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4.8 | 4,737 customer ratings
95% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
I ordered the two-pack of panels, and was pleased to see they matched the original OEM panel in my Aprilaire 700 humidifier. They fit perfectly, and were a perfect match down to the clay coating and colored marks to denote the top of the filter. These were a great value to replace the the original panel and get my furnace ready for the upcoming heating season.

The panels came complete with installation instructions. I've attached a photo showing what it looks like.
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By Seth Hoffman
I was already ordering a 2 pack of OEM Aprilaire 35 water panels from Amazon, then stumbled on this. I thought surely for only a couple dollars each they must be junk, but decided to order one on a whim in hopes that it might be at least somewhat similar quality to the Aprilaire. Today the package arrived, to my amazement, not only was it similar quality to the OEM ... it WAS an OEM Aprilaire in OEM packaging and identical to the 2 pack of filters I bought for more expensive ... See the picture below, the water panel I received from FiltersNow wasn't a generic knock off or "aftermarket" as the listing said, it was the real deal.

I have never been so pleased to have an inaccurate listing. I will absolutely be buying this again
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I bought a two-pack of the Aprilaire 35 water panels and installed one in september - not log after it was installed, I noticed a leak I couldn't explain. On closer inspection of the Aprilaire unit, I took off the cover to observe the water flow and noticed a tiny pinhole leak in the panel. I replaced the panel with the second water panel and the leak was solved------until today (12/5/17) when another leak happened. I once again took off the cover and observed water coming out of the panel at the top (the black water distribution tray) and dribbling down the panel (NOT over the top of the tray). I went to my TruValue hardware store and bought a new panel off the shelf. When I compared the old panel to the new one I discovered the problem -the panels I got thru Amazon
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By Myron T Ortolano
4.8 | 4,388 customer ratings
96% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
I didn't realize when we had a new furnace installed that the replacement filters were so expensive. I also didn't realize that they can not be purchased at big box hardware stores. Luckily, they only need replaced every six months. The filter obviously works, due to the fact that it is very dirty when I change it and we seem to have to dust the furniture less often since getting the new furnace/AC. I'm giving a 5 star review because Amazon offers the best prices on these filters.

Note: There are 2 models of replacement filters that fit. The 410 and 413. The 413 filters smaller dust particles than the 410 and is recommended for people who suffer from allergies/asthma. The 410 is typically a few bucks cheaper.
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By BigTom214
This Aprilaire 410 Air Filter looked and fit exactly like the filter that was installed with our furnace and it shipped quickly. Perfect replacement and it was very easy to install. I bought two filters and they arrived in a much bigger box than I was expecting. Inside the outer box were two single filters, each in their own box with the two boxes taped together. The directions are on the box if it is your first time installing a new filter. Basically, 1. Turn off your furnace or air conditioner. 2. Open the door where the filter is kept. 3. Remove old filter (just slide it out). 4. I found it easiest to fit the filter to the grooves on the bottom first, then opened up the filter vertically to fit the grooves on the top. 5. Slide the filter all the way in, making sure both the
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By Less is More
It's the only option, so stock up when it's cheap
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By Brad
4.7 | 1,783 customer ratings
95% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Ordered, received quickly, all sealed box and it still looks weird? YESSS

They will look "USED" but are not, I ordered 3 and thought I was getting scammed as well! So I asked them directly and got this response: "Sorry there is so much confusion about this. Yes the coating you see is actually a clay slurry that is applied to the panel to help retain the humidity on the panel longer thus allowing a more absorbent surface."

So have no worries, great price, great product and great customer service.
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By Jon G.
Winter’s already hitting like a ton of bricks and this filter has made my life a lot better. I wasn’t aware that the filter in our humidifier needed to be changed but, after finding the old one was effectively a block of calcium with very little water coming through, I bought this immediately and installed it as soon as it arrived. Simply pop the top of the filter frame and drop the new filter in with the painted line facing up. Now my house is holding 40% humidity just fine and I’m not waking up with chapped lips every morning.
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By Banditt
I also received a used product. I noticed someone taped the other side of the Box shut. And when I used the opening strip I was confused why it looks so dirty already.
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By Great Shopper
4.7 | 1,223 customer ratings
91% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
This is my second minus A2 now, this new one I got is the SPA780N which has the app support. Since most of the other reviews went over all the general information, here is a quick gist: This is one of the top of the line air purifiers on the market, made in Korea, not china, and is one of the only air purifiers that is wall mountable. In addition, it uses a brushless motor, this alone sets it apart from other top tier brands since everybody else uses brushed motors. A brushed motor has a definite limited lifespan as the carbon blocks wear out due to friction, rabbit air uses brushless motors which lasts longer (in order or magnitudes) and is more efficient.

The big shocker: I took it apart, just because I am a curious person, and saw that they used a very high quality Panasonic brushless motor. This
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By Joe The Amazon Customer
I was a little nervous about dropping this much money for an air purifier, but it was the only one I found that covered a reasonable square footage. I planned to use this for my whole condo, not just one room. I have about 1200 square feet. I’ve mounted it to the wall in my living room, which is open concept to the kitchen, dining room, and front hallway. It doesn’t really get my bedrooms, which are in the back, but I didn’t expect it too.

I have 2 dogs, a cat, and was worried that there would be pet odors. Since getting this purifier, people have actually commented as to how fresh it smells in my place. And that the air feel lighter.

I have the germ filter, although I don’t know what the difference is between what the filters do. I’m not sure it entirely makes a difference.

I can really
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By korny518
This is my second Rabbit Air. I've had my original one for a very long time, but I've decided that the ability to schedule the air cleaner was worth purchasing a new one. I was able to resell my old one for about half the cost of the new one, so win there! However, the smart home features of the new model are close to useful, but not quite there.

1. It doesn't hold onto the settings if you lose power. It takes me a few days to notice that the air cleaner isn't running while I'm not at home to then go in and reset all the settings.

2. The schedule is a list of slider bars which change as you try to scroll to see the lower bars, unless you can tap just exactly right on the edge to scroll but not trigger a change.

3. You can't set different schedules
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By R. S.
4.7 | 813 customer ratings
92% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
This is my first mini split system, works great! Super quite both inside and out, uses very little electricity, 110v means easy to run power to it. Does require some specially hvac tools you'll need to install.
Copper line flare tool ($30)
Copper line cutter ($10)
R410a gauge/servicing set ($50)
Vacuum pump ($50)
Torque wrench set (open crescent, not socket)
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By Bryan
This is an initial review following installation. Installation was easy and took about six hours with two people.

I live in Michigan near Lake Huron. I’m using the LETO 24000 BTU mini split in my man cave which is a detached building with a garage and a 700sqft finished living area. Temp outside is right around freezing when I installed the unit. Once up and running it heated the room quickly. I’m anxious to see my electric bill next month; running a space heater and portable AC increased my bill about $100 a month. I’m hoping that will decrease.

This listing could have been more helpful and should include a checklist of all items necessary for installation. While I understand it is recommended that an electrician and HVAC pro should install, it’s still nice to know what pieces are required.

In addition to the mini split package I had to purchase
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By Kirk
My unit no longer provides heating or air conditioning and I have called the company 4x. Each time they say they will help and will call me later with s plan. Never a return call. Don’t know what to do.
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By judy myers
4.8 | 391 customer ratings
96% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
I purchased this RENPHO True Hepa Air Filter about a week and a half ago. Right out of the box I was able to install the filter, power it on and work all of the controls and functions of the unit. I didn’t read the directions until after I had worked the unit. The directions were easy to understand and covered all of the functions of the unit. I found out about this product through the app of an electronic scale I bought from the same company. I really like the scale. It connects through blue tooth to my phone and records the measurements to my phone. Back to the air purifier. The unit has 3 levels of air cycle so if you have it in the same room as a tv you could set it to low so you do not hear the fan. It has multiple light settings
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By Linda
Read the manual first.
The filter inside is covered in plastic and needs to be removed before you start it up. There are lots of ways to display the colors and intensity of the light. Thankfully the manual is easy to read or it would of taken me forever to learn the different lights.

I placed the air purifier between the wood stove and the dog kennels in our living room. Between the dog hair from our dog and foster dogs and the ash and dust from the wood stove, our air was so gross. It was stale and had a dirt smell.

This is my first air purifier so I don’t have anything to compare it to, but there is a difference in the air quality. The air is fresher and I don’t see as many particles floating around. It smells nice. I’ve quit using air fresheners.

I don’t like that
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By Stacy Ann Johnson
•Why I brought this one?
I have respiratory problems, and winter is always the worst for me. People smoke inside their apartment and don't let any windows open, and I live in the very last apartment of an old build. So all the smoke come to my apartment and it feels like I can't breath at all. My older air purifier has stopped working so I urgently needed to get another one. I have other products of RENPHO so I trust them.

Price, tiny, powerfull and light to carry around. The sleeping mode is extremely helpful and can't be heard at all.

Can be very noisy at the most powerfull stage and the lights can be annoying

I have another air purifier of $200 but RENPHO is powerfull as the expensive one. It's powerful enough to provide air circulation in a studio. I have had it for 3 days and I let it on
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By igoreuf
4.6 | 1,276 customer ratings
89% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Are you sick of being laughed at for having the weakest fan in town?
Do you constantly get made fun of because your fan sounds and feels like a gentle whisper in your ear?
Are you tired of having a fan that should be embarrassed to be called a fan?

This stops TODAY.

Do you want POWER?
Do you want some SERIOUS white noise?
Do you want to be BLOWN AWAY?
Do you want air that CIRCULATES around the whole room?
Do you want a fan that you can call YOUR FAN?

If you're looking for a butt-kicking, tornado starting wind monster, you've found it. This beast can roar like a white machine lion, and will clear everything in it's path. One of the best fans, period.
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By Chris Tamez
As the title implies, this fan works well. It's 90 degrees and this fan and the lasko air logic are cooling my house completely.

It's loud, but not like bolts in a dryer loud. It's not really even loud enough to white noise my little gremlin children to sleep. But it does mean you'll have to slightly turn the volume up on anything you want to hear. No big deal to me.

I like being cool and hope this fan works out in the long term.
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By wahhm
I bought two of these, one for a basement and one for a bathroom. These are POWERFUL fans, especially for their size. One potential issue with the design is that they, unlike a typical fan, would be difficult or impossible to clean internally. (To eliminate that issue, I purchased some 3M Filtrete HEPA cloth and cut round "filters" to cover each of the intake suctions. When it's time to clean, I'll simply cut new filters to fit. Since each fan is in a location not frequented by guests, the white filters stuck on each side of the base are irrelevant to me. The "filters" can be easily removed.) I'll update ratings if necessary.
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By HSartmama3
4.7 | 380 customer ratings
93% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Perfect replacement for the steam canister for the Aprilaire 800. Replacement is very easy. Directions are printed on box. Takes about 15 minutes to swap. Image of inside of 2 year old canister.
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By Luke
The instructions on box were perfect, except I would add, turn off water valve to filter, and place a small bin under humidifier when removing canister, I had a lot of water drop down, not sure if I did not wait enough time for draining, but next time I will be prepared. Real simple to replace,, on a scale of 1-10 for handyman, its about a 2, just a tad more than a oil filter on a car. My drain pile had a ton of sandy grit to clean out, not sure where it comes from, but I used a shop-vac to remove. Old filter was nasty looking, glad I changed. My only wish is these filters were a little cheaper. Lasted me only 3/4 of a heating season. Of course winter of 2013/2014 was more colder than usual. Hoping to
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By robert frost
Mine scaled up very badly in three weeks. Obviously very expensive to keep replacing. Look into corking the bottom and using vinegar to dissolve the scale. Then a metal bristle bottle brush to clean the the elements inside, you can get both sides. Rinse thoroughly. I bought another so I can rotate them. I just saved you a lot of money over the long term. Sorry Aprilaire, you shouldn’t charge people so much for a very simple cheap to make proprietary part just because you can.
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By L.Y.
4.8 | 223 customer ratings
95% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
These filers fit perfectly in my model 400 humidifier- original filters from the manufacturer. Keep in mind the manufacturer recommends 2 filter changes per heating season, so you'll have to buy these once a year- which isn't too bad. Will definitely be buying more!
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Cheaper to replace on your versus hiring a professional. At this price versus a professional install is a great value. It would be nice if someone invested a filter that resists mold that is safe to use and not impact health until then I will continue to use UV to limit this.
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By Andre Williams
I tried to use the filter just a few months longer than it is supposed to last - It had hard water growth and mold that had started making us feel ill. I washed out the entire filter contraption and put in one of the replacements and it's working like a charm. I may start replacing the filter every month to keep it fresh and to keep us healthy.
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By David Narciso
4.5 | 1,745 customer ratings
88% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
I got the Aprilaire 700M (manual) version because with a smart thermostat, you don't need an outdoor sensor to tell the temperature. The idea is that the relative humidity (RH) inside your house should decrease as the outside temperature also decreases. Otherwise you'll get condensation on the windows and other parts of your home, leading to frost, freezing, dry-rot in your attic or window sills, etc. The Ecobee4 knows the temperature at your location (via Wi-Fi connection) and has a "Frost Control" setting that will automatically adjust the home's humidity level accordingly; no need to use the manual humidistat and constantly change the humidity setting as temperatures change.

I've attached a diagram of the exact wiring I used -- even the colors are the same. It took combining about 4 different diagrams that only told part of the story, a call to customer service, an email to
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By David R. Smith
This is an awesome humidifier. We have a 2400 sq ft house and it does a good job eliminating the issues we had this winter of shocks and itchiness. There are plenty of reviews here that say how good it is, but I wanted to get into a little detail about the wiring, because there are so many diagrams out there about how to hook this up to a Nest, and none of them fit our needs. I want to provide some insight to people who may want the same thing, which is a humidifier completely controlled automatically by a (3rd gen) Nest, and for it to run regardless of the heat being on or not. Our house is only a couple years old, and the furnace is fairly efficient, so it doesn't cycle heat long enough for the humidifier to get the RH level in our home to the
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By Gloria Hagenbarth
Just wanted to share my review of this product after the install.

Like others have stated this is a fairly difficult install for your everyday DIYer. I my my self did not have any problems and it took me about 4-5 hours I would guess. I am not an HVAC professional, however I am an Industrial electromechanical technician, so I do similar work for a living The install of the unit itself is pretty straight forward, the instructions are pretty decent for mounting and running the bypass duct work, I think most DIYers could figure this out. The trickier part is the wiring. If you are NOT familiar with reading a wiring and have a basic understanding of electric wiring principals I DO NOT recommend installing this yourself.There are no instructions or explanations on how to wire the unit, only the simple wiring diagram. When I get some time
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By Brandon Schrage
4.7 | 306 customer ratings
92% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
I have had trouble with my tonsillitis for many years. finally I can get some good nights rest, so excited to continue using this humidifier. It is so quiet, and easy to refill, love love love it!
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By Tonaya wint
My bird is loving it I have 2 lg Parrots, it helps to cut down on there dander and plucking in Az.
I go thru hum. Every 6_8 months no matter if clean monthly. I was told these where better. We'll see I get tired of purchasing
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By marylou billings
I like the black model. It works great and what a great price! I notice a difference in the air living in AZ it's a dry heat! This is perfect 😉
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By Phillip
4.6 | 464 customer ratings
90% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
I tested VacPlus absorber packets against another brand almost twice the size, on 3 occasions. These little guys absorb water like little milk cows, which drink a LOT of water each day! All three times the VacPlus out-performed the larger brand by absorbing more water faster. Also, the larger brand holds a larger amount of water, which makes me feel uneasy about the possibility of leaking, and adding more weight on my already heavy closet rod. Remember, it's not the SIZE that counts, it's the absorption rate!
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By Llama 17
I gave this product time to work before I decided to write an honest review. I placed one in my bedroom closet as it is next to the master bath. I also placed one next to the front door. Within a week the bottom of the bags were full of water. This means that the product was really pulling water from the environment. The product has no scent and is as easy as unfolding it and hanging it il. This product would be perfect for a bathroom that has the closet built in. Very impressed with how well it worked!
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By Lea
These bags are pretty incredible. Easiest way I've found to reduce humidity and moisture in all kinds of places, and there's no mess. Nothing to set up, no finding a spot to place a bucket/tub/etc. Just open the outer wrap, then hang the bag. That's it. When you see the water has filled the bottom and the absorbent is no longer white, throw it away. NO mess. Some reviews have mentioned the bags breaking from falling. I think that might be due to the plastic hanger that is clipped on top. It works great, but I've found that sometimes the aren't tightly "clicked" together. Simple fix - just press both sides to make sure they're closed before you hang. I'm amazed at how fast these work. Extremely effective way to fight moisture and the odors it causes!
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By Prufrock
4.7 | 269 customer ratings
92% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
I had great luck with another Vacplus moisture absorber (the hanging bags), so I was eager to try these boxes, and have been very pleased with the results! The pictures I included show about 2 weeks worth of water collected (I have 3 in my living room).

I live near the ocean in a hot/humid environment and have tried a lot of dehumidifying products (DampRid, A&H, etc.). Other products have leaked, tipped-over, melted, and smelled terrible, but I have not had any of those issues with the Vacplus items. Specifically, it's a rigid/sturdy box (not a cheap/flimsy plastic); doesn't easily tip-over (and even if it did tip-over, the blue top is securely in place over a special paper that keeps the moisture in); and it's legit unscented.
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By lindz0r
Hello Vacplus people!

We discovered mold in our apartment. A lot of it. To anyone who has ever dealt with it, I feel your devastation. It is a waking nightmare. It’s gross and scary and overwhelming. You feel like burning your place down to the ground is the only answer.

After the long hard cleanup, I purchased a 6 pack of Valplus and put them in every room. I can SLEEP NOW. Literally, the mold was on the flip side of our mattress. I didn’t sleep for a week or so even though we’d removed it. I was terrified it would just immediately return.

It’s been a little over a year now and I just keep replacing the Valplus when they’re full of liquid and NO MOLD.

I can’t explain what the security I feel means. I could spend the money for a large dehumidifier but these are easy and inexpensive. You can place
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By Naomi
Where to begin; I had been using the hang-up style (Damp Rid) and twice the bags have broken leaving me with a total mess to clean up. I love that these boxes sit nicely on my closet shelf, and should I accidentally knock one over I don't have to work about spillage. I also find that the boxes last much longer than the hang up bags. I live in FL and with the (almost) constant humidity I have to change the hang-up bags almost weekly. The boxes tend to last 3 - 4 weeks. So there is quite a financial savings.

I purchased the 6 pack from Amazon where I got twice as much product for half the price of an equivalent amount of Damp Rid.
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4.6 | 382 customer ratings
90% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
This fan is amazing. It’s very quiet but loud enough to sound out noise if you prefer to sleep with a fan. I love having the remote, no need to get up and adjust anything. I was skeptical because of the price point and the other terrible reviews on other tower fans. This one is worth the money, very easy to put together. I love how I can control the swing, and even set a timer if I leave home. This fan is amazing!
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By Amazon Customer
This thing is so powerful but so quite! We love it so much. We’ve had about 6-7 different brands of fans that have all died on us eventually but this one feels so much stronger than any of the others.
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By LaDiaz
I tend to always be warm at night so sleep with a fan on. My old fan was not cutting it anymore, so I finally decided to buy this and I couldn’t be happier. I actually like the height of this because my old one was much shorter, and barely reached above my mattress. I’d have to seep on the one side of my mattress to even feel the fan. With this height and power, I am cooled no matter where I am in my room. I also appreciate how the remote is magnetic, there’s a timer mode, etc. This fan is more powerful on low than my old one was on high. It’s high setting is also quieter than my old one was on low., Absolutely perfect! Could not recommend enough.
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By Kadey
4.7 | 241 customer ratings
95% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
After living in my new house for over a year we discovered the humidifier had been off, so we turned it on to help fight the dry winter air. A few hours later we noticed water leaking from our older Aprilaire 224 unit.

This started the project of me figuring out what the problem was, having to rebuild leaky copper compression fittings at sealing the drainage on the unit itself. Since I had no idea if the previous homeowners did any sort of maintenance on the unit I figured it was long overdue for a new water panel.

I ordered this as it’s listed to fit my model 224 and it fit perfectly. Install of the water panel was the easiest part of my unit repair. Now my humidifier is running like a dream and adding needed moisture back into the house.

Will repeat buy as the suggested replacement schedule is yearly.
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By Mark E.
Honestly I did not need these this year, but I like to have replacements on hand for future years. This is especially true for this size, which seems to get harder to find each time. I replace these about every other year, although I could probably replace them every three years. Regardless, I am set for at least six more years, at which time I will probably need a new furnace and humidifier anyway.
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By David S
Shipping and packaging was fine. Boxes are the blue style in photo which is different than boxes I have bought at brick and mortar stores. Product does fit my humidifier as the description said it would. However, I bought a 4 pack and so far, the 2 that I have looked at have been horribly sub-par to my experience with other versions of this pad. First there is very very little absorbing material on them. It is basically just the metal mesh it is almost like someone washed off the absorbent cardboard material. Thought ok maybe it will work and I won't have to replace as fast since mold and such won't grow as fast. Did not have very cold weather for the past month so was not able to really tell a difference. Well winter has come back for a week now and my house is very
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By Chris Eff
4.6 | 324 customer ratings
89% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
In one word, amazing. This unit was delivered exactly as described and much quicker than quoted. If you are not a fairly advanced handy person do not attempt to put this in your self. The directions leave something to be desired. Overall this unit is extremely quiet, I didn’t think it was running at first. The fit and finish of the machine is beautiful. The install took about eight hours for me, if you know what you’re doing it will be much quicker than that. I have never installed one of these units before. In New Hampshire we are in late spring right now, my house is about 650 ft.² and this 12,000 BTU unit cools this space without a problem. I look forward to the opportunity to really try the heating of this unit. At this point it has only been a test run but the heat
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By Dcot
I am extremely satisfied Senville’s 09HF/Z 9000 BTU mini-split unit. Based on the stats and features of the Mini-Split big boys (Mitsubishi, LG), the price, performance, features, warranty, and efficiency of Senville’s product offerings in this class are hard to beat. Once you push the ON button for the first time, you will be amazed at how quiet this unit can be — both the outside unit and the inside unit. I went for the Aura Series over the Leto Series mostly do the incredibly high-efficiency rating (25 SEER). Both series include a full installation kit including the copper line sets, remotes, mounting hardware (wall mounting), control cable, rubber mounting pads, tube wrapping tape, drainage tubing, etc. You do have to supply a power feed of course. The instructions are broad, covering several models with the classic (your model may not have this feature).
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By Clarence N.
this product cost $1,400 dollars and worked for about 3 hours before the circuit board controlling the compressor stopped working. Senville.s customer service was absolutely useless and failed to correct the problem. The technician was from some foreign country and was of no help. According to other dissatisfied customer's reviews Senville products are horrible and an expense lesson to learn about dishonest business practices. Amazon should know that they are pedaling junk and their name will be associated with Senville.
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By David Bush
4.4 | 2,246 customer ratings
84% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Best Humidifier I have bought! 5 star!!! I did a whole day researching (reading blogs and amazon reviews) and this is by far the best one. Easy clean and because I use YL oils I needed something that can handle the powerful essential oil. I bought Vick’s and it pretty much melted the insides. Plus that unit is so hard to clean.
I have a newborn and toddler, I don’t need to add more chores to my ‘list to do’.
I found it difficult to buy this because it is not in any blogs and no reviews here on amazon but I like the reviews Levoit (other humidifier the company makes) got and I like that it said easy to clean. I like that I can put essential oils with the water.
And no I did not get anything free or got paid to write this review.
Just happy that there’s companies that strive
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By AmazonShopper
Love this good looking humidifier. Looks great in our home and love that it works with essential oils, is top loading and very quiet.
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By Jo from neatntiny
Let's get one thing straight: If this humidifier was safe, I pretty much loved it. The design was nearly perfect. Cleaning is easy. The essential oil functionality seemed on point. However, one factor matters above everything else: Safety.

This humidifer, within 8-10 days of ownership, malfunctioned and overheated. The ultrasonic component overheated, boiled the water in the humidifier, and created hot steam that then water-damaged the piece of furniture it was sitting on. That's bad enough, however based on how hot the humidifier and water was when I got to it, I am concerned that there was also a potential fire hazard.

Needless to say, I've packed up this humidifier, which I wanted to love, and have returned it. I have never experienced any sort of heat coming from an ultrasonic humidifier, ever, and my counsel to Levoit is to put in some more fail-safes on their humidifiers to make sure they
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By Taikero
4.4 | 759 customer ratings
85% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Really easy to set up. I like how quiet this machine is and I like that it doubles as a night light in the bathroom. I'm amazed at how much moisture this is pulling out of my bathroom.
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By Lin
I really love this dehumidifier. I live in a small basement apartment with no central air and our back bedroom has no windows. As a result, it can get a little stuffy in there. This small dehumidifier fits perfectly on the desk and is essentially silent. It pulls a lot of water out of the air and makes the room more comfortable. The light is also a really nice feature at night. I am considering purchasing another one of these to put in my bathroom. Don’t hesitate to buy this.
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By Tony
Great for bed room or bathroom, my bed room was leaking water from the ceiling, bought this small dehumidifier to get the moisture out from my room, quite, fine material made, big water tank so don’t need to change that often.
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By Emily
4.4 | 736 customer ratings
86% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
This heater is great at heating up my bedroom. I have inconsistent heating where I live and therefore turn this at nights that are very cold. I am someone who hates getting up in the morning to a freezing chill the moment you lift the covers. So far I like this heater. It can raise the temperature in my room from 68F to about 80F ( and probably get higher if I didn't get too hot) in about an hour in my small to medium-sized room in the higher settings. I am not sure about the safety of this heater but so far it works great for me.
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By Inez Bolk
Wow, this little thing is great! I wanted a super simple, compact, inexpensive 750/1500W electric space heater. Hard to tell what you’re looking at from a pic on the Amazon website, so when this tiny little thing showed up at my door, I was skeptical. It’s about the size of a half gallon carton of milk - how much heat can it possibly produce? Don’t let the size fool you - this little baby puts out as much heat as units with a much, MUCH bigger footprint. It’s a little on the noisy side - sounds about like the fan on a microwave. That’s fine with me - YMMV. It’s completely manually controlled - one non-delineated ‘temperature control’ dial and another that switches between off/fan only/low heat (750W)/high heat (1500W). Perfect. I want to be able to turn it on and off with a smart plug, so that’s just what
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By capo
This product has so many features, it's amazing! It has a heater with 11 different temperature settings in one so that alone is pretty awesome. The heat on the highest setting can heat up in seconds. For such a small innovative thing, it heats up an entire room pretty well. This thing is small but it's very powerful... It has a safety function also that when you move it or if it gets knocked down- it turns off automatically so there's no need to worry for accidents or fire because of it.
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By Lela Fedorek
4.6 | 213 customer ratings
91% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
I have an open kitchen, so the cooking smell always gets to the living room. With this air purifier, the cooking smell gets eliminated very fast. Plus, it looks really good in my kitchen!
And I am impressed by how quite it is. With the Auto fan setting, I cannot hear anything at all. I had to test the airflow with my hand to confirm that it is indeed running :)
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By Sunshine in the rain
So my office does not have windows. Even though I’m working from home because of COVID-19, I have to plan for the possibility of returning. This time, airflow in my office would be extra important. I wanted to get something powerful and pretty without breaking my bank. After researching online for a while, I picked this one because of the values and good review. After trying it in my living room for awhile, I’m very happy with it and think I will keep it!

So first impression - it’s very well-packaged but it’s larger than I thought, as you can see in my picture. But it’s very modern and clean looking. Makes it feel high end. When plugged in and turned on, there’s also indication light at the bottom of the unit, making it look extra pretty. I think having it in my office would look quiet well!

The filter is
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By Shandy
This Air purifier is life saving for me!! Since I started using this , my breathing has improved a whole lot as I suffer from asthma. The air feels much cleaner, and I sure sleep much better at nights. If you have asthma or any type of breathing problems you need to buy this. Great buy...I love my machine 👍👍😃😃
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By madam