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4.7 | 1,981 customer ratings
92% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
It was time to replace our old Dyson cord vacuum. I think it was 17 years old. Since it had performed so well over the years, I immediately looked to Dyson again. I admit I was a bit skeptical that a smaller stick vacuum could do the job in an almost 2000 sq ft house. We are senior citizens who have an active lifestyle, live in the mountains off of dusty roads, have house cats and 2 Aussie dogs. Since we also have horses and acreage, we are busy and the cleaning sometimes takes a lower priority. I wanted something that was easy to use, quick, and not having to drag a cord around sounded really good! Hubby thought I was making a big mistake. But, after assembling it and using it today, he has changed his mind, and I really, really like this handy and powerful vacuum. Some of
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By Debra Mickelson
UPDATE 4/13/19: I had to come back to this review and add a half star. The brains Dyson added to this vaccuum, along with the bigger battery capacity, have immensley added to the vacuum time I get on a charge. I am leaving it set on Auto, and It is darn near twice the square feet I am getting vacuumed on a single charge. I just leave it up to the vaccuum to set the power as I go from carpet to hard wood to stone. Well done Dyson.

I have been using, for the past year or so, a V8 Animal that I bought for about $325 on sale at my local membership warehouse store. And I absolutely love it. It is far and away the best cordless vacuum I have ever used. But I can only get 1/2 my house
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By knitting ninja
The motorhead does not spin, took 14 days (and 10+ hours of wait time to speak to Dyson) to get a replacement . The replacement has the same issue - so waiting again on hold. WORST PRODUCT EVER!
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By Urban
4.7 | 466 customer ratings
91% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Our daughter REALLY needed a vacuum! With 2 large pooches and no vacuum...lets just say she was starting to drown in “Hair of the Dog.”

We wanted to surprise her with a great vacuum cleaner. But, we can’t afford some of the overpriced products out there.

This purchase (and Amazon) came to the rescue. It has all of the features, convenience and POWER of the name brand (we’ve used one) vacuum.

It is quite easy to assemble. Straight forward buttons. Charges quickly.’s easy to empty and clean the carpet attachment.

That easy to clean is VERY important! Because this vacuum really pulls up the dirt and dog hair! You will be emptying it often. It takes up very little space...lightweight and easy enough to use that getting it out is no big drama deal

Big time recommend. Especially for apartments and small homes. Measures us to the Brandnames without the
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By Mike & Heidi Frazier
One of best purchases I've done this year! I have 3 cats, and cleaning litter boxes and fur are my daily job. I used to have a huge one which is strong but heavy and loud. I threw that away the first 20 mins I got this item. Here are couple things I love about it:
1. Light weight - I can operate it with one hand, as well as my teen sister. There are two floors in my apartment, and it's really easy to bring this item up and down.
2. Strong power - again cat litter and hair are the major 2 things I'm dealing with daily. With different head attached, I can easily clean spots in those hidden corner.
3. Less noise - Compares to the giant one I had before, this item is a lot quieter. My cats won't freak out and hide while I'm vacuuming.
4. The
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By Ted Liao
This cordless vacuum works like a brand-name vacuum with a more affordable price. When I received the package, I wondered why it was so big and heavy. Later, when I opened it, it had lots of paper inside and the box inside the package is sturdy which can protect the vacuum inside. What attracted me the most when I purchased this vacuum was the great price compared to other cordless vacuums and the overcharge protection design. I often forget to unplug some of my electronics before I go out and some of the batteries die easily, so the overcharge protection design is an important feature to me. I've got to say this vacuum helps make cleaning so much easier with its cordless design and it can last up to 30 mins which is enough for my entire home. Additionally, it has different modes for you to choose from. Even
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By Ho P.
4.5 | 2,702 customer ratings
85% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
We bought this to vacuum the stairs (I'm tired of trying to carry the full-size vacuum up each stair and vacuum the carpet with the attachments!), vacuum up cat litter around the cat's box, and just for touch-ups here and there. It works great! The suction was so great.It took me only a few minutes to do the whole staircase. And it picks up the cat litter, etc. We've only had it for about a week, but it has been working great! The charge has lasted long enough to do what I need it to do. I would definitely recommend this handvac to anyone. I just wish it came with a wall mount.
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By Courtzy
At first, I was a bit skeptical because I had read the different product reviews. I ordered the handheld vacuum cleaner and am pleasantly surprised. The part is visually appealing, which means that product production does not look cheap and nothing wobbles or rattles. The suction power is completely satisfactory for my application. The noise level is pleasantly quiet.
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By yak patel
It's very light and quiet. does a really good job on daily cleanup of crumbs and dirt. I haven't found anywhere it doesn't work well, even on short nap rugs.
Great value for the price.
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By Bob R
4.6 | 584 customer ratings
90% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Great product. It has different suction levels. Not heavy aat all. Even my kids vacuum. You can also remove the stick and use it for vacuum the cars. Its great!
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By Yuri
This vacuum is really strong and nice looking. It was very easy to assemble. The design is nice, weight is extremely lightweight and maneuverable, and feel is very comfortable. All pieces just snapped into place and were easy to manage. The battery charges fast and lasts long enough to do what I need. Finally let said that I really like this vacuum for the price.
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By J Andrade
I first saw this at a friend's home and was astonished at how well it worked. It is so light weight and cost friendly, I had to get one for myself. I have never loved a vacuum more, and I thought I loved my Dyson the most! I love the low setting, that allows you to see directly in front of the vacuum. I have two golden retrievers, and this thing is making my life so much nicer! It's quick and efficient!
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By Anika Jackson
4.4 | 6,003 customer ratings
83% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
We have a lot of birds as pets and obviously they drop a lot of seed to the ground. I needed something that was light weight and was going to allow me to quickly pick up bird seed around the cages. After looking at more expensive options I decided to give this one a shot and I wasn’t disappointed. It was easy to assemble and work pretty much right out of the box. I was able to clean up my entire done in about 10 minutes making it three of bird seedWe have a lot of birds as pets and obviously they drop a lot of seed to the ground. I needed something that was lightweight and was going to allow me to quickly pick up bird seed around the cages. After looking at more expensive options I decided to give this one a shot and I wasn’t disappointed. It
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By Frederic Block
So just as a caveat to my title I purchased this vacuum mostly for the handheld to take care of my car, couches, and stairs. I read plenty of the reviews saying the suction wasn't what they had wanted, but so far for my tasks this has been great! I'll certainly attempt to use this on my floor with all the attachments that this came with, but I wanted to hurry and brag about how happy I was with the handheld so far.
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By Nick Thompson
Holds a charge, great suction, light easy to use and clean
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By Jeff
4.4 | 4,326 customer ratings
84% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
I have a Rainbow Vacuum. For those of you familiar with the Rainbow, you know how powerful it is and that there are few, if any, that can pick up as much as it does. It's a beast. I also have an Australian Shepherd who, I would swear, shoots fur out of her body like a porcupine would shoot quills at a predator. I moved from a fully carpeted house to one where only the bedrooms are carpeted and the rest is laminate. The Rainbow is a very heavy vacuum and I'm 74 years old and weigh about 100 lbs. I decided that if I could find a good stick vacuum to use most of the time and not have to take out the Rainbow except for the bedrooms, my life would be much easier. My usual vacuum test is to take a new
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By Linda Abbott
I considered giving this vacuum five stars because it really is a joy to use, but there were a few things that held me back. I addressed some positive's and negative's of each of these points below.

1. Battery:
A. (Negative battery comments) It's incredibly frustrating that Dyson isn't listening to their customers here. We've been asking for removable dual batteries for years now. At this point I'm wondering if there are some design/engineering concerns about wear on the vacuum if they run continuously for too long. Dyson needs to go removable batteries if they truly want these units to replace corded vacuum's.

B. (Positive battery comments) We were able to mostly clean our entire 1,600 square foot house on one battery charge. This all depends on what you're doing. Most people are saying the low setting is worthless, but my wife and I both disagree. On our
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By Andrew Walker
This is the second Dyson I've had and, like the last one, has only lasted less than 2 years. The suction is gotten so bad I have to set it on high to even pick up dog hair. I won't be buying another over priced Dyson.
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4.7 | 276 customer ratings
92% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
What's most important for a vacuum cleaner is whether it sucks, and this one surely does. The battery life is enough for to survive cleaning my two story-apartment. The vacuum came with two roller brush heads, I prefer to use the one with bristles for it's better in collecting pet hairs. I have never used a Dyson vacuum so I can't say whether it's as good as a Dyson, but it's a good economic alternative for sure, and so far works better than some household brand vacuums I got from walmart. It's semi true that once you go cordless you never go back. I also have a Shark Rotator at home, it has better suction but it's corded. So it's a hassle to clean the floor with it. For a quick sweep, cordless is winner.
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By Joe M
The reason why I considered purchasing a handheld battery powered battery, such as this one, is because of portability in hard to reach places inside and outside of the home. I've always found that it is easy to find a large wall outlet vacuum that is cheap for everyday cleaning inside the home, but for those tiny nooks and cranny areas, such as those found in between car seats, it is fairly difficult to use the extension hose found in those vacuum, because they’re always so big and you would need to setup an extension cord to maneuver around your car/truck. I tried it using a very expensive wall outlet Dyson vacuum and it wouldn’t even fit! This is has a good reach into those tight places, especially using the small angled extension nozzle. It has 2 power mode, with acceptable suction power on normal operation mode, but probably MAX
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By S
Very compact and powerful vacuum! I wanted a lightweight, high suction stick vacuum to leave in my RV and this fits the bill perfectly. The suction compares to a high end stick vacuum that I use in my home, and the battery life is excellent. Hang the provided dock on the wall, and it easily snaps in and recharges itself. Includes a nice storage bag and lots of attachments. I love that I can easily switch between a brush and roller, for use between hardwood/tile floors and carpet. I'd highly recommend it!
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By Randy P.
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4.4 | 1,068 customer ratings
83% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
We have been watching Dyson commercials for years. Many times we thought about buying one but didn't. Suffice to say we should have made the purchase years ago.

This vacuum is everything that it is advertised as. It picks up everything - especially hair. It is easy to empty and charges relatively quickly.

Only con: There is literally NO warning when the battery is going to die. It will simply 'stop' when the battery is to low. And I don't mean slow down, it STOPS. The first time it happened it was alarming. Regardless it is a wonderful tool and we plan on purchasing the next size!
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Seriously, this vacuum is the best! Getting a 32 year old guy to be overly excited about vacuuming is a true testament to product marketing and ingenuity. I ran out of things to vacuum at my place so I contemplated asking my neighbors if I could vacuum theirs so I had an excuse to keep using it. Worth the money.
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By Mike Z
This is an amazing device. The suction is as good as my old, corded Dyson (from 2006). It's light. The fact that it's cordless is awesome--I didn't realize how much fighting with the cord on my old vacuum contributed to making the chore of cleaning onerous. The battery lasts in normal cleaning mode more than long enough to do our entire downstairs, over 2000 sq ft. Because it only runs when you pull the trigger, you're not wasting battery life when you move from room to room, so the total time I spend cleaning is longer than the battery life. The attachment for stairs is excellent. It works equally well on hardwood floors and carpet.

I did purchase the fluffy head attachment for hardwood floors, but the bristles on the regular head that come with this are pretty soft and I don't think I would
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By Max G.
4.4 | 910 customer ratings
86% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
I have a Kirby and just moved to a house with all hardwoods or tile! As much as I love my heavy, lunky, ancient vacuum, it was to much to change levels all the time to not destroy my rugs (or vaccum). I researched a lot! I wanted the mop/sweeper that’s advertised, but didn’t want to clean it after every use. I looked at the D brand options too. I decided I want cordless and liff away, I want to not dread getting it out, and I want something more powerful than my dustbuster. This thing is my new bff, I guess that means I’m finally growing up (don’t ask my age, it’s in the middle range). This does not have the non tangle roller, but it does have a nice deep groove on the roller and between me, the dog, the cat, and the occasional fosters, there’s a lot
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By Quinn
Other reviews have focused on accessories and the craziness of the Shark ION P50 packaging - and the general confusion about attachments, so I'll just focus here on the pros and cons of this versus its nearest competitor - the Dyson V8 Absolute and V10 Absolute.


1.) It just does a LOT more than a Dyson, due to the flexibility of HOW you use it. With the Dyson, you're always connected to the canister portion. Whether you're using the carpet roller or the hard-floor roller, you're always attached the same way, with a canister in the way. With the Shark ION P50, you can use it like a regular vacuum, or pull the handle out and use an attachment there, with the battery/canister/roller portion still on the floor, - or completely separate the battery/canister from the roller, and walk around with it that way. It literally is the every-vacuum.

2.) I love
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By William G.
It is so easy to use! I had a Kirby for 6 years before this and what an upgrade. It is light. It is really easy to maneuver. I love that there are no bags. Just vacuum and dump it. I can do my stairs now by just taking it off the stick. I didn't give it 5 stars cause I am not super crazy about the battery life. But in all fairness I am use to plug in and go and I have 3 floors to do so I could see why it doesn't last. I checked consumer reports before buying because I was set to get a Dyson but Consumer Reports say they die quick and I want something that last. Consumer Reports rated Sharks the best stick vacuum. We shall see. I'm a happy camper.
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By Kurtrice Roberts
4.3 | 6,603 customer ratings
81% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
This little vacuum is small, lightweight but also MIGHTY! I actually purchased it for my son’s 2nd birthday because he’s always trying to vacuum with my larger, heavier Dyson and I don’t want him to break it and he struggles with it because it’s pretty heavy for a 2 year old. Well, I’ve now come to really enjoy this little Bissell. It’s so easy to use! It’s really light weight and so pulling it out to vacuum up things I notice here and there isn’t a big deal and so therefore I actually DO IT! Also, my son, believe it or not, vacuums up a lot while he’s “playing” with it. I simply don’t attach the longer handle while he uses it because it’s the perfect length for him without it. I recommend this vacuum for anyone with small children, anyone looking to take the hassle out of vacuuming up
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By Ashley
-Picks up litter and pet fur
-Lightweight and compact
-Great price

-Smaller than I thought it would be
-Wish cord was a little longer

Please mark this review as 'helpful' it it assisted you in making a decision!
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By Melissa
It appears that this model 2300 is being phased out. Amazon does not mention this. Amazon calls it a special for Prime members. You cannot get the replacement filter, bissell part number 1611508 or 1611500, from Bissell, Amazon, or in Google search. Bissell and Amazon claim the filter is washable and does not need to be replaced. But the filter is too fragile to be washed more than a couple of times. If the stuff in your dirt cup is mostly very fine carpet fibers or other light- weight dust, it sticks to the dirt cup and filter and flies all over when you try to empty the cup. I would return it except that I found all this out by using it and so it's too late to return.
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By SciTec3K
4.5 | 408 customer ratings
88% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
WARNING! This is a long review but I feel this unit deserves it. I will admit I was skeptical that this was going to be a glorified DustBuster of the 80s but I was so wrong.

I have 2 puppies that are eight legs of destructive force that can transform a living room into what appears to be tornado damage in minutes. I bought this in an attempt to clean up after them so I was quite pleased that it worked so well. I was tired of being tied down with the power cord to my large vacuum. You should note that this is NOT a full sized vacuum but it it does fantastic for those quick cleanups.

After charging the batteries, AA lithium (the same ones I use in other products), a big plus for me I set out to see type of puppy power this thing had. The living room
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By Cactus Jack
Awesome product and flexible to use... before to this I have used big vacuum cleaner that is only sufficed for floor cleaning and it’s not have much flexibility and every time I have vacate all the things on floor but with this that problem is not there it’s more flexible to use anywhere any part of the house.. there are lovely adopters which will server all your needs.
I have used this to my complete 2 bed house battery came and still I can use without charging seems battery is so good... overall awesome product
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By Srinivasarao
This vacuum is awesome! It picks up everything and is super easy to use. The variety of attachments turns it into a real workhorse. I have a large family, so convenience and usability are important to me. This cordless vacuum ticks all the boxes for my fast and easy vacuuming needs. I highly recommend buying this cordless vacuum!
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By Kam
4.3 | 3,906 customer ratings
82% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Welcome to the cordless vacuum wars! There are scores of choices from 50.00 to 900.00. I tried the leader (Dyson V10), but returned the V10 due to no removable battery, inferior ergonomics (weight distribution makes it tiresome in extended use) and it is a time consuming pain to fully clean.
My goal is to find a cordless stick vacuum for a reasonable price, that cleans the entire house without stopping. I have hardwood floors and low to semi-medium pile carpets.
Enter Tineco's second generation A11 Master with 2 removable 2500 mah batteries and a full array of attachments. The A11 added a larger dust bin, greater battery capacity and more power in max mode.
I timed the battery in normal mode with the power carpet attachment. It lasted for 28 minutes and 33 seconds. This was after 1 battery recharge cycle. Battery time should slightly improve after
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By PhotoMF
I wanted to write this review when I had photos to upload, but rather than waiting I decided to provide my review w/out further delay. When it arrives, you are first impressed by the careful packaging, organized box and cloth pouches covering some of the items. I purchased this for my wife because our Dyson was noisy and the cord was a pain. We have owned 10 vacuums during the past 30 years. Both uprights and canister types. This was our first stick type cordless. My wife's friend bought a Shark and raved about it. Thus, as a surprise, I was going to just get the Shark, but then I decided to read reviews and have an open mind to consider other makes. I am so glad I did because I discovered this beautiful Tineco. In comparing, the specs were simply better than Shark and the others. My reluctance was
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By Old Salt
I have both a Dyson stick and a Tineco. Both very good. Both very similar. Here are the main differences from my perspective:

Even though the both feel the same weight, because the wheel base on the Tineco is farther forward and the main weight of the handle is toward the back, it makes Tinco feel twice as heavy as the Dyson. Also it does not maneuver as well as the Dyson. The Dyson can turn on a dime at 90 degree angles.

The benefits of the Tineco is you can remove the battery and charge that by itself. (much less cumbersome). Also it comes with a docking station you can charge batteries as well as store most of the attachments. Emptying the bin of a Dyson is very easy, but incredibly, it is even easier with Tineco.

Some smaller differences almost not worth mentioning, but:
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By Kris
4.4 | 631 customer ratings
88% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
(WARNING- This is an in depth review for those wanting to make a serious purchasing decision. If you prefer a brief summary, please see section marked THE BOTTOM LINE)
I have to come clean. I have had a problem. (I hear your jokes out there- HAHA)

I have an addiction to vacuums.

It started when I was forced to live in a very difficult apartment situation where the nice vacuum we were given was used to vacuum up rabbit poo until it broke. We could not afford one, so we were forced to live without a vacuum for some time. The one cheap one we got broke and back we were again.

So, I started collecting vacuums over time. I never wanted to be without one again.

I was very happy with my Bissells. I also have a Simplicity that I
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By Colorgirl
I hate moments like this. You find a product that you really get excited about, and the cons out weigh (we'll get to the weight in a second) the benefits. I have a battery powered Shark hand held vacuum for little stuff and quick pick ups that I love. We have another brand battery powered electric broom that has served us well over the past four years, but we are at the point where the battery simply can't hold a charge for long. So given the chance to try this Shark hand held plug in unit, I thought "awesome!"

Lets cut to the chase then, shall we? The pieces and parts are easy to assemble, but the amount of packaging material is overwhelming. The fit and finish are outstanding. There is nothing cheap about the materials. In fact, the metal main shaft is
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By S. J. K. Haley
I have two dogs with 1" long hair. Bought this because of Zero-M anti hair wrap promotion. Hair wrap on this vacuum is worse than on my prior Shark and the roller cover requires release three screws to open and the roller is impossible to get out to clean. Photo above is after just a couple uses. This purchase was a total waste of money.
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4.3 | 2,006 customer ratings
82% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
When we first ordered the vacuum we were slightly intimidated by the price but decided to give it a try due to all the great previous reviews. The vacuum arrived all neatly packed and organized with all the parts listed. I have to admit there were a lot of parts, but we are very glad there are so many different attachments!

The vacuum was versatile in every way, from it's size to all the different head it comes with. We decided to test it out on our wooden floor and car, and the end result was better than what we expected! We HIGHLY recommend this small vacuum that packs a punch and it will make you go find dirty things to clean. As you can see in the pictures, we only tested it out on a few different surfaces and we cannot be happier with the results! Looking forward to using
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By Bigtuna
The vacuum came with separate pieces as described in the item description. I thought it will take a very long time and difficult to install and put them together. It is kind of simple for me to put them together with a few minutes. After attaching the battery to the holder, I let it be charged with a few hours. I try using the vacuum for my hard floor, mattress and the sofa surface. I found out the vacuum can clean a lot of small pieces of dirt, dust, and hairs. The wireless feature is useful for me to walk around the house so that I do not need to keep changing outlet very often. I can also use it for my car when there is wire attached.
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By Jia Liao
Color: Red
I’m very happy with this cordless vacuum. It picks up almost everything. It’s easy to assemble and easy to clean. I originally got It for my mom to use and she loves It and so do i !! . I also have no complaints about the battery. I rarely put it on high, and it lasts as long as I need it to.
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By Sama Daoud
4.3 | 1,939 customer ratings
83% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
This is a great vacuum I have 2 dogs and take all hair. For kitchen mess after a busy weekend with family. Best of all I don’t have to pull a cord and take me Second to clean
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By Ajanel family
This is a great vacuum for the price. I use it for daily cleaning at an office. Click the button once for low power. Click the button again for high power and again for off.
I use it for 30 minutes straight on low power with occasionally using high power and the battery does not wear out
Check out the video I posted to see how well it picks up trash. Very impressed!!!!
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By Spence Watson
You will be amazed by the suction of this vacuum! You have to see the dirt this vacuum can pick up. If you are not looking at the brand of the vacuum while you are using it, you might think you are using one of those name brands. Personally, I think it is even more powerful than those name brand. It is very easy to operate and much stronger suction than the other two cordless vacuums I have. When you open the dust cup to empty the dirt, it might gets on your hand. Other than that, there is nothing bad about this vacuum. You will wash your hand after you empty dust out anyway, so it is not a big deal. It also comes with a few accessories which is a plus. Happy purchase and useful product. I hope it will
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By Penn Name
4.3 | 1,871 customer ratings
82% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Edit - 12/2/18: I still love this vacuum! It functions as well as it did on day one, and cleaning the filters every month is super easy. Being bagless, I love that you don’t have to keep buying things as you go. Also, I just got new, high pile, thick shag rugs a few weeks ago, and I was a little worried they would snag on this vacuum because of the reviews some people left on the rug site, but I haven’t had any problems with this vacuum! I just use the first setting and don’t stay too long in one spot. When I want to get trickier things like dog hair off the rugs, I use the special motorized pet attachment and it works really well without snagging the rug at all. You won’t be disappointed with this vacuum! The one thing that is a little annoying is the
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By Victoria Elias
I absolutely love this thing! Powerful, effective vacuum for removing pet hair from any surface. This is so easy to use, lightweight, yet powerful suction. The ability, flexibility is amazing when articulating on the floor, around objects and under furniture--it is amazing! There is nothing like it. I've owned two Dyson's, and, I wish I had ALL of my money back--WHY? So I could purchase more of these and put them on each floor of my home. This thing is powerful, cleans up German Shepard hair like crazy; misses nothing and is so easy to clean it's scary. Ergonomically intuitive and simple. Clean all the filters with the push of a single button and can be washed at the kitchen sink and left to dry between uses. I mean this--this is my new favorite house cleaning toy.
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By DMore1
Very disappointed in product description vs actual product. Had standard attachments, not motorized pet attachment, no hard floor duster...went to Kohls, bought same exact model, same price and it contained all advertised attachments.
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By Julie Johnson
4.4 | 578 customer ratings
87% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Honestly switching from cord to cordless is always a 5 star in my book.
- Assembling the vacuum together was quite simple.
- Very light and doesn't make so much noise.
- Built-in light for you to navigate the hard to see spots.
- Easy to reach all the tight spots ranging from a long stick vacuum to a short handheld one.
- You have the straight vacuum shooter attachment
- You have the regular wide brush attachment.
- You have the original wide vacuum cleaner.

The only down-fall about this vacuum is that the cleanup storage is very limited.
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By Vincent Tran
I love this thing! I have used it every day since it arrived. My toddler's love to use it and its so lightweight! My husband wishes the suction was better but I think it's plenty and perfect. The attachments are high quality and it came with several spare parts/filter . The battery charges fast and lasts long enough to do what I need. It gets all my German shepherd fur off of my tile and rugs. It gets crumbs and dirt from the rug and tile. It is easy to charge and dump.

The attachment with the light and spinning brush is really fantastic. Its not a deep clean suction but great daily use and upkeep.

It is VERY lightweight. I have a shoulder injury and this vacuum doesn't hurt me to push or hold. I mean my 1 and 2 year old can use it so it's lightweight.
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By Caitlin Hawkyard
Works as expected. We bought this to
Put in our camper to pick up dirt and dog hair.

-easy to assemble and use.
-Very quiet.
-Adjustable, and convert into handheld vacuum
-Works great on carpet/ vinyl/hard floor
-Powerful suction power
-2 options for Charging base: wall or floor.

What could be improved:
-The battery have to be charged on machine, so if you have a spare battery, fully charge both of them then start your cleaning work.
-Dust canister: would be nice to have a button to release instead of manually doing it.
- no attachment tool holder to hold accessory

Overall great vacuum for price.
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By Brian C.
4.3 | 1,041 customer ratings
83% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Firstly, full disclosure, I purchased [and still use] a corded Shark vacuum that still does a great job. I just have a hate for cords, so I decided to get a cordless.
I did a LOT of research and comparisons between this [Shark IF281] and the Dyson v10 Absolute. I ultimately chose the Shark IF281 for the following reasons:
1. History. My current [corded] Shark vacuum still works very well after 2.5 years.
2. It has 2 batteries. The Dyson has 1, and it has no pre-engineering to allow for an additional battery swap in the future. I consider that a very limiting engineering feature, especially since it's battery life reviews were so devastating for the Dyson.

So I received my Shark IF281 and I LOVE IT for the following reasons:
1. It has no cord!
2. It's actually pretty light. I read a couple reviews where they said it was heavy and you needed
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By Bob Lumby
This is the first powerless vacuum that I've run across that can stand up to my houseful of males and pets. Overall, I'm happy with this vacuum but would not recommend it for everyone.
+ powerful cordless! It seriously picks up random stuff that ends up on your wooden floors;
+ slim vacuum head goes under all furniture and you know that strip of dust that accumulates under the furniture by the baseboards where no other vacuum can reach? Well, some genius at Shark took advantage of the bend feature to allow you an angle to reach. I may or may not be obsessed with this feature.
+ provides two chargeable ion batteries so you'll never be without power (use one/charge one);
+ carpet / floor mode is a tap away;
+ easy to use without reading instruction manual;
- boost option is needed to clean carpet and that sucks battery life /
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By Curious One
The Shark ION F80 is a very light vacuum. That being said all the weight is in the handle which is where the motor and battery are housed. I have a corded stick vacuum the Shark Rocket HV380 which is a lot heavier and larger. I found the HV380 to be unbalanced and cumbersome. This new Shark ION F80 is a major improvement in that area. I also found the multiflex storage option of the F80 to be a great feature. It allows the handvac to be stored upright. On the HV380 you had to detach the handle otherwise it would tip over. The multiflex wand is also good for cleaning under furniture. The only real draw back of the F80 is the run time of the batteries. If you want the full power that the corded HV380 provides you have
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By Ronald T. Roseborough
4.3 | 1,034 customer ratings
82% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
It's a much better upgrade than my old handheld cordless vacuum, which I had to use a broom to sweep my house first then pile all the dust together and suck them up with it, with this new vacuum, I just use it as my broom and vacuum as the same time... This vacuum's dust bin is 3x the capacity of what I have before, and its suction is really strong. All the components are very well made, it feels solid but not too heavy. The dust bin, battery, suction pipes and head attachments, all of them clicks tight into place with not much force use, and can also be easily remove with a single push. I really like the wall mount that comes with it. Since my house has small kids, we have the wall mount a little higher up so make it out of each of the
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By Phantom
I was very skeptical when I got this vacuum,but I was so pleasantly surprised.
It is very easy to put together. It is light and quiet. The light is great when vacuuming in dark corners. It works well on wood floors as well as the carpet. I want to get another one for my office. It is has a good charge, enough to vacuum my house. It takes roughly 4 hours to charge up.
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By Maxim Safonov
This is a very nice little cordless vacuum. It was super easy to put together (almost didn't even need to use the instructions manual) Although the vacuum is very light, it actually has pretty good suction power even on regular mode. Battery time is pretty decent - I was able to clean the living room, dining room, kitchen and 1 bedroom in 1 charge using mostly max power. Emptying out the container was much better than I expected. I have long hair so I was worried that it would be a pain to empty the canister and hair would be stuck everywhere but it was super easy. They even provide a little tool to help you cut through any hair that gets caught. All in all I was very pleased with this purchase.
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By emolers
4.5 | 293 customer ratings
87% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
I have installed many of these units and they all have worked great! I am a contractor that remodels kitchens, I always include these vacuums as a surprise extra at the end of the project. Clients always smile and show everyone. Works perfectly for me.
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By David T Gillem
I'm editing my previous review from three to five stars. I was under the assumption that this unit would only work for ten seconds, but if you hold the on/off button for three seconds, it actually stays on for five minutes. Given this new discovery, which I learned from reading the manual (crazy idea), this vacuum is amazing. The attachment hose for this version, which is sold separately, allows me to quickly vacuum up cat litter from several feet away and to quickly clean around my kitchen cabinets.
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By hfer
If I was building a new house from scratch there is no question that I would install a central vacuum system. No matter what kind of traditional vacuum cleaner I’ve ever used (and that includes canisters, uprights, handheld, broom sticks, etc.) they all have their drawbacks. A few years ago I got the idea of getting a one of those gadgets that looks like a paper shredder, where you sweep the debris toward it and it turns on automatically and a powerful motor swoops everything into it. It is one of the best home gadgets I’ve ever bought, in my house I have to use it several times a day to clean up after the pets. I love the idea but I’m not fond of it sitting out in the open, it’s not very decorative. When I saw that there was a variety of the same thing with
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By PhotoGraphics