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4.8 | 16,244 customer ratings
96% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
I started playing the guitar 3 months ago. I bought one that’s suitable for beginners at my local music shop and have been using that ever since. I try to practice whenever I can, usually in the evenings after the kids have had dinner. It can be distracting if they’re being hyper (my 4 & 6 year olds never seem to run out of energy), but it’s the only time I can really play. My fingers would hurt but I thought it was just a matter of having to get used to it. Well that problem never went away so I did some research and found out that it might be due to my strings.

I asked my guitar instructor for some recommendations and he told me to get these strings. He also told me about these earplugs which help filter out background noise so I can focus - they actually
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By Alissa Perez
Good set of strings for a great price. Compared to other strings from D'addario, Gibson, and Elixer, these strings are a much better value since they are so cheap. However, in all the years that I have been playing, I have not once said, "man this guitar is great, what kind of strings are these?" Great guitars play and sound great, period, given of course that you are using at least decent strings. I know that every guitarist has their go-to strings, as do I (and the brands and styles vary across each of my guitars), but honestly strings are strings. These days, so much attention is paid to the manufacturing of these strings, that the quality and consistency is great across a number of different brands. Generally, I can't tell much of a difference in tone, playability, or "slinky-ness" across brands. (I
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By Drew
I started learning how to play the guitar about 1 month ago. I was started off playing with the standard string that I got with my guitar. Even though I practice frequently, my fingers still hurt. I decided to do some research on how to fix my problem and one of the solutions was to get a different set of strings. The super slinky seemed to be the best for me so I bought it. After setting up the strings and doing a practice session, I can honestly say that it made a difference. The strings were a bit easier to play with and my fingers did not hurt as much. It is not a magic set of strings that will take away the finger pains for a beginner but it will definitely help, especially if you are buying it for a child.
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By Chris M
4.8 | 8,561 customer ratings
96% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Have to say I wasn't expecting much for 13 bucks, but this guitar stand is much heavier duty than it looks. The push button lock works perfect, the guitar fits perfect, and everything is padded well.

Nothing bad to say about it. Excellent stand.
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By RobertB
Great, inexpensive option for getting your kid's cello off the floor. Included some pics to show a 3/4 size cello sitting pretty -- and no longer on the carpet! I believe it would also work for a 4/4, since the bottom support still has a bit of room for "expansion". Due to the foam pad which resides on the inside of the back support, the cello sits in the stand fairly secure, with no wiggling unless forced. Of course, because of the height involved, it's probably safest to sit it in a corner just in case.

Update Sept. 2019: It does fit a full-size 4/4 cello, see newest pictures. To be on the safe side, it still resides in a corner in case it happens to fall, but it would really have to be knocked into for it to move whilst in the stand. P.S. Having the instruments out and "available"
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By Miss Schmam
As other reviewers have said this stand is very sturdy and packs up very well. Fits my acoustic guitar reasonably well. Padding and feet are well crafted and functional.

However, this doesn't fit my Strat or P-bass at all. the slight asymmetry of the bodies won't line up well with the cradle arms. If you align the body in the arms, they lean to the side. You can adjust the width of the arms but the top pad is anchored to one of the arms, so that becomes oddly aligned with the legs at anything other than as wide as it goes. The cradle arms are welded to the frame which (I think) is the design flaw. If they were free to rotate, they could be adjusted to hold the instrument upright with one arm wider/narrower than the other to accommodate slightly asymmetric bodies.
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By Al Biglan
4.7 | 11,682 customer ratings
93% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
I am 59 years old this year and have been playing guitar since I was 8. I have tried every string on the market and I always come back to these D'addario's. And kick my self in the butt for trying something new. I have been a Master Luther for more than 30 years and set all my acoustic guitars weather they are 6 string or 12 string guitars to use these strings in this gauge. It has taken me all this time to learn my lesson. Stick with the best and screw the rest. They sound incredible, last forever. They are easy on the fingers and bend notes high and crisp. I love them. I do, I do!
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By R. P.
In my five years of playing my acoustic/electric Ovation Applause, I've always used Elixir Strings Phosphor Bronze Acoustic Guitar Strings w/NANOWEB Coating, simply because it was the first set I started with and I liked them. Well, I decided to give D'Addario a shot a couple months ago, since they're cheaper, and I seriously regret it. I'm not some guitar aficionado, so yeah, their tone and all the other fancy sound stuff is fine - they sounded a bit more hollow to me than my Elixir strings did, but not a huge turn-off.

The thing I really don't like is the roughness. Maybe I'm just spoiled with the Elixir strings, but every time a finger slides just a wee bit on these D'Addario string, I cringe. Some people may like that sound (a friend who doesn't play said she really enjoys the exaggerated sliding sounds), but for me, the kicker is
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By Clare
BEWARE!!!!!!!!! I bought a 3 pack set of these from Amazon and they were fakes. I just watched a video from Phil McKnight on YouTube about fake strings and sure enough, I had them. I wondered why a set of Phosphor Bronze strings tarnished so badly after one gig. They usually last forever and I thought I got a hold of a bad set. Lo and behold, I got ahold of some fakes from the Far East. So, my recommendation is to not buy ANY strings on Amazon.
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By mfarwell
4.8 | 4,409 customer ratings
96% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
I wish I would have known about these capos before. Just returned a poor quality Dunlop and decided to try this one. Boy, what a difference! Strong spring action and smart looking. Even better, it was almost half the price less than the Dunlop. Wingo rocks!
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By Plotfather
This is a nice capo, especially for the price. The wood grain look is nice also and goes well with my acoustic guitar. It's not real wood but who cares? It has nice tension and doesn't allow any string buzz. Some have said the tension is to strong for them to open easily but I didn't find it a problem. I would take one that's too strong over a weak one any day. The 4 picks included is a nice little extra.
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By Ronnie
So im an idiot.. Even though i took
Lessons as a kid i apparently remember nothing..

So i saw a guitar on vine and got excited.. And ive been
Trying to relearn.. I have to hide from my cat and play very
Quietly cuz shes TERRIFIED of it ( i am pretty bad)

Anyway i decided to try to learn tso old city bar as
My big venture for the holiday and couldnt figure out why it was
Just sounding soooo bad.. I pulled up diff versions and they All were
Awful.. Then i realized you have to capo the 3rd fret DUHHHHHH
How did i miss that??!!??

SO i ordered this and in the mean time i used a pen..
Wow what a difference!.. Im still awful, but a much better version of awful!

This fits perfectly.. No buzz ..and looks nice
Good price too
🎄stocking stuffer
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By 🐆😺MeoW😸🐆
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4.8 | 4,277 customer ratings
95% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
This is the old reliable for me. I'd say that a pic is a personal choice, that depends on the size of your hands & fingers, and the kind of tone you get when you play. In other words, there isn't a right or wrong, so much, but it's more a matter of personal preference and taste. I'd also say that, as long as your strings aren't buzzing, and sounding "bad", then it's ok to get whatever you want. But please, don't just tear off a piece of cardboard, it sounds terrible, buy a pic, they are super cheap, so no excuses. Then we can hear you play instead of the embarassing cardboard! This Fender Heavy pic is my favorite pic that I use all the time.

I just tried a whole bunch of different types of pics in the last couple months, since I thought I'd see what's out there,
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By Andrew M.
A guitar pick is as personal a choice as how you like your coffee. I've used the Fender medium confetti pick for decades, for two reasons:

1) It's the right feel and weight for my playing. That's the personal choice part, but there are plenty of other picks that feel right, too.

2) Now for beauty part: when I drop it, I can find it, every single time, no exceptions. You can't say that about any other color. If you have a neon yellow pick, Murphy's Law clearly states that you'll drop it on the only square inch of yellow in a fifty-yard radius. There aren't many places where this multi-color pick won't stand out.
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By NomDePlume
I've used these Fender picks for over 40 years. I prefer the teardrop design over a standard triangular guitar pick (except for the rare occasions I use a pick when I play my bass for which I use a large triangular heavy pick). I feel that being able to have the outer edges of the pick within the contours of by finger pads, I get more of a secure feeling and tend to have them pop out of my grip much less often than with picks that extend beyond my finger pads on all sides.

I haven't played a six string much in a long time and was thrilled to find that my favorites were still available. I got them yesterday (along with the thin version for when medium is just a tad too stiff) and, once I got new strings on my 1966 Yamaha FG-75, I gave them a try.
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By Bill Van Vleck
4.8 | 4,180 customer ratings
97% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
It's great. A piece of wood that hangs on the wall so I can admire my guitar collecting dust because I'm married with 5 kids.
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By BigDickJim
I purchased two of these to hang guitars in my music room. These are well made and certainly do the job okay. However, I completely did NOT trust the two skimpy screws they provided to hang this unit. They are basically drywall screws, but these have a rather skinny diameter. I was not about to trust my vintage P-Bass to a skinny screw inside a hollow-wall fastener. No, I used a heavier "construction screw" directly into a wall stud. See photo. I was seriously concerned that the supplied skinny screw would actually break off in the stud. If you are hanging a lightweight acoustic, then the supplied hardware should be fine. I'm probably just being paranoid and overly cautious. Other than that, I like it (tho walnut piece could be a little bigger in my opinion).
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By Jag-Nut-E
Does NOT fit CLASSICAL guitar with the nylon strings. The arms are not adjustable. Been searching for one that will fit a classical but no luck here!
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By Alex
4.7 | 7,240 customer ratings
93% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Although you'll spend nearly twice the money to get into a set of Elixer strings, it's money well spent. I know that as a college student I had always heard of Elixir strings but could never justify spending the extra money. However, after trying a set, I have been playing nothing but Elixers for the past 10 years.

I'm not going to pretend to know the science behind any of this, but can tell you that these strings make any guitar sound much better. They typically give a bright, even, and deep tone that you simply don't get with the budget brands. Additionally, they last nearly twice as long before needing to be replaced. Lastly, I will say that the webbing on these strings makes them much easier on the fingers for beginning and experienced guitar players alike. Sliding up and down the strings wont cut you up nearly as bad
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By Idlewild and Sage
Have a full Bodied Yamaha Acoustic that had Elixir polyweb light. That all but destroyed the performance! Went to these and i am absolutely amazed at the difference strings can make. I know they can, but, holy S**T !! What an upgrade. Forget "Poly". It's "Nano" from now on as well as 80/20 Bronze! It's as if i bought a new guitar and a far more $ one at that. Low -E to High- E , all strings resonate brighter, longer, truer . Albeit I now know that a full body needs a heavier string, the sacrifice is the increased force to fret the strings. Just have to toughen up,strengthen my left fingers. Feel,playability is smooth. I feel i made two changes at once but both in the Right direction.
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By Timmy G.
People tell me all the time how good they are, and maybe it's true.
I have used Elixir's maybe four times in my life of playing guitar, which is about 25 years or so.
The first couple of times i used them, back when i first tried them i found them super expensive, but you pay for quality right?
Both set's i had years ago, and it was maybe 20 years ago, both times i used them , i had a string break within a week. So, i always wrote them off as expensive failures for me, maybe bad luck. I bought a third set about 3 months ago, and, i was very happy, they lasted like they should and did as i quality string should.
So, i ordered a fourth, happy that my badluck/experience was over. You see where this is going....
2nd day the new set were used, the D string broke.
3 times
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By John Hasnip
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4.7 | 6,409 customer ratings
95% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
As always with Amazon Basics, positively a great cable at a great price. Amazon Basics makes solid stuff. Second time buying Amazon Basics XLR cables and have purchased multiple other USB cords from them.

Why I like this cable:
Two velcro cable management straps on each cord.
Substantial strain relief at both ends.
The XLR connectors are solid as is the cord.
My Sennheiser e945 clicked on very reassuringly.

Additional thoughts:
1. No gold connectors. Great, who needs them? Someone show me evidence of gold connectors sounding better especially with your Monster cables...please.

2. Amazon Basics branding. Why are people complaining about this? Some people will complain about anything. These guys make a good product that they will stand behind. Give them a chance to put their seal of approval on solid products that can be had for what is truly a bargain of a price for what it is.
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By Oscar the Grouch
This cable seems decent for the price. It comes coiled with two attached velcro ties. On dissection (see attached image), it can be seen that the solder joints are covered by insulators (although not shrink-wrapped) and the shielding is made of braided copper. Only time will tell if it can endure heavy usage. For me, this is a back-up cable, as I normally connect my mics wirelessly. If you want greater insurance against premature failure, you should probably buy up-market or at least keep a spare.
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By R. Kreis
I pretty much hate these, and maybe too late to return. Wasn't expecting a great cable, but these under perform even for the low price point.

The CHEAP xlr connectors are a bit oversized, very difficult to insert and remove from all of my gear. Some other reviewers report having standard XLR gear that these cables won't fit into at all. I bought two, and both male and female ends on both cables have the same problem, so it seems unlikely the issue is that they are simply out-of-round. These are Chinese knockoffs of the quite excellent Neutrik chuck style connectors, and although they look similar they are VASTLY inferior to US and European brands like Neutrik, Amphenol and Switchcraft.

The wire itself is junk, the cheap rubbery (not in a good way) outer jacket gets very stiff when cold, I have to assume that the conductor jacketing
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By Retired Tech
6 offers from product price
4.7 | 5,862 customer ratings
94% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
* Multiple joints that slide well, easy to tune and adjust pinky holes
* Sounds just like I remember from 20 years ago
* I learned how to play the Harry Potter song and I can reliably get 70-80% of the notes correct

* My roommates have it made it clear that they don't think learning recorder is something a grown man should be doing
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By Ryan Sharp
On a Friday the school sends home a letter that says our kids are going to be learning the recorder and they need to bring one to school... on Monday.

I crisis ordered this bad boy. Turns out there's options for recorders. It's been a minute since I played the recorder in grade school and I had no idea what I was shopping for. This is it parents! Yamaha is music teacher recommended. This exact one is what my kid's music teacher said he would have ordered. And prime shipping saved me! It comes with a little bag and so far it has held up well. I'm 90% certain my kid will lose it before the year is up. I'm ordering a spare just in case at this price.

Don't buy the clear/colored ones. I was told they break easily and don't sound as good.
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By KBerco
- Really easy to grip.
- No issues playing this thing. Easy finding material on the internet (sheet music) and YouTube (tutorials).

- My dog believes I am summoning the devil whenever I play it.
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By Adam P.
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4.7 | 5,562 customer ratings
93% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
The pick felt comfortable in my hand as I strummed the first chord. The power of the PA system behind me made the stage quiver. Never before had a pick made me feel so alive. The crowd stared on as I moved to the second chord. Yet as soon as it became apparent that I was playing a jazz-fusion inspired remix of freebird at the gun show, I knew I had made a mistake.
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By Jason
I've been playing with 1mm/heavy picks for about 20 years. Normally, I play with blue tortex picks, but wanted to mess around with some celluloid picks for a change of pace. I used to use Fender's exclusively for this, but decided to give these a whack. For the most part, they play okay, but they feel a bit thinner (similar to .88 weight picks.) This isn't a deal breaker by any stretch. Next time I might order extra heavy.
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By From Detroit
They're pretty but they don't last very long at all. I'm a hobby player (a few times a week) and the points on these seem to wear down very quickly. Like I seem to get two weeks out of them(?). I don't think I'm aggressive player by any means. Maybe I need to use a heavier gauge pick.

I'm not knocking this product, just letting you know my experience.
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By typo_kign
4.8 | 3,364 customer ratings
97% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
My name is Erik Hatchett and I'm the vocalist and co-producer of LA Story with Carmine D'Amico here in Los Angeles. When you tour the last thing you want to worry about is your cables failing you day of show! Rest assured GLS cables are trustworthy and durable! I have used every cable in the game and GLS cables out performed them all! Thanks for making such a great product! Customer for life!
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By Amazon Customer
A cable - not the coolest piece of gear I've got hanging around the house; the dbx compressor, the mxr envelope filter or, hey, the Fender American Standard Jazz - the raison d'être in the pile o' gear - all probably fit that description more than a simple guitar cable. Cables are something you don't think about until they go wrong and everything comes tumbling down. That said, these GLS cables are not merely "stalwart", "rock solid" or "dependable" (though they are all that, in spades), they are actually kind off cool. The hardware at either end are solid and having one right angle is great for instruments, like a Jazz bass, that have a jack on the front face of the instrument. I've found cloth-covered cables tend to kink and tangle far less and these cables are great in that department; the cloth covering is heavy duty and the
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By Bird Lives!
Really nice to look at, solid, professionally built to last and sounds great. Better than any other brand that I have used in the past. Having that right angle 1/4 inch jack is a life saver. For those who have never use of a 90º 1/4 inch jack like this should try it some time; when a musician owns a guitar that has a 1/4 plug on the front or side of the guitar. this right angle jack will prevent a guitarist from damaging the jack and the plug; or if, a guitarist has an amplifier on stage and there are people walking all around it; well, this the right angle jack will prevent it from being hit, broken or bent. Other than that, this tweed wrap around the cable is very durable; and, because of the color, it it easy to see in dark places; musicians and stage crew
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By VibrationalWorld
4.6 | 15,156 customer ratings
90% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
I use these headphones for PC gaming. I recently switched to these from "gaming" branded headphones, and the difference is mind blowing. I have a $160 SteelSeries headset, as well as similarly priced headsets from other brands (Sennheiser, Razer), and I can't believe what I was missing. There are sounds in games that I didn't even know existed in these games. I'll avoid the more studio-oriented review parts as there are plenty of glowing reviews of people using these headphones in amateur and professional settings.

I did a TON of research on headphones and audio, and finally settled on these due to the overwhelmingly good reviews across the web. A lot of review sites put these on par with high-impedance headphones that are several times the price. The thing you need to understand about monitor headphones is that they are designed to play audio
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By Rick Masters
I'm a big fan of wired, but have tried several Bluetooth buds and over ears in hopes to find a decent Bluetooth solution. Like others I've been disappointed by poor quality audio, poor comfort, short battery life, not loud enough, etc.

Being an Audio-Technica fan, I had to grab these when they came out. So far so good.. the M50x design in general is very nice, with sturdy hinges that rotate like crazy, metal-click headband adjustments, decent size earcups, balanced, detailed sound, and nice volume level. Sound signature is indeed the same as the M50x, they crank about as loud as a wired M50x connected to a non-amped device. With that said, my dream BT headset would crank as loud as a wired set connected to a small headphone amp. These could use more juice to enhance volume and bass, but they do better than anything I've tried so I'm happy.

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By Six
This is going to be a long review, so try to hang in there and read to the end, I promise it's worth it!

Alright, so chances are, you're looking at buying the Audio-Technica ATH-M50x most likely because of one of three reasons: A friend that has never listened to genuinely good headphones before is telling you that these are way better than Beats by Dre, A YouTuber told you that these are way better than Beats by Dre and most other consumer grade headphones, or because you need a pair of headphones for audio monitoring. I'd say almost 90% of people aren't buying the M50x for that last reason, which is the main problem here. Not so much the headphones themselves, but the reason people are buying them.

Countless amounts of people spend the majority of their lives listening to music with headphones and earbuds that are either cheap, tinny sounding
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By Avery G
4.8 | 2,997 customer ratings
96% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
The material on these picks is very slick, and they are not sharp at all. If you want to do lead playing, I wouldn't use them. However they are amazing for rhythm ... the material and curve just makes them glide across the strings so well. You can strum fast as heck and as light as a feather far easier than many other materials/brands. 5 stars for the excellent strumming.
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By zackmc
I bought this pack specifically because I wanted to get a couple of each color shown in the photo for the 24 pack. What I received was okay, but it isn’t what I thought I’d be getting. I was shipped 8 of each thickness: 4 Heavy Brown, 4 Heavy Gray, 4 Medium White, 4 Medium Purple, 4 Thin Dark Blue, 4 Thin Light Blue. There are No Green, Abalone, or Confetti, and there is no variety within the color/thickness (would be nice to have a heavy, thin, and medium of each color). They are *very* nice picks, but they should not advertise the variety pack having all of those fun colors when you don’t actually get all of them. From some of the other comments, I gather they used to send true variety packs, but recent orders seem to be getting quite a bit less variety. Seller, please update your
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By ADReviews
I bought this after buying a few "variety packs" from Dunlop, which literally give you about a dozen different types of picks in the pack, one of each. Those are great because you'll probably find several that you like, with different uses. I assumed this pack, which includes "Thin, Medium, and Heavy Gauges" in "many different styles and colors" would be similar. I thought a green Thin would be different from a blue Thin, and so on. NOPE, there are just 3 types of picks here, Thin, Medium and Heavy, 8 of each. All the Thins are the same, likewise for the other thicknesses. Thankfully, I like the Medium pick; it's fairly similar to my favorite, the orange Tortex, but with a slightly fuller sound and different finish. So now I have 8 of those, and 16 other picks I'll never use. But that wasn't worth
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By Uluru II
4.8 | 2,743 customer ratings
96% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
UPDATE:Emailed seller about problem with remote and they promptly replied and are sending me a new remote. Appreciate the great customer service!My son got this for his dorm room and loved it, until they stopped working properly in 5 months. Remote doesn't work anymore. Tried new batteries...they will sometimes come on when you touch them but not always. Wish you could replace remote.
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By James F Whalen
Installed these on our bar outside and they look amazing. We did wash the area on the bar we were going to install these on before putting them up. The bonus is having the remote. No need to get up and turn them on. Just push power on the remote, they turn on, and then you can pick the different settings you want this to be one. You can have just single colors, have them change colors, flash, and so many more options. We recently had a bad wind storm and forgot to cover the bar but these lights are still attached and still work.
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By Carolanne Clark
This is super cool. Got for my daughter for Christmas. The adhesive is great - we were able to remove and adjust without ripping out the wall nor losing its adhesive tack. At first we had it on the ceiling. Then saw a video of it ran along the bottom edging the floor molding. So we took it off and ran it below. That worked so much better. Plus, there isn’t a weird out of place strip going up. The remote is awesome and has different light variations. So she has it on different colors depending on her mood. It surrounds her entire room (we bought two and it was able to string along 2.5 walls) and the light is brighter than I thought. It’s really cool. Highly recommend! Will buy again. Looks like the other kid wants it in his room.
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By Amazon Customer
11 offers from product price
4.7 | 3,718 customer ratings
93% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Semi pro guitarist, looked at these for years, never bought any till 6 months ago with 12 picks. Just removed all 12 of those worn picks from my acoustic and sg, replaced with 12 fresh picks. Let that sink in. I didn't lose any picks, always have back ups handy on stage and never look for a pick. They're now part of the guitar. Live your best life and buy these. They'll pay for themselves in saved picks, time and joy quickly.
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By B-rad
I'm a notorious pick dropper. Multiple times during performances I've lost my pick during songs and been forced to either awkwardly pick it up again or use my fingers to finish songs out (I recommend neither). These little guys are a life saver. Just stick it onto your guitar (I prefer the back end: out-of-sight and still convenient if you need a quick replacement), fill it with picks and get going.

One will notice this thing is pretty big. It's big enough to house anything from regular totex picks to the massive triangular bass picks and deep enough to hold 4-8 spares, give or take depending on pick gagues. Just keep in mind that if you use jazz picks you'll likely have to find a different solution. The small size of a proper jazz pick doesn't protrude nearly enough from the holder to make gripping a spare any kind of convenient.

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By DefcoreDurz
This product does what its supposed to do, hold pics.

It comes with foam stick pad on the back to attach to your instrument or other location you choose so you have easy access to your plectrums.

The thing I did not like is how big it actually is, specifically wide, I would like to see a more compact version.

The picture is a little misleading, by looking at the image it looks like a pick will fit snugly, taking up the majority of space in the holder, but in fact the holder dwarfs the pick.

I will submit some user photos to show what I am talking about.

Fits 9 .60mm plectrums, 10 if you force them.

Fits 7 .96mm pletrums, 8 if you force them.

Fits 5 1.14mm plectrums, 6 if you force them
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By Nathan Hanson
4.7 | 3,526 customer ratings
92% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
The 2i2 3rd Gen is a solid advancement to the product line. Generation III helps this brand to remain at the forefront of audio interfaces. I had sold a previous interface and found myself in a pinch where I needed to get something recorded and produced within 48 hours. I found myself with a 2i2 3rd Gen and it was perfect.

Good things you should know:
Contrary to other reviews, you DO NOT need any external drivers. It truly does remain plug-and-play, as they say. External drivers are solely optional, as your specific setup might warrant them. Here was my scenario; plug in USB to laptop, open DAW, set input to 2i2, record. Latency - what latency? That's a thing of the past.

Bad things you should know (that do not reduce the rating whatsoever):
The bundled software (ProTools First, Ableton Live Lite) is a train wreck and will require much more than the
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By Team Brule
I play guitar in my spare time and don't know the first thing about getting set up with a DAW or the logistics of recording my music or even getting it to play through my headphones. Other approaches I've seen have been extremely confusing, intimidating, and finicky to someone like me who knows nothing about the correct gear for this stuff.
Not only does this seem to be working perfectly, but the series of tutorials Focusrite has created made it extremely simple for me to get set up, plugged in, and jamming in no time.

I can't speak to this product as a professional musician, but if you're a dummy like me you've certainly come to the right place!
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By Sebastian D Woodland
We use these for a community radio station, and has used the 1st and 2nd gen 2i2s for years without problems. They fail after 2-3 years of 24x7 use, but that seems reasonable.

However, the 3rd gen switches to a USB C connector with lightning, which requires a separate driver. In order to deliver this driver, the interface shows as a USB drive with the installation media. This causes the system not to boot if the device is plugged in. Focusrite also tries to get you to register the device and drivers with their web sites before the USB connection can be made.

The new driver is also dropping connection after extended periods. Look for gen 1 or 2 of this device if you aren't using it for short periods, and unplugging it after you are done.
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By Forrest Guest
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I had apprehensions about purchasing a small bowl only because of the depth of sound. I know nothing about Chakras or which notes the various types of bowls play, I only know what is pleasing to me and helps me to clear my mind while meditating. This little bowl fits very well in to my evening routine and I am VERY pleased with my purchase. It was fairly easy to get the bowl to sing and to actually change the pitch by changing the angle of the striker along with the speed and pressure variation.

Some caveats to be aware if is that the striker for it is just a standard piece of wood, not glossy or wrapped in anything, which means the wood does get dirty from sliding around the outer edge of the bowl. This is not a big deal for me since I actually use this for meditation
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By Christopher Pace
My first singing bowl and I love it! It's easy to get it to resonate and I like the sound. It doesn't hold the tone as long as my friends bowl. I'm sure it will add a new dimension of fun to my practice!
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By LardBeast
While the bowl is beautiful and sounds lovely, the striker came damp and moldy :(. I’m sure this is uncommon, but very sad for me as this was supposed to be a christmas gift. As you can see, the damage to the striker is pretty obvious and probably took some time... wish there had been more accoutabilty when putting together this set.
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By Kristen Lovio
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Picked them up for live vocals. Mics are excellent. They look nice, feel nice, and put out good sound. The best description for Shure SM58's is that they are solid all-around. They aren't mind-blowingly amazing at anything (except maybe durability?), but they are solid for just about everything. I'd say these mics are the industry standard. Can't go wrong with these.

My only advice is to make sure you get it from a reputable seller, because there are a lot of fake Shure mics floating around.
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By Edwin Kim
I am so pleased with this purchase! I’ve been considering this microphone for years and finally decided to go for it after reading up more on it. I’ve been singing and recording and was becoming frustrated when I noticed static/distortion during playback when I’d hit big, high notes and a just a lot of the warmth and nuances missing that I was certain I was doing. Tried this microphone for the first time last night and it picked up everything beautifully! My voice sounded just like I felt it and heard it sound while I was singing! And the mic I was using, which was a Pyle I purchased about 5 years ago, had some raving reviews comparing it to the likes of this mic. No way! Not even a little! The Shure SM58 is hands down unbelievably better!!!!! The price is great too. To me, it’s worth much more.
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By Heather L
Vocalist of 15+ years. Metal bands. Very hard to find a mic with good dynamic range that doesnt feed back like a banshee when playing loud and live. Comparing the 58 back to back with 3 others, it wins in all categories. Clarity, control, durability. It's a 58. It wins. You can throw it at your drummer's head and it will be fine.
As for the studio, use something nicer. Or don't. Whatever. Every vocalist should have one.
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By russell ruins
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I am 9 years old when I bought this product. This is a extremely helpful product if you play the guitar 🎸, the recorder, the ukulele, the violin 🎻 or any other instruments that does not have a place to put the book 📖 on. This product has many special features.

They include: a bar that has 3 smaller bars underneath it to help it stand and the bar can get longer and can shrink shorter, another bar on top of the first bar that can get longer and shrink shorter, 2 metal line’s with black top’s that hold the book 📖 in place, a clip that can clip the book 📖, and the last special feature is that behind the rectangle part is something that looks like a wheel. When you turn it, the rectangle part starts to get loose. Then, you can adjust the position of the rectangle part.

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By Amazon Customer
When I received this stand I was so pleasantly surprised. Reading the few 'less positive' reviews I thought the book holder part of the stand would be too narrow to hold a large book. It's actually a full two inches wide! Look at the pictures... especially the one of it holding the heavy New Oxford American Dictionary without any problem at all! The stand is sturdy, beautifully designed after good tripods. The adjustable wire holders are flexible and strong. Even after holding large books they spring back and mate with the surface. Look at the nice music clip they include. It's strong. It was so simple to put together. I was also worried that it wouldn't be tall enough. I'm 5'9" and it's perfect, so accommodating, the sheet holder is a good height for standing, swivels up and back, everything
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By Here in Eugene, Oregon
I bought this to use for my makeshift office while I worked form home. I added a dry erase board next to the computer so I could write temporary notes as needed. It was sturdy enough that I did not worry about it tumbling over and did not take a lot of space out of a small working area.
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By Veronica Ortiz
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Bought this to go with the Alesis 88 key, keyboard. It was recommended by Amazon to go together, so I bought it. It's nice! But the only thing is that the screws on the straps on the stand are too thin to screw into the bottom of the keyboard. So it doesn't hold securely. We'll have to get new screws to make it hold tight.
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By Littleboyzblue
I have a Casio Privia 160 and had the single crossbar stand. It rocked when I attempted to slide in on the chords. With this stand there is not any movement at all. It is rock solid. Set up was a snap. It took maybe 5 minutes including adjustment time. The straps seem to be useless for me though I have yet to flip my keyboard over and verify. My first look did not show any obvious connection points. I have had it about a month and play at least an hour every day. I have carpet and have simulated a hardwood floor by placing small pieces of 1/8" Masonite almost the exact size of the bottom piece under each bottom leg of the stand. Even without these there was virtually no rocking. This is a well made product despite what I have read on some of the negative reviews.
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By Norman
It worked great for a year and then just stopped working. One day it just fell with the piano on it and now won’t lock anymore! Luckily no one was playing it at the time but now I’m worried my other stands are going to collapse! Sad because o used to love it for the ease, flexibility, and easy storage, but that’s when I thought it was safe and sturdy.
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By Laura Bryan