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4.5 | 968 customer ratings
87% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
The controller is very ergonomic, it provides good grip, it is light weight, materials feel good, buttons are soft, the colors are nice, instructions to pair the controller are easy to follow, the controller has the feature of supporting amiibo function, you can add turbo to the buttons and adjust quickness to them, it has adjustable vibration, also the motion sensor is very responsive, the unit’s battery has lasted around 8 hrs total of play time and it has taken more or less than 3 hrs to charge.
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By Dixie Ortiz
I definitely don't hesitate to grab one of these if you're looking for something more PS4-like on the Switch. This is a great controller for this price. Unlike a lot of these weird third party Switch controllers that I see on Amazon, I can sync it to my system just by holding the home button and it will pop up almost instantly. A couple of the other ones I've used before had me pressing some weird button combination for syncing, so it's definitely a plus. It also can control work as expected and the joysticks and buttons all feel good. The rumble also has a nice feel to it, which is something that other third party controllers usually have issues with. It's actually pretty impressive, because I haven't used any third party Switch controller without major downsides, until this one. My cousin and I don't like the official controllers very
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By ***tv***
This feels so good in the hand. Your fingers sink into the back like a ps type controller instead of the thicker official pro controller.

It is also a little lighter which has actually led to me feeling a little less fatigue.

So this was easy to pair and it came with instructions on how to adjust the vibration sensitivity, turbo, and all that fun stuff. It has a lot of features over the official pro controller. The turbo button is essentially an autoclicker which would be good for people with disabilities, but I feel it is kind of cheaty during normal competitive play otherwise. But if you like to play with that, you are able to program multiple buttons at once, just press the turbo button with the button you want to program and then when you press and hold that button next time it will autoclick. Do it again to
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By Salvador
4.8 | 44 customer ratings
96% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
I bought this to personalize my clear phone case. I’ve only used one sticker so far, but it’s on the back of my highly used phone and it’s stayed on great for 2 months so far.
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By Katie
We got these for my son's water bottle for school, and he loves them! We've even put it in the dishwasher, and they've held up just fine.
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By Amber Ewert
These stickers work exactly as promised. I used them on my switch dock, grip and pro controller. They also remove without residue.
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By trintendo
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4.6 | 101 customer ratings
91% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
I bought these for our Wii controllers and they fir perfectly. My kids use them all the time. No problems so far!
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By AlexRen3
I purchased about 6 of these about 4 yrs ago. One of them has turned slightly yellowish, but the others look & feel just like the day I received them. At first, I didn't like them as they seemed difficult to partially remove to change out batteries. After a couple of changes, they loosen up slightly, just enough to make it easy to change out batteries, but not too much to where they won't fit snug around the remote. Great product!
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By Sedona
I'd call these about 80% the quality of Nintendo Brand jackets but they fit perfectly and for the price, I'm okay with the quality. They are a little gummier than Nintendo but that's not a big deal. The fit is what matters and they do fit just as good as Nintendo.
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By PiperFlyer
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4.3 | 42 customer ratings
89% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Covers came through mail quickly after ordered...thank you! Would recommend to anyone needing these for their Wii remotes to keep them safer. Unfortunately my new Tyko charger does not charge with these on but I will keep them as 'backups' for my Wii system set at school!
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By singalto2u
Keeps the remote in my hand rather than flying across the room when I'm really active. Also helps protect the remote from our young boys who tend to be a little careless with them.
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By C. Pascua
What I learned:(1) This appears to be exactly the same product as the OEM item. (2) I felt for shipping packaging and no priority, that I paid too much for shipping. (3) turns out the OEM Wii remote I ordered came with a jacket anyways . . . so there goes any kinds of savings for buying online.
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4.5 | 21 customer ratings
79% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
IMPORTANT NOTE: When I purchased and reviewed this item the skin was labeled "Poppin' Purple", NOT "Purple Chrome Mirror" as it is now. If you buy from this link you should receive the shiny skin pictured, not the matte finish one I mention. Any comments made about the skin not being shiny refer to the product that used to be avaliable at this link.

My initial reaction when my skin arrived is that the purple looks nothing like what is pictured here. I expected a somehow shiny purple. What I got was a very matte, dark purple skin. I am guessing if you are looking for a more metallic skin then you should try the "mirror" skins by this company? Regardless, this is definitely not the shiny metallic purple it appears in the picture here. It still, however, is a very nice deep
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By Adora
Got the purple omg love it so shiny mirror type
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By melody r.
It's not as light as the above picture shows, but that can easily be chalked up to lighting. It's super shiny and easy to apply with its self adhesive backing. Its like the untimate sticker! It took about 15 to complete since I seem to have lost the instructions, but now I have a one of a kind Wii consol, and controllers. If only they made one for the wii fit balance board!
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By Alice W
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4.2 | 29 customer ratings
79% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
I love this item. I like that my remote is easily identifiable and now pretty much only me ever touches it, which is a nice from an infection control standpoint. Mostly though, I bought this product because I adore the color pink. I was sad when I couldn't find any pink controllers, but this made it all better. The price was great, too.

However, my Wiimotes came with clear, textured skins that I believe will protect the devices much better than the colored skins will. The "standard issue" skins have extra rubber around the top edges of the controllers that will provide extra cushion if they ever get dropped or thrown. Therefore, I would not recommend these colored skins for young children, careless adults or "rage" players of any age. The clear Nintendo skins are better for anyone concerned about protecting their investment since the controllers aren't
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By Pink Cat
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By roger
These skins are cute, and are just like I expected them to be. They're kind of a pain to get on and off the controller, but I did expect that, and it's not a big deal. We're pretty rough with them, and they haven't ripped or anything, so I'd say they're durable. Glad I bought them for the price.
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By Cyr22
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4.5 | 11 customer ratings
100% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Not to much to say about this. It started with my 8y/o that really wanted a Mario Brothers Wii for his birthday, not a big deal except for one I couldn't find one in any stores and for 2 he already had a perfectly good Wii! I mean I will go out of my way to put a smile on my boys face but it just wasn't happening! UNTIL I got the idea for the skin! It is really nice quality vinyl with great graphics and is very forgiving when you misalign it! The best part however is how accurately it is cut! Everyone who sees it thinks it is some new model Wii! It really looks like it was made by Nintendo! I don't mean the skin, I mean it looks as if it is printed right on the unit itself! The best part however is the huge smile
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By Steve
This is for the 1st Wii models. The Newer Wii that don't play GAME CUBE game will have spaces in between where the memory cards & controllers use to be. Took a while to get it fitted on right. Everybody thought I bought a new Wii when they saw it. It did bubble up some, but a credit card can smooth those right out.
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By Fitz Roy
The skin is not what's shown on the picture. It's slightly smaller metakight's cape is more to the right of the Wii. Other than that it looks great for Super smash bros fans.
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By BOBthebuilder
4.1 | 35 customer ratings
75% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Color looks nice and vibrant. I like that the back is textured, it feels great in your hands. The cut is accurate and it was pretty easy to get on the controller.

1. When you use some of the included optional joystick caps, they inhibit the joysticks' movement. Not by a lot but it's noticeable. If you don't use the optional caps, this is not an issue. I didn't buy this for the joystick caps so I didn't take a star off for it.
2. Some reviews claim this doesn't fit the official pro controller but it does. You MUST be using the official/licensed Nintendo Switch Pro Controller, not a third party off brand controller claiming to be a "pro controller."
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By Lukin
We LOVE these! This is our third one. We ordered a red one and a camp one.. then this multi colored print for my other son. Three members of the family use these on their pro controller and love them. They fit well and the extra button tops are great, my kids use the extra set on their Xbox controller buttons.
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By Leanne
I would give this a .125 star -- if possible!

So, I bought this for someone asked for a "covering" for their controller. I verified their choice and ordered. After received, it was swiftly discarded!

Problem -- Image doesn't really match what is received!
Goes to show -- only order movies or music or books or virtual items on line!

Warning: "YoRHa Studded Silicone Transfer Print Cover Skin Case ONLY for Nitendo Official Switch Pro Controller"
-- The name should tell you all -- "Nitendo" should this not be "Nintendo" -- stay away from this "product"!
* This is a skin -- it's not a replacement for the case -- this was the main mistake.
* This "Silicone Transfer Print Cover Skin Case" does not cover all controller -- this was mistake #2.
* Really -- if you are looking for something like the image, you are better off just looking for a controller with
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4.7 | 6 customer ratings
100% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Very cool design, and easy to apply with some patience. My Wii's outer surface was damaged years ago, and this awesomely covers it up and it looks amazing now!
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By Krosan Beast
Love the design and easy application
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By Shella Clancy
Exactly what we expected
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By Desiree Gonzales
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3.9 | 52 customer ratings
72% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Love the pink!
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By LoyalAmazonCustomer
If you have more than one Wii-mote, and have different Mii's saved on them, you probably need a way to tell them apart. Wii-motes come with a nice skin to protect them, and give them a better grip but they're all made of the same clear material. I purchased this skin (in blue) to help me tell my two Wii-motes apart and I have not regretted the decision to do so. These skins are thinner than the ones which come standard with the Wii, but I became accustomed to it very quickly. It's nubbed on the back to increase grip-ability and comes with an additional skin for the nunchuck. It also comes with a color-coded wrist strap, which does not lock into place. Overall, it's a solid product. It is tough to remove when replacing batteries, but it is sturdy enough to not rip when doing so. I was hoping
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By Kindle Customer
I purchased this item based on a review that indicated this can be used with a charger..."there are cut outs in the back that allow the metal contacts from the remote to connect to the ones on the cradle". I guess I should have asked myself, "which type of charger?" I have a Nyko with slots for 2 remotes. This product DID NOT work or was not functional in conjunction with the Nyko charger. Although the skin is pretty tight on the remote, it was not thin or tight enough for the remote to sit snug in the cradle. In addition, it did not have the cut-outs in the right spots to secure the connection. I even made a precision cut on my own to see if it would work, and had the skin been thinner, it may have. But, needless to say, I had to end-up tossing in the
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4.2 | 10 customer ratings
80% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Our kids do not like the rubber cover that comes with the remotes because they were too bulky in their hands. They're always removing them leaving the remotes unprotected. These are a tight fitting cover that offers protection without substantially increasing the size of the remote.

We've also been having a problem with our kids arguing over who gets to be the #1 controller. These work great for assigning a remote by color to our kids so nobody fights over who's controller #1. They have a color and no matter what controller number their remote ends up being they are always the same color remote!

The only downfall is that they don't come off as easy as the originals when its time to use accessories like the Wii Wheel.

Great value!
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By R. House
I rated this a 3star only because you get what you pay for and I paid very little for this product. To describe the product in one word, "CHEAP" with very little protection offered due to how thin the cover is. I would not buy this product again nor would I recommend it AT ALL. Go with something more like the original. You will not be happy with the quality of this product.
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By Granger
Description is misleading!!!! It lists 6 colors in item description but only comes with 4 colors. "6 Set Premium 2 Tone Virgin Silicone Skin Case for Nintendo Wii Remote Control & Nunchuk(Blue+Pink+Green+Orange+Black+Clear)
• Combo Set Includes: 1 x Light Blue 2 Tone Silicone Skin Case 1 x Pink 2 Tone Silicone Skin Case 1 x Light Green 2 Tone Silicone Skin Case 1 x Orange 2 Tone Silicone Skin Case x Black 2 Tone Silicone Skin Case x Clear Silicone Skin Case "
BLACK and CLEAR are not included!!!!!
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By Janelle Grau
3.9 | 16 customer ratings
75% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
The front face-plate of the Wii was frustrating to put on. Also the nun-chuck was difficult because of the curve. Be patient.

The Wiimotes that have the motion plus built-in displays text that offsets the text that says "Wii". So the window on the bottom of the decal is in the middle of where it days "Wii" and "motion plus" on the Wiimote.

Used homemade solution, would not recommend attempting without it. You will regret it.

Overall looks really cool. Would recommend.
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By Steve
It looks just like the picture, and is easy to apply. The skin looks great on the console, and has a hammered metal texture. My only problem with it is the Nunchuck skin. Because the Nunchuck is convex on the top, a few small wrinkles appeared on the edges of the large decal. Also, the decal for the control stick has a few wrinkles because the CS is also convex on top. After extended play with the Nunchuck, the CS decal warms up and starts to slide, leaving a sticky residue. I was able to fix this by securing the decal with a drop of plastic cement. Overall, 4.5 out of 5.

I have had the skin for about 3 months, and the console skin is still in great condition. The Control Stick decal has come off both my Nunchucks, though. The rest of the remote is fine. Now 4.0
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By Amazon Customer
It was a bit of a pain to put on, but after a year of use, it makes the wii look good, but the sticky parts do start to come up after constant use, especially since I access the sd card slot quite a bit with it being an emulation/modded unit. Also as a side note, if you buy this to cover up stupid stickers on the wii, MAKE SURE you remove the stickers beforehand, it becomes very noticeable. I was gonna take my wii to school on the last dsy to play some Mario Kart, I didnt get to take off the stickers in time so I judt put the decal on it anyway. It kind've shows through, but that part was my fault. Otherwise, not a bad purchase. When removing a decal, the decal doesnt rip apart and stick to the console in pieces like a normal sticker
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By Mason
3.8 | 12 customer ratings
68% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Easy to use and looks great. I gave a very special little girl a Wii for Christmas and I wanted her to have a Wii like none of her friends had so I bought this. Very easy to apply.
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By Ben & Susan
Pretty color but a real pain in the ass to put on and mine didn't even come with instructions on witch piece went where !! I ended up having to throw it away , for me it was a huge disappointment for real.
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By Diane ransom
Tried to apply as instructed. Ruined 2 pieces one being the main front panel piece. No detailed information telling you which stickers go where. I contacted them with my problems, about 5 days ago, and still haven't received a reply. I wouldn't recommend it to anyone. Very disappointed
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By Upset
3.7 | 13 customer ratings
68% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Um...still looks greats! Don’t know what else to add!
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By Jesse Lemons
This product is nice but the part for the remote barely covers the front and mine fit on the bottom perfectly but was weird on the front also it didn’t come with instructions so I didn’t know where to put every sticker
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By Sara Napier
This is very affordable, and as such is lacking in high quality printing, but it also isn't horrible. Blurry edges, but good colors.
It came with no instructions, but it wasn't a challenge to figure out which piece fits were. But it also came as one big page of vinyl, and was shipped in a tube, rather than a flat pack. This made placement difficult, as the pieces are curled. The big square pieces are easier. But the front panel was very difficult. Fighting the curl of the piece, guideline, had to take the whole sticker off at once, and it has very skinny places, which (after 2 stick attempts, became stretched out a little, meaning ti doesn't fit as well now.

All in all, It could be worse, but it could be better.
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By Sydnni Frost