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4.8 | 3,614 customer ratings
95% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
This is a gift for my daughter, I have never paid this much for a cover for myself. That being said I plan to get one for me! Less expensive than others I was looking at locally at stores although. I purchased an oversized board for her and had purchased a very flimsy cover to my disappointment so I wanted an additional one. 18x 49 was needed and Hard to find size locally. This cover stated it fit all sizes I was skeptical, sorry and indeed it did! Thick nice material, very padded all stitched together. But the most ingenious feature is the bungee corded fitting! Plenty of material for overlapping around sides even with oversized board. Pull cord fastener made it a perfect fit easy to install in seconds. Doesn’t need Velcro fasteners underneath which I thought it said it did after viewing multiple sites. So pleased
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By patti breen
Ironing isn't my favorite pass time so anything that helps move it along faster is a welcome solution.

The smell was very strong upon opening the product but aired out very well within the first 24hrs. The heat of the iron released a little of the smell but was not a strong smell and did not seem to transfer to the clothing.

The thickness of the padding is great; I'm not seeing the waffle design of my board on the clothing.

The cover fit my standard full size ironing board (54") perfectly and was hassle free to put on; done in less than 30 seconds.

I found myself easily gliding the iron over the article of clothing I was ironing and heavy pressing/pressure was not necessary I guess because of the heat reflecting quality and pad thickness. I felt it cut my ironing time by at least 1/3 and I wasn't
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By Yaya M.
I washed it once it arrived (smelled quite a bit chemically once I unpacked it), and the picture shows what happened to padding. Once I dried it, it knotted more and I had to cut out the numerous knots. It diminished the padding layer and I had to smooth out all the clumps the knotted padding created. Weird experience. Will see how it works - it all happened today.
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4.7 | 4,600 customer ratings
93% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
I’ve placed 134 orders in the past 6 months. 156 orders in 2019 alone. I can say with 100% certainty that this is one of the best purchases I’ve made. I am elated that it was a $13 purchase.

This is not a travel steamer. This is a full size steamer. Whoever said it was a travel size steamer was wrong. Pictures attached for detail, my hand for size.

I had never used a steamer prior to using this one. I have recently begun ironing my clothes at the ripe age of 29 (I know, I know). But this steamer is a game changer! I steamed a pair of pants in maybe 2 minutes. They looked great and didn’t have the iron wrinkles and/or marks! Love!

It heats up so fast and it blows out incredibly hot steam. Really, just the best.

I would pay far above $13 for this steamer. I would purchase
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By Hara Serter
By Jessica Butler
I received this steamer today. I tried 4 new blouses before wearing them. I love this steamer. It is easy to use and good price. My sister and I satisfied 100% this product with one time use!!! Be aware that it is hot. Be careful when you steam on cloth sleeves.
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By Thumps Up!!!
4.7 | 3,401 customer ratings
92% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Easy to install. Resists stains, water beads up and wipes away. Could not find this product at my local stores so ordered it here. So happy I found it!
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By Deborah M.
This ironing board cover fits great, and with the tight elastic and the Velcro straps underneath, doesn't shift or slide around like my previous one. The fabric is great, good amount of padding, and seems like it will last for a good long while. I am very pleased with this cover and would recommend it.
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By NC Shopper
Updated with picture. I am one of many across this country making masks for our hospitals and first responders. I ordered this cover for that purpose. I used it less than 10 days and it had holes and tears in the most used place of the cover. It also scorched. Extremely disappointed with this item. Need less to say I returned it. I did take pictures for this review buy I don't see where to post them.
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By S. Purdy
4.7 | 2,752 customer ratings
95% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Holds everything in one place. Ease of installation.
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By Louiseblueyes
Two mounting holes are only 12 inches apart so both screws aren't going into wall framing. The hardware that comes with the product is sketchy for the weight of an ironing board, steam iron and a bottle of starch -- two very small screws (#6 by 1" maybe?) and plastic hollow wall anchors. I mounted a 14" square of 3/4" plywood to a stud with two 2 1/2" screws and then mounted the holder to the plywood. The metal that the holder is made from is pretty flimsy. Our ironing board has legs like the one in the picture -- angled like a "V" and the weight of the board when suspended pushes the two hooks outward left and right so the board hangs lower than the picture shows. Finally, our Rowenta iron doesn't sit firmly in the holder. The butt end of the
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By Beth in Olympia, WA
All in all I think it's a pretty good iron board hanger.
I believe the hanger should have came with 4 screw holes instead of 2 for extra support. The material could have been a little stronger for the price as well. To make sure mines was properly secured and it wouldn't fall down I put two screws underneath the frame as well.
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4.7 | 2,430 customer ratings
92% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
This ironing board provides a great setup for my Rowenta DG8520 Perfect Steam Steam Iron Station. I wanted a little wider work area than the regular size ironing board with a side rack to put the iron on so that it wasn't in the way. The linen rack on the bottom provides the perfect spot for the base of the steam station and the rack on the end of the board fits the iron perfectly. The narrower end of the board is wider than a regular size ironing board but still very useable. I use a sleeve board and dressmaker's ham for more specific ironing and the wider area of this board actually give me more work space for that. This board is a little more expensive than some other ironing boards, but well worth it for me. It also came with the
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By Aurora7
This board is very stable. Love that! Can be used as a sewing work area which is what I also use it for. The pointed end is wider than a regular ironing board so pants legs might not fit as well as before. Also, the provided cover does not let the clothes slide very well when ironing. I will probably make a different one for it. It suits my purposes much better than my old standard board because as stated above I am a seamstress and needed a stable work and iron surface. My board was purchased here on Amazon from a third party seller and arrived damaged. I settled with the dealer for 100.00.( I paid 159.00 plus S&H)) My husband banged out the damaged area with a hammer and the cover (also damaged) covers the damage. We were very unhappy with this seller (Online Bargains) and should not
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By Amazon Customer
Was very pleased with the sturdiness of this ironing board however not the quality of the cover/pad that came with it. For the price paid on this item, the cover I received has loose threading and a frayed edge. Also the cover has multiple deep creases in it. Highly disappointed that something this expensive should ship with a cover in this condition. Attempts to contact the Brabantia for a possible correction via the Amazon link were impossible as there are no direct seller links and a visit to their website resulted in finding a communication form on the site that had no 'submit' option and only European numbers to call. Leads me to wonder how a warranty claim could ever be submitted if it came to that... For the current issue however it seems the only solution here will be to return the entire thing for the
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4.7 | 2,127 customer ratings
93% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
This is exactly what an iron should be! It's heavy (just nicely balanced in the hand); hot, quick-to-heat, completely reliable and adjustable. With this iron you get feeling like you're in a professional laundry. Very simply, this is the best iron I have ever used. As a male that does not plan ahead well, I tend to iron my clothes on a daily basis, and this iron makes that chore as easy and quick as possible. All in all, I am very satisfied with this iron and I will probably buy one for my parents. I wish it comes in different colors.
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By Tona Keeney
I just upgraded my iron. This one is A-Mazing! The iron surface is significantly bigger than my old one, has more heat and steam settings, and the cord retracts! There are not enough words to express my excitement at getting to use this iron. Thanks to the larger surface area of the heated part, ironing takes me less time.
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By Lorelei Brown
It works and it does heat up quickly. It is heavy, too. The directions say to turn the iron off before you unplug it except there is no OFF setting or button. I hate it that you set the iron down for a moment and it shuts off. Since it's constantly steaming you go through the water in the reservoir fairly quickly. The retract cord feature does not retract. It's also very hard to see the heat settings because they are very tiny and upside down on the dial. I'll use it until it croaks, but won't buy another. I iron every day because my closets are tiny and my clothes are smashed in there and get very wrinkled. Usually I wear out an iron after two years, so I'll see how this one goes.
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By Creaky
4.8 | 701 customer ratings
96% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
I purchased this mat with some skepticism, thinking it might be another quilting fad gizmo that may or may not live up to the hype. I did research online options, found this one to be the best value for size and price out there. When it arrived I was impressed with the quality of the felted wool and the smoothness of the surface. After using it a few times, I am even more impressed. Enough so that I am looking to purchase another one, in a smaller size, to have right at my side when I am piecing quilt blocks. I use the large one on my big ironing board and find it really great for pressing pieced borders, large blocks (>12"), and machine embroideries. I am in love with this mat!
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By Girl of the Far North
I’ve only had this pressing mat two days but am already singing its’ praises! I’m making a quilt using drunkards path blocks and some of the fabric wrinkles vey badly. The blocks are difficult to press because they are easily distorted but am delighted to find if I spritz them very lightly with water and press, NOT IRON, on the wool mat the wrinkles come out wondrously well! Am so glad I invested in this great pressing’s worth every penny, believe me!
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By Margery Tadder
This is such a great pressing mat! I bought the 9" x 9" mat for my quilters retreat, and it was perfect. Lightweight and easy to carry. I'm going to buy a 17" x 17" for my home studio as well. The mat works wonders for pressing blocks! The price is great compared to others on the market, and the wool also is very smooth. All my friends wanted one after trying mine!
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By DC1717
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4.7 | 1,425 customer ratings
92% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
I am “tidying up” and needed a place for my iron, ironing board and accessories. It was easy to assemble with a Phillips head screwdriver...less than 10 minutes. My Y leg ironing board fits perfect as does my iron, water bottle and there is room for starch as well. If you slam the door it wobbles but for the price...don’t slam the door. I’m very pleased. I paired it with a padded ironing board cover than I also bought from Amazon.
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By Kizzy Renee
My iron has a split base/heel so I needed a holder that allowed the handle to support the iron. And I wanted to include the spray bottle and starch in the holder. And viola! This does it all. I've never seen one that included space for all 3 and my iron's special needs! I iron all the time now, using the ironing board rather than the bed because it's so convenient.
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I have a “Y” leg ironing board. Had to hang it upside down because the hooks were too wide for the legs. So it’s a little awkward but it works.
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4.9 | 434 customer ratings
99% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
I received this iron as a promotional offer, and although I wasn’t looking for new irons, I figured we could use a new one since the one we have is probably 10 years old and is somewhat unpredictable. There are many aspects of this iron that I like. For example, the display screen is a nice feature, and I appreciate the variety of options. Even though this is a pretty fancy iron with a light up display screen, it’s not over complicated or too high-tech. I also like that I can use the steam button for continuous steam if I don’t have an ironing board out and I just want to steam out some wrinkles (see video). The self clean button is another nice feature that I’ve never seen before. I really could have used that when we lived in a house that had well-water, as hard
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By Krisztina N. Cadwell
I can’t say enough about this steam iron! You can use it both horizontally and verticality, which is awesome. The LCD screen is a lifesaver (or garment saver if you want to be technical. Lol). You just hit the button to toggle through the 9 heat settings, and each setting (or level as they call it) shows the fabric type that you should use it for. From acrylic to silk to jeans, it completely eliminates the guesswork. You can use regular tapwater and it even has an anti-drip function so that you can switch from higher heat garments to lower heat garments without a problem. The vertical option is a huge plus for me because it basically eliminates the need for a garment steamer (which I regularly use on my curtains after washing them to get out the wrinkles). Its a pleasure to walk over to the curtains after
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By Brie
I love my Pursteam Ultra Steam Iron, I love that it is lightweight and has a comfortable handle, as I have some arthritis.
One of my favorite features is the button under the handle so you can have steam when you want it, the tank is large and holds a lot of water, (it’s was so frustrating when I had to turn my old iron off to add water). It has 9 heat settings so lots of choices for my different fabrics. I love that I can Iron dress pants and then steam polo shirts with the one appliance, this is so time saving as I don’t need to pull out my iron and steamer. The Anti- calc Function sounds good, Since I just got this Iron I will have to wait and see how that works. Overall I’m happy with this Iron. I find Pursteam makes great
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By Joanne K
4.6 | 5,438 customer ratings
91% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
For someone whose wardrobe consists of all clothes that need to be ironed and a kid that wears a uniform to school and has never been good enough or quick at ironing, this is a life saver! I’d choose steaming over ironing any day. This works great! The picture I’ve shown of the shirt without wrinkles was done in just one minute of running this steam over it! The best part is that this little steamer gets such a great consistent time use! I was able to get five kid uniform shirts and one of mine done before having to refill and even then it only took about a total of 2-3 minutes or so to refill the water and heat back up. Effortless, lightweight, easy to use and affordable.
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By Crystal Knight
I LOVE portable steamers , and this one from OGHom, is GREAT .....!!!
It’s quick, convenient, easy and anyone can do it ...
All you have to do, is remove the top, fill it with pure water...( recommended ), plug it in, turn it on, wait a couple minutes, and you’ve got steam that lasts, in this case,
15 minutes !!
If you need more time, just turn it off, fill it up again, and repeat...,
This unit is good because it has, unlike a lot of others, a 304 stainless steel heating panel that is anti rust.., also an extra long 9’ cord.
You may never use your iron again !!!
It’s so lightweight too...!!!
It also will be your best friend when you travel.... no more wrinkled clothes, just pop it in a corner of your suitcase ....
I must say, it’s also kinda fun ... which I have never, ever said about ironing
Something about just
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By Ann B
Fantastic little device! This is going to work great for travel purposes! It’s small and compact, which makes it easy to pack away in travel bags. It’s convenient when you don’t have the option to use an iron and ironing board, because you can smooth out wrinkles while the shirt hangs up. It was very easy to setup, easy to use, and worked like a charm.
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By Richard
4.6 | 5,272 customer ratings
92% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
I just replaced an old, old, ironing board cover. The ironing board I have is nearly antique (an old fold up wooden board that was my mother's. Probably goes back to the 1930's). It is a bit larger than the dimension that were given in the description and at first I thought I would have to return it, but I stretche and stretched and go another inch out of it. It holds up beautifully, especially when I get overzealous and fill my iron with too much water and it spills out. The water is easy to wipe off without the cover getting wet. Items I iron also glide easier over the board. I do wonder how many people will read this as the number of women that I know that still iron are few!
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By just me
I feel rather ancient after having received my Epica ironing board cover. It is awesome, actually more than awesome, it is Epic-a marvel to behold. To remove wrinkles, I've used irons that create tremendous amounts of steam; I've used presses, starch, no starch, water, no water, angry stares, a bag of middle fingers--I've tried it ALL to make ironing easier. Being ambidextrous, ironing would perhaps seem to be easier & quicker, switching hands, but when you do not have the right tools, what do you do? And never once did it occur to me that my ironing COVER could be an issue. I thought all covers were made the same, so I never bothered to investigate this.

BUT NOW, shoooooooot, gentlemen, ladies, the last letter in my acronym will now & for always be properly maintained. ~Smooth is in session, and Epica has taught me a very valuable lesson~I guess I'm
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By ©~K.I.S.S`E.S.S~So~Delicious~©
Just over six months ago I purchased a Checkys Deals Silver Silicone Metallic Wide Top 18" X 48" - 49" Ironing Board Cover and Thick 6mm PAD from Amazon. It is a nice ironing board cover and I was happy with it. One of my cats decided that the ironing board would be a great place to do a little claw cleaning and she put several holes in it. The damage was not a result of any defect in the cover. I am not sure that Kevlar would have escaped unscathed. I tried ironing on the damaged cover but realized I was going to have to replace it as the iron was catching on the holes. I went back to Amazon and decided to look at all the available silicone coated covers and I found this one. This one had more positive reviews
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4.7 | 961 customer ratings
92% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
I received this ironing mat last week and am very very pleased with it, for more than one reason. First, I expected it, for the price, to be thinner. But it isn't. I could easily use this on a desk or table and while I would keep an eye on it, I suspect that it is thick enough to protect the surface quite well. It is reversible, with one side quilted and the other not. This comes in handy with light fabrics (using the plain side) and heavier fabrics (using the quilted side). I currently am using it on a counter in my laundry area and am quite happy with it. It comes with pressing pads, which are sometimes called scotch cloths. I use these on a couple of blouses I have that always need a touch up. And the best bonus of all was silicon iron
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By Kat Ryker
A must have if you live in an apartment with limited closet space for an full size ironing board. The quilted side is great for heavier fabrics. The flat side is perfect for thinner pieces, the protective mesh sheet is so smart for a professional finish. Having the iron rest keeps the iron from taking up space on the pad for those of us who hate putting a hot iron on any unprotected surface. This is such a great option, I've used it on the bed and a counter. The fabric feels sturdy. No more using towels, I expect to have this for some time.
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By FiveSky
I love this thing. I hate to take out the ironing board just to press a single shirt or pants on the run. This was perfect! Doesn't even take much space in my linen closet and came with the silicone iron rest pad and protective ironing mesh cloth. I was given this for free to review and absolutely loved it. Always knew I needed something like this but didn't know how to go about looking for it and here it is all in one package! Great for travel too!
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By Toula
4.8 | 524 customer ratings
96% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
I hate ordering new covers as they are always cheap, crappy material no matter how much you pay, but this one is really a quality item. It has a nice thick pad without being lumpy. It's a nice dark gray color that looks rich. The wrinkles ironed right out and it fits my large ironing board snugly. It looks smooth, but if you look closely, there are tons of fine holes which allow heat and steam to escape. This is quality all the way. It has Velcro straps underneath that hold it snugly as well. I would rather have seen those done in snap fasteners but understand they wanted to fit many sizes. You can bet I'll be ordering this product again. It's made in Italy and imported...figures...US products aren't always the quality they say they are. Everything I've ever
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By Pronzini/Muller Supreme
I'm an ironing addict -- once did 26 of my husband's shirts in one day! So I know my ironing board covers. This one is perfect. I bought a whiz-bang turbo super duper extra wide ironing board from Costco and then needed a slick cover (cotton drags on the fabric you're ironing, making way too much work). This company, Tivit, is a good match for me -- they watch the details carefully and are the best in customer service that I've ever encountered. The cover is perfect. You can bet I'll give any business I can to Tivit.
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By Hen
Update: I love this ironing board cover. It works great and wrinkles are gone. I recommend you purchase if you have the large Costco iron. I'm giving them five stars.
My first time purchasing this ironing board cover. My family has the large iron from Costco. It was extremely hard to find a cover. I was happy that my order came the next day but I'm wording if someone returned this cover and fulfillment center just reshipped the cover to me. It fits the ironing board perfectly its just very wrinkled.

Edit: 1-24-2019 The owner of the company responded to my previous review with a phone call/ voice mail message. Explaining why the ironing board cover is wrinkled. He gave me instructions on how to remove the wrinkles and he explained why there are wrinkles. I am going to try his instructions out and come back with a review. I am
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By Jamie B
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4.6 | 2,110 customer ratings
91% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Sturdy Iron Holder. My Rowenta iron fits securely and well in it.
Nice cord wind feature.
Did not use the ironing board holder attachment since have limited wall space,
but is a great holder for both for those who have the space.
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By South Shore
When it said you could use this with a warm/hot iron I was VERY skeptical. I decided to try it anyway and I placed a VERY HOT iron on the device and it showed no signs of distress. LOVE this product. No longer have to keep hot irons on the floor or on a high dresser. I feel obligated to mention that I am not using the bottom to hang an ironing board so I cannot speak to that. The iron that I have is a Rowenta DW5080 Focus 1700-Watt Micro Steam Iron which is a pretty good size and it fits in there easily.
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LOOKS better than it is! CHEAP and falls apart trying to mount! NOT very FUNCTIONAL! The engineering to hold the top metal brace is cheap. the BOTTOM BRACE is WORSE and does NOT stay in place while you try and mount to a wall. Kept slipping and falling off, so I had to hold the bottom brace in place with one hand, hold the main piece, placve a screw in hold and screw it in with the other. Realized there is NO PLACE for a water reservoir for the iron. Sorry I bought it. ** SUGGEST Manufacturer mold the plastic main pice to allow the BOTTOM bracket to SNAP in so it can't FALL off! -- ONCE you get it mouthed to the wall, the bottom oiece will stay, but a simple change to the mold makes sense
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By Jim
4.5 | 7,963 customer ratings
90% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Although it lasted six years, my Rowenta puffed its last burst of steam and I wanted to replace it with a reliable and less expensive iron. This PurSteam iron reminds me of the GE model I grew up with, only better. I've bought Black & Decker and Rowenta steam irons, and would rank the PurSteam with B&D as the best I've used.

When I took the PurSteam out of the box, I was surprised that it has a nice, comfortable heft despite its size. On the trial run, I used less time and steam to iron than I did with the Rowenta. The settings and steam/dry controls are easy to use. The vertical steam feature was another selling point.

If you need a practical and excellent iron, go with this one.
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By vivat_unciauncia
I am impressed with this iron! It has enough weight to remove wrinkles, but not too heavy to use for longer periods of time. The soleplate is smooth and glides along fabric. Prior to purchasing this iron, I had a concern that the temperature selector is located below the handle. This iron replaces a different iron that also had the temperature selector below the handle. My fingers hit and changed the temperature selector nearly every time I picked up that iron. After using this Pur Stream iron several times, I am thrilled that I have not hit the temperature selector once!

Typically I do not spend a lot of time reading user manuals. I was happy that I spent the time reading Pur Stream's manual because I found the section “Advice for Good Ironing” worth reading. It described how to iron different fabrics (blended, silks, velvet, wool).

The iron
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By Craft Gal
This is definitely a premium item. I am honestly really surprised about the quality based on how much I paid. I have bought and returned a few different ones already that were in the same price range and they all felt like they were going to fall apart in a month. This one is absolutely not the same case. I am so happy I found it and am an extremely satisfied customer.
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By Marco pilgrim
4.5 | 5,519 customer ratings
87% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
I recently bought this iron to use on a week-long sewing retreat. Space is limited and it is nice to have one's own iron to avoid waiting in line to press. I set this up next to my sewing machine using the Omnigrid ironing and cutting mat station. I thought I would only use it for the two twin size quilt tops I was making. The blocks required a lot of trimming and pressing. This iron worked excellently. It generates a lot of steam for holding only 1.4 ounces of water (the water pitcher is the cutest little thing, like a toy). After I finished piecing the quilts, I decided to use it on the garments I was sewing. And I'm glad I did! The iron works well with tailor's tools like the seam roll, tailor's ham, and seam stick. I sewed all week with this iron and made four
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By L. Woolfork
I did much research on mini steam irons before purchasing this one. It's all I hoped it would be. Lightweight, easy to handle, and does the job on most things. My intended use is for small projects and patchwork, so that I can sit in one spot to press as I sew. I use a mini iron board and a cut & press board.The only item that was problematic was a thick fusible fleece. I did finally ge it, but a standard size iron is recommended for fusible fleece. Everything else, from vinyl to canvas, it irons beautifully, including thin to thick regular interfacing.

One thing I am particularly pleased with is that the cord is wired in - not detachable. This means no cord falling out. The cord is 7ft long and perfect length. I have had no issues at all
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By Mr max
This little iron is small but mighty. Only complaint, it’s almost ridiculous but it does affect my usage. Because it’s so small and powerful the entire unit gets hot. The handle area gets very warm.
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By Christine Lagasse
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4.6 | 955 customer ratings
90% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
I had purchased an ironing board cover when I purchased my ironing board and it was very thin and I was very dis-satisfied. I had bought it locally and after putting it on the ironing board and trying to iron, I noticed that the diamond shaped pattern from the board showed on the shirt I was ironing. I came to Amazon's site and read the reviews of several padded covers and purchased this one based on the rave reviews. I was very pleased with my purchase. The pad is not a flimsy thin foam piece like my first purchase. It was stitched to the cover and very thick and sturdy. The cover was very colorful and the elastic was very sturdy and does an excellent job of securing the pad to the board. My clothes come out beautiful with no more diamond shapes on them. I
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By M. J. Salois
I iron a lot. A whole helluva lot. Not only do I iron shirts (oh, we love cotton shirts), but I sew extensively -- which means you iron as much as you sew.

With forever-scorched ironing board covers, despite the fact that I use distilled water in a spray bottle and a dry iron, I've gone through my share of ironing board covers. Mind you, I have an ironing board that I bought over 35 years ago, so it's metal, it's sturdy and it's big.

Since I've placed this new cover on my ironing board, I've ironing multiple pieces of clothing. Not crazy about the fact that the elastic around the underside doesn't have a drawstring to tightly secure it, but the true test will be when I'm ironing huge pieces of fabric.

Ironed a large quilt top and then a four-yard piece of 108" wide fabric. Dragging
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By Texas V
Where you put the pointed area of the cover over the pointed end - the sides are is not even wide enough to go under the ironing board. Consequently the binding shows for 4-5” before it is wide enough to curve under the board. The width is too narrow on the pointed end! Purchased this because of some positive reviews buy I am sorry now. Quality control has majorly declined in today’s businesses sadly :
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By Adrienne M.
4.5 | 3,789 customer ratings
90% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
It is a great product for decent persons who wants the tiny, fine-looking and beautiful clothes. The advanced technology of this iron will keep your clothes looking great. It features a variable steam dial, spray mist, a horizontal and vertical surge of steam.

An extra-large, see-through water tank with a flip open water fill door give a customer an idea when is the right time to add more water.

The 360-degree -rotating electricity line gives the machine flexibility and durability to suffer the pressure from a customer who may hold the iron machine in different position and perform a sharp-position change.
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By Annie
Original issue about the bleaching: It leaves bleached marks on my fabrics when I press the steam button! I'm not returning it until I've exhausted all trouble shooting ideas, because other than that, I do like the iron. I don't know if there is something in the water rez that is causing this, so I'm going to run the self cleaning and see if it clears out.
UPDATE: Before you use the iron, follow the procedure for the self cleaning process. This will remove any residue inside the water rez that may have been causing the bleaching.

It also puts a very heavy load on the electricity, so consider that wherever you are plugging it in.

UPDATE: The company saw my review here and reached out to me to help me resolve any issues I had with the iron. They provided excellent customer care, and I'm happy about this.

*Heavy, so I don't have
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By Lioness
Pros - love the LED display. Heats up timely and irons well.
Cons - one of the heaviest irons I have owned (some may view that as a positive). Would prefer an iron that has a retractable cord. The opening to pour water in is small making it hard to pour. A simple sloped opening for the water opening would have helped.

8/22/18- Revised review. Added one star as this iron is still going strong. I've gotten used to the weight of the iron and it can be a positive to help pressing on material.
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By Rick
4.5 | 3,639 customer ratings
87% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
From my pictures, you can see that I have a Y leg shaped ironing board so I just bent the leg holders out a little and it worked perfectly. No tools required, just a little arm muscle to bend. You still have to slightly maneuver the ironing board to get it in and out, but it stores perfectly. I am not one to complain about the slight adjustments we must make in life to make things work for us.
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By Jo'Nessa-Li'
Hangs well on door. However it slides side to side when opening door with iron board on it. Will need to find a way to stick it to door without screws. Fits snug on 35mm door. Using this with a Sunbeam Master GCBSP-201-FPP iron. Iron can be placed in holder when hot because hot plate sits about 5mm away from back of holder.
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It fits our standard size iron and 4-leg style ironing board. It takes some practice hanging and removing the ironing board because there's very little gap between the top of the board and the iron. Also, the organizer is extremely light-weight and keeps moving around a lot.

However, the weight of the iron helps keep the organizer in place and prevents it from moving.

When you want to use the iron, you will have to take down the iron first, and then the ironing board (or else, you will not have enough space to push the board up and take it down. You also don't want to risk the iron falling on you).

When you are done, hang the board first, and then the iron.

You may screw the organizer in place, or stick it to the door using museum putty to keep it stable! We chose not to do this!

It is not the
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7 offers from product price
4.5 | 2,008 customer ratings
89% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
I had previously purchased a table top ironing board elsewhere.
When I was attempting to set it up the black plastic tabs meant to hold the legs in place broke off, and the legs fell off on to my table.
This Honey Can Do board came out of the box, unpacked, turned over, legs swung down and snapped into place. It folds back down just as easy. The entire frame, including the legs, moving parts and clamps are sturdy metal, screwed into place with good screws. The board is thick particle board. Good particle board so these days is wonderful. The pad and cover work fine for me as I iron cotton material on high heat, but the pad is not thick. The board doesn't move at all because of good quality plastic feet. The iron holder doesn't budge with the iron on it. I do say the iron holder is a
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By Android Customer
This much larger than I anticipated, but that's perfect for my craft/sewing needs! The height is also enough for me to work with and I absolutely love the pull out iron rest! Although, the metal iron rest took some effort (not a lot) to pull out, but I'm hoping that with more constant use, it'll easily glide out. It seems to be well made. The blue cover is super soft and the foam seems to be well made. I'm overall very satisfied with this purchase!

And, to be very clear to other reviewers who were a bit confused and questioning if my customer photos is actually the product being sold here, I have this product: Honey-Can-Do BRD-01435 Collapsible Tabletop Ironing Board with Pull out Iron Rest. Check the product number to ensure you're comparing the right product with my costumer photos before complaining. Thank you.
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By colormeviolet
Apparently the two holes at the bottom are missing protective covers. Even worse is that the two screws seemed to be stripped and then remounted (see the photos), which tells a lot how bad the quality is. I am concerned the screws will be stripped again as they have to take some tension when pulling out the feet. It is the build quality issue that makes it look like the board was used and returned and was sent to me as new. It should be returned, but I won't bother going through all the hassles. I do want to warn potential buyers of the poor quality.
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By Yingguo Peng