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4.7 | 1,273 customer ratings
92% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
I panicked and almost returned this after I opened it and found the sharp edges around the metal holes. Reading back through the reviews, I saw that at least a few other people had complained about the poor metal casting, saying the edges would tear the pasta and make the whole thing worthless. I decided to give it a try anyway. It ended up working pretty much like a charm. Here's what I learned along the way:

1. You need to flower the thing like you really mean it. I covered every bit of the metal with semolina flour before each batch. Most of them came out without any hassle, after I tipped the finished batch onto the counter quickly and forcefully. I tried white flour, a combo of white and semolina, and finally just semolina. The straight semolina was easiest and most
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By Critical Factor
The directions don't mention the need to oil or flour the metal frame before using it, which is a pretty significant detail to just leave out. After the first dozen were irredeemably stuck and I had to scrape them out of the frame, I dried my tears and started again. I applied a liberal spritz of olive oil spray to both the metal frame and the underside of the plastic mold, and the next 4 dozen came out of the mold easily, and in one piece.
Some other tips that I learned the hard way... I found that rolling the dough on setting #4 was the correct thickness. Be careful that your dough isn't too dry, or it will break when you press the plastic mold into it. Also, I found that a scant tablespoon of filling was the perfect amount. I happened to have a cookie scoop that was just
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By A. Taylor
After opening the package, I immediately observed that the item material started leaving some 'shimmering residue' on my hands. It was a very small amount but still left me questioning on whether this item is even food grade. Not sure what the residue is, perhaps aluminum or maybe something else. I returned this item since I wasn't sure about the safety. Maybe the piece I bought was defective. Please check carefully before using it.
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By J. Taneja
4.6 | 8,120 customer ratings
91% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Awesome solid sturdy machine! Excellent family activity!
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By Amazon Customer
First a sellers note: They sent me this broken. The ring bearing on the fettuccine roller was detached and clanging inside the machine. I didn't know that when I first used the machine, when I tried to roll pasta through the fettuccine part of the machine and it didn't roll, I just thought I didn't know how to use the machine well enough. Fortunately, I was able to unscrew the machine, get to that part, and fix it.

After my first use of this machine I was ready to give it away and buy an attachment for my Kitchen aid. It was my first time ever making homemade pasta so I had zero experience with pasta dough, or this pasta maker. The whole experience was daunting. Rolling the pasta dough was awkward, and the noodles I did get out were sticking together and not at all beautiful.
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By L. Baker
I bought this device 9 years ago and it failed last week. Looked at the warranty and it said 5 years. I resigned myself to getting another one but just to see other options I went to a local kitchen supply store and found the “the same”make and model there but it had a 10 warranty. It was $5 more in the store but I bought it. Then I weighed the two “identical “ machines and found the one I purchased locally was 3 oz heavier. I took the broken one apart and found that the internals did not match the pictures and YouTube videos I had seen on line and in fact it had a plastic part where the pictures online had all metal parts. Also the fit and finish on my new machine was much nicer than the one I had gotten from Amazon in 2009. Just
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By "marenv"
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4.7 | 1,060 customer ratings
92% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
I'm not new to pasta making. Having been brought up in an Italian household, and being a second-generation American, fresh pasta was a big part of our Sunday dinners. I've made fresh pasta for more decades than I feel comfortable revealing here. Getting it down to a science was a "process." Once I got married, I kept up with the tradition, upgrading my machine twice, initially from my grandmother's ancient, straight-from-the-Old-Country cast iron get-up, to a noodle roller, to within the last 15 years an extrusion machine.

What never changed, however, was what to do with the finished pasta, particularly in the humid summer months, where sticking together was a common, annoying problem. Same for the sheets of pasta before cutting with a noodle roller. It was comical. I'd bring folding chairs in the kitchen, to hang pasta over them. I made an unholy mess. The kitchen looked like a junkyard,
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By ChefCat
This was easy to assemble and most rods (including the center stand) are straight. One dowel rod is slightly curved, but not enough to need a replacement. I used it last weekend as I laboriously created chicken soup from scratch and then made my own noodles (really, make the broth or make the noodles, don't do both, no chicken soup is worth two days of your life!). I made what I think was about an 8 serving run of noodles, and this held all of it (although I made my noodles insanely long, I'm still learning how to do this). Not a big deal, but the only draw back I found this time was that the part of the noodle hanging over the rod seemed to stay partially moist, probably because it was in contact with the wood. But it dried out later once I took my noodles off the
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By Mme Dupont
This has ample space for drying large quantities of pasta. It has four arms of drying space but it's difficult to disassemble when not in use. I decided to keep it on my counter and use it to hang car keys, glasses and eye glasses on. Works out well and I don't have to try to assemble and disassemble on the times when I want to make my own pasta!
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By cararoxo
4.7 | 492 customer ratings
94% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
I bought this because I love pasta! I can eat a whole box of store bought pasta at one sitting, which is not good for my weight or my health. I changed my diet to whole grain and along with other changes, like getting a dog and walking two hours each morning with her, I have managed to drop 35 pounds. I now am at the weight I should be. When I made my own whole wheat pasta flavored with fresh rosemary and thyme, one serving kept me full for hours.
These rollers fit perfectly on the KitchenAid mixer. If you havent used one of these yet, there is a little 'nub' that has to fit into the slot on th front of the mixer. It can be a little tricky the first time because you have to align the square drives on
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By Robyn
Functions properly and easy to use. Gears are not loud.
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By Summer king
I have no experience making pasta, and I was able to use this perfectly the first time. I followed the basic dough recipe and directions and made great pasta. The attachments are sturdy, heavy, and well-made. Love it!
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By NWilk
4.6 | 727 customer ratings
92% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
love this machine. purchased a cheap one a year or so ago from some vendor on eBay. the first time i tried to use it, i threw it to the floor and gave it a good blunt kick. it went in the trash. please be advised, though, that particular unit was a very cheap knock off. so i bought one from bedbath and it was okay, but for the price it just wasnt reasonable. came across the atlas and it went on sale here, so i ordered it. got the red one. that was a month ago. what ive found is this: dont be intimidated. you will find that the pasta is pretty forgiving. so long as the dough is firm enough when you roll it and cut it that it will cut. if you run your sheets through
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By Kabol, Johnathan N.
Let me start by saying I absolutely LOVE this thing. I make pasta ALL the time with it. I havent had any issues like some of the people mentioned and I have made pasta every few days with it.

Red matches my kitchen
Stainless steel is easy to clean
The counter clamp doesnt damage the granite

If you dont put the crank in all the way it can fall out, so make sure its all the way in


Put 1/2 cup of white unbleached flour into a food processor with 1 large egg on top and blend it up. If its still super sticky add a little flour and keep going. You want it to be chunky. Then pull it out, roll it in a ball and cut in half. From there start on 0 and roll through, fold and roll. I do this about 6-8 times until i bump up to 2 where
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By April
Received machine as a b-day gift, tried out last week, worked wonderfully. Tried to make another batch of pasta a few days later and the roller part that stretches the pasta no longer works. Googled problem and found out it happened to other people as well. The gears in the two rollers (one on roller with the thickness adjustment knob) and the opposite rollers are no longer connected. Something rattles inside the metal casing when I shake the machine. I contacted Macato on Facebook and if I get a positive response I will update my review. Very disappointed. This looked like a wonderful high quality machine. I got the pretty red one.
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By Gopher
product price
4.5 | 1,286 customer ratings
87% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
I love making Pasta and this turned out to be a fantastic and USEFUL addition to my kitchen (unlike a lot of things stored in my cabinets that never see the light of day after 1 or 2 uses) It holds a lot of pasta and I really like that it folds back up and is compact to store. It doesn't take up much room, is very easy to clean and the price was reasonable considering how much use I've gotten out of it. You'll like it!
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By Kathleen
This is the perfect pasta drying rack! It stores in a thin box that fits easily in a cabinet when not in use, and it doesn't take up too much space on a table or counter top while your pasta is drying. No complaints --highly recommend!
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By Devin L.
This is a great drying rack overall, and especially for the price. It is easy to set up, ,clean and store back in the durable cardboard box it comes in. Also handy for holding fresh made and blanched lasagna sheets prior to assembling. Been using mine for a year now and I'm quite happy with it; now buying another as a gift.

I use a bit of food grade mineral oil every few months to keep it nice, but no notice of any sort of chemical smell that others mentioned -- just natural wood.

I recommend this over the more expensive and complicated models.
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By Tim Post
4.4 | 3,460 customer ratings
85% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
First, let me say that I have been making home made ravioli every New Years of my adult life. First with my grandmother, then I personally took over the tradition about 20 years ago. I normally have eager (hungry) family and friends around waiting to jump in and help me prepare the New Years Eve meal. Well, with my grandmother in her 90's, my parents not medically capable of standing on their feet for hours at a time now, I was facing New Years Eve meal preparation alone! The thought of doing all of that alone, struck fear in my heart! I did some research and found this attachment was available for the KitchenAid. So, a professional 600 series kitchenAid was ordered along with this attachment. Thank you Amazon for your same day delivery service.

Let me start out by saying that this review
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By Robert A. Veschi
Have been working with this and found that the following dough works great:
(this is different from the standard KitchenAid recipe)
10 oz All purpose flour
2 large eggs (wt ~ 2 oz/egg)
4 large egg yolks
1 tsp Kosher Salt
0-1 tblspn water (depends on humidity of kitchen -cold here in Maine)

Mix in mixer the usual way (30 sec mix, 2-3 min with dough attachment)
Then knead for 2-3 minutes
Rest for 30 minutes-1 hour

Roll the dough on following settings:
Roll out on #1 with 3-4 folds (kneading)
Roll out on #2 with 3-4 folds (kneading)
Roll out on # 3
Roll out on #4

Run through Ravioli Maker
Sprinkle with flour as needed
Fold in half and crease the fold.
Remove hopper, insert folded end and give it a quarter turn
Lay the two ends open to each side
Replace hopper
Then, SLOWLY, turn the crank.
Voila --works fine. Just be patient and be sure to knead the dough and let it rest before using this attachment.
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By JohnV
This is a review of (primarily) the seller, always quality, not the item. I always try to set out to buy the best. In this case, I wanted the Kitchenaid Pasta accessories and paid the full price to buy OEM. I was expecting a new, unopened item, securely packaged and shipped in a sturdy box. What I received was indeed a Kitchenaid set but it appears to be used, with fingerprints all over the chrome finish of all 3 pieces and it was shoved into a padded envelope for shipping. Due to the weight of the item, the box arrived with crushed corners. This was to be given as a Christmas present to accompany a new Kitchenaid stand mixer and this is hardly gift quality. All this and full price too! Bah Humbug! I'm very disappointed with this seller. The
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By aczPrime
4.5 | 768 customer ratings
87% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
I have been making home made pasta for years and experimented with creative ways to dry it. I finally did some research. After reading lots of descriptions and recommendations I chose to purchase the Marcato. Best recent investment I have made.
It works as described, but there are several things worth mentioning.
1. It's made of plastic not wood so there are no worries about what is left behind on the wands
2. It is easy to clean..
3. The dried pasta easily slides off the wands.
4. It comes with a wand used to transfer the cut pasta from the pasta machine to the drying rack.
5. No worries about moving the wands to position them. Just rotate the knob at the top clockwise as you need another wand.
6. There is enough space to dry pasta for 8 servings.
7. Comes in a box that you use to store it between uses.

Update March 21, 2014.
Wow. It's
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By CharlestonSCBill
This has helped me so much. I make my own pasta at home because I love fresh pasta and like to use organic flour and have a higher protein content and more fiber by using a 1/2 unbleached white flour to 1/2 organic whole wheat flour. I also do not use eggs and only a small amount of salt and a dribble of fine extra virgin olive oil. I use my Gourmia pasta amazing and a Marcato Atlas to help me with this formidable task. I sometimes extruded it onto a plate and sometimes the pasta would stick when it boiled and was not perfect. Since I purchased a Marcato Atlas Pasta Drying Rack I have been able to make perfect pasta, since it is separated neatly. The wand I also use for when I make my homemade low fat salad dressings as a pusher to quickly get the dressing
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By Julie Sands
This is a nice little rack and it folds up conveniently and looks good. The big issue is that it is essentially a stack of drying rods, each one is attached to a sort of ring that goes around the center pole. This allows the individual rods to move so that they can pivot into an open position or closed position. The problem is that the points where the rods meet the center pole is a plastic ring. The bottom ring in this stack has to be locked into position to hold all the other ones up. This is done by a set screw that goes through the ring and locks onto the pole. This has to hold all the weight of the other rings when open or when being moved. The problem is that this is just a metal set screw that
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By Chris M.
4.4 | 2,528 customer ratings
86% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
I took cooking classes while in Italy, and the Imperia was the machine that my instructor used. Needless to say, I wanted to buy one myself upon returning to the US - this is identical to the machine I used in Italy. I was somewhat dubious that I'd be able to replicate the results from my cooking class given that I'd never made pasta before, but I have been very pleased with this machine and have had great results.

The only assembly instructions are in Italian, though it is pretty intuitive when you look at the photos. The fettuccine/spaghetti attachment slides on to one side, and you slot the handle into the main roller or the fettuccine or spaghetti rollers, depending on what you're using. I found the little tray (for feeding the dough in?) unnecessary and don't use it.

I almost bought the motor (an additional $100)
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By hlg22
I have an Imperia Pasta machine that was given to my parents in the late sixties, and I have used it on a regular basis when I inherited it in 1980. It is a workhorse, so I bought the same model and manufacturer machine for my brother. Delivery was immediate, and I made a spaghetti dinner with it that night to test the rollers and cutters before I gave it to him.
Observations: the machine worked flawlessly with my go-to pasta recipe, rolling out the sheets perfectly with the thickness adjustments working well. The pasta sheets were also cut perfectly with complete cutting achieved for all the pasta we rolled out, so no complaints there. I noticed that the new machine is somewhat lighter than my original, and it quickly became apparent why. There are quite a bit of plastic parts that are incorporated into the machine that are not
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By Vieux
I was eager to buy this item since I am a chef and I try to challenge new recipes outside of work. I bought two of these brand new after a detailed search, one of them being a present for my mom. However both of the items shipped were not what the seller claim them to be. It is a cheap, used versions of the shown item. They have plastic handles, not all made from steel main components and has stains and scratches all over. I strongly recommend not to buy.
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By ChefKemal
product price & FREE Shipping. Details
4.4 | 2,268 customer ratings
84% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
After careful consideration, I elected to purchase this model based on the multiple positive reviews. That being said, my only complaint is the sparse instructions and recipes within the instruction manual. The photos were helpful but the English instructions were vague and somewhat confusing. Otherwise, I am so pleased with this device itself. I chose the larger model because it was only marginally more expensive and I'm so glad I did, as the extra diameter was more forgiving during the processing of the dough.

Although I rarely indulge in pasta, I enjoy making homemade food as often as I can. With all the strange hidden & chemical ingredients added to commercially prepared food being a concern for me, I prefer the ingredients contained within the food I make myself; this makes me feel good about what I am feeding my family, undoubtedly like many of my fellow cooks.

I went through
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By Kerri
We are enthusiastic weekend cooks, my husband and I, and love to cook "around the world". Italian is one of our favorites, but we never made our own pasta. I finally decided to get this machine, and it has opened up endless possibilities! We already made ravioli, fettuccine, tortellini and all of it with easy and perfectly without the slightest difficulty. I am so glad we chose the machine with motor, because you have both hands free that way and can really run the pasta sheets through all settings with ease! We are thrilled about this machine!
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By Maren
I have an old Atlas 150 that bought about 30 years ago, and it is still working fine. I bought this one because I wanted one with the motor, and my old one does not have the mounting holes for the motor.

Since I have the old one, I can do a direct comparison with this one, and as far as I can tell the quality is still the same. There are some minor differences, for example the fingers that scrape the pasta off the cutters and rollers on the bottom are metal on the old Atlas, and this one has plastic fingers. The fingers on the new one are removable for easier cleaning. They are not removable on the old one. So that is a tossup whether this is better or not. It depends on how long the plastic fingers last.

My old atlas has thickness settings from 1 to
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By B. S. Kimerer
4.6 | 354 customer ratings
90% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
I feel like a fool for trying to stick it out making spaetzle with a colander or grater. What was I thinking? Oh sure, I'll do it the old-fashioned way, I told myself. Don't buy any unitaskers, I scolded at myself. Pfah! I should not have listened to myself.

There are two types of spaetzle makers that I've seen: this one and the round flat one. I chose this one at the flip of a coin. I chose this over the plastic one because this one doesn't have a removable handle and I felt it was more secure. I'm tempted to buy the flat round spaetzle maker and see which I like better. But no matter what, this thing has changed my life.

There are a few issues with this one. The batter can get under the slidey thing and wants to push out the end in large lumps, but that tended
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By Kayem
The maker itself works great, however the edge just below the handle is EXTREMELY sharp!! I sliced my pinky open and it was deep! I probably should have gone in for stitches as the cut is still very painful when I barely bump it, maybe I cut vessels and nerves! Picture is 6 days of healing.
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By Karisa
I think the manufacturer skipped a critically important step that we in the West take for granted: making the edges safe to the touch. Let me make this clear: to get a deep cut, you don't have to touch an edge with force or deliberately; all you need to do is brush your hand or finger against it accidentally. When you consider just how messy and slippery is the process of making Spaetzle, you will quickly appreciate that it's nearly impossible not to touch the edges. This product should be removed from Amazon immediately. My wife cut her finger despite being extra careful with this shredder from hell.
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4.4 | 1,001 customer ratings
85% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
If the pasta is too wet it will stick to the board and you will have a mess cleaning it up. If you are a first timer, take your time. speed will come with experience.
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By Walter Doernbach
We have always loved gnocchi. Even as accomplished cooks, it has remained somewhat of an enigma—a special Italian restaurant meal to savor that we had never seriously considering making ourselves. A recent night out with an exceptionally memorable gnocchi dish with lobster, shrimp, peas, and a tomato cream sauce changed that. My wife did a search for “gnocchi making” and found this simple gem. Our new Fantes board is very compact so no worries about finding cabinet space.

We’ve already learned to not keep the pasta too moist or it will stick. With sufficient practice and pliable not too moist dough, we’re doing it! You are making a light dumpling of potato and will want to practice to work toward a smooth, soft, and silky texture.

Nope. We are using Yukon Gold valued by Italian chefs. Superb. Bake them. Boiling makes for moisture issues and
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By Johnny
Works perfectly well as advertised. Not sure why this product has 4.1 stars since it is an ancient Italian cooking tool that exists for 100's of years and its a necessity if you like to make real pretty gnocchis!! Its a small piece of wood with grooves and works each time. Do not put this in the washing machine but do wash with soapy water and I use a little kitchen hand brush with natural bristles and it cleans perfectly this tool... For you people that gave less than 5 stars I am not sure what you were looking for ?? Did you wanted an automatic gnocchi machine for $5.95 ? This is absolutely a kitchen must for any chef or wannabe 👩‍🍳 Chefs! I love mine!
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By Tommaso Candiano
4.6 | 322 customer ratings
91% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
As you can see in the video, this amazing pasta machine turns the dough very smoothly into thin and soft pasta. You need to fold the pasta and put it on a roller, repeat it several times, and you will get the perfect pasta.
This works perfect, now I can make homemade pasta with sheet of dough easily. If you’re considering a fresh pasta maker or replacing a hand crank machine, buy this! You won’t be disappointed.
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By JianGuo Huang
Love this attachment,as you can see in my pics,I want to try 2 forms of pasta, they are very successful and easy to operate.So much better than dried pasta. It's just great, and these things are built like a battleship. I think they'll last forever.The must have attachment if you own a Kitchenaid mixer.
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By Richards
Bought this because of the price point of the kitchenaid pasta pack that is the same but all stainless on the outside and each type of roller item can be stored separately. The first weekend with this item we only used the flat pasta sheet roller to make ravioli, my daughter and I were complete pasta making rookies! At first, it was a pretty good laughable scene and the spaghetti cutter sucked overflowing dough into it! We had a bit of a mess... We kept at it and within a half hour of that mess we were rolling along fairly well. I will say that we removed the plastic white cover and it revealed all the stainless parts beneath and in my opinion makes it easier to see if your dough is about to go wonky. There are many good tips for making dough out there on the internet and
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By C. Hendricks
4.6 | 249 customer ratings
88% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Worked exactly as expected. Love the machine.

Only nit, and it's not worth dinging a star, is that cleaning the angel hair disc is annoying. Best advice: Let it sit and harden for a bit before you clean it. I just do it right after dinner and the left over dough pops right out, though you do need to press the included tool into each set of holes.
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By J. M. Grant
The angel hair attachment is awesome, I love using it for homemade ramen noodles! I wish the papperdelle die made thinner noodles, they are a little too thick for my liking. This set is worth it just for the angel hair attachment though!
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By carole
The Angel Hair extruder disk is the perfect size to make Japanese Ramen or Chinese Noodles. The sizes of the Philips extruder disks from smallest to largest are: 1. Angel Hair, 2. Spaghetti (included with unit), 3. Japanese Ramen, 4. Japanese Udon. I don't know where the "Thick Spaghetti" disk would go.
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4.5 | 297 customer ratings
87% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Never made pasta before. Instructions were excellent. Suggest starting with fettuccine since it is easier to handle. Then once you get the hang of how much flour to dust on before running it through the cutter, give the fine spaghetti a try.

Just let dry and then I used a pastry brush to clean up. Very pleased in all respects. Unit is sturdy and very easy to operate.
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By Kate --Cook & Reader
Great pasta maker for the beginner, highly recommend.
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By Breeskers18
It basically does fettucine, angel hair pasta, ravioli and lasagna noodles. We have been having so much with it. Very easy to use and fairly easy to clean. It is the same pasta maker we used while in Italy recently that's why I decided to get the same brand.
I only wish you could adjust the width of the pasta to make tagliatelle or spaghetti. Does it? I haven't really read the instructions to know if this is adjustable.
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By Amabella
4.4 | 418 customer ratings
85% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
I bought the noodle machine and tried to make a noodle. It's quite simple to assemble, try it out. The thickness of the rolled surface has several grades, and the gear is adjusted according to the thin thickness that you like to eat. After the dough is rolled, it is placed in the rolling noodle machine. It is like eating rough and coarse, and it is convenient to eat finely rolled. It would be better if it was automatic.
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By Sunny
This pasta machine is awesome! I've always wanted a pasta machine and this is great for a beginner. It's not super complicated to set-up and use. I also like how small it is because I can put it away when I'm not using it. If you're used to full-size pasta machines, you just have to cut your dough smaller. Great value for the money!
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By K. C.
I gave this to my parents as a gift, along with tickets to a Pasta making class. They absolutely loved learning how to utilize the machine in the class, and now they are making their our Ravioli, Spaghetti, Lasagna, and Linguine all with one machine in the convenience of their kitchen.
They love it!
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By Grace
4.4 | 368 customer ratings
86% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
I make Asian kind of noodles, and I bought other kinds of rack/hanger before, but they don't work; either hard to assemble, or takes up too much space, or not easy to clean. This one works really fine; with very little space it can take decent amount of noodles. I wipe it with damp paper towel afterwards and that's all the cleaning it needs. easy to store and no assembly required. also it looks good; when noodles hanging on it - it's like a beautiful tree! love it!
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By T Tu
Overall, I think this is an excellent product. As I said in the headline, the design is good, it's sturdy, and collapses well for storage. I don't know if there's much more good I can say about it, but in the future I will come back for another one if we need to make multiple batches. The recipe we used we could have doubled and it would have fit great on this rack.
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By Sam Stubbs
I suppose I should say up front I am not using it for a pasta dryer. I am using it for reusable kitchen cloth dryer. I have an open concept kitchen and do not have any place to put hooks up to hang towels to dry. So I am trying this. So far so good. It is stable and does clean easily.
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By Linda J. Lacelle
4.5 | 251 customer ratings
87% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Our first time using a pasta roller. We chose this model because it was affordable and we assumed it wasn't that critical for us to have pasta precisely uniform in width.

1. The attachment fit our KitchenAid nicely. We have a 30 year old model, not a professional grade.

2. Pasta dough didn't appear uniform after a 15 minute rest period, but that didn't seem to matter. With repeated feeds and folds at size 8-6, the texture became more uniform. Continued rolling down to size 3-0 on single passes gave us much joy.

3. I tried flouring, rolling the dough into tubes, and cutting finely with a knife, but this still led to rolled dough balls by the time I reached the last few to unravel. Ultimately, we found using a pizza cutter was faster and more fun!

4. Enjoy you pasta roller. Your kitchen counter will turn into a mess, but what a
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By Ronald E.
Excellent product! It’s my KitchenAid stand mixer perfectly does exactly what I needed to do very happy with this purchase!
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By Kathleen Quinn
My daughter has be wanting to make ravioli for a while, I was looking at ravioli molds during prime day and realized I would need a machine to roll the dough to the thin and even thickness necessary for good ravioli. I saw this one with a Prime Day discount and since I already have a 29yo Kitchenaid mixer I figured why hand crank when I can have a machine do the work for the same price as a manual pasta roller.
This works perfect, I found a pasta dough recipe, started with the widest setting of 8 and worked my way down to 1. The machine feeds easily, never jammed or tore the dough. Following the directions I added flour to the outside of the dough as needed and soon had a 1 meter long sheet the width of my ravioli mold. One batch of dough made 48 raviolis. This
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By B. W.
4.3 | 485 customer ratings
80% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Update: 25 Jan. 2018. Having now used this machine several times to make gyoza wrappers, I can validate my previous 5 star rating: I'm 98% pleased. The machine is heavy-duty, and rolls the dough for my wrappers to a nicety at thickness setting "2". It's exactly what I was after, and at what I thought a very fair price. If I were using it to make spaghetti or such, I'd prefer the machine to be wider; but then, of course, it would cost more. One recommendation I'd make to the manufacturer (if they read these reviews) is that the C-clamp is far too narrow-mouthed to hold the machine onto any counter in my kitchen: I had to use a large C-clamp from my workshop (which isn't a food-grade device) to hold it down. The clamp lacks at least 2 cm. (about 1 in.) of being
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By Aaron Scott
Machine works great so far for conditioning polymer clay. I feel like this is a good middle of the line model for this purpose. There are some others on amazon that are cheaper but the gears in those break within a few weeks. This one is higher quality and easier to clean.
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By PearlRobison
A 5-Star Rating - "I bought this for my teen aged daughter because she loves cooking and loves pasta. I bought this with the idea of it being a "beginner" piece to see how it worked out. She loves it and has been making pasta at least every other week. It is much sturdier and well built than I had expected, so it has graduated from our "beginner" to our permanent pasta maker. Very pleased with the purchase."
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By Donna A. Saykally