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4.8 | 6,495 customer ratings
94% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Imagine my surprise when I found out that my old TI-83 didn't have enough power to do everything I needed it to do for my next three math classes, College Algebra (math 114), Calculus for Business and Stats! After a lengthy conversation with my Math Professor, she recommended I pick up a TI-84 and if i was willing to pay a bit more get the color version. Man am I glad I did. This Calculator is so much fun. It's like walking around with a mini computer in my pocket. I can put in my functions Ysub1 and Ysub2, Hit graph and whamo out comes this pretty graph, like the TI-83 it does handle a lot of numbers, you can set equations to zero and off you go running, however unlike the older version, you are not constrained with having to remember when to use
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By Christine Mislang
I've had this calculator for over 2 years now. It's served me faithfully all that time, and software and programs work flawlessly. It does what it's meant to do. No problem there. However, I'm ignoring the elephant in the room, the price. I bought the calculator for over $110 2 years ago, and the price hasn't really changed since. A Barclays analyst estimated it cost TI between $15-$20 to manufacture a TI-84+, but it's sold on Amazon for quadruple as much. Amazon itself sells a full-fledged tablet for fifty bucks, which often goes on sale for $40. The TI-84+CE comes with a 0.08 MP screen, a 15 MHz processor, 3 MB of storage, and 154 KB of memory. On the other hand, Amazon's basic fire tablet has a 0.5 MP screen (6X more), a 1.3 GHz processor (85X more), 8 GB of storage (2500X more), and 1 GB of RAM
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By Fayge
The product works fine, my only complaint was with the seller. My calculator was labeled as "new" and even looked legitimate in original packaging (although not the newest one that comes with TI 84 for Dummies), but when it arrived it had a red stain on the calculator cover (like from hot Cheetos) and multiple scratches on the front surface of the calculator by the numbers. I swear it came out of the package looking like this and its very disappointing that I paid full price for a new item when I received an obviously refurbished item. When I turned it on it even said "RAM Cleared." Deceitful practices can be expected from "Hollister Y".
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By Thomas Rios
4.7 | 930 customer ratings
94% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
This calculator is amazing. I have been using a ti 84 for Introductory College Algebra, and the Ti Nspire Cx 2 CAS is light years ahead of the Ti 84. The calculator is easy to use and can factor almost any Polynomial I can throw at it. The Ti Nspire cx 2 CAS is a winner in my book, and I highly recommend this calculator.
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By Kindle Customer
Can't ever go wrong with a TI-Nspire. I've used the normal TI-Nspire CX at school during all my 4 years in high school, so I've become fairly comfortable with operating it. But, I felt it was time for an upgrade, so I chose this, and I've got to say, best investment ever. As an engineering college student, this calculator really helps save time. With its CAS, solving integrals and taking complicated derivatives couldn't have been any easier. The buttons (arguably), in my opinion, feel very nice to click and make a satisfying "clicking" sound, which I like (compared to the normal CX). It has functions from solving systems, to analyzing statistical data, and you can even program your own functions using TI-Basic. All in all, this is definitely a must-buy for any college student taking high level engineering classes. One thing to note is that this (and many other CAS
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By Quynh
I'm an adult engineering professional, not a student.

Really like the CAS system that solves, simplifies, factors, expands, etc. algebraic expressions. No need to convert systems of equations to matrices. No worrying about silly mistakes in algebra. I really like that expressions can be variables, makes substitution super easy.

I'm coming from a TI-82 (it still works!) so I felt fairly comfortable, but still had to watch a few YouTube videos to get the gist of documents and an overview of the features. Read the manuals, watch videos, google, etc and the fun and power slowly reveals itself.

I installed the software, calculator comes with a license but you have to download from TI's site. Used the software to upgrade the firmware to latest version no problem, transfer files to and from calculator, and the software emulates the calculator so you can use your computer for editing, screen sharing, etc. All very
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By Kindle Customer
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4.7 | 608 customer ratings
93% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
I purchased this calculator for a College Algebra class. After doing a lot of research, I settled on this one having the most bang for my buck and I was right. My entire class, including the professor, used TI 84's or above. There are numerous functions that are much simpler on the Casio vs the TI. After comparing it to fellow students' TI's, I feel that the fx-9860ii is far superior (as did a lot of the TI 84 users). I didn't have any trouble learning how to use this one on my own. TIP: YOUTUBE has great videos for casio calculators.
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By Jamie M.
Love this calculator!!! It is just as good as a Texas Instruments, arguably better, and for only half the price. The functions are a little tricky to learn at first, but nothing the instruction manual, a YouTube video, or 15 minutes of playing around with the calculator can not fix. This calculator is an easy purchase. A really great product that does the exact some functions the competitors products do and for only half the price. I am an engineering major and have only used this calculator for Trigonometry and Pre-Cal, but my friends in the upper division courses say that it would work just fine for the harder courses like Calculus and Engineering Physics.
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By IntrovertTurtle
I wanted a calculator with a backlit display. It seems that to get a backlit display one has to buy a graphing calculator. The Casio fx-9860GII was the least expensive. It apparently is intended for academic use, and has some features which are irritating for general scientific use. In its normal Math mode, for example, entering 4xpi gives the answer 4pi rather than the number, and 4.1xpi gives (41/10)pi. Switching to Linear mode provides calculations as expected, 4xpi = 12.56... with 10 significant figures. In Linear mode, however, the screen navigation features are absent. The precision of calculations is excellent. The Hewlett-Packard pi test, 355/113-pi, gives a result with 8 significant figures; most scientific calculators give 5. There is no built-in table of constants in the calculator as supplied, although there is a table of unit conversions. However, a table of constants and a periodic table of elements are available
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By Walter N. Trump
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4.8 | 271 customer ratings
94% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
As a highschool student, this calculator is really helpful. It's thin and lightweight, which is perfect for me as my school does not have lockers. The colored graphics are really helpful too. It made it easier to read graphs with multiple lines. The buttons were placed like the older versions, so I got used to this calculator quite easily. The battery is amazing too, I charged it fully the night I got it and did not recharge for three whole months. It didn't even die before I finally charged it. (Don't worry, it does come with a charger! And a manual booklet too!)
Oh, because the screen lights up, just be ready to have teachers coming up to you thinking that the calculator is a smartphone! That happened to multiple times...once a teacher screamed across the classroom, "(insert my name) put that phone away or else you'll have to get it
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By e.c
Love it! For the price, you get a great rechargable, color, graphing calculator. Battery has held out for more than 3 months of fairly regular use.

Only negative... It has some weird form of a USB plugin that isn't common anymore. When i lost it, I had to scrounge to find a replacement.
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By Damon Odell Haynes
I've been a fan of TI calculators since the early 70s, when I bought my first scientific calculator. My daily driver is a TI-Nspire CX ii CAS. I've had an HP Prime and a Casio fx-cg500, all CAS calculators, but the best is the TI. As for the TI-84 Plus CE - I really like the looks and the colors; I just had to have one. Sadly, the functionality does not live up to its looks, and certainly not its price! The scientific functions are about the same as would be found in a Casio FX-115 ES Plus for less than $20. To be fair, the 84 has some great statistics functions. But let's get to the graphing.

The TI-84 Plus CE has a very nice, large color display, but in graph mode, the graphing area is significantly reduced, as are the graph analysis tools - most of which are missing
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By Todds Books
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4.6 | 5,591 customer ratings
92% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
I have had this for over four years now. Replaced batteries twice. I used this during community college and still use it at work. Although there is an app that simulates this completely (Wabbitemu), there is no replacing the real thing. Plus you can take this into exams (unless graphing calculators are not allowed.

I think its memory functions are what make it so useful. I may have a few equations that I use all the time during a semester. I just plug them in y= and keep it there all semester long. I can write my own programs (eg Celcius to Farenheit). I can save a few constants (viscosity of water, earth's radius, etc.). Those come in handy on exams. But some professors come around and wipe your calculator before exams, so don't count on it. Its memory is also useful for making very precise calculations. Instead of typing in
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By Amazon Customer
I purchased the TI-84 for my daughter to use in her 10th grade Geometry class. The course required the TI-84. I asked her how she likes it and she says, "it works well, it's fast, not heavy and doesn't slip on her desk." This is the 3rd TI calculator I've purchased and overall I've been satisfied with their products. We use rechargeable batteries so I'm not concerned that it takes AAA batteries versus a rechargeable battery that comes with the TI-84 Plus CE.
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By Sarasota2k4
This calculator deserves zero stars, but that's not an option. Within an hour of using this calculator, the screen had 4 horizontal lines running across the entire screen, and within two weeks had about 20 of them. Did I mention that the calculator has only moved from a table to my hands and back, and has never been transported more than 3 feet? That's durability! Oh wait, that's sarcasm. I'd say within another week of use this calculator will be completely unusable. Tech support from Texas Instruments is worthless as well, as a replacement will take weeks. That's not really helpful when you're in the middle of a calculus class.

Worst purchase I've made on Amazon so far. This is complete garbage.
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By Amazon Customer
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4.8 | 247 customer ratings
95% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
If you reading this review, you probably also feel the pain of having to pay such a ridiculous price for a calculator. In my case, this calculator cost almost as much as the Math 1314 class I had to buy it for. However, that being said, I really do like this calculator. The screen resolution is nice, and there are TONS of videos online with tutorials. Since this is currently the latest model, it will holds its value pretty well. In my opinion, its worth the extra money to have this version over the non CE version.
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By Nate
The TI 84's are all pretty standard, but a couple of things make this one better than the others.

I recommend the rechargeable, it is much lighter than the one you put in all the AA's. Feels better using.
I recommend the color display, Son's Black and white vs my Daughter's Color. Graphis far better, of course no different in output, but feels better to see.
Color - We picked blue. Stands out well, Daughter loves that it's different than all the other black cases in the classroom.

Con - only Con is that it's not the standard power cord you find on most android phones. It's similar, but it's the one that's a bit fatter they used to use on older phones. So if you use one, you can't just use your phone cord. Wish they would give option of apple/Samsung power ports.
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By Dave White
I am a Mechanical Engineering major and this calculator has helped me (when I was aloud to use a calculator lol). It's pretty simple to use, it can graph multiple graphs at once and its screen is colorful and bright. The battery is rechargeable with a little cord that you plug into the wall. The battery lasted me about 3 months before I needed to recharge it (please note I did not use the calculator daily as we were not aloud to use calculators often). Either way, it does what it says it does.
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By Dion Tieman
24 offers from product price
4.6 | 2,780 customer ratings
91% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
For better or for worse, TI has a near monopoly on the educational market. Needing a graphing calculator for my high-schooler, I researched the venerable TI-84 series and settled on the new Nspire CX CAS. Coming from an engineering background, I actually used the HP48g series; however, because the use of TI calculators is nearly ubiquitous in high-school and college, I knew I had to get a TI calculator.

The NSpire CX CAS is an excellent calculator. It supports nearly everything that a Algebra 1, Algebra 2/Trig or Calculus student would need. The CAS (Computer Algebra System) system allows solving, expanding and factoring of algebraic equations symbolically. This is a great boon for students wanting to check their work. My son does the work by hand (which many teachers require) and then will check the final result using the solve function. Solving for roots
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By Gene
This is the best calculator that I have ever seen for sale and will serve well for anyone that is not barred from using computer algebraic systems on exams. If you are looking at this, you probably have a fairly good idea of why you may want a CAS calculator. Symbolic manipulation is quite good and pretty easy to use once you play with it for a few hours. I see no reason why the non-CAS version of this calculator even exists except for the sole purpose of being used for standardized testing.

Battery life is actually better than I expected coming from a TI-84 running on AAA batteries that lasted a few months at a time.

There are a few limitations on this that should be noted. It is not possible to work in the S-domain or Z-domain. Laplace and inverse Laplace transforms as well as Z-transforms cannot be done natively.
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By Greg
Great calculator. Crappy company.

Display failed before the 1 year warranty was up. TI says it's physically damaged (dropped, excessive pressure, got wet, etc) and therefore is not covered. Calculator was well cared for, never dropped, got wet wet, etc... Owned many TI products going back to the Speak & Spell including multiple TI calculators (TI 84 Plus CE, TI CX, TI 36X...)... always very reliable. This is the first time actually trying to use the warranty. Seems like their customer service has been engineered by their finest team of accountants. Shame.
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By allabout
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4.7 | 403 customer ratings
94% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Overall a complete and full featured graphing calculator. It will and can get you through every standard math course in college that you will take. From your basic algebra course to a differential equation course. It will also get you through stats classes. So feature wise this calculator is the equal of the TI-84 Plus CE (if not better in some areas due to its menu driven GUI vs TI's list based GUI system). Hardware wise the CG-FX 50 is superior in processor speed, screen space, font size, and graph rendering speed vs the TI-84 Plus CE. Cost wise it blows the TI-84 Plus CE out of the water. So in both performance, features and price the Casio CG-FX 50 is the way to go.

P.S. The CG-FX 10 Prism is a great predecessor from which this calculator was derived from but it too is over priced on Amazon.
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By Martinez
Outstanding calculator for any middleschool, highschool or college student.

So much easier to use than ANY Ti-XX calculator
Bright color backlit screen
Completely intuitive interface, even if only slightly technically inclined
Comes with USB cable to update OS and add apps/data tables
White numeric keys
Absolutely does not require a "teacher" to explain how to use it (unlike every Ti-XX, which requires instructions in math text books plus additional teacher tech support, just to learn the obtuse TI keystrokes)

I would prefer all buttons to be white with colored lettering, rather than black with colored lettering

I'm dumbfounded when I hear stories of students returning Casio models and replacing them with Ti models, simply because the school teachers tell the students they don't know how to use a Casio...@@ They're totally missing the point!!! ... You don't need a teacher to explain it to you because Casio's are so much more intuitive and easy to use!

My three older
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By scorlock
I'm rating this 5 stars because for the money you get a lot of calculator, however I found it lacked a few features I appreciate in other handhelds: there is no rechargeable battery, no touch screen, quite bulky, and I found it harder to navigate the various hotkey button menus nested within each app (but that is the downside of having access to all those features everywhere, so hard to complain). Having Python is a plus - although it does not tie in with graphing etc. The calculator is slower than the HP Prime and Numworks which have similar features in case you are after horsepower (Numworks comes out ahead in speed and has Python as well, but is far less featured than the HP Prime).
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By Bryn
71 offers from product price
4.7 | 376 customer ratings
94% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
This calculator is worth spending a little more on getting a few colors where it matters such as the graphing! For years we used black and white only....the difference is this allows visual orientation, separation, and presentation.
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By Kimiko
It didn't come with the charger or book like the new version did, so I was disappointed. By the time I purchased the other items that the new calculator came with, I ended up spending a little bit more. My fault for not being extra careful when Amazon flashes a LOWER PRICE AVAILABLE sign on the checkout screen.
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By Dan Bram
This calculator is horrible. It’s extremely slow and the 2nd button does work 8 out of 10 times. It took almost a whole minute for it to graph that simple function. What a waste.. I expected so much more out of something so expensive. I wish I could return it.
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By Sharmagne Pagsisihan
1 offer from product price
4.6 | 901 customer ratings
92% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
I'm really enjoying this calculator. The key to appreciating the device is to realize it is not meant to be an iPhone. A calculator's job is to sit on your desk for weeks and still hold a charge, ready for math at a moment's notice. The NumWorks calculator performs this most basic function. The keyboard is easy to use, I can live with the hard-to-read alpha keys as it is always much more practical to type on a computer and if necessary upload Python scripts to the device, and I'm really enjoying the natural rendering of fractions and the simple CAS feature that shows exact and approximate results. On top of that, there's the added fun of maybe hacking it in the future. A nice upgrade from my old machine.
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By Daniel H
***EDIT March 20, 2018 NumWorks has had several updates (now at version 1.3) in the last few months and I've upgraded it to 4 stars. Not yet perfect, but much more capable than it was. I've updated my review. ***

This is a fantastic scientific and graphing calculator. I am a high school math teacher, and I can now recommend it for all high school classes.

It performs basic calculations very nicely. I love how it gives both exact and approximate answers. Even with logs! Enter "log 49" and the response is "2 log(7) ~ 1.69196". Awesome! Would give students an unfair advantage, so I wouldn't allow this on a test!

NumWorks has become my go-to scientific calculator, as nearly every operation you want to do for high school math is available with a single key press (I get so tired of hitting the "2nd" key on my TI-84). Some actions need
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By Will Wright
This calculator is really good and a good price. The only reason I'm giving it 4 stars instead of 5 is because I think that is missing two features that would greatly improve the functionality. It is missing Engineering Notation and a Programmer Mode. With these features it would be a 5 start product for sure.

I was also pleasantly surprised that the entire project is open source. Everything is available on GitHub including the STL files for the house, buttons and cover. This is great since anyone that doesn't like that it comes in all white, has the option to 3D print replacement parts.

I was also pleasantly surprised with the company's customer service. I emailed them with a couple of questions and suggestions and received a response within 12 hours. The good thing here was that Léo, not only answered my question, he also responded to my suggestions and asked
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By KodiakDraco
20 offers from product price
4.8 | 176 customer ratings
95% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
We gave this to our high school granddaughter who was thrilled when her SAT math scores rose by 40 points after she received it.
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By J. Cooper
My husband has gone back to school as a adult and needed this item. My best compliment is that after a decade or so of being out of school, he was able to pick up calculator up and use it fairly easily.
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By Amazon Review
Love the calculator. I have been in some pretty advanced math and have used several versions of the TI-84 throughout the years. Amazing piece of tech. The company I ordered from as well was extremely efficient and got my package shipped expediently! Overall very happy and I highly recommend this calculator for anyone doing any form of graphing, algebra, chem, or stat math.
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By Craig Brickner
39 offers from product price
4.5 | 1,207 customer ratings
88% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
I bought this to replace my TI-83 Plus. So far I am really happy with it. There is a bit of a learning curve at first when trying to find out where everything is. I do like the color screen and I like the lithium rechargeable battery. The battery last a very long time on a charge and it can be replaced by unscrewing the one screw to the battery door. The only annoying thing so far is the screen has a slight flicker when it's at the lowest screen brightness.

The package includes the calculator, a calculator cover, a USB to mini USB cable, a USB to wall adapter, a mini USB to mini USB cable (for syncing calculator to calculator), a CD with a manual on it and a card with a product code for the TI software. I attached a photo of
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By Axel Bost
The calculator does everything as promised with a few caveats. The OS can be slow at times. The screen is not the easiest to read in sunlight. And the unit could use beefed up a little bit, it seems flimsy compared to older TI models. But TI seems to slowly over time address user issues with hardware and software updates.

I do wish they would have made a single model with CAS, and allowed the Push-to-Test function disable the CAS feature. This would prevent people from having to choose between a full featured calculator, and one that is not often allowed in classrooms and some standardized tests. But this issue may likely be influenced by educators and test makers anyways. Still seems like an easily remedied problem. (And you can upgrade non-CAS models to the CAS software, and other workarounds to enable additional features. These solutions however are not officially supported
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By Jeff
Admittedly somewhat disappointed in the product, however I’ll start with the pros.

I love the backlit color screen! One of the main reasons I got another calculator was due to working later at night and needed more than adequate light to see my original ti-nspires screen. Being a non cas variant also allows me to use this on tests which is a plus. Having owned a ti-nspire in the past, the controls were quick to pick up. I like being able to charge the battery, instead of expending AA or AAA’s. The calculator is just as zippy and I think it serves all of its purposes nicely.

The biggest grief I have with the product is the build quality. It feels like it was built from cheap, thin plastic. The calculator itself is unreasonably light, the clicks although audible leave something to be desired. You have to push relatively hard on each
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By Zachary R.
96 offers from product price
4.5 | 792 customer ratings
86% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
I have had one of these for 10 years just about. Recently had to buy a new one, due to the flooding in Baton Rouge. So... it's safe to say it isnt waterproof? (Hah). As a college student, I have been using this same model calculator since about the 7th grade. Never fails me. Easy to use, great functions. Crisp buttons, and a sliding cover that helps keep it protected in your bag or desk.
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By nolamjc
I bought this TI-84 graphing calculator for my daughter for school. Since she is entering pre-alegbra, our school requires students to have this calculator.

The calculator is very durable. I know it is expensive but it is worth it. It is pretty large as well and is over 7 inches in length and over 4 inches wide. This is the second one I purchased from Amazon. I had to buy one for my other daughter when she took pre-algebra as well. The calculator comes with its own manual on how to use it.

Texas instruments is a good make and their products are known to last a long time. We expect our daughters to use these calculators through high school and college for math classes.

I am pleased with my purchase and recommend this product.
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By Keith F.
Item seems to work as expected. However I thought I saved money with this purchase. Unfortunately I didn’t read carefully enough and it does not come with the charger (which lucky for me I already have one). I still have to purchase rechargeable batteries because it didn’t come with those either. So by the time you add it all up you’re better off paying for a brand new one that comes with everything. Item also came a dirtier than expected.
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By Super 6 mom
25 offers from product price
4.6 | 285 customer ratings
90% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
I love the purple/plum color of the calculator, it's cool. I bought this for calculations as I'm a math teacher, and it's perfect. I've worked with this version of TI before, so it was easy to plug in the usb, get it charged, clear it, and get working. Nothing much more to it unless you're downloading specific programs, which the manual can help with. I like this version better than the old TI 83/84 calcs that I had when I was younger because the screen is lit up and you can do so many more calculations and graphing tricks than the older versions. Thank you for a great product! The calculator came in original plastic packaging and was shipped well, and it arrived within a few days of ordering.
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By Emily Toms
i got this for a math class in college, and i can barely figure out how to use it.
however, the functions i CAN use it for, the screen is easy to read with very clear graphics.
very slim design.
battery stays charged a LONG time.
when comparing it to my teacher's model, he was very impressed.
he said it did calculations faster, and he really liked the design.
both of us like that it comes with a slide-on cover. it's easy to remove and replace.

i got the TI-84 Plus Graphic Calculator for Dummies book:

Texas Instruments TI-84 Plus CE Plum Graphing Calculator

i bought it for $110 including shipping costs.
great calculator.
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By kre8iv1
I ordered this calculator specifically in the plum color. When it arrived it was clearly pink, not plum. I noticed that there appeared to be a second label under the barcode label identifying it as being plum colored and when I peeled that back I found that the seller had simply covered over the original label, which accurately describes the calculator as pink, with one that portrays it as plum. That’s just really cheap on the part of the seller (Happy Ranger); buyer beware if you purchase something from them! Now I have to return the calculator, wait for the credit to hit my account, and then reorder the correct one, all in the next week.
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By Alexandra B.
2 offers from product price
4.6 | 261 customer ratings
89% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Love this calculator. My instructors hate Casio's and you've gotta be careful in some classes, where instructors disallow programmable graphing calculators. It is ACT/SAT compliant, as that it has wireless connectivity, but still, some instructors are really picky. Definitely ask your instructors before purchasing it for upper level math courses. The one thing that I don't like is that it really uses them batteries. It's worth it, to buy more expensive non-lithium batteries (if you want an accurate battery readout). I almost rated it a 4 star because when you install new batteries, it asks you what kind of battery you used, rechargeable or NiMH. As that lithium batteries don't fall into either category, when you use the longer lasting Lithium, you won't get an accurate reading of charge. I contacted Casio and they said that Lithium batteries are fine, just set your calculator for NiMH. What they didn't tell
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By Amanda S
I am in my mid 30's and decided to go back to school and pursue and engineering degree. Needless to say a good calculator is a must. This calculator is the envy of others in my class with a beautiful display and powerful features. The instruction manual is good and there are some good tutorials available on You Tube. I have probably used less than ten percent of the potential calculator but am thoroughly impressed. I'm certain that current high school and college students would have and easy time learning how to use this unit to an even greater degree. It got me through Calculus II as I was able to enter definite integrals directly during exams which saved a ton of time.

The only drawback I have found is that most professors and students use Texas Instruments models thus I have to navigate my
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By Woogerths
I have had a couple of graphic calculators before including Casio's first three color screen calculator. This calculator offers a lot. It has a full color screen that is back lit and the keyboard laid out well. If you have used the Casio scientific calculators then this calculator will feel quite natural. The calculator is runs on four AAA batteries and lasts about 120 hours with the backlight on medium.

The calculating features are excellent. Brackets show up in color and fractions are supported in calculator mode. I used the calculator to solve some complex thermodynamics problems and it did it perfectly. The spreadsheets are great to and can be imported and exported to Excel or OpenOffice. Color graphing is where the calculator really shines. You can superimpose graphs on each other and quick calculate the intersect. The geometry program is cool but I don't really have use for it. All
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By Dan
12 offers from product price
4.5 | 571 customer ratings
88% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
This is a really fine piece of technology and I'm glad I live in a time when it is easily available to everyone, even though it is somewhat expensive; however I think the price is justified when you consider what this calculator can do.

First off I would highly recommend purchasing the Guerrilla Screen Protector. Many other reviewers mention their screen getting scratches or smudges -- the screen protector will make that a non-issue for you. Another thing, the slide cover that comes with the calculator should be sufficient to keep it from being damaged.

Regarding the functionality and capabilities of this was my first response. This calculator is well suited for high school as well as university students. Even instructors could use some of its features to demonstrate certain mathematics to the students as the calculator can be connected to a computer and from there a projector may be used.

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By MilosV
This thing right here is my lifeline. It is the almighty. It is my life. I use this thing all the time. I am an Electrical Engineering student at the University of Kansas and it is really REALLY tough trying to do complex arithmetic with a TI-84 calculator. Even if you do get good at that, you cannot do complex matrices on them. This calculator can't get enough love from me. It even has a thing where you can plug it into the computer and view your documents! You can also access the full functionality of the calculator this way. If you can't find something easily through the context menus, you can simply type the function into it! This can save LOADS of time of scrolling through the seemingly endless list of wonderful functions. It truly is a gift to humanity and the developers at TI should get some sort
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By Jared Coltharp
This thing is kind of a pain to navigate, and the touch pad is useless. I’m currently in vector calculus, have taken 2 stats classes, and some physics classes, and have never need to use any of the functions aside from the calculator, which I rarely use because calculus requires most work to be done on paper. I prefer my ti-84 plus ce, but it doesn’t have CAS so it stays at home. I also have a ti-89, and while the user interface is probably simpler and more intuitive, I can’t stand the monochromatic graphics, lag, and pixelation, so I continue to use my nspire.
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By sean
39 offers from product price
4.6 | 250 customer ratings
89% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Works just as expected, and it's even a little cheaper than any electronic store. I definitely appreciated the frustration free packaging so there was no need for scissors. It does everything i'ts supposed to do,and I would recommend it to anybody who appreciates a quality calculator.
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By Aaron
I loved my CX CAS, but I needed and went ahead and bought the regular CX without CAS as this one IS approved for use on the SAT/ACT.
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By Amazon Customer
As a graduated high school student entering college, I am 100% satisfied with this calculator. The TI -Nspire Cx saved me throughout senior year with my challenging math and science courses, and I have no doubt that it will save me in the upcoming Fall semester as well. During the school year I used this calculator almost all the time every day. If you are also a freshman looking to purchase a state-of-the-art multifunctional, multipurpose calculator that will last you all four years and beyond, definitely look into this calculator. The rest of the reviews say it all.

The best part of this calculator is probably the ability to write/download programs. Also, the navigation pad is touch sensitive so that is amazing. It feels great in your hand and is always performing 100% from power-on to power-off. I came from a small scientific calculator, and when I bought this and started
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By Evan Y.
15 offers from product price
4.5 | 481 customer ratings
88% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
I bought this instead of a TI-84 for my computer science and statistics classes and am very pleased. Having used both the TI-84 and the Casio FX line extensively I would definitely say it's worth it to save a couple bucks for books or dorm supplies and go with the Casio. It performs all the same functions for a much more budget friendly price. The menus seem a bit daunting if you haven't used a Casio before, but once you get used to them they are really fluid.
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By Quinton Shipps
Most of the criticism I see here boils down to one thing: it’s not a TI calculator. This particular model lacks natural/textbook entry, which may be an issue for some, but it has all the basics, and is faster than similar TI products. The screen resolution is fairly low, but it’s readable. It does the job, and the price is right. It took me about an evening to figure this thing out, but this is not my first calculator by a long shot.

The good:
- fast
- covers the basics.
- runs a long time on 4 AAA batteries.
- the calculator feels sturdy.
- fairly easy to learn (in my opinion)

Not so good:
- low resolution screen
- no internal flash memory to back up to
- it’s too easy to turn the calculator on, a recessed power switch would be nice. (The competition has the same problem)
- no data transfer software for the Mac (the newer
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got this for my son but he had a hard time figuring it out. his teacher at school couldn't help with his work because he didn't know how to use a casio for the work. if the teacher uses or recommends an HP pay more for it. However I may have a slightly used casio for sale if you want. :)
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By mark
48 offers from product price
4.6 | 216 customer ratings
90% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Great calculator. Just like his old one, the back does come off and Snap-on to the front for protection when carrying so I ordered a case separately that we ended up not needing to use. It is battery operated not solar or plug-in though it does come with the USB cord for you to download things
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By sabracakeboo2054
The calculator serves its purpose but was missing the protector that is intended to slide over the top to protect the screen/buttons during travel and slide behind it while it is being used. I was expecting to receive the entire package, including the protective cover. Now the data lists I have stored for my statistics course get deleted or changed when it is in my book bag because it doesn’t have the protective cover intended to prevent that from happening. Imagine having your cell-phone “pocket dial” or “pocket text” when you’re not using it. Same idea. I literally have to carry my calculator separately out of my bag if I don’t want to lose any of my work.
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By Jess
the calculator is not in good condition and also when using it, it doesn’t work it freezes a lot and takes about 5 minutes to unfreeze
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By Juan
2 offers from product price
4.7 | 136 customer ratings
95% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
nice product, delivery fast too
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By Jen
Great calculator. It takes a bit of time to learn, but this calculator can do almost anything you can think of. It outputs in decimal, fraction, and rational forms. There are nice built in calculus and linear algebra functions, and all for half the price of a comparable TI calculator.
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By James Garrard
I ordered the Casio Fx-Cg50 Graphic Calculator which is recommended and approved by A level and IB examination broad. However, I received another similar product, i.e. CASIO PRIZM FX-CG50 Color Graphing Calculator which, of course, is not approved by the examination broad.
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By frankietoo