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4.8 | 10,337 customer ratings
95% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
This is the second pack and play I’ve purchased in the last 10 years. I sold the first one thinking I was done having kids. It was a “deluxe” version with the bassinet, changing table, mobile, etc that I was convinced I needed with my first son. Now of course I know that it’s easier to just change the baby on the couch, not waste my time with a bassinet that he’ll weight too much for within a couple of months, etc. So I was looking on local sites to find a nice used play yard that we could use in hotels or at grandmas house but I had no luck finding anything under $50!! So I turned to my trusted amazon and found this amazing deal. Less than $40 for a brand new one? SOLD! When it arrived I was shocked how tiny the box was. My previous version
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By Diana
I love this version of the Graco Pack n Play. No frills, just a nice streamlined play yard. I have one that is 5 years old and it still works perfectly even after the first two grandbabies. I Purchased this one so we would have 2 for our 7 month old twin grandsons. And it was $40 cheaper than the Target 2012 version...of course it does not have the infant sling or the toy arch but otherwise almost identical. Lightweight and super easy to break down and store in the included carry bag. Shipped really fast and was perfect right out of the box. Arrived today and it is already set up along side it's older version. Better than having the heavier, more expensive Graco's if you don't need all the silly add ons. The inside mattress is exactly the same size as the more expensive Graco's with
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By Perri
Purchased for first grandchild overnight visits. Read all reviews and chose this one. Very happy with sturdiness, well made product. Easy to assemble and disassemble. Also purchased Dream On Me 3" Rounded Corner Playyard Mattress--perfect combo.
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By Careful Shopper
4.8 | 6,656 customer ratings
95% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Too realistic!!!! It looks, smells, and feels like a real tortilla. Once you wrap yourself in it you will be convinced that you are a burrito. Your friends and family will beg you to snap back to reality but you will be too far gone into burrito-dom
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By Ryan
The blanket is much lighter weight and thinner than I expected, but that's perfect because I bought this for him during summer.
One of the first things I noticed was how soft this blanket is. It's almost as if someone took all the chinchillas, bunnies, and kittens on the planet, slathered them in Shea Butter, and had them sit under heat before gently rinsing it off, and then promptly told them all to go home because they're still not soft enough to compare to this blanket. One of my cats may be plotting its demise as we speak because I find myself petting this blanket instead of him.
This first thing my boyfriend did upon receiving it was wrap himself from head to toe and lay on the couch yelling, "I'm a burrito!" excitedly. I called my teenage son into the living room to come eat the burrito I made him and
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By Mine!!
Totally exceeded expectation! The blanket is super soft, came with a very cute carrying bag, so cute that my daughter confiscated it lol...
1. Lightweight but warm.
2. Soft and very comfortable.
3. Printed on BOTH sides which made it look more realistic lol...
4. Great gift idea!
None that I can think of.
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By Doleman
4.8 | 5,152 customer ratings
95% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Very satisfied with this purchase. Needed something to brighten up and add feminie touch to this green colored room. To my surprise, this comforter was the perfect match with the green wall. It brought the pinks and blues and balanced out the greenish tone of the entire room.

I have washed this bedding twice already and it's still holding up well. It is a very lightweight comforter though so just keep that in mine. More like a summer comforter
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By coffeegirl
This product seems to be very nice. I purchased it as a birthday gift for my daughter. I think she will be very excited and happy with it. HOWEVER, I wish they would make the sheets visible from the outside of the package. As it came to me, I panicked because I couldn't see them and felt inside and they didn't seem to be there. I then proceeded to pull the comforter out of the package because this is a gift and I wanted it to be right. After unfolding everything I found the sheets and pillowcase tucked inside the comforter. The problem now is that I cannot for the life of me refold/roll this product tightly enough to get it back in the original, which is incredibly frustrating since it is a gift. If I was going to use them myself it
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By P. Wagley
My 9 year old is absolutely obsessed with unicorns and has been begging for a bedding set .. and after reading the reviews we purchased this set. It arrived today so I washed and dried the set on delicate , the sheets and comforter are soft but the sheets are extreamly thin and I do not think the comforter will hold up very well over time .. for $34 I feel like it's over priced for the quality you can get better quality from walmarts $20 bed in a bag .. unfortunately no cute unicorns ... will update in a few months .. hopeing it lasts because my daughter was extremely excited to receive it .. and it is really cute and perfect for any unicorn lovers room
6 month update: comforter still nice but sheets and pillow case fell aprt in wash after 4 washes
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By Krissy Noel
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4.8 | 4,735 customer ratings
94% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
I agree with all the positive reviews...good gripping handle, etc.
Forks in my package are more like sporks. Outside tine is thicker and rounded for safety.
The tips of the tines are slightly rounded for safety. They will still stab items like cooked carrots, green beans, etc.
BIG SAFETY ISSUE - the white portion of the handles is not solid like the rest of the utensil. It is a very soft gripping material.
Pictures shown are from granddaughter putting handle end in her mouth while eating. Didn’t realize there was any damage (as I thought it was hard plastic) till I went to wash them. The white grip was bitten through with a piece hanging off.
CHOKING hazard!
Seller should describe this soft material in their description of the product.
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By Someone
This collection was bigger than I expected. My kiddo will be 5 yrs old next month, I'm debating if the munchkin silverware will be an okay size to keep since I do want my kiddo to eat with regular size utensils, soon. In comparison to adut regular sized and larger sized utensils, the munchkin silverware seems large and the munchkin plastic wear was the same size, if not bigger (in width) than actual adult small utensils, it was only shorter. The Gerber brand (in the middle) is smaller and was just right for my kiddo while the Nuby brand became too small for my kiddo. I would recommend the Nuby for under 3yr olds and would recommend the munchkin for kiddos who are bigger in weight, or for whoever that wants larger size utensils for their kiddo. I'm going to try the Gerber silverware for kiddos since I think
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By vajher
I bought these for my toddler because the description says "polypropylene," which is one of the less bad plastics. The forks are useless but the spoons are the perfect shape, size, and depth, so I came back to order more, and saw the Prop 65 warning. I've researched that warning since my sister lived in CA, and I know that it's not a perfect system, but it also provides important consumer information. And guess what? None of our other baby products have a Prop 65 warning, so the manufacturer's response is just irresponsible. I sent them all back. Why would I buy baby products with a Prop 65 warning when there are plenty of baby products to choose from without a Prop 65 warning? The manufacturer needs to get it together.
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By K. D.
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4.8 | 3,249 customer ratings
96% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
I decided to buy this on prime day since the price was reduced and I'm so glad I did. I was worried because I have a large 2 month old son and if he couldn't fit, I would have no use for it. Not only is it big enough for him, but my 2 year old also loves it. Obviously she's too big to lay down but she fits comfortably sitting, even with my son laying down next to her. It's also relatively lightweight and folds very easily. I plan on sticking it in the car seat bag when we travel via airplane, I think it will fit easily when folded but we'll see. We spend a lot of time outdoors so this way I wont have to hold my son outside, it gets very hot in the summertime so this way he can stay cooler, especially with the canopy.
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By CT1509
This is ranking in a close second, behind my baby brezza. Compact, Convenient, perfect for any baby 7m or younger. Well priced. Wonderful quality!

We took this to the beach. It sits just enough off the ground where sand didn't get in. The mesh in the sides priovides a nice breeze. And the cover on top allows for sun block.

Take my advise, buy this!!
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By Jessica Staley
This is awesome! It's much more compact and less cumbersome than a pack and play, but it's very sturdy and provides protection from the sun. My daughter naps in it all the time.
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By Deuces
4.7 | 18,938 customer ratings
94% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
I went back and forth between the weighted blankets. I was hesitant because of the expense. Here are the things I like about this one:
- it has an awesome cover which feels fantastic
- the cover ties to the blanket so it doesn’t slip and the blanket remains evenly distributed
- some of the other blankets don’t come with a cover so wind up being more expensive with purchase of cover
- feels really great on. I love it. The pressure is just enough. I got the 20 lb blanket and I weigh about 165.

Cons: my twin 4 year olds keep trying to steal it off me. Luckily they can’t pick it up 😬.

The quality seems to be excellent. Cover feels sooooo good and sewing on blanket pockets seems secure as does the zipper. Very pleased with purchase- would recommend and buy again!
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By Kane
tl;dr: Does what it is meant to do, with high quality and nothing lacking.

I can't speak on the individual merits of weighted blankets for everyone; what I do know is that I have been intrigued by them for some time. As someone who is prone to anxiety and sleeplessness, getting a good night's rest has been an elusive goal. But, these blankets are really quite expensive, and I was never quite sure how much to trust a bunch of Amazon reviews. I took the plunge on this one, and this is what I think:

I had very specific criteria I wanted in my weighted blanket: 20-25 lbs (I'm about 185 lbs), not too large, and with a good cover for the blanket itself. This guy managed to hit all of those criteria with superior quality.

Packaging: Very simple, came in a clear poly zipper bag, with a carrying handle. No extraneous packaging
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By Eric G.
I’ve been researching weighted blankets for over a year. Many of the reviews I read mentioned unnatural shifting of weight distributed within the quilted chambers, leakage of weighting materials, poor sewing quality, having to buy separate (and expensive) covers, etc. This blanket has none of those issues. It is VERY WELL MADE and I’m sleeping BETTER than ever before. The extra attention to detail is apparent. The corners and side of the blanket have sewn-in tabs that allow you to tie and then zip the blanket securely inside the cozy, soft cover. It’s attractive and looks like a regular blanket on the bed.
I have to say that this blanket is one of the BEST investments I’ve made, hands down! It’s worth every penny.
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By TeacherandStudent
4.8 | 2,607 customer ratings
96% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
We’ve been doing baby led weaning (BLW) with my son since he was 6 months old. If you aren’t familiar, BLW is the idea that baby feeds themselves regular table food, no purées.

As we were transitioning to pre-loaded forks and spoons these were perfect for my guy’s little hands. They are large enough for him to get a good grip on the handle, but short enough for him to be able to maneuver it into his mouth without worrying about stabbing or making himself gag.
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By Alli D.
These are the best little forks for little hands. My son loves eating with them and they are so easy for him to use. We love the fun colors and the large handles. Three come in a pack and that's really all we need. The forks are a great value and I'd buy them again. The photos show the size of the fork and the size in comparison to a standard dinner fork.
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By WifeAndMom
These forks are great for baby and toddler hands. I first used these with my son when he was a baby and now he is 3 1/2 and he still reaches for these forks over others in our drawer. As a satisfied customer, I bought an additional set when I got pregnant again. At five months old, my daughter started putting these to her mouth to "fit it" with our family as we eat meals together. She absolutely loves using these and the accompanying Gerber Graduates spoons to pretend to eat with us.

I love the handle shape because it fits well in my little hands and am happy that these forks are stainless steel on the end that actually goes in the mouth to avoid plastic toxins seeping into food. The plastic handle end is practical for wee ones since they tend to be accident prone. Overall, these are a
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By Dooter
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4.7 | 11,320 customer ratings
94% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Super nice. I bought a very expensive one and returned it because it wasn't nearly as nice as this one! The best changing pad covers I found are the MamaBare
Bamboo Changing Pad Liners For Baby, Anti-Slip, Hypoallergenic, Machine Washable, 36"x 20", 3-Pack sold here on amazon. They fit this changing pad perfectly. Just trying to save you the time I lost researching all this stuff :)

Two years, two babies, and countless diaper changes later.....the changing pad is holding up like a champ! Looks and feels the same as when I first purchased it. Great product
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By Christina
This changing pad is perfect for our needs and has served us well for over a year and a half now. It's very well cushioned, and the strap that attaches to the changing table is great for keeping it in place. We didn't use it at first, but at one point our daughter figured out how to push herself off the wall with her feet and slide the whole changing pad away from the wall, so we had to quickly attach the strap to the dresser that we use as a changing table. She lost interest after she was no longer able to push herself around. But that strap that's drilled into the dresser was literally a lifesaver! I also love the 4 walls. Our baby also liked pushing up with her feet and scooting around the pad, so keeping her contained on all four sides was also crucial.

As far
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By Diana
After seeing the prices the big box stores wanted for a changing table pad, we ran to Amazon. We picked this up for about 50% of the big box cost.

So far we've gone through two of these pads and have been pleased. With both, we have only noticed a slight plastic smell that many other reviewers mentioned. Nothing overwhelming. We've found this pad works perfectly well and does seem to fit all standard covers.

To answer some common questions:
- The pad measures 31 1/2" long by 16" wide (see photos)
- There is a set of straps to securely buckle your child in while on the table, and a third strap for securing (with a screw) the pad to the dresser or table. There are no "grips" on the bottom of the pad. Because of its plastic outside, it's actually quite slick when placed on a hard surface.
- We've had no problems
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By Christopher B.
4.7 | 8,572 customer ratings
94% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Purrrrfect for me and my cat to cuddle together. His name is taco, and I made him a purrito.
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By Jamie Moreno
What a great blanket. I bought it as a gift for my adult nephew, and he loved it. It’s big (I ordered the 71” one), it’s very soft and lightweight, and it actually looks like a real tortilla, even has “burn marks” (I ordered style G). For gifting, I rolled it up like a burrito and wrapped it in aluminum foil — like a real burrito. Even the dog got excited, licking his lips, thinking it was a burrito.
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By Natalie A.
I initially ordered this blanket for my 99-year-old mother who is sometimes chilly with the air conditioning on, but as it turned out the delivery was perfect for me to use it. I had come down with a flu bug and was running a fever of 101 degrees to 103 degrees, and felt so cold that I couldn't stop shivering. I wrapped myself in the blanket, and the softness of the blanket was so comforting. The blanket kept me warm enough to stop the quivering, but was not so warm that it caused me to overheat.

In addition to the comfort this blanket provides, I love the pattern that I got. It looks like a great big cooked tortilla. After I got it, I machine washed it in cold water and dried it in the dryer with a warm temperature setting. It came out of the dryer wrinkle-free, and did
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By Judy L.
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4.7 | 6,202 customer ratings
93% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Using this as a bed for my dogs. They love it.
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By Fire2999
Easy to assemble, sturdy and my toddler loves it! The only reason for my 4 out of 5 stars is the. Holes for bolts to the legs are all missaligned by 1/4"-1/2" for the headboard and footer. This missalignment is causing the leg posts not to sit flush in the slots and the metal legs tend to pinch your fingers if your on the bed and have the leg. My son loves the bed and I am afraid if I return it for an exchange the replacement will also be the same way. I don't want to waist my hour worth of assembly time if its going to end up with the same issue. My solution is unfortunately placing masking tape around the top of the leg to prevent pinching. Maybe mine is the only one that is misaligned or perhaps other parents didn't notice it or see it was
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By Matt
Bed is very sturdy, but has only three thin metal bars to support mattress, one at head, on in middle and one at foot. If you have a mattress like we do (ikea memory foam crib mattress) that does not have an internal wood frame or coil springs, then the mattress sags badly as the mesh fabric holding the mattress on the bottom is stretchy and where the middle bar is humps up so kid sinks at head and legs and is uncomfortably supported by the middle bar What you need is a bed slat system that can support the mattress evenly throughout. Delta's other toddler beds (wooden ones) apparently have slats from what I can gather from their assembly instructions, but these plastic/metal beds don't. For $20 bucks more get the wooden beds if your mattress has no wood frame or internal support; you can
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By SamMo
4.7 | 5,604 customer ratings
93% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
First off let me say that Evenflo hit a huge home run with this play space (or as my 10 year old son calls it, "baby jail). The single biggest feature that my wife and I love is that each part of the webbing is a rounded edge and not a sharp plastic edge. We have no worry about our daughter hurting her hands or feet on this fencing due to the awesome rounded edges of the plastic.

In the classic octagon shape it is 5ft across by 4ft 10" across from the two opposite corners and the two opposite straight edges of the octagon. This gives a large enough space for your baby to crawl and maneuver around and explore the area safely.

Each panel of the play space is held together with a simple and effective push button hinge design. The fencing can be easily taken apart by an adult
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By Justin M.
Oh my goodness this has been a lifesaver! My 8 month old just started to crawl. Enough said!
Just kidding, but that does pretty much sum up why this play space from evenflo is so helpful for us now. Before purchasing, I searched and searched amazon comparing and contrasting all of the different options on the market for a play pen (we like to call it baby jail lol). Most appeared to be way too small for a baby to actually be able to move around and play in them. I chose this one because it seemed larger than any of the others I looked at, and because it has the ability to add an extension to it if it was too small. Well, it was the perfect size! This may change as the baby grows and needs to move around more, but I can either buy the extension for it
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By Diana
I've just received this play yard 8n the mail today and I must say I am very impressed. My son, who is 9 months, is quite the brute. He is 20+ lbs and likes to move everything. He can move the heavy dining chairs with ease but this play yard seems to hold up to his mighty baby strength. He pulls himself up on the sides and yanks on it while standing yet this thing doesn't fall!

The pictures show the play yard setup in my living room on a 5' x 7' rug.
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By Stephanie
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4.7 | 3,902 customer ratings
91% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
I like that they are affordable and functional.
They work great for my 8 month old and we've used them for a few months now.
I don't like how easily they discolor with food even when immediately washed.
I wanted them to be a chewy silicone like the pink nuk but they are a harder plastic. Durable but not rubbery at all.
I took photos front back and hot front to show color.
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By Sarah
They reminded me of my childhood which is why I bought them. they turn white as soon as something hot touches them.

So initially my review was based on when I was only feeding my baby rice and oatmeal cereal, however, Ive recently begun baby foods. My daughter eats green beans, squash, carrots, sweet potato, pumpkin, and peas right now. Every single one of the orange foods stain these spoons. I thought it was the brand at first...I thought maybe they added food coloring to make the food look less processed. So I switched from gerber to beech nut, same thing! The plastiv on the spoons stains very easily. It looks gross like when you put spaghitti in a tupperware and it stains the tupperware and from then on the tupperware looks nasty. So I had to soak the spoons in bleach to get the stains out. I always wash them
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By Lexus C.
These are too shallow to hold much food. So, if you have something that is watery/loose, then it won't have much on the spoon. Trying to feed a moving little one with a spoon that won't hold much leaves quite a mess. Also, due to the shape, when my baby closes her mouth, it seems to push part of the food back up the spoon. We don't have this issue with the plastic ones. I would recommend the plastic Munchkin White Hot spoons over these.
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By Marian B
4.7 | 3,572 customer ratings
94% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Love this little light! It’s dimmest soft light setting is perfect for a night light! It’s brightest setting is enough to use to light up most of the room for changing and feedings without being too bright!!!
It’s charging dock is great just sit it back in any position and it charges!
Have kept it off the dock the last two nights and it was still on this morning... Battery seems to last a long time...
I also love that you simply tap 2 times to cut it on & off and hold ur finger on it for a couple seconds to adjust the brightness

Only negative timer only auto shuts off if it’s on the brightest light! It would be nice if soft dim light cut off after an hour too!!!
And usb cord came with light but no plug so if ur like me you’ll have to search the house to find a
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By jessica
Okay, so this is a lesson in thoroughly reading instructions.

I needed a light that was a touch light and was warm for nighttime breastfeeding. Upon opening and setting up, I only saw the power button on the bottom. When I turned it on, it was a bright, cool toned light. I kept pressing the power button and it cycled through several light functions, but never a warm light. Between it not being touch and warm, I packed it up to return it.

Thankfully, I went back and read the reviews a second time. That’s when I learned that I wasn’t using it to its full capacity the first time.

Took it back out, READ THE INSTRUCTIONS, and it’s the most perfect little light. Many light options. Bright to very dim. Cool to warm. Touch. Portable. Everything I wanted. I also like that it’s small-I didn’t want a huge light taking up space
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By adriana leopold
My baby has not born yet but I started to use this lamp and I really loved it, I'm using it in my bedroom for rest or read and it's been just perfect... Even being so tiny, great brightness
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By Cata
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4.7 | 2,783 customer ratings
95% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
I was so excited to have this delivered yesterday. After I put my daughter (13mos) to bed, I put it together. Took probably 15 minutes and a Philips head screwdriver. I have not mounted it to the wall since we have it in our living room. When she's a little older and we move it to her bedroom, we'll likely mount it to the wall when she has more unsupervised time. I love the look, I love the colors, I love the sturdiness.

Everything arrived in perfect condition - there were no warped or cracked bins. The wood siding had no blemishes and all of the pre-drilled holes lined up with the rods. When my little woke up this morning and noticed this new thing in the living room, she couldn't take her eyes off of it. When she finished her milk, she made a beeline to the organizer and started
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By Shelby H.
Loved this. Definitely needed something to display my daughter's toys in her play area since all her toys were in those cloth covered, cardboard drawers and she didn't really play with much of her toys because of this.

What you will get: two long boards, eight poles, 12 boxes- 8 small, 4 medium, some screws (no screwdriver, it was ok- I had one), and some wall bracket thing to connect to the wall but I don't see how it would connect to the poles unless you attach the shelf to the wall by attaching it to one of the side panels- I have mine in the middle of one wall and I don't see why it needs to be attached to a wall unless you are climbing on it...?

The shelf was pretty easy to build- I did it alone, with a little assistance from my 3-year old. Easiest way to do
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By Nioves Garcia Mitchell
My 3.5 y/o son had taken over our living room. Toys on the floor everywhere! He has a toy box in his room but not downstairs. I decided to try to take the room back! I went searching and ended up with the Honey-Can Do Organizer in Pastel. Product assembly was easy and quick as per the wife because she put it together while I was still at work. Now, my son will put away most of his toys and I have some of the living room back! I like these sturdy plastic bins rather than clothes one. Although they comes in all different sizes, there's plenty of space.
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By CTN412
4.7 | 2,682 customer ratings
92% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
I ordered this pillow because my toddler is almost 2 years old and he has outgrown his IKEA training pillow. I attached photos for comparison.

This pillow is super fluffy and my toddler loves it. He was so excited to get a pillow nice and fluffy like mom and dads. Before using it we washed both the pillow and the case and they came out perfect. I think the pillow came out even fluffier after the wash.
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By Amazon Customer
We introduced this at 19 months. Prior to that our kid hadn't used a pillow. She LOVES this thing more than anything. Takes it downstairs with her every morning. Hugs it as she falls asleep. I feel sort of badly for not introducing it earlier! I felt a little silly paying this price for a pillow - seemed a bit overpriced - but the quality is great, it's soft, the pattern is adorable, and my daughter loves it!
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By c7a7h
This is the perfect first pillow! My son is almost 4, but has autism so is still sleeping in a crib. I had a regular sized pillow in his crib but he likes to put things on his face/head so he has gone without a pilllow for a year. This is so light and the perfect size I feel 100% safe using this pillow. It washed extremely well and is adorable! He loves it too, just a cranky “no bed moment”. He smiled when I put the pillow under his head though. Love the size, material and wash ability. Great product!
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By Boyyymomx3
4.7 | 2,236 customer ratings
92% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Ok, don't think that we are weirdos, but my husband loves to sleep with the sound of rain. He truly struggles with going to sleep and staying asleep and isn't the type of person that likes to take a bunch of pills to help him sleep. He would sleep with his phone playing a video of rain and basically have it beside him all night, tossing and turning with it in his hand. This was my solution to holding his phone. It is awesome! It also has the sound of a fireplace that he also likes.

Now, he doesn't hve to cuddle with his phone all night and wake up to a dead battery! Hope this review is helpful! If it was, would you be so kind to mark it as such? Also, if you appreciate this review and enjoy other great deals (mostly
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By @prettycheapmama
Our 2nd Homedics sound machine has died on us, so have been looking for a better quality product...and I've finally found it. Great packaging and a sturdy, very solid sound machine weighing in at just over a 1/2 lb (vs. Homedics very light, very cheap plasticky was only 1/4 lb.) Plus it has 4 rubber disks built in on the bottom so it doesn't slide around and fly off your nightstand and under the bed at 2am.

Was hoping for the rain sound, but was open to the white noise. And wow, this sound machine has really won us over.

The sounds are crisp, not "tinny" sounding - and for my fellow OCD insomniacs - you can't hear the break in the 8-10 second. Thank you sweet little baby Jesua.

When I first turned it on and saw the bright circle light, I was like NOOOO...but thankfully, you can
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By Dawn Ayers
So we have been on the search looking for a white noise sound machine for when our newborn arrives. With our current toddler running throughout the house and two rambunctious large dogs... our home is never quiet.
We wanted to ensure the new baby could sleep in peace while everyone else is active. So you can imagine my excitement when we found Dreamegg! And let me tell you, it's AMAZING! We put it to the test with our toddler for his nap... and the kid is out cold. The sound machine has great sound quality with a variety of sounds that is fit for just about anyone. With over 10 different sounds, it's great for just about anytime of the day. The night light is actually quite useful and our son very much enjoys it! I would recommend this product to anyone and it was well worth the investment.
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By Pablo Nunez
4.7 | 2,154 customer ratings
92% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
I have an elderly cat and we needed to buy some stairs for the cat to get on our bed. He keeps trying to jump up on the bed, but missed and falls back on his back. It was funny the first time, but when it kept happening it just became sad. Cat steps are very expensive. $80+ for a three-step ladder. I purchased this step and the slightly taller step and put them next to each other. The cat loves his steps and even shows them off when we have visitors. We just hired a new cat sitter and I took her into the room to make sure she knew that if she saw the steps out of place to please put them back, and he quickly showed her how the steps work. He was very proud of himself.

At any rate. I
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By Michelle
I was definitely skeptical getting this stool as the main reason for getting it is for my toddler. The reviews that I read where stating that it does not 'lock' in place until there is weight on it. That's a huge concern and I chose not to buy it until my I saw my sister had one and I watched her use it with ease. I tested it and it's totally safe!

True it doesn't "lock" until there is weight on it (meaning it lifts slightly at the ends lengthwise). This is not a safety issue worth worrying about. I've stepped on it in all directions and it's safe (I'm 200lbs). The 'lift' is also very minuscule. The rubber circles keep anyone from falling or slipping.

So if you're concerned about that, it's really not a problem (unless you get a defective one). There is no way it can collapse on it's
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By Cassandra
I had originally purchased this product for my college freshman because her dorm room bed was too high and at 5’2 she had a hard time getting into her bed. She loves this stool. She loves that she can fold it up and stick it under the bed when she doesn’t need it and pull it out and open it when she does. The problem is that it says it holds “up to 300 pounds”. I’m a big girl, more than 200 lbs but definitely less than 300 lbs, and when I stood on it to hang her curtains it cracked in the middle. I don’t know if it was just me or the stool that we had but it did not support “up to 300 lbs”. I would suggest if someone bigger wanted to stand on it they would need to stand with their feet more towards the outside
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By Kimberly
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I've used this mattress pad for almost 4 months and I'm happy to say I'm satisfied with it.
This fits very well on my graco crib mattress. The cotton is nice and soft.
It is completely silent and doesn't have a crinkly sound like other waterproof pads.
It's easy to wash,  even after many washing it still fits perfectly and doesn't shrink.
I purchased this product after have use one of this in the bassinet
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By Rose H. 🌈
I have a number of mattress protectors from my first baby that have served their purpose. I found myself needing another for baby number two and purchased this cover. None of my others are nearly as nice as this one is. The fabric is nice and soft but has some weight to it due to it being a protective cover. It’s been washed a bunch since I’ve received it and it’s still in perfect shape. The elastic is lasting giving it a perfect snug fit. It has protected the mattress 100%. I wish all of mine were of this quality.
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By Amazon Customer
I was looking for some reasonably priced and quality crib pad covers for my daycare business, and I feel that I found exactly what I was looking for in this product.
We have been using this pad cover for three weeks with no issue. It is truly waterproof and easy to clean, even after multiple washes, it still fits perfectly and doesn't shrink. Aslo, it is super soft and quiet! It doesn't make any noise like other brands I used.
I am going to order these covers for all our crib mattresses. Highly recommend!!
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By Sandy
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I guess I’m another crazy dog mom here in the reviews but I purchased this after adding another dog to our family! We had been getting really crappy sleep with two dogs hogging the bed all night. Lots of legs and paws in our faces or backs. Ouch! I love having them with us an night but it was really taking a toll on our daytime energy levels. In comes Mika Mickey! I put her together in about 15 minutes and she was ready to go! I can see both of our small dogs fitting nicely in here, but even if only one uses it at a time we should be back to our normal sleeping habits. It matches our bedroom decor nicely and it’s doing a fantastic job; even with my fur babies.
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By Meredith B. Lowden
I absolutely love this for my baby. It is so nice to have him close enough for me to check on him without getting out of bed. The bassinet is better quality than I expected ( never heard of the brand and was a little concerned). It looks great and was easy to assemble. It is sturdy and secure. The wheel locks are strong and it comes with additional straps to hook under the bed mattress so the bassinet with not budge. Mattress is firm and the cover is removable and washable.
I’m am very happy with the product!
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By Amazon Customer
I spent WEEKS searching for a bedside sleeper tall enough for our bed, that was also a good value. I finally got this in the mail today and and I'm so happy with it. The instruction manual felt useless, but thankfully if you search the brand and model number on YouTube there's an assembly video. So quick and easy to put up and take down, no tools required. I love that it comes with safety straps to tether to the bed and locking wheels so it won't accidentally roll off when you're using it with the side folded down. It even comes with a carry tote which will keep it clean for storage. I bought cuddly cubs brand bassinet sheets to fit the mattress. Overall it feels really sturdy and I would 100% recommend this to anyone looking for a bedside sleeper.
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By Caitlyn
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This Letsfit sound machine is one of the best, I ever had buy, it doubles as a night light also.
This white noise machine has 3 white noise, 3 lullabies, 1 fan sound effect, 2 clothes dryer and 5 relaxing natural sounds. A sleep sound rhythm that helps you drift off to sleep.
Great to help my granddaughters sleep, I use this on the bedroom that I have their little beds when they stay in my house on weekends for sleepover. This sleep machine can block out distracting noises and create a peaceful environment.
I mainly bought it for my now 3 year old granddaughter she is a light sleeper any noise wakes her up, but now she sleeps through the night, my 4 year old also loves this one she likes the nature sounds, it has a timer upto 120 minutes.
Sometimes during the week i use this in my bedroom cause
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By C. LaRosa
I am a mental health therapist and protecting my client’s privacy is extremely important to me. Sometimes it’s easy to hear other clients in the room next to us and I don’t want my clients worrying whether others are listening to their conversations. I needed a white noise machine to help protect confidentiality. I love this one because it provides lots of different sound options besides the “white noise” (the falling rain is my favorite) and it can be programmed to shut off automatically. Now my clients have one less thing to worry about. When I received this one I liked it so much I bought another for my home to help me fall asleep.
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By Evette Rowley
I got this to replace a different sound machine that started dying after 4 years of everyday (12+hour) use. Both of my daughters have used white noise machines since the day they came home from the hospital. Unfortunately, our daughters share a wall, and the 10 month out is LOUD when she is not happy. This sound machine has been great to help with dampening her loud voice so our 4 year old can get some sleep. We love that this sound machine is loud.

We got this last night, and it took me a couple of minutes to set up after reading the instructions (YOU MUST READ!). I like that all the settings (sound, volume, timing) is set, and I don't have to fidget with it every time. We use the white noise sound, LOUDEST setting, and timer off (she uses the white noise all night long). I tap
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By Kerry