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4.8 | 6,575 customer ratings
95% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Ok, so I knew I needed to drink more water. Even with water tracking apps I was failing to keep track of how many times I had refilled my cup or nalgene. Enter the bottled joy gallon water bottle. I wanted to see if I liked having all of my water for the day at hand all day long. I do. However there are some things you should know.
Pros: Easy to read graduated side letting you know just how much water you did or did not drink that day.
Carrying handle is great.
Doubles as 8lb weight before you drink any water. Arms get a good workout every time you go for a drink.
Great conversation starter " Wow. That's a big water bottle!" "Geeze, that thing is huge!" Etc. Look like a real fitness buff without having to say a word.
For sure got all my water in for the day.
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By Chris Gochnauer
I have a serious hydration issue. I just don't think to drink water, and go through these cycles of being fatigued and miserable from dehydration, too much so to take care of myself and just go get a glass of water! I've always thought if I could somehow track how much water I drink in a day it would give me some insight into the problem. Well, someone FINALLY thought of a solution!!! I just love the gauge on the side that gives me a goal as the day goes on. It even ends at 7pm so I can plan to stop drinking water a couple hours before bed (for obvious reasons). Right before bed is usually when I CATCH UP from not having drunk enough during the day, and so I end up waking up at least once during the night. Another reason for feeling
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By Kmom
Let me begin this by saying this water bottle is truly unique from the others you will find online or in-store. Having times and lines as to how much water you should drink by those times has helped me stay on track tremendously. It is made from a quality plastic and testing it's cap it is leak proof with a rubber piece underneath the plastic piece on the cap itself for double the protection from ant potential leaks or spills. With it they also include a cleaning brush which is big enough to clean out the bottle with ease. I haven't seen any other companies giving cleaning brushed with their actual products other than these guys which really shows that they care. It is one thing to create a product but another to create it with care and thinking about the consumers.

It is easy to hold as it has
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By Joshua McDonald
4.8 | 2,978 customer ratings
96% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
This bottle will inspire you to drink more water! The bottle itself is a very heavy duty, BPA-free Tristan plastic. It checks off all the boxes for what I’m looking for in a reusable water bottle: durable, dishwasher safe, heat resistant, fits in my car’s cup holder, leakproof, safe plastic, functional, and looks good. I found the drinking spout comfortable to drink from. It has a wide mouth under the flip-top lid to drink directly from the bottle ( or you could use a straw too). You can easily flip the cap with one hand. Unscrew the lid, and it has a wide opening for ice cubes or to add fruits to make your own infused water. It has a tight-fitting removable strainer, so it makes it easy & convenient to drink from if there are added elements to the water. It has a nice little strap
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By ChristyLS
First off, let me say that I've been having a hard time committing to a water bottle to buy. Why? Because they have weird mouth-pieces, straws, hard to clean crevices, odd lids, etc, etc. Based on the reviews, I took a chance and bought this bottle. I'm glad I did, as it's the best bottle I've ever had. I give it a 5 star rating because it's the best bottle I've had.
However, there are some things I want to point out:
1. Other reviews claim (and show photos) the bottle comes with a bottle brush. Mine did not. The product description doesn't state it comes with a brush either, so maybe they changed that "feature". I don't care, as I don't really need the brush. Just letting others know, that it may no longer include a bottle brush.
2. [Begin Personal Rant] The whole "Motivational Time Marker" concept is such an idiotic
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By Eric
I wanted to increase the amount of water I drink and found that most water bottles I've had in the past didn't fill the bill..I don't like the built in straw concept, don't like when the wide mouth is too wide, don't like it when the grip isn't right, don't like when it smells plasticky, don't like when it's hard to clean, and so on and so forth. Tried drinking bottled water from the store, kept thinking of the costs of buying glorified tap water and the dangers of BPA. Finally came across this product, read all the glowing reviews, the price was right, so I decided to give it a shot. Initially I wanted a bottle that would help me track the amount of water I was drinking throughout the day so the markings on this one seemed beneficial. Honestly, I do not pay much
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By Teri
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4.7 | 2,939 customer ratings
93% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
We full time in our rv and over the last 15 years have gone through a LOT of types of chairs! These are the most comfortable chairs we've ever owned. They fold flat super easy, are light enough to pack one handed across the rv park to neighboring bbqs, rock in uneven ground, grass and gravel and store flat in the underbelly of our trailer for travel. Quite simply the best! We love them so much we will be buying 3-4 more! Though it would be nice if amazon came down on price a bit. Friends of ours picked these up for just under $50 at Academy.
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By Mrs.Fyfe
I am large man, so have been uncomfortable in typical camp chairs. I've been looking for a rocking chair, and this seemed to fit the bill.

1. Extremely well built - sturdy and good quality components.
2. Wide
3. Easy to lean back and even rock back and forth.

1. Just one! The seat is a bit shallow, so the front edge hits me mid-thigh. It is very taut and can cut uncomfortably into the back of my thighs. With a bit of adjustment, it isn't as big of a problem, but still not entirely comfortable.

Recommend to buy? Absolutely, as long as you're aware that seat is a bit short. I'm 6' 2", my wife is 5' 8", and she says the same thing about the short seat.
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These chairs have a lot of potential but fall short. A few modifications to the design and they would be much better. The angle between the chair seat and back is to upright. It is basically a 90 degree angle. This needs to be relaxed some. If the chair is on an uneven surface with the rear higher than the front it is very uncomfortable and you have to work against the shocks to get a somewhat comfortable position. If the back was less upright this would not be a problem. Even on flat surfaces this can be an issues if you have been sitting a while. The pads on the armrests are no long enough. The tend to slide towards the back of the chair leaving a good 6 inches or so of the front of the armrest uncovered and bare metal. Lastly the cup holder pocket is a
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By David M. Draper
4.7 | 2,484 customer ratings
95% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
My son is going to be so excited to get this survival kit. He is always digging things out of our camping gear to explore or bring hiking with us. I don’t like when my gear goes missing in his room so we both will appreciate him having his own supplies. He now has everything I have and more! It really is amazing how much they fit into this compact carrying case. It is the perfect size to fit into a weekend or day pack. He has been learning how to use things like the flint and steel in his colonial studies at school to start fires. The next time we go camping I have no doubt he will be testing all this gear out. Everything feels like really good quality. They are certainly as good as many of the things I have bought individually like the fire starter, survival
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By Eagle
I give this lil survival emergency pack 5 stars I use the knife out in my garden daily so far no problems with it. I like that it is small and I submerged the box in a bucket of water the contents didnt get wet. I will be buying 3 more for my daughters and my bug out bags. This one is for the car. So far I like it. If I had any qualms it's getting everything back in there after you open it. It's like over packin for a vacation lmfaooo and somebodys fat ass gotta sit on it to close it. But far as that 👍🏿 from me.
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By Brandymayez
I purchased this kit as a Christmas gift for my husband, who is very handy and a big fan of the survival show “SOS”. The kit came packed with all kinds of super-useful tools that are exactly the kind of items Creek Stewart recommends on “SOS”, in a small light-weight shell that is easy to store and carry. My husband was particularly taken with the para-cord multi-tool—something you could quickly clip on to your wrist or bag on your way out. Our only criticism, which is somewhat minor, is that the case can be hard to repack since the items do not have designated spots inside it. You have to just stack everything in and close the case quickly. Other than that minor design flaw, this is a great purchase!
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By Alyssa Tormala
4.7 | 2,261 customer ratings
93% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
I am pleased that these towels match the description.

The towels are soft and lightweight.

The texture of the textile is like a lightweight version ofvery thin supple suede - not terry towel loops like a home towel.

Because the towels are thin, they take up a tiny amount of space.

They did not tear when pulled.

They are not see-through.

They can be used for a variety of tasks.

I purchased mine for camping. They are lightweight and easily fit into backpack or be tied onto a backpack or purse.

I purchased mine on a discounted “lightening deal” and wish I had purchased a second set of 3. I see the price is higher and am unsure if I would pay more than the lightening deal. Do research to find the best price.

Pictures are included so potential buyers can see the flatness of the fabric.

One photo shows how I wet the back of my hand and
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By Livingandlearning
Pros: Light weight
Quick Dry
Once you learn how to roll it up it's easy and very convenient to carry around
Travel Case

A little confusing on how to roll up in the beginning as there weren't any instructions

I love this towel, the biggest one, I go to the pool to lap swim at least 2-3 times a week and after taking a shower there this towel comes in handy. I am able to wrap the whole towel around me and at first I was like "how is this thin cloth going to absorb anything" but after using it I fell in love with it. It's a towel so it is obviously easy to use but by the time I am done clothing myself the towel is practically dry already. I also have a lot of hair so I do the towel hair wrap after I dry my body and after
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By Lexi
This feels like a sham-wow that my dad used to dry off the car after washing. It is very absorbent, thin, and dries quickly when hung up.

I personally don't like the feel, it feels like suede and when first starting to dry with the towel you cannot rub it around. Once it has picked up a little moisture then you can slide it around your body a little bit.

While I don't like the way it feels, it still gets 5 stars because it is as described and does dry you and itself very quickly. I don't think it is fair to take off a star for something subjective like texture. My wife does like the way it feels but suede texture doesn't bother her.
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By Frequent Shopping Leads to Reviews
4.7 | 1,763 customer ratings
93% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Works great. Even the deer like it!
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By Nikki D
So easy to put together I didn’t even need the instructions. Portable and sturdy
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By Heather Duncan
This is but far the best portable net I've ever purchased.
It's portable, easy to carry and tough against the winds. Very good design, even the bag that comes with it is designed well, I could keep going on but I believe that a picture is worth a thousand words.
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By Or
4.7 | 1,714 customer ratings
94% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
It appears to be a basic un-padded rifle sling, and it is but it's a lot more. The sling is made of flat tubular webbing so you're getting two layers of webbing although it feels and looks like one. It's very soft and pliable, not at all stiff, and comfortable to wear despite the lack of extra padding. The thumb loop makes length adjustments in either direction fast and easy. The adjustment loop is large, big enough to get even a gloved thumb in without fumbling. Installation following the manufactures instruction videos (link is provided with the product) makes installation easy and simple. The sling came with no extra swivels or other hardware etc, but you can add your own quick release ones if desired. I rigged it as basic as possible (less to tangle or fail that way) and it works great.
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By Carl Shipley
Very happy with the quality of the sling. I'm a bigger guy and it fit fine after taking some slack out and adjusting it. K,ow this will take some adjustments those who haven't worn an adjustable sling like this. May choose different points to mount... Its all a preference... Not the sling. The biggest reason for the 5 stars is the customer service. David, Idk if hes a customer service person... Or what. But as soon as my order went in, I got an email from em. I figured it was a customary one. Then I got another after I had gotten it delivered via USPS. I again thought nothing of it figuring mustve been automatic... But I decided to reply after doing what some it said in the link. Went to their website, registered for warranty purposes... Saw their
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By Paoakalani Naipo
Pleased to do business with made in Kansas, USA.. I bought two of these slings for my .223 rifles, replacing Magpul MS1 slings that were too bulky. I have a Vickers sling on my AR10, won't replace that, love it. In fact, I was on line about to order two of those, and decided to check out STI. About half the price as the Vickers.. Things I do like.. The sling is very easy to install, plenty of online videos to show the way. Youtube versions load faster (at least they did for me) than the ones on the website. One mounted on Mapgul buttstock, one onto a QD sling swivel. I like the fact that the loop is cloth, not metal, like the Magpul.. I could never keep from klinking that slider on the metal shelf in my shooting blind.. The cloth loop is
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By R. Webb
4.6 | 4,419 customer ratings
88% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
I'm satisfied with the two shirts that I bought. I honestly thought that these shirts were gonna be too small and the sleeves too short. I'm 6'6" tall and weigh 365lbs. So most consider me a giant of a human being. My arm length 36-38" If I remember correctly. Even when I extend my arms, the sleeves don't come up too much. Also, I liked that the shirts are long, and that it comes way down past my waist,...which is normally a problem for me. Other than that,'s very breathable as described. As far as durability,...I can't say yet. I haven't put it through it's paces yet. To have protection when it's sunny and hot, but still feel comfortable,...I think these shirts are the way to go.
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By Amanda
Medication I now take makes my skin extremely sensitive to the sun. And I do mean “extremely” sensitive. I ordered the Vapor Apparel UPF Long sleeve Solar Performance T-Shirt that the site says has an “up to UPF 50+”. I received the shirt, put it and another shirt on and went out to walk my dog. The second shirt I left unbuttoned because it was warm out. Later in the day I noticed my chest was itching – big time. The Vapor T-Shirt did not give me the protection I needed.

I sent Vapor Apparel an e-mail asking what their statement “up to UPF 50+”. This is the response I received from Nick:

“Thank you for your feedback request on the specifics of the SPF rating of the shirts. All of the shirts have a minimum SPF ranking of 35. A couple of
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By OneOleMan
I really like the material of the Vapor but I read the reviews for sizing and was thrown off (my mistake). I'm 5'11" and 199 and ordered the Medium at some reviewers comments. As it turns out, the Large would have been a better call.
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By Scott McClelland
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4.6 | 3,720 customer ratings
89% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
The Kijaro chair is much more sturdy and comfortable than the cheap $10 generic chairs sold at the big box stores. Here I show my green Kijaro side by side with a blue cheapo I also own. The Kijaro sits higher, the seat is flat and more rigid and the back angle does not pitch you forward. You don't feel like you are sitting in a bucket. The price seems to vary based on the color. If you're not picky, check all the colors, get the bargain and save 10 bucks.
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By Steven Alexander
These. Chairs. Are. Awesome! I think the coolest feature of these chairs is the fact that they are dual lock. There is a small locking mechanism that locks the chair into place when they are folded up and when they are folded out. Its a quick release button you press when you need to unlock them which is very easy to use.

We've had them for about 3 weeks now and my wife and I both love them . These are the perfect chairs for watching sporting events or car camping. They are very comfortable and easy to relax in. There is a shoulder strap built into the chair itself (not just the bag) which makes it easy to pick up and move to another spot without having to store it back in the bag.

They are slightly heavy but I can comfortably carry two on my shoulder for short distances (i.e.
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By Feel-The-Rhythm
After reading about the rivets breaking and nuts/bolts being loose, I opened the chair and carefully sat down on it. It didn't break and was comfortable.
However, there was a loose nut and bolt on one of the legs of the chair which I tightened. (quality control issues)
As an engineer, I can say that there are design flaws that need to be addressed. The metal poles that connect to the legs and hold the weight of a person are attached by a small, thin piece of L shaped metal that's held together by the lock nut and bolt. I cannot see this L shaped piece of metal lasting very long due to its thinness and the amount of force on it. I can definitely see the chair breaking should someone sit down on it hard or after repeated use.
So, while comfortable and at a better height than most collapsible chairs, the
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By Wyoming Montana
4.7 | 1,058 customer ratings
94% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
This thing is going to be my new best friend. Matte, sleek, definitely a sporty feel to it. My favorite is the little filter so I can put fruit inside and they won’t block the water flow and seeds won’t get in the way! You can see the yellow lemon in my picture.
The lid pops open so easily just by pressing a button. Very easy to use and very versatile. It also holds me accountable with the time markers on the back!
I’ll definitely want to get cups by the same brand in the future..
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By Chelsea
I’m obsessed!!! This is exactly what I was looking for! I wanted the time markers with a flip top cap that’s easy to open so I can drink my water while I drive! This is it!! I even love the extras that I didn’t necessarily need. I was worried it wouldn’t fit in my cupholder with the sleeve on but it does! I was also worried the water wouldn’t flow out fast enough with the small opening however that’s no problem! I’m ordering another one in pink!!
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By Matt Hoover
Loved the design and capacity (32oz) on this originally. I received an email from this company, asking me to enter their giveaway contest. I did and was not selecting in any of their drawings. The company emailed me a promo coupon as a thank you for a discounted bottle. I took them up on it because I liked the design so much. Then I started using it every day...

Big drawback: This bottle IS NOT insulated, which results in fast melting ice and warm water. Also, the neoprene cover aids in the massive amount of condensation this bottle produces - especially at the gym or outdoors - but it also gets wet to the touch. I don't like freezing cold water but I do enjoy it cool. This bottle after a short amount of time, like less than an hour, does nothing to keep your water or beverage cool even if
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By Jen Vargas
4.6 | 2,317 customer ratings
90% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
LOVE them. Got both the N-Rit and Aegend sleeves. Both fit great and I would buy again. I have worn them on cloudy, humid days, 97 degree days in the Nevada desert, and hot, humid days of the Midwest. Both definitely keep the sun blocked, and IMHO, keep my arms feeling cooler than just bare skin. I was worried about the length as my shirt measures 37" sleeves.. Both were long enough to stretch from wrist to under the sleeves of my T-shirt or golf shirt. Only difference is that the N-Rit sleeves are slightly ribbed and look more "cotton-like" finish. The Aegend sleeves are smoother and more synthetic looking. Could care less about the looks, as long as they work...and they do. Personally, I like not having to put the chemicals on my skin for sunscreen. Bonus was how they keep the arms from not only
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By Amazon Customer
I love these sleeves so much I just ordered a second pair. As a city bus driver my arms are in the sun most of the day, so these were much needed. I have long skinny arms and ordered the medium, they fit perfect. Packaging was simple and arrived quick. No complaints and would recommend!
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By Kindle Customer
I like these sleeves. I got a few pairs for a family trip and they were very helpful. They are smooth to touch and feel very comfortable. They do cool you a bit when doing any activity that results in you sweating because when the sweat evaporates it steals heat from your body to do so. Sun protection is great, maybe better than using the best sunscreen I've ever tried; nobody got any bit of a sunburn wearing these. It is much more convenient to wear these sleeves than to apply sunscreen all the time. They were incredibly useful for a bunch of different activities: we hiked to the top of a mountain, we played various outdoors sports, we visited a lot of cities and national/state parks and we sat a full day at a tennis tournament with no cloud coverage whatsoever - great feel and sun protection. They
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By Denis
4.6 | 2,122 customer ratings
90% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Update June 25, 2017: Finally had a heel in one sock blowout. So a little over 9 months for that to happen. All the other socks are still in good shape though. I am beyond impressed by these socks.

Let me say up front that I am a UPS Driver and am on my feet for 10-12 hours a day. I blow through socks in weeks sometimes. That is why I have been searching for socks that could take a beating and yet be comfortable. These socks are hands down the best socks I have ever owned in my life. They are tight but not overly tight. More of a compression sock feel that gives greatly needed support. They are warm without making your feet sweat. Best of all they last and stay in great shape even 5 months later. Which for me and my job is quite impressive. I
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No more Nike Drive fit only when I have to shop for socks. These are most comfy socks I've owned. Easy can wear all day without noticing you're wearing them. I got sweaty feet and these socks wick the moisture better than Nike socks and unlike Nike socks thses don't build up foot odor. I wear work boots 8-10 hrs a day and by the end of day feet smell funky. I'm big on personal hygeine. With these socks I no longer need odor spray or any powder. I thought my feet were nasty. Turns out my choice of socks was the problem. I recommended these socks to all my friends and family. I gave away these socks for Christmas and everyone still wear them and bought many more. I've had mine for over a year and they haven't worn out at all. Still got perfect elastic, socks don't sag
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By Lahiru Caldera
I bought these for work as I stand all day (I work on cars all day). I ordered them right before my Hawaii trip as I knew I would be hiking there as well. I don't even know how many miles I ended up going in these but not once did my feet ache or feel pressure points. Up, down, went, dry, muddy, clean, hot or cold... these were a dream (cloud 9) and no blisters. One day we did a full 16 hour trip, feet were very happy! I even wore these as dress/casual where I stood in less supportive shoes, no issues. The material is thinner (yet still plush. I'd say medium plush) than some work socks but my feet were able to breathe and wick sweat. They also don't shift inside your shoes (very important when hiking, especially on cliffs/ridges of volcanos) I will deff buy more,
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By Chris P.
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4.6 | 1,931 customer ratings
90% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
These native shoes are perfect for summer with your psycho toddler. They are light and breathable, easy to get on, easy to clean and waterproof. Perfect for your child to wear as they sprint away from you and towards danger. My kids loves these shoes so much that I bought a second pair for when she grows out of them in a week.
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By Sam
I am a huge snob when it comes to my kids shoes. They have to be comfy, easy to put on, and cute. Natives check ALL of the boxes and more. I love all of the colors. Bright, neutral, light, dark, they have them all! I also love the different styles. We have a pair of Mary-Jane's for my 4 year old, and the original style for my 6 year old. They hold up so well, season after season. I love that they are light weight, but comfortable and protective which is great for climbing, biking, walking, and all sorts of play. Another huge pro is that I chuck them in the washer when they get dirty, and they come out looking brand new. They are my go to shoe for my kids, and I'll be a forever customer!
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By Ep86
This product is a knock off. I ordered my son’s size 5 Native’s from Zappos so I know the ones he has are authentic. These ones are fake. You can see the differences in the photos.
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By ELX17
4.8 | 512 customer ratings
95% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Let's be honest. This is the fourth or fifth water bottle purchase you've made. This isn't your first rodeo. It won't be your last. Does it meet your needs? You mean, does it hold water or other liquids? Yes. Haven't tried it with hot coffee yet so don't be that guy. Lines are still showing after multiple washes. Boasts of being free of BPA. Not sure if the times are motivational or reminders of how much of this water you're NOT drinking, but half full/half empty right?

Has a clip so you know, you can clip it to your backpack or whatever you'd choose to clip a bottle filled with liquid. It has a reusable straw so you can reminisce of the olden days where straws were everywhere. But if you just can't fathom the thought of ever letting a straw touch your mouth again, you can remove it and sip
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By QueenIsys
This is my first time writing a review for a water bottle, but it is warranted. Purchased on a lightning deal and received it today and immediately washed it and put it to use. I filled it with ice cubes and water. It does have a huge opening to fit in bigger ice cubes and makes it easier to clean as well (i used a bottle brush). After filling it with water from the kitchen sink, I immediately began drinking from it and took it for my wife to try as well.

The straw has a great texture to it and it is really soft and easy to draw water from, which is more important than you think, especially when you've had water bottles with hard to draw straws. The bottle is really heavy duty and seems it will last a long time. Hopefully the writing can stay nice on it
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By Ray
I have bought from this seller before and I was really satisfied with their product. I wanted a straw bottle to use in my car so I can drink water and still pay attention to the road. The straw lock on this bottle is tight enough that it doesn’t leak while rolling around my passenger seat, but loose enough for me to switch it up one handed. The 32oz capacity is perfect and I love that it came with a straw brush!
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By J Ng
4.8 | 502 customer ratings
95% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Absolutely Perfect and so gorgeous. I get lots of compliments not just on this bottle but on my flawless skin. I'm in my 40s but I have skin of a 20 yr old and my secret a gallon of water, shea butter from my village in West Africa for moisturizing and black soap for bathing, it's a simple recipe passed down from generations in my family plus I try to wear Lil or no makeup and watch my face twice a day. Though this is not skin care reviewing I'm trying to tell you water will make a huge difference in your skin. . If you find it hard to drink water just get one of these beautiful bottles and throw in a pack of energy powder Zipp Fizz (read on zip fizz it's very good, even diabetics swear by it) and I promise you you'll finish the whole bottle
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By A. Garwood
There’s a great carry handle, and the best part are the goals it offers. We all know that hydration is key to a good health. This gallon jug has timely goals printed on it for how much water you should drink by a certain time, although it seems too much for me, but it certainly encourages me to drink more water, I know it's good for my own health. I have used many bottles in the past, from high end to regular cheap bottles and from experience this bottle is the best thus far. I will definitely be recommending this bottle to everyone.
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By whatworks
I love this water bottle. For one, the daily reminders/affirmation printed every other hour on the bottle are just amazing. Very motivational. Secondly its too not big like most bottles I've seen. Seals very tight so its leak proof. The bottle has two ways that it cana be carried. The strap handle on the bottle's top is very thick and sturdy and gives you the option of carrying the bottle while full, or as it gets empty throughout the course of the day. The silicon piece inside the top is very good, it prevents any water from leaking out of the bottle in case you happen to have the bottle laying on its side or upside down. The bottle didnt have a funny smell to it or make the water taste weird in any way, its also important that the bottle is BPA safe. I would definitely recommend this
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By Monyluv
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4.5 | 9,937 customer ratings
90% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Towards the end of last summer, my husband and I needed to get some new chairs for when we sit outside or go somewhere since our old ones were worn out. I did some searching on here and these were the first ones that stuck out to me. I've known for awhile that the Coleman brand has a good reputation and I was pretty interested in these chairs since they have a lot of features and didn't cost a ton of money. We ended up purchasing the blue chair and the black chair.

These oversized chairs are amazing and so comfortable! They are made in China of 100% polyethylene foam. The chairs measure approximately 24 inches wide when set up and 18 inches from the bottom of the legs to where the seat is. They can hold up to 325 pounds and feel very durable. My husband weighs about 350 pounds
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By Kristin B.
Best camping chair I've owned. I won't get specific with my dimensions but I'm a pretty big guy. Most chairs you find in stores are designed for skinny people whereas this chair works well with my large body.
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By Steve S
I don't recall being as disappointed with a purchase in a long time. I've had two $5 camping chairs (NWT) that I bought at Kmart about 8 to 9 years ago. They have been through hell: camping, concerts, t-ball games, the beach, parks, etc. They're still in one piece. Looks like they'll easily last another 10 years. I vainly admit that it bothered me that they're not a better known brand. I booked a glamping trip at state park Jonathan Dickinson April 5th through the 8th, 2018. South Florida. Great weather. Flat surface, mostly grass or sand. I thought it was the perfect time to upgrade my camping chairs. I have MANY Coleman products: coolers, lights, stakes, chairs, etc. All have been 100% excellent quality. Naturally I thought these chairs would be a nice upgrade. First, I did not like the quality of the carry case they come in. I've
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By Amazon Customer
4.7 | 693 customer ratings
93% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Very nice quality and colors! Love the padded foot but not too bulky in my shoes. About 2" higher on the leg than the similar Yuedge brand that I ordered first.

I got these b/c my quarter socks did not keep my ankles and lower legs warm. I didn't need wool socks so these were a good choice. I had white cotton socks but they were not foot hugging and hard to get off/on; the ribbing came to mid calf.
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By Cognizant Consumer
I thought nothing could beat my "Darn Tough" socks for hiking comfort and warmth in the Winter months. So I was VERY hesitant to purchase anything other than that brand. I hike DAILY with my dogs on the local mountain trails near my home often for 2 or 3 hours a day, and for the last 5 years I've only used Darn Tough socks since they seem to last a long time but they are not cheap. So I couldn't turn down the bargain I saw for these new socks when I read the reviews. ( even if I don't always trust the reviews since they don't always answer the questions I need answers to). I have a wide foot and I HATE having seams in the toes that so often make the sock uncomfortable with those tiny little "knots" around the small toe and the big
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By Beukeboom
These are lovely socks. But so hot, I could not wear them in Iceland. I ended up wearing thinner socks for our hiking, if uou can believe it. If you have freezing feet, you’ll like these. If you have normal circulation, these may be too warm.
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By mom in minnesota
4.5 | 6,167 customer ratings
87% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
I bought this to help ensure I drank enough water each day. I feel like I drink a lot, but this bottle is a great, if comical, visual. I had no concept how big this would be...I feel like what I envision a hamster feels like with a hamster bottle. But...the product feels really well made. It came with a straw brush and scrubber pad for cleaning, a tip to add to lengthen the straw so it pokes out of the lid, and a sheet of instructions. There's a motivational timeline on one side to encourage to drink throughout the day as well as printed ounce/ml printed on the other side. Very happy with the purchase.
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By MosquitoSue
OMG I’m so happy with my HUMONGOUS water bottle. When I first opened my box and I saw it, I cracked up, because, I couldn’t believe how big it was. I love it. It was delivered fast and in great shape. For those who said that when you press the button to open the cap, and when you try to drink water the cap is on your way, the instructions said that YOU HAVE TO PUSH IT ALL THE WAY TO THE BACK, so it stays out of your way.
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By Rodazi
Excellent! I purchased the 64 ounce version. Success at getting in 64 ounces of liquid is high if you fill this at night and drink as you carry it with you throughout the next day. It comes with cleaning tools (wonderful!), and it's easy to clean. I wish this bottle could fit in my car cupholder, but then it would topple over easily when placed on a flat table and filled with liquid. The bottle feels a little large, but the handle makes it easy to carry. Because I need a drinking bottle that does not require me to refill it at all during the day, I will deal with it feeling slightly large. The most important thing is that I get in 64 ounces of water per day, and this bottle makes that easy. For those concerned about not being able to drink the last ounce or so due
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By Yvette
4.5 | 4,923 customer ratings
87% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
We took it with us to HHI, SC where we had high winds the whole week. My wife and I could set it up and break it down in a matter of 5ish minutes each day, and it was an invaluable accessory for preventing sunburn during our trip. Construction quality is great, held up exceptionally well to windy conditions (just make sure you angle it somewhat away from the direction the wind is blowing from, or it will become a giant sail!). We also learned that it was better to angle it with the sun at our back (instead of facing the shoreline straight on) so that our shaded area covered us completely and grew larger throughout the afternoon. We also bought some of the mat style beach "chairs" to sit on under the umbrella. We could sit up to read for most of the day, but then when my
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By J.N. Gutierrez
~*~*~*SPORTBRELLA LIFE!!!!!!*~*~*~

...Is a TATTOO I would TOTALLY consider getting, if I was someone with a few more tats and could afford to break it up with a funnier tat here and there. THAT BEING SAID, the Sportbrella is a WAY OF LIFE. I swear, I have spent years dealing with rickety, garbage umbrellas, watching my own father struggle to keep a standard beach umbrella properly anchored in the ground, and he is a strong and tall guy!!! But everything changed the day, last year on the sands of Jacob Riis Beach in Queens, when I saw my dude Dave's set up. He was rockin the SPORTBRELLA XL and I was like, "dude, is that a tent? or an umbrella? or what the hell is going on here?? You got GREAT SHADE, VENTILATION, and MAXIMUM STABILITY!!! This is a miracle!!!!"

I went home THAT DAY and bought my own! (Not XL though
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By Daphne I. Gardner
I received my Sport-Brella in a nice long cardboard box that I unpacked and set up in my backyard as a test run for our upcoming beach trip. In my backyard the set up was simple and I was shocked just how quick everything was up and ready for use. The instructions were helpful, but I found it to be very self explanatory once I got everything up and out. I'd greatly recommend setting it up in your home or outside before you go on your trip or use it outdoors.

At the beach, the wind was fairly strong (around 8-10mph), but the Sport-Brella held up great for our weekend trip! I found that putting sand around the edges of the umbrella, to help support the anchors was helpful. The flaps that allow wind kept me shaded, cool and breezy. I've used other cheap beach umbrellas that would have buckled under
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By Mark
4.5 | 4,359 customer ratings
86% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
So I’ve been looking for an bigger water bottle with words and such like this... usually goal is a gallon a day so I figured why not try this huge one. And it is pretty awesome!
Definitely big but helps so much! Been using it for 3 days now and love it!
I get excited actually seeing me hit those marks.
The straw really helps too that’s always been a thing I’ve found with other smaller bottle is no straw it makes it harder to get that motivation. The straw just makes it easy.

The handle is sturdy!

The top is secure. Like I tip it over and nothing spills out which helps because I have littles that always seem to get a hold of my stuff and knock it over... then water is everywhere... but this seriously not even a drop! I thought for sure with how big it is it would but nope
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By rageone
After having a 24oz water bottle for several months, I grew tired of constantly having to fill it up and I knew I wasn't drinking enough water throughout the day. Initially, I was looking for a 64oz bottle, then I saw this one. Yes, the others are correct, the water bottle is very large. However, after a few days, I grew used to the size. Personally, I think it's easier to get my one gallon in a day because of the time markers. I realized that I wasnt running to the bathroom all day if I stuck to the times on the bottle because I guess it allows the kidneys to work more effectively.

Duribility? Very good and it truly is leak-proof. I have purchased several bottles only to be disappointed that the water is dripping all over the place.

Cleaning? I really like how wide the mouth is. As others have
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By Hallin
I like that the bottle has the time and gives you a goal for drinking water throughout the day. I like that it has a straw which makes it easier to drink. The bottle holds lots of ice which is nice since it's not insulated. However, it is hard to drink out of the straw based on the lids location and the fact that it doesnt go far enough back to really allow you to put the straw in your mouth. The straw doesn't lock into the spout so sometime you have to take the lid off to get the straw. When your lid is closed though it doesn't leak. The lid stays on securely and is easy to carry with the handle.
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By Samantha M. Bollinger