It was very easy to put together, it looks cute, it was reasonably priced. It is a little on the shorter size, but it works for my space. There were complaints of it being u sturdy but I did not have that issues. It looks cute with the decor, still a work in progress.
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By Nicelia
Pretty easy box furniture to put together, only disappointment with it was i got to putting the top shelf on and one of the holes where the screw goes in was not fully cut out in the metal frame. Im not for the hassle of sending something like this back either just cut my losses and made it work just really cant put anything on the top shelf. Im sure my flaw might happen once in every 100 shelves.
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By Amazon88
4.7 | 1,292 customer ratings
92% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
I love love love this shelf unit! I have been wanting to finish my kitchen and was told that I cannot put cabinetry above the butcher block countertop area because behind that wall on the right side is the fuse box. I was bummed out for a while and was looking for the types of shelves that would hang from the ceiling and found them to be incredibly expensive and they didn't hang down low enough from my 10 foot ceilings to be practical. Because this unit is 6 feet tall and you only need 2 screws at the top of the unit to secure it in place, I thought I should try it. My husband and I put it together the moment it arrived and it was as easy as can be. from the moment I stood it up on the counter and felt how sturdy it was
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By Mark Hutner
I bought three of these for my den and now I've ordered two more for more things. Overall these are a very good value for the money. Fit and finish are good.

Here's a tip when assembling: the support bars come in two pieces and need to be bolted together to be at their full height. Do that for both, then only bolt the shelves to one side on one support arm. Lay the unit on its side, then lay in the other support arm. Bolt the other side of the shelves.

The problem is that the bolts that connect the two parts of the support bar block you from sliding the shelf down on its support arm that sits between the two bolts. You need to slide it in from the side, not the top. So if you're trying to bolt the shelves on both sides, from the top shelf on
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By Geoffrey P. Tucker
I purchased 2 of the bookshelves and Love the look!! Considering the $$ paid, I don't think I should have to settle for chipped shelves and bent hardware. 5 of the 10 shelves are chipped!! Hubby was able to fix the bent hardware but we are VERY unhappy w the damaged shelves! 😰
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By Lisa S.
4.7 | 1,156 customer ratings
94% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Got this after my back spasms were so bad it left me unable to stand straight. It came yesterday and our 18-mo old loves it! My back loves it even more since I no longer have to hold her while trying to do anything in the kitchen!

My husband added 3 latches and a bungee cord on one of the open sides to minimize fall risk.
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By Thuan Minh ho
We bought this over 6 years ago and it was one of the best kid purchases we made. We bought it when my son was 2 and used it daily for years. When our daughter was big enough to stand she started using it too! Both of them would stand in it to dye eggs, bake cookies, or help with dinner. I loved having them up and secure. When it was not being used it stored folded up in our pantry. So many great memories were made with our kitchen helper!
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By SpeechTxMom
I am torn with my review for this item because I have liked it for a few months now for my daughter. She is able to get up herself and enjoys watching me do things in the kitchen. I thought that the reviewers saying their kids were falling out maybe just weren't paying attention or the kids were using it improperly. Today my daughter fell out the side while I was standing right next to her. She went to sit down but her butt went out the open side and she fell backwards butt first and hit her head hard on the tile floor. I was on the shapes side so I was close to her. Its so quick and easy to fall out that I wasn't able to catch her. The open sides are dangerous. I think there should be some sort of bar or handle. Even if
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By Amber J
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4.7 | 1,034 customer ratings
93% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
She spent my money and she ordered it and when I came back home from work she tried to convince me to make it but I was too tired to make it. So next morning I woke up and first thing she said was to make this. So I had no choice (married for 15 years with three kids) so I had to do it. Luckily she fed me breakfast while I was making it as well as coffee. The instructions was really clear and straight forward. Looks beautiful with off white color just like my wife. It would help if you have a drill. It took around 40 minutes for me to make it so with minimum wages I should get paid around $10 from my wife.
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By Cloud
I absolutely love this product . I was so nervous purchasing it as I was worried about the quality.. but by far this quality is amazing and very durable .

Putting this piece together was actually fun with a drill and to be honest very easy and light enough to have only one person do it . My husband was happy I didn't ask for his help (for once) . Super impressed with this piece and it's the perfect size for our small apartment ! A must have for storing things . Super impressed.
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By Jasmine Simpson
I really love this buffet table! Its exactly what I was looking for and looks wonderful in our kitchen!
It took 2 hours to put together, directions were easy to follow. However be warned the backing is cardboard- why I gave 4 stars instead of 5. It’s cheaply made but giving the price I didn’t expect it to be very solid.
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By S
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4.6 | 1,707 customer ratings
89% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
I Bought this Recliner for my 15 month old Granddaughter. The Recliner is Beautiful and my Grown Daughter sat in the Recliner (didn't break or fall apart). It's easy to clean and great price. I told all my Friends and Family about the Recliner.
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By Cherrie
These chairs are so well made! I was surprised by how sturdy and well built they are. We bought two. One for our 18 month old and one for our three year old. They are the perfect size for them. I'm sure they will tear them apart but will last longer than the last chair we bought them. I'm thrilled at the vinyl option. Easy to clean! The recline is so easy. They both figured it out on their own and the recline and close them all day long. They just pull the feet out and push them in. The movement is very smooth. I feel bad for the person who had the uneven feet. Both ours are perfectly level. I was worried when I read that review but am so please at this purchase!!!
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By Miller
Please take note that none of the photos (as of 8/15/18) from customers show any kids resting their feet on the foot rest when it is up. With any pressure on the foot rest, it easily lowers. The one that I was given does not hold any weight. I have to put a pillow under the foot rest to keep it up.

I bought the chair to use the recliner feature for my two year old. It is very comfortable, and well made, except for the darn foot rest.

If you want just a chair, save your money and get something cheaper. If you want a recliner, be aware of purchasing this.
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By Jessica
4.5 | 9,629 customer ratings
88% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
We had been looking for a new bed for months. I, like many here, didn't want to pull the trigger on a mattress until I reviewed as many as possible. I read reviews and watched YouTube videos on Purple, Ghost, Lucid, Nectar, Tuft & Needle etc. My brain was hurting and my eyes were burning. I came across Chime and everything seemed good and the price is fantastic compared to the others.
Day of delivery: I woke up as I always did with my old matress, hurting! Headache, eye, neck, back and leg pain. This has been a morning ritual for over a year. The UPS man knocked on my door and asked me to help him with the package. I said, of course bud. As we walked to his truck he says," I think it's a bed!?" I said," yes sir. Bed in a box the way of the future."
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By TheBigLeBarneski
*All attached photos were taken within 4 hours of unpacking*

Only time will tell how this mattress holds up but I am very pleased thus far. I bought two 12" full size for my kids (this listing) and a king size 12" Elite for myself & spouse (separate listing) all on a Cyber Monday sale. These are our first memory foam mattresses and I completed an exhaustive amount of research for the better part of a year before settling on these.

Upon delivery, these were well packaged. The mattresses each came in a clear bag which was shrinkwrapped around them. They were then rolled and covered in a durable milky-colored plastic and finally boxed in a clearly marked manufacturer's box.

We brought the kid's beds in to sit at room temp for a day before unpacking. Each came with clear (albeit unneccessary) instructuons on how to set up. I would
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By Kari
Seriously I have nothing bad to say about this bed. Arrived earlier than expected, easy to set up, expanded right away and it feels amazing! Slept so comfortable! If you’re considering this bed... just do it! You will not regret it!!!
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By simplyxcrissy
4.5 | 8,229 customer ratings
87% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
This tv stand with mount worked out perfect. Yes it was heavy. Yes it took all afternoon to build, but I love it. Now my tv is a 65" Samsung and look how well it looks mounted on the attached stand. The shelves below hold all of my components. The espresso color works well with our furniture. I would buy again.
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By Stevie C. Rox
My husband and I purchased this TV stand for a friends' 65" rear-projection TV we just inherited (about 45lbs) and we have to say, we absolutely love this stand! We purchased it on a Wednesday night, and instead of coming the following Tuesday as promised, it came only 2 days after we ordered it. 5 stars for shipping!!!! Came without any scratches, and was easy to put together. It took my husband about 1 1/2 hours to fully install it, and that was because he's a carpenter and took the necessary time to glue everything properly and make sure it was built sturdy. I read the reviews about the quality being poor and the veneer looking shabby, but let me tell you truthfully - IT LOOKS GREAT. Like an expensive piece of wood furniture! If I had any cons to report, it would be that 1-there is not nearly enough
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By Lisa S.
I looked at reviews beforehand and saw the complaints about running out of the wood glue before the assembly was done, so I had already purchased some extra before I started. It was a good thing I did because I definitely would have run out, so that's something to keep in mind.

I consider myself pretty handy, so the assembly wasn't that bad. It took a little over an hour, hour and a half to get finished. One drawback that others may dislike, the stickers that are designed to go over the screws to hide them look great and would conceal them nicely, if only they actually stuck. I opted to just throw them out, and I still think it looks fine. The screws are on the inside of the shelves, so it's dark in there and they're hard to see anyway.

All in all, it's a nice entertainment center, especially for
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By Rudeboy
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4.6 | 1,391 customer ratings
91% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Absolutely love it! I have been waiting 6 months because it was originally out of stock but was definitely worth the wait. Once in stock it shipped and arrived within days.

The quality is great, very sturdy, and the lighting and fireplace just make this piece one-of-a-kind. The graphite grey is beautiful and the 3D, moving, crystal fireplace unit is breathtaking. In addition, the symmetry of this unit makes it quite appealing.

Only con is it scratches easily; nothing a Sharpie won't hide but the coating is not as durable as anticipated. So just be very careful when assembling as well as when fitting wider consoles/components in the shelves so to not brush/scrape the sides.

The overall assembly was easy; one person can manage in a couple hours. In addition, the instructions were simple and all pieces, including the leds, were present and packaged well. One plus with this unit, unlike with other
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By Brandi Wilson
Honestly this was a hassle to put together (as others have stated) and even taking it out of the heavy, big box was intimidating when seeing all of the pieces! For reference I am 5’2, 115 lbs and I did this alone in 4 hours. This took forever, but it is possible on your own, as everything is neatly organized and the manual/illustration makes it as easy as possible to put together. All in all, it’s beautiful and I don’t think I could’ve done better than this unit.
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By Keila T
I love the way it looks! It's holding up my 75 inch TV, it's not recommended but the TV seems very stable on it. The TV overhangs about an inch on either side but I am still very pleased with the result, to me it seems to make the TV look bigger. My only wish is that the colors could be adjusted to match my bias lighting. the LEDs are blue but they seem to have a purple tint. I had no issues with assembly, everything went together easily and the instructions were super simple to follow. I however felt it was unnecessary to put the lettered stickers on the glass shelves, they left goo behind that I have to scrub off. All in all this unit is worth every penny and I highly recommend it!
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By Patrick Nomee
4.7 | 797 customer ratings
93% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
This bedframe is very sturdy, do not use a box spring with this bedframe or you will not be able to see the headboard, a mattress between 7-10 inches is the perfect fit for this mattress I have a 12inch mattress and it covers about 2.5 inches of the headboard, I bought this bedframe in queen size if you buy in king size the headboard will be significantly shorter (3 buttons on king headboard, 4 buttons on queen headboard)
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By Alexandria
Misleading picture. The bed I received has a very short headboard. The reason I bought this, but not others which are cheaper, is the higher headboard shown on the picture. It would take too much work to pack everything back and return so I still have it. Otherwise, it is sturdy and the quality is good for the price. :( not very happy.
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By Paris
I’m very disappointed in the headboard of this bed frame. The picture makes it look like it is taller than it is. My pillows cover up the upholstered headboard so it’s like I don’t have a headboard.
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By Amazon Customer
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4.6 | 1,331 customer ratings
91% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
This product is better than the description. It is very heavy if you pick it up which makes it very sturdy. It is easy to move around the room if you do not pick it up. The table is white but I decoupaged mine for use as a computer combination sewing table and I wanted it to match the color of my other furniture so I used brown material. I love it.
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By Maria Tovar
I use this to put my guinea pig habitats on. They are the perfect size and very sturdy. I recently moved and they were so easy to break down and pop back up. What a steal! I have two of these in an L-formation in the corner of my living room. My two Guinea Habitat Guinea Pig Cage by MidWest, 47L x 24W x 14H Inches habitats safely rest on them. It's a cheap way to keep my animals off the ground but I imagine there are many possible uses for these tables. Down the line, they might be repurposed for something else.
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By Amser
I bought this primarily for a place to put all my seedling starter trays, and to mount grow lights. It will hold 20 - 6 compartment trays with room to spare ( Amazon stock # B071CYJQYT ) With all the planting trays watered and the grow lights mounted, I figure the weigh the table will have to support is about 50 pounds, and I have no doubt it will handle the weight. The specs say the table has a 220 pound weight capacity, but considering the way the legs are configured, I'd hesitate to put that much weight on the table... consider a table with a standard leg placement if you have a heavy weight requirement.

One thing to note, is that somewhere in China, someone made a 72 inch long table that is only 71 inches long, and saw nothing wrong with that. So... in actuality,
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By Scorpion
4.8 | 547 customer ratings
95% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Since I’ve been working from home, I decided to finally invest in my own work space.

I am so glad that I got this chair!
It was easy to put together, it is comfortable and it is so prettyyyyyy!💕💕

I tried to include multiple photos of me sitting in the chair, in different positions, so you get an idea of how versatile this chair is.

Besides, it’s a chair review, so I figured I should include a picture of me sitting in the chair!🤷🏾‍♀️😄
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By @CeymiChic💕
So I stalked this chair and scanned through the reviews for about 2 weeks - it was so beautiful there had to be something wrong. But, no! It arrived in about 5 days, just as pictured. It’s elegant, comfortable and perfect for when I’m working from home. I assembled it myself in about 15 minutes. This is a GREAT chair, worth every dime.
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By Briana
This such a fantastic chair in every way: the sleek mid-century modern styling, easy assembly, wonderfully soft upholstery, comfortable design, great price, and if you like teal like I do, it's a marvelous shade. Although the legs look delicate in the photos, this chair is amazingly sturdy, too. I weigh over 230 lbs. and it feels comfortable, level and very strong and stable - no worries that it will break. I bought it as an accent chair for my bedroom, and I use it every day to put on shoes and make-up, and to read and watch TV. I think it would make a great accent piece anywhere, from a living room to a dining room table. If you're looking for something that you will spend hours sitting on, like you would a recliner, this isn't the chair for you. But, if you're looking for a chair that is stylishly
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By Linda Moore
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4.7 | 675 customer ratings
93% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
When I first opened the box, the task seemed daunting. But I was surprised to find the instructions and assembly were very easy and well written. As a woman assembling this alone, it took me less than 30 minutes and everything fit perfectly in place. The shelves were heavy and sturdy, unlike the cheap kind you get at Wal-Mart for example. This item was well worth the money, I couldn't be happier with it!
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By Gracin and Amanda Bryan
I was looking for a low bookcase/stand that could accommodate a 4 foot grow light, and this fit the bill. The price was significantly less than what I had found with other sellers AND they ship to Alaska for free (VERY uncommon with furniture items like this). Kudos to Amazon for this.

I received the package quickly, and the box was in perfect condition. All parts were there, and in 100% good condition. I was able to assemble this by myself in 40 minutes. Everything fit together perfectly - screw holes all line up exactly, etc. The shelf boards are not "real" wood but they aren't going to be for a shelf in this price range. However, I'm actually surprised and pleased at the appearance of the shelf boards.

Overall, I think this is a lovely piece and I'm completely satisfied with my purchase.
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By Alaska shopper
Great buy and looks way more expensive that the price given. Easy to assemble and a lot heavier than I thought. I’m going to purchase the matching bookshelf because the quality is awesome.
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By Shehryar Malik
4.4 | 11,874 customer ratings
84% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
I am a single woman who recently lost 200 pounds and my old mattress was wrecked, I needed a new one but didn't have a 1000 bucks for a new one. I'd been a loyal Spring Air Customer. So I did my homework and looked at mattresses in my local stores. The mattress you are looking at was the one I chose. For a Full Size it was 599 dollars plus tax from the store. I really didn't have it. I was going to finance it through the store. But, I kept thinking maybe I should check on Amazon first. I thought I might be able to save a few dollars. When I was able to get the very same mattress (no tax) delivered to my home for 190 dollars on the nose, well I clicked and bought it right away. I was scared of a bait and switch or
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By Meezer
After lots of research (3 months) I decided on this bed. I wanted something soft but supportive. I decided a hybrid was the best option for us. I stumbled across this originally on the Ashley website. They had it listed at $599 on sale at $249 for the 12 inch queen. This price made me ecstatic because I was planning on spending A LOT more. I budgeted $700 for a new mattress. I started looking at reveiws. Most were great, very few were not. I decided to check here on Amazon to see if prime was an option. It wasn't but it was cheaper and still offered free delivery. Ashley site said about 3 weeks to receive. I took a leap of faith and order here on Aug 31 (a friday) and was guaranteed delivery by the sept 14th. That Monday it shipped originally it was set to arrive
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By CJShoffner
I got these for my daughters. They decompressed very quickly and are soft and beautiful. Very happy with this purchase.
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By ohmomoffour
4.7 | 524 customer ratings
92% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
I bought this for my makeup table setup and I am so pleased with it! The fabric is plush, an elegant style. Putting it together was quick and easy - be aware that the wheels have to be pretty forcibly pushed into the legs on the base. I ended up smacking each wheel/leg against cardboard on my floor. After that is was bing bang boom!
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By Jan Hood
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By Johnny Perez
This is a fabulous chair for looks only! The color is extremely vibrant and makes my room pop. It was assembled by my teenage son which took no more than 20 minutes. The directions were straight forward. The chairs material is really soft & nice to touch but wouldn't stand up well to any heavy use without signs of wear. The chair itself is made of a heavy foam which I wouldn't allow a large individual to sit in it because the foam would eventually give in under the heavy weight. The other mechanics seem to work well such as the hydraulic that lifts & lowers the chair height. I would recommend this chair for its looks and not for the functionality. If you are looking for something comfortable to be able to sit & work all day...this is NOT the chair.
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By MsKimm
4.7 | 460 customer ratings
92% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
This desk is so cute and easy to put together! It isn’t too big, but just the right size for doing homework. I love that it has the small hutch. So cute!
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By Leslie Lloyd
I got 2 of those study desks for my twins and they love it!! It’s great for that price and it’s real wood. As well you can take the top part off if you like, so they can still use it for when they grow up. It arrived very fast, and I was impressed with the quality. And very easy to assemble, it took my husband 15 mins for both.
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By Rania F
Easy to assemble. A good fit for my 8 yr old. One drawer was damaged during shipment but the seller replaced it quickly, at no additional charge.
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By Sylvia S.
4.4 | 2,318 customer ratings
85% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
I was a bit hesitant to purchase this entertainment center due to the complete lack of existing reviews, however I took the risk and was very pleasantly surprised! Don't worry about receiving a damaged unit, this thing was packaged like a tank. Just follow the directions carefully and set aside an hour or two and you will have a great looking and solid feeling tv stand. No broken / missing pieces and easy to follow directions made assembly a snap. Only complaint would be that the doors feel slightly flimsy when you pull them open from the magnetic closure. They are a bit thin and wobble a bit. But it's a minor complaint that doesn't bother too much. Overall it was exactly what I was looking for and well worth the money. Very satisfied with my purchase. I'll keep an eye out for this brand in the future.
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By John S.
Very please with this purchase. It arrived quickly and without any damage. Packaged very nicely. Took me about 3 hours to put together. The one suggestion I would make is that when installing the doors make sure you pre-drill the holes before installing the latches as the holes they provided are not very deep and you will have a hard time screwing the screws if you do not pre drill. Very study material and has the look of real wood. Highly recommend
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By Ken R. Klosowski
We bought the light one (it appears to be a “white stained light wood” print on thick board. That makes it sound awful but it’s actually AMAZING as you see in the photos. Very sturdy, large TV stand WITH a really beautiful fireplace that emits heat and makes the room look so cozy. I totally love it. It was pretty hard to put together. Took my husband a few hours and he’s usually very quick with stuff like this. He said it was very tedious. Maybe worth the money to have someone put it together if you’re not great at stuff like that!
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By Adrienne!
2 offers from product price
4.6 | 602 customer ratings
91% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
This bed is perfect for my 4 and 2 year old boys. It’s not so high that I worry about my 4 year old on the top and my youngest is close enough to the floor that I don’t worry about him getting hurt when he will inevitably fall out since he just moved from a crib. The bed was pretty easy to assemble and took me 2 hrs putting the bed together by myself (would have been faster if I had help). After reading reviews I set out all the pieces and read through the entire directions before assembling. That probably helped.
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By Kathy Szwarc
Love the look of this bunk bed and really like having my toddler close to the floor on the bottom bunk. It was really easy to assemble by my self in an afternoon. This was the highest weight rating that I found for "low bunks" at 400 lbs per bunk where many others were 200 lb limit. The only reason this is a 4 star rating instead of 5 star is because of the spacing of the support slats. They are too far apart in my opinion. So, I decided to put both sets on the top bunk and buy another set of supports for the bottom. I went with these: Worked like a charm. Now both beds feel extra sturdy and you can't feel the slats through a foam mattress. Very happy with this product.
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By Crystal H
Received this bunkbed a week ago. Put it together the same day. It's been a week and it still has a very strong chemical odor despite being low VOC. I haven't allowed my kids in the room since the smell is so strong it fills the room. I understand gassing off furniture but how long should I "gas off" this bunkbed. I leave my kids bedroom window opened for hours a day as long as possible and sometimes over night with a fan and still the chemical smell is very strong. I also did not receive all items as described in the Feature and Details section. I should have received solid pine slats with bunkbed order. Instead I received plywood slats. Yesterday I sent a question to the seller on why I received plywood and not solid pine slats. I received no response. Yet overnight the Feature and Details section
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By T.L.