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4.6 | 14,774 customer ratings
90% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
I LOVE my new antenna! I recently cancelled my cable due to my household being reduced to a one-income household and not being able to afford monthly cable bills. The picture is perfectly clear and I get the local stations. This is perfect and I am so happy with my purchase!
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By April M Schermann
I purchased 2 of these from Amazon because I haven't been able to afford cable. I am honestly SO happy with this product, I have told my friends and family about it.I know my Aunt just told me she ordered one and she absolutely loves it!!!!! I just cant wait until my next payday so I can buy 3 more for my kids rooms. I pick up 20+ channels, all of the channels are clear!! This is well worth every penny!!!!
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By victoria weddle
Ok so I just received my HD indoor antenna , and I have to say I'm very impressed with how fast it retrieved 27 digital channels within 5 minutes. Most are crystal clear with great sound. I uploaded a video of a few of those channels to show it works as claimed.
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By Mr Opinion
4.5 | 1,403 customer ratings
87% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
I wanted to mount my new weather station on my fence but found that it leaned quite a bit. The station needed to be perfectly level so a regular pipe would not work. I bought Winegard DS-3000 J Pipe Mount so I could install it perfectly level. This mount has multiple ways to adjust it and was easy to adjust and just the right size for the sender to attach to. Also, the metal is coated so hopefully it will not rust. I am very satisfied.
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By W. Wood
People complaining about it being wrong for the antenna that uses 1" mast, this will still work with a little ingenuity. Cost me around $10 at Home Depot to make it work.
1 1/4" to 1 1/4" furnco
1 1/4" to 1" slip in adapter
1" to 3/4" slip in adapter
And a 2' piece of 3/4" pipe cut to length.
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By Vincent Nicastro
Sturdy pole with a very nice gloss finish. I expect this pole to hold up very well in the seasonal weather we have here in Northeast Ohio.

I used the old Direct TV 4' galvanized pole that was already cemented into the ground. Removed the DTV dish only, keeping the rotational bracket on the 4' pole.

Attached the 39" J-Pipe to a 11" x 9" x 1.5" scrap piece of treated lumber (w/4- 1 & 3/8" treated deck screws) that I attached to the rotational bracket with 4 carriage bolts. (you can see the carriage bolts in the pics)

The antenna (RCA Yagi Satellite HD antenna w/70 mile range) bolted right up to the pole. Bought a 1 & 3/8" plastic cap (Loews) for the top of the pole to keep the water out. Rubber mallet put the plastic cap in place.

Ran the wires & secured them to the pole. It was ssssoooo
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By happy buyer
4.5 | 1,351 customer ratings
86% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
I live approximately 50-60 miles from the towers for the channels I care about. I also wanted to distribute the signal to multiple locations in the house. When I was just testing it, I just stuck it on a nail in one of the rafter's in the attic and let it dangle there, not even pointed directly to the towers. I just wanted to see if it was going to work at all. Imagine my surpise when it not only picked up every channel I cared about (NBC/ABC/CBS/Fox/CW), but a total of almost 90 channels. I didn't even know there were 90 channels around me. only shows about 50, with several of those being over 130 miles away.

Since it worked so well hanging from the nail, I just mounted it to a piece of PVC hanging from the rafter and pointed it in
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By Chad McCune
Finally! We cut the cord (cable/satellite) almost 3 years ago and have been settling for less than ideal reception of broadcast TV. In this digital broadcast age, poor reception is far worse than the old analog snow for those of us who are old enough to remember the days before cable TV changed everything. We have gone through numerous antennas trying to receive our local broadcast channels in the Seattle/Tacoma area. The problem isn't distance for us (as everything is within 10 - 15 miles as the crow flies), but good old WA state trees - lots of them in our rural area. We kept progressing to bigger and bigger antennas:
AmazonBasics Ultra Thin Indoor TV Antenna - 35 Mile Range
AmazonBasics Amplified Indoor/Outdoor TV Antenna - 60 Mile Range
RCA Compact Outdoor Yagi HDTV Antenna with 70 Mile Range
Winegard HD7698P Platinum Series Long Range Outdoor TV Antenna (Digital,
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By simataas
I purchased an amazon less expensive antenna and I could only pull in 38 stations.So I purchased the most expensive one thinking I could reach out further.It advertised 80 mile range. SURPRISE..My cheaper antenna worked better than this one.I returned it immediately.Thank you Amazon for standing behind your merchandise...
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By John
4.4 | 8,110 customer ratings
85% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Mounted 32” tv on patio wall.... wondering how I’m going to get any channels without paying for another overpriced Frontier box.
Did the research on digital antennas and rolled the dice on this model based on ALL positive reviews and price.
WOW!!!!!! Under 2 minutes installation and scanned.... I now have 153 digital clear channels on the patio!!!!! Yes, some are not American channels, but WOW I’m impressed!!! This motivates me to cancel 1or 2 of our cable boxes!!!
Definitely will purchase again and HIGHLY recommend!!
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The antenna is great. I have around 60 channels now. The set up was easy and quick. I did it myself in about 10 minutes. I love it and would recommend it to everyone! FYI I live in Central Florida area.
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By Mimi O.
Just received my antenna and could not be more pleased. Within 10 minutes I had antenna hooked up and watching tv. I am getting over 30 channels and am cutting cable.
I would recommend this antenna to anyone
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By Rachelle R May
4.4 | 7,202 customer ratings
84% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Location: Irvine, CA (Orange County) pointing towards Mt. Wilson, Los Angeles (~45 miles), mounted in attic of a 2-story home.
I decided to cut the cord from Cox Communications earlier this year. My initial plan was to use Winegard Flatwave Antenna 50+ miles, it was poor in the first story, and only acceptable in the second story. When I first received this RCA Yagi Antenna, I tested it by connecting it to my family room TV in the first floor, and without aiming it anywhere, I was able to pick up 130+ channels! Works better than an active flat antenna already!

As previously mentioned, I installed this in my attic, running a 100 ft RG-6 coax to my distribution box, where it splits into 4 outlets. I checked the signal strength on my Samsung TV and showed full strength on all channels.No additional boosters needed, completely passive! It survived the 110+ degree
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By C. I.
I can’t say enough about this antenna. A true 5-stars.

I’ve spent the last 10 years trying to find a good OTA antenna. For 2 years we lived in an apartment next to a busy road. I tried 2 different set top antennas with digital amplifiers during those 2 years. No luck with a good signal. One of them even cut out every time a car drove by the apartment.

For the last 8 years in our current house, I’ve tried a set top antenna in a vaulted living room. It has rabbit ears, a digital amplifier, and an fine tune adjustment knob. The antenna works okay on specific channels when the fine tune adjustment knob is perfect, but it never provisdes a 100% signal. Lower channels need the adjustment knob different than the higher channels. The signal always cut in and out, especially during a show we’d be watching.

During the World
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By Pidasso
OK gang here's the story:
Tried a few antennas before settling on the RCA.

Background: 40+ years Broadcast Engineer. Radio, TV, Ham, Radar.
Havana FL Terrain: Hilly in a slight valley and trees surrounding the property.

The Story.
Cut the cord a few years ago with DirecTV.
Prices constantly rising every month. You know, nickle and dime stuff until the bill was close to $100.00.
Bye, Bye satellite.

I then went exclusively with Amazon Prime, been an Amazon customer some 15 years now, also went with Netflix.
These 2 gave me the best bang for my buck. Movies and TV shows streamed via my DSL and my DVD collection helped.

Recently I decided to try a converter box on my TV, it's an oldie but goodie HD 1080i DLP. ( I keep stuff forever).
I purchased a View-TV AT-163 ATSC box with a 50 mile antenna, well so they say.
You know the antenna I'm talking about, the one that
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By Vince52
4.4 | 4,281 customer ratings
84% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Excellent!! Got the package, assembled the antenna by hand using the enclosed directions, easy no tools needed. Powered and tested the rotation/motor of the antenna in the house, worked as expected (didn’t use the remote as I didn’t have batteries, used the dock). Grabbed my ladder and tools with additional wood screws and washers as the package only contained 2 wood screws (not enough if you ask me). Climbed on to my roof and mounted the bracket on the side of my chimney tunnel exit than mounted the assembled antenna with pole. Ran the antenna’s coaxial cable down the side of my house and used a flat coaxial jumper cable to get it through my window seal into my house as I did not want to drill through my wall. Once I plugged in a second coaxial from the window flat jumper cable inside
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By J. Gonzalez
If you're looking for an affordable OTA antenna, then you've probably seen A LOT of them over the course of your research. I went back & forth on a few, but finally pulled the trigger & went with this unit. And I'm glad I did! After using for almost one month, it has exceeded my expectations.

The unit came well packed from the vendor with all of the parts needed for the installation. You will need a few tools for the mounting portion of your install, but these will be determined by where you mount (indoors or outdoors). The manual will explain further. The documentation is OK (not great), but you will be able to complete the project from what is provided.

This kit ships with a mounting pole, 40' RG6 coax, a rotor control (to remotely turn the antenna), a pre-amp, the antenna & mounting hardware. Some light assembly is required,
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By WireHead
I have tried many antennas, trying to get a TV station my wife wanted, and finally found it. Great antenna, easy to put together. I had a problem with the control box, but the customer service was great. I was very impress how quickly customer service answered all my questions and made sure I was happy with my purchase. I can receive 102 channels that is 2x more than all the other antennas I have tried. I even tried an antenna that cost about $200.00 bucks and this antenna is 2x better. I like that the antenna comes complete. Coax, pole. control box, remote. No extra wire is needed for the rotate function. Assembly is easy the antenna snaps together. Im a very picky guy, and do not normally give 5 stars, but this one really deserves it. I give the antenna a 5 star and the customer
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By Amazon Customer
4.4 | 3,509 customer ratings
85% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
This is the 3rd digital antenna in 4 years and by far the best for range, increased number of local channels and ease of installation. Did not use amplifier yet nor did we even hang it on wall or put near a window. We now receive double the number of channels with a great picture. Have just purchased a 2nd one for other tv. Great product!
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By createpm
WOW!!!! Can't believe an antennae gets this good of HD reception in 4K... It is far more better than the feed \i was getting through directv... AND saving 145.00 a month now, all I had satellite for was espn and football... get them now through my fire stick and this little gold mine of an antennae... Literally getting all the channels I use to watch on the fire stick and this little gem...
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By Jake LaGuna
What I like about the Setek HD Antenna is that it can be amplified thru USB power. It pulls in a lot of stations just from being placed in the window.
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By GhostRider71
4.7 | 377 customer ratings
93% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
A powered antenna is the only way to go. I had one of those flat types that worked ok, but the moment I hooked this one up my signal strength was great. I was able to get channels that were fuzzy before. It has a stylish look so it doesn't look bad mounted to your wall or sitting on your entertainment center. The stand/wall adapter is easy to change and comes with everything needed to mount it on the wall as well.
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By daspiel
Loving this antenna - I'm able to get all of our local network stations like NBC, ABC, FOX, PBS, CW, etc. Not all the channels are broadcast in HD, but the ones that are come in very clear.
What I like best about the antenna is that it looks pretty sharp, so I don't need to hide it in my living room - I just have it on top of the TV stand. And I like that there's only one cable coming out of the device - it splits at the end. So I plug the USB directly into the TV's USB port. My old antenna looked ugly and had two separate cables dangling.

-- HD Quality (when available)
-- Sharp looking device
-- Can be mounted to wall or on a table, horizontal or vertical
-- Only one cable out of the antenna, splits at the end into power and antenna

-- None
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By Greg Bybee
This is basically a plug and play item. You connect it to your TV and then scan for channels. You do need to figure out which is the best direction for the most channels.
We got 21 perfectly clear channels and one that pixelated a bit. That was before we played around with it too much. We may end up getting more channels. You can attach it standing up or laying down or against a wall, anywhere where you are able to get good reception.
My husband is very happy with it, the kids bought him a TV for his man cave above the garage for fathers day and I got him this antenna to go with it.
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By Diana
4.5 | 901 customer ratings
86% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
These mounts work as expected. Not as heavy duty as I expected though.

I decided to try and cut the cord. For years I had cable, and then I switched to directv. My directv bill averaged $98 per month and really all I watched were the ESPN’s and the network channels. I decided to cut the cord. I have AT&T Internet so WatchESPN streams on my Roku and AppleTV’s at home perfectly. I thought that if I could get the network channels then I could cancel Directv.

The problem is, I am located about 50 miles from the broadcast tower and 2 of the 4 network channels are broadcast in VHF while the remaining channels are UHF. This would mean that I would need 2 antennas. So I went to and began researching.

2 websites that were a huge help were

Both websites have data on the closest television towers
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By Jone Franco
Overall, for the price being less than $20 the value of this roof mount is pretty good. However, the written instructions have the wrong size listed for the screws supplied, also they longer than needed for most roof installs. Using the written instructions will cause you to make more trips up and down from the roof than is necessary. Check that you have the correct size sockets for the roof mounting bolts and mount adjusting screws. They are not 8mm.
Now the only question is how well it will last.
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By Springer Pup
Did the trick. It was easy to mount and it looks professional... not that most people will even notice it, as it's nice and compact! The mounting plate was a little bit bigger than fascia I was mounting it to, so I was only able to use three of the screws provided, but those screws are obviously strong... I've had a couple HEAVY wind storms a mile from the beach on the east coast and it's holding strong.
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By Ronald E. Mahler
4.5 | 735 customer ratings
87% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Bought this after my cable provider jacked my bill up with ridicules fees. This antenna arrived on time and in perfect condition. I put it together (super easy!), placed it in my attic, pointed it in the right direction (thanks to antennaweb), ran a coax line to a powered 4 way splitter, and then connected all my existing coax cables. I then turned on a tv and did an auto channel search. To my surprise I got EVERY single broadcast channel available in my area crystal clear! A total of 47 absolutely free channels. The picture quality is amazing. This, combined with some streaming services, is all I need. This was a great purchase and I couldn't be happier! I also wanna say that I was not paid or endorsed in any way to write this review, and only take the time to review products that are exceptional or terrible.
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By Joe
Winegard Platinum Series HD7694P Long Range TV Antenna (Outdoor / Attic, 4K Ultra-HD Ready, ATSC 3.0 Ready, High-VHF / UHF) - 45 Mile Range
My old antenna used to work fairly well with an amplifier but is down from 40 channels to 19 and unreliable reception. The HD769P is laying on my bed and getting excellent reception on 44 channels. The stations range from 12 miles to 35 miles away in a range of 50 degrees of separation (direction). VHF and UHF are both strong even with a rainstorm outside. The weakness for this model is the coax connection cartridge that has to be assembled to the antenna. I plan on reinforcing the connection with cable ties in case the cable pulls on it as reported by others. The cartridge is apparently the 300ohm to 75ohm transformer. Instructions are rather confusing but I've done another antenna before. The elements are folded
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By Daniel Rivas III
When the FCC decided to "Repack" local TV stations frequencies in Boston, my 8-bay Bow-tie antenna in my attic could no longer get Boston stations. WGBH HD moved to a low VHF band which bow-ties do not receive. I'm 35 miles almost due west of Boston behind some large hills and I lost PBS, NBC, CBS and ABC. I was frantically trying to get them back for several days using my existing antenna.
After exchanging emails with one of the station engineers, he recommended I try this antenna. It came the next evening and I put it in the attic aimed at Boston. I now receive more stations than I ever got but it does not pick up GBH on VHF-5. Odds are that I'm too far for a VHF-low signal to reach me. But I do get ZGBH's standard definition channel on 2.3.
The Rhode Island stations that I was receiving
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By Maker
4.4 | 1,506 customer ratings
85% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
I live in a suburb quite far from the city and many of the broadcast station antennas. I purchased the GE 29884 antenna a couple of weeks ago from Amazon. Along with the antenna, I purchased a PCT 4 Port Cable TV/HDTV/Internet amplifier (model PCT-MA2-4P) just in case I need it. I have been trying to "cut the cable" and stop paying expensive cable TV fees for even local basic television stations. In addition to the fees, my cable company switched to a system requiring cable TV boxes that you rent from them for $6/month per box. I have tried other powered indoor antennas and have had miserable experiences with them. Few channels could be scanned and the picture quality was dismal, or heavily pixelated, especially in the daytime hours. The few stations that I could pick up were often unwatchable. So back to cable I went.

I decided to try
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By Tom S
I used one of those flat panel HDTV antenna's for a couple weeks until I was going nuts with moving it a fraction of an inch to get all the channels with just enough signal to not cut in and out. I ended up returning the flat panel and getting this antenna instead.

Yes, you have to put it together...which was not as difficult as I expected, however the instructions are so small and badly written, that GE just can't be the party that manufacturers the antenna itself.

Yes, you have to mount this antenna on a stud in the attic. I would not recommend this antenna for outdoors as it is a little fragile with the plastic used. I can see the UV from the sun breaking down the plastic over a quick period of time. My antenna has about 22' of RG-6 cable between it and
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By Rabid Reviewer
I just mounted this in the attic of my two story house with concrete roof tiles and I'm getting 100% signal quality. I chose it because I live 30 miles from the stations, so I figured I'd get something that can do double that to account for attenuation through the roof.

When it showed up I figured it would take some assembly as the box is tiny. Took me maybe 15 minutes to get it together. The instructions are a little confusing because the first two figures show the reflectors installed upside down. Just use the photo on the box as your guide.

I mounted it in the middle of the attic as I read that signal is better the further it is from any barrier (the roof). Got it pointed in the general direction, and ran the wire down the wall, and plugged it into
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By jimmy
4.9 | 200 customer ratings
97% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
I thought that I would try this type of antenna just to see if it would make a difference to what we can already receive off the standard roof antenna.First scan 153 TV channels, 33 Radio channels. Not too bad for just leaving it lying flat on a window sill.All your normal Free-view channels are included, with a few extra ones that not even my Free-sat connected TV can find, none of these premium Pay Per View channels included they all tell you they can find...... not a problem I just wanted a cheap indoor antenna that would give a good solid picture if our sky box went down.Will highly really really recommend if you have a roof antenna and it is not that good at picking up digital TV.
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bought this for my daughters bedroom and was initially going to give 1 star as this TV antenna did not seem to pick up a signal when hung on the window. I was just about to post it back when I decided to move it to the other side of the room and then, it worked. The signal especially for HD channels is very strong (in the right position) and so far so good. Contemplating buying another for my son. For all those who posted negative ratings, I suggest you might move it about to get the signal. My daughter's antenna is facing a brick wall which is the best signal for her.
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By xochitl martinez
When I bought this antenna, I'm not really believing it was going to work. When it was first hooked up, it didn't. I examined what the person who hooked it up had done and discovered she simply install wrongly. I did. It works beautifully. Gets a sharper, better colored picture than my set on cable. Can't really really recommend it highly enough.
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By Jimmy H
4.5 | 595 customer ratings
85% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
I recently canceled my satellite tv (due to promotional period ending and just too expensive to keep) and signed up for a steaming service instead. I watch a lot of local tv and didn’t want to stream my local channels, so I ordered this antenna. I like that it’s slim, very easy to install and I also really like the length of the cable! My tv is not on a wall with windows, so having the extra long cable allows me to position the antenna on a wall with windows and still able to run the cable around door jams etc. the picture comes in crystal clear and immediately after hooking it up (without needing to read the instructions... all I did was look at the box for guidance) I was watching my favorite show (judge Judy 😊). I would recommend and I will be buying another for my tv
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By Becky VonWald
I purchased this antenna for my mom which she lives in basement with us. I satisfied with the quality of this antenna and i was able to get about 51 channels up my initial setup. Setup didn't take long time.
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I live in the Charlotte Area of NC and found that we are able to receive more than 17 digital (HD) channels over the airwaves. The item was super easy to install, and quality is great. I pay for Hulu, Netflix, (Disney + soon) and have no need to pay for basic cable. I also have a Google voice phone so no phone bill either.
I highly recommend this product and compares to a $45 digital antenna from Wal-Mart. Not worth the trip to the store, for double the cost.
This review was posted without receiving gifts in return.
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By Li0ns4life
4.4 | 766 customer ratings
83% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
I used the Vansky antenna mount to mount a Comet antenna GP-1 within my attic. It was easy to assemble and easy to install. The two lag bolts provided in the package would have penetrated the 2 X 6 piece of lumber that I used so I purchased 4 shorter lag bolts to mount on to the lumber. This design enabled me to place the antenna in the best possible location in my attic. I needed to adjust the vertical position of the antenna after placing it in my attic and it was easily accomplished by loosening and tightening the two bolts at the base of the pipe. It should be noted that the hardware is in millimeters - the bolt heads are 10 millimeters.
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By Lilli Ann
We bought this antenna recommended to us by a salesman at Best Buy. We were tired of paying outrageous prices for basic cable and paying for channels that we never watched. We are in a rural development, on a hilltop surrounded by trees. We mounted this on our chimney and it picks up a few major networks, all the PBS channels and some random channels in between. All the channels are crystal clear and HD. We are happy. We have had the antenna for a couple months now, so durability remains to be seen.
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Like a lot of other people I cut cable tv. I installed an antenna in the attic with this mount. (my association won't allow outside mounted antennas) I mounted it on a roof rafter so the antenna is suspended and it works great. The design allows for adjustability. The antenna that I used with this mount is
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By TheCeladon
4.3 | 1,646 customer ratings
81% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
I recently ordered a Digital HDTV antenna through Amazon. It shipped the next day and I easily installed it in minutes! I love that the cable is long enough to go all the way down my window and that it came with the double sided stickers so I could easily mount it. I did a channel scan and got over 30 channels! This product is saving me so much money on cable costs! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! 5 stars out of 5! I will recommend this to all of my friends and family.
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By Anna Spivey
Super easy to install. I believe the antenna picked up about 60 stations. That’s more than I expected.
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By Diane E
My Husband was so Thankful to get This Antenna & so was I, The Best decision We've made
Made in a Long Time, We have tried many Antenna's & None were near as Good as This One,
The Charity is Unbelievable on all Channels, So many Channels come through, the HD is AWESOME!
I have purchased "4+" other types of Antennas, the "Amplified HD Digital TV Antenna" is the BEST
you can buy, Easy Set Up Perfect Clarity & The Ratio for this Antenna Reaches Far, You'll Be Surprised
& Very Satisfied! Well worth The Price! My Husband & I are So Satisfied & Happy! we have Reached 156 Channels!!!!!!!
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By Rachelle
20 offers from product price
4.6 | 287 customer ratings
91% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
I bought this antenna to replace a King Jack antenna that came on our motorhome. The King antenna has broken twice in the 3 years we have owned the RV and the reception was poor at best. After installing the Winegard antenna, the number of channels the television found in the storage lot went from 23 with the King antenna to 75 with the Winegard. Just got to remember to put the antenna down before travel :)
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By burrko
Winegard RVW-395 Sensar IV White DTV/HD TV Antenna

The Winegard RVW-395 Sensar IV White DTV/HD TV Antenna was purchased to replace an already broken one on our RV, and installation was easy. The directions included with the antenna were easy to follow with the step-by-step guidelines and, luckily enough, fit the holes from the previous antenna without too much re-drilling of new holes, hence less mess and less work.

The reason for the four star review is because the gears are still made of plastic. I know that practically all of the RV antennae on the market are supplied with plastic gears and, if you're not careful, they can strip out.

At least now we can get more TV stations when we go camping, and the signal does come in strongly, but it does depend on where we are located within the campground. As with most of these things, your mileage may vary.
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By L Ushury
install was easy, what suprised me was that I was actually able to get reception, we life in a rural area, so even the tv in the house does not get to many channels, and with travel trailer parked inside a metal shop, it suprised me that I recieved 6 channels, can't wait to see how well it works outdoors. And the booster is a must have for stronger signal
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By Ben G
4.4 | 596 customer ratings
85% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
I usually don't write reviews, but in this case I need to do it because this product is exceptional. If you need an antenna with an extra range because you live too far from the tower, this should be your choice. I have been installing different antennas with my customers, and this one is the one that delivered best results for people who live more than 70 miles of the tower. So, try this one if you want a great long range antenna and you will be really happy with it and the signal. Thanks.
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By Jahel
This item arrived on time, well packaged and undamaged. It is fairly easy to assemble if you read instructions in full first. In my particular location it almost doubled the number of channels that my tv tuner can pick up; although some sort of flick in and out in bad weather or fog. I tried antenna inside house for a week in several locations. It did not pick up near as well indoors but when moved outside on porch; channels pretty much doubled. Maximum channels are best received with antenna outdoors! And you must move it around quite a bit scanning for channels in different directions/locations to find best reception. The higher the antenna; the better the reception and number of channels. Please be aware weather such as fog and storms and obstacles such as trees/houses may affect reception. If you
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By BluePetunia
The closest Television broadcast towers from me are about 75 miles away and television reception is sometimes unwatchable with an indoor antenna which I have been using but recently I saw that someone in my neighborhood was using a different looking TV antenna mounted on his roof and I asked him about it. He told me he had ordered it from Amazon and could get many television stations for free. When he told me he had paid only about $35 for it and how well it received many television stations, I came home and ordered the same one he had bought, It’s a amplified outdoor HDTV antenna Model WA-2608 +18m. It arrive yesterday and I immediately assembled it and I am using it indoors until a mounting pole for it arrives so that I can mounted it on the eaves of my house and its operation indoors it
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By Joe Thome
4.4 | 587 customer ratings
84% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
I was skeptical at first because I've tried many different cheap indoor antennas and they may get some channels, but when you move around the room the reception is negatively affected. This product is a whole new ball game for me. I installed this product on the trim of the first floor roof and then connected the feed line from the control box to the cable box on the side of my house that has the connections for all of the house ports. I have it currently connected to 2 tv's and the reception is crystal clear and in my area I was able to pick up 75....YES....75 digital channels. Time will tell how this antenna holds up to the heat, wind, and rain here in Las Vegas. For now I've very satisfied!

Edit: Updated on 3/17/2019...Its still awesome! This thing has survived high winds and cold and rainy weather without
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By Alex P.
So I literally just received this product. Very well made and easy to assemble. The cable is to short but nothing that cant be dealt with easily. The only reason it is to short for me is my home is brick with a basement and I wanted to access the house through the hole that was originally put there by my former cable provider. Even though it was to short after emailing the company they were more than willing to help. I literally sent the email and it was responded to within minutes which let's me know they care about their products and how there customers feel about them really makes me appreciate them and there products. So I can highly recommend this to anyone.
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By Rachel Root
I don't know if my HOA will allow this. However, ordered it to try it out and give it a test. Absolutely great! I do not have it mounted very high, just on an fence post about 5 feet above ground. Aimed where I think it should be and even with the building in the way perfect reception. It works! Twice the channels I received with one of those flat indoor things. I am regulated by my HOA, but I figured I would try it out to see if it worked, and it does a great job. Would love to place it at a higher position and see what happens, but going to wait to see if there are any repercussions from the HOA where I have it located now. It's great, and the pingbingding people are 'THE BEST'!
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By John
4.3 | 1,150 customer ratings
80% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
I honestly don't do reviews. However, in this case I am only doing this to help the Seller out as the Seller is a small business and needs the review to help their sales. So the item DOES REALLY WORK. IT REALLY, REALLY DOES HONESTLY WORKS. I live in a Valley in SE Washington state withe the Snake and Clearwater rivers come together. There are mountains all around. This HDTV Anttena is picking up Spokane, WA stations over 100 miles away. I'm currently get 31 Channels clear as a Bell with a better than average consistently rate of 60 to 80 percent signal strength. FOR ALL CHANNELS. Joe G.
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By Donald J. Gallion
It works really well. The picture is clear. I did not receive as many channels as I was expecting so you may need to move it around, close to a window preferably, for the best reception.
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By Carla
This antenna is great. I put it on my new Samsung TV. Using this antenna and the tv plus ap gave me 159 channels. I get great clarity and sound. I highly recommend using this antenna.
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By Richard A. Simons
4.4 | 551 customer ratings
82% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
This antenna is installed 15 feet up in my attic (actually an unfinished 2nd floor) replacing a ClearStream 2V . I assume that if you install this outside, you would get even better results. I have attached videos of the picture / station results with the PingBingDing. I also have the video for the ClearStream 2V, but Amazon will only allow me to upload one video per review.

The PingBingDing outperformed the ClearStream and it is approximately 1/2 the price. I was previously receiving 31 stations and was having some serious signal strength issues. I am now receiving 49 stations clearly. I live in zip code 70458. All of the stations are at least 30 miles from my home. A few, such as WLOX have antennas that are nearly 70 miles from my home. Not only am I getting many more stations with
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By Paul Augustin
Yes, this antenna gave me the one station (with 6 channels including Laff TV, Gritt TV and the music videos I enjoy) missing probably due to obstructions. Distance is not my problem; obstructions are why I needed this better antenna. (Yeah, I know, $49 bucks compared to monthly cable or satellite fees “and I’m complaining?”) That built-in preamplifier is probably why this antenna is better. See the picture and note the small cable running from the dipole to the preamplifier in the middle? There is a red light, which stays on in the antenna to verify the function, and this set-up creates the strongest signal from each channel to your TV.
So yes, 47 channels from my old antenna and 51 with this new antenna, considering this antenna cost what satellite TV charged per month, YES, I am a happy camper! As with satellite,
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By Amazon Customer
This product advertised a 150 mile long range antenna, I researched the area I needed it work and made my purchase based on other reviews and it’s advertised distance of 150 needs were for an antenna rated at 80-100 miles. The antenna arrived timely, instructions easy to follow and setup/assembley took about 15 minutes.

I was replacing a $19.99 antenna with rotation, which the rotation had stopped working but I was still getting 11 channels without movement. This antenna had an advertised distance of 75 miles.

I opted for a temporary install to make sure this antenna had the ability to get me my 11 channels plus based on its advertised 150 mile ability. So I located the antenna in the general area as my working antenna, did a temporary mount and off to the tv for setup. After about 3 minutes, my tv revealed 3 channels! I was shocked. So
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