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4.7 | 77,563 customer ratings
91% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Amazon wants to know what I think about this item, a digital code for $10 of credit on the Playstation Store. There's almost nothing that I could tell you about this that you don't already know if you're actually looking for Playstation Store credit. You buy this item, and a minute or two later you can find the code in your digital codes section on Amazon along with instructions to redeem it and a link to go right to the redeem page with the code pasted in for you in case you're too impatient to read.

The codes have always worked for me and they've been delivered in seconds, which is more than I can say for Sony's own built-in payment methods which like to lock you out arbitrarily. Well, except when someone steals your account then suddenly Sony's got no problem draining the daily maximum of $150
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By Another Customer
fast easy poor n broke due to fortnite i cant stop nor get rid of 2 months spent $3,000 on in game skins so on i still have no friends to plat with online ps4 i may sadly cut my loss on wasted cash just blew $125 thus far in a day 11/9/18' for the football complete teams ugh!!! online gaming hate it fortnite is a disease that got me i must sadly stop it buy my normal games leave this to the fortnite pc famous paid!!! gamers for twitch n tournaments SAD i spent/spending so much on the free game but every 24 hours new skins are posted emote dances ugh wish i could figure to sell my fortnite account get some money back it destroyed my life literally 3 friends broke up 1 divorced over the game!!! all my ps cards were are for the game lol then
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By DeathSSpell
I purchased two of these cards almost exactly 4 months ago, in preparation for some fall releases. I've bought a lot of digital cash cards for PSN from Amazon, it's an easy way to use credit or to tuck something away to save for later, when I KNOW I want a game.

I used one code early September and was prepared to use one the day before Red Dead Redemption 2 came out. Unfortunately, it did not deposit the $60 into my account. Instead, I get this error from Sony. "The code you entered is inactive. Please check terms and conditions." I try multiple browsers, multiple devices.

I contact Amazon and I'm told it's not their problem, it's on Sony. I contact Sony, send them the code itself and the purchase information. 2 days later, I hear back. It's not their problem, it's "the retailer's." I contact Amazon
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By Brian Condry
4.8 | 918 customer ratings
97% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
This case is exactly what I've been looking for.
It has:
-Indents on the bottom for the triggers to sit in so the switch sits flat in the case.
-A pull tab to lift the switch out.
-Two padded flaps that protect the screen and hold game carts, with the added bonus of having two flaps allowing more of a gap for my skull and co analogue stick caps. As well as a velcor strap to hold the switch in the case.
-A padded mesh zipper pocket that can hold the Nintendo brand AC brick that comes with your console, my Nintendo Switch branded Anker 20100 power bank and usb c cord, the Nintendo brand usb c cord that comes with the pro controller, and a cloth screen wipe.
-And all of these things in here and there is NO pressure being applied to my switch or analogue sticks when i close and zip the case.
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By Matthew
The case itself is great quality for the price. It's already pretty stiff out the box, which was a good sign and the zippers/compartments actually do feel like they'll hold!

Having a spot for the AC Charger was important for me when looking through all the options, so I was relieved when I found this one. Feels a little like I'm stuffing it, but there's actually still space for more in the upper compartment.

Bought one for myself and one for my husband.
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By Alicia
I cannot say enough good things about this purchase and product! My son is a huge nintendo switch fan and does his best to take good care of it. We spent over $40.00 on a very expensive traveling case only for it to fall apart within the first couple days. So we bought this one and wow! Wish I had saved my money and ordered this one first! The quality is fantastic and the case is solid! It holds everything we need it to and more. The design is simple and easy to use. It's a perfect size for travel and carry. It will absolutely keep the switch safe during our summer vacations this year. Highly recommend this switch case if you are looking for a good solid way to keep your nintendo switch safe!
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By Jess Pete
4.8 | 474 customer ratings
97% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
I was a tad suspicious when the only customers reviews were from those whom received the item for free [purchased on 04/26/16]. It was only $17 though, so I took a chance and I'm very happy I did! It's a quality product that doesn't feel cheap in the least. The interior segments are well-crafted and the exterior is the perfect blend between hard/sturdy and shock-absorbent Size-wise, it's about 3.5x as thick as the original OLED Vita and retains the shape (length x width) nearly perfectly. It's a tad large for most pockets, but it's perfect for book-bags, most laptop cases, suitcases, purses, etc. Everything for your Vita fits snuggly inside, and it's got this helpful little cloth band/string at the bottom that easily lifts the Vita out of the case. The 10 game slots are well secured/immobilized and protected, which is amazing if you prefer physical game cartridges like I
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By Amazon Customer
This likely the most useful case for the ps vita (1000/2000) in the market right now:

-Vita fits perfectly snug inside the case, and they cleverly included some sort of cloth/belt to place under the vita so it is easier to pull out
-The flap in the middle has room for 10 game cartridges, and they are surprisingly secure and stretchy
-The compartment on top has enough room to fit a usb charger, and a small wall adapter (the original adapter for the vita that comes with the extra cable may fit, but it would be quite a tight fit.
-Looks great + high quality material
-Case is semi-hard and can protect vita from drops of moderate height

-There are excess flaps from seams at the bottom area where the vita itself is placed, which the L and R buttons can frequently catch onto when you try to pull the system out of the case. Maybe
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By Aaron C.
The P100 is probably the best case for my Vita I've ever had (I had 3 before it). You can tell that it's made specifically for it. The outer shell looks soft, but is MUCH harder than it looks! When I opened it, I was a little concerned that the tray didn't have any padding to hold it, but after putting my Vita in, I realized that it doesn't need it. It fits the slim Vita perfectly, as long as it doesn't have a big plastic protective case (I don't mean a screen protector), and holds it snugly so it can't rattle around. The strap that goes underneath the system and out the top makes it very easy to remove it. Also, the tray that holds the Vita is slightly recessed, and with the soft flap above it, prevents the L&R sticks from being
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By Jim S.
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4.6 | 2,485 customer ratings
89% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Let me get this out of the way first: I despise Sony's proprietary price gouging with a fiery passion. For this much money, you can buy a decent 120GB SSD. But I digress. This card will display 59GB when you look at its storage capacity on the Vita itself. I've included an explanation at the end of this review on why your card will read 59GB when you put it in. For those of you who don't want to read all of it, 59GB is what is displayed and this is not incorrect, nor is saying that it is 64GB wrong, it's just a common deceptive practice in today's digital storage market.

This card, despite being a Japanese import, works just fine on American PS Vitas. What you are buying is a direct Japanese import, not a card that's been localized for North America.
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By Brendan M Oliver
I purchased two of these ridiculously expensive PSV memory cards from seller APEX GAMES (USA) with FBA (fulfilled by Amazon). I originally only purchased one for my husband, but after browsing Amazon and getting great deals on PS Vita games it only made sense to just get one for myself. I do want to note beforehand that the cards I received from APEX GAMES (USA) are the Asia version (Taiwan/Korea - PCH-Z641G), NOT Japan version (PCH-Z641J) like stated in the description and title. Because of this I knocked off one star as I did not receive the actual version I paid for. After reading up on differences and seeing that the G version cost more on the play-asia site (where PS Vita is commonly found), that site states the J version may experience issues with PSV 1000 devices (aka fat vitas). Now I don't own the PSV 1000, but the
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By Shopaholic
I can share the same experience as many other reviewers have, be prepared to deal with currupted data, crashes, errors, and it’s inevitable death after 12 - 36 months of use depending on your gaming habits. I was having problems with it from the moment I received it, but after reformatting it a few times and rebuilding the database, the memory card finally became a bit stable. I still encountered issues with it throughout the life of it before it finally died, just after it’s 24 month window. Luckily, I have PS Plus so all my save data is safe, but regardless, having to pay close to $100 for a 64gb proprietary memory card that is bound to fail anyway is hard to swallow. I have another 32gb card that I have been using for a few years now and it is still going strong. So the widespread complaints about
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By P N
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4.6 | 1,540 customer ratings
91% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
I don't really need 64gigs, although it would be nice to have, they're super expensive now. I bought this for around 50 dollars.

On this memory card, i have:
Call of Duty black ops declassified
Minecraft vita
Borderlands 2
Assassins Creed liberation
Dead or alive 5 plus
Metal gear solid 2
Samurai warriors chronicles 3
Titan Souls

12 ps1 games including some big ones like:
Legend of Dragoon
Final Fantasy 7
Sim City
Jet Moto 2
3 Megaman games
And a TON of indie games

In total I have 28 games! and i still have room for 5 movies (around 850mb each) plus a whole collection of photos. Trust me, its enough space unless you're the kind of gamer that needs a hardcore variety. I'm even planning on deleting some games so if i need to make room for more, its no problem at all.
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By Ozcomz
If you own a Vita (or Playstation TV) you'll already know what this is, so there isn't much more to say in that department. The memory card fits my Vita perfectly, it can store a lot of content, and it disappears in the Vita so you'll forget it even exists. I have only filled a fraction of my card thus far but will likely continue to download games as part of my Playstation Plus subscription so time will tell if I need to upgrade.

What is frustrating about this card, and why I can only give this card three out of five stars, is that there is no reason Sony had to develop yet another proprietary memory format. They could have used a regular micro SD slot and we would have been able to buy cards for about one sixth of what we pay for these. I'd
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By Craig Warrington
The memory card works, but it was not brand new. When I plugged the memory card in, it said that it was linked to a previous PSN account and needed to be formatted. The package is an original memory card package, but it's obvious that it was put into that package and resealed to look "new". Happy that it works, disappointed that it's not 100% as described.
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By Kam
4.7 | 514 customer ratings
92% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
So, I have had a bunch of Nintendo DS games lying around for years. They have always been in either their retail cases or in tiny containers I have received as gifts. Now that my Switch game collection growing, I finally decided it was time to break down and buy a carrying case. What drew me to this case was the amount of positive reviews and the price and purchased without looking at the other cases available. As soon as I purchased this case, I immediately regretted it because I remembered I had also wanted to find a case that could also fit my old Game Boy Advance cartridges.

(On a side note, it turns out that they don’t make cases that can hold game cartridges spanning three generations of video game consoles.)

When my package arrived, I was surprised that there was a small felt fiber organizer. It is the
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By Patrick R.
The case seems sturdy and should last quite a long time. Both the 3ds and regular ds cartridges fit perfectly in the middle sleeves, which have two rows of 4. But for some reason, the outer sleeves are rows of 5, and it is difficult to get the game into them by themself. It's a real struggle to get two of them in next to each other on these five rows (see photos). Not sure why they did that when the 4's were the perfect size. Maybe I got an abnormal one. Still, I'll be keeping it as the quality of the materials used to make it is good and it suits my purpose.
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By David P Grange
This case is great for anyone with a mixed system collection. With this product you won't have to worry about carrying different game cases in addition to carrying your different handheld systems. Previously, if I wanted to bring my Switch, Vita, and 3ds (or any combination of those) on a trip with me, I would also have to bring 3 different carrying cases for the games. This case solves that issue! Now all my games for the 3 handheld systems are all in one place. It's super convenient!

The 4 row pocket rows are meant for the larger 3DS/DS line of games, while the 5 pocket rows are meant Switch or Vita game cards (you can also use them for SD cards). As long as you are aware going in that only the middle two rows will fit the larger DS/3DS cartridges then I think you will be quite pleased with
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By D.G.
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4.6 | 1,250 customer ratings
90% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
So the back half of 2019 is late to the party for PSVR, but I just arrived. I want to start off by saying I have NOT tried any PC tethered VR before so this review is based on going from Zero VR experience to owning a PSVR.

In the box, there are a lot of cords and accessories, but there is a booklet that clearly describes the method and order of hooking everything up. Basically you end up with a little powered processing box in between your PS4 and TV/receiver that the headset connects to via a relatively long, 2 port wire. The Playstation camera also gets connected to the PS4 and comes with a nice little flexible stand. This needs to go somewhere where it can face the player, it doesn't necessarily need to be centered above or below the TV - I put mine off to the side
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By the eliminator
The review that says no golf is incorrect. Blood and truth comes in a disc and the golf game is with a voucher to download. It’s clearly stated
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By Jerry
Playstation VR is a decent product and especially when it is discounted, it is the lowest price way to get into VR. It fills that niche nicely. It's kind of amazing going from no VR experience or something like Google Cardboard to this but if you are coming from the HTC Vive or similar higher end headsets there are trade-offs made. You get less of the screen door effect but this is a lower resolution rendering and grain is more apparent. I'd recommend it as a VR experience but I am also excited to see a future product with improved resolution and clarity.

The motion controllers work but they are prone to interference and feel very dated compared to the other Playstation 4 hardware and the headset. They mostly work quite well but I found it really depended on lighting and camera placement to get a reliable experience.

As for the games
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4.8 | 220 customer ratings
95% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
This case came to me exactly as described in the details. It's a larger, more unwieldy case than what I was using before, but the hard shell is what I was looking for the added protection. (I carry this in a separate pack, so the size means nothing to me.) The room inside the case is large enough for one to carry their power cord, however, I found another use for this extra space.

I use this to carry my PSP, with a silicone protector, along with my PS Vita. There is enough space for me to carry both in the same case instead of carrying both separately. The fit may be a bit tight, but the expansion of material where the zipper is located make it a very good fit, without the fear that both devices may be pressed too much between the inner flap.
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By HoustonDG
Now this is a case! I originally purchased one for the Vita 2000 and it was just tight. It would turn on the system whenever I'll put it in. That wasn't acceptable for me so I return it. In here I have room to move it around by a few centimeters! I'm so happy with that. While bulker, it's to hold your cables, headphones and some games. I'm just glad I found a case I can safety store it without worrying about dust buildup or any damages by tossing it somewhere. This makes me feel more comfortable if I ever feel like tossing it about. It's nice and sturdy!
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By Ari
This product arrived in a very filthy brown box, but the product itself is made of great quality. The reason for the 3 star rating is I made sure to read the details of the items before purchasing. I have a cover on one of my PS Vita Slims so I ordered the P100L like the description suggested. Unfortunately that model case is too big even with a cover on the vita, it fits loose inside this case. I was expecting a secure fit. P100L might fit better with bulkier case covers.
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By Shopaholic
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4.5 | 966 customer ratings
86% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Its a memory card, what else can I say about it?

Well... the price was not good. Considering I spend as much as it would cost to get a 1U class card... (RAW 4K streaming)... Which I am pretty sure this cannot do. So I am kind of upset at Sony when they have to rely on silly formatting to keep consumers from using their own memory and artificially keeping the price up.

Other wise I would have put a 64gb SD card in my Vita a long time ago........
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By Kyle
The product itself is fine. The seller on Amazon is perfect, but shame on Song for making this unnecessary proprietary memory format in the first place. Their pricing feels outright disrespectful to their customers.
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By Tim
I wanted to write this review to sort of give people the benefit of learning from my mistakes. I love the vita and would recommend anyone get it if you love gaming. Yes, Sony killed it, and not many new games are going to appear. Cartridge games are getting wildly over priced and harder to find. So you need memory.
I made mistakes. I looked at the memory issue thinking it is ridiculously over priced. And it is. So I bought an 8 gig card. And filled it almost immediately. It hardly holds anything. So then I bought another, and another. I have four of them plus a 4 gig card. This was so daft but I just didn't want to spend the money. So I spent more than I needed to.
I have a 16 gig card, and it is full but it holds a decent amount of games. I recommend
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By mr dead
4 offers from product price
4.5 | 900 customer ratings
86% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
This review is coming from someone who owned the original Assassins creed vita white bundle. I ended up selling my original Vita a while ago, but was recently looking into buying a Vita in 2017. So I decided to order this bundle and was able to get it NEW. It arrives quickly so that's another plus. And on top of that, I ordered a 64gb memory card for this system because I'm looking to do mostly digital, as that is the best way to go now, considering the fact that a lot of the games are decently priced on PSN now.
I enjoyed playing my original Vita and I'm sure I'll be enjoying this version of it for years to come.
As far as Borderlands 2 goes, the code worked just fine, even though it was expired it apparently was set for a later expiration date during 2018.
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By Carlos
Vita: 5 Stars
Memory Card: 1 Star
Borderlands 2 port: Freaking awful

I love the Vita dearly. I picked a bundle, because why not, but the B2 port for this system was pretty bad. The worst thing is the choppy animation and lack of animation. Things happen but you can't see them because the models just lack keyframes for any kind of feedback. Same with projectiles, most are missing or choppy. No lighting either. It makes for a frustrating and uncomfortable experience. I'm a Borderlands veteran and know this game thru and thru, but this is bad. The Nvidia Shield version makes a much better effort. Too bad, this could have been so much better coded.
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By Rick
Terrible purchase!

All seems fine at first when i open the delivery box and air cushion.. saw a PSvita box that matches the purchased item.. The nightmare begins the monent the product is taken out of the delivery box.

1) The package is very worn out. And sealing stricker has already being cut! (It is suppose to be a new item???) (How did I miss that it is a used item??)

2) Further on.. the included memory card is also used! Will be testing whether it is even working).

3) Took the psvita out of the box, Obvious scratches on the back of the game set as well as a clear layer of dust on the lcd screen.

Unacceptable condition.. I am guessing the game code are also unusuable???! What a cheat!
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By Low Soon Peng
4.5 | 876 customer ratings
88% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
This is a fantastic gaming headset. Giving these to my son for Christmas (I also got a headset for my youngest a while back). These are absolutely amazing for the price. These are comparable to the Blaster X headset I use in terms of microphone quality. When you're recording gameplay, that is kind of a big deal.

Price. Cheaper than Turtle Beach, much better quality all around.
Sound. Great emulated 7.1 sound. Works really well and when paired with Windows Sonic you can't tell a difference between these and much more expensive headsets.
Build. These are STURDY. They've got exceptional padding and the earcups are very comfortable. The plastic is thick! It also sports a metal band inside. The USB cable is very good, too.
Looks. I really like the metal grill on the side with the neat lion logo.
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By Ryno D. Bones
I am not sure what I was expecting from these headphones but exceptional sound was not one of them. I really got these to use with Skype and maybe a game or 2 but when I hooked them up to my iTunes I could not believe my ears. I usually use earbuds because the sound is better than with any "over-the-ear" type headphones I have tried .... until now. Not sure how they do it but the sound is equal or better than any of my earbuds plus with the microphone it adds to its usefulness. One of my other complaints with headphones like this was they made me hot and sweaty. again using some kind of magic (the page said "Breathable Soft Ear Pads" and they were right) I can attest they are very soft but I did not get overheated as I have
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By Douglas C. Meeks
I ordered this headset a few weeks ago to use with my PS4 and wanted to use it for a while before submitting feedback or writing a review. I attached a couple of pictures for those who like to see a real user photo instead of just the manufacturer's marketing shot.

Over all, this is a great headset for the price. It has some decent weight to it which definitely gives the impression of it being a quality item. It doesn't feel like it's made entirely of plastic and will shatter if dropped. In fact, I have dropped it more than once over the past couple of weeks and I can confirm that no shattering occurred!

The microphone is sensitive enough that I needed to adjust the PS4 input settings to accommodate how much the mic picks up. Once I did, my gaming buddies were able to hear me without any issues
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By Thomas F. Roark
4.6 | 381 customer ratings
92% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
My greatest advice when it comes to applying these is to clean the surfaces with a microfiber cloth first, not the included material it comes with. It did a much better job.

For the front I just eyeballed it and it came out flawless. I had two dime sized bubbles my first try but all I had to do was peel up the edge and lay it again while pushing out the air and it came out looking fantastic.

First thing I'll say about the rear piece is I was surprised how thick it is since it's not tempered glass. This was a little harder as the cuts are pretty precise which made it easy to lay it too far one way or the other. I used the top left and right corners of the model # plaque at the bottom as a guide and smoothed it out from the center to
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By Dave
I had the unique opportunity to try both the two most popular screen protectors for the Vita...this one and the AWK*** one (yes, I did that to not name them explicitly but did buy them here). I bought the first pair and I didn't get one applied properly due to the lack of hinges. Silly, as I must have put on a dozen or so protectors for phones and KNOW they help. Another reason I won't name that other company? They were really good about returning $2.50 to compensate for one of the four pieces that didn't go on properly. So, the two main producers are CLOSE...but Afunta wins.

The size is identical. The plastic (neither are glass) is almost identical. I say "almost" as I get the feeling that this is slightly thinner. Size-wise? I put the plastic backing on this one onto the old one. Top to bottom is
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By Randy
This will fit PSVita model number PCH-1001. Check your model number on your Vita: on the back, it is on the sticker at the bottom of the touch pad zone. On the bottom it is on the sticker with the barcode. So it is stamped on your unit in two places. Make sure yours is the right model for this kit.

Nice thing is it comes as a set of two, so in case one breaks you have a second one.
Includes TWO EACH of the plastic (not glass) stickers to protect your PSVita front screen and rear touchpad. Typical for this type of product: the protector has a sticker on each side to protect it from your fingerprints while you install it. Peel the BACK sticker off first, then stick that side onto your device. Use a credit card or similar thing
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By Doctor Gangreene
4.5 | 592 customer ratings
89% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
When you are gaming and want to play a horror game, or stand a chance against enemies in a shooter, sound is important. Im a gamer, a youtuber, and a guy that likes listening to metal and other heavy music occasionally. What I needed was something that was comfortable and could deliver on the sound. These do exactly that.

1. Comfort - The padding and sizing of these is great and I have no complaints. I wear these at work to have music play and at home for games. Very nice for hours of use.
2. Sound - Clear, deep, rich, and also good highs and mids. Nothing is overpowering or feels out of place. Very good sound for both music and games.
3. Build quality - Plastic build but feels like it will last. The padding is soft and comfortable and the cable is very strong. Its one of those braided cables.
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By Evilzombie
I have had three different ones, from this company and they all worked out Very WELL Comfortable, Adjustable, Sound Quality is Really Good with Listening to Music on my Computer with my PreAmp. The Box Comes with a Stereo and Mic Y Cable but Most Phones and Computers Don't Require it, the Mic Audio just goes though the Same Port. I Really Like the Designs. I bought this Companies Headphones Again, the Last Pair I dropped 12 times and they Started to Go Bad, but they Fit Well and Sound Great 5 Stars.
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By Lexo
I needed something to improve my sound quality on streaming but did not want to break the bank. This is a great Set that comes with great features like a Mute Button Switch and Audio control level on side of the panel. The Mic is also flexible for your comfort (I tend to speak loud, so I use it farther away for best sound quality. It does pick up slight fan noise if powerful enough...Just use settings inside your streaming software to noise cancel and it does the trick!
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By Brian D
4.6 | 318 customer ratings
90% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
friend had me order this to store his psp 3001 and some of his games and accessories. when it came in i had to check it out and it is well built. solid stiff body case with soft interior lining and a decent zipper and detachable carry lanyard. looks like it could withstand a decent drop with little to no damage of anything inside. he was able to fit everything for his psp in there and a few games with room to spare. he's extremely happy with it
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By Daedelus
Overall, I’m very pleased with the product. That case is hard and should protect my Vita during travel, but the space inside where the vita sits is BIG. Like... REALLY BIG. But, seeing as it’s made to fit all Vitas and the PSP, I guess it’s fair and makes sense. When I get a case on my vita, at least I know it’ll have space inside it! Just wish there was something to help hold down the vita to protect it from bouncing around.
The straps to put games in are big as well, so I’m a little worried about the games slipping out when the elastic starts to loosen as it stretches out. The wrist band also seems cheap and like it won’t last, but that’s easily replaceable if it ends up breaking.
The case seems durable and like it’ll help protect my vita from any possible drops.
For the price, I’m
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By Isa Rose
I purchased this case for my PSP2001 and there may be different sizes of PSP's because mine has about an inch of play on two sides if I place the PSP in a corner of the case. This allows the PSP to bang around inside of the case when it is closed and zipped. I purchased a rubber cover for the PSP and it helps with the sliding around, but the case needs to be a bit smaller to really protect the PSP.
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By Catherine
4.5 | 560 customer ratings
87% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Ever since I purchased a PS Vita PCH-2001 (USA/NA) version, I've been eyeing this aqua blue PCH-2000 (Japan) version like a hawk. The last two digits after each PS Vita numbers are region codes; example PCH-2001 is 01 USA code, PCH-2000 is 00 Japan code etc. I'm seeing some reviewers who have the PCH-2006 and little do these consumers know that the product they received from some of these sellers are the Asia 06 Hong Kong/Korea code version. I have no issues with any PS Vita versions, but I like to get what I actually paid for, and in this case I strictly wanted the Japanese aqua blue. You can also tell if it's the Japanese version during your first initial setup of the device, it will default to Tokyo.

I took a chance and made a purchase from seller cus mart with FBA (fulfilled by Amazon) of same day delivery.
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By Shopaholic
I'll start out by admitting I own several PlayStation Vitas. I know how they work, you need about a 16-32gb memory card (sony branded specifically for ps-vita) if you want to download games from the ps store. Yes, those are expensive too. Anyway, to get to my real point-this aqua blue Vita is a GameStop exclusive edition that they must also sell around the world because GameStop is pretty much sold out of them here in the US. The unit I received was NOT new. The box was not sealed (not a big deal), the screen was dusty like it was sitting out on someone's shelf for a few months and the real clue was it already had been linked to someone else's PlayStation account! I find this interesting. Another large clue was it had the latest firmware (3.65) installed. Unless it was made a few days ago it wouldn't
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By EvilOne
GF MEDIA selling HongKong/Singapore ps vitas as Japanese advertises as a PCH 2000ZA23 but in reality you get a PCH2006ZA23.... I like to get what I paid for and just feel seal on box and the firmware was 3.6 as if somebody had updated it ...
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By Indepenskter
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4.7 | 216 customer ratings
92% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
First off let me say this. I was not really into playing this game at all. I watched a few episodes of the anime with a friend online last year and thought it was not that bad but i felt like the animation was copied from Yu-Gi-Oh. Over time this series kept picking up attention and was praised as one of the best game series on the Vita and one of the top ten reasons to own a Vita. Some of my friends were going bananas about it while i was still not impressed but I was opened to the idea of giving it a shot. One of my buddies was so excited i told him that he (and I kid you not) went out and bought me a Vita TV just to play it seeing as I had no money for a Vita. I went ahead and bought the
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By Phillip Perez
Blend the following games together:
Zero Escape (for dark plot setup)
Persona 3/4 (for social development)
Phoenix Wright (for investigation and trial)

And then add original characters, really strange/wonderful music, and a great 2D/3D mix art style, and you have Danganronpa.

Props NIS America on handling this localization. The other Spike Chunsoft games over here (Zero Escape series, 999/VLR) are localized by Aksys Games. And they do a really great job. NISA has been able to take a lot of liberties in their dynamic translations for Disgaea, Atelier series, etc. I think the quirky characterizations of these characters makes it a good match for NISA to localize. I'm very glad they brought this game (and its sequel) over here. Great work all-around.
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By Patrick
Before I get into specifics of the game, I'll lay some ground work as to the story (spoiler free of course).

You are Makoto, a very average teen-age boy chosen to join the elite "Ultimate" students at Hope's Peak Academy. The school is the institution of many ultimate students, who are the best at what they do. Only the best and brightest get into Hope's Peak. However, quickly the students find themselves in a deadly game lead by a sinister mastermind, Monokuma.

In short, Monokuma tells the students that they are all trapped inside the school with no way to escape EXCEPT to kill another student without anyone else finding out "whodunnit". If that happens, the student will be set free, and the rest of the student body will be punished. However, if the murderer is found out, then the murderer will be punished, and the game will continue.

The game has very
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By Deadcell
4.6 | 268 customer ratings
87% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Yes indeed, Vanillaware is one of the most talented developers working in the video game industry today. I really cannot think of a single VW game that wasn't filled to the brim with inspiration and refinement. Muramasa: The Demon Blade was originally released as a game for the Nintendo Wii. However, it had originally been built for HD in mind, with work done to lower the resolution to release it onto the SD Wii. It was an incredible game on the Wii, one of its most memorable third-party games, in fact. Now though, it gets to truly shine on Sony's lovely handheld Vita. This game is just as spectacular as it was when it first released a few years ago, and in several important ways, it's better than ever.

Before discussing any of the main aspects of the game, it's worth noting that this game is one of the most Japanese
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By Relytia
A direct re-release on the PlayStation Vita of Oboro: Muramasa (also known as Muramasa the Demon Blade), originally released on the Nintendo Wii. Muramasa: Rebirth is an RPG arcade style side scrolling hack and slash game. It is decently comperable to Dragon's Crown and Odin Sphere in both art team and gameplay. I found that having two different story arcs and multiple endings for both made it a much longer game in the long run, despite its short, 4 or so hour game length. There are tons of optional challenges scattered throughout the game, great mythological bosses, and tons of swords to forge and collect (over a hundred), each with their own unique special attacks attached to them. To fully complete the game it would honestly take around 15 hours or so, but tge game is decently replayable, and had 4 or so Downloadable Content chapters and playable characters within
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By Jacob M.
Never played this game on the Nintendo platform but heard great things about it. Seeing great artwork and action in the trailer, I purchased this game and here is what I think about it.

-Most gorgeous art/graphics and music: Just as you see in the trailers, this game has one of the best artworks I have ever seen. In this game your two characters will travel to many different places and these places are very well designed. The graphics are pretty amazing and they go very well the incredible music of this game. While fighting if your sword breaks, it will produce this amazing visual and sound effect making it very believable.

-Great action gameplay: In this 2D side scroller, there are tons and tons of moves you can pull using your sword combos. Using them to defeat different enemies and bosses is quite fun. But again you can't just swing recklessly
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By Dev
4.7 | 185 customer ratings
93% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
I am ever collecting more and more SD cards everyday and I needed a case to organize them in; this case is nice...

Back in 2008 I owned two SD cards, now I can fill this case almost completely. With fast shooting cameras and 4k video, my needs keep increasing. This case holds my cards well and allows me easy access to them. It is sturdy and looks great. One caveat for me personally is that it will not fit SD cards in their cases; the way I am used to storing my cards. Micro cards don't fit as well in my opinion...

Overall, I am happy with my purchase...
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By ChuckleHead
I have been adding more games to my 18 game Switch collection and outgrew the little plastic cases. Searching for a clam shell design that would hold many games to come I found this one. I love it! The places that hold the game cards are elastic and well sewn to each flap. Other cases have plastic pockets that will rip and tear with use (like old wallet inserts). This should last me many years. It is a great size to carry and has plenty of space. This grandma would recommend it if you need to hold many SD or game cards.
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By Luvs Oregon
I have always liked butterfox cases for my 3ds consoles and game cartridges. I was very excited when they finally came out game case for switch. I waited for while for this and really need it for my switch games.

Sadly, I dont think this case will work for me unless they make revision regarding the thicknes of the shell.

Comparison is game cartridge case for 3ds/2ds games and one for Nintendo switch/ps vita. Both have game carts stored in at full capacity.

Notice the one for switch wont close all the way (unzipped) the 3ds gane case has right amount of space allowance when it is full of game carts. The switch case however, you have to force the case for switch to zip it and it is just too tight it is squishing the game carts and i dont think that is good for the game carts in long run.
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4.6 | 245 customer ratings
88% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Charger is excellent for my 12 year old son, who plays on his PS4 non-stop....which means batteries din QUICK! I love this charger mainly because the regular charger port on all my controllers is loose (the Android Port) and this charger charges from the other ports on the bottom part of the controller. Anyone who has this problem should definitely purchase one of these chargers. It also chargers VERY fast! Shipment came quickly and it's definitely worth every penny. GREAT BUY!
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By Elizabeth Stone
I bought this for my 8 year old. He uses his controller for about 1.5 hours maybe 2 hours if he has company. Both controllers remain charged the whole time they're in use after being on the docking station for about 30 minutes.( he only remembers to charge them when he's close to using them otherwise there somewhere under his bed or maybe the couch) so far so good as far as sturdiness goes. I bought it for Christmas and it still works great.
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By Victoria Botts
All of the charging stations I've used up to now have been terrible. This is the best charging station for my PS4 controllers I've used.
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By Benjamin McGuire
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4.5 | 375 customer ratings
86% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
NOTE: This product as sold contains only the USB charging cable for the Vita system. It will not properly charge the system without the accompanying Vita AC adapter; plugging the USB connector into any other USB port (such as a computer or a USB wall plug) will not suffice, as the system needs the correct AC adapter to actually receive and hold the charge. Make sure you have said AC adapter before you purchase this product.

Additionally, this cable is only compatible with the original Vita 1000 model; it will not charge a Vita 2000 (Slim).


After carelessly ruining the original USB charging cable for my Vita 1000, I was on the hunt for a replacement that would last me just as long as the original (over 6 years). I'm of the belief that you get what you pay for; I've seen many listings online that advertise this same product at the
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By Violet
Shipped via snail mail, so it took a month between ordering and shipping before it finally arrived. That said, this is a good product. Works as advertised on the older, PCH-1000 model PS Vita. Replacement components for the PS Vita are becoming difficult to come by now. I recommend you purchase backups while you can. Recommended.
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By Magician
So I DID get what I ordered... however I was under the impression they'd be new in their original packaging. But were instead in plastic sleeves to house them along with a twist tie wrapped around to keep from unraveling. Now I'm not really complaining. These will be handy to support my system much longer down its lifespan. As my very first cord has indeed seen better days. Overall I would recommend yes, just know they aren't always in original packaging. If this is a concern to you, message seller and get more information before purchasing.
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By Richard Rich