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4.8 | 3,842 customer ratings
97% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Buying "premium staples" seems kind of dumb. But after struggling with getting my personal Swingline Stapler ( to work properly for years with the cheap staples I had once bought at Walmart... I was "this close" to throwing it away entirely. I even kept a pair of pliers handy at my desk to extract the staples which would jam regularly... But, since I bought these "premium staples" everything works fine. Not jamming, no worrying. Well worth the cost (especially that for me, that many staples is akin to a lifetime supply)
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You would think staples are just staples but I had an off brand in my staplers and noticed they couldn't staple the number of sheets they were rated for. When I received these I switched out all my staplers and tossed the off brand I was using and it seems like I have new staplers but in actuality, I'm just using the Swingline brand. These work so much better.Funny how something so small could actually make a difference in performance. And the price is great!
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By Michael Borges
These staples go through 20 sheets of paper with no problem.
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By Kathleen T Trandem
4.8 | 1,462 customer ratings
96% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Just one of those things in life you never need to think about.
Buy and wait for a perfect result every time.

Swingline should have some trivia questions because i don't think i could identify any other brands in the Staple game.

I hope i never need to go into Staples or Office Depot ever again.

That being said i don't want to go into the office section in Target either.

Actually i hope i never have to go to ANY OFFICE ever again.
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By Justin Branco
Tape has no moving parts, so this item was right..The only thing I can find at Amazon that you can buy with 80 to 90% good quality rate is something that has no moving part..If you order a few things they will send you good items, but if you place a big order get ready for a 50% defective products in your order and they can't get things deliver.. I've had to spend hours tracking down my products..I can't get my job done because I have to do theirs..
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By Mike DD
Don't use crappy store brand will waste so many when they can't get through 15 sheets of paper and you have to pull it out and try again multiple times. I bought my own supply of these for work because I was so frustrated with the store brand staples my office was buying. These work so much better and save me time and frustration...I can just staple and move on. Yup, sounds silly, but if you heard me swearing 50 times a day at work and now not swearing you would know. These staples actually do what they are supposed to.
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By Nancy
4.8 | 1,066 customer ratings
95% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
These staples only have 25 sheet capacity. It's clearly printed on the item I received but not on the photo advertised. I am disappointed as I bought this for the Swingline Stapler Optima 40. Yes, it works, but it won't maximize the utility of Optima 40. I will keep looking for something that's more fitting for Optima 40 and will greatly appreciated if someone can share what staples they use for Optima 40.

UPDATE 10/10/2016 - With Optima 40 stapler (Swingline Stapler, Optima 40, Compact, Low Force, 40 Sheets, Black/Silver (S7087842)), I was able to staple 47 sheets without a problem, plus zero jamming. Not sure why this box claims 25 sheets only. Upgrading this product to a 5-star review.
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I have a Swingline full strip Altima 40 power stapler that I ordered these staples for. I change offices at work and got tired of hunting down staples and/or the desk I move to have broken rows of staples. I bought these because they are for the stapler and come in the metal container. The staples work great with the stapler. The only problem I have encountered is the length of the row of staples. The bar that holds the staples has "USE OPTIMA PREMIUM STAPLES #35556" stamped on it. The row of staples is approximately 6-8 staples longer than the capacity of the stapler. Just a minor problem, just a pain to break off part of the staples and insert them later as the staples are used and there is room for them.
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By Stephen L.
Works great. Outside of package says 25 page capacity... not true; this is the old packaging and Swingline now says they are 40 sheet capacity... sure they are the same staples, but doesn't 40 sheet capacity sound great!?

Actually they work quite well with the Optima 40 Compact Stapler we purchased with these. Just took some time on the phone with Swingline to figure out which staples to use... these are the ones.
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By B&K Lewis
4.9 | 294 customer ratings
98% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Although the Tiny Attacher is fairly easy to find at most large or small craft stores in the United States, the refills are very difficult to find. I looked at every store in town and even in several in other states while traveling for work. When I came up short every time one of the cashiers at the craft store suggested that I look online. These were a good price, arrived in good condition, and are exactly as expected. I will purchase again. Make sure that you have the Tiny Attacher stapler if you are purchasing these staples. They are smaller than even the "small" size staples that you can find in craft or office supply stores.
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By Catrina Smith
I Really Enjoyed My Stapler And It Is Worth It I Loved That They Give You A Clear Detail What Is The Difference This Should Not Be Confused With A Mini Stapler For The Staples Are Smaller I Purchased A Color Set As Well The Small Silver I Really Enjoy Using This Tool
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By Mz.Christina Sewell
These staples are so tiny and make your small project look more professional. When you use a standard staple on a small project it looks bulky and not very professional.
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By Amber Cookingham
4.8 | 544 customer ratings
96% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Staples seem like a mundane product, one like any other. But, actually that is not always the case. I'm sure there are staples from other companies as good as these, but after I ran out of my previous purchase I was glad to find these available on Amazon. Simply, they do go through more papers than some past staples I have used, and they are less likely to bend. I always enjoy finding ordinary products that just work well.
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By loyal customer Bill
Staples I Can Use.....
If you use a Swingline stapler, you may know the experience of buying staples and then finding out they don't work right in your Swingline stapler. I have a Red Swingline 747 and just got thru getting another one as a spare. These staples work any well in this stapler and I've noted that off brands seem to cause a lot more jamming than the brand name do. I decided to "stock up" on them as I was getting a few in-of-year office supplies and had these on the list. They work really well with my stapler and I shouldn't need staples again for awhile.
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By C. Weaver
These worked! :) Finally! I bought two other kinds of staples from stores & they were
not heavy duty enough. They just jammed up the stapler & it was challenging & time-
consuming to get those darn jammed staples out of the stapler! So what a relief
to have found these online & then to find out they worked! No jamming. Perfect fit.
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By Angelique
4.8 | 519 customer ratings
94% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
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It comes with its own case and the staples are high quality made staples.
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By Kindle Customer
This is not what I ordered .... well at least it's not the way you described it. It says a clear case my case is not clear. I could have gotten staples at the dollar store.
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By Sherrianda Pitts
4.7 | 1,088 customer ratings
94% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Love this stapler. Solid construction. I have yet to have it jam. It just has a great feel. Highly recommended.
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By BernieS
Good staples
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By Dan . Stanley
I'm not sure but it seemed that I would run into a batch of bad staples in every box of these staples. I was using these staples to staple thin cardboard (coin holders). So I'm not sure if there was a change in the cardboard but there didn't seem to be. Just a "Buyer Beware."
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By Crowbar
4.8 | 373 customer ratings
96% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
These GrayBunny staples are exactly what I was looking for and at an exceptionally good price. I have several metal obelisks and columns that I purchased in Mexico; these staples allow me to anchor these in my garden and yard without fear that a strong wind will knock them over when they are covered with clematis. I hope GrayBunny will offer a 2- or 3-inch staple also for use with wider fencing. I have never been disappointed with GrayBunny products and recommend them highly.
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By Mary Noll
We bought these for our garden this year to keep the rabbit fence in the ground. We had many extra staples. So we started finding other uses for them including holding down bags to keep weeds down before planting. They have held everything in place even through hard winds. We bought another box because we keep finding new uses for them. So far we have had no disappointments.
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By loco1529
I use these to secure drip irrigation tubing. I like the sharpened tips, which makes them easier to insert into the ground. Some reviews complain about bending. Although 11 gauge steel is fairly strong, steel is steel and not something magic. If the tip hits a rock and you pound on the staple with a hammer to try to force it through, the staple will bend. Better to search for a better placement, which avoids rocks.
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By Neal R. Mielke
4.8 | 356 customer ratings
96% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
I've wanted this stapler for a long time and now I have one. I've used it and it works very well. I've read the reviews on it so I knew not to fill it too full and be gentle with it. I'm very happy with it and use it it my art journals.
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By Faith Korpa
I needed a small, long stapler to tack down the fabric on a pair of shoes by the toe and none of my staplers, even the smaller ones, were long or thin enough, so a search led me to this. It did the job, but I did have to use needle nose pliers to press down the edges inside. Some complaints/caveats: there were no instructions included to indicate how to install the staples, and the staples were taped into the plastic, and in removing the tape the staples burst apart and one thing you can't do with this stapler is use groups of staples, it must be one continuous row, or it will jam, so I am now ordering more staples. Overall, I am happy with it even if I never have to use it again.
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By J
The tiny colorful staples that Amazon recommends to buy with this stapler do not actually fit, and I can't find any other staples that do fit except the ones that came with the stapler. The problem with those is that you only get one little strip of staples for a pretty expensive price.
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4.8 | 351 customer ratings
96% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
They're staples. They work. What more can I say? The box is kinda cool, I guess?

Would I defend these staples against any other brand of staples? Nope. I'm not well-versed enough in the exciting world of staples to have formed a good opinion on which brands work best, smell the prettiest, etc.

These staples do a great job of holding sheets of paper together and that's all I could ask for. I'm pretty sure if I staple my eyelids shut these would hold them pretty well.

5 stars because whatever. Staples.
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By Mark
Another example of "pay attention to what you buy". I bought 2 boxes a few months ago, best price on Amazon. Then, when I went to re-order, from the same company, price had jumped. So I did some comparison shopping and these were, by far, the best deal on this product(which everybody needs). These are higher quality which may seem ridiculous, but I hate constantly pulling my stapler apart because lesser quality staples always seem to jam. It's like shopping at a big box store and comparing the different sizes and doing a little math on the tissues that you are going to buy.
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By Daniel Moriarty
They are staples, obviously, no problem there. But yes: I got them in the Amazon cardboard box just filled with a pile of the little boxes of staples. The end of the little boxes the staples are in, the tabs are not kept from flipping out, and dumping the staples everywhere. Here's what you do: open the big cardboard box with some tape next to you. Then careful pick each staples box up individually and slap some tape on each end (even the cheapest, clear scotch tape will be enough). None of the staples had slid out in shipment, fortunately. They only came out of the first one I picked up without paying attention, before I realized that a lot of the boxes were opening. But with some tape I fixed them all up in a minute. (I don't use staples that constantly, so needing to cut some tape to
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By Ansa
26 offers from product price
4.7 | 640 customer ratings
95% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Due to a review given by an individual on the #506 (3/8") staples claiming
the design had changed, I thought a bit of clarification of tip design
was appropriate.
The 1/4" #504, 5/16" #505, and 3/8" #506 staples have diagonal (45 deg.) cut tips for
penetrating hard surfaces (Like roof felt when stapling to plywood).
The 1/2" #508 staples have a different tip design that is flat and chiseled.
This is for softer surfaces (substrates) that require a longer grip.
In my roof sample, you would never use a 1/2" staple to hold down paper felt,
and if you need a staple to hold the shingle edges down, you would use professional
1" crown staples with a pneumatic gun.
In a pinch, if you are stapling down a shingle that has flapped up, us the 3/8" #506
and not the 1/2" #508, with a hammer stapler, as all you will get with the 1/2" flat
chisel staples is frustrated, and make a
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By GearJunky
These are not some no name generic made in third world staples. These are Arrow brand. They fit my Arrow big metal staple gun like they were made for it. They go in deep and work well.
Amazon took a few days longer than normal to get them to me (I guess everyone is buying essentials and TP) but that is fine..

Five Stars
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By DeltaDanny
Went in great and held very sturdy. But when I tried to remove them, they broke off inside solid wood and I had to use pliers to get the remaining pieces out. If you do need to pull them out, pull straight out and do not wiggle side to side.
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By KLA77
4.7 | 603 customer ratings
93% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Was missing one staple of the 10,000. Kidding
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By john
Not sure how to write a review on staples. They're staples for crying out loud.....
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By Dan Dorsett
These are not very good Staples. They frequently get jammed and the stapler. You cannot use small groups of Staples bunched together those very often jam.
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By M. Prince
4.7 | 595 customer ratings
91% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Not only is it pretty to look at, it also works great! Easy one-handed use plus staples are nice and secure. In fact, it works better than some of the more expensive name brands I’ve used over the years! Definitely recommend.
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By Patti V
I bought this stapler since my old one got jammed up and broke. I love how pretty it is with the clear body and rose gold metal, as well as how portable it is (carry this around with me in my purse all the time). Best of all, it's been working perfectly and hasn't jammed at all. The rose gold staples are a cute bonus too!
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By Star
I noticed that some of the staples have a side that turns in. And about every other one would work. It could be because I didn't have a really solid surface I was working on. It may also be the stapler I was using. These are a little thicker than the ones that came with my stapler. I'll keep using them but disappointed. Please note that I use them with a re positional stapler for booklets and was stapling through 10 pages and card stock at the time.
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By S. L. Werner
2 offers from product price
4.8 | 292 customer ratings
93% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Staples are staples. I only use them to put up posted signs on trees along our woods. I have noticed a price jump in the past few years. 9/16 is getting harder to find, and that’s what I need to get through bark. I’m thankful Amazon carries them!
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By Linda H.
Arrow Brand fasteners are the industry standard. Hard to write the review I guess. I got what I expected which was a box of 9/16" Staples. Usually, pick up local but the Amazon price couldn't be beaten.
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By Outlaw Cash
Have been looking for longer staples for my older stapler. Was very happy to find these. Work very well.
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By Clare's Comments
24 offers from product price
4.7 | 408 customer ratings
92% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
I have a Arrow cordless staple gun, which I will only use Arrow brand of staples. These staples have NEVER failed on me and I have ran 3-4 boxes through the stapler of various sizes. I like this size for when I am trying to put up strings or strips of LED lights on the outside of my house. These staples have never jammed my gun and they also slam deep into the wood. Also like that these are made in the USA.
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By THXkid
I read the bad review claiming terrible penetration (Oh no!) and that the
tips had been changed but I ordered them anyway as the only T50's Ace had were monel,
and they go for 4 times the price, but sometimes you've got to do what you've got
to do to get the job done.
Anyway, the tips are the same as they have been for the past 30 years, so I'm not sure
what this guy got, but I got tips that are cut at a 45 deg angle facing one direction, and
a 45 degree angle facing the opposite direction on the other leg, and they work the same
as always, so I'll just give the odd ball review a hearty wave and leave it at that.
I have compared the new ones with samples of staples I have collected over the past 30 years,
and they are the same, and do the job the same.
What may have
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By GearJunky
These are exactly as advertised and works with my Arrow electric staple gun as expected.

I use the Arrow electric staple gun along with these staples to attach canvas to frames for my paintings.

They sink into the Fir wood I use no problem, and the length lets me staple through the double or triple folded corners of the canvas and still attach firmly to the frame.

I am very happy with these and recommend them for both home and professional projects.

This is the staple gun I use. I love the adjustable force knob so that I can control the impact on softer and harder woods.

Arrow ET501 Heavy Duty Electric Staple and Nail Gun
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By Skinny Jay
4.7 | 357 customer ratings
92% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Staples work in my PaperPro stapler
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By walterco-sd
Fits the stapler great. Easy to use.
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By Amazon Customer
Perfect for my stapler
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By Teresa Hall
25 offers from product price
4.6 | 745 customer ratings
90% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Bought an EASYSHOT Staple Tacker, then found out it takes these staples, not a standard office size staple. Price was exorbitant at local sources and went to Amazon. I was still a little dissatisfied at the Amazon price, but figured it was what I was going to have to pay. Ordered them and they fit the EASYSHOT perfectly. they are delicate to handle as the adhesive holding them in a stick form tends to allow the stick to break during handling; but so do standard staples and these are ARROW brand, not some knockoff. Also bought the 3/8 inch length version, but couldn't justify the price for the 1/4 inch length. Each available length was a different price and not based on materials required, as the smallest are the most expensive.
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By Larry V.
Super Sticky glue on the board didn't catch any snakes. If they would have slithered onto the board, they would be stuck for good. Unfortunately, several birds landed on the boards. 2 died trying to get free and the other two we managed to get them off carefully using paint thinner to soften the glue.

Leaves and small twigs also got stuck.
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By Gmaz
I've used these stapes for several years -- GREEN & black packaging -- to hang quilts around my little screened porch for the winter, for my cats (I then put a radiator type heater out there). This year at Lowe's, the packaging was WHITE. Still said JT21, & was still by Arrow, so I bought them. They bent like crazy, & so many were wasted because they wouldn't go into the wood without crinkling up. SO...I found these on Amazon, in the original packaging of the strong staples I'd been using. What came, however, was the same WHITE packaging that I'd found at Lowe's...& the same LESSER quality. These crinkle up when I try to staple the quilts to the wood on my porch. SHAME ON AMAZON for misleading, by showing one packaging, then sending another. Am getting more & more disappointed with Amazon, lately...
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By R. Burns
4.6 | 578 customer ratings
90% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
I have gone through a number of staplers over the years, having worked at a large insurance company and having to handle tons of paper. I actually have two Bostitch B8 staplers - one that I brought home from work when they were upgrading to electric or other staplers and, the other, one that was my grandparents. The one from work, was new in 1979 and, my grandparents...? I have NO idea how old it is but, I do remember it being around when I was a kid in the early 60's. Anyway, the point is, these take the "crown top" (slightly rounded) and can be hard to locate. Thank goodness for Amazon! These little staplers are just amazing, made of metal and work above & beyond for numerous decades. Thank you for offering these staples!
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By Jackie
After lengthy searching, I finally found these staples----just what I needed for my several ancient Bostich staplers. Unlike standard more modern staples, which are flat, the ones I needed have a little bend across the top. These have the bend, and work perfectly. However, the box arrived loose in a shipping box with some other items, and it had come open, and all the staples were spilled. Quite a task to round all of them up, but I was so glad to find the staples I needed, I did not make a big deal of it.
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By E. Quinn
These staples were advertised on Amazon as "frequently bought together" when I was ordering the Bosttich Professional EZ Squeeze 40 stapler. However, no where did it say which staples to buy for the stapler, so I of course assumed these were the correct staples for a "professional" stapler. Wrong. That stapler takes regular, ordinary staples, and the seller would not allow a return on the staples. Into recycle they go.
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By kkonAmazon
29 offers from product price
4.7 | 272 customer ratings
92% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Finally ran out of staples more than 14 years after buying the last box. Had to buy a new Swingline stapler a couple of years ago to replace one that was more than 20 years old, and wanted genuine Swingline staples for it.
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By S. A.
What can you say about a staple? They work. Would have given five stars but the packaging wasn't adequate. In the packaging, the box became damaged and the staples were let loose! Nothing worse can happen to a box of staples!
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By Amazonlady
The staples are fine. They were just packed miserably. The box was open and the staples came out and broke. Doesnt seem like a hard thing to get right but others are having the same experience.
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By Ethen
3 offers from product price
4.7 | 271 customer ratings
92% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
To be honest I read it as 5,000 staples so imagine my surprise when I opened the box to find 50,000. I have more staples than I could ever use in my lifetime, I will be writing them into my will to hand down to my descendants. Seriously, unless you run a business, you don't need this many staples.
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By Jenna Cullens
I was very impressed with the amount of staples in this box. I miss read the description and was pleasantly surprised that there was 50,000 and not 5,000.
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By Amazon Customer
Did not realize how many staples actually came in the box! I’ll prob never need anymore in this lifetime. Bought it for home use... which we only use our stapler occasionally. Definitely a decent amount for office work too... we just don’t staple that much.
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By Virginia Whitney