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4.7 | 10,265 customer ratings
92% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
I did hours of research on affordable knives, that also had an aesthetically pleasing look to them before *finally* committing to a purchase!

Boy, was I glad that I did! These have been fantastic! I haven't had to use a sharpener at all yet (Though it is recommended after so much use)! I have nothing but good things to say, honestly, but I don't want to be a cliche, so lets get down to teh basics.

I was mainly looking for a quality Chef's Knife, Paring Knife and Carving Knife - everything else was a bonus! The peeler works wonders! I have a garden and had loads of cucumbers this year, and the peeler cuts like butter! I almost weeped when I used the carving knife as well - I had an unthawed pack of bacon that needed to be cut into cubes - no time to stick it in the freezer
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By ChristenG
First of all, I didn't realize that I was ordering "2" with my one order, especially for the excellent price point. I had originally bought this for my son's college apartment. I am SO glad that it was a set of "2"!! So far I am loving them. I have been wanting to replace my old set of knives and have been putting it off. I am very pleased with this knife set. The clear display block and the way it is displayed gives an elegance to the set.
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By Deb
I don’t know about durability yet as I just received mine today, but omg is this knife set looks so classy and delicate, you’d think I spent at least $50. I used one of the smaller knives to cut through some heavy-duty tape that was sealing a box, and not only did I cut the tape, but I also ended up cutting right through the box very effortlessly, so be careful because they are very sharp. Absolutely in love so far

Have had this for a little less than a month and the knives are already scratched from sharpening it. The blade is no longer black, and looks damaged. They are still sharp, and the sharpener helps a lot but I just wish the blade didnt start pealing whenever I sharpen it.
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By Janny
4.7 | 7,324 customer ratings
91% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
I was worried after reading the reviews, but I love them! They are great quality for the price, and look so nice!
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By Lauren
These are lovely and pretty good for the price. Mine were delivered fast without damage. Some other reviewers mentioned getting the fairy lights that required special round batteries but mine used AA batteries. Keep in mind that these will not come out of the box ready to put on the wall but they don’t require much to put together. The mason jar and plaque already have the twine tied to it so all you have to do is stuff the fairy lights in the jar, place the jar on the plaque, and place the flowers thru the top. Note: the stem will be too long but all you have to do it bend or cut it and it fits just fine. I also recommend when completely put together to fluff the flowers and tuck a few stems behind the string holding the mason jar on the plaque. This makes it
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By Jane Austin
It is almost exactly as pictured... a kit you put together with all its components packaged up nicely so they don’t get broken. It is really easy to put together, and uses AA batteries for the lights (that are constant on not twinkling) The flowers did look very fake and plain with no leaves but I had some and a brown sharpie to darken the centers. You could also do this with gray pink light blue or lavender to give the flowers more pop against a white wall or mix in other flowers or colored hydrangeas stems. I am pleased with this purchase!
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By Siscoziger
4.8 | 3,092 customer ratings
96% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
This mat seems well-made and is comfortable to stand on. It's perfect for my purpose, which was to have a tactile area to stay centered in while standing up using my VR headset. My cat instantly decided it would be a good place to dig its claws in and stretch; I didn't see any claw marks, so the surface seems durable. My little robot vacuum had no trouble navigating up and over this mat, as well.

I appreciate that it's much less expensive than the other similar mats I was looking at here on Amazon; I've purchased a few other ComfiLife products (knee pillow, neck pillow, etc.) and every one has been decent quality and has had a fair price. The company also follows up each of your orders with an email offering support if necessary. Would buy this again, as well as any other ComfiLife products I might need.
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By mostlyharmlessx
Perfect size. Bought this for my cubicle at work when I stand (have sit or stand work desk). Very comfortable. Have knee pain, and this mat really helps, instead of standung on hard floor. Have recommended to coworkers, and so far 3 of them have bought for the same purpose.
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By Vanurse
I want to rate this higher but I just can't. The size is just right, the thickness is just right. What I'm having second thoughts about are that it's just a shade bit squishy. I'm a big guy, 230 lbs with size 14 foot, so distribution shouldn't be too bad, but it feels like it's just a little bit less dense than I was expecting. It feels great with socks or bare feet, but when wearing shoes, it doesn't seem that supportive. I got this for my standing desk area where my feet get tired after a long period and for that, i like it.
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By Chip Gandy
4.7 | 6,691 customer ratings
94% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
For every work day, I intended to bring marinated/prepped raw food in to the office, put it in this oven in the morning, and by lunch time, have fresh food ready to eat. After testing the unit out at my house, I concluded that I would have to add one more step: sear/brown any meat before putting it in this oven. Otherwise, this unit is fantastic and is worth every penny. Note: The manufacturer offers a 2-year extension to the 1-year warranty if you register your oven. So don't forget to register it!

--The Test--
I put in frozen rice and refrigerator-thawed raw chicken in the oven. After three hours, the food reached edible temperatures. The chicken looked pretty awful when it came out... so I seared it a bit on a cast iron pan.

--The Data--
Temperatures were measured using an infrared thermometer and a meat thermometer. Over three hours, the oven brought
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By Charlie
Where have I been hiding and not noticed this fantastic little meal helper? I am a railroad worker and we are famous for having to live on fast food and junk because we have no cooking place on the engines we spend our lives on. Some people cook and warm foods on the motors themselves in the engine compartment-which, you can imagine, is a greasy mess of diesel fumes and oil- and others warm things on cab heaters that may or may not work properly and were designed as a heater for the air temperature, not for foods. This portable mini oven is designed to plug into your home 110v outlet and does work great like that. However, it also works great plugged into the 74v DC current outlet available on most locomotives. I imagine the company does not promote its use like this, but it absolutely works. Now I
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By Hoghead
This is the single best purchase I have ever made on Amazon. And I buy A LOT of great things on Amazon!

My work is gross. Like really gross. I work for a trash company gross. We have a roach problem in the kitchen gross.

I simply bring this puppy in with my leftovers inside (any flat bottomed container works but I use the 3 cup pyrex ones everyday) and plug it in.
I bring one dish for lunch and something foil wrapped for breakfast. i.e. burrito.
I slap the burrito in and eat that in 2 hours when I start to get hungry after my coffee, toss the tin foil away and slap my leftovers in it, eat that in about 2-3 hours (as this never overheats my food) and then just unplug it and eat! I take the whole thing home when I'm done so no bugs get in it too.

Pros: I
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By Sarah
4.7 | 5,949 customer ratings
93% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
[It has been nearly a year and the magnetic bar hasn't moved a bit, even with daily use and the addition of heavy butcher knives. See photos for wear - pretty impressive given the amount of off/on every day. I tried everything under the sun to clean it, but actually made the scuffing worse, so if you have ideas please message me! Thanks for reading!]
**Independent, verified, non-compensated review.**

I thought I'd review this for those who don't want to install directly into your wall. As I was looking for a magnetic bar for my knives I really didn't think that 3M Velcro strips would hold it up very well but they do! Only had to use two of the heavy duty ones and it's remarkable how stable it is - even against the smooth glass on my backsplash. I've had several different sizes of cutlery, scissors, tweezers, a huge butcher's knife,
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By MommaB
I want order another one!!! I wish I had thought purchase one of these sooner. The magnet is strong and holds plenty of my everyday knives. I decided to put on the side of my fridge and it hold perfectly when you remove the back and stick directly on. I didn't need anything extra to hold it in place either. I'd like to get one more for the rest of tools because this so much better than the block! Now I have more counter space.
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By RayJoni07
Unlike the pictures, I place my knives the other way around. My knives have a small lip between the blade and the handle and it rests nicely on the strip. Some people said the magnetic strip is not very strong but it is strong enough the product includes a warning note that states to KEEP fingers away from the cover plate and the magnet. I believe the other reviews which said the magnet isn't very strong, they failed to remove the back plate. It is the back plate that gets screwed into the wall but if you are putting it on a metal object (like a fridge) then you DO NOT need the back plate.

As you can see from both my pictures you can have the knives facing up or down.
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4.7 | 5,007 customer ratings
92% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
I love these cutting boards. This is the 3rd set I’ve purchased. The boards are of high quality and last a long time. I do like to replace my cutting boards due to germs, so the price point of these are perfect for that. They clean well and I don’t hold food stains. The rubber sides are great for non-slip surface. The rubber itself adheres to the board smoothly so I don’t worry about germs getting trapped inside the cracks. I included a picture of the new board next to the old one (about 9months old) to show how well they wear.
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By Jesmski
When you order something and many times when you buy in person, you don't know what your getting. I was pleasantly surprised when I got them. So far, things that have stained previous cutting boards come right off. These were described as scratch resistant. Not being the only one to use my cutting boards - they had some big cuts. I had to get some new ones, but it was so hard to decide. I think I made the right decision in this case.
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By ronda hays
I took a star away because after some time, the boards get cut marks in them which makes it almost impossible to hand wash and sometimes I just want to rinse it and keep cutting but have to flip it over or switch to another board and my knives are not that sharp. However, they always come out of the dishwasher spotless. Great set for the price
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By S. Gee
4.9 | 1,706 customer ratings
97% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
When youre trying to be classy with a nice house but your trashiness shines thru... these are the best!
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By Stikz
These coasters are really nice. I bought them as a gag gift for a friend but was surprised at how pretty they actually were. You cant tell in the photo but they are stone that looks like whitewashed wood. Very nice and the girls loved them.
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By Wendy
Low score on giftable only cause unless you know the friends giving people may get offended. I bought this for me and love the sense of humor. Does not sweat and perfect for indoor use.
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By Nicky S
4.7 | 4,385 customer ratings
93% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
So far I give it a 5 star. It was delivered next day. The size is good not to big but not too small that I feel it’s not working. In the instructions it says to put it on fan speed 3 for 20minutes so it can do a quick clean then lower it to speed 1. As soon as I turned it on it smelled like plastic but then it went away after a couple of minutes. I put my flashlight against it to see if it was working and it was, I could see all the particles in the air going into the machine. I made a video with the three sound speeds. I feel like you could do 3 for 30-45 minutes then put it back down to 1.
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By Alexandra
I’ve owned three air purifiers in my lifetime, a Winix, a Honeywell and this Levoit Core 300. Despite having the lowest listed power of the three and being half as expensive, this Levoit is by far the most effective of the three. I live in an older house that was built in the 1960s, and dust is a big problem. It gets everywhere, I vacuum my bedroom several times a week, but there’s just no getting ahead of it. Every 24 hours, every table top is covered in a thin layer of dust, even though the windows and door are closed almost all day and night. I’m afraid to turn on a night light or a flashlight in the dark because then I can see the omnipresent particles floating through the air and it’s just soul-crushing that despite all the steps I’ve taken, the problem continues. Buy hardwood floors, just
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By Stuart Davis
***UPDATE 5***
July 4th. Still going strong as the day I bought it!! Replaced the filter...good as new. Still quiet and absolutely ZERO issues since the vibration sorted itself out. I can't recomend this purifier enough for smaller to medium sized spaces. It's an allergy killer!

***UPDATE 4***
Feb 1st and still as quiet as before. Same filter. Just regular cleaning of the pre-filter. EXCELENT air purifier. I've gotten the Tredy, and WSTA purifiers that are similar. This one is built to a much higher quality. Filter is very well made. If this had an auto would be my #1!!!!! PLEASE make this with and Auto feature (for dust and odor)

***UPDATE 3***
This purifier has become one of my favorites! The nylon mesh prefilter does a fantastic job catching larger particles. I never understood why manufactures made the carbon filter the
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By Honest Reviewer
4.7 | 4,296 customer ratings
94% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
I was trying to decide between this product, the OXO Good Grips Stainless Steel Ratcheting Pineapple Slicer with Depth Guide, and buying nothing.

OXO, because they generally make well designed tools, and it might be worth paying a few dollars more (in this case, $10 more, which is double) for the ratcheting action it adds to the conventional design.

Also considered buying nothing, because how many kitchen gadgets can one own before it becomes overwhelming? I've probably reached that point long ago. There's something to be said about minimalism, and making do with what you have. You could cut a pineapple with a paring knife in a pinch - the skin is fairly soft.

I went with this "Newness Ongoing" generic overseas brand, after seeing the 'before/after' image of its construction. I liked the dangling of the possibility of something separating this from the all the other generics flooding Amazon these days.

The steel
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By Chris
I had been looking for a product such as this but after reading the reviews, I decided not to get one. I looked again this week and this one was "upgraded" so I decided to go ahead and give it a try. I am surprised at the feel of quality that it has. I am more than happy with the performance and the ease of operation. Also, I received an email today with an attached operational video. How neat is that and what good customer service. With all of that being said, I highly recommend this pineapple corer to anyone that has a need.
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By Chuck
Works just as described. I was a little leery of buying this but I was eating a lot of pineapple on weight watchers and I hated the pineapple prep. I have to say this gadget makes it so easy! If you get started crooked, the blade will start coming out the side of the pineapple. Just pull it out, remove the slices, and start again. Depending on the pineapples shape, you may want to finish the inside of the pineapple with a knife. Still beats peeling the rind off all of it! I've used this device many times and I'm satisfied with the quality so far.
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By KTucker
4.8 | 2,294 customer ratings
96% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
There's a lot of stuff you can do with this thing. And it great at it all. Well worth taking up the space in my drawer with all the other helpful kitchen utensils and handheld gadgets.

Got it out yesterday to take the core out of some onions. Absolutely brilliant. Didn't cry a bit. Well not until I started watching videos on YT about bone marrow donors. But yeah, that was the onions from earlier that day. Just a delayed reaction. It happens. Google it.

If you liked this review, give it a like and God will save a puppy some place in the world.

In any case, this tool is built well and super easy to clean. I use it all the time. Seems to be built very well too.
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By retrodog
We used our Henckles Twin Cuisine Peeler (purchased in 2008 for about 10-bucks but no longer available) swivel tool as both a vegetable peeler and a coring tool but the coring ultimately did it in. I guess the years of use and the additional leverage used to pry out potato eyes and insect holes in hard fruit like apples and pears was just too much for it and the price of replacing it with the same tool was just way too expensive. We opted for doing it with two tools and this was one of them and it turned out to be an excellent choice and I have absolutely no complaints with it. Actually, the price of the combined tools was less than buying another Hencklels. There’s not much you can say about a tool like this other than it does the job, it feels good in the hand and
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By Todd M.
This is my favorite little gadget in the kitchen. I bought this to help with the difficulty of removing the core from an apple for Apple pies. I didn't want a corer that sliced the apples because I have a food processor that does the trick. I was simply amazed at how easy and well this corer worked. I was able to core 30 apples and hand peel quick enough the apple didn't brown.
Bonus, my three year old now eats apples because in his words "the inside does not look weird."
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By Mrs. Sweet
4.7 | 3,679 customer ratings
92% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
If I could give it ten stars I would! The battery pack snaps in on the back and they even have a hole for the wires to feed through! Buy this it’s way cute!
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By Thanks
I just love them. They were only a few minutes from box to wall and are constructed to allow the battery pack to sit on a hidden, yet easily accessible shelf in back. A drill hole is also provided for pulling the light sting to the front They’re wonderful when lit and still attractive unlit. I’ve provided pictures of both...
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By Alycia
The first time I ordered this product, both mason jars were badly cracked and one of the battery cases was also cracked. I was super annoyed but I took my chances and ordered again. The second time, nothing was cracked but they only included one battery pack and the stain on the wood pieces wasn’t applied very well. I didn’t immediately return the first package just in case something like this were to happen. Took the other battery pack from the first and switched the wooden parts and I finally had what I needed. I recommend doing this if you have to order it again like I did, that way you can be sure to get all the necessary parts. Once you have all the pieces, it’s a beautiful decor item that I am very excited to add to my dining room. But be warned, the chances of you receiving
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By Cassie
33 offers from product price
4.6 | 8,870 customer ratings
90% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Gibson Soho Lounge 16-Piece Square Reactive Glaze Dinner Set - Red

I want to provide information from our experience which differs from many of the past reviews we read on the Amazon website. My wife and I rely heavily on reviews from others when making purchasing decisions on Amazon. We were somewhat reluctant to purchase these dishes after reading the various reviews regarding breakage, chipping and color variations but went ahead and ordered due to finding a very good price point from one of the sellers. We found one seller from Amazon selling the 16 piece set for an amazing $36.33 per set! For that price point, we felt it was worth the risk to order these dishes.

- We are extremely pleased with our purchase. These dishes are beautiful! The colors and shading from piece to piece are consistent with no scratches on the surface.
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By Terry S.
Ok I decided to give these a shot. They arrived today, great packaging. Nothing broken. One tiny little chip. However I purchased two sets. There are some slight blemishes here and there. I was expecting that, I was not expecting the two sets, purchased at the same time to be different shades of cobalt.
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By Rebecca D.
They've been great until now. I used one to heat up food in the microwave and it cracked in half! It says microwave safe. I'm not happy!!!!!
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By Ashley Maz
4.7 | 3,209 customer ratings
93% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Such a great price! The colors are bright and rich. I like that you can cycle through all the modes fairly quickly. I didn't know that the soft steady white light came with a 2nd dimmer option which is handy in my small bathroom. The soft white light is not part of the cycling colors. I can't wait to take my next shower with the lights off and this nightlight on its rainbow cycling mode!

* in my video of the light colors and cycle options, the yellows and greens are much richer in person.
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By Shannon
I bought this night light to use in the bathroom as the light in there could light up a stadium!! When you go for those middle of the night bathroom sessions keeping the light low in order to be able to go back to bed is essential. This light does the trick. No, it's not bright enough to be able to read a magazine but it does provide just the right amount of light to use the restroom and get back to bed and fall asleep. This light has several colors to choose from, you can pick a random color, have it cycle through colors or have it just your standard white. I use the white light as the colors don't put out enough light in order to navigate safely in the bathroom. If your looking for a light for your bathroom to avoid turning on the light at
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By Annette J. Devereux
Description is saying that you can manually turn off (image attached) but this feature is missing. I purchased just for this feature
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4.6 | 7,977 customer ratings
91% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
We bought two sets of these and we love them. And by we, I especially mean our boys. They like to pretend they're at a hotel. They were a little difficult to fully assemble - the instructions aren't overly clear and I thought I was going to break them. They are easy to clean and maintain. If I move to a house with a bigger kitchen I may buy more.
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By BeckieBea
I bought two sets of this double cereal dispenser. I purchased it because we were having a big brunch at our house and I thought it would be fun for the kids to have cereal. It was a huge hit! In fact the brunch was a month ago and we continue to use these and they are displayed on our kitchen granite against the wall. The kids can easily help themselves. I will say that it does require a low profile bowl so that it can fit under the dispenser. Even if you just keep one low-profile bowl on display with them then use that to fill and transfer into your real cereal bowls that is fine. If you forget to take off the At the bottom it will definitely make a mess when you do take off the. There are crumbs around the bottom pretty much all the time
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By Dr. aaron ufberg
I love it! Just a few flaws. It seems very flimsy. Like if I were to drop it off the counter it would definitely break. I also wish there was more room for the bowl under the spout. It’s hard to get a good size of cereal because it stacks up so quickly and hits the spout. Also if you’re using a bigger cereal like captain crunch or honey combs, it will squish your cereal when dispensing if you don’t do it right. You can’t just turn it all willy nilly lol
But I do LOVE it and am so glad I bought it and could care less that my husband thinks it’s “unnecessary” and that “we can pour our own cereal” 😂
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By Kelsey Lopez
4.6 | 6,608 customer ratings
89% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Omg omg omg. This thing is amazing. I hate chopping veggies. Hate. Hate. Hate. Saw this on a lightning deal so figured what the hey, I'll get it.

People, people.... I just filled up 4 plates (10 in Dixie plates, to be exact) with veggies in less than 10 minutes. Seriously. I chopped an onion earlier to saute in 15 seconds. Yes, really.

If chopping veggies keeps you buying the same frozen ones over and over like me, this is for you. It's a kitchen miracle.

You can chop onions, potatoes (not sweet potatoes, though, that's in the instructions), peppers, mushrooms, zucchini, cucumber, etc. Probably a whole lot more, too. Apparently tomatoes don't do well according to the instructions (too soft, maybe?). You can also do eggs.

Best. Invention. Ever.

I've used a lot of kitchen gadgets. My kitchen could be a commercial
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By Angela W.
I love my slicer. I bought it three months ago and I've used it almost every day for dicing, chopping, and making veggie noodles. First, the blades are extremely sharp. They cut through everything I put on them. I like having diced onions, jalapenos, and green peppers on hand. My chopper has made it incredibly easy to dice my cooking "trinity" on a regular basis. I usually make a pint jar of this mix twice a week. I also use the chopper to dice carrots, celery, potatoes, and tomatoes. I read that others have had problems with some versions of potato but mine has never met a potato it couldn't dice. When dicing, I slice my veggies in 1/4" slices so when I dice them they come out in nearly perfect 1/4" blocks. As the pictures show, diced veggies are cleanly cut and in a uniform size. I've used the
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By Kevin Lowry
Update 3:
While the phone number doesn’t work they responded to the contact us form and email and sent me a replacement blade for the chopper promptly. 5 stars for service and support.

Update 2:
The blade lasted about 6 months and then got out of shape so it’s pretty useless now.
Tried to contact the vendor from their website and the contact number doesn’t exist. The say lifetime guarantee for the product so without anyway to contact them to get a replacement, it guess this product is about no good after 6 months. Waste of money.

Will update this if they decide to contact me and replace it.

The cleaning is much easier than the Vidalia shopper, nothing sticks even after a few days and mostly rinses off easy. The parts come apart for easy cleaning as well. Updating from 3 to 4 stars but will stay short of 5 because I did prefer
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By Informed Buyer
4.6 | 6,032 customer ratings
91% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Comfortable, no noticeable smells. I chose this original kangaroo mat because i wanted to see if it was better than the no-namebrands i have owned before. It IS. It wont slide around underfoot, but neither will it stick to the floor like a suction cup. When my cats jump from the sink to the hard floor, they could get injured. Elderly cats especialy. Getting a mat for your cat is just good preventative maintenance. Its also nice for human feet. If you found this review helpfull, please press that helpful button to say thanks.
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By Ninja
I am going to be perfectly honest with you guys. I ordered both the 70 inch and the 39 inch mats. When I first got got them, the 70 inch was in a smaller box than the 39 inch mat. So as you can imagine... it was bent when I opened the package, 3 times actually. I was pretty upset because there were creases in it. But I layed it flat over night and in the morning noticed that the creases were MUCH better. (This is the one i took a picture of, sorry you guys dont get to see the mat when I first took it out. I decided that I really liked how it felt and I didn't care too much about the creases. (Its black.. so not too noticable).
Fast forward 2 weeks, the creases are almost non existent. You have to really look for them to find
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By Christina DeLakis
I just got this mat and it feels nice on my feet and all... but has a HUGE FLAW. I don't understand the high reviews at all - I got black, and any time it gets ANY dirt on it, it is very noticeable! My dog walked in with dirty paws and the dirt gets caught in the texturized surface. Had I known this would happen I wouldn't of bought it. The mat DOES NOT wipe clean at all. I used vinegar which works wonders on everything however this does not wipe clean easily, you have to scrub the dirt out of the little textured sections... VERY annoying. Seriously disappointed. Looking for a new model and will probably return these.
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By Melody Justine
4 offers from product price
4.6 | 4,367 customer ratings
90% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
I have a very small kitchen with limited cabinet space. Due to a lack of space to stash my bread in a pantry or cupboard, I opted to search Amazon for good bread box options. The Home-it Stainless Steel Bread Box matched my kitchen appliances very well, and was very reasonably priced. The lid opens and closes with ease, and doesn't move or slide around my counter even though it's lightweight. It holds maybe 2 full loaves of bread, however I usually buy smaller loaves so it can hold more. Currently I have English Muffins, a couple hot dog rolls and 2 partial loaves stored in my box. Highly recommend!
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By Mandee
I love the fact that i can place multiple items of bread in this breadbox beings it a great size .i love the fact that the stainless steel matches all my kitchen appliances. I was able to fit 2 loaves of bread 2 packs of hotdog buns and also a package of english muffins .i gave 4 stars due to a slight dent in the lid of the box .it however closes and opens just fine regardless of the dint. Love this breadbox
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By scott Gregory 194
The bread box is of good size and could readily hold a couple of loaves and some other things. However, as soon as I removed it from the box I knew I would be returning it. It is advertised as being made of stainless steel. If so, it is so thin that it almost feels like aluminum coated plastic. It is not at all of the feel I was expecting for stainless steel construction. I was quite disappointed. It's going back today.
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By Stu S.
4.8 | 1,467 customer ratings
95% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Very nice, simple design and made well. The product photo is a bit deceiving because it looks like the bottom half is frosted or another shade. That's just lighting. It’s all shiny stainless steel. I would get the large, which isn’t too large. The small looks way too small to be useful.

I’m using this for salt so I don’t have to struggle with getting salt out of the container anymore. I’ll be purchasing another for black pepper.
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By Loisaida
Loving this little sugar bowl. I bought the small size since I am only one in house that uses sugar in coffee and tea so it's perfect. I love that you don't have to fiddle around putting lid on cause works however you put in on bowl. Little spoon is so cute too. Great purchase and love it.
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By Cathi
I bought this bowl in the small size first, but then decided it was a bit tiny for all the coffee drinkers in the family. So I now use the small size version for salt (along with the cute little spoon that came with it). The big size is now used for sugar. We prefer using the sugar spoon that matches the rest of our silverware with that, since we are already use to it. Both bowls are elegant and easy to clean. I like the clear lids so you can see whats inside too.
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By Amazon Customer
4.6 | 3,263 customer ratings
91% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
I decided to start using bar mops instead of rolls and rolls of paper towels after reading advice from The Every Day Cheapskate. She pointed out that even when you buy in bulk, paper towels become expensive. The bar mops absorb more than paper towels, you wash them and re-use them. These work really well, much better than paper. I ordered 2 packages, so I have plenty between washes. I do put some bleach or Oxyclean in the wash, because that keeps them sparkling white. (One objection that I had had to using cloth wipes was that the ones that were colored or printed start looking dingy and yucky after a while.)

Be aware that when you first open the package, you may think the towels are thin and kind of flimsy. That is because they are packed very tightly. Once you wash them and put
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I've had my set for over 3 years now. I LOVE these towels. I bake for a living and these towels go through a lot of wear and tear, including food coloring spills and some nasty clean up jobs after I've done a large order. I use them like crazy. I throw them in the washer with a little bleach and they STILL smell fresh and clean and are still very white! About to purchase more as I made the mistake of washing a few with some jeans and other clothes and they came out of the dryer shredded. So just FYI, only wash them with other towels and they will last for years. I've got everyone else hooked on them too!
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By Brooke Bentley
I just received these towels 2 hours ago, put them right into the washer in their own load, and just got them out of the dryer. These towels are HORRIBLE. There are HOLES in the towels, the edges are mis-sewn and unraveling, and there there are long strings and pulls/snags all over them. While I certainly didn't expect superior quality for inexpensive bar towels, it is completely unacceptable for new towels, regardless of price, to arrive in this condition! I have never felt compelled to write a review of a product until today. Utopia towels are clearly lacking in quality control and I would recommend steering clear of their products.
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By Brooke
4.7 | 1,950 customer ratings
93% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
The spoons were nice and arrived in good shape. They were not what I wanted tho as the food part was too large. I plan to give them to some unsheltered folks and try again. In the pic what I ordered is on the bottom and I want the other.
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By Ter2me
My family loses spoons a lot. Where do they all go? Do they slip into an alternate Spoon Dimension? Are there aliens that have a special affinity for beaming up spoons? Are we infested with Spoon Trolls?? Until I solve the mystery, Hiware is there for me, selling me sturdy, attractive, perfectly-weighted spoons for an affordable price. They look nice but are generic enough to not clash with the remnants of the set I have. They are heavy enough to feel nice in your hand, but not so heavy that they flip backwards out of my yogurt cup. Don’t you hate it when they flip backwards out of your yogurt cup? I have ordered this 24-set of spoons three times over the past couple years. I am not joking. Someday we will find all the spoons in a glorious, magical rainbow Cascade of Spoons. We will laugh, we will cry,
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By Orion Isis Gray Lumiere
I spent a bit of time searching for just a pack of spoons that were decent quality. I want my spoons to be sturdy enough to scoop a frozen sorbet without surrendering. These spoons are very nice. They look nice. They are the size of spoon you are expecting, not one of the nonsense large sizes that don't fit correctly in silverware organizers. They work nicely for scooping small amounts of things. So far none of the ice cream tests have result in bending. If you just want some spoons, these are some nice spoons. I have not found spoons of similar quality for the price in town or elsewhere online, but I'm also not obsessed with spoons. Like if you're ready to stop looking for spoons, get these spoons. They're fine.
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By Alison Pope