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4.8 | 625 customer ratings
96% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
I have the Metric & SAE sets in both regular and extended sizes. I am trying very hard to like these wrenches, but overall maybe I am too much of a tool snob to be in love with them. I will provide a pro/con (this applies to all the Gearwrench (GW) long ratcheting double box wrench sets):

1) Reasonable price
2) Good chrome and finish
3) Nice holder (fits in tool box drawers perfectly)
4) Overall, seems to work OK

1) Wrenches are just not thick or strong enough. They bend and flex all over the place (especially the smaller sizes under about 17mm) and this can be very unnerving if you value your body parts.
2) Fit is not the best. This series of GW's has more slop in the fixed box end than ANY of the box ends on my other 12 point wrenches (I have Proto, SK, Heyco, Wright, Dewalt, & Wera besides
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By 15 Year Member
Not my first GearWrench set. Regrettably, the 8mm and 9mm wrenches are bent as you can clearly see in the photo. 8mm is bent just off the wratcheting end while the 9mm is further inboard of the same end. 13mm and 16mm are bowed, too, after looking closer. Contacting customer service to request they replace these four. If not returning.

Compared these to a Matco dual box end XL wrench. If I had to guess, I think the stamping is what leads to the deformity. Matco embossing is far shallower I to the steel shank. At 3x the cost minimum, I bet the steel tempering is also different.
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By David Kopp
I enjoy the design. Very useful. However poor quality of material. First time I used the 10mm the static side snapped. I called the company Apex tools. I was told they don't have a lifetime warranty on their product. They've never had a lifetime warranty on any of their products. And then call back to complain about the advertising. They then told me that I was lied to that they do have a lifetime warranty due to manufacturer defect. I don't think I will buy another gearwrench products after this experience. Amazon was great and made it right.
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By Kaley
4.7 | 2,748 customer ratings
95% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
As technician of 43 years I’ve seen the good, the bad and the ugly in accessories, equipment, hardware you name it. These are a great value. I suspect they will hold up well. I immediately cut one of the ends of several leeds for a specialized jumper plug with flying Leeds, so I had a good chance to check the wire gauge and quality, good deal. I suppose you could pay more, but here you don’t need too. Thumbs up on the delivery and sellers.
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By Mhkmark
They are wires with an alligator clip on each end. Each tested fine. I left durability unrated since I just received them. I've seen messed up jumpers - usually when the alligator clip gets crushed, or someone cut the clip off to use kind of smoking material. But they're really hard to screw up.

I'll assume that the request for this "review" was automated because I can't imagine that any sane person would be requesting such a silly thing. If you're looking for jumper wires - these are them! They work!

I hope you're having a nice day, wherever you are. I'm in Virginia Beach, where it's clear and 83 degrees. Cooler, tomorrow, they say. Bye for now.
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By Douglas W. Boynton
Received the bundle in good order and, I think, early. They look sturdy and usable. I took one apart. The outside plastic clip molding was _really_ tough; this is a good thing. And the inside insulation gripper was also very secure. These are good things for durability. Except for .. the following, all seemed to be of good mechanical quality. I could find no sign of internal soldering which indicates to me that the actual wires were mechanically secured not soldered. So perhaps the connection _might_ be intermittent after some amount of use. The wires might slip around and transmit force to the mechanical wire connections in the clip. I originally had five stars because of the mechanical quality but went back to three after not finding what I consider a durable internal wire connection. OTOH: everything worked when
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By Ray
4.7 | 2,696 customer ratings
95% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Installed two of the 50' length to connect PCs to a modem. They're operating flawlessly at more than 300 Mbps, the speed of our small biz network. I found the flat profile let me tuck these cables between office carpet and the baseboard, for a neat installation. I'd definitely order this item again.
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Bought this for use with my Xbox setup in my bedroom. My wireless router is set up in my living room and the wifi connection can be flakey at times and when I have the door closed to my bedroom. The flat cord design is great. I run it under my bedroom door and it doesn't get pinched. The included cable clips helped in routing the cable along the walls, keeping it off the floor and avoiding a potential trip hazard.
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By Sn00py_009
My Internet Router is in a far corner of my apartment. Often the signal will fade out or slow down below dial-up speed. I used this cable to connect to a second router which acts as an access point centrally located in the middle room of the apartment. From there, the signal is maintained well for all the rooms. There is no signal loss. I am very pleased with the outcome and love the way the cable performs.
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By Peter Leighton
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4.7 | 2,215 customer ratings
92% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
I purchased the Rubbermaid Commercial Deluxe Carry Cleaning Caddy to organize my commonly used household cleaning materials and make it easier to get all needed items around the house for cleaning. It's a perfect fit for my needs. The caddy has 4 defined spaces on each side of the center handle, but they aren't completely closed off from each other, so you have some flexibility with what will fit and how to use them. As you can see in my picture, I use 3 of the spaces on one side to house 2 larger spray bottles. This caddy fits nicely on a cabinet shelf, so now when I need to clean, it's just "grab and go" with all I need. I definitely recommend this caddy.
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By Carolina Shopper
I bought this to carry cupped drinks. I was always spilling drinks all over in my car. This really helps. The holes are a little too big, but it works. Best results are when both sides are completely full. You can managed by balancing between the sides. It is not perfect, but it is a huge help. I carry a lot of Starbucks with them.
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By Chris
I bought this Rubbermaid carrier at the same time as the "Akro-Mils 09185 BLUE Plastic Tote Caddy, 14-Inch by 18-Inch by 9-Inch, Blue", link here:

So, which one is better? Both were asking for the exact same price. That's why I bought both to try and determine which one is better. Here's the result of the side by side comparison:

This product is definitely smaller than the comparison blue carrier, first of all. This carrier will hold 8 bottles of the STANDARD sized spray bottle for commercial cleaning product, nonetheless, so it is as advertised. However, it ONLY holds those STANDARD sized spray bottle commonly seen in professional cleaning, car washing, etc. Those bottles are round standard size intended for you to pour in commercially made concentrated solutions and dilute with water. Most homes don't have those unless you specifically buy them.

If your primary
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By Charlie in NW
4.7 | 542 customer ratings
92% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
These are PERFECT! Worked Really Well.
I use these for my sons band competitions.
I love how they don’t take up too much space in my lil suv.
I added some faces to make them more fun.
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By V. Peevy
So I got these for renters at my work parking lot. Parking is easy until there is a community event downtown and the public will ignore the signs and park in any space available, including the spaces the renters pay for, which is a problem. It's not often, but I can understand them getting a bit upset when they can't use the space they pay for, especially on event days when they really want to use it. So these cones got issued for them to keep in car. The fact they slim down is why we picked them, since it's a pain keeping a normal cone. These are slim and easy for them to keep. When they leave their spots, they can put the cone out in the middle of their spot to prevent people Parking there on event days. It's worked with
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By Lynn
THey are compact and easy to deploy, a major plus for our purpose: keeping them on a fire engine to use on accident and other scenes. The down side is that they are very light weight. They're made of plastic fabric and have a hollow plastic base. If there's a wind on scene, they tend to fall over or blow away. I have tried to remedy that by inserting lead auto wheel weights in the base. We'll see if that works. These would be fine to stick in the trunk of a car for use on an emergency.
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By Dennis and Angelika Chappell
4.6 | 1,974 customer ratings
89% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
I use these to fill up my lipgloss tubes for my lipgloss business, and they work amazing! Very easy to clean and sterilize also, if you’re looking to use them more than once. As always, please handle with gloves to be as sanitary as possible, but they are really great quality for the price.
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By Kendra Hicks
I have rescued cats for years and currently have 3 inside and a feral colony of 5 outside. I use these syringes to feed cats who need to be syringe-fed. I do wash them and reuse them until the rubber on the end of the plunger swells and will no longer fit in the syringe, usually 5 or 6 uses. As the plungers begin to get a little tight, I dip the rubber plunger in a little canola oil and they work fine until they just won't fit any more. These syringes hold the amount of food I need, but are too expensive (for me) to replace after a single use. I have absolutely no complaints given that I'm asking more of the syringes than they were designed to do, and am grateful to have found them since I haven't been able to find a
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I wanted something much smaller than this. It still worked the way I wanted, I was suctioning out prescription topical gel and putting it into little travel tubes (lip gloss tubes actually!). I thought these were smaller since they even advertise as being used with feeding kittens. My adult cat would hate this its huge. Its nowhere near small enough in my opinion to feed a kitten or cat comfortably. A dog probably would be fine with it.
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By Becs234
4.7 | 413 customer ratings
91% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
One of my dogs is horribly allergic to SOMETHING; a tablespoonful of children's antihistamine works very well to calm his itching and scratching -- the little guy would "cheek" antihistamine in pill form, then spit it out for me to find somewhere on the floor -- liquid seemed to be our only choice. Just TRY getting liquid down a pug's throat. I was happy to find these large plastic syringes on Amazon, and have had very good luck medicating said pug. He's been feeling much better, sleeping sweetly and is decidedly a much happier pug, now that I have help getting this cherry-flavored miracle down his throat.
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I use these for tube feeding my adult son who has a brain injury. I found these to be an average product. They work okay the first time, but start being difficult to use after being washed. (I know they are single use - but that's not practical.) I have used other brands that stand up to a few washings before needing to be tossed.
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By Jeanie
This is the worst to use to feed liquids to a pet. It gets stuck and when I press slowly to release the fluid it squirts in my eye, hair and disburse everywhere. Only half the fluid ends up in the pet's mouth and rest everywhere else. Not good.
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By Beauty H.
4.7 | 392 customer ratings
92% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
I bought it with some skepticism. This last weekend I was replacing the transmission gasket so I throw one under to catch the drippings when the pan is removed. Wow, not a drop made it to the garage floor. I then emptied the oil pan and there is about 1/4 cup fluid left I took half a sheet and tossed it in, wipe the pan and boom, done. Only half a sheet and most of it was still clean after soaking the fluid. Used it under the car when changing oil for filter spills, no problems there, soaks it up. Amazing. Now, I think I am going to put it under my smoker to catch all the drippings instead of the deck. Buy it people.
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By Ahmad Ghosheh
We have 2 boats and these pads work great for absorbing oil and grease under the engines. They do not absorb water, they are not meant to. We roll several together and tie with a few zip cords to make logs that fit in the gullies that run from the front to back of the engine room floor. This is the second time we ordered this brand. a 100 sheets lasts us about 3 1/2 years. This brand offers the most economical value and they work great.
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By GK5040
They absorb petroleum based products only. Work perfectly for their intended purposes. At a fraction of the price of the brand name counterparts, I will continue to purchase these over the other brands. I would actually give them 5 stars if they tore on the perforated lines like they should. These are definitely helping my boat do it's part in keeping the Chesapeake Bay clean. Detroits stop slobbering oil when they are out of oil.
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By gtstang462002
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4.7 | 378 customer ratings
94% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
I'm so happy to to have these for precise measuring of essential oils. I mix my own blends and am very excited to use these and be confident that the amounts are going to be consistent between the 3 different cylinders, and since they are made with a small enough diameter I should be able to be more accurate in my measuring. They appear to be well marked, too.
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By Bear
These cylinders have hexagonal bases that keep them from rolling off the counter if they fall over.

I was surprised to find that glass beads serve as feet on the bottom of the bases. This reduces the contact footprint and might reduce mess in the case that I have a spill from another source.

My set withstood several acids and solvents with no staining. Scrubbing with a test tube brush hasn't scratched anything. In the short time since I've bought them, they've been moved around quite a bit and held up fine.

The glass didn't strike me as especially thick or thin... just normal.

Each cylinder was wrapped and put in it's own box, all three of which were fit into another larger box.

Overall, they seems to be a decent product.
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By Richard
I was very excited to get these graduated cylinders at a great price, and when they came in they were very great looking quality! After using them twice to make a compound, I realized that they were not measuring accurately after pouring the contents of the compound into an 8 oz bottle and coming up short. I then went to my automatic water dispensing machine and dispensed out the max quantity listed on every graduated cylinder and as you can see in the picture, every cylinder ended up showing a measurement over the maximum quantity. This supports my previous statement that the listed measurements on each cylinder are in fact inaccurate/short on their listed measurements. Clearly this has something to do with the manufacturing of the cylinders, and I'm not sure if the measurements are listed inaccurately or the diameter is inaccurate. Never the less if you use these cylinders
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By Devin Ice
4.7 | 373 customer ratings
90% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
I bought two of these cones to use to block the end of my driveway after getting new asphalt. The cones are high quality and I really like them. I'm convinced they are of commercial/highway quality. They are heavy enough to stay in place in winds, and recover nicely after being run-over by your wife's car :)
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By Vincent
This cone is the perfect size and weight for what we needed. My mother lives in a retirement community where she has a reserved parking space. Visitors regularly park in her parking spot if we go out shopping, leaving her having to park far away. This cone will withstand a rain storm without blowing over and it is large enough to be quite noticeable. Since purchasing it, we have not had our parking spot taken!
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By Sarah T.
I purchased these to put at the end of my driveway as a boundary for my small children. They know they cannot go past the cones. We live in a brand new neighborhood with lots of construction traffic, and these do the dual purpose of alerting the various crews to the presence of my kids playing on the driveway.
These cones are HEAVY! Very heavy-duty weighted bottoms, and never blow over and roll, even on windy days. They are flexible enough to withstand being run over or abused without cracking. The reflective part is high quality. I hesitate to call it tape. It's a strip of material of some kind. The stack perfectly and are very easy to stack back up and store in the garage when we are through with our playtime. Would buy again!
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By MomOfFiveWarriors
4.7 | 364 customer ratings
93% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
These syringes are really nice for filling lip balm tubes. The amount of liquid you can pull in will fill a couple of tubes at a time. I do clean and reuse them which is a bit tricky. I pour boiling water over them and scrub them clean with small brushes. Afterward I spray them with alcohol to sanitize and dry them for additional uses. I do need to prime the rubber plunger with some of the oils that are in my product for it to move smoothly again. I find that if you warm them first you have very little waste of product from it cooling inside the syringe. I do that by placing them inside a plastic bag and into a cup of hot water.
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By Amy
Our 16 year-old-cat was recently prescribed a medication that made her nauseous and unable to hold down any food. While we got her prescription changed, she did not go back to her normal eating routine and started dropping weight. The vet suggested syringe feeding her and provided us with a syringe that could hold all of one feeeding (35 ml) at once. In theory, it was a good syringe. In reality, it was too big to hold, position, and plunge while also trying to get into the mouth of a recalcitrant cat--even with two people. Resorting to what we had on hand, we used the little syringes that come with children's medication. They can hold 10 ml each, but we had to fill them multiple times in a single feeding and if there was a single bit of food that wasn't mashed up enough, the whole thing would get clogged.
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By J. Weaver
I'm using them for lip gloss. They're as described and work well.
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By OneSageMama
4.6 | 708 customer ratings
91% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
I use this to tape up cardboard to recycle. Also use it to tape up all kinds of garbage. It is great for that purpose at a great price. If you are planning on actually taping the duct work in your home, for heat or air conditioning, I would NOT use this. It doesn't last long for those applications. For that, I use the expensive stuff that is MUCH thicker. For my purposes, this does the job at a great price.
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By Tony NYC
I would not consider this heavy duty. It is very thin and not nearly as strong as some of the duct tapes that I have used. I will continue my search for the thick stuff with heavy cloth in it like we used to get.
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By Emmet
I haven't owned a lot of different brands of duct tape in my life, but this product seems to be awful. Doesn't stick to surfaces very well or for long, and when you remove it, the tape doesn't always come off cleanly, leaving residue and patches behind.

The only thing it really has going for it is the price, but that good is the price if the product doesn't even accomplish what I bought it for? I'd recommend forking out more money for a better quality tape.
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By John
4.7 | 250 customer ratings
94% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
This is a very nice glass eye washer. I had something in my eye and I never figure out what it was. Eyelash, sand, who knows. Just fill the glass with water. Lean over and place the eye washer to your eye while looking forward. Open your eye and look around. The water will rinse your eye. No pain, no fuss, and it works great. The glass is very smooth and fits perfect. Comes in a little case.
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By Music Man
I'm 73 and I remember my grandma having a couple of these eye washers. I've been having trouble with my vision recently and thought maybe I could find one of these again. Good old Amazon came through for me. This is a glass eye washer, fits my eye perfectly and washes out dust, pollen and everything else, just like the good old days with my grandma. It was well packaged in a small plastic cylinder, wrapped in foam. I'm very pleased with the purchase and would buy it again.
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By Richw
The beveled edge is an extra some of the others do not have. The glass keeps the heat longer than plastic, which I need for my blepharitis. Great product!
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By der
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4.6 | 407 customer ratings
91% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Not sure why some are claiming that you could just use distilled water. This eyewash has pH balancers that make it excellent for use in your eyes, something distilled does not offer. I was using Collyrium until Bausch & Lomb bought it out, then killed it off. I can't use Bausch & Lomb eyewash because it stings my eyes, apparently due to the inactive ingredients it uses. This eyewash uses the same inactive ingredients as Collyrium did and does not sting at all. It is also a much better value than other eyewashes. I have some unopened eye cups from the Collyrium I used to buy, so I will use that to make use easier. Pouring the eyewash into the cup is a slight hassle since the opening is so wide and I poured it into an old Collyrium bottle for my elderly
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By Eclectic Dreamer
The solution is perfect for cleaning my eyes when I need it. However, the bottle with the screw cap comes with a 1/4in hole on the opening, which really doesn't guide the stream into the eye that well. Using this type of bottle will definitely make a mess and wet the surrounding area and clothing. The bottle itself is hard to squeeze too. This method will waste too much of the solution. The product was not as described:
"Plastic squeeze bottle and nozzle help create a fluid stream to direct solution into the affected areas."
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By Laz
I ordered and reordered this item 3 times and never got what is advertised. 1st it had a break open top, 2nd&3rd time it had a screw on lid but a 3/8" hole NOT a top that can be used to flush eyes. The description says:
"Plastic squeeze bottle and nozzle help create a fluid stream to direct solution into the affected areas.". What you get is a refill bottle for an eye wash station.
The liquid may be right but 2 different companies couldn't send the bottle that is advertised. I work construction and need something for flushing sawdust etc. out.
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4.7 | 217 customer ratings
92% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Not a scientist, but a beer brewer. Needed a graduated cylinder for my hydrometer to measure the specific gravity. Just the right width.
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I much prefer this to the stiff plastic ones that break after the hydrometer taps the bottom on accident. Just the right volume - slightly less sample to draw than others I’ve used.
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By Christo
The product details says it's 11 inches tall but it is 10 inches tall... for me that's a big deal due to my tool that i use for brewing is 11 inches tall so it will never fully fit in and that's why I chose this over other products. (I am not an expert at things just wanted to let people know the true size)
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By barry
4.7 | 186 customer ratings
93% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
In the world of garages, surrounded by cable, hose and extension cord monsters, the Cable Cuff tames them and more. I started using these a few years ago in smaller sizes for items that needed to be corralled instead of looking like a spaghetti factory had exploded. You know, the garden hoses, extension cords for the holidays as well as those I use all the time and the myriad of other hang-ups in garages. I used to use wire ties, but I either had to stick a knife in the slot to let them loose for future use or simply cut them and toss them away. Then I discovered the Cable Cuff and the PRO series. Easily holds air hoses, water hoses, extension cords, toys, garden power tools that have open handles and more. The handy arched end of the Cable Cuff allows them to be hooked on many
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By Doc
Best holder for pneumatic nailer hoses. Clamps around 25' x 1/2" od rubber hose. Too big for 12 ga x 30' cord, coiled. Get middle size for the cords.
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By ventingisok
Perfect, love these. I use these to put around the handle loops of my plastic grocery bags. This way I can put 5, 6, 7, however many bags feels comfortable weight wise on one and carry them easily. I do this when I put them in my vehicle after shopping so that when I get home all I do is grab the handle and off I go. It also keeps the groceries from falling outside of the bag. Somebody saw me doing that and they were so impressed they asked me where I bought them so that they could go get some. Would absolutely buy again.
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By K. Shustak
4.4 | 2,835 customer ratings
83% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
I don't understand so many negative reviews for such a well described, overly instructed and warned about, product....? You were all told FRAGILE, no, it ain't Italian for Fragillee, it ain't French for Fagchumpe'a, no mam no sir, this is ENGLISH for the word fragile and be careful due to the hard fracturing nature of neodymium! And yet somehow this fact escapes the grasp of so many....? This item was so well packaged in bubble wrap and polystyrene that you'd seriously have to try to hurt these magnets! But where there is dumb there is a way to dumber, I guess.

I wanted good fridge magnets, so add a piece of duct tape as a non-marring buffer/pull tab and I now have exactly what I wanted. Good strength and easy to adjust or remove with the duct tape as shown in pics below. I have noticed however, these magnets have a
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By t3t4
I had a very strange use for this purchase. I had read about a product called Ladycare which was for Menopause and other female hormonal struggles, fo me specifically the reviews regarding Hot Flashes were appealing. The price wasn't so I ordered the magnets to make my own version. Clipped them to my underwear and the relief was so swift that I wear them everyday. Still on the same 2 that I started with. So yea I love them. They are strong. My keys will stick to my panties but the relief is worth occasionally being magnetically pulled into the fridge. Lol. They are magnets and they act like magnets for a good price and good quality. No matter what your use is. They are strong.
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By Stephanie Dunn
The magnets are excellent for glass white boards that lack a lot of backing material to hold a magnet. If you use the magnets on something like a refrigerator it will be hard to remove without prying it off. A suggestion is to tear off a three inch long strip on gaffer tape or duct tape. Lay the magnet in the center of the sticky side. Fold up each end of the tape to form a handle to lift the magnet. Trim off excess tape. See the attached image.
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By Gerald Holt
4.4 | 1,901 customer ratings
82% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Everything about these is super: super strong hold, super adhesive discs, super shiny and polished finish.

I became disabled with arthritis so I had to retire early, but I still have a very active mind. Thus, I have a lot of hobbies to occupy me. Most of my hobbies are aimed at keeping my fingers and hands nimble and providing a creative outlet. I make jewelry, I work extensively in metals and wire, and I do a number of needlecrafts such as cross stitch and restoring damaged vintage and antique linens and embroideries. I'm constantly dropping needles, pieces of wire, scraps of metal, etc. I have a magnet I use to help me locate dropped needles and other bits. I certainly don't want my cat to step on something or injest something harmful. The magnet I've been using is very strong. I got it at a fabric store for stowing pins
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By Arizona Bookworm
Small and powerful magnets. Just what we needed to hold a heavy calendar to the reefer, among other things. Slightly larger diameter than a U.S. dollar, and comes with double-backed tape to stick to craft type items.
If you have a need, they are strong.
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By D. Curran
SUPER strong! When I accidentally set two next to each other, they stuck and it was very difficult to separate them. Would definitely recommend them. They are perfect for the fridge or for any other projects.
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By James
4.6 | 206 customer ratings
89% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
This size of 20ml is difficult to find. I needed a feeding syringe for my older dog. I bought the 35 ml Lixit pet feeding syringe, but it is so large and difficult to use. Their 10ml was too small. I finally found these on Amazon. Worth every penny. I just ordered more. I imagine this size could be used for other purposes around the house, too. I know they are for industrial purposes and are not recommended to reuse, but they work for me.
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By retiredteacher2015
Needed this to force feed a cat and it worked great
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By cameo driver
I didn't think about having to draw from a quart bottle of 75w-90 gear oil and had to pour the oil into a bowl first because the syringe tip wouldn't go deep enough into the bottle. Because of the weight of 200cc of oil, a section of 1/4" tubing might not have worked well at drawing more than a few cc's, so it's okay doing it this way, just not as convenient. It pulled 200 cc out of the bowl with no problems.
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By Beemer geek