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4.8 | 15 customer ratings
100% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
We have a lot of coyotes and mtn lions here. We use this to spot anything roaming in our yard and mountain side. We can keep an eye on our 3 dogs when going out. There have been several attacks on dogs in recent years. Wish wasn’t so expensive would love a second
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Outstanding light, if you’re only going to buy 1 light to scan, shoot and recover, then this is the light for
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By J Vernon
The slide on the back of the FoxPro is for the intensity of the light and slides way too easily; therefore compromising the intensity of night light. So at night this is an aggravation working in the dark. You need to secure in place with your finger. Small detail which the company could fix with a friction switch. Otherwise product
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By Mainer
4.3 | 10 customer ratings
77% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Bought the Einscan SE and it worked perfectly out of the box. I did do a lot of research from other's reviews so there were some tricks to make the scans work better.

Before purchasing, make sure your computer can handle 3d scanning. My setup is an AMD 1045T, 16GB, and an Nvidia GeForce 1050T video card with 4GB. The more
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By Jim
So I have used this machine for all of 2 hours. That includes unbox and setup time. I’ve already produced two usuable scans of miniatures straight out of the software. It’s as close to push button as it gets for this type of tech. Very impressed. I will update if I encounter problems but if I keep getting results like my first
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By Josh
Like others have said, while installing the software, the device fails during install because the license server is unavailable.

How frustrating is it to have everything all installed but a single online service prevents your system from working. I am hoping their customer service gets ahold of me or I will be returning within
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By Sean Howard
3.8 | 23 customer ratings
61% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
I was contracted to reproduce a carved piece of crown moulding. When I took the job I didn't know how I was going to make it. Last resort, I could hand carve it. There was 30 feet and that would have taken me weeks to carve. I bought the EinScan and tried it for the first time. It was easy to set up. The software is incredible.
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By Gary
So it's a great and easy to use 3d scanner for parts that meet minimum, but once you go larger it becomes a bit tedious. I'll give it to the end of the next week, but will likely upgrade to hand held model. Both models also seem to have problems with mate black parts that are all but invisible to the scanners, but some color table or
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By witchyveg
It arrived today. I tried to assemble it and could not. The USB cable that connects the turn table, that is located under the connection bar / stand, could not fit into its proper connection point. After spending so much money, I was not even able to get it to work.

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By Jazzkin2001
3.7 | 6 customer ratings
57% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Excellent 3D Scanner. The unit kept failing calibration but I finally noticed the alignment was aiming low on the motorized table. I just adjusted it 1/4 of an inch up and it does a perfect job. Einscan doesn't have a vertical adjustment so I had to wedge it up 1/4 inch near the screw mount. Software is amazing but has a few bugs that are
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By Attituc
Best way to go for the
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By Kevin L Clark
I was scanning a 1:25 scaled car and was unable to pull out the fine detail. very disappointing for the
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By Cj Silver
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3.5 | 49 customer ratings
59% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
This was my first entry into 3D scanning and I was skeptical. The Matter and Form *seemed* like a good choice, since it has good resolution and the price is better than the other options. I decided to take a chance and if I didn't like it I'd just return it.

The software doesn't come in the box, you have to download it from
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By Angus M Miller V
I have a huge amount of experience with 3-D printers and wanted to add a scanner to my arsenal I have used the maker bot digitizer in was familiar with low resolution and performance of it and was looking forward to the matter and form v2. The first two days of using it I was a bit frustrated but after doing a conference call with Trevor
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By MauiMichael
I bought this because I needed to make good resolution scans of some ABS automotive parts and make small changes. So far that is a full fail.

I have jumped through a lot of hoops to use this unit and while it does technically "work" the finished product is not editable or correctable. The last step of scanning is to make a
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By Christopher Brown
3.5 | 18 customer ratings
64% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
I bought a low cost scanner; the scans were atrocious. Then I built one - that was terrrible. Then I struggled for six weeks to make an Eora 3d scanner work, without getting anything usable. The first scan I made with the einscan was superb. It took 90 minutes from unpacking to result. The hardware just works. Calibration is easy. The
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By Friedman Wagner-Dobler
First of all, I love this thing! I've used a few turntable style scanners in the past but this has to be the best, especially at the price point. Unboxing to good scan was under an hour, including calibration and initial software/hardware setup. I only scan for the mesh and not the texture so I can't comment on the color quality. The
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By GlassBullies
Wow! I set this up on the counter in my bathroom for the darkness. Followed the instructions (had to go online -- the instructions inside are in Chinese -- no biggie) to first calibrate and then scan a hand carved bird to duplicate for my cuckoo clocks. Amazing how quick and easy it was! After the first scan I turned the bird and scanned
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By Amazon Customer