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4.8 | 2,797 customer ratings
96% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
I've been looking for some time for quality, waterproof patio chair covers that will last for seasons to come. I've found them in these Vailge patio chair covers!!! Here in the Northwest we've been dealing with 20 and 30 degree weather for 2 months. Snow, freezing rain, ice, wind, bright sun breaks .... my chairs, and their chair cushions would have surely been ruined by now! But, these chair covers have performed exceptionally well!! Well made, durable (and yes, as advertised - waterproof), fabric, great fit and they look good!! Simple enough - with just a good shake, the snow and/or ice just fall right off. I would recommend these to anyone looking for waterproof patio chair covers. You will not be disappointed! Thank you, Vailge!
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By Stephanie Curry-White
I waited until we had weather to prove this review. In the last few weeks we've had storms, heavy rain, and winds gusts to 30mph. My chairs are on a 14' x 15' covered deck. My chairs with cushions on them measure 33h x 33d x 29w. These covers are a heavy material with lighter material at the bottom and an air vent in the front. Water beads up on them. They don't drag on the ground so water runs off nicely. They have a leg clip to attach them to a front leg and a drawstring to tighten the fit. I tied the drawstring on the opposite back leg which may not be necessary, but I do wish there was another clip. They haven't blown off. I had a hard time finding a cover to fit my chairs. These are near perfect. I bought another set once I
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By Charissa Garofalo
Fits my large(deep) patio chairs. I was hesitant because the covers I bought from Target didn't fit my large chairs from Macy's. The length is perfect! I usually take off my cushions if I'm not on the deck but the cover is big enough to keep them on as well. I'm now ready for winter in Illinois!
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By luvl
4.8 | 2,063 customer ratings
96% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
I give five stars all around! Though I cannot attest (yet) to it’s water resistance, as I JUST got it and used it, I will update.
This cover is very heavy duty, and has great features! Under this cover are two stackable patio love seats, two folding side tables, both bench cushions (for each love seat) and four throw pillows! (See photo)
It has great heavy duty clasps on each corner to hook around each leg of the love seat. Each allow enough length to hook around very large legs or adjust smaller as necessary! (See second photo)
It also has a cinch pull tie at each side to tighten the bottom of the cover to fit the distance around snugly. (See third photo)
I anticipate having this cover on for all of my furnitures time while not in use to protect it from sun fading as well as rain, snow, wind and whatever
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By Doogers_Wife
I bought the 2-Seater Heavy Duty Patio Deep Bench Loveseat Cover. It came arrived exactly as advertised. I've had problems finding covers in the past to fit the width (without being too wide) and the depth (without being too short). The previous cover I used was discontinued by the manufacturer.

Upon opening, the fabric appears to be of high quality and the seams were strong. The fit (my biggest concern) was perfect. The clasps are shorter than my previous cover, but when I saw that it fit snuggly around the legs of my furniture, I think that might be a good thing.

Coincidentally, it rained heavily the day after I put the cover on. Being brand new, the rain runs off it which I would expect. Given that nothing in direct UV sunlight and exposed to the elements and woodland creatures will last forever, let's
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By Charles W Patterson III
I recommend. Also, a good value. Bought two of these for a Costco purchased L shaped sectional which is deeper 34" than most other brands are designed for. These withstood a full day of non stop rain in Arizona. I was concerned by some of the other reviews but I had no dampness on the pillows/cushions after I removed it. First, the cover looks very nice, very expensive, and it's not an eyesore to look at. It stayed on despite winds with the bungee cords pulled tight. My furniture has low block legs, so the velcro that would normally go around legs did not work, but the cover stayed on (I did push a tabel up against one side to prevent any crosswinds from possibly lifting it. Time will tell how it stands up. I will use only for rain. I do not cover my seats which are in full
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By T. shaw
4.6 | 2,194 customer ratings
88% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Beautiful! Pretty colors, but know it will fade with time and sun...already has.
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By Cindy Range
They arrived in one piece and we're easy to hang. They look delicate but are actually pretty sturdy. I hung them up on a windy night and they were surprisingly loud but still quieter than most metal or wood chimes so I think it's a good level of noise.
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By MissObserver777
This is really pretty hanging under my patio. Love the colors and I think the sounds it makes are lovely. Some described as glass pieces banging together, I don't think it sounds like that at all. I was worried because it was windy the day I hung it, but it held up well. I realize it may only last a season, but for the price I paid, I don't really care much. I can just replace it next year. I live where it is HOT all summer, I don't expect much to last here anyway.

Updating this. So far it has made it through the summer and monsoon winds/storms. It is a little faded, but nothing has broken and it is still nice.
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By mlph
4.7 | 704 customer ratings
95% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Since purchasing our first home with an outdoor space this is probably our fourth cover we have tried. I normally get 2 seasons out of a cover as it will inevitably rip or turn moldy. Plus most of the covers that I have purchased all promise to be water-proof but after one or two rain/snow storms you can see the water penetration and then my furniture is not protected. I know this as part of my annual process I cut out a piece of plywood that sits on top of my outdoor couches and then the cover is placed over it to ensure that ice and snow don't sag and damage the furniture. So winter #1 on this cover was surprisingly excellent. From our 2nd floor I watched it over the winter and thought I was starting to see the tell-tale indications of moisture penetration. I expected that my ply-wood
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By Frugal24
I am impressed with quality of this product. It is a thick canvas like material. It has 4 buckles on each corner that attach to table legs so that cover will not blow with the wind. There is also a drawstring to cinch bottom. There are 2 handles, one on each side that provides easier handling. I woukd recommend for sure!
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By Christina
If i could give it less than 1 star i would. One month on table it is black on the top and streaked on the sides.
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By sally gotshall bowersox
4.8 | 425 customer ratings
98% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Received these covers super fast and was excited to get them on our Adirondack chairs before several big rainstorms hit this week in southern CA. Easy to get on and covered the chairs nicely. The clip and drawstring at the bottom helped them stay put when it got quite windy. I can’t say how they worked to keep my furniture dry just yet, as it’s still pouring rain. Will update later in the week once the sun returns! So far, very happy I purchased these.
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By T. Arrogante
Fit my patio chairs perfectly so now I don't have to take in the cushions every time it rains. They have pull ties as well as loop buckles for legs. There are handles for removing, air vents for breathability, and a nice two tone pattern. They are waterproof as well. Very pleased with shipping and packaging.
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I bought a rather expensive folding patio chair that I wanted to leave outside for the entire summer, yet protect it from all the elements that could quickly ruin my new purchase.

The first thing I did after purchasing the chair was to look for a tarp cover.

Now, tarp covers can be rather expensive. This one was about $20 at the time of this review and had a lot of positive reviews. Took the chance and blindly purchased.

The material is just fantastic. When you unfold this chair cover you really feel the weight and thickness of the material in your hand. This is not some sheer piece of plastic. Instead, you are getting heavy-duty fabric that stays weighted to the chair and secured by a click-close strap.

The only regret I have is that this is a little too small for the folding chair. Yet, I
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By Ronald Epstein
4.5 | 4,479 customer ratings
87% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
The umbrella looks and works nicely. We are currently using it in conjunction with a "screen cover" from Haband allowing us to enjoy the outdoors with minimal contact with biting bugs. When fall arrives, we'll remove the screen so we can use the tilt feature as well.
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By Donald L. Bauer
Although this took way too long to arrive, I am so happy with this umbrella. The color is perfect. The assembly was so easy. Seriously perfect.
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By Curious_Mermaid
The quality is good. Durable and perfect size for my deck table that seats 6 people.
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By Sumpter L McWatters
4.6 | 832 customer ratings
91% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
My husband and I are not very confident in our DIY skills but we were quoted THOUSANDS of dollars to have landscape lighting installed and we were really disappointed that the cost was prohibitive for us. So, we started researching whether we could do it ourselves and, I found the Meikee lights as a VERY reasonable starting point. We then watched many YouTube videos about DIY low voltage landscape lighting and felt like yep, we can do this. So, we did. The Meikee 7w spotlights are perfect for a subtle and warm lighting solution. They are bright enough to cast the shadows we’re love and uplight all the right spots. You DO have to buy the low voltage wire and transformer and connectors separately but, we went to Lowe’s and talked with them and bought a 200w transformer (with dusk to dawn automatic timer) for about $70.00 and 200 feet
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By KWhitmer
I ordered 32 of these and so far have used 28. My lot is big and spread out. (7 acres) I used these in the feont and back and they worked out really great. My electrician commented on how nice and solid they are. You can see the results in the photos. The wires are plenty long too. I used in the beds to light the house front and the others in the trees. I will probably be ordering more. They are very small but pack a punch!
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By Joseph R. Edwards
First... I purchased two (2) of the MEIKEE 7W LED Landscape Lights Pathway Lights 12V/24V Spotlights (Warm White 8 Pack - 64000022-WW). These kits do NOT include wire, connectors or transformer (as described at the top of the product page). I knew this before I purchased, but wanted to make sure anyone purchasing this is aware that they will need to purchase those items separately.

Second... I read a lot of the negative reviews and wanted to clarify a few things: as described (and I mentioned above), this does not include wire, connectors or transformer. It is a 45 degree beam light as described (not 90 degree as some complained about). The power wire is 1M long (3.3 feet), which is very helpful when trying to keep connections to a minimum and/or keep your main power feed buried and away from view. All lights (16
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By Charles L.
4.7 | 463 customer ratings
93% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Very pretty, easy to install. Some previous reviews indicated that the screws that came with were of a different color, not so with the one I received. Purchased to attach to the front of my house to hang a hummingbird feeder from. Gave 5 stars because exactly as listed, suits the purpose that I needed it for and reasonably priced.
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By Carla K.
Seems sturdy enough. We use it to hang a tube bird feeder. My one word of advice: See right at the end, where it bends around? The part you actually hang something from? Well the underside of that hook is pretty much horizontal, which means that whatever you hang on it could blow around in the wind and come crashing down. Fortunately the fix is easy. Just bend it up so it forms a bit of a closed loop. Problem solved!
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By Pericombobulation53
I like the style of this hanger-it is nice having multiple places to hang things from because of the design. Screws were of sufficient length to screw into wood and hold well. I wish the metal was a little thicker, but it holds my plant well. Be advised that the back bracket with the screw holes is pretty long and may not fit in all areas if hanging on a carved porch column (which happened to me and I had to reposition it to another location on the column so both holes could be screwed into the wood). It looks nice on my back porch.
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By CJ one
4.7 | 454 customer ratings
92% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Worked out great for my big ferns.
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By Diane C.
These are great! So far no issues and they’re pretty. Great price for what you get. Had to order two, this listing is only for one bracket.
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By Amazon Customer
This is an amendment to my previous review. My initial review indicated that I was that I was very satisfied. Now that I've actually installed the hooks my feedback is more specific to the actual product....

First let me say that I'm someone who makes numerous purchases via Amazon an other on line sites. I also rely heavily on reviews when making my product decisions. I therefore feel complied to share likewise my fair assessments of products I receive as well. So here goes. These hooks are beautiful... Very simplistic as pictured. BUT here goes. They come with hardware e.g. the screws required to hang the hooks... "great" right. However, the screws go straight through the pre-drilled holes which makes them unusable...I suppose you could purchase washers to prevent this but Why bother supplying screws that don't fit in
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By US Lady Bug
4.7 | 447 customer ratings
93% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Cute solar lights. They light up every night, even when there’s not a lot of sunlight during the day and they are very bright. The seller was very responsive, prompt and accommodating in exchanging one that had a bulb out.
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My husband bought this owl light for my mother, I personally thought it was an odd gift because it is labeled as an outdoor owl. Despite this, my mother loved it and placed it on the kitchen sink, it doesnt look out of place at all! It gets sun from the window nearby. I posted a picture, I believe it does the owl more justice than the listing.
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By Lideth Delvalle
Absolutely love the turtle statue! It is so cute that I have it on my coffee table instead of outdoors.
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By Arias McBeth
4.5 | 1,689 customer ratings
89% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Our rear deck faces West and gets full sun pretty much from midday thru to sunset. I considered umbrellas for the much needed shade, but experience has shown that they fall over, take up deck real estate with the base, fade and need replacing every couple years, are bulky to store over winter and can be expensive. I saw patio sails on TV and looked through Amazon's offerings. I was surprised how cost effective they are for the large area they cover and they are super easy to install if you can do DIY.

The Shade&Beyond looked to be good value and hopefully durable and had a size (10ft x 13ft) that seemed (on paper) to work for our deck (12ft x 16ft) It arrived within 2 days and took less than 30 mins to put up this first time, after I had already bought and installed the
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By Allen D. Reinecke
My use of this isn't quite typical. My bedroom is in the southwest corner of the house I rent, and as such it can get incredibly hot in the summer. I bought blackout curtains last summer, and, even with permanent metal awnings outside the window, they had rectangular sun-bleached areas by autumn, and my room would still be very warm. On one day I had to evacuate my pet snake to the living room because it was dangerously hot. I needed a solution, and I'm limited in what I can do because I rent.

I ended up attaching this shade with carabiners to the underside of the permanent awning, and attaching the other two corners with tent spikes to the lawn. (See photos.) It's worked terrifically. The curtains in my room used to be hot to the touch in the late afternoon - no longer! Breezes can come through the shade,
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By Megan McEvers
We’ve only had this shade up for a couple weeks now, but it’s made a big difference on how cool both our patio and the backside of our house stays on hot days. The install was a bit frustrating, however. This shade does NOT come with rope or anything to help you secure it, so you have to buy your own hooks and ties separately. Additionally, the material stretches A LOT after it sits in the sun for a bit, even more if it gets caught in a wind storm. Now that the shade has stretched out, it’s too big for our space and sags low enough in the center that my husband can barely walk under it. We plan to run twine underneath to help hold it up. Had I expected all of this, I would have ordered a smaller size.
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4.6 | 621 customer ratings
90% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
I got these to replace two of the old halogen motion lights on the corners of my house. I was got tired of keep replacing the bulbs every six months or so, and the bulbs are super expensive compared to the modern day LEDs. This nature of LEDs are definitely going to outlast halogen bulbs, and they are so much more brighter than the dual halogen bulbs they are replacing. I initially was worried that moisture will get to the sensitive parts and damage it, but these ones have a protective rubber cover on the switch itself so no worries there. This one is also fully automatic, meaning no more having to setup timer, dusk setting, duration, etc like on the traditional motion lights. It turns on at dusk, and will light up for 30 seconds and turns off by itself. All you'd have
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By B.K.
When i first got it i thought it wouldnt be bright because it was smaller than my old flood lights but man was i wrong. It was really bright. Good thing i got the 2 pack. I placed one in the backyard and one in front of my garage. It has rained for 3 days straight and it still works. I have no complaints about these.
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By Donnie Fernandez Chibi
I have used a lot of different motion activated solar security lights over the years because they don't tend to last very long. I can't say how long these will last since I've only had them installed for a few days, but so far I'm very impressed. Installation was as simple as could be, requiring only 3 screws to mount the bracket, and then the light clips down onto the bracket. I really like how the three LED panels can be independently aimed, as it really helps to direct the light where you want it, while also compensating for varying mounting heights and angles. I mounted one of these to the gutter above my garage so that my driveway security camera can do a better job of capturing whoever might be walking around on my property, and I put the other light on a fence post
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By G.B.
4.7 | 396 customer ratings
90% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
I purchased this for our garage hangout spot to replace another fold up rocker that just collapsed & broke on my poor husband...sorry I was silently snickering. This rocker seems way more sturdy, folds much easier & just looks way more attractive. The price however stung a bit but we spend so much time hanging out in our garage watching sports & playing with our kiddo that it seemed well worth the price. I did however had to buy a second Timber Ridge rocker since we both kept “fighting” over the one. We also like that this rocker has a higher back, makes it super comfy when laying back & relaxin.
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By Jayhawks1
Easy to open and close. I have been using it in the house because I like it that much. It is very comfortable for me at 5'4 but a little small for my 6'4" husband. It rocks good in the grass, too.
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By Anna P
Love my new folding rocker ! The best thing is the high back that supports my whole back as well as my head comfortably. I am 5'4'' and the high back would easily support the back of a taller person. The chair material appears to be durable and the padding definitely adds to the comfort especially when you sit for a longer period of time. Has nice safety features: a latch to flip so it doesn't open by accident and a button to push in so it doesn't close by accident. Don't see a down side at this point.
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By talkgirl
4.5 | 1,202 customer ratings
86% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Solar Mason jar lights arrived in perfect condition as they were well packaged. Jar lid is made of plastic but that is a good thing. I have had metal ones rust quickly. The lids will also fit standard mouth Mason jar if you like. The only problem out of the box was the nasty old oil smell on the jars. That was easy fixed with some soap and water. The lights are nice and bright. The lids have keep water out even with all the rainfall we have had.
Update 9-21-18
Some of the jars have started filling with rain water. Lights still work but this will lead to rusting in battery comportment eventually. Jars have also started to loose brightness at very different rates regardless of water issue or location.
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By pix
These Solar Mason Jar Lid Fairy Lights emit a soft golden glow bright enough to illuminate an evening dinner, conversation with good people, or simply sitting in solitude and gazing at the night sky. Each one has "Good Luck" etched on the glass, a little touch that made me smile. For those of you like myself who can feel nostalgia when it comes to mason jars, these lights will prove to be especially delightful (they remind me of my mother when she used to can wild blueberries and of my baby brother and me catching fireflies and putting them in mason jars on summer nights, later falling asleep to their fairy flashings in the bedroom we shared).
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By John G.
My wife and I have created an amazing outdoor living space this year! While sitting on the deck one evening after I had hung string lights around the perimeter of the deck railing, my wife suggested we needed “...some lights in the woods” on the other side of the lawn from where we were sitting. We immediately searched for solar LED lanterns, or something like that, and saw these mason jars with solar lids and LED string lights inside the jars. We drink from mason jars every day, so these lights were perfect in theory!... Fast-forward to receipt, and they are perfect in reality, too! We will very likely submit a picture to the company in exchange for a discount coupon and then place another order! After a couple of nights of use - I hung them from nails on trees along the perimeter of the tree line in the
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By Christopher Lins
4.6 | 538 customer ratings
88% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
My previous review was obviously not for this product. This product arrived on time and was exactly as described. Good quality metal plant hangers. Very happy with purchase. My only complaint was one plant hanger came with screws that were too small of a head to hold it. They passed right through the bracket holes. I have plenty of screws though so overall happy with purchase.
UPDATE: Customer service contacted me and apologized for the oversight of wrong sized screws. They also provided me with a reasonable refund for the cost of the screws. I'm impressed with how easy they are to work with and stand behind their product. Great company to do business with.
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By Chris Chandler
This hook is sturdy and elegant and just what I needed to hang my 44-inch wind chimes on. Installing it was simple and it came with two screws and anchors. Keep in mind that this is a one sided design, so the bird doesn't look as good from the other side. I'm quite happy with my purchase.
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Looks great! Added to a post in the front of our house to be ale to hang plants off of!
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By Bosic Celmina
4.5 | 1,020 customer ratings
88% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
I tried the 16x16x16 and it was too small, buy the biggest you can fit in your yard. A couple of tips on install I wish I would have seen. I attached one point to house and had to install poles for the other two. I used 1.25 inch steel poles, and they bend a bit at 8 feet high from ground. Use 1.75 inch poles jut like you see on chain link fences. The holes were much easier than I thought, use a post hole digger and go down 2 feet, then put in 4in of gravel. One 50lb sack of quick setting concrete worked fine for each hole. You just fill the whole with 1/3 water then pour the bag in. Make sure you have the poles secured in the position you need (I just used some string). Also
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By Catharine J. Bening
This product is exactly as advertised. It is lightweight and provides shade, but not protection from rain (as described). I spent another $120 on materials and hardware to install it because my deck extends away from the west side of my house. To get max shade required installing two 8-foot posts at the far corners of the deck and anchoring the third point to the house.

If you plan to keep this up for long periods, invest in quality metal turnbuckles and hardware that will stand up to intense sun, wind, or rain.
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By Chris
I have purchased a few of these sun shades from different vendors. This one has decent quality compared to others and feels like it is made with robust seams and heavy material.

It gets three stars since there is an ugly seam across the center (about 1/3 into the middle from one of the corners). This seam is not pictured in any of the product photos and not mentioned in the description as a possibility. The seam is not discrete and really hurts the aesthetics for me. It has the appearance of a dark stripe during the middle of the day when the sun is shining through.

Note that this is my second purchase with this same issue. The first time around, I contacted the seller and returned it since they indicated the seam shouldn't be there. The second shade sail had the identical issue and I decided to keep it since
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By atsai
4.6 | 480 customer ratings
90% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
This product is probably a little better than I thought would be because I was concerned about the weight limit; my birdhouse weights a little bit more and there's a lot of "nesting" material in there. I also read some reviews that people were complaining about the screws that came with it, but they seemed to work just fine for me. Went through pretty thick material and have had no problems. I do agreed, would be nice if bird was "full" on both sides, but this works for me. I like it.
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By shadkat
These are amazing!!! I love them and they add d great detail to my project in the picture below. One did break and the seller refunded me so I could order a new one and I returned the broken one. They hold up those heavy plants, no problem. Look at how pretty they are! Very smart purchase!
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By Susan
Really like this bracket...Nice design and very sturdy...Holds my heavy plant well.
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By Nikki
4.5 | 796 customer ratings
88% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
This hardware is excellent quality for the price. But why only 2 carabiners?? I had to buy 2 more at Home Depot to complete my installation. I also bought some eye bolts to use for some corners rather than the diamond plates. That makes a much stronger connection by going thru the wood, rather than pulling against 4 screws. The 2 diamond plates I used were mounted horizontal so the tension would pull laterally on the screws.
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By J. Hunt
You get what the listing indicates, however it's a lot smaller than a different brand I bought here on Amazon. For all most the same price, the Ollieroo Shade Sail Hardware Kit I bought a few months ago, is about twice as thick. Since they're both made from 316 Stainless Steel, the other one should be much stronger. I thought I was buying the same size hardware, it was my fault for not reading the description better. See photo for comparison of the two hardware kits.
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By J. W.
The hardware is very fancy - nice stainless steel but the screws are only one inch long. Screws are severely undersized for the application. If you are screwing into fascia you need longer screws because most fascia is just a thin, non-wood decorative facing, not to meant to hold anchors. So you need something longer that will go through, into the stronger wood behind the fascia. In a high wind area these screws are inadequate.
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By Ijw
4.6 | 457 customer ratings
88% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
We love it! We tried growing grass in our tiny backyard, but our dog was destroying it with his acid pee faster than we could repair it, and the grass only grew in patches. So we decided to line the yard and patio with river rock and put this artificial grass in the middle, and we couldn't be happier! It looks so colorful and clean, and no more brown spots! Very easy to clean off, drains well, and so far has stayed in place.
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By ProudMommy1
I've got two small patios with small grass patches at my townhouse. The grass patches are used as dog runs by two medium sized dogs. Grass is killed and turns into a mudhole in about 6 months.

This product solved my problem completely. I used I used branch trimming shears to cut it to size. Looks quite realistic, like freshly cut lawn. Drains the heaviest rains in an hour. Took about an hour to install and used a handful of "lawn staples" to peg it into pace. Now, solid waste is easily picked up for disposal. I hose it down maybe once a week. The dogs both took to it immediately. An unexpected benefit more bugs. Population of flies, etc dropped drastically and quickly. Time to sell my grass trimmer and get rid of my spare
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By Jim Blair
After a long time visiting several stores, I decided to check Amazon for a good quality synthetic turf and definitely, I found it. This product has high quality with great material and great appearance (soft and visually similar to grass, no to plastic). Water drains perfectly through it and dries fast. Cutting to fit a specific space (like my case) was pretty easy. I love it!
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By Paula
4.6 | 455 customer ratings
90% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Excellent material, nice color and 100 % privacy. I bought 8 panels 52x108 in Cream Beige to cover the 3 cameras that my neighbor put on hes house pointing to my pool, looks so nice that now my husband wanna put more on the other side of the pool for 100 % privacy...
I m going to order 8 more
Excellent comunication from the seller at all time and fast shipping .
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By Brisy
I ordered 2 mocha colored 54 x 95 curtains and they sent me 2 mocha ones but from different dye lots. I am hanging them side by side but because they will be pulled back most of the time and I only need to to block the wind I will keep them.. BUT , when someone orders multiple curtains you need to do better to match them. The quality is great, just a little disappointed in color mis-match. I contacted RYB and they sent me another one to match one of the panels, free of charge. I will order from them again. Thanks for fixing the problem without me having to send them back.
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By Teressa
So far I am well pleased with this purchase. I’ve only had them up for a short time so I’m hoping they will stand the test of time. They are very well made and match the fabric almost perfectly that came with my canopy. The tabs are great but I didn’t realize the bars on the canopy were not free on the ends so I had to improvise. I would recommend them!
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By Joy Vanhook