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4.6 | 349 customer ratings
91% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
This is the perfect kit. It's spring and I decided to start my garden indoors and to give the grow anything a try and is identical to what you get for the starter kit with the Aerogarden. I purchased this particular set because it is a great value and I will use all 25 in no time at all. The 3 bottles of nutrients are the size of the nut
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By Kristina S.
I agree with another review that this item can be found cheaper, so I'm not reviewing the price -- just the item.

I LOVE my Aerogarden, and the Grow Anything is allowing me to grow items not specifically part of Aerogarden's pre-selected pod kits. I now have some really beautiful Bibb and Romain lettuce growing among my tomatoe
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By Amazon Customer
I struggled a bit with this rating, and in the end decided to go with a 4... here's why:

The Good: The product itself, while somewhat overpriced for what it is, is terrific. The grow sponges slide easily & fit perfectly in the plastic baskets, which fit perfectly in my AeroGarden7LED. The labels are easy enough to attach, and th
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By TitaniumPrincess
4.4 | 312 customer ratings
84% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
I started these a bit over a month ago, and everything but the habeneros has been flourishing. I'm about to move them to their second transplant pot to make sure they have more room to grow for the spring.
The box is amazing. It's a great storage item after you've planted your seeds. The bags have been very useful for starting new see
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By Bellamoon
I don't have any "Cons" as of yet because I am just getting started. These were soaked in water first as the instructions stated before planting. I ordered other seeds from this company and wish they all had the started soil disks included but they didn't.
These were planted on 4/12/2020 and by 4/20/2020 (8-days later) I was happy to
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By shel
UPDATED REVIEW- after trying 2 times with all 4 seeds I've only had one single sprout. I followed all the directions and still nothing. I did try contacting the company so I could get the missing seed packet as well and never heard anything. Really cute idea but doesn't work well.

I really love this set. The instructions are cle
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By Talisa
4.2 | 555 customer ratings
79% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
OMG this little kit is so cute and perfect. The kit has everything you need to get these plants started and then enjoy some tea. It comes with lemon balm, peppermint, lavender and chamomile seeds. Burlap bags, wooden naming stakes, little sheers and a infuser ball. I love this! I might need to buy a few more for gifts...cant wait to p
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By Diane McDaniel
I’ve purchased several Garden Republic products and each is beautifully packed, with instructions that are easy to understand and make growing from seed so much fun. I purchased their Bonsai kit this June, and Ava at Garden Republic was incredibly responsive and helpful when I emailed questions, and even mailed me new seeds and soil pods
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By yasmina
It’s been a while since I bought this. I didn’t want to write a review without actually trying the product. I love planting plants and seeing them grow so I was excited when I go this. I even ignored the bad reviews this product has, and that was my first mistake.
The package itself it’s pretty straight forward and easy to use,
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By Jenny Perez
4.8 | 73 customer ratings
95% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
It's a great bag. It has a snap in waterproof liner that is easily removed and washed. The waxed canvas is so stiff that it remains slightly open and won't crush your delicate items. In between the liner and the canvas is a great place to stash your longer tools like a Japanese Nata, or machete. I'm not sure how useful the drop out bottom
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By ZenDada
The bag as a whole feels like it will last years of use. Mine had a hiccup in that the inner liner had a manufacturer defect. Seems that the liner had an area that was missing vinyl (or whatever that rubber is) fused to the mesh. In any case I couldn't find any warranty info so I just contacted customer service, shot them over a picture of
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By Gabriel de la Peña
still getting used to this. at first, I thought it was a bit heavy for foraging, but it has 2 straps, and can be turned into a back pack, or slung over your shoulder, or carried like a shopping bag. And, when the first bag fills up inside, you pull it out, and "bam"! you have more bag!! this is definately growing on me. I give
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By jennifer newell
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4.4 | 21 customer ratings
73% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
I found this at the library and decided to order my own. Good tips for quick growing plants
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By Health Nut
I have gardened in Florida for years, but after moving to Hawaii needed some assistance with the vegetable garden. A wonderful resource.
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By J Skydell
Book is great in concept but doesn't give enough detail for a beginner. Some good ideas for more experienced growers.
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By Barb