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4.8 | 3,187 customer ratings
96% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
I had been looking for a Switch case for the last few months that would carry the system, games and accessories wherever I needed to go. Only problem was that the smaller cases I found would hold the switch and possibly some games, however, I wasn’t able to carry along the cables or dock in case I wanted to connect to a tv elsewhere when
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By Alex Hoosz
The product is exactly as advertised. I am happy with it overall. I would caution other buyers about three aspects of the case:

(1) The mesh is too small and tight for my liking. It is difficult to fit much in the mesh without either straining the mesh to a distressing degree or putting so much pressure on the objects in the me
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By Amazon Customer
I like the product. It is very sturdy, has all the compartments you need and easy to carry. Inside the package a note from ivoler says to email them for life time warranty. Sounded nice, so we are trying to sign up for it and oh boy so many steps! First you have to email them then they send you back with a link which takes you to Facebook
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By Faye
4.8 | 1,713 customer ratings
97% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Love this carrying case!! I was a bit worried my switch lite wouldn’t fit because it has a silicone case on it but it fits great and zips up fine. Love the slots for game cards. I also loved that it came with screen protectors and thumb grip covers! So cute. Definitely recommend!

Ps I think on the listing it says the pink opti
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By Miranda P.
Used it for awhile now and it holds my Switch well. I started realizing this holds a lot more than any other case but I carry a lot with my Switch now since you need adapters and cords and such. This case holds a lot of games but not enough if you want to bring your entire library of Switch games. I honestly need another cases just for Swi
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* Switch fits securely in case, held in by a velcro clasp that holds on to the games organisers.
* The case can easily hold the Switch, a few games, an extra pair of Joy-Cons, and a USB-C charger very easily and pretty securely. Note that I am using a standard USB-C charger and NOT the one that comes with the Switch, which
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By A
4.8 | 1,537 customer ratings
97% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Very easy to apply and install. The TPU-based case feels sturdy and comfortable while being thick enough to protect the system from a fall. And the screen protector is actually glass! I thought It would arrive as a hard plastic! Even comes with two!
Definitely follow the hinge method of applying the screen protector, take your time l
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By Lewis
It took me 3 tries to get the case I wanted and this is it! I wanted something with the bumps on the back. (to help with the grip) It feel a little rubbery and doesn't feel like it will fall out of my hands. It is a true clear. Fits like a glove. Easy to put on. It came in on time and a great price for all of it. I will see if it changes c
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By Evelynn Alvarado
This case fits well, with all the cutouts in their proper places. This grip adds palm swells to the Switch Lite, which does assist with grip (especially with younger hands), but it would stop you from using some of the form-fitting Switch Lite cases. The included screen protectors are glass and appear to be high quality (the one I used we
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By Garion Adkins
4.8 | 1,433 customer ratings
95% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
arrived on time and looks as advertised. i purchased a new charger but the stickers on the top of the box were already cut — hoping i didn’t get one that was restocked or returned for issues — i plugged it into my switch and it instantly lit up, ready to charge. looks sleek, very stable but small, and i love the bright lights. i’ll
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By Mandi
First of all, the LEDs are BRIGHT. Too bright in my opinion. I almost took a start off for it but it considering most things at this price point tend to be too dim I'll take it.

I was really concerned when I got the product. The amazon delivery driver sandwiched 2 bubble envelopes between my door and crushed this and another
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By Celegorm
Wanted to be able to charge all 4 of my joy-cons at the same time instead of having to connect 2 at a time to the dock and this fit the bill perfectly. Plugs into the dock via usb cable and slide the joy-cons on and done. Upon plugging in the post light up green and when you place the joy-cons on they turn red to let you know they are char
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By Gary Ferrell
4.8 | 1,419 customer ratings
97% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
This case is exactly what I've been looking for.
It has:
-Indents on the bottom for the triggers to sit in so the switch sits flat in the case.
-A pull tab to lift the switch out.
-Two padded flaps that protect the screen and hold game carts, with the added bonus of having two flaps allowing more of a gap for my skull a
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By Matthew
The case itself is great quality for the price. It's already pretty stiff out the box, which was a good sign and the zippers/compartments actually do feel like they'll hold!

Having a spot for the AC Charger was important for me when looking through all the options, so I was relieved when I found this one. Feels a little like I'
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By Alicia
I cannot say enough good things about this purchase and product! My son is a huge nintendo switch fan and does his best to take good care of it. We spent over $40.00 on a very expensive traveling case only for it to fall apart within the first couple days. So we bought this one and wow! Wish I had saved my money and ordered this one first!
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By Jess Pete
4.8 | 1,330 customer ratings
96% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
My son & I are both loving this purchase. I like that it offers protection. He loves that he can keep games handy & ready to go. Wish there was a tad bit more room for the charger, but all does fit inside snuggly & safely .
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By ChattyA
I bought this case because I am deathly afraid of destroying my precious Switch. Many cases, official or otherwise, offer very little in the way of protection. This case, however, has a nice, rigid outer shell with a great woven nylon exterior feel. It's also not too heavy, being only slightly noticeably heavier in the hand than the offici
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By David Trethewey
Case and screen protector came in great condition.

The screen protector was not difficult to apply and including it as part of the package is a pretty awesome deal, since tempered glass screen protectors for Switch sell for $7 on Amazon. It's a standard tempered glass screen protector, so not much to say here, but included in th
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4.7 | 1,769 customer ratings
94% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
This case is great to keep all the pieces to the Switch together!

- Study case with nice protection
- Looks nice
- Lots of compartments to hold everything
- The stand for the switch is nice for when you are out and about and you want to play two-player
- Screen protector went on great and looks good
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By Gretchen
Perfect for traveling! The case fits the Nintendo and all the accessories in a very protected way. I love having all the pieces together instead of having them all in separate places. It also came with 2 controllers for the joycons to be used with and my kids love them! Definitely recommend if you have a switch.
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By Amy Weller
It is the perfect size, but I can’t tell the difference between top and bottom. I am afraid of opening the case on the wrong side up and then breaking my switch somehow. I would return it to get the tomtoc, which is the same price, but I already altered this case to my liking. Now I have to figure out how to mark the right side up.
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By vztorza
4.7 | 995 customer ratings
93% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
This is great! The 2DS, charger, and several games fit beautifully and snuggly. Its great for gaming on the go. The case is sturdy and bright colored. Many cases don't fit the charger in them this is more ideal for going on trips though.
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I love this case. Its surviving my son great! Lol. However. When I recieved this case. It stunk. BAD! It was a sorta chemically, cigarette kind of cross smell. I spritzed it with odor eliminater and had it air dry/breathe. (Odor kinda lingered in the room it was air drying in.) After a few days it wasn't nearly as bad! Barely even noticeab
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By Breestersss
The case is alright. It arrived warped from the shipping though. It also had a box like area imprinted on the case from its shipping. I dont care to return is since I needed a case now and it is still functional. It's just rather frustrating that it was shipped in a bag and it looks like someone sat on it.

Arriving damaged doesn
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By Eric Koelewyn
product price
4.7 | 710 customer ratings
93% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
I did like the item it worked well I wish I would have gotten a case
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By jon
My 4 year old can play it, and my 6yr old Loves this game! A life saver for a 10hr car ride!
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By H
This was everything my daughter wanted regarding Mario Kart for her DS, I mused that we might have to look up the instructions online, but when it arrived we found that was unnecessary, at 7 years of age she was racing along, giggling and having a blast without the need for a colorful box, instructions etc... We are VERY happy with this pu
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By D. G. Henry
4.7 | 706 customer ratings
91% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
So, I have had a bunch of Nintendo DS games lying around for years. They have always been in either their retail cases or in tiny containers I have received as gifts. Now that my Switch game collection growing, I finally decided it was time to break down and buy a carrying case. What drew me to this case was the amount of positive reviews
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By Patrick R.
This case is great for anyone with a mixed system collection. With this product you won't have to worry about carrying different game cases in addition to carrying your different handheld systems. Previously, if I wanted to bring my Switch, Vita, and 3ds (or any combination of those) on a trip with me, I would also have to bring 3 differen
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By D.G.
I like this case quite a bit. I had a similar one years ago which held my Vita game collection at the time, so I'm familiar with how it works. This is replacing a Hori Game Card Case 24, which I have been using prior to getting this one.

* tons of capacity to store game
* many "pages" so gives you the opp
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By MovieGuy
4.7 | 574 customer ratings
95% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Nice convenient fit. Holds 16 game cartridges, not including one you can store in your 3DS. Elastic band holds DS in place pretty securely. Top zipper pocket can hold the charger and additional styluses, albeit a bit snug when the container is closed, but the mesh net and padded cartridge holders prevent scratching and damage. Handle make
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This case is pure perfection. Contrary to one of the top reviews, the official Nintendo charger fits in the inner zippered pouch and still has room left over. Currently, I have all 16 game slots filled. As my game library expands, I'll either double-up in the game slots, or put some in alongside the charger. I also leave a spare pair of ea
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By Daniel Isaiah
Overall, a four-star rating.

The good (and it's REALLY good!):

The case is nicely constructed out of stiff nylon, and gives me plenty of confidence that my New 3DSXL will be perfectly safe under normal travel and use conditions. Note that this is a nylon travel case, and if you're planning on taking your 3DS along on
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By Michael Zenner
4.6 | 3,660 customer ratings
89% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
This product is amazing!! It looks small but I can fit all of my stuff in it. I managed to fit all 3 of my ds' (Ds lite, Dsi, and my 3DS) the Chargers the games and the extra styluses along with my ar cards and 2 gameboy games. I'll show the things in the photo it also comes with a strap but I'm not a big fan of it
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By Jessysaurus_rex
I know this says it isn't meant for a switch, but I'm writing this to let you Switch owners know that this 100% works for switch storage/travel. As you can see in my photos this nifty little bag can hold a switch, two sets of undocked joycons (one set in each small zipper pocket in the front) my mini tv dock, a charger, and all of my games
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By Mark
We have 3 of these bags. I bought the Blue, Green and Red travel bags. We went on a road trip vacation and we bought these to keep the kids 3DS's in while not in use. They are super cute and sturdy. They came with a shoulder strap, which we didn't use, but keep it in the front pocket by the handle, so we don't loose the strap. The shoulder
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By Pharmerswife
4.8 | 246 customer ratings
96% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
I’ve never did a product review on Amazon, but this bag/case is awesome! The description matches the picture. Also it’s two with the price of one. The straps in the middle have actually buttons that can secure the both the bag and the switch case when you zip it up. Annnd the strap for carrying is sturdy and doesn’t feel like cheap p
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By Jubby M.
My brother and I both have Nintendo Switch’s, but he had the Luigi styled case and I ordered this one. I love the design and the fact that it basically comes with two cases! The bigger case as a whole feels sturdy and pretty good quality; great for taking your entire system with you but may be a bit too big for some people’s liking. I
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By Iris
this is the best switch case on the market! i love being able to fit all docking accessories and more into one cute case! traveling with my switch was such a hassle before this case! i have a second dock and keep one in the case at all times and love the portability! i get tons of comments on it and have recommended it to many people!
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By calla
4.6 | 1,455 customer ratings
92% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Fits inside a 2ds, which is all that matters! This was the best deal on plastic gaming sticks for touch screen DSes, so even though it’s not advertised for 3DSes or 2DSes, I went for it anyway. I mean, it’s literally a stick, it’s not a big deal. But it fits, albeit a bit awkwardly, which means it’s a good deal for me! Snaps in and
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By jessi & sky
They work, the fit in the slot, they’re reasonably priced, and seem sturdy enough. A 4 pack seems excessive, but you never know when one might disappear. (And most smaller packs I saw at the time of my purchase were priced about the same—why pay just as much for less product?)
There might be better choices (not sure what those wou
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By C. Walker
As can be seen, these styluses are the exact same size is that of the DS Lite. Because of this there's no way it will sit flush with a DSi XL.
I didn't even bother opening this item.

They probably work fine with the original DS Lite however.
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By Obigwan
4.6 | 823 customer ratings
91% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
First let me admit that I am hard on my electronics and I broke my beloved Nintendo 2DS XL. I used it all the time and when I'd go somewhere I'd just throw it in my backpack. I didn't have any screen protector nor outside armor on my device. I didn't even put it into a special case. Then one day it only showed a blank screen when I tri
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By Christina F.
I love this case, I ordered it along side of the new 2DS. The 2DS fits perfectly in the case, there are elastic bands to hold it in place on the bottom. The 8 card slots are a huge boon since I had come from the original 3ds and case which only had 3 game card slots. The mesh bag is helpful, I can store a cleaning cloth and extra stylus' i
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By Keres
I bought this case for my son to match the Nintendo 2DES XL we also bought for his birthday. It holds the charger plus the game console perfectly. It has a nice handle on it for him carry it. It’s been dropped a few times and just bounces from the solid outer shell. The stylus works well as a back up should he need it. Overall it was a g
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By Kmp13
4.6 | 726 customer ratings
92% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Had to buy a new case because I got an XL. Fits my XL perfects, even with a case protector ON the XL too! I don’t use the strap to keep it down, i like pulling it out for quick and easy access, but the strap is a great addition for securing in it if you’re afraid it’ll fall out, which it definitely won’t anyway if it’s an XL. Thi
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By FamiLee
It Came on time and works well. Once i accidentally dropped my 3DS when i went down the stairs. It’s screen cracked in half, and i had to call Nintendo support ( or what i like to Call Nintendo Hospital ) my 3DS got fixed and everything went well. Though i dropped it again but this time with the case on. The 3DS didn’t have a dent. Tho
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By The Zentners
I bought this about 2 weeks ago and I'm thoroughly disappointed I love the Retro Zelda and thought it was really cool looking I have not treated it roughly it's it's in my bag until I get to work so that I can play my games on my break I went to take it out of my bag and this is what I find I did not know that this was a glued-on piece I t
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By Patrick Grudzinsky
4.7 | 278 customer ratings
93% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
It can fit everything it says it can. I have 24 games in it and was able to put my Nintendo charger in the zip up pocket and the new 3DS XL in it's mesh pocket. It is a little tight fit with everything in it but it still zips up fine. My only issue is the game pockets are a little too tight, but that is a personal opinion some people may w
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By reviewers
This is based on pure personal opinion, as the product itself is excellent and works fantastic. My only gripes with it is that everything is a bit of a tight fit, so it requires a little effort to get some games out (especially on the first flap that’s directly next to the mesh pocket), and I do wish the cartridge slots were made of clea
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By Douglas Z.
THE GOOD: This case is very nice and does what it should. It's roomy and allows for very good protection of my son's 3DS XL. Everything fits where it should and there is plenty of room for game cartridges. He really likes it and so do I.

THE BAD: I went with this case specifically because I liked the wristlet band that is attach
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By believer033
4.6 | 444 customer ratings
90% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
I just got the Switch and I'm going to be traveling soon with it, so I needed a protective cover and case. I figured if I was going to be traveling, I didn't need to be able to have removable joycons, just a cover that can keep it sturdy while I play at the airport or in a plane/train/automobile.

The green case looked promising,
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By IAmAubrie
If you have had any problems playing the switch in handheld mode, then this is a must have. The 'handles' on the back add a functional and comfortable place for you to securely hold the switch (I'm a woman with small-ish hands). The rubber material its made out of also adds to your ability to hold it and not worry about the switch slipping
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By CAGirly5000
I like this case because it’s easily removed/replaced, and the ergo grips that are slightly angled make holding the switch in portable mode much more enjoyable.

I’m a male with large hands and holding the switch without this case is uncomfortable for me, and has me constantly adjusting my grip. My only complaint is that the
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By Father Crisp
4.5 | 1,919 customer ratings
86% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
I bought 2 sets of these to repair 4 controllers. Not too difficult to install. The first one took me about 30 minutes, the other 3 took about 15-20 each. It would be best to watch a disassembly video on YouTube first so you know where all the ribbons are. The left and right controller do have different layouts. The left controller require
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By Farmer Dan
Love this product! After watching a video on how to fix drift on the Switch, I was led here. Follow a step by step video and you can't go wrong. No extra tools are needed. I've never opened a Switch before this, and I replaced two left joysticks in less than an hour. That definitely beats paying $160 for two new pairs! The tools and replac
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By patrick zane adams
Installation was a bit fiddly, mainly because all the screws are really tiny, but I got it done...the third time.

A new Joy-Con was the main reason for this purchase, but TWO plus some metal Joy-Con latches were a welcome bonus.

There are several YouTube videos covering the replacement process, but they don't cover co
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By GadgetDan
4.7 | 209 customer ratings
94% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
This case is fantastic! I used to forbid the kids from taking he Switch to their friends' houses. Once that became an issue, I searched for a good case. This one seems perfect! It holds the Switch (with controllers attached), and has a flap to protect the screen. It also has plenty of slots for game cards and extra controllers. The h
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By Jesse M.
I really like this case especially for $10, that's a great price. It holds like 10 games, seems to fit well and I mean I haven't dropped it but I think it would protect it!
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By john
I was impressed with the look, the sturdiness and how everything fit so well inside. I can't speak of much more cause I don't use it for personal use but my kids haven't told me about any problems they have with it. So many of the cases are just black and so boring. I also thought the price was pretty good especially considering the price
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By Stan Komorowski