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4.7 | 6,360 customer ratings
93% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
I received the item yesterday, 24-12-2018. What attracted me to the product was their tool-free installation. I am not handy person; thus, I was wary about installing it myself and not calling a plumber.

I decided to give it a go myself this morning, 25-12-2018 and it was as advertised. It is a tool-free installation. I unscrewed the shower head I was using, followed the instruction in the guide supplied, screwed in the "Sparkpod".

Though I neither installed the restrictor, because for me, there is no such thing like too much pressure, nor did I use the teflon tape supplied: I did not need it. The Sparkpod shower head was screwed tight enough for it not to warrant it, there was no leak when I screwed it on without the tape.

The shower pressure is far better than the than the one I removed. I can say for sure, It worked as
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I was pleasantly surprised when this new shower head arrived at my home. The previous unit was functional but had such a small stream that it made showering in our upstairs bathroom less-than-desirable. Now that we've received this one, it actually is better than our downstairs shower due to the increased pressure. I love the fact that the pressure regulator is optional on this unit, it really makes a vast difference.

The only complaint I have is the lousy teflon tape which was included in the package... it came off in strips that resembled floss with the texture of chewed bubble gum. With that being said, although unorthodox, I actually was able to use the tape just not as simply as I would have liked. If I had another roll, I would have used it instead.

Tool-less installation lived up to its promise and the head was leak free on the first
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By Christopher Ryan
I was a bit skeptical about this shower head, due to my low water pressure. I couldn't see how going to a bigger shower head, would actually help my low water pressure. I received the shower head, and installed it, now it comes with these little restrictors you choose to use or not. I opted to not use them, again due to my low water pressure. After having used it for a few weeks now, I am thinking about installing the little red restrictors...…. :o)
So far so good.
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By Good to know
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4.7 | 6,347 customer ratings
93% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Order these on a whim. I needed some new Dewalt's and saw this package deal for 20v Lithium drill set. Now, I will say this - Title is slightly deceiving as it's 20v Max and 12v base. Still does the job and works extremely well!! Used it to put my 4.5" lift kit on my 92 Jeep and had no issues for the most part. Battery life is decent. For consistent pick up and use I got about a good 4 solid hours before she needed to change the battery ( That is undo a bolts, put down, line up new shackles thread on new bolts and then use dewalt to set them and lock them down).

Lightweight, Great Price, Good Power (will lock on bolts super tight), Nice bag, quick charging times

States 12v with 20v Max - Not a true 20v, The LED light on the Impact drill is located
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By The Wulph
Have many Dewalt tools and like the products. Before purchasing saw a U Tube review that said SOME of the drills in this kit have a problem with the bits falling out of the drill chuck when the trigger is released. So tested drill upon arrival and sure enough the bits kept falling out-the drill stops VERY fast and twists in your hand from torque. Spoke to customer service and without any problem from them sent it out-prepaid- for repair. Got it back with same problem. Now am sending to different service center (want it fixed and did not request a refund) for replacement with a tested drill. BTW, the impact driver and batteries in kit work great. Company told me if drill does not work properly upon return, they will give me full refund
UPDATE: Sent drill to 2 service
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By jhawk1966
My old 18volt out lasted and had more power, drill last about 10 minutes when drilling batteries don't last half as long as my old 18v dealt a, very unsatisfied, only reason I bought it was couldn't find an 18v setup to replace mine that broke, in the middle of a job so had to have something, looking at makita my father in law has them and had to borrow his the last couple days so I could get the job completed. Not happy at all. Called the help line and the person pretty much treated me as if I was an idiot. Did you charge the battery. Absolutley no help at all. Tried to ask about returning it or refund she had no clue, tried calling dewalt and got no where. Going to try and return it, also smells like its burning up. Both units
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By TCosgrove29
4.6 | 13,302 customer ratings
91% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
I needed a flashlight on the farm. Sometimes, I need to go out in the fields at night to check cows and I like to see what I'm getting into. I bought these based on the excellent reviews. When I opened it I was disappointed because they are small and only take 3 AAA batteries. I didn't think they would do the job but they do!!! I can see over a 1000 ft with these and scan all the fields. I spotted a possum over 1000 ft. I would recommend these. I bought a set for all my children and parents.
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By Jude1000
I bought two, one did not work. The compony response is pending. I like the one that works.
UPDATE - Here is a company that cares about the customer, when they arrived, one didn’t work I am really happy and impressed with the speed of GearLight’s resolution. Nathaniel Newman, the customer service manager, sent a personal note to me, along with TWO replacement flashlights AND batteries. Thanks so much for that, I’m knocked out. These flashlights are compact, they fit right in your hand, and they widen the beam by extending the front part. It has different modes, including a strobe for self defense. They are really bright and that beam widens out quite a bit, the specifics are on the site. I am very happy with these lights and I now have an extra for a stocking stuffer! Thanks so much for a
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By A. Lopez
I didnt study the Battery life nor water resistance, but I'd tell you the brightness is FANTASTIC!
You can adjust the light beam from narrowly focused or a spread beam, which lights up everything around you of about 120 degrees.

I used it when I delivered pizza with Dominos, and had to see the house numbers at night from far, and I wanted just the house number to lighten up, not the hole house! So, great light beam focus, and powerful to reach far.

Here in those 2 pictures Im using it for my back yard. See I went out in a cold night in my PJs, so u guys can see what a damn good light this is! ;)
Worth it.
I used lights before as I worked a lot in all kinds of attics and crawl spaces. Tried ALL kinds of flashlights.. The only competitor is the small ones that fit your front
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By Ilan
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4.7 | 5,075 customer ratings
93% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
I purchased this model for the top of my stacker, I'll include some pictures of it's size and internals. I got this one for my OSC tool and corded drill, I like the upper compartments for holding all of the drill bits and screw bit tips. It feels pretty tight and secure, not sure I'd trust it to fall from the back of my truck...but just tipping over or the occasional item falling on it may be okay. I look forward to it's being put to use.
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By ID I Am
I just got my new TSTAK cases (with the pick apart foam) and spent the evening fitting them to my own 'tools'. While I am a woodworker and DIYer, I didn't get these for any of my power tools.

I'm also a hobby photographer and actually bought these cases as a storage and transport system for my cameras and equipment.

I originally wanted the Pelican 1510 (as I know it's reputation in the photography world)case to store and transport my cameras and accessories, and for more organized storage, at home. But, with the foam, ONE case was $151.00. And, that was the lowest price I could find.

Upon further research, I found This system from Dewalt. With 6 different cases to choose from and the ability to purchase pre-formed, pickable foam for inside, they made great sense for use with my equipment. AND they are stackable!

Here are the two cases I bought with
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By J Berglund
First of all, I like the product idea very much. Well thought out features and usability. Drawer racks and latches are great and operate smoothly. The drawer label provision is a good touch (I printed my own labels on paper and cut them out). Superb how the boxes interlock and latch together with a secure and simple latching scheme. Really like the texture, colors, and durability of the plastic selected. Although watch out, I was delivered one of the lidded TSTAK boxes that was broken during shipping. Seems a bit brittle so I wouldn’t subject it to forceful impacts.
Now the down side, the box structure is poorly designed and manufactured. The shelf under the bottom drawer is bowed upwards so that the bottom drawer drags on it. That is mentioned in some of the other reviews and you can see it
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By Jack
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4.6 | 11,221 customer ratings
89% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
I used this for my nails... why? Because glue for the most part is glue. Nail salons and nail companies that sell nails with the glue included or not usually have a weak glue.. why? Because they want you to keep buying (my opinion). I work with my hands and I also NOW refuse to go get my nails done ( especially in Cleveland because they over price). This stuff is amazing! So amazing.
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By Ashley hedrick
This is the only superglue with a container that doesn't glue me to itself or to myself! I will never buy another Crazy Glue product because even if the product works, it doesn't matter if the containers suck. And by suck I mean the containers rip and the glue dries up only after one use or the container drips glue all over, gluing me to myself. Not my goal.
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By Kathleen
Update: Seriously, it will glue your fingers to objects. Be very careful where you point the applicator - just had an experience where the piece I was trying to glue on repeatedly stuck firmly to my fingers rather than the object I was gluing it to.

I know from experience nail polish remover will get it off. But actually it'd be nice if it had a little tint to it so I could make sure I hadn't accidentally spread it away from the surface to be adhered.

Still five stars. :)

I don't even bother with other kinds unless I need something with a rubbery consistency like barge cement. Long story short - this product will firmly glue my fingers together which is actually a good thing, because it means that it sticks to just about anything. Earlier this week I broke a wing off a heavy iron
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By Carrie Waterston
4.6 | 10,214 customer ratings
89% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
I use this in my classroom as an attention signal. As a teacher of 14 years, I have very strong classroom management. However, this bell has taken it up ten notches by making it so easy to get my students attention. They know what it means when the bell rings. The best thing about it is that I can make it ring even when I'm in the hallway talking and they are too loud or if I go next door to help another teacher. That's something that no other attention signal can do. When I walk into my classroom, it is always quiet. Always.

I also do A LOT of small group collaboration and discussion, so I needed a way to quickly and effectively get the kids back together for whole class discussion. At my school, we use hand signals and call backs,
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By Angela F
We went replaced our doorbell twice over the previous 18 months. Even though it was in a fairly sheltered location, the battery would die after a couple of months. So we finally bought this one on Amazon; at first because of the features (52 different ring tones; snazzy light on the main unit and the button; cost was about the same as the standard 1-2 ring models we'd been replacing from the local Big Box store). We've now had this one for almost 2 years, and it has been completely problem-free! No problems with dying batteries, inside or out -- the indoor unit just plugs into a wall outlet -- no installation; no batteries. The small battery in the outside button has not needed replacement yet. And it's kinda cool to change the ringtone for special occasions ("Happy Birthday;" Christmas carols in December). We use the theme from
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By R. A. Campbelle
I've got three. One for the mailbox and one for the front door. you can set each Bell to a different tone so you'll know which one has been pressed. Placed one next to a nightstand to be used by elderly family member in case of emergencies (also set with different tone). I just bought a new one for my neighbor who is vision impaired and needs to know when her packages have been delivered. I would buy them again and again they are great rain or shine. Install it and forget it's fantastic.
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By Tillaface
4.6 | 9,105 customer ratings
89% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Quick and simple replacement in my refrigerator. Things to note:
1. The instructions say to 'prime' it by running at least 1.5G thru it to clear any items from the water. I found this way too minimal a quantity. I ran at least 3.5G to get rid of what I could very easily see in the water.
2. You'll hear some weird noises during that 'prime' time, almost like air or straining. It's ok, it ends.
3. Water tastes great. Most simple water filter replacement that I've had yet.
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By Joshua
While I love the quality of this product, it makes the water taste great, I'm disappointed that it needs to be changed so frequently. We purchased this and received it on July 7th, it is now 9/19 and we are having to replace it again! It says 6 months or 200 gallons of water and last I checked we weren't taking showers in the kitchen using the water spout on the fridge. I will purchase this product again and in the future until I can find a more suitable replacement.
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By TwitKrista
Initially ordered this product in 2016, and it worked fine. Ordered again it to replace the old filter for regular maintenance. Water was cloudy even after several gallons dispensed. Exchanged for replacement, thinking it might have been a fluke. Water was still cloudy even after several gallons dispensed. Requested another exchange to give the seller the benefit of the doubt, but was charged a restocking fee of $11.96.

So instead, I ordered the Frigidaire ULTRAWF Refrigerator Water Filter Sold by: LLC, which supposedly works for most french-door Frigidaire models. It's a little more expensive, but it works great: water runs clearly and seems to have higher throughput.
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By Jane
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4.8 | 2,933 customer ratings
98% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
I buy my husband an expensive set of tools or organize his car, and he barely notices. I buy him a $9 speed square, and he can barely contain his happiness as he flips through the blue book.

I don't know. I just don't know. But he loves it. Says it feels so sturdy and that blue book alone would have been worth buying.
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By Sam
Wow, this is a nice tool. It replaced a plastic Speed Square. No matter how careful you are, those will eventually break (see photo). That's just a waste of resources.

This is 3/16 aluminum, with a rare feel of quality - an outlier that somehow remained untouched by the corporate bean-counters.

As for squareness, it checks out perfectly for framing work. If you are doing machine work, get the proper tool.
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By East of Sun/West of Moon
Everything you could want in a speed square. I’m not giving it a 5/5 only because the measurement ticket are large. This works great for scribing a line on the inside of the tool, I’m not sure why they are made so large/ aggressive on the outside. A must for any tool belt
If this review was helpful please let me know by clicking the “Helpful” button below the review.
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By Christopher
4.7 | 3,997 customer ratings
93% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
This is a well built and functional tester. Not only does it feel rugged, but it is also half of the cost as one from the local hardware store. Looking through the reviews here, I am actually shocked that many reviewers here are complaining about the "ambiguous lights." While it can be better documented, the weak lights themselves convey important information about the outlets you are testing.

In many old houses, the ground connection is either disconnected or connected to a poor ground source, like a screw that may not be truly grounded. These lights allow you to visually see how good the ground connection is when compared to the normal L-N (Line to Neutral) connection, so if the third light is dimmer, then the L-G (Line to Ground) connection is most likely faulty (it probably will not be able to carry the same amount of current that would be required
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By David L
I really do like this device, now that I've figured it out, i know what to expect of it. I took off a star for the lack of clarification on the device about odd readings (readings that are not described)

So, I've seen some reviews about light bleeding from one light to another, giving a somewhat confusing reading. This isn't light just bleeding through plastic, the bulbs in there are indeed lighting up but very faintly. I rewired a bunch of outlets, and in the process learned a few things about this device:

-It's made very nice, feels good
-It Cannot diagnose every problem
-The chart does Not describe every possible indication you may see
-It Does let you know overall if something is wrong.

So, what i mean is that on the device it shows you a list of all possible light configurations. However, two situations are notably missing: all lights on, lights partially on.
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By Darren Levine
I first saw how many reviews it had and the stars it had and thought this would be a good item to get. I mean how can all these 1k reviews be wrong? When I first received the 3 sperry testers I was super excited. The size was perfect, compact and it doesn't block the outlet either above or below of the one you plug it into. They felt solid and the rubber molding on the sides was a nice feature. I go to plug it into an outlet and Major disapointment. It was so difficult to tell which lights were on. The small bulbs in there are not bright so they are hard to see during the day time and worse of all the light of one bulb will bleed into the compartment of the bulb next to it making it seem like the other bulb is on also
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By Frank
4.6 | 7,222 customer ratings
92% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
The Good This smart plug keeps other outlets free, works with Google Assistant, and Amazon Alexa, and offers plenty of scheduling and timing options.
The Bad The TP-Link Kasa Wi-Fi Smart Plug Mini isn't HomeKit-compatible.
The Bottom Line This smart plug is a great option for anyone interested in scheduling, voice commands and remote access to everyday devices up to 1,500 watts.
I love that I can control the device from my phone and that we can view it from afar, if the wife wonders if she turned off the hot iron, we glance at the app and turn it off if needed.
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By Jones Tech Review
I have an Amazon smart plug and these Kasa smart plugs by TP-Link work just as well. Once you have the Kasa app installed, setup was a breeze and took me less than 2 minutes - including updating the plugs to the latest software version. It is very well integrated and were discovered easily by Alexa w/o any hiccups.

Once that is done, you can group them together however you like. I even create scenes using geo-fencing that will turn on my kitchen lamp when I am near home. I planned to use one of them for my Christmas lights. This way I don't have to bother with the old timer like before.

The plugs feels solid and high quality. The side power button turn on manually with a satisfying click. The Kasa is actually a little smaller the Amazon smart plug. Long term,
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By MikeinSugarland
I purchased the two pack for these smart outlets. They are very easy to setup and link to your home WiFi via the intuitive app. The app itself is great and it is easy to link up and control multiple smart outlets and even allows you to take pictures of the device that is powered by the outlet and setup schedules for on/off times which makes it very convenient for lamps or other devices you want to run at night only. The app also comes with a widget as well which can be viewed from the lock screen which is very useful because It reduces the amount of push notifications you get on a daily basis. The device itself also has a manual on/off button as well so if your WiFi goes out you can still manually operate the device as well. I would purchase this again.
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By Samson Gebre
4.6 | 7,038 customer ratings
92% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
I bought this to carry my PA system and amps to practices and gigs. Works perfect for this. Based on other reviews, I did replace the smaller wheels with slightly larger rubberized wheels (Lowes $13 total) that bolted right on. See photo.
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By MrGizmo
I'm a woman living by myself and this hand truck has saved me tremendously on several occasions. I don't like bothering people but carrying heavy items can be a real challenge and you can hurt yourself if you are not careful. Before owning this, I would struggle so bad just carrying an aquarium downstairs for cleaning. This hand truck came to the rescue. I have carried a queen mattress with this, a 65-inch TV, two portable air conditioners, boxes of office desk and the chair, 2 boxes that contain 4 bar stools, and many more. It's just incredible how much easier this hand truck has made my life. It rolls like a dream no matter how heavy the boxes I had carried, even on carpets. Folding and unfolding is so easy, it could take a little getting used to. The scariest part is just the snapping wheels. I wear thick
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By Nicole S
I took a lot of time to get the details of this review right. This is a great product. I give it five stars for the following. Easily converts from flat storage to dolly to hand truck. It handles bulky and heavy loads that are usually reserved for heavy duty equipment. Very maneuverable in tight areas. Stores away without taking up much space. Perfect for household use. I give it three stars for the following. Like many other reviews state, if you're not careful you can smash a finger or two while collapsing it flat. The large wheels that hold the handle in place when folded are spring loaded. If you fold the handle over too fast the springs will take over and the the whole thing snaps shut similar to a mouse trap. Just take your time while folding it, keep your fingers out of the way, pay attention
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By Dawnpatrol
4.7 | 3,543 customer ratings
94% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
I'm 73, 110 pounds, female and half my back is fused due to polio prior to 13 and surgery. I'm fearful of anything that I use that isn't super secure because I know one fall because of all my interior and exterior projects that I would especially be in deep poop. I can't begin to tell you how much I love this step stool. I plan on getting several more. I have the 2 step but probably will get 3 step and another 2 step since my husband keeps wanting to take this for his shop. MY LAST STEP STOOL, not this manufacturer and I paid at least twice as much I have pinched my fingers in badly now twice. This will be given away with a warning. This opens and closes so easy. It's HUGELY SECURE with the feet on
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By Danielle Rackstraw
Bought this for my mother. She’s 83 yrs old and determined to hang her own curtains and reach the top of the closet shelves. This gives her the stability that she needs to do that. The steps are wide. The handle is long so she has something to hold onto when she’s on the second step. The handle also give her the security of climbing the ladder without the fear of falling. It is wide at the bottom with rubber which secures to the floor so it doesn’t slide. I’m thrilled that I chose this for her. She feels safe and I have piece of mind. Now if I can only get her to stop hanging the curtains and wait for me. That’s a harder challenge that it was to find this. Definitely recommend it for anyone.
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By dlo1956
This is a sturdy and well designed step stool, except for one thing. Unlike on older models, the feet on this one are slippery hard plastic. The stool easily slides on hard surfaces which makes it very dangerous. If the feet were non-skid, I would give it 5 stars.
This can easily be fixed by attaching these rubber feet. QY 12PCS Black Color Square Shape Rubber Non Slip Non Skid Feet Pad for Table Desk Chair and Sofa. Without this modification I would advise avoiding this product.
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By Amazon Customer
4.7 | 3,477 customer ratings
94% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Love this little light! It’s dimmest soft light setting is perfect for a night light! It’s brightest setting is enough to use to light up most of the room for changing and feedings without being too bright!!!
It’s charging dock is great just sit it back in any position and it charges!
Have kept it off the dock the last two nights and it was still on this morning... Battery seems to last a long time...
I also love that you simply tap 2 times to cut it on & off and hold ur finger on it for a couple seconds to adjust the brightness

Only negative timer only auto shuts off if it’s on the brightest light! It would be nice if soft dim light cut off after an hour too!!!
And usb cord came with light but no plug so if ur like me you’ll have to search the house to find a
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By jessica
Okay, so this is a lesson in thoroughly reading instructions.

I needed a light that was a touch light and was warm for nighttime breastfeeding. Upon opening and setting up, I only saw the power button on the bottom. When I turned it on, it was a bright, cool toned light. I kept pressing the power button and it cycled through several light functions, but never a warm light. Between it not being touch and warm, I packed it up to return it.

Thankfully, I went back and read the reviews a second time. That’s when I learned that I wasn’t using it to its full capacity the first time.

Took it back out, READ THE INSTRUCTIONS, and it’s the most perfect little light. Many light options. Bright to very dim. Cool to warm. Touch. Portable. Everything I wanted. I also like that it’s small-I didn’t want a huge light taking up space
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By adriana leopold
My baby has not born yet but I started to use this lamp and I really loved it, I'm using it in my bedroom for rest or read and it's been just perfect... Even being so tiny, great brightness
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By Cata
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4.8 | 2,443 customer ratings
96% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
I really like this light. I'm in the HVAC trade, this light puts out a decent amount of light, where you need it and the best part is no cord. I like how the head swivels backwards. I used it a couple days ago while replacing a ductwork system in a house with a very low roof. It ran approximately three hours on a 2amp hour battery. I've also used it to change a blower motor on another unit in an attic. If I know I'm going to be in an attic or under a house for an extended period of time I'm taking this with me. I always have my head lamp on, but extra light is no brainer.

The light appears to be very rugged, the fit and feel is very much like my XR 20v impact driver. It has two brightness
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By Wingnut
-Bright enough for what you pay for it
-Battery interchangeability with other DeWalt 20v tools
-Not terribly heavy
-You can put the belt clips on the bottom for more hanging options
-Battery life seems good

The only, sometimes very frustrating bad:
-The head that pivots does so too well, why they couldn't have added some sort of a lock to lock it in whatever position you need I will never know

For the $60 you pay for the bare tool with no batteries/charger I think it's a good deal. I've had it for a couple months, and I don't use it every day but when I do I use it it's all day long and I am not gentle with it.
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I have both the DEWALT DCL050 light and the Makita DML801 light. They both work well, although I prefer the Makita, which has been working well for 10 years now.

Makita - top bends 180 degrees to fold up completely, so it's sturdier in transport and more compact in your toolbox.
DeWalt - top folds down 90 degrees (the description's 140 degree pivot is because it also bends backwards 50 degrees).

Makita - the pivot point locks well at every click.
Dewalt - the pivot point is loose and won't hold its position if you shake it.

Makita - the top rotates 180 degrees, effectively giving 360 degrees of pivot to the light, from shining straight back to straight forward
DeWalt - top does not rotate

Makita - rated at 250 lumens max
DeWalt - rated at 500 lumens max

Makita was $20 cheaper than the DeWalt on Amazon when I wrote this review.

I am happy with both lights,
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By Thinkwell
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4.7 | 3,407 customer ratings
93% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Love this system!
I purchased all of the tough system boxes and wall racks. Converted them into a van rack system. These things are by far the best setup I have used in my van. I am a professional handyman/renovation guy. I do not know how to make the van any more efficient besides some small tweaks and usage of the space behind the boxes. I have added some foldable arms to one side so I can make more room for large packages.

Awesome Job Dewalt!
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By Chad Gaglioti
Love this system!
I purchased all of the tough system boxes and wall racks. Converted them into a van rack system. These things are by far the best setup I have used in my van. I am a professional handyman/renovation guy. I do not know how to make the van any more efficient besides some small tweaks and usage of the space behind the boxes. I have added some foldable arms to one side so I can make more room for large packages.

Awesome Job Dewalt!


It has been over a month of driving and not one issue with any of the arms or boxes. I only have a small concern with the drawers, they are not as strong as they should be. I have to lift the bottom a bit to close. Other than that, this system is working very well for all my jobs. I plan on putting more in my
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By Chad Gaglioti
Handle broke off. 1.5 moths of homeowner use... Talked with Dewalt about their warranty... . Filed a claim, so-to-speek. Sent Photos.. DEWALT iS NOT EVEN RESPONDING....

I WOULD THEREFORE URGE EXTREME CAUTION WHEN BUYING THIS PRODUCT LINE... MANY product physical design flaws. Warranty support seems non-existant.
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By Andrew Ward
4.6 | 5,546 customer ratings
91% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
As a part-time locksmith for many years, I have learned most residents are clueless how easily, quickly and quietly the vast majority of key locks may be opened without the proper key. This simple device offers a huge increase in security, while one is home or sleeping at night, but it only functions on doors which open into the room which you are protecting. It also helps reduce kicking in doors, which often now is a favorite way crooks attempt to enter buildings. If mounted high up, it discourages young children from leaving the house on their own, letting in strangers before the parents make it to the door or from entering the parent’s bedroom unannounced. I have purchased over 30 of these locks recently and they are currently my favorite gift for friends and family members, usually four locks at a time, along with heavier
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By Doug from RI
We purchased this item not so much to keep people out, but instead… to keep people in. You see, we’ve got an adventurous two year old with a spirit like Indiana Jones. He climbs, scales, jumps, and on rare occasions—even makes daring escapes from native tribes, arrows and large boulders.

Once our little boy was upwardly mobile, he developed a keen interest in the outside world, only to be foiled repeatedly by a deadbolt that he was too short to reach. After a few months, and plenty of Brawndo, he finally achieved his lifelong goal of growing tall enough to lock and unlock the door by himself. As we love him, and don’t want him completely out of the house for another 16 years or so, we purchased this smooth-operating reinforcement lock to keep him at bay, and I absolutely love it.

The ‘Satin Nickel’ finish matches our door handle and hardware
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By ReeserRoo
A great supplemental lock IF you install it with Tapcons and drop the junk 3" pot metal screws in the trash where they belong. Why provide a robust supplemental lock capable of taking quite a load, with junk screws, that also have small heads? See my fotos - they will hopefully communicate better than words my point. Anyone trying to force entry through a door with one of these locks using the provided screws is going to pretty easily either shear the screws off at the heads, or, the lock holes will quickly slip over the undersized screw heads. I like the lock. I like the design. I like that what the lock provides the average door with average locks a GREAT deal more security. But the manufacturer completely and knowingly fails its customers by providing screws that are junk.
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By Sportfishing
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Such a great price! The colors are bright and rich. I like that you can cycle through all the modes fairly quickly. I didn't know that the soft steady white light came with a 2nd dimmer option which is handy in my small bathroom. The soft white light is not part of the cycling colors. I can't wait to take my next shower with the lights off and this nightlight on its rainbow cycling mode!

* in my video of the light colors and cycle options, the yellows and greens are much richer in person.
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By Shannon
I bought this night light to use in the bathroom as the light in there could light up a stadium!! When you go for those middle of the night bathroom sessions keeping the light low in order to be able to go back to bed is essential. This light does the trick. No, it's not bright enough to be able to read a magazine but it does provide just the right amount of light to use the restroom and get back to bed and fall asleep. This light has several colors to choose from, you can pick a random color, have it cycle through colors or have it just your standard white. I use the white light as the colors don't put out enough light in order to navigate safely in the bathroom. If your looking for a light for your bathroom to avoid turning on the light at
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By Annette J. Devereux
Description is saying that you can manually turn off (image attached) but this feature is missing. I purchased just for this feature
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Works PERFECTLY! We purchased this item so that our dogs would be able to go in and out freely without there just being a wide opening into our house for bugs to just fly in, must say it was well worth the money! Our dogs run right in and out and it magnitizes perfectly back together each time! Definitely would recommend. As you can see in the video it snaps back together quickly and efficiently with ease!
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By Taylor Logsdon
We removed our aluminum screen door and installed this in it's place--our dog really likes it and it works as advertised!
I can't rate the durability, as I just installed it, but the material seems good.
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By Joyce A Parker
Best magnetic screen I've found.
I have 4 dogs from large to small. They can all use this without issue.

Keeping out the deer ticks and black flies is just a bonus.

I don't bother taking them down in the fall/winter as there is always at least one nice day.
I get a full year of use and that's all I can expect and more.

As I said, on my 3rd one, so it must be good right?
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By Cliff B
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You are reading this review because you are (1) considering a cordless grease gun and (2) comparing various brands of them. Let me save you some time and potential frustration: add this to your cart and be thrilled by how awesome it is 2 days later. Also got a lock-n-lube coupler for it which takes it from an A to an A+.

Battery lasts forever, easy and clean to load, primes in seconds, makes the most stubborn zerks yield in defeat, long hose, sturdy case, includes battery and charger....nothing negative. Yeah its a couple hundred $ to do same thing as a $20 manual grease gun. But worth every penny. If all you have is a riding mower with 4 grease fittings skip it. But you have a tractor, backhoe, tandem axle trailer, etc....yeah you want this. I tried to go cheap route and got a different
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Greatly speeds up greasing vehicles or machines . What's nice is that you can have it down at your side while you're under a vehicle hitting grease fittings and just squeeze the button. Much easier, much faster, less work. You may want to consider wrapping a plastic shopping bag around the body of it when using it. It has a tendency to get grease all over the tool and battery. Also , when you prime a grease gun, you unscrew the tube a little, then release the rod which pushes any air out. If you don't have the tube screwed in enough when priming, it can pop out and you'll have a mess . If you know how to prime a grease gun then you shouldn't have the probs you often see voiced about grease guns losing prime. If it does lose prime, you just bleed it...and make sure
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By SubwayRocket
The quality of this grease gun seems top notch. But beware... it is nearly impossible to remove the factory-installed coupler. I'm still working it! Unfortunately, the factory likely used Loctite on it. *Very* frustrating when desiring to utilize a different coupler. If you plan on using a different coupler, such as the Lock-n-Lube, you've been warned!

Edit: Finally got it off. See photos for tool set-up. Remember, Amazon uploads photos in whichever direction it chooses.
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By ~Rod~
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The OEM filters are pricey, but to me they're worth every penny. I have looked all around for any other alternative that is rated as highly as these for contaminant reduction and there are none. I cannot find a single filter that replaces UKF8001 that is both NSF/ANSI 42 and NSF/ANSI 53, let alone NSF/ANSI 401 as well! All the cheaper, non-OEM filters that I have seen are NSF 42 only, if certified at all. I don't see the point in wasting money on a cheap filter that may not actually be filtering anything instead of paying up for a filter that filters contaminants like Naproxen and DEET out of the water. Do yourself a favor: if you're actually trying to filter your water, get this filter. I've had 4 now, all worked perfectly.
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By Cam
The flow rate on this filter (0.8gpm) is so much better than the generic replacement I had bought while trying to save money (0.5gpm,) that it's easily worth the premium price (and this Amazon price is better than I found anywhere else.) I had a store brand filter from T H*ME D**OT in my Maytag french door refrigerator. You can see in my attached photo the difference in design: This filter, on the right, is larger, and has more holes for the water to flow. The family complained that it took too long to fill glasses; the Keurig reservoir took FOREVER! I timed the old one, it took almost exactly 60 seconds to fill a 1 quart jug. This new Everydrop filter filled the same jug in 32 seconds.
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By V. Barney
I went through 2 of these filters now. the result SLOW FLOW!!! i believe i found the cause to the problem. If you would happen to look at your bypass cap that comes with the fridge and the filter and see the 2 parts that are raised inside the cap. The cap is raised higher than on the filter which would allow it to push the flow valve in further causing more water to flow. I believe on the filters it's not pushing the valves in far enough to allow a good water flow. the plastic mold isn't correct when they created the filters. The filtering isn't the issue it's the actual plastic mold itself I believe is the issue. Quite a shame for something that's so pricey.
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By J. Patton