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4.7 | 366 customer ratings
94% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
I'm so happy to to have these for precise measuring of essential oils. I mix my own blends and am very excited to use these and be confident that the amounts are going to be consistent between the 3 different cylinders, and since they are made with a small enough diameter I should be able to be more accurate in my measuring. They appear to be well marked, too.
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By Bear
These cylinders have hexagonal bases that keep them from rolling off the counter if they fall over.

I was surprised to find that glass beads serve as feet on the bottom of the bases. This reduces the contact footprint and might reduce mess in the case that I have a spill from another source.

My set withstood several acids and solvents with no staining. Scrubbing with a test tube brush hasn't scratched anything. In the short time since I've bought them, they've been moved around quite a bit and held up fine.

The glass didn't strike me as especially thick or thin... just normal.

Each cylinder was wrapped and put in it's own box, all three of which were fit into another larger box.

Overall, they seems to be a decent product.
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By Richard
I was very excited to get these graduated cylinders at a great price, and when they came in they were very great looking quality! After using them twice to make a compound, I realized that they were not measuring accurately after pouring the contents of the compound into an 8 oz bottle and coming up short. I then went to my automatic water dispensing machine and dispensed out the max quantity listed on every graduated cylinder and as you can see in the picture, every cylinder ended up showing a measurement over the maximum quantity. This supports my previous statement that the listed measurements on each cylinder are in fact inaccurate/short on their listed measurements. Clearly this has something to do with the manufacturing of the cylinders, and I'm not sure if the measurements are listed inaccurately or the diameter is inaccurate. Never the less if you use these cylinders
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By Devin Ice
4.6 | 1,168 customer ratings
88% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
I use these to fill up my lipgloss tubes for my lipgloss business, and they work amazing! Very easy to clean and sterilize also, if you’re looking to use them more than once. As always, please handle with gloves to be as sanitary as possible, but they are really great quality for the price.
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By Kendra Hicks
I have rescued cats for years and currently have 3 inside and a feral colony of 5 outside. I use these syringes to feed cats who need to be syringe-fed. I do wash them and reuse them until the rubber on the end of the plunger swells and will no longer fit in the syringe, usually 5 or 6 uses. As the plungers begin to get a little tight, I dip the rubber plunger in a little canola oil and they work fine until they just won't fit any more. These syringes hold the amount of food I need, but are too expensive (for me) to replace after a single use. I have absolutely no complaints given that I'm asking more of the syringes than they were designed to do, and am grateful to have found them since I haven't been able to find a
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I wanted something much smaller than this. It still worked the way I wanted, I was suctioning out prescription topical gel and putting it into little travel tubes (lip gloss tubes actually!). I thought these were smaller since they even advertise as being used with feeding kittens. My adult cat would hate this its huge. Its nowhere near small enough in my opinion to feed a kitten or cat comfortably. A dog probably would be fine with it.
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By Becs234
4.5 | 1,317 customer ratings
87% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
I usually wear a size medium in most latex gloves, but I ordered a large and they fit perfectly - they slide on and off nicely and there's just enough roominess so I can move easily while wearing them. These are vinyl so there is absolutely no give to them when you're pulling them on so it's wise to be careful so the cuffs don't rip off. Also, if you have long nails these are NOT for you as they will puncture the fingertips of the gloves.

That said, these are great for lighter duty projects - cooking, painting, emptying the litterbox, etc. - but will break if you attempt to wear them for gardening or washing dishes or anything. I use them mainly for food prep and they hold up great for peeling carrots or pitting cherries which would normally stain your hands.

Overall, I really like these
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By Beth
I got these gloves primarily to wear during messy activities, but also as a "cosmetic" glove to allow lotions to soak into my dry hands. I didn't want a tight-fitting glove since I sometimes even sleep with lotioned hands, so I ordered large (I am a woman with a size-7 ring finger). That size is fairly loose on me and reaches several inches past my wrist.

For my purposes, these gloves are thick enough; no issues with my fingernails poking through. If I needed to wear them for precise work, I would definitely buy medium instead of large so my fingertips would be properly fitted. These are absolutely disposable in quality, so don't expect to use a single pair for a long period of time or more than once.
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By LegoGirl
I used these gloves and after 3 days of wearing them for 4 hours doing work in the garden, I got a rash on both my hands in the same place.Dermatologist said it was contact dermatitis, and not to use these gloves. I waited till it cleared completely up, and used the gloves again. Same rash, same place on my hands. Keep in mind you may be sensitive or allergic to these gloves.Sad thing is, IT SAYS NO WHERE ON THE PACKAGING WHAT THESE GLOVES ARE MADE OF!!!! SO NOW I DON'T EVEN KNOW WHAT EXACTLY IS IN THEM TO CAUSE THIS RASH!
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By Corby Mason
4.5 | 707 customer ratings
84% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Just so you know, 3 mm is pretty small. I can't knock the product since they are exactly as described, but after I got them, I wished I'd gotten a larger size. These are about the diameter of a pencil eraser. You get a lot of them, and they come in a nice little metal tin.
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By Paul M
Ordered the 15 x 3 mm and they are perfect size and very strong. That is as close as I could get with the beer cat without it connecting.
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By strongarm18
The magnets came in a small metal tin about the size of Altoids mints. Has two foam sponges to keep them from smashing against the top and bottom parts of the tin and is secured with a rubber band. It uses friction to keep closed so it makes sense to include a band. Butterfly included is neat but completely useless to me. Magnet inside it is a black craft magnet.

On to the actual magnets!
Their intended job was to secure a poster to a pull down pvc curtain I use as my backdrop. I use these magnets in the front and the back. I needed their size to be as small as possible so as not to be picked up on camera too well, but strong enough to hold a poster up with no issues. The posters are used are actually made of paper or vinyl and are relatively small
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By D. T.
4.7 | 103 customer ratings
93% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
These are perfect for medication horses and the perfect size. We get several uses from each before tossing them. Will buy again.
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By Conni4616
These syringes work perfectly and measure accurately. Thank you!
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By Kirk
Used for resin measuring:
This set was the best price and has been my preferred syringe to use. The catheter tip serves well for measuring both thick resin and thin hardener. I've had issues with other syringes being hard to glide and remove air bubbles, but these move much more smoothly which has decreased the amount of air I syringe and makes it easier to remove air bubbles/push out the resin and hardener.
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By Crafts and Curiosities
4.6 | 142 customer ratings
90% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
This size of 20ml is difficult to find. I needed a feeding syringe for my older dog. I bought the 35 ml Lixit pet feeding syringe, but it is so large and difficult to use. Their 10ml was too small. I finally found these on Amazon. Worth every penny. I just ordered more. I imagine this size could be used for other purposes around the house, too. I know they are for industrial purposes and are not recommended to reuse, but they work for me.
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By retiredteacher2015
Needed this to force feed a cat and it worked great
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By cameo driver
I didn't think about having to draw from a quart bottle of 75w-90 gear oil and had to pour the oil into a bowl first because the syringe tip wouldn't go deep enough into the bottle. Because of the weight of 200cc of oil, a section of 1/4" tubing might not have worked well at drawing more than a few cc's, so it's okay doing it this way, just not as convenient. It pulled 200 cc out of the bowl with no problems.
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By Beemer geek
4.6 | 129 customer ratings
95% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Like the features- C/F, Memory, trigger activation, Color coded background to alert to elevated temperature, auto-shutoff to conserve battery.
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By Ernest P.
Received our product in record time, considering that there has been such a demand for a product of this type with the virus going on. The item is much smaller than others that I have seen, which is a plus. It appears to be accurate and easy to use. The ONLY thing that I should add is that it did not come with batteries, so you need to make sure you have 2 AAA batteries on hand to use it immediately.
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By CJudson
This product works great & is light weight, so is easy for me to use on my clients before they enter my business for cosmetologist services. It arrived promptly as promised.
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By Janice B.
4.6 | 125 customer ratings
91% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
The Vee Gee soil thermometer gets a high grade in my book. The gauge is well built and more stout than I thought it would be with a very strong and sturdy stem. It has a large dial and large numbers for easy reading (very important in my book), has a large temperature range, stainless steel, pretty responsive and was accurate and needed no calibration (see image). It doesn't bend or flex when pushing into the ground.

I use the gauge for soil testing to ensure optimum conditions for seeding lawns and other lawn care uses and I use it to test soil temperatures to ensure my irrigation system is safe from freezing during those late fall season frosts.

Note: The description states that the stem is 6", however, the measuring area of the stem is only 5". A none issue for me.

I highly recommend this unit for
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By Methodical
Super quality. I had no expectations that this would be such a high quality thermometer. I am going to buy another one just in case I find a need as it is just a very nice piece. As soon as you see it you realize that it's on another level, but when you hold it it hits 3 levels higher. I thought it would be a cheap piece of crap that I would use until it broke like most everything else you buy these days. Not so. This is a legitimate instrument. This will last as long as I don't break it being foolish no doubt.

I don't usually write reviews but I was shocked when I opened this package.
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By Chuck
I am splitting hairs but in interest of accuracy I'd characterize this as a general purpose thermometer that is well suited for soil temperature measurement rather than a soil thermometer. If you want to view a "soil temperature thermometer" take a look at the one offered for same price by Territorial Seed Company- one of my favorite seed catalogs. That said, this is an impressive thermometer. Very solidly built at a good price. I compared with typical kitchen meat thermometers of same design and this is far sturdier. There should be no problem using in all but the most dry/hardened soils.

I checked the calibration against a high quality at kitchen electronic thermometer at 48F, 65F, 100F. Temperature was one degree different at 48F and exactly the same at the other temperatures. There is what appears to be a calibration adjustment screw on the back of the dial. There is also
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4.4 | 2,317 customer ratings
83% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
I don't understand so many negative reviews for such a well described, overly instructed and warned about, product....? You were all told FRAGILE, no, it ain't Italian for Fragillee, it ain't French for Fagchumpe'a, no mam no sir, this is ENGLISH for the word fragile and be careful due to the hard fracturing nature of neodymium! And yet somehow this fact escapes the grasp of so many....? This item was so well packaged in bubble wrap and polystyrene that you'd seriously have to try to hurt these magnets! But where there is dumb there is a way to dumber, I guess.

I wanted good fridge magnets, so add a piece of duct tape as a non-marring buffer/pull tab and I now have exactly what I wanted. Good strength and easy to adjust or remove with the duct tape as shown in pics below. I have noticed however, these magnets have a
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By t3t4
I had a very strange use for this purchase. I had read about a product called Ladycare which was for Menopause and other female hormonal struggles, fo me specifically the reviews regarding Hot Flashes were appealing. The price wasn't so I ordered the magnets to make my own version. Clipped them to my underwear and the relief was so swift that I wear them everyday. Still on the same 2 that I started with. So yea I love them. They are strong. My keys will stick to my panties but the relief is worth occasionally being magnetically pulled into the fridge. Lol. They are magnets and they act like magnets for a good price and good quality. No matter what your use is. They are strong.
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By Stephanie Dunn
The magnets are excellent for glass white boards that lack a lot of backing material to hold a magnet. If you use the magnets on something like a refrigerator it will be hard to remove without prying it off. A suggestion is to tear off a three inch long strip on gaffer tape or duct tape. Lay the magnet in the center of the sticky side. Fold up each end of the tape to form a handle to lift the magnet. Trim off excess tape. See the attached image.
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By Gerald Holt
4.7 | 65 customer ratings
94% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
I bought these to drain my dogs ear hematoma’s while we were waiting on her scheduled surgery date. They work great, I have zero complaints.
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By Juliana Farrell
Working just as described.
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By Amazon Customer
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By Roselyn Noriega
4.5 | 96 customer ratings
87% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
When I got my pipette, I got maybe 200 uses out of it before it broke. When I ejected a tip, the entire inner sleeve broke...clip cracked and the inside shot out into the garbage can. The rest of the unit in my hand shortly followed. I’m not a high volume user as I use this for just adding a ml or so of essential oils to topical formulations. If I was in micro, this wouldn’t have lasted a day.

When Four E's Scientific was informed of my issue they took action:
Corrective Action: My broken unit was immediately replaced. Not only did they replace it but they gave me 3 of them! And shipping...I got them with a day or two.
Preventive Action: Four E's Scientific ensured me their QA department will pay extra attention to this potential problem area when my unit broke and preform extra testing to ensure integrity.

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By Dan Brandt
It's a great value. It works well and is cheap.
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By Lego-My-Schlago
very good tool thank you! I like the ease of use and how it works!
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By Trevor Mayers
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4.3 | 64 customer ratings
78% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
It is generally safer to pipet from a container than to pour from it.

This is helpful when measuring out small amounts of strong acids, in particular.

Sulfuric acid spills are not fun. No matter how tough you think your fume hood is, they will still find random subcomponents of whatever equipment you have in it and eat them. And it takes an eternity to evaporate, meanwhile fogging all the glass and rusting away steel components as it does. As if that weren't bad enough, the industrial grade tends to reek.

Hydrochloric acid spills fume. The fumes are toxic, corrosive, and again love to eat your equipment. It is also one of the faster among these acids to eat your skin if you happen to bump your wrist into a drop of it, just between your glove and your lab coat.

Nitric acid doesn't fume, unless of course you
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By niflheim
I got a box of glass serological pipettes (sterile, unused) for cheap. I got this so I could use them as a baster in the kitchen. Works great, doesn't leak, has good enough suction for viscous fluids. If you accidentally aspirate liquid, it is super simple to take apart and clean.
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By Zachary Gilbert
I'm not sure if it's me, or if my pump is defective. Often it won't empty completely and I have to draw in air so I can raise the plunger so I can push it down again. It also leaks and drips when I take it out of whatever liquid I'm filling the pipette with. I've double checked the seals and everything seems to look fine, but it isn't working as it should. I've tried glass and plastic pipettes and both have the same issues, even with water so the viscosity of the liquid doesn't seem to be the problem. I've been able to figure out work arounds, but I wish I didn't have to. For the little I paid for it, I guess it does well enough.
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By M.Mak
4.7 | 22 customer ratings
94% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
The syringes have been working well for multiple uses per syringe. I have been using the syringe to prime polymer pumps and it has done well with the thick fluid, similar viscosity to 80w gear lube. I broke off the pull ring at the end accidently after the fourth use, but I still use the syringe easily by pulling from the remaining t handle. It has lasted 3 times longer and costs $20.00 less per syringe then the replacement syringe that the pump supplier sells.
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By joseph callahan
I needed something to add gear oil to an engine in precise amount and with a tight fill space. This item did the job with ease and is reusable for the next time. I'm sure they'll be good for a number of other tasks when the need arises.
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By Cheff Jeff
Retired nurse with arthritis and I was having trouble with pouring paint from gallon can without making huge mess- so I bought these! Problem solved! Great for all kinds of things
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By AlwaysMom
4.2 | 77 customer ratings
76% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Excelente justo lo que necesitaba para mi proyecto se adhiere muy bien y fácil de pegar.
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By Bustini.
I made magnets for Christmas and based on the reviews I did 2 per small wooden circle and they turned out great! AND they stay on the fridge!
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By B.R-W
I was surprised they were so small, but the work great and I am glad that I got them.
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By Kimberly A Smith
4.3 | 49 customer ratings
78% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
I got these for dosing meds and food for my senior cat. The rubber gasket on these types of syringes wear out and swell after awhile getting stuck in the plastic tube. So I got these to keep on hand. At 20ml, these hold a fair amount of watered down food. Just be sure to put a dab of cooking oil like olive to lubricate the gasket so you get a slow and smooth dispensing of the food so you don't choke your animal.
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By VA Mom
These are exactly as described, and they work flawlessly. This was the first time I ordered this product. I ordered them to administer an oral supplement to my handicapped cat, and unfortunately the opening of the syringe is just slightly too large and makes it hard to control the rate at which the pureed cat food (with powdered supplement) is given, so I'll be looking for a smaller size. But the product itself is fine, and I'll be taking these to the local pet clinic to see if they can use them, maybe for larger dogs.
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By Old Ways Seeker
Serves my purpose but wish the caps would stay on, they fall off easily.
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By Daniel
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4.5 | 21 customer ratings
88% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
I've bought several braces that he hasn't liked but he likes this. Gives him support without too much bulk.
Used the suspender straps at first but now he likes it without. He had a compression fracture in lower
back so this is comfortable and gives enough support to make him feel secure and help to not put too much
strain on lower back during healing process. He does where it over a T-shirt so that protects him from scratching
or anything like that.
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By jhnnysgrl23
Nephew loved it
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By Carolyn Bispels
Muy bueno
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By muy bueno
4.3 | 32 customer ratings
78% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
I bought a mulching outdoor leaf vacuum. It seems to mulch up about 95% of the leaves into very small chunks that it catches in a bag. The other 5% is pulverized into dust which it throws violently in all directions. As someone with dust and pollen allergies, I wanted to avoid complications when I used the leaf vacuum, so I bought some of these Tyvek coveralls.

I've only worn one of them, but I've worn it three times so far, and I don't see any signs that it is getting worn out.

I wear size 13 shoes, and the booties built into these coveralls are comfortable when I'm not wearing shoes, but they don't fit into my shoes. So I expect that the booties will likely be the first things to wear out as I walk around on cobble stones and artificial turf.

I haven't had any problems
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By AIRecording
I have used a few of these, and if you are looking for some disposable coveralls, these are great. i have worked all day cleaning an apartment with bug issues, and the suit held up great.

I really like that it is all one piece, so you do not have to worry about things getting into sock/shoes while you work and you don't have to worry about sealing seams around ankles. The one note is that these are pretty water resistant. This means they do not breath, so they can get hot. I wanted something that was sealed, so they were perfect what what i needed, and when you are done, just throw them out.
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By Eric L
These did the trick for us, but I would suggest you order one size larger than you think you need. Also, they are super thin. Crotch was ripped out of mine from squatting down in the first 5 minutes of using it.
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By Chad E Chambers