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4.8 | 783 customer ratings
97% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
As the title says, replacing the Anode Rod is the best thing you can do for your RV Water Heater.

As you use your RV water heater, impurities and minerals enter the heater and attack the metal inside. The Anode Rod is made of magnesium and is considered a "sacrificial metal" that's placed inside the water heater to neutralize the impurities and minerals.

These Anode Rods last for 2 or 3 years, give or take. It depends on how much you use the RV and water conditions. You can tell when the Anode Rod is used up when it looks like a metal clothes hanger. I recommend you check your Anode Rod at the end of every season, as you're winterizing your RV. Replace it BEFORE it looks like a clothes hanger.

When you check your Anode Rod, 1.> Turn OFF Water Heater 2.> Turn OFF Water 3.> Let water cool down
4.> Remove Anode with 1-1/16th Socket 5.> Open over-pressure valve to speed up the flow of water
6.> Use a Water Heater Clean-out Wand to clean the sediment out of the bottom of your water heater. It's an inexpensive maintenance item that's often overlooked when changing Anode Rods. 7.>
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By Bob Ramsey
The anode rods were delivered promptly after placing the order. They are a perfect fit for for the Suburban water heater in my Vengeance toy hauler. Not all RV water heaters require an anode rod, but Suburban water heaters do. Also note that anode rods are sacrificial metals needed to prevent the water heater tank from rusting out and they will require periodic replacement to prevent premature failure of the water heater. This is not a rod supplier defect, it's chemistry.. Since periodic replacement will be required, the 2 pack of rods is a great value. A sufficient amount of pipe tape is also included, enough to install both rods when maintenance is needed.
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By Pamela S.
Product fit as described. Was easy to remove old rod and replace with this brand. Before you install the new rod I would recommend purchasing a tank clean out wand. There not very expensive and they really get the old residue out of the tank.
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By evsan
4.7 | 3,836 customer ratings
93% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
You've read all the reviews, and you're thisclose to buying these filters. Consider a few other camping tips...

Ground water is NASTY at most campgrounds. You're probably smart and don't drink the water from your faucet anyway (buy a case of bottled water at Sams or Costco for $4 and know you aren't drinking parasites). BUT, in the event you want to cook or do like I do and accidentally drink water in the shower or while brushing your teeth, the safety reason, alone, is good enough to buy these.

Couple of helpful suggestions:
-I always place these right on the spigot at the campground, then attach my hose, which attaches to the trailer. I've seen others attached the hose, run to the trailer, then have the filter hang off the back of the trailer. Either way works.
-Buy a Camco 90 degree elbow to attach your hose to the camper. It's about $4
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By Nickstopherly's dad
I needed these to water my garden. I attached it to the end of the hose and connected my irrigation lines to the end of my water filter and it was as easy as that. Dont forget to attach it to the end to the hose and run the water til it becomes clear. There was a substantial amount of carbon that flooded out when I did mine. Would have hated that to be in my tap water or go thru my irrigation lines to potentially clog them up. I assume that with only 2 watering cycles of 10 min a day this should last me from a goood amount of time. My plant all seem healthy and happy and are growing like wildfire. note: I only wanted to make sure to clean out the chlorine in my garden
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By Ti
Works great in our 5th Wheel RV which we live in full time. We daisy-chain two to get a better taste as the well water we usually use is VERY smelly with sulpher.

One trick we discovered: We found that we still have a sulpher smell after several hours of not using water. After running water for a few minutes the smell went away. We suspect that the sulpher percolates to the "top" of the water chain - meaning, our RV is the highest point on the property so since sulpher in this form is a gas, it tends to go to the top. The Answer is to either run the water for a few minutes each time, or use water bottles and fill them up after someone takes a shower each day. This works really well for us.

There are other brands out there, but
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By Geeks Fish Too
4.6 | 5,842 customer ratings
91% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
I have run these for years in my RV and they work killer! Here's some more in-depth thoughts:

- These work better than I had expected. Just hook them up to the water source, hook your hose to it, run it to your trailer and viola` clean and good tasting water. Some of the places we have visited have had water that I wouldn't feed to my worst enemy. With this thing attached, it's very good tasting.
- I like the hose attachment that comes with this to aide in adding flexibility to the system and not put too much strain on the system. I have bought so many of these, I now use one attaching the filter to the nozzle, one out of the filter to my hose, and one attaching my hose to the trailer.

- I will note that the manufacturer suggesting using these for
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By Chuck J
Leave a comment if you have any questions and I can either take some photos or give more details.

I used this for one camping season in my RV and can report no issues. I suggest keeping a few extra Hose O rings packed just in case you loose one. I lost one on the first trip of the season and ended up needing to use a spare to be able to fully hook up at the site.

Do follow the instructions and allow water to run through it for a couple minutes to get all the carbon dust out. The water will initially run very black until it's cleared the dust out.

For storage I use a 15 quart hefty latching lid tote. It allows me to store this and my 25' clean water hose separate and protected from anything during storage and transit. I keep my Y adapter and PSI regultor
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By EGReviews
I purchased this to produce a spotless rinse while cleaning cars but ran some tests on the filter. Long story short, it didn't work out. Here's how I tested:

After receiving the filter, I attached to my water spigot and purged for 2 minutes. I took glass 1, rinsed and filled the glass with filtered water. I removed the filter again and filled glass 2 with tap water. Examined 3 areas:

1) VISUAL: Both tap water and filtered water appeared clear or colors or sediment. PASS

2) TASTE: The filtered water had slightly less taste, but hardly noticeable: BARELY PASS

3) TDS metering: I bought a "Total Dissolved Solids" meter than measures purity. (ex. tap water: 100-400ppm - Distilled water: 0ppm). My tap water measured at 402 ppm, but the filtered water came in at 442ppm!! What?? The filtered
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By Greg
4.6 | 2,099 customer ratings
91% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
At firs I thought this looks cheaply made but the flexible plastic materials lend themselves perfectly to the job. The wand flexes in just the right way to allow cleaning of every surface. When the ball valve is shut there's not a drip of water so it's safe to use any place in the house.
I've drained tanks before to change an element but never rinsed one. I was amazed how much debris & residue was inside. For under $40.00 I replaced both elements, the sacrificial anode, bought the tools to remove both and that included this wand. Have you seen the price of new water heaters? We have two in our home and regular service is now on the annual list.
I received nothing for my review
I not associated with this product
I recommend this product
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I purchased a used RV so there are always questions about how the previous owner kept up with the maintenance. The hot water flow stopped one day (not that it had been as high as the cold previously). I drained the tank and refilled it and all returned to 'normal'. I figured that there must have been some build up in the tank (6 gal.). So I figured it was time to do a pressure clean out. The wand did an amazing job and flushed out an incredible amount. I kept repeating until nothing but clear water was running out of the drain. I installed an anode and filled the tank. Hot water flow is better than ever. Just remember to turn the 'jet' all directions to loosen all build up. I should have done a video to show all of the debris that came
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By Richard Manseau
I needed to change the anode rod in my Suburban water heater on my RV. Anode rods are sacrificial devices designed to slowly disintegrate as water is heated over time. This disintegration creates small particles of "metal" that collect in the bottom of the heater tank. When changing the anode, it's best to flush those metal bits out of the tank before installing the new anode. Hence, the purchase.

I put the flusher on my garden hose, turned on the spigot and stopped the water flow while walking to the RV. Anode rod out, insert the flushing wand into the tank and release the pressure. The wand CAME OUT OF THE HANDLE AND WAS NOW IN THE TANK! Bad build quality for a $10-$15 plastic nozzle. I was able to fish the wand out of the tank using forceps. I had to put my own hose clamp on the handle to
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By Skip. Johnson
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4.7 | 375 customer ratings
94% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
It works, arrived on time, good packaging, and not damaged. Install wasn't very hard and fit our 99 Coleman Westlake. I had to replace the fill hose so I figured I'd go ahead and replace the inlet while I was at it. Very happy and the price is tough to beat, especially since it was delivered straight to my door.
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By Bass Crew
The item was easy to install and looks great. I have it on side of my sink just inside the camper van. Nice and clean and stealthy.
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By K West
The old dirty water inlet never cracked.. I installed three other new plastics pieces without issues only the water inlet.
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By a2hockeydad
4.7 | 368 customer ratings
94% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Exactly what I needed, fit easily over the 'flower', closes securely. Including a photo for anyone else who always wonders if what you're ordering is really what you're looking for. Happy trails.
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By English Teacher
Installed this on the fresh water inlet of our Jayco GreyHawk. The OEM plug had deteriorated to the point that all that was left was the round part, not strap securing it to the RV. This new one installed in seconds. Seems to be made of quality material. For the price I would recommend it. If it happens to fail in a year or two it is cheap enough to replace.
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By JMP2005
.Bought an older pop-up camp trailer and needed something to cover the water inlet fitting. This filled the bill. Easy to install and now I don't need to worry about contaminants getting into our drinking water system. With the strap I also don't need to worry about loosing it when we are hooked up to city water.
Valterra A0170SVP White 3/4" Plug with Strap
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By les5356
4.6 | 1,636 customer ratings
90% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
This was a replacement of the original faucet in our 2014 Cougar Fifth Wheel. It is a great improvement! Works great, love the accessibility of the faucets for my disabled hands! But most of all I love all the hot water I save now due to being able to quickly see that I have it adjusted just right so that I don't get burned when I step under the water. We live full time in our Cougar, so this faucet gets a workout everyday. We've had it installed now for a month and no problems at all!
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By Kindle Customer
We had the original knobs in our shower (trailer is just 1 year old) and hated them! We were always guessing with the old controls, to often shocking and/or painful results. There was nothing wrong with them (nothing broken or leaking); just frustrating.
I got this shower faucet with 1/4 turn classic levers. Install was SUPER easy. I installed with the shower hose attachment facing down because that made more sense to me.
Just took my first shower after the replacement, and I have no idea why I waited this long to switch them out! No more guessing. No more cold or hot out pours. And though I know it’s not possible, I seriously believe I’m using less water now! I guess all that temperature fiddling was more wasteful than I realized.
I know you are thinking about switching out your RV shower faucet or you wouldn’t be reading this review. So just
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By Flo Smith
I bought this faucet thinking it would be a great replacement for the old one in my RV. I installed it and in less than one year, the plastic cracked at the base (see picture). This is a junk plastic and not nearly as durable as the original my RV came with.
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By Kyle M Allon
4.7 | 339 customer ratings
93% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Water was accidently left in my camper pipes over a sudden cold snap and froze inside the kitchen sink faucet, breaking the plastic fittings. This was a perfect replacement at a far lower price than the local RV Center wanted. It was easy to install, looks great, and works perfectly!
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By Ranger Joe
I replaced a "fancy" yet dysfunctional faucet in my RV with this one. We love it! It is perfect for the sink area in our Coachmen and, because it has knobs and not levers, we don't turn the water on by accidentally bumping into the lever! Awesome. Lightweight and simple to install. I did it in less than 30 minutes. The nozzle is the perfect height and extends well over the sink area. If you want function over fancy, then this will make a nice replacement for you when, like us, it was time to replace the old one.
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By Michael Bridges
The faucet looks very nice installed and I do like it more than the standard off-white faucet that most RV's come with standard. However, it does feel even thinner (if that is even possible) then the stock faucet we just replaced. After a couple uses I do feel like I have to be very careful with it as the quality doesn't feel very substantial during use.
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By Mama Bear
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4.7 | 248 customer ratings
92% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Good, honest price on this stainless steel encased shower hose. It fits my Oxygenics shower head as well as the original and appears to be better quality... For those who buy this for their Oxygenics shower head system, the tapered end that fits in the Oxygenics holder does fit a little bit loose. I epoxied a piece of 1/16" thick rubber in the back of holder to take up slack & it now fits great. I love the fact that it is a stainless steel encased hose instead of an all plastic or chrome plated plastic hose like others. It should last a long time.
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By Jon J. Hansen
This is so much nicer than any of the plastic ones that come with the shower heads.

No more having to if fight a hose that flips out into the shower....this one hangs down nicley.
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By IUEC Elevator man
This is an exceptionally flexible shower hose at a great price. It's flexibility makes it much easier to use compared to my original stiff plastic hose. Also, it looks so much better when not in use, as it hangs/drapes perfectly even compared to stiff plastic hose.
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By Robert W. Ault
4.6 | 456 customer ratings
90% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
This is a very nice outdoor shower unit. It mounted easily in the side of my RV and the hookup was quite easy. I used watts Tee's and fittings, along with PEX piping. I had a few minor issues with alignment, which were my own fault in initial layout. The other important item was using Teflon tape on the connection to the shower fittings, that provided a proper seal. Fortunately there was a video, link on the Camping World website for hookup that was very helpful. This unit is also completely sealed so no spiders or insects can crawl into your camper. Several other brands, fed the hose through the top and would allow for possible intrusions from insects. One other nice feature is it uses a standard RV key I think a CK751, so you don't have to add additional keys on your key ring.
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By The Reader
I like the price and the overall quality but the shower head that comes with it is pathetic. I has one setting and the spray pattern leaves much to be desired with both pressure and coverage. The on/off button on the stock shower head leaks precious water when pushed off. I replaced the stock shower head with a camco on/off shower head and I LOVE it! The camco on/off switch truly turns the water off when you turn it off. The camco head also has WAY BETTER pressure behind the spray pattern and has 5 different settings. The true "blast" setting is nice because it actually has enough pressure to blast off - say for instance - your dog rolled in a lovely dead animal carcas, caked in mud from a sloppy mountain bike ride, mud off your paddleboard/other gear, doing dishes outside etc... I
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By Wesley Hendershot
This shower was very easy to install and included all required hardware which was nice. After installing i turned on the popup's water pump to test for leaks. This is when I discovered the quality of this replacement part is not the best. After turning on the shower via the knobs I closed the button on the shower head which should have stopped the water. Instead of stopping it sort of reduced it to a consistent dribble coming through the shower head. Anybody who has been camping knows you really cannot afford to waste water.
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By White
4.8 | 137 customer ratings
95% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
So much sturdier than the original city water inlet flange that was all plastic. In fact, that's the reason it broke in the first place......plastic doesn't hold up well in the Texas heat! This was so easy to install and I'm sure it'll last longer than the last one!!!
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By canbpowell
The valve I received was male and did not work. I ran to camping world and they carried the same item in female. I took a pic with the part numbers visible.
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By James Sheedy
Much better than factory part. Has brass connections instead of the plastic. Still. the cap that comes with it is like the original and the sun and weather get to it and eventually will destroy it. This is the same with any caps, or covers, on exterior items and you would think that they would rectify the issue but would rather have you replace them every so often.
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By rabbittracks
4.7 | 197 customer ratings
91% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Tried to flush out our new camper with the bleach method multiple times and didn't get much improvement. Finally gave in and used the Camco TastePURE and left it in the tank and water lines for 2 days for our drive to the campground. Flushed everything out after we arrived so that it would go down the sewer instead of on the ground.

As a tip, try to leave water in the system that comes from city water sources so that it will have some chlorine in it to prevent bacteria from growing.
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By Extra_Edge
We had our 5th wheel in a park for a year that had lots of iron and sediment in the water. After that year most of our water lines looked black and there was rust to be removed from everything. We pumped this in as though we where winterizing so it was almost full strength. Let it sit for a couple days and flushed with fresh water. The lines almost came completely clean. Much better than I expected.
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By L. Flewelling
I has a slightly smelly tank, and used this as directed. It got the system clean. I will probably use every year as part of dewinterization, now. If you rinse as directed, residual flavor and scent will not be an issue.
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By Andrew S. Brush
4.5 | 3,075 customer ratings
88% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Hey all you RV folks out there, gotta let you know about this little bad boy. I recently purchased this because I thought something was defective with my old regular. My old regulator mind you was one that was NOT adjustable but had a safe preset pressure with a needle gage that showed a green area for pressure being acceptable & a red area for being over safe limit. I have used this with a Camco water filter you can pickup @ Walmart or pretty much any RV dealer or RV parts place. - Now for me this is where the best news about this adjustable regulator has literally changed my water pressure problems once & for all for the BEST! - I constantly struggled with the old one I had trying to have enough water pressure, I even had paid quite a bit of money for a top of
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By Alfred R
I bought this regulator after checking all of the reviews. I thought it would probably be the best one with the highest quality for the money. Unfortunately, it quit working after about 2 weeks. I can no longer make any adjustments to the pressure either up or down. No matter which way I turn the adjustment screw, it will not change from 30 pounds per square inch. For the first two weeks I was able to get it to adjust, but I did notice it would not hold the pressure I selected for very long. It kept going from my setting of 45 lb to 60 pounds per square inch. After moving to the second RV park we were camping at, it no longer will adjust. Since I am now outside of my 30-day return period, I will have to deal with the manufacturer to get it repaired or replaced.
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By James A Domenoe
This unit does well at controling pressure. It has better flow that the small fixed regulators but its flow rate is significantly less than the similar Watts units. I tested 2 small fixed pressure regulators. One had a discharge orafice 5/16" diameter and it regulated 45 psi and had a flow of 6.17 gpm, the other had a 7/64" orafice diameter and regulated 50 psi with a flow rate of 5.79 gpm. A similar (but sigificantly more expensive) Watts regulator had a flow rate of 7.56 gpm. The Renator had a flow rate of 6.51 gpm. In an RV the flow is critical. The watts has the best flow (by 16%) but cost almost twice as much. The Rentor has slightly more flow (5.5%) than the 7/64" fixed and 12.4% greater flow than the 5/16" fixed regulator.
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By Curtis
4.7 | 191 customer ratings
90% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
We were limited with the base size for our pop-up camper we are renovating and this one totally fit the bill. I looked at the image on Amazon numerous times and the dimensions really are that it is only 2 inches deep, so it was a perfect fit! It was very easy to install and puts out a nice stream of water. For the price point, it really can't be beat! Very happy with the purchase.
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By ene3
This facet was a breeze to install on my 2016 Passport 238MLWE. The bathroom facet that come originally was too small and you we unable to put your hands under the spout and did not come out far enough. It was a tight fit. I ordered this one and it went on easily and best part, it matched the kitchen facet. Great replacement and exact fit. VERY easy to install, I didn't need any tools. Just snug tight it, check for leaks and your done!!
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If you have a popup camper and hate the stock faucet because its impossibly tiny and hard to use, then this might be the right choice for you. It worked out great for us. The high-rise neck is vastly better than the silly little stubby thing that came with the camper because you can actually fit your hands and dishes under the stream of water. And, most importantly, the high-rise neck is removable so you can still slide the beds into the camper!
Note that there will be water in the riser when you remove it, so keep a towel around the base while disassembling, and just expect to wipe up some water. It's a worthwhile tradeoff in my opinion. I keep a towel wrapped around the whole faucet base while traveling, held on with an office binder clip, just in case any drippage happens. Since
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By Scott Johnson
4.5 | 2,178 customer ratings
89% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Upon first hooking up this tool I turned on the water valve on it to see how it functioned.
It was impressive.
I had a clogged up tank on my 32 foot Keystone Sprinter travel trailer.
This was due to me not using the “proper toilet paper”.
My black water tank level indicator showed me that the level would never empty below 2/3.
I drained the tank outside as much as possible, (2/3), and left the emptying valve open.
I them ran my water hose with this tool attatched to the end of it inside my camper.
I depressed the foot valve and inserted it into the tank.
I sprayed the upper portion of the tank to clean it as much as possible.
When it began to fill up I allowed the tool to go down into the tank below the water line, creating a vortex of water.
I could hear the swivel end spinning like a propeller.
When the
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By charles p.
It’s a dirty job but someone has to do it! This little contraption really comes in handy. It help gets the extra gunk out of our tank before we leave the campground. It’s a good idea to have your rv leaning towards the side the black tank is on when you hook it up at the dump station. It allows all that water from the sprayer to work that gunk loose and out of your tank. A strong word of caution- do not, I repeat, DO NOT pull the wand up to look down in the tank WHILE the water is turned on! I’m... not... speaking from experience or anything... just heard this tip... lol
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By HonestlySuzie
The plastic stick separated from the hose while in use, soaking me and my trailer’s bathroom. It appears that very little glue was used to bond the pieces together.
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By Horace James
4.5 | 1,237 customer ratings
87% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
This is going to make my life much easier. I had to add an el from the local hardware store to fit this into my camper, but that is not Camco's fault. I taped up the joints really well with the included pipe tape, then put it all together. It works! No leaks, just does what it ought to do.
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By Zeke
Much has been said about how this valve restricts flow. The orifice does shrink down to about half the inner diameter of the threaded part, but it really doesn't matter in a lot of cases...

Why you might ask?

Because if you polyethylene tubing in your rv like me, the fittings you already have restrict water flow. There is a similar change in inside diameter in the fittings that fit in the poly tubing. For example, the 90 degree fittings. So putting this valve in effects nothing.

Even knowing this, I tested the water flow from the fresh water pump with, and without this. There was no change in flow rate, how the pump operates, or if the pump gets hot.

I tested this by putting a 3 gallon bucket in the sink and filling it up continuously with, and without the valve in place.

No change what so
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By The Suburban Experimentalist
This is a very handy little kit, and fairly simple to install, depending on how much room there is around your RV water pump once you find it. It shouldn't take more than 5-10 minutes to install IF it works when you try to use it! Unfortunately for me, after I installed it I couldn't get it to work. It simply would not suck the anti-freeze out of the jug! Troubleshooting took me an hour as I uninstalled and reinstalled it 3 times trying to figure out just what was wrong with it! It was very frustrating! I finally discovered that the one and only piece of the kit that was assembled by the manufacturer was missing an "O" ring! Once I removed the O-ring from the brass cap that came on the brass valve and moved it into the plastic siphon tube screw-on cap that replaces it, then the
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By Longbow1
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4.5 | 1,037 customer ratings
89% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Very happy with this conversion kit. It keeps the LP burner and thermostat in place and adds an electric heater element through the drain plug opening. Everything needed was included, even some wire ties to keep the wiring tidy. The wiring diagram was in color, and all wires and connectors were color-coded. The power cord was several feet long, as was the cable that connects to the lighted power switch. All parts are high quality. The thermostat is a standard water heater unit, so if it ever fails, it can be replaced with an off-the-shelf one from any hardware store. My RV water heater is under the closet behind the drawers. There was an electrical outlet available in the enclosed space, so the unit just plugged in. I mounted the power switch (panel-mount type) through the panel just below the drawers where it could be seen and accessed easily.
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By Bill Robertson
This works really well. It's great not to have to burn propane when I'm plugged in at a campground or using the motorhome for guests at my house.

A couple of things to keep in mind if you install one: The thermostat block that you stick to the side of your tank that allows this to regulate heat, has a built-in safety shut-off if it detects the tank getting hotter than it's supposed to. That's great, but if you are not plugged in, and you heat your tank with propane, and that makes the water get hotter than your Hybrid Heat setting, it will pop that safety, and the next time you try to heat using electric, it won't work. You will have to push the safety button back in (on the top of the thermostat block).

Also, when I installed mine, I drilled a hole to feed the wires inside, then
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By V. Vida
I installed this kit in the hopes that I would be able to skip using propane while at a campground with hook-ups. Unfortunately, it doesn't seem to be strong enough to heat the entire tank. It has been good for quick jobs such as washing hands and face or doing dishes, but I still have to use propane for showering or giving the dog a bath.

One thing I did not account for is the fact that I have a 30 amp camper and the outlets near the tank are not up to par for the kind of electricity this thing pulls, so it did trip the breaker. For me, this was easily fixed by running it straight to the hook-up box, but it's something to consider if you have a smaller camper like I do.

After installing the entire kit, I discovered that the power cable had a small cut in
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By bs41988
4.7 | 168 customer ratings
94% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
My Forest River camper was missing the cap for the water inlet. I ordered this and it was a perfect fit. I loosened one of the screws on my inlet to attach the lanyard and now all is well. I no longer have to be concerned about trash and bugs getting into my water.
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By Lumberjack
I bought this to use on my Cowboy Game Cleaner bucket. These buckets are great but I bring the bucket inside with the meat to bag them, and I always spill bloody water on the floor because it leaks out of the hose connection. This little plug was the fix for that problem :-)
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By superbeau
Ordered 'Camco 22103' as described and pictured. Received 'US Hardware RV460C' Not pictured or described here. They are both hose plugs and do the same thing, but the camco shown in the picture looks like it has better hand grips, so would have preferred to get the one I ordered.
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By solitism
4.6 | 270 customer ratings
90% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Why isn't this a standard bathroom faucet in a $40K RV to begin with? I don't know the answer to that but what I do know is that this good looking plastic faucet (saves weight) looks amazing and actually helps keep from making a mess. Our old faucet just barely cleared the back of the sink so every time we washed our hands, water ended up all over the counter and collected behind the faucet. We were constantly wiping excess water off the counter and this new faucet has largely eliminated that. Plus the install took all of five minutes - such a quick and easy upgrade.
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By Angel J. Delao
Looks great and my campers bathroom sink is now useable without that terrible stock faucet. Which is nice because I live in it while working. Took about 15 minutes to install, no problems.
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By No Surprises
We replaced a previous RV faucet with this one. The footprint was smaller than the first, but a little white vinegar removed the lime deposit on countertop. These faucets are not like the ones I grew up with as they have a very fragile coating that wears over time. If one can replace it yourself, the price is great. In our fifth-wheel, we have no drain stopper controlled by the faucet so we need one without the hole for that stopper rod.
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By nickann
4.5 | 629 customer ratings
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Fits perfect, easy to install and great value for the price because it changed the whole look of my bathroom sink of my RV. Absolutely love bronze color that makes it look so classy.
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By Ravenclay
We own a 2002 Fleetwood. We were using it over the holidays and the shower hot water knob broke off in my wife's hand. I quickly shut off the water and since the shower curtain was drawn there was no mess. Went to local RV store and bought a replacement. Didn't think much of it. A couple of days later we were out working in the yard and when we walked back inside a knob had broken off on the sink faucet and water had been shooting out all over for a good 20 minutes. Could have been much worse. Apparently these types of faucets have limited lifespans - the nylon nut that holds a knob in place splits. So I bought this faucet to replace the remaining original faucet - not going to taka a chance. If your RV is
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I wanted something that wouldn't corrode - chrome has no place on a boat! This all-plastic model isn't going to win any style awards. But then again, what passes for style in bathroom fittings nowadays doesn't impress me either. It's simple and easy to install. It works. Being fairly fragile plastic, I wouldn't expect it to survive any kind of hard use or abuse. But it would be cheap and easy to replace.

My only beef is a common one with all "RV" sized faucets. The stream of water is too close to the edge of the sink. Just angling the spout and aerator out a few degrees would have earned this another star. Also be sure to measure for the swing of the handles if you've got a tight location.

All in all, a very good value for the price.
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By Tom