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4.7 | 675 customer ratings
92% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Brand: We all know this brand is one that delivers.

Build: Solid. Stocky. This would survive any reasonable drop test, or klutz kick test. It looks like Shop-Vac's larger mondo air mover, and this is well built. [UPDATE: I had this propped up high in the garage to get some air moving and, uhm, I swung around and made contact
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I bought this blower to dry out our garage in the winter when snow melts off the cars and leaves puddles behind. It is now 5 years old and I can't believe how durable it has been. We run this blower 24x7 for at least 3-4 months each winter. Then, in the summer I discovered that I could place this in my basement blowing thru an unused
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By Stephen Burk
We live in the heart of coal country, because of how much coal is moved around in this area we’re shampooing the carpets of this 109 year old home often. Most of the soil in the home gets tracked in on the bottom of shoes.

So we bought this blower to help dry the carpets as we clean to avoid damaging the original slotted wood
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By C Homrich Jr.
4.6 | 2,046 customer ratings
93% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
As a hobbyist woodworker having fun and making items for the house or friends, any money I have to spare on tools and equipment is naturally going to go toward that new table saw rather than boring old dust control. I usually just ignore the tickle in my lungs (dust mask? what's that?) and blast my clothes clean with the air compressor at
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By Cary
I create a ton of dust in my shop so I purchased two of these bad boys. They are exactly what I was looking for! They control the dust in the air very well. Best part that's not even stated that when you buy more than one each comes with its own remote, however the remote will sync up to both units so you only have to use one remote at a
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So far so good, will update with use.

* 4 Month update: It worked so well and it's cheap enough that I bought another one for the opposite side of my shop. Now my shop air is extra crisp and clean! Only annoying thing is I purchased the 2nd unit directly from WEN and it seems to be made differently externally and one of the
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By Tom Lin
4.8 | 73 customer ratings
96% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
I ordered one to confirm good match. Great. Then I ordered a second. Would be good and at little cost for the supplier to add the
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By Grammy O
Like this product and fit very well. The bottom gasket was not included so I had to use the old one
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By K davis
The pre-filter and air filter element are identical replacements to the original equipment supplied by the manufacture. Product arrived as expected, delivery took a few days, but worth the
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By Rick H.
4.5 | 220 customer ratings
87% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
It took me awhile of searching to find a decent air compressor inlet filter that was usable. The cheap junk from China are sketchy at best and will break your compressor at worst. Don't get me started on the junk filters available. I could not find just the filter. I could only find the filter and housing. My HF filter was junk and so
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By Fred E. Elum
This filter was a great find, and did quite the intake noise my 21 gal upright harbor freight compressor made. Of course compressors are loud that's just how it is but anyone who knows them knows how loud the intake can be and add a ton of extra noise with the air it sucks in and this filter sure enough makes a difference and gets rid of
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By James McCloud
This filter silencer got great reviews so I thought I'd try it on my Harbor Freight oil-lubricated 21-gallon compressor. Hardly a difference with this silencer, and if you search the reviews, other Harbor Freight compressor owners say the same thing. Regarding noise, it's probably safe to say that it's the compressor itself, not this
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By Tim
4.5 | 167 customer ratings
89% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
I have used my compressor for sometime without a water separator. I reasoned that draining the tank would be all I needed. I was wrong. I soon grew frustrated with moisture coming out of my blow gun, putting moisture in my car tires (which causes damage to your wheels), and seeing moisture coming out of my pneumatic tools. So I purchased
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By spoin
I have a small machine shop. To start out I used regulators from RapidAir. I had three of them and all leaked around the plastic top and eventually around the water bowl.
I run a 3/4 regulator at the compressor so the supply is 120psi regulated down to 100 at the machines. That shouldn't be high enough to cause the plastic tops to
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By James D. Holbrook
Worked well for about a year before developing a leak at the pressure regulator knob. Root cause was a torn diaphragm. Contacted manufacturer who diagnosed the issue and sent service kit (PN 104430 or 104431) free of charge/next day air. Product was out of warranty. Really happy with that. The service kit included a diahpragm, washer,
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By Matthew J. Curran
4.4 | 430 customer ratings
83% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Sturdy metal housing.
Wall Mount is built on the unit.
Small profile for home use.
Plastic fitting didn't work well with my existing metal fittings.
If you have extra metal fittings use them instead of the plastic ones included, don't even bother with the plastic ones that
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By D. Campbell
This is the best regulator that i've had the chance to use, it's accurate, maintains pressure and so far haven't had any issues with leaks. I am very pleased with this regulator. During the install I needed to reverse the filter and dryer to accommodate the piping in my garage and it was an extremely easy process to do so. The only
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By mummy5
I really like this. I bought it to protect my pneumatic can crusher recently purchased. Any air powered tool needs filtered air and a little oil. The regulator holds great. I would buy it again. I also bought a light air tool oil to use in it. Personally I don't care for Marvel Mystery oil and found a pint of air tool oil that came in a
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By Robert Sheetz Jr
4.7 | 49 customer ratings
93% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
I bought this to use on my Kobalt(Lowes) 60 gallon compressor. I had one of their(Kobalt)small 125psi regulators with the plastic knob to adjust air pressure and it leaked air and didn't catch any moisture. And the plastic turn-to-lock knob broke. It cost almost as much as this new one does.
This one is a heavy duty unit. No air
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By James T.
I needed to find one that went up to 175 PSI and this one does. I am glad I opted for the T Handle as this one is a little hard to twist. Relieves air as you set it and so far has worked flawlessly. I have a beast of a compressor in front of it as well. 7.5 HP ands 80 gallon tank. I do everything from sand blast to LVHP Painting. Would
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By Karl
This unit was worth the premium over the normal stuff. Fit and finish are excellent. I connected it to a large compressor with a high pressure whip hose in between. When not in use, it holds the pressure indefinitely without any loss. No more surprise compressor starts due to slow air
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By Kevin K Bell
4.4 | 397 customer ratings
87% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
I did not want to spend $80 for an Iwata brand regulator/water separator, so I thought I would try this one. Using the included thread sealing tape, I installed the included pressure gauge and the two 1/4 inch NPT nipples. I hooked up my hose lines and attached it to the air compressor. So far the regulator is working great. It holds
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By Steve
The price was good and the quality was actually pretty good. Some of the reviews caused a bit of concern, but as with a lot of the negative reviews on Amazon, the product is fine, but the buyers are not sure of the actually purpose of the product or they are confused as to the actually use of the product, all in all people need to make
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By FL_Sparky
This regulator bowl blew off the first time I pressurised it. I had Teflon tape on the threads when it blew. I took off the Teflon tape and pressurised again. This time my 30 gallon tank could only get to 75 pounds instead of the 125 cutoff. The bowl threads was leaking air at a high volume. The third time I took the bowl off, I studied
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By Roger Unruh
4.8 | 34 customer ratings
95% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
I purchased this for use on a Makita mac5200. It fits and performs well. There are arrows on the body similar to the original regulator which indicate air flow direction, be sure you make note of those when installing. When I first installed the regulator as shipped, the tank pressure read the same as the regulator pressure. As others
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By Samuel Page
This is a generic valve and needs a slight plumbing change for use with a Makita Mac2400. The valve body is square, with a port on each face. Three ports are used and one is plugged. For the Mac2400 the plug needs to be moved to the opposite face. This is indicated by the airflow direction arrow on the valve. The rest of the plumbing
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By Kit Sodergren
The product didn’t match right for my Makita MAC5200. One of the output hoses wasn’t in the right spot. As you can see in the pics. This is a big deal for a compact compressor. I had to shorten the hose myself to make it work. I would’ve sent the regulator back if I didn’t have a project that I needed the compressor right away.
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By Alec St George
4.4 | 143 customer ratings
87% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
I bought it to regulate a 10 gallon portable air tank . I added a Goodyear 3/8-Inch by 3-Feet Lead-In hose and some quick connect between the regulator and the air hose. now i can fill up the tank faster by not using the valve stem. and i don't have to use the regulator if i'm trying to fill up a tire. it's working well, the regulator
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By James Stallings
Bought this to repair an older Dewalt/Emglo compressor. It fit fine and was easy to install, unfortunately I couldn't get the pressure relief valve to stop venting (it only stopped venting when the tank pressure and regulated pressure were equal, which is kind of useless). It was a slow leak, so it would have worked in a pinch, but I
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By archfubar
As others have stated, the 1/4 NPT threads are overtapped so they will just barely seal--they did seal, though. It's weird that they managed to get the 1/8" NPT for the gauge right.

Some bits of flashing around the casting marks. I cleaned some off and then disassembled it to make sure the pieces weren't floating around
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By M. Mac Adam
4.6 | 49 customer ratings
90% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
By David J. LaFlamme
By Christine Fontaneda
They brake
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By edgar valdez
4.4 | 121 customer ratings
85% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Good regulator. It is “reversible” in case your plumbing doesn’t allow view of the reading. Not covered in instructions
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By Martial Burguieres
I bought the filter w/regulator for my powder coat system. I have no need for an oiler. a supplied bracket would have been nice for the cost of this unit. I will build my own brkt, but I wont buy another one of these. The cost for them to supply a cheap stamped bracket with the unit is probably not more than 50 cents. At this point I
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By Robbie
I thought I'd never have to buy another since it was I/R, ARO, at least a US company and QA even if made in Korea. Worked OK for a while (about a year) then started to leak at relief anytime tank pressure went below setting. Infrequent use. Sometimes you can get it to stop by raising/ lowering the pressure. Other times (now almost always)
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By David
4.5 | 58 customer ratings
87% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Well thought out set of fittings and teflon to boot. Body is not plastic. Appears to be built to last. The knob is plastic and the need to pull it up to adjust the pressure is a bit of a pain. My application does not require frequent adjustment but could imagine the bother it would be if I did. I fits my needs perfectly which is on a
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By Bill Q Public
I have had this for a few months now on a harbor fright airbrush compressor and it really made a big difference to my airbrushing. The compressor kit I got didn't have a regulator included, just a gage to show pressure. I added an inline valve but even with that I couldn't get consistent flow to the brush. This really helped a
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By Chad Carew
Well made. Works well with both of my compressors. AC and DC. I attached quick connect fittings so I can switch for home use and for my portable DC compressor. Might have to get another at this price. Very happy that some things are still made to last and at an reasonable price. Dont see that too often these
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By muttmaster
4.3 | 145 customer ratings
83% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
I use this downstream of my onboard air to inflate tires to a chosen pressure without having to hold an inflator trigger the whole time, or risk over-inflating when attaching a hose directly between the compressor and tire. I've put a female coupling on the output, so to set it I plug in my inflator (with gauge) and dial in the pressure I
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By Bryce
Bought this to improve air control on my airbrushes. Sometimes I need to use very low air pressures. The regulator on my compressor was impossible to adjust below 10psi with any repeatability. I bought the 3 to 30psi version and put it downstream from the air compressor regulator. I located it so it is at hand while I'm painting. It
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By R. Davis
I bought this to use with my pressure gauge calibration set-up for calibrating the gauges at a brewery. My old regulator "drifted" far too much, making it very hard to calibrate a gauge. This one works quite well and is stable once you get it to a desired pressure. Ports are the right sizes and locations for my use. This is a relieving
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4.3 | 133 customer ratings
83% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Sure enough right out of the box the threads were imperfect and had to be re-tapped just as several other reviews state. I got it anyway since this was ''Amazon's choice'' BUT I don't see how. In any case I am keeping it and will update if it starts leaking as others have also stated. I ordered 1/4" ball valves and put them on the
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By ReviewsOnlyGREATstuff
Overall it works fine. The threads on the outlet port were messed up out of box and I had to retap them.... Something you shouldn't have to do for a brand new product, but I guess you get what you pay for.
The inlet and pressure gauge threads were good.
The pressure gauge needle jumps around a little but is accurate.
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By Doug G.
Overall not a bad regulator for the price but it fail to meet my requirements. I did find the same problem reported by another customer with both of the threads. After re-tapping they were ok. unfortunately and occasionally leak would occur from the drain valve. I finally took it off my laser systems for the faults since I need 100%
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By Hector Munoz
4.4 | 64 customer ratings
78% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Filters even better then liberal media. Doesn’t leak either. Media 0, this filter, 1.
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Overall, this filter seems well designed, is easy to set up and use, and pulls out a lot of moisture. However, as other reviewers have said, if your application is very moisture sensitive, consider a secondary filter somewhere down the line or at your tool. Another tip is to install this filter a good distance away from the compressor
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By RossX15
Nice little water trap, just be sure you have several feet of hose between your compressor and they filter. 25-30 ft is best. You have to give the air time to cool and thus the water vapor condense so it can be removed. I have this 90 ft from my compressor and after a 3 stage filter from the same company. It’s sole purpose is to act
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By shane
4.6 | 32 customer ratings
94% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
This Hon&Guan 6 inch Black Carbon Filter Odor Control for Hydroponics Indoor Plants Grow Tent Air Filters with Activated Charcoal Air Scrubber for Inline Fan Combo-Prefilter Included works great!
It was easy and clean to unpack - no excess charcoal dust everywhere.
It works well with the 6" inline fan I got.
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better than Vivosun brand much better. I just got a 4inch and 6inch very
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By Kirk McGill
This filter has clogged up a month after I bought it. And now I am out of the return
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By Evelyn M-C
4.5 | 42 customer ratings
92% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
If you are looking for a quality pressure regulator, this product made in the USA meets my standard. Replaced an old one on an air compressor that failed but did not want to go back and order another foreign made regulator that in my book are Chinese garbage that could even be a safety
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By Richard Fincke
A compact regulator that works very well with no problems. I would recommend this product to anyone that needs a quality regulator. I would buy again if one of my compressors needed a new
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By Randall Kwasny
Total junk. At high flow this thing gets a harmonic howl that will drive you nuts. That's not completely uncommon as I've experienced the same with other regulators, but this heap of excrement leaks air past the bypass constantly. It leaks air all the time so my compressor kicks on several times throughout the day, every day even if you
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By david
4.4 | 59 customer ratings
86% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
I installed this to the side of my blast cabinet. I was getting too much water in the air line after running my compressor for 15 plus minutes. After installing this filter it stopped all visible water in the line. Everything installed great with the only minor exception that the heads of the bracket mounting screws did not fit my
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By Bucaroo
This little filter is a power house that you can SEE is working and doing its job. I have the filter installed between my compressor pump and tank to remove moisture before the air goes into the tank. I purchase a different brand filter that leaked upon arrival. The NANPU filter performs flawlessly. I highly recommend this filter and
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By Peter Zullo
Wow.....I'm so happy with this unit: was 30% of the cost of a comparable, industrial domestic.

Good threads on the ports and they must have fixed the tapped, bracket holes because I had zero problems with mine.

The auto/relief drain also functions perfectly and at 130 PSI the filter has
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By Amazon Customer
4.7 | 25 customer ratings
91% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Worked great for a 4 ton unit
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By Amazon Customer
Great for the
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By Thomas Dill
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By Joyce Beerkircher