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4.8 | 3,453 customer ratings
96% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
It’s a great Quality same as what is described in product description, and also the best price for this class of strings light
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By Arshia Lotfi
I'm very pleased with this set of string lights. At the time I ordered they were priced lower than any other similar product which could normally be cause for concern. I also noted that every single review was for 5 stars. That also is a reason to be suspicious... too good to be true. But I checked them out on and also the order was under amazon prime so I knew I could return it if needed. I decided to take a chance. Well, the truth is that everything about this product truly is top notch. Everything was very well packaged and arrived without a break or blemish. Every bulb works. It's every bit as heavy duty as two similar light strips that I purchased previously for my girlfriends business at nearly twice the price. This is a great product at a great price. I only have one regret...
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By PreferPrivacy
These lights are beautiful and feel very commercial. The holes above each light make it super convenient to hang and the bulbs are a good distance apart. The tone of the lighting is beautiful as well. I gave these a 4 because although I love them, one of the bulbs on the string didn't work which kind of threw off the entire ambiance. I hung these on my pergola. I was able to hook back the light so you can't see it but it was just unfortunate that we lost it.
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By Anthony Verderosa
4.7 | 3,677 customer ratings
92% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
If I could give it ten stars I would! The battery pack snaps in on the back and they even have a hole for the wires to feed through! Buy this it’s way cute!
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By Thanks
I just love them. They were only a few minutes from box to wall and are constructed to allow the battery pack to sit on a hidden, yet easily accessible shelf in back. A drill hole is also provided for pulling the light sting to the front They’re wonderful when lit and still attractive unlit. I’ve provided pictures of both...
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By Alycia
The first time I ordered this product, both mason jars were badly cracked and one of the battery cases was also cracked. I was super annoyed but I took my chances and ordered again. The second time, nothing was cracked but they only included one battery pack and the stain on the wood pieces wasn’t applied very well. I didn’t immediately return the first package just in case something like this were to happen. Took the other battery pack from the first and switched the wooden parts and I finally had what I needed. I recommend doing this if you have to order it again like I did, that way you can be sure to get all the necessary parts. Once you have all the pieces, it’s a beautiful decor item that I am very excited to add to my dining room. But be warned, the chances of you receiving
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By Cassie
4.7 | 2,231 customer ratings
94% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
These were very easy to put together. It is raining where we are right now so we don’t have them up outside yet but they lit up our dark hallway and living room well. We took them outside and put them on the patio table for a while and they’re good as new! 10/10 would recommend.
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By AleshaJohnson
They make my backyard look like an Oasis!
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By Lisa Minor
These are the perfect outdoor string lights. The price is right and light set is well made and appears heavy duty. The lights bulbs are a great size and provide the perfect outdoor patio lighting. The light strings can be added together for as much lighting as you need. We have put them along our fence and on our trellises. We live in Fl and our weather can be very hot and often very wet and our lights have never failed in the past 3 months. We bought 4 sets, put them on a timer and just love them.
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4.9 | 589 customer ratings
98% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Good quality and worked perfectly. Couldn't wait to hang these in a tree. They look amazing and put off great light! I like that they're plastic and won't shatter. I ordered another strand! My boyfriend installed them and was impressed by the quality and end results.
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By starash
We recently added a fence around our pool and decided we wanted to add some additional lighting. I wanted something that would be less power consuming (LED) and durable. I feel that I got that with these lights.
One thing that jumps out when you get the package is the weight of the strand. It is heavier than most string lights, but for me this is a good thing. Each bulb has its own anchor point which will make supporting the weight of the strand easier.
The bulbs are plastic, cool to the touch, and BRIGHT. The first picture was taken at 11:00 pm with no additional lights on. Two strands lit up the area well enough to read. These might not work for someone who is looking for mood lighting unless you were to add a dimmer.
While it will not affect my star rating,
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By Tom
This 2 pack is perfect size for my 11'x24' pergola. Very bright actually, but not a problem because I use these with a smart dimmer, usually keeping at around 60% for ambience. I've only had it up a couple nights, but the build quality and bulbs inspire a sense of durability. Will update if durability is less than desired.
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By Mark KI
4.6 | 4,215 customer ratings
88% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
So - I don't typically write reviews for products. But these outdoor solar lights were so fantastic I thought I would share just in case you are like me and shop and research endlessly to find the perfect product. I looked at a bunch through googling and Amazon. I landed on these based on the overall look and the reviews. And I can honestly say:

- They installed easily
- They look at good as the images on the reviews if not better
- They have lasted through a summer with a lot of rain
- Out of the 8 sets I bought, one didn't work and the company immediately exchanged it (and the new one worked perfectly)
- Thus far I haven't had any additional malfunction

Lighting is subjective, but I agree with the reviews that basically stated these lights will provide a decent amount of light (my space would be
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By Barry J Wolfenson
Bought these about a month ago and they’ve been great so far! I had been searching for solar-powered bistro string lights for a while because 1) I really wanted bistro string lights and 2) my balcony doesn’t have a power outlet. There are a bunch of solar-powered string lights on Amazon but most of them had very tiny bulbs. These ones are the same size as the regular bistro lights you see at restaurants/bars only they are made out of plastic, not glass. I hang them along the metal balcony railing and it can get windy sometimes, so I’m fine with the bulbs being plastic (the plastic seems pretty durable). Super easy installation and instructions.

They’ve been coming on a little before the sun is done setting – when they are about to turn on, they blink intermittently for about a minute before they stay on. I was surprised by how
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By GC & Eggo
Purchased two sets for a project, needed more. First sets were perfect, stayed on for the six hours that were in the instructions.
Ordered two more sets and they aren’t cheap, we only needed the one set to finish the project and that set stays on from night till morning. It looks ridiculous seeing one strand stay on. I questioned and complained and I was told to send back the solar panels as they are totally different than the first order however I AM TO PAY FOR SENDING THE PANELS BACK AND FOR THEM TO SEND ME DIFFERENT PANELS! Price difference as well with the first and second orders. Very disappointing that this company found no fault on their end, just for me to pay more money to resolve the problem if it even would. Don’t purchase through this company, can get the same lighting but WAY cheaper!
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By Dee
4.6 | 4,157 customer ratings
88% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
**Update** These were perfect for the barn wedding!! Wish I took pictures, but my cellphone stayed in my handbag all through the wedding, so I never took any pictures!! :( I have however, attached a video that I took of the fairy lights when they arrived from the merchant. I have attached it so you can see the different motion options.

Bought these fairy lights to use at my son's upcoming wedding in June. They arrived quickly. I like the battery compartment on these lights better than other fairy light sets I have purchased. These compartments are way easier to open and snap securely closed. I put in the required 3 AA batteries and pressed the button to change the modes. The back of the battery compartment lists the modes in their perspective order of sequence, and the remote included, has buttons that coincide with the list on
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By Kathy
The batteries lasted FOREEEEEVER in these lights, so I assume they consume a tiny amount of energy. We use these as the nightlight in our nursery and they were literally on almost the entire first month and a half of my daughters life. We LOVE them! My older daughter got a little jealous and requested some of her own! They don’t get hot, there’s variety in the patterns, multiple remotes but all can be controlled by just one.
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I bought these for costume usage. They are great and with the many lighting modes I can see a lot of other potential uses for them. However, be warned that these are very, very bright and that every lighting mode uses them at their fullest capacity. If you're buying them for use in dark outdoor conditions, they'll be painful to look at directly if not partially blocked by another medium. These are so bright they still show up well during broad daylight, so you can use them in almost any project to add some flair!
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By Amazon Customer
4.6 | 3,939 customer ratings
89% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
My room is so peaceful now because of these! I’m so happy with this purchase and I would recommend these to anyone. I hung mine with thumbtacks! It was so simple. I got the warm white and it is true to color.
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By April Biggs
66 feet long indeed. Smaller package than i expected and was a little tedious unwinding without tangling it, margaritas probably didnt help. Awesome lighting that is super easy to put up anywhere. Will probably buy more if i can find a place to put them.
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By kimmie
I love these lights! I’m pretty particular about lighting as I get headaches regularly, however, these lights fill the room with a nice dim and warm white light. I didn’t rate them with a 5th star sinoley because they flicker on occasion, depending on the way she cord is sitting. Not bothersome though!

The picture shows the 66 ft. string running the length of the wall beside my full-size bed. They’re the only lights on in a dark room.
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By KaKaitlyn
4.7 | 1,234 customer ratings
91% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
This strand fit perfectly around 3 sides of my grill gazebo - can’t wait until nightfall so I can see them lit! Night time photo added - they are bright! Highly recommend!
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By K. Quickle
I ordered 2 sets of these lengths like 5 months ago, which covered perfectly fine my 10x14 pergola, I set them all around the top and installed the solar panels between the wood slabs on the corner, it fits like it was made for it, they go on and off with dawn/dusk automatically, they light up very nice, they don't provide much light, it's more like a accent to the pergola, so if you are looking for a set to actually lighten an area these are not for you, I love them because they really create an ambience with the soft lighting they provide. The bulbs are plastic not glass, so they have started to tint a little yellowish and seemed a little opaque due to the constant sun exposure, but despite this issue we still love them, I think it was a great purchase.
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By Freeman
We hung the lights on our backyard fence. Within one week the clear plastic bulb gloves started melting and deformed. We had a few days of over 100 degree days, but that should not make the globes melt.
Have been working with Brightech warranty department, but they keep asking a bunch of questions that have nothing to do with the problem.
They asked if we plugged them into high voltage outlet.... duh, these are solar powered.
I have asked them to send new globe covers and I can just trade them out.
We will not be hanging these on our fence be cause the same thing will happen again. But we do like the product otherwise. Just be sure to be aware of where you hang them.
I am guessing that the Chinese manufacturer used the wrong type of plastic for the globes, and Brighttech is stuck with them.
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By Jaumby
4.6 | 2,786 customer ratings
90% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
I’m a fan of these LED string lights! I was looking for something to brighten up my room and this is perfect. I have had string lights before, but oftentimes they’re battery powered and this creates an extra level of inconvenience or limitations. I appreciate that these string lights are plug powered.

They’re extremely simple and straightforward, which I definitely appreciate. They come with some very basic instructions but it’s hughly intuitive to screw the string of lights onto the plug. The lights on the copper wire as so delicately pretty, like a string of stars. The one downside is that the thin copper wire is easily tangled, and it took me quite a while to re-wind and untangle the strand once I unwound it. But I think the thin wire is necessary because it adds to the delicate look of the lights and makes it easier to kind of “hide”
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By Kris
I usually go for the tiny, white Christmas-style bulbs when I do my decorating. Because of the # of reviews, I decided to give these a try instead. For Christmas decorating, I think I would stick with the traditional bulbs, but these look pretty good for year-round decorating. I would imagine these would be a pain to strap around a small tree (2' high or less) because they are so very delicate, that they get caught on everything! I was wrapping them around a stand that already had fake leaves on it, and I tried extremely hard not to let it get loose from the "wrapped together" position they were in right out of the box, but dang-it if I didn't get it all knotted up while I was working with it. It took me just as long as it would to un-knot 100
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By D
My daughter wanted a beach / ocean themed bedroom. We handled the paint, the artwork, the sheets, everything we could think of to make it exactly what she wanted. Even a beach-style hammock chair for reading. But the lighting in the room was just adequate - nothing special. A couple of lamps, and a main ceiling light that was much too bright to evoke a peaceful night at the beach. ENTER THE VONT LED STRING LIGHT. This product saved the day. We lined it along the "crease" between the ceiling and the wall. It's very light-weight and didn't require anything more than a couple of push-pins to hold it in place, and it created the atmosphere that we wanted. Great product that I would definitely recommend, and I expect we will buy more in the future. Love it!
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By DJBennett
4.6 | 2,630 customer ratings
89% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
These are just adorable, so easy just drop them in and turn on the cork. I know people who were doing this but had to drill a hole in the glass bottle to feed the lights and that is very hard to do without breaking the glass. These also came with the batteries installed which I was very surprised about due to the low price. There are nine in the box so now I have to drink nine bottles of wine which should not be a problem. ;) I'm going to order more lights and keep drinking. I plan to put them outside by the pool for parties and in the garden. I'm in Florida so this is outdoor season for us. Will add a picture when I have them set up.
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By Carolyn
These are one of the coolest things I have purchased...I just ordered 4 more sets and extra batteries to give out next year. I added a small lamp shade I had laying around and the look is classy and expensive.
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These are awesome for many projects especially party decor. I use them inside metal lanterns, jars, and vases. The battery life lasts a really long time. (Make sure to turn the switch off after use.) All the battery packs have the plastic tab to remove to save the battery. The lighted wire is a little shorter than some other brands I have used but still is a good length.
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4.7 | 1,030 customer ratings
93% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
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By Kimberly
These were terrific. I have a few turkish mosaic type lamps that I got tired of putting tea candles in; these work great. Not sure how long the batteries will last but their not as messy or as hot as candles. Every one worked out of the package too. I put the remaining ones inside colored bottles around the house -- fun little ambiance. They give you a nice supply of batteries with the purchase too. Very pleased with this purchase and if they last even "a little while" I would buy again...
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By Cindy
We ordered a LOT of these! Instead of fancy (expensive) flower arrangements, we collected wine, champagne, liquor and beer bottles of varying shapes and sizes, and created lighted centerpieces for each table. The wedding colors were emerald green, so the green bottles complemented the decor nicely. Discounting the cost of the alcohol (we took a year to collect the bottles; friends contributed or helped us empty them; some bars contributed empties they couldn't recycle), each table cost about $10. The bride and groom liked the simplicity of just the lights in the bottles. We used these also for Christmas decorations in our motorhome, where I filled the bottles with white silk petals, and I liked that a lot, as well. Because they were so inexpensive compared to buying them at craft or hardware stores, I ordered more than we needed, assuming we would have
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By Linda Ellis
4.7 | 859 customer ratings
91% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
We were looking to go with an outdoor lighting that had a vintage look, but using LED lights. We tried a couple of sets that claimed to be vintage, but when you turned them on, the lighting was white. The beauty of these is you can change the colors for the mood/season. We have been using a color that looks very vintage - kind of an yellowish/orange look and its awesome. Using the "mode" button on the remote, there is approximately 10 pre configured modes - one of them is a Fall mode, which has 3 different colors used and it looks really great - yellow/orange/red however they are very similar in color. It looks great! They also make it very easy to use 2 different colors. Simply press "color 1", choose the color and press "color 2" and choose the second one.
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By S Burgin
I'm going to compare Vintage to Classic. I have four sets of these Embrighten Lights - two 48 foot Vintage, one 36 foot Classic, and one 24 foot Classic. Some pictures are of just the Vintage sets before I put the others up. One remote controls all of the lights, but I have to make sure I'm where they'll all respond. If one string doesn't respond, I just move a little and try again. There are two main differences in the Vintage and Classic: the size of the bulbs and the color temperature of the white. The Classic bulbs are smaller, as you can see in the pictures, but for me, that's not a problem at all. Other than the single "White" setting, the colors match - all strings do the same thing and have the same colors - all colors fading, strobing, twinkling … red, green, etc. - they
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By tonymcc
I'm not sure exactly what I was expecting when I ordered these cafe lights beyond "indoor/outdoor lights with a remote that chain together", but what I received was pretty impressive.

The lights themselves work exactly as advertised: they chain together and operate on a single remote (which is great); they can cycle through a variety of colors and include a white light. They seem pretty heavy duty. The remotes are interchangeable. The lights are cool to the touch after a long period of use. That's really about it: everything else is as spelled out in the description above.

Some things that you might not be aware of and probably should know, but that aren't a detractor to buying these lights:
1. they're heavy, probably heavier than you'd imagine. I mean, they're made for all weather, so it makes sense that there's some heft to them. On the plus side, that seems to make
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By Jon Gilbert
4.7 | 791 customer ratings
93% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
My friends are hosting friendsgiving next week. So I decided to order this photo clip string for decoration and for instant photos that we will take during the party. I specifically looked for a battery-powered garland, since we will be making barbecue in the yard, and I needed something that would work autonomously from the network. There are 30 clips, so that all the photos will take their “luminous” place. I like the quality - the string is very solid, the clips are large and strong. I like that such a bulky-looking decor fits very compactly into a small box. And after friendsgiving, storage will not take up much space. I highly recommend this product for your Wedding, Thanksgiving, Christmas and other parties! Let’s have fun, guys!
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By Alina
I wanted to get LED lights that don't need to be plugged into the wall. Really like how these run on battery only. The LED light bulbs are really bright and thick. The plastic clips have a slot on the top part of one side of the clip where the LED is attached. The clips are big (like the standard wooden clothespins size). I got this to hang up my Polaroid film and Instax film. Requires 3 AA batteries to power on. I think the LED photo clippers is good for the price, but it would have been nice to have a remote control to turn the lights on and off. Instead, I have to manually switch the lights on and off. There is a middle setting as well for flashing lights, but it's not very attractive to look at. There is a very nice warm white that is emitted.
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By Moy Young
So I got mine and quickly fell inlove with it. I clip my pics on them and hang these lights on my walls. I turn off all my lights and let these clip lights illuminate those memories I've had stored on paper. It felt warm, and the lights are just right that it doesn't saturate or desaturate my pics. Plus they look great! Pictures hold great. Ill be ordering more in the future since my picture collections are getting bigger ♡
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By GoPackGo
4.6 | 1,429 customer ratings
92% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
So far, so good. It’s exactly as described and easy to install. It would have been nice to have a little extra cord length for one of the strings to plug in the wall rather than need an extension cord, but that’s me being picky. The lights are not super bright, but provide a great ambience.

After reading reviews, regarding bulbs not working upon install, I bought the extra set of bulbs. When I plugged it in, it appeared that 13 bulbs did not work. I was wrong. What seemed to be adequate installation of the bulbs turned out that they were not screwed in enough. It’s a really tight fit to the point I thought I would over-torque and shatter the bulbs in my hand.

My suggestion is hang the lights without bulbs, install the bulbs after, then turn on the lights. Whichever bulbs are not on, twist them a little
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By Sexual Chocolate
They look even better than I imagined. I put them along the perimeter of my fence and the warm lighting is perfect, creates a nice ambiance, and illuminates well. They even reflect in my pool. They appear to be very durable too, Very happy!
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By Julie M.
We ordered the 2-Pack SUNTHIN 48ft String of Lights to decorate an outdoor wedding reception. The lights are on heavy wire and well made. I had ordered extra bulbs, but all the bulbs worked out of the box. The longer strings gave us much better options in how we strung them up. We were worried about what to use as poles, but we found some poles at Lowe's that were actually for the top rail of chain link fences. They make black chain link fence now, so they were painted black which looked much more finished than regular aluminum. They also had a loop cap in that same department that fit those poles. We also found some large metal states about three or four feet tall in the concrete department. We used a post hole pounder to drive the stakes and poles into the
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By Linda M
4.6 | 1,367 customer ratings
91% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
This tree is gorgeous! It was easy to assemble, just needed a step stool to do the top two layers. It is full and wide. I do not like a skimpy tree so I was worried about buying one online, this worked out perfect! The price made it even better. The only downfall was how much “snow” ended up on the floor as I assembled and decorated it, but it only took a quick vacuum/sweep so it was worth it.
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By Mrs.Taylor
This tree exceeded all my expectations! it’s exactly as described. The height and girth were perfect for my home. I’ve received so many compliments! And you cannot beat the price. Assembly was easy as it came in three parts. I took the time to separate all the branches to have a fuller look. The flocking did make a bit if a mess but it was well worth it. Love my tree!
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By Picture Not Perfect
This tree is beautiful. I was skeptical when I ordered it. I read several reviews and decided to take a chance. I am very glad I did. You do have to form or fluff the tree, but I expected that when I ordered it. If you take your time, you can make it look very beautiful. There are not open or bare spots in the tree. The first picture is right after I got the tree and I was still working on the branches. The second picture is the tree all decorated. I was worried about the flocking falling off. Some did, but I expected that. After I got it up and arranged, very little has fallen off. I would definitely order again.
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By Peggy W.
4.5 | 6,296 customer ratings
87% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
I couldn’t decide between these and another set which had much larger bulbs (therefore giving off that old-fashioned literal “light bulb” vibe) but these are very pleasing even though they are much smaller than what I had envisioned. I chose these over the other competitor for 2 main reasons: 1) I wanted to be able to buy more strands that could “connect” to additional strands if needed (the larger glass ones did not give this option), and 2) The other ones had a lot of reviews about them arriving broken. Well, I am clumsy, I need something more durable in my hands because with my luck, I’d surely break them while stringing them along, lol. Anyway, these are BRIGHT, which is very good indeed (now I don't need to have the porch light on which always attracted moths and other bugs). I think I’ll buy another strand and connect them
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By Gone with the Kale
Great quality. I was able to hang the lights without breaking any bulb. I hang 3 strings together and then 2 strings in the other side. Always USE CABLE to hang. Don’t hang the lights directly from the electric cord. I plan to hang them only for the party and store them away after. Florida sun and rain will destroy them if I leave them outside.
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By Cynthia
I bought two packs to wrap around the upper trellis of my apartment balcony. Used in conjunction with a WiFi enabled dimmer, it is very beautifully lit. The bulbs are medium sized. I didn’t want those large hanging bulbs that look like light bulbs hanging. These bulbs have a very warm color to them and not too bright. It’s best described as accent lighting. Careful, very fragile. I was super cautious and not sure how I even broke one. They are glass so used a cloth to unscrew it and used one of the 4 extra bulbs they send. Be sure to screw in all bulbs before hanging. I made the mistake of not checking and about 6 were not lit because they weren’t screwed in tight enough. I’m very happy with my purchase and recommend.
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By Jen
4.5 | 5,578 customer ratings
88% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Just bought these for my daughter's room. They are beyond great. Quality is awesome. Setting are so cool and the remote works for multiple strands as well as singles. Love !!! Ordered more for my son's room.
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By bubba
Ok, so let me just say that these little lights are amazing! I bought them solely based on reviews and hoped for the best. Well, I'm just blown away by how neat these things work! Batteries are not included, so I had to do a store run to fix that. Each string takes 3 AA batteries and each remote takes a flat watch battery, but it's well worth it! These little guys really put on a show! I love that I have 8 different choices for light shows. I also love that there's a timer if I want to use it. I finally have solved the problem of how to light the wreath on my front door without having an ugly cord, or using other light sets that eat batteries in a day or so. Trust me, you can NOT go wrong with these things! I've seen similar stings in
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By Deborah
I just recieved the lights and they are so far from what the picture shows. Light is a little wire that streches out to 16 ft, but not that full bundle you see in the picture. Light are not bright at all. Do not buy. Would not recommend to buy at all
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By Lourod
4.6 | 1,292 customer ratings
90% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
I can’t comment on the durability of the product as I’ve only had the light for two days.

I went with the LEDs -and very happy with my choice

I choose to use paracord rather than cable for my installation - as the lights have a hole in the top for screws/nails/ wire or cord - using a cord or cable will keep tension off the electrical cord itself

Here’s a tip - run your cord or cable through the lights before you install the bulbs - and string your light starting with your high side and work toward low end
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By NC10735285
These LED string lights are easy to install, and make any outdoor area feel special. The wire and fixtures are well made. Remember to put up your lights without the bulbs, this makes accidental damage less likely. Once you are happy with the positioning then add the bulbs.
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By Jo Robinson
I did a lot of research prior to landing on the addlon lights and am not disappointed. Although I’ve not yet (semi) permanently attached the lights to the fence (they are draped over the top of the pickets), they worked wonderfully for a pool party last night, receiving compliments from just about all guests.

The strings are heavy duty and I believe the squirrels will leave these alone. (They constantly chew thru smaller strings/x-mas lights)
The unbreakable lightbulbs are perfect around the pool and I don’t anticipate any breakage as a result of hail or wind damage in the future.

The brightness was perfect for the nighttime party, providing enough light for a killer game of volleyball. However, I will probably purchase a dimmer for the quieter evenings, just to take it down a bit.
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By KMusarra
4.5 | 4,263 customer ratings
86% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
I got these to use in wine bottles as my wedding centerpieces (fairies in a bottle). I absolutely love them. They really give the bottles that something extra. They are bright and the bottles help dim them some.
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By amanda patterson
The fairy lights was perfect for my project. Great quality and the color choice was spot on. I will be ordering more of these lights for future projects!
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By Sandy Kerr
When these first arrived I thought it was a joke. the box was small and the lights were tiny. I was pissed. I almost didnt even use them!
I am glad i tried them! I was putting these in old empty liquor bottles for night lites and dang these are bright! They come with batteries and these can light up a room decently. Perfect for my project. Will buy more.
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By Amanda Eckle
4.8 | 505 customer ratings
95% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
The twinkling wine bottle lights arrived in perfect order. The string is easy to put into the wine bottle, has lovely bright cheerful LED lights that are turned on easily (switch found in the cork), and another positive, a battery that can be changed when it is used up.
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By Annmarie
These are lovely! They seem to be very bright. I plan on using them for the holidays and only tried one. I bought the white ones so I can use them in colored bottles as well as clear. They are easy to put in the bottle and the "cork" fit well. I can't evaluate the battery life since I really haven't used them.
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By Lee
Very bright. Not harsh. Good length. Works in red or white wine bottles. However, they are difficult to unravel-they are wrapped tightly and the 'end' is tiny and often takes few minutes to find and then unwind. Otherwise I would say 5 stars.
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By Amazon Customer